The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 7, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
Page 5
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" !(-v» r) ""M'-l V.|W4BP' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1908. Silver And Gold Purses That your costume may be stylish and up-to-date to the smallest detail, see that you always carry a handsome purse. There's nothing nicer or richer looking than a handsome gold or silver purse. We can please you in size and price in both and we're always ^lad to show what we have in this line. American Jewelry Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street Safe And Secure CITY BRIEFS are your valuables. In a Safe Deposit Box Bakersf ie!d Abstract Company. GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. • Basement. Csponoza Funeral.—The remains of \. EsponozH, the wcdl known KoscJale resident who died Monday, were billed this morning. The funeral took place from St. Franc' •,' ctiurch. Now Sells Automo^ies—,1. W. Foster, a former well known Kern River oil superintendent, who is now selling Tourist automobiles in his garage at Kern, is here today. Injured By Nail—Wliile at the Topaz property in Sunset yesterday Tom Young stepped on a nail, causing a i painful injury to his foot. Dr. Taylor attended the Injured member and Mr. Young IB now In town. He will have to use crutches for several days. Will Build Home—J. C. Payne and son will build a handsome two-story residence on Nlnetenth street be- twen A and B streets. J. H. Redstone drew the plans. Mr. Payne Is now considering estimates and soon expects to have work under way. Big Oil Fires.—The oil which was lost from the reservoirs In the Kern River field during the last heavy rain storm and ran into the river nnd canals, Is being burned away and In town rumors were heard that a disastrous fire was In progress at OH Junction. The oil. for the most part, is being burned In the Beardsly canal, where It settled after the storm. Much smoke clouded the sky throughout the i day. 1 Has Been III—W. H. Graham, the Fresno oil man, has been at the Southern since Monday, confined to his room. He was out today. Mr. Graham was poisoned some time ago and his stomach has been In poor condition since. Hid Money In Barrel Kern City PAID $20 FOR MOTORING | DOWN THE CHINA GRADE/ Philo .lewoit appeared before Judge | Marlon tins morning and plead guilty' to the charm- <if riding in his atitoj down ( hitm urade. The judge im posed ;i tin. ol ifi'ii which h« promptly' paid. THE SAD DEATH OF Sung, proprietor of the Chinese res taurant on I street, will never hide. . $210 In a sugar bowl again. Sung did 1 that the other night and for about 24 hours he was threatened with heart failure as the result of discovering the next morning that the purse and money were gone. Whether Sung didn't trust the banks and is waiting Cor the Bryan administration to guarantee deposits, he didn't tell Judge Marion when we went last evening to relate his tale of woe. But he did explain, not wishing to have so much money on his person, he slipped the purse into a sugar bowl on one of the tables and buried It In the sugar. The next day when the Celestial recalled the hiding place, an examination disclosed that the bowl contained sugar but no purse. But somebody had seen one of the boarders remove a package from the bowl and Judge Marion advised Sung to have a conference with that person. The mongol made known his troubles to the board- LITTLE CLARA HOAG. daughter 01 Iloag, dieii family r>-r\> long nines' ped this in ial. old • '•:. the little 0 year KtiL-iiieer and Mrs. Eugene \i stcrday afternoon at the (••in". !<:',1 I street, alter a The remains were ship- to Modern, for bur •*- -*- er In question and the promptly restored to him. - »-•-* purse was DELONEGHA HOT brRINGS. Most remarkable mineral springs En California. An aosoiuie cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BaUersfleld in eitrra Nevada Mountains. Fine sum mer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between I and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Accidental hotels, and from Metropole In Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- '-fas, BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. tl Proprietors Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checidng account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. Tf you have not already such an account with us we «iVip!i 'in r.lpnsed to have yo'i OJ.-MI >iue anil lent H to 1 ' v"trself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Comer 19th and n Street* MISS BELL SCRIBNER A BRIDE ELECT. Miss Bell Scrlbener, (laughter of Mrs. Ida M.Scrihner and formerly n resident here, will be married next Monday night in Cnronado, to John A. Wheaton, a well known and highly esteemed youni: man of the southern town. Tile ceremony will he perform- i ed at the home of the bride eleetris mother, and invitations have been extended to friends to be present. The young couple will make their homo In the south. Miss Scribnor, during her hosidcnce here, was one of the most popular of young ladies and has many friends here who will be pleased to learn of the approaching happy event. | +++. i ST. BERNARBAS' GUILD | HOLDS FIRST SESSION. • Yesterday afternoon St. Marnabas' Ciiiild resumed its regular meetings at the home of the president. Mrs. J. D. Haynes. There was quite a large attendance and two new members were taken in. Nothing definite was accomplished yesterday but plans for several affairs to be given this winter were begun. NOTES AND PERSONALS. TO GIVE DANCE. The ladies of St. .Joseph Altar Society met yesterday at the home of Mrs. F. E. Blair and decided to give an entertainment and dance in Kaar's hall on November 2(ith. The committees to have charge of the affair will be appointed lat«r. LIBRARY TRUSTEES MEET. The board of library trustees held their regular monthly meeting last night. After the reading of the librarian's report and the monthly bills allowed, the need of a wood house, also a cement pavement In front of the library building was discussed and Mr. Stroble was instructed to make arrangements to have the work done. Hamilton's \Ve carry n Cull line of Kimonas in sliorl or !• dark colors, with loose or tight sleeves. Short styles I'rom 65^ to $1.25. l,oMI.' styles I'rom $1.25 to $3.75. •lit Ladies' lonir coats, a very pretty style, in t navy, brown, black or tan; satin lined; yoke nnd sleeves trim- A Q C|"V nied in flat silk braid; velvet collar and cuffs; oiil«pJ/.OU All wool paiiama skirt with full Hare and deep fold extra wide. Colors, blue, tan, brown, navy QiA Et(\ PHONE MAIN 309 CALL US UP—UNDER GRAND HOTEL Chester Ave. at 20th St. ONE OF THE TAKING CARTOONS OF CAMPAIGN. The Los Angeles Herald prints one of the most taking cartoons of the campaign, TVddy with teeth more than (•Hin.'irih prominent, holds in MORLEY'S THEATER IS SHOWING GOOD PICTURES. Morley's Tneater is preseu-.'.ng an excellent show this week nnd'the performances to date have been greeted DEMOCRAT SPRINGS. Democrat Springs stage will Arlington Hotel every morning. The baits are unexceUflfl for rheumatism and kidney troubta by any and all skin diseases. Cta program «Tccurs. ; "but Bryan si | "Oh, yes, it j can repeat i v says uncle, H. V. Platt, general superintendent of the southern division; A. D'Heur, district engineer, and P. Sheedy, superintendent of motive power, arrived Ibis morning in the former's private,'his am,- a very fat baby, with Taffs ] car, the "Los Angeles." {unmistakable h«. a ,l. He'is presenting; The latest in ladies collars, 60c, i the infant to r u( •;,. Sam, but our unck ' and up, at Arrlizzi-Olcese depart-; is ,! 11 ° tsv . ( ;'' >t)l [" s ""- iv " : ment store. tf Herbert Balagh left last night for Los Angeles to resume his studies in the dental college. The telephone company is putting in an extra cable between Bakersiield and Kern, the present one being in- sufliciently large to do the work required. The latest in ladies' belts, 50c, and up, at Ardizzi-Olcese Co., de- "I hear that Jones' four daughters are married." "Is that so? 1 suppose he's glad to , get them off his hands." "Not exactly. Ho now has to keep the four husbands on their feet." In the on 'y not mu d baths In Kern CootfQ I Hotel largest and best accomodatlon of any resort In Kern County. Fine camping grounds and planty «f •bade. U Ice for sale at 'reit store ut ref \Vlii taker's iiiit: 1 prices. tf WIRELESS TELEPHONE IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION. partment Store. H. Rows of San Fr.incisco town today on business. tf was in j j Lo ,J flee [1U S' .I^TiM mtnls in \vi:«l. the offices nf th London aicl v. t were !!>"(. s tele]ihnny helween British adniinilty in y.-ls of tt.,' channel ed today by the dis- E. L. Hayes, the Wasco merchant, is. closure that similar experiments have a visitor in town. | heen In pnmr«'x daily between wire- Win. Reel came up from Mojave ' I f1 ps tele^'mui" stations at the Brook- this morning. Ollle Cotchett will giv Che Elks Minstrels will be the big •vent of the fall. TEA You will find no poor tea in packages bearing our name. If you find any such, you know what to do. Your grocer returns your'money If you don't like Schilling's Best we p«v linn. J lyn navy ;, ard and on the mol's of tliej his weekly j Waldorf-.Xs'oria and the Hotel Bel [show and daiicu as usual on Thursday i inont in Manhattan. j night at the Associated Hull in the! Lee dr Forest, whose wireless tele ] Kern River field. Children H'e. Go i phone apparatus has been favorably .1. M. Gullfoyle is slightly indis- < reported upon by experts of the Brit- posed and unable to be at work today. ! i?h government, conducte 1 the exper- Engineer Ralph 'Poland has returned j iments in this city. Following his from Visalia, where he has been re-1 departure for Europe to b<- present at lievlng Engineer Wright on the run the trials in London he placed the lobe! ween Visalia and Mendola. i <*al experiments in charge of assist- Frank Fnlghnni is in I'rom McKit-j ants, who have obtained t>\eellent re trick for a few days. | suits. A. D. Cameron went to Los Angeles. —-— — li'st night on No. S. . Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Nesbit expect to leave soon on an extended tour over the state. Mrs. Kate McArshur has returned I from a visit to San Francisco and nth- ei hay cities. L. Wilson went lo McKittrick yesterday. MODISH CREATIONS IN MILLINERY. WOMEN should much more largely avail themselves of the opportunity to carry a bank account, subject to their check, as it is often a grout convenience, and what is more important, it familiarizes them with t'macial affairs aud banking methods, which will prove very useful and valuable. We cordially invite the accounts of women, affording every facility, convenience and courtesy. Capital, $"jO,OOO.Or. Chimney Sweep in Town Guarantees work all per- fect satisfaction. Leave orders at The Bak- ersfleld Plumbing Co., 1927 I street. Phone Main 531 HACK TEAM ORDERED OFF THE STREET.; Humane Officer Al Connors last j night ordered the hack team of Ed j Davis off of the streets, alleging that j the animals were not being fed satis 1 t'actorily. Joseph H. Nicholas, the dri- ! ver, was real indignant, but the lawj had its course and the village jeliu was lorced to enjoy his summer's vacation last night. Ton'ghl, however. Joe will, lie back at the old stand and prepar-j eil to answer his calls in his old tinn- satisfactory manner. Davis declares . that Connors' act was prompted !'•. ' personal spite. ' I HIRSHFELD NOW DRIVES A MITCHELL. I. Hirshl'eld, locai ii,..r.:!t' : .,>; '11- Fold Lumber Company. is ridiav. around in ono of Ihe popular }\i'.l:' blue Mitchell roadsters. The spird;. j little car has been purchased for him I for 1.10 conduct of his business In- twoen this city and the oil Hells. It. is the same type as the car drlvi-n h;> Clem Wilson, A. B. Caafleld ,an 1 <i JR. Neil. Mr. Hlrshfeld is mi exp.' rience.l auto driver, having former!;. owned a Frankly which did good ser ! vice in the. Nevada gold mining re i gions, and in the anxious da\s of ihe, i San Francisco (Ire. j j They say all whisky is good wbisk> j i only some is better than others ; j "Some" means "HARI'KH," the oincrs,j 'are "alsorans."—Call for IIARI'ICK S, at Brity. & Wiechelt's. * My stock is varied to gratify individual tastes, Prices consistent with the character and quality of the goods. Stevem TOURIST! THE LIGHT FOUR CYLINDER, FIVE PASSENGER ROADSTER AND TOURING CAR. Price, $1650 Will be ready for delivery .Ian. 1. 1!><)!). A report made after :i thoroimh investimitioii by a well known mechanical engineer oi Hakcrslield shows this car to be far superior to any car on the market sell in-,' for less than .$2100. The nsison is, that when Ihe slartlinir reduction in the price of tires and other auto materials came, all other manufacturers had already bought their material. The Tourist people only completed their designs for this California ear after studying (ill the new cars that were bciiiK built for present delivery, and which were built: before the startling drop in prices on raw materials. Place your order now and get the best automobile ever offered for the price. Bakersfield Auto Supply Go. E. J. ERB 19th and G Sts. W. E. DRURY Tel. Main 1260 Capital $50,000.00. C. J. Plant, President. Arthur 8. C.ite*. Cashier. FOR SALE! A carload of Oregon horses and mares weighing 900 to 1500 Ibs. Some nice matched teams. At the Dexter Stables, 19th and N Sts. "Oh, he must be a perfectly urand football player." "Why?" "Just think! Then- are eleven n • •:. on his team, bill he's the right hall i-t It, all my himself!"---Kansas Ci" Times. You Are Safe at Ardizzi-Olcese Company's Tempting Fall Dress Goods With n wonderful assortment of fall suitings in the most pleasing shades and plaids, we invite you to inspect the counter. Fall Hiiitin<.' never seemed so bewitching before aud never was there. Hhown a trreater variety. The prices, too, will certainly be a surprise, for you, for we know that at these prices you can afford one more charming suit. For the next two days: NATURE SPARES The Stricken Hooe From Griff. What a fortunate provision of nun:!' It IP, Hint deprives the rune of men:.' Buffering; for how polgnaia wt ulrt lie i 1 : Krlcf tu dlKcovi.-r. In t! <• i < isht i f r blooming Klory. (hit n <•:::[•.<::• d il nt if ho:trt, aril that Its beauty x':c] f ,i|; : •" ' wore doomed torevr. Nituro p'-,:-:i • .• vparoH lh« suffering; Bho iw a vur.l.ib' 1 pture-liouM of ploiislnK reward.*. :»: thoDO who seek her al.l. In t c ;.•• K no Ly failing hair anil gr/iyn ss i;,iv r.irtt a (rl'iorn r.ver the live.- i.f th<y...-:!>i : of young women, but than',..-! u> the i" vcB'.ignfl'.n-i of scientist:* l!:e tru« or MM' of hair dcstr'ict'on la now Kr.i.wn ti, !• • a KGnn or p;ir;iHlt6 tbat burrows int'i tlo h.'iir folll'l--.^. Xov. 'ir 's IJir, ! .•'-• p'i jolot e! v dccttrf'yn t!'.! 1 ' <*^TTI, t!.' 1 |i'!rmlttliiK ihe hair to cro-v n.j nn- ture liiit-tulod. S"ld by loninjf ,lri.. ••• Bints. Bond 10f, In ntnTni'4 f .r K ur.\,le to The Herpinidn Co. nefrolf Mich. Two Sices, SOo an* |1 O Kr> 50<^ Plaid Snit.iiips .... <30G * mixed jrniy and 'rrav Suit inj/s . . . . ! I , , . . 19 1 9n I GOe* Taffeta Suitings , plaids, $1.25 V-oiles, black, nn I idSmtmjfs \C |-£C new paltivns O 7 I O« brown and navy 3UC f i .,, 01 1-cC I 'J5<? I'laid Suitings &UC ! $1.25 Fancy Suitings, i»: irrays, navs' and fancy nn- j p!«i'ds »>UO Mohair, black and ng c | ^ Selc-sia, blue, black 75* ! and fancy colors ' *»C Panamas, n.ney .hades j ' | $1-25 Hr.,,d,l,,1h. r,,|. blue, plaids and QKn i $1-25 Panama, fanes- stripes OOC I colors lili'l stripes . . . Modern Department Stores Modern Department Stores

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