Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas on October 21, 1899 · Page 4
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Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 4

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1899
Page 4
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LAWEdTOE DAILY JOTONAI SATtTRDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1GCD. -. . . nniimiii"!"1'"""1: I OCTOBER 1 899, Sat, Km. Tn. Wit Thar. M. tat ! 71 10 12 13 !1 17 18 19 20 21 22 29 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 WSATBEB EE POET. Following la a record of the weathe for the pMt U boura m shown by observations taken at Kansas University by Chancellor F. B. Snow. 9 pm 7 am Sp m 68 6 61 : 85 69 k M 69 89 692 29 090 29 025 E S SB 16 12 96 0 0 t I Dry Bulb. nmpoimwuv Wet Bnlt. Barometer m,.. j Direction , Cloudiness . I veipvibj. ...... Miles of wind, MS -v-f mmOATIOKB Osno&oo, Oct. 91. For Kansas: Fair tonight and Sunday; variable winds. DAILY OALBIIDAB, Bon rises . ...e.u BansetSMM :i Moon rises 7:15 Our Hew Automatic Pre-payoent Loan. Every time you have $100 accumulated on your shares it is credited ( as a payment on the face of your loan, and the amount on which yon pay interest is reduced ioo, and your monthly payments are reduced accordingly. Trio Ml oo Building and Loan 1110 ft Udo Association. . Lawrence National Bank Bid's. GRIFFIN ,. . . i- Will fill your order for Riverside, Leavenworth, Fort Scott, Cherokee, Chicopee, "Canon City (Colo) and hard coal on short notice for spot cash at lowest price, The Longley bat is taking the lead Jin a dressy, nobby hat this fall, only $3- Call and see them at THE HUB apples For sale at from 30c to 60c per bushel; cider vinegar 15c per gallon. Goods delivered to any part of the city. Call at Phillip's fruit farm, or address box I, post-office. Self respect and personal.interest should prompt every person to give the teeth the .' attention necessary. In no other way can money be expended to produce sucn great returns in health, comfort and personal appearance.' Best artificial teeth, $3. Amalgam fillings, 50 cents. Gold fillings, one-half usual price. Teeth extracted, 25 cents. DR. WHEELER, 829 Massachusetts street. Open from 7 a. m. to 6 p. in. Remember Decatur Baking Powder with .. lovely dishes. Royal and Price baking " powder with no premium. Groceries of all kinds at the Home Store, 1105 Mass. Street, telephone 219-5. We are showing the grandest ' line o men's suits and overcoats at $6 to $10 I that has never been seen at THE HUB - Don't miss the opportunity of securing a bargain in shirts and underwear from the , on hand stock of Wilder Bros. Students should be sure that their eyes are in con- l dition for the new school sterm, and if glasses are needed get them at once. Eyes examined by a graduate of the Chicago Opthalmic College at HESTER'S. Optician and Jeweler. These days remind us of coming winter so our winter underwear supply needs looking after. Don't forget that Albach's have a most excellent assortment, all new goods, as none were carried over from last year. Child's goods from 15c up. Ladies from 25c up and men's from 50c upward. Belt buckles in silver, gold, oxydized, black jet and steel, all kinds of shapes and designs can be found at Albach's, Prices range from 15c to 50c each. The musical event of the season will be the concert by the Mockridge company November 6, at University hall. Mow is your time to dress your boys in a good winter suit or overcoat We carry them from $1.50 to $7.50. THE HUB- Whitney Mockridge, the great tenor who sings here November 6, is considered in London to be the successor of Edward Lloyd. Our-l4Patent,Leather Shoe for gentle- , men is a beauty, MASON'S. Foot Ball and Athletic Goods, a full line at Smith's News Depot. Mrs. Prentiss at the Home Store.has the aeencv for the Household Novelty com pany of Chicago. All orders for goods promptly attended to. 1105 Mass. Street; telephone 219-5. Lote Read has received a new shipment of gold fish; for sale at his usual prices. Tennis rackets, balk nets.etc at Smith's News depot. We show a beautiful Russet shoe for l3,oo in Vici Kid for gentlemen, Mason's All kinds of shirts in every'sise among the on-hand stock at Wilder Bros , Wilder Bros have left a few pieces of light weight summer underwear in jean, ainsook and linen, selling out below cost. We have now in stock the handsomest Russet Blucher for gentleman in the city. Call and see them 1 MASON'S, s Remember there is a. bargain in those on hand shirts at Wilder Bros, '. ai.20. Kansas City and return October 30-31, return November 1, on the Union Pacific 1 at 6:40 p. m. See . P. Ross for par-- ticnlars or at U. P. depot. : fl.SO Kansas City X.5JO. Round trip October 30 and 31, return November t, via the Santa Fe. Julian chocolates at Wsidemaan's, JT7ST JttECKI VI5I. -: E5D ANDERSON S Fresh Figs, Fresh, Dates, All kinds of fruits. AUen t. Wilson, CONTRACTOR, PAINTING, . , Estimates : ' Furnished DECORATING." Application. 701 Vt. Streets MR tig.. PINTS.. o,p;leonard. FINE' ' 745IU8S.St. TAILORING. Lawrence, Kan OL. RUTT1R, 820. Mass. St. Bicycle, Umbrella and General Repairing. Wheels built to order Nickel Plating. Mlsa Hltekell. Hair dressing and mani curing parlors. Importer and manufacturer of nne nair gooaa ana toiiet arucies uray wr restored. Chiropody and facial treatments. Bnperfluoos hair removed. Ulse Boulton's Millinery store. Day and evening sessions. Enter any time. X a STKVENSON, Principal. K. E. Protsch THE TAILOR, Has the Right Goods at the Right f rices. OVER HUB. 800 Mass. St. iss Seneve Licit ten waiter, TEACHER OF THE PI ANOFORTE (Pupil of Barth and JedllcEka, Berlin.) Studio, No. 13. E. Henry street. SIMPSOJI DRHTH BldUS nKFAlBM Bicycles. Ramblers, Nationals,Crescents,.25to I50 LEX PROTSOM, SR. ARTISTIC TAILOR 901 Mass. street, up stairs ' MISSES HUTT . Successors to Peterson & Hutt. ABTIHT1C HAIB DBE88IN 6. Shampooing and manicuring a specialty. ruu une 01 toilet articles, oai Mass. street. THUDIUM BROS. Meat Market Choicest Cuts Fresh and Meats, Poultry, Etc. Salt Managers of students' boarding clubs are requested to call and get prices. JISS JESSIE ARTER. CHINA PAlKTIlSe, Studio 1209 Tennessee street. A Wheelbarrow Full of Goal doesn't sound much, but it means a great deal if you eet our coal. It means good, solid coal the kind that burns clear through to asbes and doesn't leave your grate full of clinkers, a You will get your money's worth if you set your coal from us. We also sell stove wood and kindling, C. L. EDWAKDS, Tel. 87, West Warren St, Henderson Paint "Works. . 19 Mkssaehnsettn St, Manufactures and has for sale a complete line of paints of all kinds. These paints are made from pure lead and 011 ana are guaranteea to oe strictly pure trrade. KK THE PAINT HADE, and buy a home product at 2u per cent less than you nave oeen navine. SO.OOO Kallsas of mixed paint Is the yearly capacity of the plant at present. J. A, HENDERSON, Proprietor. Lawrence, Kansas. 1 H. W. HAYNE. OPTICIAN, 8X1 Kass. Street, .Upstairs. . .. Grate Chlgagt College of Opthilsslig,- No fancy prices but good, honest work and an absolute guarantee. - References: Any physician in the city. About (Each. Ladies' fleece lined "Wrappers, Skirts and ' Underskirts, no two alike, at (.3 off. Prices from - 75c , to 4.00 each. COME AND GET ONE. The Racket, JONN STANDING COAL. WOOD. KINDLING. I Corn, Oats, Ghob Feed and Hay. Pratt Food and Cattle. I Phone y. socroaury - WTsnaontSt. nuin cin Tea c:sc3. The Strong Hawksye Team Arrives This Forenoon tor the Big Game Tais Afternoon. Sixteen strong and hearty young men arrived this morning from Des Moines, Iowa, accompanied by mauaget and coach and a few rooters, as, the representatives of Drake university in the contest pa the gridiron on McCook field' this afternoon for honors with the Kansas 'university eleven. The team left Des Moines yesterday morning, was late in getting into Kansas City, and stayed there all night, coming to Lawrence this forenoon. Some of the members of the team are splen did specimens of manhood, and as whole the. team presents a very fine appearance Coach Potter, who has played against Kansas on the Baker team several years ago, and is well known here, says that his team is in only fair condition for the game, both because of the long ride and the hard work they have been doing. ' ? ' The interest in the contest received a and there was a crowd in the Eldridge I hotel corridors from that time on, and the size and build of the Drake players was the admiration of the small boys, and was viewed with some alarm by the supporters of the Kansas team. This afternoon the crowd increased at the hotel, and the University band's ap pearance shortly before the visitors started for the field was the signal for an out burst of the pent-up enthusiasm of the crowd. The Drake boys got into a bus and were driven to the field, . and the crowd that made its way thither indicated that the attendance at the game today would be by far the largest of that for any game played this season. The Kansas players kept out of sight until their appearance on McCook field, when they were met with a volly of cheers The Kansans were in the pink of con dition, and the contest gave every promise of being the best ever seen in Lawrence. The officials for the game were Messrs. Whiffen and Jones, of Kansas City, and 3:14 the appointed time; the teams lined up as follows: Kansas Drake Hess, c 175 Morehouse c 1&5 Woodward, Ig ..190 Wright, lg 220 Smith, re 195 Roberts, rg 178 Tucker, It 185 Kies, captain, it.. 170 Wilcox rt 186 McGueen, rt 180 Gavin, le... ...170 McFarron, le....i55 ..186 Smitn, re 160 Avery, captain, II1173 Snyder, lb 140 Moore, rh. 184 Bliss, rb ...180 Owens, qb. ... 150 Sellards, qb 130 or Bacon. Lucas, fb 165 Pell, fb ..170 or Algie, or Oelke. Crepe Tissue Kcents a Bolt 10 feet to the bolt any color you want and you can have all you want if you come to-night. IIOADLEYS. TV- -1 l TJ.-Y 1i l Stationery. Toya, Dolls, Sun, etc., at reasonable price I AMUSEMENTS. The famous firm of Richards & Pringle are known in the amusement world as the merry monarchs of modern minstrelsy and the sway with sceptre of fun. This mammoth show will aopear at the opera house, Tuesday, October 24. A street parade, at 2:30 p. m., with two big military bands, is its outdoor attraction. This big company represents the talent and numerical strength of two distinct combinations, and travels in its own special train of Pullman cars. This is good drying weather for Ray mond's floor paint. Pnt'it on this after noon and you can walk on it in the morning. Wears much better than any lead, oil paint. Good for floors in the bath I room, kitchen, pantry, porches or any where you want to scrub it. It is used on the decks of ships and we believe ship decks get all kinds of water. It is $1.25 per gallon, 65c per one half gallon and 35c per quart, any color in slock. Men's Underwear in fleece lined and ribbed at 50c. the very best in tne city. Come to THE HTTB . Prof. Samuels will bo in Lawrence at the Eldridge house house Friday, Nqvember 3, for one day only. Fresh oysters at Weidemann's. IV. A. GUENTHER Has a complete of line Staple Fancy Groceries and Fruits, Etc 721 Mass. 8t. Telephone 77 WILL SOON B91SDMB BUSINESS. The Inn s Store .at Wichita Will Be Opened About December 1 . Mr. George Innest has returned from Wichita, where be was called by the loss of his store by fire. He says the loss was practically -complete, and that he never saw such a wreck as resulted throughout the entire store from the fire. The sal vage amounted to about ten carloads. The insurance had not been adjusted when Mr Innes left, but he expected it would be shortly. Mr. Innes was successful in making ar- rangemenst so that the store will be able to open again for business about Decern' ber i, having been fortunate . tn securing the only building in the city that was suit able for the store. Men have been put at work, and the preparation) for re-ope ning will be commenced as soon as possible. Pretty nearly your last chance to paint. See Woodward & Co., about materials. See the line of smokers goods at Smith's news depot. Borealine Woodward'! -25c -at- BULK T waq yF'p. Union Suits. ........ - - , ' 23o JEfXoli. Only io dozen o! them a delayed ship ment which should have been here six weeks ago, If they were not extra value they would not be trentioned here, Will not sell more than two suits to a customer. o 60 people only have a chance at them, Union Suits Tennis Flannels Teil I1IS F iSLfl I16IS. 4500 Yds Only. and the price for tonight 44 Cents the Yard- Light and dark colors. CLOSED WITH A CAMPFIKE. Doug-las county Old Soldiers Enjoy Speeches at the Opera House. The sixth annual reunion of the Douglas County Old Soldiers and Sailors associa tion was closed with a big campfire at the opera house last night. Not only was the attendance very large, but the speakers were men of note, and made the occasion worthy of more than passing notice. This evening campfire followed the supper served to visitors at G. A. R. hall in the evening, and commenced soon after 7 o'clock with songs and recitations and informal story telling that was very en joyable. By 8 o'clock the hall was filled and tne leading speaxers 01 the evening were introduced. The first speaker wa3 J. D. Bowersock, congressman elect from this district, and he paid a splendid tribute to the old sol diers of the civil war, and the appreciation of their services shown by the country everywhere, and incidentally expressed himself as strongly out of sympathy with the cry of militarism that has been going the rounds for the last few months. Gen. J. K. Hudson of Topeka was the next speaker, and thoroughly aroused the audience in his references to the early struggles of the people of Kansas, and of Lawrence especially, and pointed out how the young men of today had better advantages than the veterans of the civil war. Gen. Hudson's speech was listened to wth the closest attention and he was frequently interrupted with cheers. - The populist central committee of Douglas county has received a message from Harry Lipsey and Al Krause accepting the nominations for county clerk and register of deeds. Both are Twentieth Kansas boys. The Haskell Indian football team will play a game with Kansas university on the Driving park grounds next Wednesday af t-ernoon. Chocolate dipped nuts at Weidemann's. New Stationery. INVITATION CARDS, Late Shapes and Colors. WHITINGS FINEST PAPERS- For Fashionable Uses FINE TABLETS and Envelopes to Match. ROWLANDS &HALL Booksellers and Stationers. Butterlcks Patterns and Publications are to be had only at Saturday Night. o - 4 Specials. We Don't Argue INNES', We Don't Tell Untruths We try to put the facts about our Dry Goods and Car- pets before you and leave the that is not reliable has no place own interest as well as for your best. Fashion favorites f r f all are in our Dress Goods department. Headquarters for those fashionable Black English Crepons, Black Mohair Crepons, Black Silk Crepons; all new Ai a '-rfl-T, WfrP- nnWArl all Wool Chftviots. Arnmres, ZMiaes, wool Shaggy PkicU, Boucle Plaids, Re- Versible Plaids Back GolfingS. Winter is COmingj it will be well to Supply your wants. 0 ... - , - Underwear is one of our best departments. ' We certainly have the stock of the town at our Hosiery department Merino, fleece lined and all wool Hose for men, r -j women and children. The keenest and partments. All departments are in splendid shape to supply your wants now. Our Kid Glove department is known all all over the as the best in Lawrence. This is 'riot only true in point of assortment, but is true in quality and fit of our Gloves. The Perrin Kid Glove has no superior. We have them in blacks and colors. Lace Curtains are much in demand these days and we do not believe you can afford -to overlook the exceptional values we are offering in Swiss, Nottingham and Irish Points. Portieres in Chenile, Tapestry and Velour in the new effects. We have them at tempting prices. Sash Curtains. Let us show you our large assortment of Scrims, Swisses and Nets in white and colored effects for Sash Cnrtains. ' Window Shades, Curtain Poles and trimmings, Sash Rods, all at Dry Goods prices. v Carpets, Mattings, Oil Cloths and Linoleums. We aim to furnish the best qualities possible for the least money. We invite you, to "come to Innes1 store. You will find comfort for your body, attraction for your eyes and less demand on your purse. " You save money,' you are pleased satisfiedityou trade herev SaessMora to GEO, Towels 'r, L:' . "r-:''')90entoB Bleached Honey oonib. i - 24x45 inches. - ? Turldan Bath. ? 23x45 inches. Bueh and Dainaak. worth from ia to 5 cents each; uniform price. .... ... . ; . .9 oents eaoh. Towels Bed Spreads Bed Spreads. Hemmed ready for use. Good size, and worth one third more than our price tonight 48 Cents Each. A special meeting of the city council will be held some day next week for the purpose of selecting judges and clerks for the November election. P. A. Lovewell of the Topeka Capital was in Lawrence this afternoon. at JJt. Jones' China Jap Tea, per pound 25c. 3 pounds new California Peaches, 25c. The best flour on earth for the least money. In our meat market you will uuuj-ui Luiiiunuv buuic co- pecially fine Channel Cat Fish. J.IRu.Jones- The Missouri university football team, after a close inspection of convention hall in Kansas City, is very strongly opposed to playing the Thanksgiving game with Kansas in that place. the; picture; Display closes this evening . Tomorrow afternoon and evening they can only be seen at our store. If you want one of these, make your selection this evening or tomorrow at the University Book Store Pretty Black Wool Dress ttoods in great assortment INNES'. rest to you. A cheap quality at the Innes store. For our interest, we sell always the .heaviest demand tor winter Cloak and Blanket de. Specials Him, JIM G HME0MI! 80GEAX. HAPPSNINOS. Mr. and Mrs. Gomer Thomas, are expected np from Kansas City this evening, to spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Barber..-.. ' Mrs. and Mrs. C. P.' Grosvenor returned Thursday evening from Colorado, where they have been spending the summer. Invitations have been received in the city for the marriage of Miss Etheiyn Mc Kee and Mr. Paul Robert Hubner, both of Newton, Wednesday evening. October 25. The ceremony will take place at St. Matthew's church, followed by a reception at the home of the bride's mother Mrs. B. McKee. They will be at home after No vember 15, at 225 East Broad way.Newton. They will take a short trip east and spend a few days in Lawrence on their return, where Mr. Hubner lived for many years and is well known. This morning at 7:30 Miss Maud E. Snediker was married to Mr. Bert McKee of Des Moines, Iowa, The wedding took place at the home-of the 'bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Snediker at 829 Mississippi street, and was witnessed by only a few of the old lime friends of the young people. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. M. Sharpe of the First Christian church. Mr. and Mrs. McKee left on the Santa Fe plug for their home at Des Moines. The bride is quite well known in Lawrence, having taken two years work in the music and English departments of Kansas university, and afterwards graduating from the Lawrence Business college. Her parents moved here from Hartford, Kansas, this' fall to be with her, she being the only child. Mr. Snediker was a well known banker of Hartford, and is well to do. Mr. McKee has known his bride for many years, and their wedding is the culmination of a childhood romance. He js now assistant cashier of the Home Savings bank, at Des Moines, and is very highly thought of by every one who has known him. The heartiest wishes of Lawrence people who have become acquainted with the young folks, go with them to their new home in Des Moines. The Pi Phis had a tallyho party at the game this afternoon. Mr. Edward G. Hayes of Canadaigua, New York, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Sinclair. Invitations have been received in Law-to the wedding of Miss Clara Mary Beck to Mr. John D. Myers at Holton, Kansas, on November 2. Mr. Myers, is an old Kansas university boy, a member of the Phi Delt fraternity, and is widely known heae. His bride to be is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, M. M. Beck of Holton, Mr. Beck being editor of the Holton Recorder, and the present postmaster in his town. Mrs. W.T. Sinclair returned last night from Kansas City. , Miss Adele Marks entertained her young friends this afternoon with a birthday party. , The marriage of Mr. Dudley W. Eaton to Miss Madge McAlIester will take plase October 25, at the home of the bride in Kansas City. Mr. Eaton is very well known in Lawrence society. He is a graduate of Kansas university and is a I member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Mrs. A. Rudiger and Miss Aimee Rud- iger will spend next week with relatives in Kansas City. The barbs gave a very pleasant dancing party last night in Pythian hall. A large crowd of University young people were present. -Misses Jessie Willard and Frances Albert spent yesterday in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Griffith of Kansas City, came up today to spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Frank Bededict. Mrs. James W. Green has invited a few young women for Monday afternoon, in compliment to Miss Madge Bnllene. Mrs. L. A. Collings of New Mexico, is visiting her cousins, Prof, and Mrs. E. D. Adams. Announcement is made of the engagement of Miss Edith Kelley to Mr. W. Ernest Glenn, both of Kansas City. The marriage will take place November 16, at the Bonaventure, where Miss Kelley lives. Miss Kelley is very well known here, having been the guest of Mrs. V7. T. Sinclair at various times Mr. Edward Ellison of Kansas City is panl R Hurd of Abilen8 is tha I guest 0f her parents Mr. and Mrs. a g Hawk. Miss Maude Nichols of Olathe is visiting her brother Mr Clyde Nichols. Misses Margaret Parrott and Dessie J Griggs have invited their young U Halloween party. J friends to J Ttf32 J v BaiUle, May Gardner, Ida Hyde. Hannah Oliver and Helen Sutliff went to Kansas City this morning to attend the Association of collegiate Alumnae luncheon at the Midland this noe. ThecPi Phi h h" next Saturday night for Miss Madge Buiiene. I Miss Mame Monroe will go to washing month to lsit the familT ot ator Harris. Miss Bess Maynard gave u informal thimble party this morning in compliment to her guest. Miss Hurst of Kansas City. There were invited Misses Rnth Myers, Louise Alder, Gussie Hall, Stella Aten, Isabel Hazen. Edith Riffle, Harriet Robinson, Sybil Dunn, Eleanor TMiUer and Edith Johnson. ' ,. The Zodiac club will meet next Tuesday withjtlrs Fred Smithmeyer and not with Mrs McCrary as was understood. Miss Emma Hurst of Kansas City is visiting Miss Bess Maynard, Mrs. James Craig returned today to her home in Ann Arbor. ' The reception yesterday afternoon at the home of Miss Eugenie Galloo was in compliment to Miss Kate Holliday Clag-horn, national secretary of the association of Collegiate Alumnae. The guests at the reception ,were the young women of the senior class of Kansas university. In the dining room, which, was prettily decorated with pink and whits roses, Missss Bess Maynard, Tina Creager and May Gardner served chocolate and cakes throughout the afternoon. Miss Claaborn is a very interesting woman and quite -won every one who beard ber, by the clever little talk she gave on the purpose and work of the association she represents. Miss Oagnorn lectured before the Kansas City branch pf the association this morning at the boms of Mrs, Hal Gaylord. sat II -AT- Twenty-five pieces of good quality Unbleached Saturday night only.... ....... . .......... , (Ten yards to Fifteen pieces Fancy Twills, 28 inches wide, extra quality; worth 10c yard. Saturday night. ; . ;. ...t Qo yard ", Eight Dozen Men's Fancy Shirts (starch bosom) with cuffs attached, in blue, pink and gray styles. They are worth 75c. t Samrday special.................................;...... 49c each Ladies' Wool Waists with fancy braid trimming, in gray, wine, blue, black and. brown. These Waists are worth $1.75 and $1.98 each. , . Saturday night .; ... ......... ..... .Ql.Sd Remember We give premium sumps with all our special sales. THE 8 JHOOL HOUSE QUESTION. The Proclamation of the Mayor Brings - This to Mind. The proclamation of the mayor calls to mind that the people of the city will at the next election, be called on to decide whether there is to be more school room supplied or whether we shall be compelled to continue to crowd the rooms. The enrollment has already reached 2,400. The following is the resolution the board passed October 2, 1899 Whereas the Central school building has become unsatisfactory aud insufficient to furnish accommodation for the school children of the city on account of the steady increase of from fifty to 100 annually in the total enrollment and daily attendance, and, Weereas, It is necessary to erect a new school building for the accommodation of the children now in attendance; therefore, be it Resolved, That the board of education of the city of Lawrence, Kansas, hereby request the mayor of this city to issue a proclamation that a vote will be had at the coming general election held November next, for the purpose of taking the sense of the voters of the school district upon . the question of authorizing the board of educa tion of the city of Lawrence to issue bonds to the amount not to exceed .twenty-five(25) thousand dollars, drawing interest at a rate not to exceed four (4) per cent per annum, for the purpose of erecting a new building and equipping the same, and for such other additions as may be absolutely neces sary for the care of the children of the said city and district; said bonds 8 to be made payable as follows: $3,000 payable in 1912; $3,000 in 1913; $3,000 in 1914; $4,000 in 1915; $4,000 in 1916; $4,000 in 1917; $4,000 in 1918. a of 11 : If you want to get big value for your money you - can do so by trading at PAS SON'S DKFABTHXT 8TOBK. Committee Selected. The sub committees authorized by the general committees of the several patriotic organizations on the gth of October for the management of the reception and banquet to be given at the Eldridge bouse to the returning soldiers from Manila are as follows: Reception: Mrs Haskell, D A R. Mrs Wall. L of G A R. Mr Churchill, Washington Post. Mrs May Murphy, W R C. Mrs Waller, V R A." Carrie Thornton, L A S. O E Learnard, Jr., S of V. Assisted by Mayor and Mrs Gould and Gen and Mrs Roberts. Banquet: Mrs Paul R Brooks, Lot GAR. Mrs J T Moore, D A R. Mr Chas Smjh, Washington Post. Mr Don Stevenson, S of V. Mrs McFarland, W R C. Miss Benjamin, LAS. Mrs Brown. V R A.' Invitation and toasts: Col H L Moore, Washington Post. Mrs P E Emery, L of G A R. Mrs Arthur Fuller, D A R. Fred Books, S of V. Mrs Minnie Chris, W R C. Mrs Courtney, V R A. Hattie Grahem, LAS. Music. ' r. ' " : " Dr Lemon. Washington Post, Miss Florence Clarke, D A R. Miss Laura Engle, Ladies of G A R. Mrs Mattie Andrews, W R C. Mr Wilson, S of V. Miss Benjamin, LAS. Mrs Hazen, V R A. ; Decoration: ; Mrs. Wrench, Lot GAR. Mr. J M Spencer, Washington Post. Mrs. Criss, WRC. . Mr Tracy Learnard, S of V. Miss Mollie Craigmile, LAS. Mist Belle Ross. D A R. Mrs. Northrop, V R A. Finance t Mrs.Whitsel, V R A Mrs Barber, Ladies GAR Mrs Henry Moore, D A R Mrs Julia Sanders, NEC . Mr Elmer Potter, S of V Mr Chris, Washington Post When Pol ion la KeeaXl. It Is quite possible to train the system to find its nourishment in an injurious diet, which is the outcome of a bad habit. Even poisons may become remedies when taken in customary quantities. Chicag-o Tribune. ""Mexican Braver. The lunate gallantry of the Mexican was illustrated the other day In Sonora, where a cattle herder with 25 companions 'was attacked by Indians and, when his fellow-herders put spurs to their horses and ran away doing quite the propel thing-, being- egregiouslj outnumbered the brave vaquero held bis ground and fought 300 savages, killing many, of them before he, too, fell, bis body sieve! Men of this sort will make a country Invincible in war Mexican Herald. ': ;r' Tk Secret f lt . Ann Eliza There goes Mary Ma-loner. She's the stylishesi dressed girl of any of us., '.. 11 J, Maria Jane- An' small wonder. Her missus is th same size 's her. n employs tn' best moddist in tb citjr-Phflade). pbia Bulletin. Silly Dues ion Money Raising T SPECIALS air: Muslin" yardwide, .SXo yard one person) That Joyful Feeling With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old-time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-informed. . Buy the genuine, Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. Snlrtel Shirts I Shirts 11 1 On-hand shirts at Wilder Bros., selling below cost. The University Y. M, C. A. entertained the students of the pharmacy department last night at the Y. M. C. A. house. After a lively series of games the company gath ered around the piano and closed the , eve ning in singing college songs. Less than a week now remains in wbioh to register for the fall election, and there has been no rush at the city clerk's office. There are a great many people in town who are not registered. Willard Brown, Lote Read, Ginnie Mull and Billy Moys, all of the postoffice, went out hunting yesterday. Game killed: one cotton tail, one skunk; shots fired, forty- six. Mr. H. A. Martin left for Paoli, Ind. this morning, where his sister, Miss Zella Martin is dangerously ill with typhoid fever. - Mr. W. H. Haldermann of Burchard Nebraska, is here to spend Sunday with his son Mr. Chas. Haldermann. The ladies of the Catholic church will hold their bazaar at Johnson's hall next month, November 15 and 16. All sorts of depredations were committed by students in their initiations in the west part of town last night. Speaker Osborn of the house of repre sentatives of the last legislature, was in Lawrence today. Nosewarmers, the favorite college pipe. see them in south windows of Smith's news depot ' - Mr. Horace Phinaey, of Osialoosa, was in the city this mora'ng on business. Window glass that you can see through! Woodward & Co. keep that kind. Two trespassers were fined 10:30 each in police court this morning, Mr. John Nicholson of Topeka is hers to spend Sunday. T. J. Schall, of the Troy Chief, was in the city today.- - Mockridge Concert Co., University hall, Novembet 6. Ice cream and ice cream sodas at Weid- imann's. Wanted A good man for work about a small place; must understand the care of horses. Mrs. C. w. Babcock. For Rent Three unfurnished rooms, suitable for housekeeping, 1704 Tennessee street. Bowersock Opera House. TuesdLay, Oct. 24. Richards & Pringle's Faaaons Goorgia Minstrols. so. .PROPLR.. BANDS.. ..SO s. H ASSEN BEN ALI Fasaoas Troop of Arabs ' Special Train of Cars, Gala Street Parade at 2,30, Dick Bros. Beat Sale. Popular prices, 85c 60c, 7te. - Pictures and Frames, We make a specialty of pic-picture framing, and have a large assortment of mouldings to select, from. Prices reasonable. All work guaranteed to be satisfactory. We still have a good assort ment of WAIvL PAPER. See us before buying. G. C. WOLF. ' - : 17 af ass, mu ."- '. " -; " Ercrybdy Keoct "Iwanta'' Cisar, None Better for a Nickel. Bueh's Orehestra. , Offloe No. 13 East Warren St. C. HANIOOU, UPHOLSTERER AND MATTRESS MAKER. Haveyonr ola mattrsm reaor4. BALL DEARINQO IStAsil I hava a mod animlv an hnA Mi. T . Ins at my aaoal low prlcea, for cash tor aod aotea. CTom no Aaals sntU jrom MaWy I ? aasu yoa ssaow I do ft. TwsDssre sat af j as. n. miiica, ImDrovod Vhito .' 1 ". ' : t-wrra - - naawreaoe, cxa. 1 '1 V'aT'

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