The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 7, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN The Only Exculsive Piano Store! IN BAKERSFIELD LARGE STOCK, LOW PRICES, EASY TERMS, SHEET MUSIC ORDERS TAKEN Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager Dependable Goods at Welll't The'new fall waists lire here iiinl we're sure our assortment will plwise yon. The styles lire, the latest and our prices are riirlit. See our display now ! Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street Honest values are ever wedded with truthful words. We can save you money if you buy our assortment, pots, pans, kettles, woodenware at 25c. Let us assits you. Winters, Bridges, Simpson Compay. DIXON ®, SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Embalmera. Successor! to Morton A Connolly. Lady Attendant 1414 19th It' RED CE08S AMBULANCE. Phone, Night or Day, Main V) , TAFl IS OPPOSED 10 THE EXCLUSION OF CHINESE During the .month of June, 1903, affects the entire country, not the 1'a. Mr. Tat't, then Secretary of War, gave tific coast alone or the laboring men to the newspapers an Interview re-, alone. It Is true that the Pacific iatlng to Chinese Immigration. In j count would feel the evil effects of that newspaper Interview Mr. Taft Chinese immigration first, and It Is said: also true that the laboring men would _ __. _... _ " come into immediate contact with Or- excluding" or preventing perhaps iwi j iental labor, but in Its ultimate Influ- Chinese coolies from slipping Into; PIICC the subject touches all parts of this country against the law, we the country and reaches nil classes. should subject an equal number of Chinese merchants and students of high character to an examination of such an Inquisitorial, humiliating, Insulting and physically uncomfortable character as to discourage altogether the coming of merchants and students? One of the great commercial prizes of the world Is the trade with the 400,000,000 Chinese. Ought we to throw away the advantage which we have by reason of Chinese natural friendship for us, and continue to enforce an unjustly sevure law, and thus create in the Chinese mind a disposition to boycott the American trade and drive our merchants from Chinese shores simply because wo are afraid that we may for the time onahle and extreme popular learfdll lose the approval of CERTAIN UNREASONABLE AND EXTREME POPULAR LEADERS OF CALIFORNIA AND OTHER COAST STATES? Does the question not answer it self? IS IT NOT THE DUTY OF MEM HERS OF CONGRESS AND OF THE EXECUTIVE TO DISREGARD THE UNREASONABLE DEMANDS OF A PART OF THE COMMUNITY DEEPLY PREJUDICED UPON THIS SUBJECT IN THE FAR WEST, AND INSIST ON EXTENDING JUSTICE AND COURTESY TO A PEOPLE FROM WHOM WE ARE DERIVING i\ND ARE LIKELY TO DERIVE The qustlon is whether we are going right and patriotic people and develo to build up a strong, Independent, up- rinlit and patriotic people and. develop a civilization that will exert a helpful Influence on all the world, or uli.'ther we are going to be a ureeiiy, grasping nation, forgetful of hlish Ideals and concerned only in tin making of money." Elks Had A Joyous Time It's the care in tha making that has made I-'ollowini; the business session of the K.Iks last olght a bountiful spread am) an enjoyable social Hussion or- '•iipi •(! tho attention of about 150 of the atitlered herd. Koast pig, salad anil other good things, with coffee and San Dle^o beer as liquids, filled the tallies, and there were interspersed musical numbers by Clem Wilson, Ollie (iotchett, Chas. HuNsell. I'inkey Hamilton and Mr. Nugent of the I.'nion Theater. Ueo Hlrsh- fold presided at the piano. Alfred MU «™ n.^m i~ Hiirroll i,rted a s "fine-master" and SUCH IMMENSE BENEFIT IN ['""*'."' ""' "".'tubers contributed to THE WAY OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE?" Commenting on that Interview Mi- Bryan, in an editorial printed in the Commoner, protested as follows: "It will be seen that 'the $400,000,000 commercial -prize' Is the thing that fills the Secretary's eyes, and anything is regarded as unreasonable that stands In the way. He underestimates the number of Chinese that would come In as laborers and DENOUNCES AS UNREASONABLE THE DEMANDS MADE BY THE LA BORING MEN OF THE COUNTRY THAT THEY BE PROTECTED FROM A HORDE OF CHINESE COOLIES who are not assimilated or brought to the American level of living, but simply displace American workmen. It is fortunate for the country that thus early in his presidential campaign Secretary Tat't so dear! v aligns himself with the capitalistic si'l<>. For forty years the | manufacturers have taxed the whole ! country for the ostensible purpose of ulvitig good wages to labor; but now when they begin to reach out fur the 1 markets of the world they are willing ' tu sacridre the wage-earner to com- nil 1 :-. i;il ,'iii van t;i ires, i "THEY INSIST THAT TiiK GOODS MADE i!V C'OOI.IES THEM- .SELVES SHALL COME IN. IF THE CHINESE COULD COME WITH A LOVE FOR OUR INSTITUTIONS I AND FOR THE PURPOSE OF IDEN ITIFYINi; THEMSELVES WITH lOUli FUTURE fT WOULD HE A | DIFFERENT QUESTION, BUT [THEY PRESERVE THEIR ORIENT IALISM AND FORM A PERMANENT DISTINCT CLASS AMONG U.S. THEIR PRESENCE IS SURE TO BREED RACE TROUBLES THAT WILL BE MORE HURTFUL TO TRADE THAN ANY EXCLUSION ACT CAN BE. "Many of the Republican leaders will be in sympathy with the policy that will flood the country with cheap Chinese labor, and an imperial policy tends to glvo encouragement to the cheap labor proposition, "The Chinese question Is one that the finance box through "Policemen" Llndberg. Rianchurd, Munzer and Otindiaoh. The assemblage made merry until after midnight. The pleasant affair was an-anged 10 ,1. M. Jameson, James MeGuIro and George Drmidaee, 1'rior agreod that thi ; the social session it was inter give a minstrel show a few weeks hence, and the function will be In charge of Miller und Draper, experienced men In this work. The plan of goim: to Los Angeles next July to attend the national aathorlng was threshed out, and a committee will make the needful arrangements. Women of Woodcraft. "('in 1 meeiiim ol ilv Women o! Wood I < the most p'-'pub.r ri^rettc.-i i:\ the entire West. Over ll!;V»f><i,OOf> Imperiales were smoked by the mm ol the West alone in, ti.'OT. No yiu know Imperiules already. If )ou don't, just inspect an Lr.pcrialcs carefully. Note the thin pure mnis paper. See how the paper is crimped, not pasted. Thnt, and the pure paper, lets you taste the tobacco alone. Light that Imperinles. See how the mouthpiece cools the smoke ? Smoke them all daylong if yon want to— no after effects* 10 for lOc Sold Everywhere THE JOHN BOLLMAN COMPANY, Manufacturer, San FrancUco SCHOOL BOARD HOLDS MEETING The Poultry and Egg Exchange THRONSEIM & STALLARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bak- ersfleld and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street. The city board a regular meeting last crowded condition of the -chnols, which hits cause.I a reapporiionui>'nt of the pupils in the mlxe I v.ra le-,. was discussed at some length hut no action was decided upon lo relieve the -iui- atlon as tne present ( con Mtillor. Mrs. eri' in ch.M'i- MI a most eiitertiiiniug affair. A Mes-im;", which was ;i joke on 'IShO.-l esei'_\ t>!li-, SV.IS the lealln'e Ot' il was to lilli'ss the i;i.. wbic'i. \\bi-n cut was pieci 1 Di «i>i,il l,o-.|ei|. un the pri/.- mi i.-in-ss- ilm N\T,t' Ul'' JMi-" ; (t c,il,'- \\ej- In ,|. M: - ./ V, '. i 'I.I.-|M;H:, .Urs. i'r.i.-er ninl Ait.- Kon/ei- ,i|-" in ch.uxe nf iln> en- lerlaillllielil fur lleM .Mil|l.|.!\ i-M-nill.U. Esglea Meet Tcii'^iit. Tie 1 Ka.-'J' .- liolij tlicir n'l' week- l\ meeiiim tiiiiigbi. Sen elar.i .lo I*. C.ltl'oil v.lil sulinijt Ol.- qilillelh re- NO BALlM NEXT SUNDAY There will be no ball game Sunday \V'es Brown has decided not to bring the Tehachapi organisation here to play off the disputed contest of last Sunday. What the future has in store for baseball here is not known but the prospe-cts now are not very promising. MOTORING AND DUST. f\ if!*" If y ° U hflVe entrieS t0 m I •Huntv i fiir* tend to ii at ° nce and \SUUIIlj I ttll stock and articles are entered, see to it that they are on time and at place for examination by committee. A. W. MAO RAE. .1. ,1. MACK. Vice President. G. J. PLANZ, Asst. Cashier. S. L. MACK, Cashier S. \V. Wilde, President BANK OF BAK.RRSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors—S. \V. Wlhle, S. L. Mack, J. ,1. Mack, .1 M. Keith, L. Guggenhime. General Banking, Domestic aForeh;n Kxchanne. Letters of Cret.t. The office™ of the Bank wl.'I be pl/i'l to Rive the benefit ofr their ( x- perlenco or observation to all ppersons desirim; infr.rnntjon on matters of bnslncHs. C. L. Conner, President. R. McDonald, Cashier KERN VALLEY BANK. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE Lleber's Code used Bakersfield, Cal. Nearly 2w> miles of road In the County of Kent, biigland, have been rendered practically dustless. After highways have boon once well tarred, apruylng on alternate years Is said to keep them in good order. Purls has given up tar treatment of roads because it is killing the trees nlong some of the boulevards. Dustless roads as the remedy for the dust nuisance has appealed to Belgians so forcefully that they are tion of tin 1 district dues not in-nti:< ot i talking of making quite a number of MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 68 Works Phone, Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cal. fie,] $20 first; $10 second $50 Cash Premiums In an hour or more by any boy or girl, man or woman, but one'in each family, without any cost to you, and no peddling or canvassing, And to .ach one competing, we will also give a small useful article. Send postal for particulars, mentioning this paper, to WEST COAST MILL, 705-709 So. Griffin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. the expending of any more m"Ue\ for this purpose. Dr. S. C. sii'M-.ii'- ted a communication in which le- advocated thi» daily Inspection ot 1 the school children by the pliy.-ician- of the city, who were to ren-h- services Knulonsly. The h clnlnis were approved an I paid: A. Weabcr. balatve ol -i contract, $:!7; Toilhet ,v I . science supplies. ?l I • Held Grocery Co.. same, si • i lick's, same, ">:', cents: W I! er, Idrayane. $1.7f.: Itakei-sfiel.l New- Co., ! desks ami stationery sup;>ii' *-'" '••>'>', ; T. A. Mclntire. carpeniei v.,.: .*11 .',; I Kern Valley Klectrie SUP!' ' " <•','•'•> trlcal work, $.",.T."i; K l'i" ' < : " i;i! i trainliiK supplies. $1 : 1-: II -A , .-•-. Insurance, $i:;; .1 II. lieil- '"!. e. pairs, f'M s.'i; I'ioliet-r .'.I '' ' ' ' " • .janitor's supplier, .<l.."i; < • >! i.^'-n, i manuals and Matlone - • ' lies, $iil.L'.'; I). \\' Nelson, e\.•• •'.-• • ' on- Jim KirkpaMiek leave.! middle of the month on i trip to i lie ea-' them The Iloyal Automobile Club of KDK- luiiil will during the coming fall und winter devote the most of its ener- ;:.|e.- to :i study of the dust problem. All the experiments abroad have n^'' ijone to show that it will he a prob- 1 1 loin of road rather than cur construe- Mm that will finally solve 'the dust 1 question. ''"• Crude gas works tar spread on the roads only nerves temporarily, while :he hour of the HUU causes It. to K!VO off vapors that are hardly less objectionable than the dtist. Owner:! of private motor curs in Dei-many may be subsidized up to J-.'.'i a year "if their cars are of the type required fur use by the army .Hid are kept up to a war basis of of- lieicncY, ROUGH DRY Did You Know i We will call for your family (washing, wash und iron all sheets, (towels, slips, counterpanes, etc. (starch all pieces that require [starching and return to you for (only (i cents per poundY If you are in a hurry telephone If or us to call Friday morning land have them returned Saturday levelling. Give us a trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAUNDRY ^ .;. .> .;. *.;..;. .;. .;•.;. .;. .;• •;• •;. •;• •;• •;• •<• ! > PAINT YOUR HOUSE •> t House palatlug la my special- 4 *• ty. I uao nothing but the beat •» •• matorlalh, guarantee my work •» t and charge reasonable prices. 4 » I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor ..« » 211 / D Uv Phrn. Main 172. 4 +****+*+**+**++*** STATe MINERALOGIST IS UPHELD BY THE GOVERNOR. SACHAMKNTO, Or-t. 7.-— dovornor Cilleit, alter a IcniKihy lnv(,'»tlgatlon ol the i iutrue made against State Min-ralo^isi Aubi.'iy h;. tin 1 Monterey (,'oal Cnmpany thai h" waw seeking to ill he Ijieii) out. ol business by dei lariim their coi poi .iHon a "wildcat" scheme. |,a : put the slump of approval upon lie- work ot Anbury. The Ko\erlioi- luis In hi:i possession a report from KnKineer (iurdlner, an expert Keologibt, who went ovi.-r tho property of the company for a New York corporation, and found things exiHting just about as Aubury haB made public. QUICK TIME TO Kansas lily St. Louis and Chicago ON TEX GOLDEN STATE LIMITED Through Pullman and Tourst Car». Iplendld Dining 0«r Southern Pacific Company

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