The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 7, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFOBNIAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1908. ^Bakersfield Californianj iJiiied Every Rveninir hut Sundays at BrJicrsficM. K'-ni '"mmty, California, i City and County , V.-,'JIK Official Paper r.tere.I in P'-'.iIti'.e at BaUersfleld. Cnl., ns .--. on l-riasa Mail Matter For Pretldent, WILLIAM J. BRYAN • For Vice President, JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHEPHERD l(i cents ;, M..i)'li ; $C. a Year in Advance | ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. For Justice of the Supreme Court F. J. MURASKY ess offica Main 31 For Judge of the Superior Court, .1. W. MAHON. For /vviemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors, First District, WM. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, H. A. JA8TRO «v l?!®? gfe^^J B. Bergcs & Company Wholesale Dealers In Wines, Liquors And Cigars The Cream Of All Goods Served In Sample Room Quotations And Samples Sent On Application PHONBvMAIN 237 1*23 NINETEENTH STREET Wednesday, Oct. 7 DEAR TOM:-- Ki'imljlicnii IOFS In states which I i lii> claim* :ii"' ri-rtaln for Taft Is over j 10 per cent, the iiroportion In the doubtful stairs will hold good. Applying this i-iili', New York will go Democratic by 87,'»'", West Virginia by 80(10, Indiana by 19,000, Maryland 1 by 13,000, Delaware by 2500 and Mis- ! Konri by 70,000. The electoral votes i of these six slates ad rid to the seven STRONG BRYAN ORGANIZAIION WILL BE PERFECTED Don't take my word tho rrnnr!n«nq Of troln Oklahoma, which Is conceded to tne goodness 01 , the i )n , ocl . atSi W(jnl( , ))rlng Mr Bry . \YKDNKSK.\Y. OCT. T. 1: AN ISSUE INDEED. A trust or-jan npine^ liiat there Will he smile federal .indue*. Ill lie ap|Hiint''d in ill'' ne\i lour years, ami that that is thercf'.re an is- ISilc in the campai".!!. Y'.i. \.-rily. And III'' people want a loal fur President wh', will '<<•• ah 1 Some jlld'jes wlm \\ i'i !•" ijjfr the -'at M' fine l.ioht c.indi in '•;•'',• r |to Meroney's ia box and see for 'yourself. i I know you'll be de- ilighted with the fine . candy. BILL. ....... Bry 1 8 Candy--gO an's vote In the electoral colKgo np to 230. These states, with the others In the west which nre practically con- ceileii to the Commoner, would InRiire hla election.—Fresno Tribune. —— «-»•* i REPUBLICANS AND MONEY. A uood shut was made last evening iiriiming into existence !\ strong organi'zation "I Bryan men to aid in the worli of die campaign locally Initial members of the club met' in Kaar's hall in Kern, and permanent or^ani/ation was effected by it Hie following officers: O. F. How- necessity for electing Bryan, Shepherd and li win. Every man who votes lor Ilryan, should support Shepherd, j because a President can do nothing' without a friendly congrons. This sentiment WHS loudly applauded. Mr. Irwln said he was booked to mako a speech in Kern in the near future and he would not undertake He saw success for the The Heinonstrance, 111 the wmneii who do not want to I . is slill n 1-11 vice nre-iil.-lit \V \V. Harris, sec-1 one now. ... -,'.,- 'n, H rmd treasurer. party in sight, muay independent Hei The m.,- .'»;,, called to order by publicans being determined to vote ;,, \ , ^"Ve'/l^nil will, the election of for Bryan. The club adjourned to On Angus! L'li of (hid year Collier's ,," ,',,-,.s|,|,.|,t.' Mr. lloberu introduced meet at the call of Chairman Kean. \Veeldy, which is supporting Taft, Mi. Kean. The vi.-ia'i labor leader i printed the following significant ar- ' was urci-ted uiih -",'i laa>e, as lie took id'': i the chair. II'- '•" i'-l'y Mal-M tbe pnr- "The election and subsequent death l |( i 1'.' rak i ;i)l amendments looki with a 1'i'anelnsi'llli'lll of the n '-I'd a .So IniiL' as \\-iimen ar, mean the occupari- that much niii-sionarv « I iu- to the eii-jcy m Hi. White Ilons« by an official .lone y.-t. Man> V'"'i. "•eiitler >e\. i lat-fryer wlm lias during several din^ i-ii'l ii .i years pas! approached, with del'eren- | club and il> jti-il liai in hand, the president or' sncii v.•• ••• i nf IMOSI nl' the large coi'por- "ii Sunday-school Teacher—And do von know that In all the west coast E. H. WHITE Real Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher "Daily Report" Kern County Records. Money to loan on good Security. Sole Agent Royal Insurance Company, a "Dollar for gj Dollar Company, with "D)l- g lars left." § 1803 Chester Avenue 5 Phone Main 905 X .. ... of Africa there is not one Sunday school for the little boys and girls to Callfornlan want ads. Best results. go to! Now, what do yon think we I i,,. ilie duty of the ought to save up all our pocket nion- i']iiei -, 111 •, .• that all ey lor? lane a de<"-:"M i'a M.ralile men in lliis mallei', there is no! to some fatleii'-d .• M' 1 - ii'al i"ii mi. .likelv to he any legislation in la-, a ij,in s j n ih,, country. It was in the -'Test <;f fli "We hnve reached ll;a' |i'".ni m this Vl , r ,',f ,.,pial snn"ra','c. .course of this oindai function that a v .I'oiiieol i.l ,,iir \' ii'-n '"'-n a i -***• "•-" 'Sherman was profanely turned down ^ ' 'r <• .,r, i l -mi, udmeoi IHIIII '">' M''- Harrirnan, with bitter dennn- Male may i,,,l l,- ::i o.,i.. m :,-M,T "I < oisti oiial ,,, lendtm nl n in ^^ ^ ^ „„„„„,„ nr , „„„ • ,,„• Amcii.-an r, Maii-m o. Labor. Ih" people and a'ja":-' ; -piira- her I will Minn- to tin- h.-nelil ol ,,.,.1.,,,,, nicssagcs tor the boa,I of that A committee .m hv-laus, consisting «;,,,, without the ini.-rf.-re! of-tin- puMic servi •nrporalions, party, that the party and the head of '"'•'• il li'i"" 1 ' , C ,i ,,.,i i,,,|,,,. I ,., ., s t.,te <nd will he a-'ainst the interest of i, had 1101 been grateful for the $250.-. •'":'» KM and. wa- nam-d, and a sec-] ?""."; l "'" <l1 '"' T ' L ; v', , . ,,.',,. K v ,. rv s ,,|cr m ' «)>lcli -Mr- Mammal, collected «»'«1 '-' '" .m iN.'nil.ersl..|. JV»K a,,-1 I'-.slature. as ,n III- ,,,,,- ,,| ..N.tli ," |."P '- l.v.i. S' -in ,v ^ ^ ^ } , en as of polnu-d as !•. II I all. f . \, Carolina, try I" iv-^ilate it- .,w nly should sa> no to tin- (U|i ,, ! . t . l . llUv(> , ominlttL>e of nine ', Mm -ri-on. A.I .\\oody and 1. K. hg ntVairs and protect it- own people nendment. i which is to do the actual work of ,"''" ''"'' - *• - OK, Kepublican campaign, is In error '''' '" ''•''' l,rovi.|. .1 v.-itli liti-ratnre, | Sivall Boy (without hesitation) — ,-,in-,,| ir ;.,p~r-i'nli' the in-I To i;o to Alrica with, please, sir.— Scraps. n-, ii-'- •-.•c' ol Ur\an. The ,;.„,,,,! ,.,,mi,,iii.'e. Mr. Kean! Callfornlan want ads. no?t results. mi^eil lio-rainre, as had! b-l ali'i n hv-l; \\'. Harris and the I'lii'piii'atiMii I'lisln's lieliii' t'-'d'-ral jnd'j.'. L-.-t- "Ml an against the interest ,, (-,'very \ nliT. in iv.ii h.Hild -ay "no" to tin ban- wa.- lui'ther ailtllori/.- ! a I Ilii'd ciimllli'lee cotl- ... , I,.,,,.!.-! If (iovenmr (iillelt speaks ill ,','f laste "ami"iii lumen! Ti"'not ' j si.-iinc; "I M \ iie-inbers n. iiiter.-sl vol-, '. (San l.uis. ,1 will wreck the parly.'deal worse. With T. Coleman Dn -'- '" "'"»1" 1 " I";! '» ','":L^";. 1 ;,,, ,..,.! a dispatch. Had, isn't it .' I'-mt of Delaware, however, the case \,/,,V, T'":, "ftt'iH ,'l ,, m-n bershl,,.: , . , ,- M ,i i -diners'. Among the combinations •""' . n. n i . u San Luis and K.-rn would I hen lie ii|)vv , |iriliiir ,„,,„„.„,,„, ,, v . ,,,„ ^,,,.,.,, ] , tho.iLb n,, Hi-ni man wo,ill be dei iiun, in,- (lab who felt that,I i.,'.\!n^ in '';,• h'i,'i limes, lie could noli .llie I in I he same hn;il . mil IT" " nl '•." |srs - --s U'"> el'llllient I 1 .' The edilol people do llnl fail'U' Well delilled. !'!' 1 he I i,-I-''I. I here appear-. CALIFORNIA DOUBTFUL. •W I "li made e, (•' illl Ill .: eli el :, in. h forma >n I he d ' r ' there is IHi on.-M i" Taft mami'..'er-" ; , ! That is why Sena 1 cominur here t" That is why Mr. !•: •-. illli' I'l hike the -!!'.'-, np hi.-, tour in '-'an !•'' . < The 'I'a ft people a!'' 1 i si^'lis al'iu'ht. I 'all!'"''!: ,i j'll). or if i! lie (id;, -i fn.'a til (hmlilfid column, it will !••• "ill; hecanse il is sai'eK' for Hi-van. differs'. Among the combinations now- being prosecuted by the Federal j J 11 "" 1 government is that aggregation ofj •"".'' companies known as the. powder i i rust • Mr. D'ipont is preudent ol HP nei'dilioi 1 wan' 'hi.' fifty million dollar Dti Pont Pow- [ ,, der Company, president of the ten milli'iM ilollar Intel national Powder Company, ili;-. i'or of 'lie International Smokeless Powder Comjsany. and \i''- pi-i sideut of l!.e boli'.inir < oin- I'Hiiy. llie lielaware Seiari'ii-i Comi-any, v.'lii.-ii owns a niajnriiy of the sto, !; of tile l.allia ,'i i'.atid Pinvd, r i'nui|i,'!iiy. Su;.pos,> ihai .Mr. Talt. i'i^ .sii''ce--':ful. should I"' appioach- e,| '-y Air. Ha Poll.- thin-:: '1 am on,of ill,- ten men, in--Indiui; f'hairmali Ilil.-b. o.-l;. who lia\>' put yon over the plate. I don't \' am to 1"' reminding , | you i oni innally of tin- obligation: j there is one slna'l piece of patronage' 1 shoiilil like, drill I shan't speak to yon about patronage again during your administration. There is a de-; serviiiH young Vrii'nd of mine whom I Phone Main 257 BON BON Your order for Ice Cream, Fruit Ie.cs or Candy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY From 8 n. m. to C p. m. T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Piano Tuning Leave orders at BAER'S DRUG STORE, corner of 19th street, and Chester avenue, for L. GARTMAN, the professional piano tuner, located in Bakcrsfleld for the last eight years. You may be assured that he will put yojir Instrument In first class tune and order at reasonable rates. Phone Main 39 BRYAN'S ELECTION ALL BUT CONCEDED NOW. like io have apointed to UK position lately held by Mr. I'urdy. ' in charge ol i hut biireim of the de- liaiiinent of .Instice whicli is seeking to break mi lux' cinaii'iny. jem-iv,- ni" j j 'of some of my properly, and declare ; ' i me a violator of the law.' Something i , ., i | analogous would have be"ii du pres-'. ! •: \\nnl i ^ i CIK-,' of Harry Thaw two years ago' I I on a cotiiiiiitloo of ten to collect funds j li'iu thel That William .1. Bryan will be 111. 1 and promot t > the election of Jerome i dnli'ii -next president of the Uuile.l Slates I as district attorney. A minority'' ' i | s the belief of independent voters I plank, calling lor a -;ni"i(e prnvidiii'-'| liirolighoul the coiinlry, and his dec-, for imblicity ,,f campaign expend!- ' lion is all but conceded by the He lures, was tin-own out of the commit- j publican campaign managers. In lee on resolutions bv a vote nf r/j to 1 Hitchcock's figures and was rejected on the floor of the IlKt *lwk" JlltV ell!/<ll \i'll lalK li.ei ^nuiiiiiuii ,111^11. ....... ..r, ..--.,. •',11, , i I' , in V praclically admit the defeat of Mr. convention by a vote e.f ssu to f,.|_ with aliont llie train.' "I niind "ij, 1 ,,,,,., (Nebraska and Idaho and parts of \Vis-j his iieiirhliiii' and a-*'''rta;n d il he'i 'i n '., n analysis of the situation in cousin and Indiana I'avorii.u il. The j „„. ,n",i,,, Richardson Mineral Springs uliei-Min aihlre-seii rnexuelled for Ulieiiniatistu, Stom- princip.illy 01 ia,• , ,ich ::n'l Kidney Tr,,uble. Ask your — - i friends about them or write for book. let to J. H. Richardson, Chico, Cal. El Belmont HAVANA CIGARS The NEW kind COPYRIGHT J~ IT'S PUZZLING Mow some people buy harness and horse clothing. They look at the price, never stopping to consider the quality. The harness we sell wo stand back of with our guarantee for its being right in every spot and place and our prices have the right swing for your pocket. I Saddles, tents, robes, horse blank; els, and dog collars of every de.scrlp- don. PIONEER HARNESS BHOP MATTSON BROS. TO NEW YORK THROUGH not Iriie that th' rneiit is s,i Lri'i'jit KtatiiJor Itryan. IT'S ALL SETTLED. (lur moi'iuii'j ci.:it"'iiipoi-ai'y wants the California!! I" di-.'iiss Ihi' (|liestion of i.'os-1'rim,,- il 'o\ the courts, hut really there appears to! be little need for further commenl on flu' suhjecl. Til- 1 [ pie nre quite well informed as I" I he po sition of the two parties "ii this question, and ihey l-ii"W also wluTt 1 the editor ,.' •••ir ''o'l'iempo rary stands. Tliey iia> h .c-ncd thn't he helioves that tiiere -Imuld be <int.' rule of procedure I'.r llie iiuliviilual and anoth' r l'->." .' ''i,m bination of individuals, and that lie finds nolhinji' ohje-'tio'iahle in the I'otii'is ai'i'oeatin>: to th-m- fflvCS tllf power id' -itl'l; av jndjrt' and jury in .•..m.-mpt "i'.s.-s. The l)(>ni(H'rati" i,,'sitioii i- that l.ho vi^'lit of trial hy j'iry. u-nnran- teed by tlu- const it •;! in. s| ; .il| not be abrogated in cases where the alleged contempt is n.-t .-.mmitted in tho presence <"' '' !l .-o.iy!. no fair man eau ii-i':^;,> th" liee of thin conlenU. :i Kvery now and then soim- «'nli- foriiia orfjan raises a feeble note «if disapproval of Bryan because nf his free silver stand in 1896. And everyone of these editors were sho 'tin^ themselves black in the fa'"' '>ver t'""" silver in tlial K ,, im , .."••• Mark llanna irave a "<'u' ''.'".r. s'-v. n western states, Mr. Hitchcock j amount of Hoiirbonism st falling off in the Republican • llie Ueimblican pari> If the aver- ,' larg. jE-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE V-eeaiise it does not liontaiu nju'eolies, mereury. cm'a.i,.-. l.-ad or ,iny |ioisonoiis and injurious dri"; 1 :. Heeanse lvlil ; -SA '- I Ul-'S IMLKS. I'. S. Disjiensatory recotiiinends every iii!:ivdienl of [vi;i'-SA. DniK laws make "false or luis-leadinu' stal'la'-nls'' a *rime. All old nr nareolie pile medicines affect the hraiii and spin- il marrow, pi'odn.u- constipation, never cure iiiu! ..''" Mierefore il- !e,r,-d I'.-lil'-SA is not for sale at opium joints. Berkeley, Cal.. -Inly :'., 1!H"K Dr. Ii. (Iriflin, Dear Doctor: \Ve certainly can N'U'|' '•oiiseien- 'ionslv recoinniend oivleyally sell I'.icaine, eryiiit, lead, iiiereiiria! or !iin tie 1'ile niedieines except upon prescriptions. Y"H!'-i truly, Mnller & DeMerritt, 1'niversity Pharmacy. II. I,, i;.-, ',, I;. ,1. Taylor (Iraduatcs in Pharmacy. Only (Irug^isls of hiuhest standing sell and I-: lil'-SA. "Trains for Business." Our office in the Gaites Building is now open, and we shall be glad to give any Information about our courses that may be required. Sea us in regard to a business training. We think we can interest you. Term opens September 1st. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ETC. Ask for catalogue H. R. LUFKIN, Principal Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton Fields of Texas and Louisiana. FOUP AND ONE-HAuF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED 8TEAMER8 I. ASK AMV AGENT CARELESSNESS IS RESPONSIBLE for the soiling of many nice dresses anil nlher ^arnieiils, hut little siitist-'.ivtiuii-va-ti lH'--;;l>ta!-Mi d I roni llie culprits. Yon ean. however, liav<- the salisfaelion "1 having your eh'thin^ carefully cleaned so they will look like new at the Piiuieer dyiiiK and .'leaning estah lishment. When spots cannot he I'CIIKIVeil. dill' skill and c\periiMiee enables us to dye llie n'armcnl a darker shade ol' musl pleasing cf- feetiveness. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers •> 0 Jacobsen, Proprietor. Bakersfield Iron Works OIL WELL TOOLS AND SUPPLIES Phones Main 29 and 230—L, M and 24th Streets

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