The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 7, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, October 7, 1908
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7,1908. •••••••••••• LEGAL. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. THJ3 BABJBiKtJU'UELilJ UAliUrOKN IAN LEGAL. C;l fourth Extension >Vnter Location or imncliml place of u, Ker WHSCO, I " itleo ...-.-, n Couutv. California. Not loo.— There arc ilellncuient Company. Business, the following described stock, on tic- count of assessment (No. one) levied »on tao 2fil!i day ot August. 1908. tho ."(veral amoiiiiis set opposite the names of the i-espoeiive shareholders. as follows: . ot shareholders with No. of cor- tifidtc. No. of sliai-'-s and amount due: No. No. Nan e . Crt. Shs < .ibiM.;,; i Homo Kxieti- sl' ili/- :- .-< i.-i i i I ! llstee '',: .'« Uvi-t Anderson ,")22 • ai;-.e • I!. Aiidor-on . . . .:;iiV Janies 11. A ndoi-.-o!i . . . .:',:!ri CciMloi-nia llnmo i-.Mi-n- sum As --.oc-ii'tion. t rustoo i'oi 1 J. I-:. An-lcrsou .... 1 17 Baldwin. Cyrus ;!!ll Baldwin. CM us ',:',! Bitraer. John ITd Heard. Thos. Ceo :'.UI BocUott, Alice M 112 Dennett. Mrs. Sarah . :!IS California Homo Extension A ssoc: In lion, t I'llsieo for Bortkiin. Ford. C. . .279 California Home Extension A snoci at ion. trustee tor Bower. Samuel . .. :'.(i California Home Exton- 4(i s:;o.oo 2 : > n'.7:> 2d 10 10 ome Exten 'Itfornia' Home fcixten-' 5.00 LEOAL slon Association, trustee forWolodarskv. Mever 202 20 20.00 California Home Exten icin Association.trustee for Young .las, B 311 10 And in accon since with liiw and an oifler 01 t e lioar I pi\ lectors made on the day ot'August 1908. so manyshares of each parcel of Pile -IOCK as nisiv '•'.' necessary will be suIYI at PU ' c at the office of I'H> soc'.o; n-v ol th" company on the •'i'-th cliiv'ot Octoiiev i'.iOS. at tho hour of in a. m. of said dny. to nav sa d doliiHiuoii! a^se-^iMen! thereon, togeth- or with cos's ov a.iverilMinu and ox""" S ' 1S AI.FREI) B. JORDAN. Soc.v , Wasco. Kern Countv. Cal. Id-,, LEGAL, . 2(1.00 ijionAssoclation, trustee for. Bower, Samuel California Home Exten- sjion Association, trustee lor Brlirgs. Warren P. 105 Jaster. John A 52S 'alitornia Home Exten- sionAsHooiatlon. truKtee for Wm. H. Chambers 323 California Home Exten- BionAsBochit!°i:. trustee /or.Cnales.Hezejdah . 89 I 10 10.00 (' 5 20 5.00 20.00 ;°i:.trus Hezekla >me Ext tor Chnles Hezeklah . 89 California Home Extension Association, trustee Chrlstten. Wm. F 52" Coats, J. B. S 3GO California Home Exten- 10 10.00 10 10.00 10 5 sion Asspcfatlpii. trustee ,.fqr Coqlev, Chas. M. 37 10.00 5.00 5.00 10 10.00 20 20 20 20.00 20.00 20.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee r : • Crowton. Cvrus ...258 California Home Exten- sionAssocfation. trustee for Dickinson. Wm. H..191 lonahiio. Michael 531 Jorr. Frank 534 California Home Extension Association, trustee lor Evans. Lumis A. .. 97 20 20.00 California Home Exten•-•ion Association, trustee for Evans, Lumis A. .. 98 1C Criinoinia Home Extension Association, trustee for Evans. Lumls.A. .. 99 1C 16.00 California Home Extori- sion/Msociatlon. trustee for Evans, Lumis A. ..100 20 California Homo Extension Association, trustee tor Findon. '.Valter ...2SG 20 I-liedlander. Max 444 2d Ford. Frank J 4S7 20 Ford. Frank J 480 20 Foster. Jolin 445 Id California Home Extension Association, trustee :or Cardinor. II. H. . . .210 California Home LOxton- s ion Association, trustee lor Griflin. Edw. W. ... 73 California Home Extension Association, trust ee tor Croon. Alfred 277 California Homo Extension Association, trustee for (ireoii. Henry W. . .310 California Home Extension Association, trustee for (lustaviis. Henry ,.2ti2 California Home Exten.-ion Association, trustee for Harvey. .1. M. ..... 54 California Home Extension Association.!.-us. lee lor Harvev, J. M TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice IP hereby given that the taxes on nil personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on the second Monday in October, and will be delinquent on the last Monday In November next therafter, at G o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per <-ent will be added to the amount thereof, and that if said one- half be not paid before the last Monday In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of the taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the first Monday in January next, and will he delinquent on the last Monday in April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may he paid at the time th first Installment, as herein provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in the office of the Tax Collector in the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a. m. av.a 12 tn., and 1 p. m. and i5 p. m. ' Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. Location of works, Kern County. California. i Notice is hpreby given, that nt a ' meeting of the Hoard of Directors >eld on the 1.1th day of September 10us. an assesment of two (2) cent? 'per share, was levied upon all the ^ subscribed capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately in United ', Stat> s gold f oiu to the secretary, nt 'the office of the company. No. 2270-A j:Market street ueai 1 16th street, San '. Kraiif.-lsto, California. I Any stock upon which ihls assess- Intent"shall remain unpaid on Monday, | the 2Gth day of October, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction; and, ttn'.ess payment Is made before, will be sold on Friday, the 20th day of November, 1908, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. C. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, NOTICE. I, E. J. Hummel, of the- County of Alameda, State of California, the present owner of the land herelnbelow de. LEOAL. 1908, for the purchase of Six bonds of the denomination of $500.00 .each, of the Frultvale School District of Ki :n County. Said bonds were Issued by said Board of Supervisors tin- will, on the 17th day of October, 1908, apply to the Register of the State Land Office, at Sacramento, California, for a duplicate certificate of pur- scribed. do hereby give notice that I (lpr •"' ! >» accordance wi'V the provi- Sections ISMI an 1 l^x both , of Ibc l.' C'O'.ie, of the ci California and In conformity an order of said beard passed . 12. llM.K, and lii-ur interest at rat-; of Five per cent, per ainv.ini LEGAL sion^ ini-lus State with chase, N Humiiitl. 1! dat. (.atlon Xi'. -I.". 1 for ail ' f M ( 2L 1 E., M. n. Kern. Staff i'.4ii acres. Pate of fir tl'OS. to Ernest J. I •'''I 1000, on lo ' "'•" Issued <1 April 20, "\ Vlsalia Land District, lie n, Twp. 29 S., 1?. M.. in the County of of California, ^containing • t p'iMSratloji, Sept. 1C, office 2270-A Market Francisco, California. street, San 9-12 NOTICE. Mrs.-Mary K. Opinions hereby gives lotice that sin- will not bo responsible "or ilebtH contracted by tli'e management of the Jewel t Lane roadhouso, he having lease,] the promises to Thos. E. Malier. Neither will she be responsible for debts contracted by any other person without a written order from her. fin i until paid, interest, payable on tho il'Uh j Moj.r. e. Count 'day of Dec. of c-a'-h ''e;ir, out of and i il'orni-i, nil ' • ;' I from the building fund of said School idisirlei. np(>u piosonlaiioli and snr- | reiKior to the Troasuier of said Conn- I ty of (be interest coupons. I s ii ••', bonds aro to be muni , secr.fiM-ly 1 to (i inclusive in number as follows: perlor Court of the County of K*r». State of California, and to answer th« Complaint filed therein, within toi days (exclusive of tho day of service* after si-rvlop on you of this if served within said county; If, elsewhere, within thirty Tho said action N In, mill" a claim i.::"le h-. • : adversely to ;h,- \ !a.i-. I that ceriaiu lo 1 . "i. «•• ., I situate, lying and b. :i lays. !!-llt 10 i and el of Ui t« • 1 eon- Nine i;'i in H!n-- i>f saiil Town ; thereof, filed 111 ty Recorder of th(- Third day and 10 20.00 211.110 20 till 10.110 20 20.00 10 10.011 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. :io4 511; 515 not :jys '', 2 5(1 1C.III! ;,":>'r,d 20.00 Ha\es <k Murray Haves <t- Murray i ',•.'-. es it >|uvy::v •. j-ieiii II-K. Clark California Homo h.yion- si on Association, trustee for Hefner Nelson ...144 2d 20.0d California Home l<~\ton- Mon.AsM.n-ia l i(.;ii.t rustoo Herrmaii. I). M. .'. . .'. .! California Home ExtenionAs: octallon.trustee I'"!- Hen-er-n. I). M . . . lien man, I), M Hi ninan. I). M '."alitornia Homo Exten- sion.Association, trust oo '.IT ! lorrinan. A. .1. ... . . i- ion Association, trustee for lion-man. A. .1. ... lOti 20 California Home K-.len- ;- ion Association, trustee for Hfi-m;'.!!. 1!. \V. . . .21 I 20 Callloruia lloni" Kxien- sion.Asiociiillon. I nislee :i.-.- lie ;:i,.m. H. \V. . . .-'12 2."i lloff. c. F ............. r>:?:! in Hovlo. .1. \V ........... 451 10 California Hom 2u 'Ml 20. on 2n. no Burks Oil Comp'iin. Location of nrlnciual plae- of business. Oakland. ~ 'on of oronerty. Kern California. Locatk County. California. Notice.—There is delinanent ntipn the following described stock of the corporation, on account or Assessment (No. 5t levied on the 18th tlav of July, liins. the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: No. No. Name Cert. Shs. Rov Ilov _ Mrs. "E. O."Burl'vs' Mrs. E. O. .T. Bnr!;s ,1. Burks Mrs. E. O. rs. E. O. Burks „. Burks Mrs. E. O. Hurks Mrs. J. C. Clark . Mrs. J. C. Clark . J. H. Dorn Dr. B. LaniKiu . . Delia Shea C.c-o. Smith A. A. Smith A. A. Smith K. Strom K. Strom K. Stroiu . .2:59 .1R7 . IBS . ion .17(1 :MO .IMS . i :',:!(i 277 o"S 1 ">t>2 ';'ii2 180(1 S200 5000 4000 5000 4(100 40110 10000 Ann 50,00 40.00 sn.oo 40.00 4000 100.00 .05 10 oo lo.on 55 (ill 100.00 .. lonoo .'>m loooo loo.on .202 10000 100.00 „ ''91! 5000 50 oo - . T'honiusbh ".'.'.'... .27fi Mou lo.oo And in accordance with law. and an order of tile Board of Directors made on the Slh 'la 1 .' el' September. l''OS. so many shares of each parcel of such '*U)ck as iriy be necessary will be 'jold at nulilic auction at the office of 'he eomnaiiv. lulls Broadwav. Oakland. •"'•i.lifoi'iiia. room 2u. on MOD. lav. the '('111 day of October lilos at the b.our of s o'clock a. in. of said day. to pay ;-iid deliiifiieiit assessment thereon louother with costs ol adyerlisinn and e\ Den-'iC^j ot sai*-. A. A. SMITH. Secretary. <"Mlico rrioiu 2<i. imis Broadway. Oakland. California. " lo-;! UI.IIH lo.oo ssociiitioii.tri'ste' 1 Huddleston, Ciias. 2;:.! Exten- California .Horn sion Association, trustee tor Koenov. J. W 151. 20 2o.dd California Homo Extension Association, trust oe for Koenov. J. W 173 20 2d.nO C :'."'ovnl:i Homo Extension A suociatlcin. trustee for Keenov. J. W 174 20 2d.ini California Momo I'Mt-n- sion Association, trustee lor Klasson. Henry ...15.'! -.'n 2i>.dd •" ' ' Philip 11 47(i ::>i, Philin H 177 2u 2d.dii l'hili',1 Ii ••'.', x 2d 2ii.dii I'illlii) H 171! 20 2u.0d Piillin H ; l"i 2d I'uilli) H -H -i 2d IXIKK. i.'.nil Al. Kroll. C'i:is. B. Kroli, Chas. B Calil'onr, i lloiir? Extrri- sion •'-.-•oclation.trustee tor l.agman. O l OM John California Home Kxten- 1,1011 Association, trustee 'in- I ieinUe I ,ona McCartney. Harry ivicCarlney. Bon! C'.'lliornia I li.uio I .Men- t-lon Association, trustee lor Mc.Connell. J. S. 41N 4liU 4C.7 145 t 448 4S'J .11" 457 45S 4(14 4 tin 42H 429 49;> 525 02C Mead. Wm. n. Miller. W. T Miller. Branov Ann . California Homo I xiori- (don Association, trustee for Myron Raymond ..151 California Home Exten- KionAssociation. trustee for Moore. Ida Etstolla 48 California Home Exten- tionAssoeiatlon. trustee lor Morrow. Susie E. ..idi Mullen. Robt. Jr. . .no cert. Mu lem, Roj.'t. J. . .no cert. Million. Robt. .1. . .no cort. Ci|lit'orni:> Homo Extension A SKCIC la lion, trustee tor Nagamats. Joe I. ..IS.i C'alifornia Home Exten- sioiiAssociation. trustee for Nagamats, Joe I. . .ISO California Homo Ext 5(1 20 2n 20 20 10.00 ^0 00 20.00 20.00 20 no 20 no 20.00 20.(io :;o.nn 20.00 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. Notice is hereby Kiven that tht iniiual meetings of the stockholder* of the several canal companies below named, for the purpose of electing Hrectors and the transaction of sucl other business as may be brought be fore the meeting, will be held at th* olfice of said •Company, Kern Countj Land Company's office building, coi nor of 19th and H streets, Bakersfield California, at the dates and hours set opposite their respective names: Kern River Canal and Irrigating "o., Oct, 3, 1908. at 2 p. in. Cloose Lake Canal Co., Oct. fi, 190f it 2 p. m. James & Dixon Canal Co., Oct. 6 1908. al 3 p in. Pioneer Canal Co., Oct. G, 1908, a' '' p in. Joyce Canal Co., Oct. 5. 1908, at V a. in. Pluukett Canal Co., Oct. C, 1908, a> 11 a tn. Bnena Vista Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1008 at If p. tn. James Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1908, at r :i. 111. F. G. MUNZER, Sec. to above named Canal Companies Kern County Land Go's Office Build ing, corner 19th and 11 streets, Bak erslleld, Calif. !'•'• SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE. ' By order of tha Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, made Sept. 12, ions, sealed bids will be received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County, at the Court House, up to 10 o'clock a. m., of the 10th day of October, 190S, for the purchase of 'twenty bonds of the denomination of 1500.00 each, of Lone Tree School District of Kern County. Said bonds were issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the pro visions of sections 1880 and 1SSS both inclusive, of the Political Code of the State of California, and in conformity with an order of said Board passer] Sept. 12, 190S, and bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum until paid, interest payable on the IlO^h day of December of each year, out of •ind from the Building Fund of said School District upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of said bounty of the Interest coupons. Said bonds are to be numbered consecutively 1 to 20 Inclusive, and are in number as follows: Bonds Nos. \ to 4, Inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 11 years. Bonds Nos. 5 to S, Inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 12 years. Bonds Nos. 9 to 12, inclusive, two Thousands Dollars, to run 1", years. Bonds Nos. 13 to 16, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 14 years. Bonds Nos. 17 to 20, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 15 years. Bills will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal in amount, to the par value of the bonds bid for, and accompanied by a certified check or cash deposit in the sum of at least ten ;>er cent of the amount of the bid, payable to the Chairman of the said Board of Supervisors of Kern County. The '•beck or deposit will be returned in ca«e of rejection of hid. and be forfeited to said Lone Tree School District If the bidder neglects to pay for the bonds he bids for within fifteen days after beiivj, notified of the accept- ure of the bid. t'pon the openin.n of the PI Id' bills aid bonds will be sold to the hl.uhest and best bidlers for cash, ill I*. S. ,-oId coin, subVct to the above pro visions. The said Board of Supervisors reset-vim; the ri.uht to reject any and all bids. All bids are to be addressed to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, and Indorsed "Proposals for Bonds." By order of the Board of Supervis- ors'of the County of Kern, State of California. (Seal) H. A. .TASTRO, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Attest: I. L. Miller. Clerk. 9-10 NOTICE. Notice is hereby K iven that my wife Annie Castro, having left me without cause, I will not he responsible for' debts contracted by her from this 'late. E. p. CASTRO. Dated at Bakersfield, September 25. 1908. 38 •! (lie their title, said ..v if any the 1C I ill-*. No. 1, Five from date. No. 2, Five from date. No. 3, Five Hundred Dollars, Hundred Dollars, Hundred Dollars, APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL In the Superior Conrt of the State of California, in and for the Countv of Kern. In the matter of the estate of Georuo K. Ober. deceased. W. A. McGinn, the administrator of the estate of Coorue K. Ober, ed. havlnc filed his petition deceas- herein. . . nraylnir for an order of sale of all the real estate of said ilerodo purposes set forth in hi nt for the etition It is therefore ordered bv the .Tlldire of said Court that all nersons interested in ti.' estate ol said deceased, an- near beiui-e the said Superior Court oil Monday, the L'nd day of November, lliOS. at 2 o'clock, iu the afternoon of said dav at the conn room of said Superior Court. Dona runout No. 2 In the Citv of llai-."rslield. Countv of Kern. State of c iiifoi -ni-i. to show cause why an order shoul ! not bo cranted to the said a Iminisi: it or to s-ell the whole of the re ;1 estate of the said deceased at nrivalo salo: and that a copv of this order be published least four korHfie'd f' successive weeks in the Ba 'alifornian. a no\vsi>a-«or of ceneral circulation, printed and nub hsiied in the- Citv of Bakersfleld Countv of Kern. State of California. Dated this 2iitb dav of Sent.. I9ns. I'AfL \\. BENNETT. .Indue of the Superior Court. Attorney for Estate. VI-2C) Bond 2 years Bond I! years Bond •I years from date. Bond No. 4, Five Hundred Dollars, 5 years from date. Bond No. 5, Five Hundred Dollars, G years from date. Bond No. G, Flv« 7 years from date. Bids will be received for one or any larger number of said bonds. All bids must be equal In amount to the par value of the bonds bid for, and accompanied by a certified check, or cash leposit in the sum of at least ten per nent of the amount of the bid, payable to the chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County. The said check or deposit will be returned In case of rejection of bid, and be forfeited to said Fruitvale School District If the bidder neglects to pay for the bonds he bids for within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the'bid. Upon the opening of tho said proposals said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bidders for cash, in U. S. gold coin, subject to the above provisions. Tho board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. All bids or proposals are to be addressed to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, and Indorsed, "Proposals for Bonds." By order of the Board of Supervis ors'of the County of Ker.n, State o California. H. A. .TASTRO. Chairman. AtteM: 1. L. Miller, Clerk. iSeal 9-1" promises, and that the same, and II,* rotondod claim, right, title, in-on..-,'., lid osMte of said defendant!,, nix* Iso all other persons unknown claim- is any right, title, estate, lieu, or iit crest In the real properly dosrrib"*. i the complaint, and hereinbefore- df cribod, adversely to plaintiff's owno- lip, or any cloud upon plaintiffs ti e thereto, and each and all of them i and to said premises, and every art thereof, may be adjudged and d« reed to be Invalid and void. Tlmt the said defendants ana eac* f them may be barred of and from aH iglit, title, Interest and estate la an.<J the said premises, and evory P**t aereof; That the said plaintiff's title may e adjudged and decreed to be a good nd valid one as against said defen.4- nts and each of them, and all person* laimlng under said defendants «u<S ach ot them, and for such oth«r awl irthor relief as shall be just «al qultable as the nature of the casw lay require, as will viore fully appear iy the Complaint on file heroin, an<5 o which reference is here made and or costs of suit. And yon are nereny notified, th»ft f you fall lo so appear and tins-***, he plaintiff may take judgment for uiy money or damages domandpJ 1st he complaint as arising upon con- met, or will a,iply to the court tor my other rehef demanded In tho Con?-- ilalnt. .nue o Thomas Scott. B-.ikersflehl. Ciil. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Enualitv Oil Coninanv. Location of Principal Place of Business. San Francisco, California. Notice.--There are delinquent upon the folUiwin;! dosorihod slock, on ac- sKinotit (No. 7^ levied on of August, llius. (lie soy' 'ei (iHimsito the nanios sliari'holdors. as t'ol- No. NO. . H' .11 . Slis.Aint .Viii S2.7 r.r.M 2.7 15" .1 1 |nn 5.51 li'H .51 inn .51 count of .'• ?s the ISth da-, Ol'ill illliolllll of the re:-; i lows: Name Atkinson. .1. W. . . Atkinson. J. W. . . Atkinson. J. W. . . Klvnn. Mrs. Kate .lunronsen. CUSIMV Walker. Davi<! H And In an-or.lance with law and an order of the Board of Dire,-tors iiiaib on tho ISih day of Aliens', llinx. s; manv shares ol oach naroel of sucl: stock a u mav be nooo-is-m wi'l be sob at nubile auction al Hie ollice ol tin Company. No. ii-12 l.iiuima si root. Sai; '••I-MIIC|S<-O California, on Saturday, tin !"th day of October, liiiis. at iho hour D!' lL':.'!n o'clock n. m.. of said dav. !( :.iv said ilc-linniient assessment Ihoro- on. together with costs of advorlislnu: aini evi.onsos o' 1 tiie s"!i' CARL W. MfLLER. S'e'M-etary Einialitv Uil Coinnaiiv. Office No (il.2 Lau-una street. San Francisco. California. 0-21 10 20 •in fi.OO Id.(HI 2d.OO 2d.HO 2(1.(Id NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Maxwell McNntt, trustee of the estate of B. A. Hayden, bankrupt, will sell, pursuant to an order duly given and made on the 2d day of September, A. D., 1908, by Milton J Green, Ksq., referee la bankruptcy for the District Court of the United States for the northern district of California, the real property hereinafter described, with the improvements tfiereon. belonging to the estate of said bankrupt, free and clear of any and all lien or liens, Incumbrance or Incnmbrances, to the highest and best, bidder therefor, upon the follow- Ins terms and conditions. All bids to be in writing, sealed, addressed to the said trustee at 110 Sutler street, San Francisco, NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Kstate of Maurulo K. dalles, dec-cased Notice is hereby irivon bv the nil- dorsiiMiod. executor of the es'ato ol Mamilo K. (ialt-'s. deceased, to the Creditors of. and all persons huvinu claims airainsl the said deceased. In exhibit theni with tho nocossan vouchers within four months after tho lirst publication of this notice, to the said executor, at the office of CJoorize l-'lournov in the Stoner Block, corner of 17th street and Chester avenue. It the Citv of Bakersfleld. Kern Countv California, the same helm? tho place for the transaction of the business o the said estate in tjio said Countv o Kern. Slate of California POSTPONEMENT. Notice is hereby given that the date of meeting of the Kern River Canal and Irrigating Company has been postponed until Saturday, October 10, 1908, at 2 p. m. F. G. MUNZER, Secretary to above named companies. Executor of the estate Cialtos. deceased. Da l oil at Bakersfiold, KIUS. PAULOALTKS.. ot Ma: September 2!l 9-2,' NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Cellnda A. Randlett, de eased. Notice Is hereby given by the un let-signed, administrator of the estate f Celinda A. Randlett, deceased, to th reditors of, and all persons having lalms against snid deceased, to ex hiblt them with the necessary vouch ets, within four months nftej the firs lubllcation of this notice, to the "3.U idnilnlstrator at the office, of tho Pub Administrator and Cnroner of Kern County nt the Court House in th City of Bakersfield, Kern County California, tho same being the plac for the transaction of tho busines of the said estate in the said County of Kern, State rif California. * W. A. McC.INN, Administrator of the estate of Colinda A. Randlott, deceased. Dated at Bakersfield, September 10th, 1908. 9-11 raid tho seal o! lhi> County of Kern. this 10th day of Witness my bar; said Superior ro.iit, St.ite of Csilifoini,"., April, A. D. l:>i'S. (Seal) T. I . MILLER, Clort By Ham Karris, Deputy Clerk. '.). W. P. r.alrd and Kowen Irwln, at lorneys for plaintiff. S-16 NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereby uivon annual moetlim ol tho sio'-l the .\lcKlttrick Extension Oil Comnanv will - . that lh<< khoHers of will lie bold at the oflici: of tho «or- iioraHoii. room No. IIOi. Producers Savings Bank building. Bakorstiold. Calv- I'oniia. on Monday. October I2tli. ISO*. at the hour of 4 o'clock P. in. of sala NOTICE TO CREDITORS. KXnto of Ralph Bower, deceased Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claims against said deceased, to exhibit them with tho necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of the Pub- il<- Administrator and Coroner of Kern Couu^ ut the Court House in the City? of Bakersfleld, Kern County, California, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of the said estate in tho said County of Kern, State of California. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased. Dated at Bakersfleld, September 10th, 1908. 9-11 at the hour of 4 o'clock P. in. of sal lav. for Iho purpose of eloctlne, *. Board of Directors for the enmitnc veur and the transaction ol such other business as mav come bolore iwi uiool inir. C'.. BR< )WER. S»-r;', , Otllce. refill No. :',(ii. Prodiieers HsviK huildiiiL- corner I'.Hh aud II streoVs. B.iUorsllold. California. _ '-WO DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given to all i)«r- nis owuiiii: and keeuinu dogs, within limils of the i. '.M ol Bakerstiel'). vat License Taus lor tho year Vlus. re now roadv for delivery al tin- "• of the Citv Clerk, in the basemen,! f Producers Savings Bank liuiblinc. Ill on al'lor the l.'itll das' of •!»»'}: i-v. ] will proceed to iliidoiunl all ou's found niniilng on iho streets that re not wearinu tho license tan lor " Vl> '" .'l.'k. COX. Poundmas'or. Da tod January it. MMis. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that QuotJT, on has bought the City Restaurant mated at IH2I L street In tho city of iaUorsllold from, Wong Fung, mid as assumed all bills owing Wong ling on aconni of said resaurant. Alt ersons holding any such bills will lease present them for payment to 10 undersigned on or before October 0, 1!K)8. K QUONU YEN. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE.. Bald Eaule Oil Compjinv. Location of principal ulaco of business. San Francisco. California. Location ol works Bakorsflold. N'oiice—There are .dolimiuent upon (In- following described stock, on account of assossmoul levied on the 21th dav of AtlL'iist. lildS, the several amounts set opposite the names ol the respoctlvo sharehold.ors. as follows: 1. and No Cal. APPLLCATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. DECEASED. sion Association, trustee .for Nelson. (Jen. F. . . .1!|2 Nelson. .la lies J. . .4(11) Olson.Fran <.A.and(iraco 4'iO P.irdoo, W Hard 4, r i2 (\llifoi-nia Homo Extension A ssoci -it ion, trustee for Ponder. Ceo. M. California lionic sion Asi--i)oial Ion for Dickersor., California Kom. sion A'SS(.ei-|t it n 1 lor Pit/or I.e, Pi' I'ritscli! o. C'--' •-. t'alifonii i ! I'M e simi ' for I Id In tho Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the Countv of of Frank i-ixt. V Jn the matter of the estate Lass, dec'oased. W A MoUlnn. administrator of the estate of Frank lass, deceased, having filed his notition Jior"'n. praying for an order ol sale of all the mining ('alms bolonelne 1,0 .s-iid docedoiit. tor ;|-.o puniosos set forth in his petition. It is therefore ordered bv tho /hide ol' I n- said Court that a.ll norsons. Interest- ":io e.stale of said Frank. I.JIKH. porlor C,...... ot November W. Mir i Kesll, Hose ' slop. ' ' "' for So- i•"' '- Sohroe r Sterlill ' Storlini; < ' Calit'omia ' sioiiAs-oc-i.- for Ten-ell Ciilit'ornia I III 111 III! " '' ii'iuo-ir b"ef.ii-M' riio"«V||rr"Sii' Court on Mondav. the 2nd dav ' ' 1HIIX. at 2 o'clock, in the lernoon ol said dav Ml the court lorn oi' s-ii.l Siiueyior Court. Deuart- i .en! No. L' then-lit', in tho City of Ba' •-rsllold c'oun'v ot Kern. Stale of ''allforiiia to ^.bow OUIIM- whv un or- ,er should not no I'l-iintod to the said MlmlnlKirttor. to sell all ol Iho mlnliu' laini--- I'eloe 'in" to tin- esl-ile o r said (•ceased, al private sale, and that a order be published n\ ot wo fiH ill the for'Tlft. MM..el F . .: Homo Exten;i-it inn. trustee Bc'tt . a iiewspitpor circulation, iinnted and Illl I II l . l)» ) ' • • i,- - - • - _ 1£ Trodgon. Heulion F. . . .Mit Trillion, ll'io' en F. . . ..Mill Xyarrockor.Olto 484 •Weisol. I 2 J .our s'lf"'OS' . l!;ikorsfl<dd Calitorniau. • r tfonoral circulation. „••;•;• • itliUshed I" the cllv of IlaUorsflold. ; Countv of Kern. St-uo of Califoj nla. Hi on Dated this 26th day of Sept.. lidiK. JO'.OO i PA'.'L W. BENNETT. 20.0(1 Jmlgo ol the Sutiorlor Com I. 10.(in ThoK, Scott, attorney for admlnlstrn 20.0(i tor. Bukersfleld. Cal. 9-20 2. Each hid to be accompanied by certified check for ten per cent (10%) of tho amount of the bid. 3. No bid will be received later than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th day of October, 1908. 4. Tho trustee reserves the right i to reject any and all bids. Salo subject to confirmation by the court, and to be for cash United States gold coin, upon confirmation , by the court. G. Bids will be opened and referred to trfc? court for confirmation, on the 20th day of October, 1008, at ihf hour of two (2). p. m., at the office of Ml!ton J. Oreen, Esq., referee In bankruptcy, in the United States PontofTIco and Court House building, Seventh and Mission streets, San Francisco, Cal. 7. Deed, Instruments of title, abstract of title, and other documents, at expense of purchaser The following is a description of the real property to be sold: Ixit 3 In block 274 (formerly block 2 north range 1 went) in the City of Bakersfleld, according to the map of l said City of Bnkorsfio'.d. Kern Conn- |ty, California, filed in iho office of l tin. County Hoc-order of Kern County, j California, November, P.K'S. Together with tho Improvements trr'ro- ' on. Further particulars may be had at tho office of the attorneys for the trustee, Messrs. Jollett & MoyerKtein, French Bank building, I1u Suiter St.,, San Francisco, Cal. MAXWELL McNUTT. 9-14 Trustee. No. ! Name Cert. Maurice Silberstoin, i W F. Perkins and Joseph M. Maston. I ••eXOOUlOl'H of t llO i last will and testament of N. K. Masten, deceased ... 1123 • H M. Hirdsalt. trst lir.n ; M. Bosh unknown i Harrv W. Doming < unknown Kll/.iiboth Domlnif i unknown Mis. Fredorlcks unknown \1 Elma Sinclair unknown Kli*al.eth R. Sinclair unknown ' C M Itunirill unknown I H Kumrlll unknown Main id- Silborstoln. \\ f I-' Perkins and Joseph M. Miisten. ••eXeOlltOl-H Clf tllO si?*. 4ll ,f2 r!o' 100 12". r 100 %> 100 Amt. $4l().fiO •Jlti.fifi fi.OO 10.00 12.50 .SO 111.00 0.50 fi.OO lo.oo NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court I nnfl for th« iotinty of Kern, State of California. In the matter of the estate of Loul» M. Dlnkclxplel, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the un dorHlgned administrators, with th' will annexed, of the estate of Louis M Dinkelsplel, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having clulint against the said decease.!], to exhibit them with tho necessary voucher! within ten months after the first pub llcatlon of this notice, at the office ot Fred E. Borton, rooms 203, 204, Pro dticers Savings Bank building, In the InciBH of said estate In sa'd. Kerr County. EUGENIR P. DINKKLSP1EL, MELVILLE FURTH, Administrators with tho will annexec of the estate of Louis M. Dlnkolspl* deceased. Dated, Bakersfleld, September 3, 1908 9-3 will ami testament of N. K. Mus" 4 Kl.Oil 17.0d .in t'. locoasod." unknown 416(1% )wri owners unknown 170 Dougherty unknown 5 .. r id ip acordanco i",'lth law. and an it the Board of Directors made 21th day of August, lims HO shares of oiien n;yo>'l ol such .tin!, as iimv bo necessary, will bo M,|I| at public auction, a) the office qt il,e I'oinoanv. room 2, No. 120 Hush -,i:iit San Francisc-d. California, on •Ii.' l.'.th dav of October, IHUK. al the ;n,in- of 12 o'c-lock. M. of said day. to ii'. -loli'iciuont assessments Ihereon. to-.-eiher with costs of adverUslip: and , \ • , of the sale \\ 11.1 1AM LANCI-:. JR.. Secretarv. Otl'.ci-. room 2, No 12(J Mil Sal. I': alicisco. California. us SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE By order of tho Board of Supervisors cd Kern County, CiillfoMila, made SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the Count of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. Th Southern Pacific Railroad Company, corporation; t Western Dovolopmon Company, a* corporation; The Pi clfic Improvement Company, corporation; also nil other po sons iinkown claiming any rlgh title, estate, lion, or Interest In th real property described In the con plaint adverse to plaintiff's ownershli or any cloud upon plaintiffs till Ihoroto, defendants. Tho people of the Stale of Califo nia sond greeting to the Southern Pi eiflo Railroad Company, a corporation The Pacific Irnpro-'omont Company, corporation; Iho Western IVvolo mont Company, a corporation: also! all other persons unknown claiming j any right, title, estate, lien, or Inter j ost In tho real property e'oscrlbod In j the complaint adverse to plaintiff's J plain DELINQUENJ^SALE NOTICE. McKlttrick Oil Company. Lociiiloo if principal place of business. Bakera- leld. California. Noiice. Then- aro delinquent HTM* ho following doHcribod stock on ac- oiinl of assessment levied on tin; I&ttt lay of AlluUKt. lilOSf. the sovunfl mounts sot opposite tho natpos of tn» e,i',)ective shareholders, as ' N'o. Name louttv. C. W. Joattv. C W. {iirboo, MI-H. E lurboo. Mrs. E fiirhoo. Mrs. E .... Mark, Mrs. Anna . . Jlurk. Mrs. Anna .. larbangh. Mrs. J. M lowe . W. A : W. ... , W. A. . W. A. ton. ilon. owe .owe lowc iowo. long 'long; long ihv .1 \\ Po o -H Poters! IX . ,. v Peters. E. W. PeterH v E, W. iton. ... . Grace ,lbby, Orace ,. rtulcaliy. M. J. Maul. C. A. ... Maul. C S ,A\,,.. id: &M'M''ii': W liiKse 1, Mrs. fi. k . 4^5 RiiHsell. Mrp. B. (!. . srifi Stewart, w am ... 171 p. . . . , am ... 171 Stowurt, W am ... 720 Stewart. Wil am 'M Stowurt. a pi . . atilda . ion. '• ilOS. u. . r*. T. 10. rank T. .. rank T. . . 'Yank T. . . "nink T. .. add lit! niir. limn n.ianco with law a Hoard of Director.-! dav of AilLMist I' 11 of oach mi reel Sept 12. 190S. sealed pro], isals will . owno.rnhlp, or any cloud upon be teeoivod iit tho office of tho Clerk tlff'H title thereto, defendants, of the Board of fiupnrvl»or« of said jroiintv. at the; Court house, ii() to 10 cV.;Ki; a. m., of the.- 10th day of Oct. You are hereby required to appear in an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff, In the Su- !!,">.II'' j i'i in> 1 Hfi si. n<i ml ar. rn;i i'i^ S ftj I sllch be "necessarv will bf,; notion at the ollic" it \iiirick Oil Comiianv r""',",,^- I'l-oilncoi'S SavliiL'.s HiinK luilbl.n r - orslield Cnllfornla. on SaiiinifH,. (i'r-i'ole- ilh 1'iOK at the hour of H o'clock I. in.' of Ha'id dav. lo l.av ihb ilellllllUOIlt ilSSOSHIIII-Ul ll.eleon. wlljl i-o'-ts of' adyortlsinir and expenses or sale. iu7

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