The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 8, 1970 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1970
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Page 5 CIMS/F/MAOS. CLASSIFIED RATES ~1 For Sole 1 insertion 5f per wore * 2 Insertions 8? per word 3 insertions 10? per word 4 insertions 12? per word 5. insertions 14? per word 6 insertions" 15? per word Minimum Charce $1.25 . Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first Insertion. FOR SALE — Used Coldspot Refrigerator. Call 675-4334. P-57 FOR SALE — doll clothes. Barbie and Ken 675-6854. C-58 Service charge of 2&? will be added after the 10 day period. Advertisers should check their ' advertisements in the first Issue in which they appear and report any error at one* as' no allowance can be made except for the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memorian 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for insertion'next day. Saturday, call before 9 Cancellation- Preceding day. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Classified per col. inch $1.10 1 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch — $13.00 Rates Quoted Are Local FOR SALE — Barbie clothes for Christmas. 675-6933. Priced right. C-58 FOR SALE — Regulation size pool table. 675-2815 after .4 p.m. C-56 FOR SALE — 7 ft. complete pool table. 1 yr. old in good condition. $239 when new. Make a good Christmas present for only $100. 675-7212. C-59 FOR SALE — Maternity clothes, size 14.- 675-4657. P-57 FOR SALE — Used gas range and refrigerator. 332 N. Inder pendence. C-57 FOR SALE — Electric .A.B.Dick mineograph duplicator, cabinet style. 675-6586. C-57 FOR SALE — To settle estate of Jess A. Bogue, Windfall, Ind. House and 10 lots. Call 6287934 O.V. Richards. P-61 FOR SALE ~ Michigan Red Delicious apples, $3.50. Bring containers. 123 Poplar. 6756724. C-61 FOR SALE -- Aluminum isidingl Storm windows-doors.' Kobl- Vent Awnings. A. J. Butz, 675-2646. C-TF FOR SALE — St. Bernard dog. Good with children. 963-5696 C-61 FOR SALE or TRADE — Coon dogs. Call after 4:30 p.m. 292-2440. . P-58 FREE — Puppies, part Collie. 675-4720. C-56 Used Cars FOR SALE -- 1955 Chevrolet truck. 963-5696. . C-61 FOR SALE — 1960 Ford. Good running condition. 963-5696. C-61 FOR SALE — «66 3/4 Dodge truck, '57 Chevy 4 door. Ph. 675-4193 after 5:30. P-57 FOR SALE — '67 Olds Delta 88. Conv., '66 Ford Galaxle 500, 4 dr. Sedan. Phone 963• 2605. P-59 MAKE US AN OFFER — Willys Van-Station Wagon. 196i. Needs motor block. Call 6754677 after 5:00 p.m. P-56 WASHINGTON WINDOW 3 Livestock FOR RENT — 2 bedroom house, fully carpeted, garage attached. Call after 6 p.m. 6754322. TF FOR RENT — 3 room apartment. 938 N. East. 6754022. C-TF FOR RENT « Office complex, with waiting room and secretarial office. Break room or laboratory with 4 private offices. Call 675-6144. C-59 FOR RENT — 5 room downstairs apartment. Gas heat. Call after 6 p.m. 675-6290. References required. C-TF FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs apartment. Plenty of wardrobe space, refrigerator and stove. Heat and water furnished. Adults only, please. 321 N. Main. Call 675-4937. P-58 FOR RENT -- 2 bedroom apartment, heat and water furnished. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — 3 room apart-' meht with garage. 424 So. Independence. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT « Upstairs furnish-? ed apartment Call 675-2458 after 6. TF FOR SALE — 50 Feeder pigs. 292-2440. Call after 4:30 p.m. P-58 Wanted For Rent U& 1 Pets FOR SALE —. AKC registered St. Bernard puppies, males. Kokomo. 452-8687. P-56 FOR RENT ~ 3 room furnished apartment. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs unfurnished apartment. 234 1/2 S. Main.. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — Large apartment fully carpeted, upstairs. All utilities except electricity. References required. Mature adults. 675-6021 after 4. TF WANTED -- Boys, Girls. Earn money selling our. candy. Ph. 675-6557. P-61 WANTED — TV Viewers. Dec. 8, Dec. 10 and Dec. 17. For further information call 675-4685 before 5 p.m. 675-6902 after 5 p.m. P-58 WANTED — Ironing to do. Phone 675-4572. C-58 WANTED — Hourly housework. Experience and references. 675-4118. C-57 (Jf j lO ^GENEROUS OF YOU TO l -- L » ' SIVE- HIM THE EVENING OFF. MR. PESMONP. MORE CHAMPAGNE BE CERTAIN THAT IT'S VINTAGE.' VERY GOOD, SIR- / M THIS IS INDEEP A NIGHT THAT WILL LIVE IN MY MEMORY;. POPEYE <s> By Bud Sagendorf IT'S MOT THAT LITTLE ONE... IT'S THE ONE FARTHER OUT/ Blondie By Chic Young Brick Bradford ® By Paul Norris WANTED — Housecleaning to do in Tipton. 675-6342. C-57 WANTED -- Someone who lives in Kempton and works in Tipton to deliver newspaper bundle daily except Sunday. Tipton Tribune. TF Real Estate For Sale 131 Acres Improved. Tipton County. Reasonable. 4 Acres - Jackson Twp. Hamilton County. House, barn & on Blacktop road 1 Acre -- North of Kempton with 8 room modern home and attached 1-1/2 car garage. Everything in tip-top condition We have others! JOE ROSS, Realtor 221 S. Main St. I Phone 675-6492 Wanted To Buy • WANTED TO BUY *' WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fast Pick -up 552-5315 EARLYWINE'S E. Edge, Tipton, Co. Services ^•^••^•^••^ • BUILDING or REMODELING, Carpentry, Concrete, Garages. Twenty-five years experience. Call 675-4001. TF SPOTS before your eyes—on your new carpet—remove them with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer, $1. Carney's Drug Store. Mi . C-60 .'ERONT-END ALIGNMENT~'» . Smith Tire Servt >:3, 115 N. Indep. St. Phone 675-6165; i . TF: 3EPTIC TANK Cleaning. "Raymond Tragesser. Call '5527162 or 675-2163. C-TF- Need carriers for route openings now and near future 0 Age 11 years or over. Tipton Tribune By STEWART HENSLEYH WASHINGTON" (UPI) " American intelligence officers report that North Vietnam is engaged in building up a major stronghold in southern Laos, which apparently is designed to serve as the headquarters and logistic supply point for Communist! offensives expected in late Fsbruary or March.. The area in question is located between Seporie and Attopeu, Laotian towns close to the South Vietnamese border and hear the souttern end of • the long Laotian panhandle. Washington' officials say the strongholds being created in that area are receiving most of • the men and supplies which Hanoi has been infiltrating southward along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos since Oct. 1. Hanoi, in recent months, has widened the area she controls in Laos along the South Vietnamese border to provide greater security for the system of paths and roads which compromise the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The area between. Attopeu and Sspone and the trails to the north has been under almost continuous attack by U.S. war planes based in Thailand, on U.S. aircraft' carriers in the Smuth China Sea and at times from bases in South Vietnam. These . attacks are not announced although the Pentagon acknowledges them from time to time. DefenseSecretary Melvin R. Laird, explaining thee heavy U.S. air raids late last month on some Nmrth Vietnamese border areas, said these were attacks on missile sites from which Hanoi attempted to interfere with Americancair operations just across the border, in Laos. He said that there woupd be more such attacks if necessary. - All the evidence received in Washington is that there undoubtedly will be more such attacks on orth Vietnamese bases along hhe Laotian border because of hhe continuing Hanoi effort to build up the strgnghold in southern Laos. Intelligence officers point out that from such a stronghold, Hanoi eventually could have, several options, depending upon where it appeared most profitable to attack. One tempting possibility, if the Cmmmunists are successful in establishing a major stronghold in that area, could be to move eastward into South Vietnam. The city of Hue and the big: U.S. air base at Da Nang are only a few miles from the Laotian border in that narrow neck of nortnern South Vietnam, and that is the area from which virtually all U.S. ground combat forces have been withdrawn. (Advertisement) Baby's FJrst Christmas Christmas is for children and baby's first Christmas is especially exciting. But if it's be "the season to be jol,ly," you'll need to plan ahead. These guidelines from the child-care experts at Gerber will make your holidays happier. With more admiring guests than usual, extra excitement and some trips away from home, it's important to keep your wee one on schedule. Feedings, naps and other activities should.follow, the usual routine if you want him in good humor. When you're visiting away from home, take his favorite Gerber foods along, for this is no time to experiment with new foods. At mealtime, find a quiet corner without distractions, i Leave baby at home with a reliable sitter when you Christmas shop; you'll both benefit, plan his meals before you go, provide complete instructions and you'll be confident that, he's well fed. If there's a pre-schooler in the family, plan to serve Gerber Toddler Meals, nutritious casserole dishes that make it easier for the sitter to cope with two feedings. And when you're shopping or giving grandma suggestions, remember that clothes are always a good gift choice for a growing infant. Babygro* stretchwear by Kapart is both fashionable and practical. It has the give and stretch that make active, growing youngsters comfortable and it's easy-care for mom. These garments retain their color and shape after many trips through the washer and dryer.. DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Money (slang) 5. Of low pitch 9. Assumed name 11." Gantry" 13. Mount (2 wds.) 14. Unsteady light 15. Emmet 16. Spire ornament 18. Back talk (slang) 19. Even though 21. Card Ejame 22. Merit 23. Musical composition 24. Spiteful 26. Ascended 27. Feel compassion 28: Proofreading direction 29, That woman 30. Kind of sign 32. Senorita's "aunt" 33. Anecdotal collection 34. Sailor 36. Alter, as a garment (2 wds.) 38. Kitchen fixture 40. Turn out 41. Among, in one syllable 42. Great Lakes port 43. Norway's capital DOWN 1. Foolish (slang) 2. Variant of Helen 3. Experimental drama activity t (2 wds.) 4. Philippine peasant 5. Be becoming to 6. The works 7. Trivial matters: slang (2 wds.) 8. Grave 10. Scoffing 12. Rest 17. One r type of money 20. Moderate 23. Russian city 24. Royalty's home 25. Accomplish 26. Finally (2 wds.) 28. Master to Mister POLA ami* A M M A| ABASE|ALO^S SOUP A N OF I S Hj T'E'DIL'A GML'A'' B.EjB A T BM I ,D 6 A| I .BiO NiYMS T: I ,L T B A N'GML I jT|T L'E "mi 'K,IA> YuUnUy's Aaswar 30. Italian poet 31. Disentangle 35. City on the Truckee 37. Son of Bela 39. Couple 1 2 3 4 W4-> it 5 h 7 8 9 10 it II 12 13 0 14- - 15 16 17 IIP 18 '•//<M •m 19 20 Pi 21 fp 22 23 25 m 26 27 m- 28. 29 • 30 31 32 it 33 *| #1 34 35 36 37 m 18 3} 00 fit! 41 44 42 43 DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's How to work it. AXYDLBAAXB !• LONGFELLOW One letter limply stands for another. In this sample A Is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation Z H X M PD H EVGM JMYME DC WPYM H LTPGN H SCCX OCV ACVGN J C D EMHN OCVEBMGK. — SMEJHEN BTHA v Yesterdays Cryptoquote: HALF THE WORLD DOESN'T KNOW HOW THE OTHER.HALF LIVES—CONSIDERING HOW THE OTHER HALF DRIVES.—ANONYMOUS 4.WI HEALTH... By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.D. Beware: Hazardous Wares I HAVE been asked by patients about the recent report that earthenware containers can be ' a source of lead poisoning. Interest in this was stimulated when two young 1 children developed lead poisoning' after drinking' apple juice that had been stored in a hand-crafted ear the n- ware jug. A series of such cases were reported by Dr. Michael Klein and his co-workers in the Wen; England Journal of Medicine. A combined University of Dr. Coleman the study at Rochester in New York ' and at ?<IcGill University in Canada has brought to light some of the dangers "of earthenware containers. Hundreds of samples of pottery, both domestic and imported,' were studied in an effort -to learn if lead-glazing of pottery could result in lead poisoning: Lead-glazing of pottery is commonly done. Dangers from this source have been reported for many years, and yet care. lessly overlooked as a potential health menace. The conclusions of these scientists should be read and heeded. They say: "There is considerable health hazard due to lead release from earthenware glaze on hand-crafted, commercial domestic wares, and some imported pottery. 50 r / of all glaze surfaces tested were unsafe for table use . . . Public demand for handmade pottery is increasing . . . unless this is matched by an increased awareness of the problem by potters and governments, one can expect to see an increase in lead poisoning from this source." Consumers must be made aware of this health hazard. • • • If you'll put down that cigarette for a moment, I'll give you one more reason why you shouldn't pick it up again: Smokers require more anesthesia during surgery than non-smokers. Such is the conclusion of Dr. Michael Keerl- Szanto, specialist in anesthesia at the Victoria Hospital In London, Ont He supplements this interesting observation with the fact that air pollution also adds ah additional burden to urban dwellers undergoing surgery. It is remarkable how many new factors continually come to light about the disadvantages of smoking cigarettes. It is even more remarkable that so many mature and adult people understand the dangers, . yet continue to smoke against the advice of their physicians. It is a never-ending source of wonder that those who say "It is absolutely Impossible for me to stop smoking" are able to stop when once they have been hospitalized and their lives threatened by a major illness. "» • * . SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: Lifelong dependence on laxatives is almost always unnecessary. The habit can and should be broken. Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and while he cannot undertake to answer each one, he will use questions i>i his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care' of this newsnaoer. Auction Seme FARM SALES, ESTATE, REAL ESTATE AUCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT THE ACTION AUCTIONEER! Atlanta 292-2371 MINIATURE IHC TOYS SETS - SEPARATE UNITS Pring Implement Sales 131 North Main Ph. 675-4660 ^ E LKS T ^K© FISH & CHIPS + WED. DEC. 9th

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