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Canadian Mounted Police Do More Than 'Get Their Man CORNER No Better Hevo bjtwboyce morgan Guarding Settlers in Northern Wilds Calls for Courage Resourcefulness Mother Says Son Is Too Young to Study Magic Art April Fools' Day will be here soon and all you puzzlers must be on your guard so that you don't deserve a dunce cap such as the boy in our crossword puzzle is wearing AN APRIL FOOL 'Maintain the Right' It Real Motto of Organization Founded in 1873 7 lo TT a IT "7" TfI it" zj fT" I SYNOPSIS Walt Enders tries out for the spring play to be put on by the Masquers dramatic club of Jackson High School Ills desire to win the leading role Is increased by the fact that his mother and father were once both excellent amateur actors However when the cast is announced he finds that he is to play the part of Jerry Carstalra weakling younger brother of the- heroine in the old melodrama "The Trial of Trevor Dave Hogarth has won the leading male role while Audrey Bay-liss whom Walt admires is to play the heroine Walt goes home bitterly disappointed and breaks the news to his mother who bursts into tears and accuses him of not trying hard enough Walt is angered by this accusation which he regards as unfair and thinks his mother is just trying to realize her own dramatic ambitions through him He finally decides however that he'll have to make the best of his small part NOW GO ON WITH THE STOUT INSTALLMENT II WHEN Walt's father came home that evening he heard the bad news and then looked over Walt's part He smiled wryly "Not such an inviting role" he commented "However it's a chance for you to do a good character job Go to it Walt" Walt was grateful for those words and he saw that his mother had recovered her composure and was try-ine hard to hide" her disappointment By Thomas the Magician Several weeks ago lady called me on the telephone and by the tone' of her voice I could sense that she was troubled It seemed that her ten-year-old son had become magically inclined and had been practicing some small tricks quite diligently She seemed very much concerned about the lad's recent tendency toward the "mystic art" and so came to me with the plea that the boy was too young and asked me to speak to him and tell him just that The mother was positive that Joe for that was her son's name would listen to my advice considering that I had been in the entertainment field for quite some time Not Too Young After she had finished I calmly told her much to her amazement that I wholeheartedly disagreed with her and that I was of the opinion that Joe was not too young to study practice and perform Magic I also attempted to show Mrs Harmon that this lad's interest in the ancient art would develop into one of the most interesting and profitable hobbies ever known I went on to tell this mother of two little brothers with whom I'm acquainted These youngsters Jimmie and Bobby Foster live in Pittsburgh Pa and to the best of my knowledge the eldest Jimmie isn't a day over By Sheila Mclvor Although the Royal Canadian Mounted Police form one of the best-known and most picturesque bodies of law-enforcing officers in the world it is difficult to get these reserved and modest men to talk about their work Known as the "silent force" they consider duties which range all the way from herding cattle to trailing dangerous criminals merely part of the day's tasks These men are charged with protecting the lives of settlers in isolated parts of the North American continent from the Pacific Coast to the Yukon and into the far sub-Arctic territories where the inhabitants are Eskimos and there are practically no white men Their determined fearless and unconquerable spirit is well expressed in the motto usually attributed to them: "Get Your Man But as a matter of fact their real motto is the even? more inspiring phrase "Maintain the Right" Founded in 1873 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were organized in 1873 when the sparsely settled regions of Canada were indeed a dangerous land to live in In those days the settlers had to be protected against Indians and horse and cattle rustlers The pioneers had to be exceptionally brave and hardy people to be able to with Be felt a thrill of pleasure the actor shook hands with him dramatic group years ago the one member who went on and became a The Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman must be a fine horseman a nurse i a miner and a woodsman professional success He's on his way to New Yorjk to start a personal ap able to present grim countenances And so on the following afternoon Walt met John Packard Stone at the entrance to the high school and took him to the auditorium stage where he introduced him to Miss Spotsfield and the awed members of the cast But Mr Stone refused to be lionized He retired immediately to a rear seat which could instill fear into the law- pearance tour and he stopped Dad's office this afternoon to see him ess and at other times change their nine years old Are Magic Fans And Dad is bringing him out to expressions to ones of gentleness and kindness and watched them run through the which" today is speedily covered by modern transportation airplanes trains'and power boats Accordingly the "mounties" had to share all the difficulties and hardships which the pioneer settlers had to face The qualifications demanded of these men were discipline chivalry and moral and physical courage of the type which could overcome any difficulty with a smile They had to be So when the evening meal was finished he retired to his room hurriedly did his necessary homework and then began at once to study his part in the play i But the more he studied it the less he liked it Jerry Carstairs was a thoroughly weak character and Walt found it hard to get into sympathy with the role But when Miss Spotsfield held the first rehearsal after classes on the following afternoon his evening's study was rewarded The members of the cast merely read their lines from the "Great!" cried Walt Walt was at the door an hour later Helped Early Settlers The "mounties" of the early days stand all the rigors and hardships when Mr Enders arrived with John rendered invaluable aid to new set Both of these lads grandsons of the Hon Will Sparks a judge on the bench of one of the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal (Chicago 111) are great admirers and at times performers of Magic I have demonstrated Magic for them hour upon ackard Stone at his side and he felt which were involved in attempting to carve homes out of the wilderness Travel by dog team canoe or oxen tlers who at first found the hardships a thrill of pleasure as the actor shook hands with him Mr Stone looked of the North American continent almost too hard to overcome They required months to cover a distance helped them erect their first mod hour but always with the cry for much as he did on the the same seamed homely face with a strong jaw and intelligent' eyes and the same crisp compelling voice MORE! est shacks and herd their stock and they were even known in several in A LITTLE BIT INDEPENDENT I told that worried mother all this script but it was- apparent that Walt had made more progress toward mastering his part than any of the others Walt sat entranced during dinner while his mother and father talked and the coach complimented nun on with the actor of their old days Then stances to have nursed them through sickness and tended their children Nothing was too menial for the "red coats" to do if it meant helping humanity to make the best of conditions in a new community Incidentally bis industry The Definitions: HORIZONTAL 1 Loose covering of a pocket 4 Capable 7 Stupid person 8 Belonging to 10 So 11 Drag carry 13 Secret observer 14 The sun god I 15 Word used with "either 16 To" equip with weapons 17 False head of hair 19 Strong alkaline substance 20 Sick 21 To acquire knowledge 24 Kind of quartz 25 Fairy tale monster VERTICAL 1 Victim of an 'April First prank 2 Advertisement -3- Play on words i 4 Playing card 5 Exist j6 Simple not difficult 9 Covered with fur 10 Spring month 12 Pluckily 13 Scattering seeds 16 Too 18 Delight 22 Prefix meaning former 23 Reserve Officer (Abbr) i The first day of April is the'time for pranks so pranks start off our word triangle The second word is a kind of race the third is' an associate or helper the fourth is a Negative vote and the fifth is the abbreviation of a state PR A -3- Can you think of five words that rhyme with Fool Here are some hints: 1 Something to sit on 2 A place to swim 3 To lose heat 4 A large group of fish i 5 A regulation PICTURE ANAGRAM and more over the telephone that day When I had finished she said "Well Mr Thomas maybe you're right Perhaps Joe's not too young to study Magic! I guess 111 let him go ahead with his tricks that is if you think However that was practically the only satisfaction he got out of the Mr Stone began to tell them of life in the studios and the hours flew by But finally Mrs Enders took advantage of a lull in the conversation to THE above words form the title of a song which was very popular last winter They also describe a characteristic which is very within reason According to the dictionary one of the meanings of independent is self-reliant And we all admire the self-reliant person who has confidence in himself and who needs and asks help from nobody else But independence like a lot of other Si the uniform of the was especially chosen because the Indians role As rehearsals continued over the next few -weeks he threw himself sb thoroughly into the role of Jerry say "Walt is an actor too John He it's all right!" And believe me boys and girls I thought it was "all fulL rehearsal Before long the players forgot his presence and ceased to be self -conscious Two hours later Walt weary from the long session met the actor at the door and walked out of the high school with him Mr Stone made a few comments on the various parts praising Audrey Bayliss particularly "But yours is thejbest job of the bunch Walt and I'rn not just flatter-ihg you" Mr Stone finished Walt flushed with pleasure but the actor was not through "It seems too bad that your part is so unpleasant" he mused "and that this Dave fellow walks away with all the fat scenes" He paused then looked closely at the boy beside him "Of course" he said pointedly "that's not necessary" Walt looked at him in surprise "What do you mean?" he inquired "Well" said Mr Stone "in our profession the matter of killing another actor's best crabbing his act so to speak has been developed into a high art Of course I'm not suggesting that you do anything like that to DaveJ But if you did want to do it I could show you ways of spoiling all of his big To Be Continued Next WeekJ has a part in-his high school play" Carstairs that he almost lived the had been used to seeing the red coats of the British soldiers and knew that men so dressed could be trusted Walt tried frantically to stop her part unpleasant as it was but in a moment his mother was pour One day just alter he and Audrey As a result these versatile officers ing out the whole story of his tryout Bayliss had completed a scene in or the leading part in the play and which his lack of character was pain are not only adept at such domestic tasks as cooking and nursing but they are competent at coal and gold mining his failure to get it Walt was em fully portrayed Audrey looked at mm barrassed but Mr Stone listened at intently and made a wry face tentively and finally looked thought- "I don't know what ever possessed making hay repairing vehicles manning canoes and driving autos and horses not to speak of their perfect ully at Walt "See here Walt" he said after a virtues becomes less desirable when it is carried too far If you are so independent that you "don't give a darn" for anybody then yon are simply selfish and that's the form that independence takes in a lot of people It's fine to be self-reliant but don't be so concerned about yourself that you are thoughtless and inconsiderate of the rights and feelings of your friends After all nobody can live without constant contacts with other people and in order to make those contacts pleasant you've got to give a little thought to the likes the dislikes and the interests of your associates Editor drilling marksmanship and me to have such a brother" she said She was half laughing but Walt thought that he detected a serious note underneath Legends Don't Tell Why! We All Love April Fool Pranks "The first of April some do say Is set apart for All Fools' Day But why the People call it so Nor ft nor they themselves do know" This rhyme appeared irf "Poor Robin's Almanac" in the year 1760 It expresses the bewilderment of the moment "I plan to be in town all day tomorrow Why don't you take me to vour rehearsal I might be able to Nearly all the "mounties" are good "I don't like him any better than mixers for their duties bring them in you do" he retorted "But I have to give you some pointers that would be helpful" contact with all classes of humanity ranging from world celebrities to play mm tnat way "Would you?" cried Walt "Say Dave Hogarth who was standing that would be great" Many of the men in the force today nearbj' grinned provokingly "And you're doing a swell job Walt" he are the sons of well-to-do English parents and they have been educated commented "So good that sometimes I think you're just acting natural" Editor's Pup Exercises Jaw Sewing Stand Is Easily Made From Wooden Chopping Bowl at such famous English public schools Walt flushed "And I suppose you as Eton College England young think you're merely being yourself Chews Up Everything Sight sters have always felt the urge for a life of adventure and when they qual playing Trevor Grant the brave and noble hero" he snapped ify to join the mighty force of the scarlet and gold brigade in Canada Dave raised his eyebrows in mock amazement "Did anyone ever doubt CfJzqpping-Jbo-tfl lined -vQittzsilK By Horace Mitchell Pet Editor The Doberman Pinscher pup I told they feel that they will at last have a it he inquired while Audrey laughed chance of realizing their boyhood am in delight Walt turned away furious Then he began to do some thinking He you about a while ago is having a riotous time- on our place So far she has chewed up one pair of bitions Not All Adventure Though most of you will imagine sneakers one pair of shoes three hats that the "mounties" lead one long pic knew how audiences often judged stage and screen players by the parts they took It was natural to believe that someone resembled in real life the roles that he played before the camera or behind the footlights Mount nic of adventure and thrills you would be surprised to know that these men experience boring loneliness in the far northern parts of Canada In these distant outposts they may" spend months on end merely following dull routine and having to associate only with Indians "I suppose from now on 111 be ticketed as a Jerry Carstairs" he told on three himself "That's my reward for try jtfoodezz four and one-half pairs of stockings two books one goose one hen and one turkey That's quite a list isn't it? She beats any other dog we ever had Beats them by at least one 6ock or one turkey I'm not sure which Of course she wanted to chew things while her teeth were growing That is the only way she could get strong jaws and good teeth We didn't like it much when she destroyed good things but that couldn't be helped unless we kept her tied up or By Mary Lu Smith A novel yet very neat -looking stand for holding your sewing accessories can be made from a "wooden chopping bowl 7 Only a small size bowl should be used It is mounted to three one-inch square sticks for legs The tops of these legs are screwed to the rim of the bowl Before attaching the legs measure the location for each leg and try to get the spacing even by dividing the circumference of the bowl into three equal sections Allow the legs to cross each other to form a tripod stand A small nail at the point of crossing will hold the legs in this position The nail and the joint may be hidden with a bow of ribbon -I Paint the entire stand in a pastel shade of quick-drying enamel then line the inside of the bowl with silk of a harmonizing color Attach the lining to the edge of the bowl with tiny tacks and cover the tacks with a strand of braid sewed to the lining Sewing stands of this sbrt are easily made and are verygood looking when completed ing to bring the part to life and make 2egrs It is then that they have to depend it real" so much upon their own resourceful And the fact that Audrey would get that impression of him more strongly ness for entertainment and have to be satisfied with long quiet evenings spent in reading playing cards or than anyone else was the worst of it in a cage We preferred to take the WHEN Walt reached home after rehearsal that afternoon he found his mother in a state of "EetUy wo? jus exercising her teeth kinds of hats she was ready for the other items in turn The goose died as a result of the people of that time as to the origin of April Fools' Day We are not high excitement much better informed as to the reason GOOD SPELLER loss and make a more personal dog of Becky Let a pup associate with you constantly and when that pup grows hell be just what you want if you spend a little time and thought on his training "Walt!" she exclaimed- "Guess Mrs Fooey: "Why did you take who's coming home with Dad for for the pranks played on that day but there are several interesting explanations which we may consider your little girl out of school?" fight with Becky The hen was saved and by the time the pup reached the turkey she did little damage Next day the turk was walking around all dinner tonight John Packard Stone!" Mrs Nutt: "'Cause the teacher here Walts eyebrows jumped "Hon estlv?" he demanded The name didnt know nothing She told Elnora One is that because Noah sent the right again that IV 6pells four when any idiot listening to the radio However there are few careers in the world which do not have some moments' of dull "backstage" routine as well as the glamorous moments of romantic adventure There are many other "quiet duties" which are fulfilled by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of today which are never recorded on the front pages of the newspapers Though modern inventions such as the radio and the airplane have greatly reduced the hardships of those who dwell in the wilderness yet the "mounties" of today are still imbued with the fine traditional spirit of bravery and chivalry which were their outstanding qualifications when the force was established i Take a three-letter word connected John Packard Stone was familiar to Sometimes we had to whack the ought to know it spells ivy" dog with a folded paper Once or dove from the Ark before the waters of the flood had subsided causing the bird to go upon an apparently foolish errand we are entitled to send with bowling Add a letter to the end and form a tree Add a different letter and form a measure Add Still everyone who knew anything about the stage A fine character actor he had recently gone to Hollywood and DIVINE FAILURE twice a suck tnat stung ner was uscu Now she's wiser and she lets the birds Chews Everything When Becky chewed something she should not have chewed we showed her it was wrong Not by whipping at first A word or two broke her of some of these bad habits but she had to be taught on almost every item When she found out she shouldn't gnaw sneakers she went to leather shoes A little correction there and she moved on to hats After three another letter and form a color appeared in several motion pictures our friends upon similar expeditions Tommy (who has just broken a alone You see a puppy is very inquisitive He wants to find out what Playing small roles he had almost In France the one who is fooled is plate) "Muwer when I said my "stolen the show" in every one by his called the poisson d'Avru or Apri Drayers last night dian you near me SHORT SHORT SHORT STORY life is all about and he's got to do wrong at times if only to discover by fine- performances Fish meaning that he is young and ask God to make me a good boy?" "Yes!" Mrs Enders replied "You inexperienced and therefore easily Muvver: "Yes Tommy" Tommy: "Wrell he didn't do It" know he was a member of our little the corrections he gets what's right and what's wrong caught in the trap of wiser folk Algie saw the beer The bear saw Algie The bear was bulgy The bulge was Algie Now Beck is investigating the cats By NICK NICHOLS THE ADVENTURES OF PETER PEN HE GOT THE JOB She seems to want to know how often a cat can be pulled out from under the stove by the tail before the cat turns and scratches the dog that does the Politician: "My boy says he would puuing like a job in your department" Official: "What can he do?" Politician: "Nothing" The cats yowl and make a great fuss but they dont make any big Official: "That simplifies it Then we won have to break mm in" effort to get away from the dog Instead they just stay in the- kitchen Riddlers Save tip Best Jokes Until April Fools9 Day With April Fools' Day coming you'd better save up your best riddle to ask your friends on that occasion Here are five that may help you get the last laugh 1 What fish is very -Homer Lee Haupttnan 2 Who are the men who have made their jaarks? Rosemary Drake 3 A man was locked in a holy church How did he get out? Wanda Mahaffey 4 Widow Bigger had a son who was larger than she because he was a little Bigger But Widow Bigger married Uncle Tom Bigger Which was then the Joan Kepford 5 A boy was locked out of the house How did he get Carpenter THE REASON "Why do they call him "Because he shrinks from wash ing" RIDDLE ANSWERS PUZZLE ANSWERS 1 Crossword Puzzle Solution SPY and keep on playing with her borne day a cat will turn on Beck and hurt her and shell stop this business Meanwhile ftebecca grows Shes over six feet when she's stretched way up en her hind legs Shell jump outdoors through the library window and the window is about four feet from the floor And then shell turn around and jufmp right in again The lawn outside Is about six feet from the window sill As a watchdog she is ideal A good retriever too And we have hopes of making a' sheep-dog out of her later b- Do you know any good riddles? Send them to the Riddle Man In care of this newspaper and perhaps he can print them with your name Tf i tnviine niTAot ohfTnftft Behind TODAY comes TOMOR 1 The tuna 1 Those who have Meet Hickory Diekpry the mouse Just as the clock struck one we all started up the clock on his back Ot course the girls were a little timid at first but Hickory was such a nice1 mouse they soon forgot their Xear Here they come i There Is a steady marching of feet as they pass in review Iook there are LONO HOURS SHORT HOURS SCHOOL HOURS and' HAPPY HOURS of childhood They bo on and on never to return Listen what la that sound? Upon reaching the top of the clock we found a mate of great-wheels gonrs and gadgets "I Bee we nave visitors" said a soft voice It was Father Time who controls the great clock "You are Jurt in time my friends to wltneis the passing of the hours" he smiles There is a warm glow in the old ROW Peter Pen apks father Time clock Then out floats a beautiful if he may ask TOMORROW a ques- lady her arms filled with fragrant tlon I wonder what Peter Pen has flowers It Is TODAY How won- In mind? Would you like to ask derful! One does not realise how" TOMORROW what she has in store beautiful TODAY really is for you? I wonder if Old Father Tima trill rant Peter request? never learned to write 3 Through the holes 4 Mrs Bigger for now she was twice Bisrrer 6 Ha ran I Pranks relay ally cay Ky a stool pool cool school rule 4 Nag rang- anrer and hanger ft Pin pine pint pink around and around until he was all In (Copyright 1936 Associated Editors).

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