Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas on October 16, 1899 · Page 4
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Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 4

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1899
Page 4
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Lyrcneo Patty Jurnfit Monday, totobcr 1& lGStV ; OCTOBER IZ99. Sun. Moo. Tue. Wei Thar. FrL Sal 1!L It 1L ii II i!L 2L 3 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 i 29 30 3 J . WEATHER REPORT. ' Following Is a reeorl of the wahe for the put ll tour as "own by observations taken at Kansas university vj vuauceiiur r . x. Snow. . """ fl p id 7 a in i p m P.i..'tn. JryBulb... 7 6 f9 Temperature i WetBulio... 3 i b Barometer n ;r M J8 w win JDrecton .. W N N wma i Velocity . 20 3 H Cloudiness i' 1 ' 1 7 Miles ot wind, 158 INDUCTIONS Chicago, Oct. 18. for Kanea: Generally fair tonight and Tuesday; warmer In the ex tremeaest portion tonight; westerly winds. DAILY OALKHDAB. diui iim M . . - .8.C9 Ban sets... 6:29 MooaseU 8:37 Our Sew Aototnatie Pro-payment Loan, Every time you have f 100 accumulated on your shares it is credited as a payment on tbe face of. your loan, and tbe amount on which yon pay interest is reduced (100, and your monthly payments are reduced accordingly. TheAUas SSi'i'K.S? Lawrtnee National Bank Bid's. GUAM ora: A TICkm Order for tickets lit tbe grand opera in Kansas City attended to in person. J. A. FARRELL. 837 Vermont street. Apples For sale at from 30c to 60c per bushel; cider vinegar 15c per gallon. Goods de livered to any part of the city. Call at Phillip's fruit (arm, or address box I, post- office. Canon City coal at A. J. Griffin's. Remember Decatur Baking Powder with lovely dishes. Royal and Price baking powder with no premium. Groceries of all kinds at the Home Store, 1105 Mass. Street, telephone 219-5. Be particular in buying soap. Good oap means healthy skin all winter. Poor soap the reverse. Woodward & Co., have the soap you want and at a low price too. If you are troubled with insomnia or sleeplessness, you can be permanently cured by a few treatments at the Kansas Magnetic Institute. 624 Louisiana street. Self respect and personaljnterest should prompt every person to give tbe teeth tbe attention necessary. In no otber way can money be expended to produce sucn great returns in health, comfort and personal appearance. Best artificial teeth, S3. Amalgam fillings, 50 cents. I Gold fillings, one-half usual price. Teeth extracted, 2 cents. DR. WHEELER, 829 Massachusetts street. Open from 7 a. m. to 6 p. m. Paint next week, and get good material and low prices at Woodward & Go's. Bblrusl Shlrtei jjdnirtalll On-hand shirts at Wilder Bros., (telling below cost. Don't miss the opportunity of securing a bargain in shirts and underwear from the on hand strck of Wilder Bros. All diseases peculiar to tbe female sex yield to Magnetic Treatment where all other methods fail. Call at the Kansas Magnetic Institute 624 Louisiana St. Prof. Samuels will bs in Lawrence at tbe Eldridce hotel Friday. October the 20th for one day only. Students should be sure that their eyes are in con- , dition for tbe new school ftertn. and if glasses are needed get them at once Eyes examined by a graduate of tbe Chi cago Optbalmic College at HESTERS. Optician and Jeweler. No better kodak days than now; no bet ter cameras thaa kodaks. No other placs in Lawrence se Is Kodak's. Woodward & Co. will save you expense. Nosewarmers, the favorite college pipe. aee them in south windows of Smith's news depot . Constipation easily cured without drugs at the Magnetic Institute, 624 Louisiana street. Our $4-Paient Leather Shoe for gentle men is a beauty, MASON'S. Foot Ball and Athletic Goods, a full line I at Smith's News Depot. Mrs. Prentiss at the Home Store.has the agency for tbe Household Novelty company of Chicago. All orders for goods promptly attended to. 1 105 Mass. Street; telephone 219-5. Tumots and goiters removed as if by mag'c at the Kansas Magnetic Institute, 024 Louisiana street, batisiaction guar anteed. ' Lote Rea,d has received a new shipment of gold fish; for sale at his usual prices. Tennis rackets, balls, nets.etc at Smith's News depot. . , . We show a beautiful Russet l3,oo in Vici Kid for gentlemen, shoe for Mason's All kinds of shirts in every size the oa-hand stock at Wilder Bros among Wilder Bros have left a few pieces of light weight summer underwear in j . ainsonk and linen, selling out below cost. We have now in stock the handsomest Russet Blncher for gentleman tn the city. Call and see them . MASON'S. Remember there is a. bargain in those on band shirts at Wilder Bros, Fort Scott coal at A. . Griffin's. EIBlffi TO. 5 Por Goiit of Our -to tho Special Diices in everv department. Sale will continue XX X all of this week. , - Isn't it timft to chano'e to heavier Underwear f You can save big money by buying now. Women's Jersey Ribbed Vests and Pants, made of two-thread cotton; Vests have silk embroiderd neck and silk tape, silk ished seams; a good 50c value for. . . Women's Onetia style Union Suits Children aid Misses' natural gray Union Suits Women's non-shrinking, all wool Vests and Boys' heavy fleeced Underwear, all sizes, 40c Children's Jersey ribbed natural gray Underwear, Vests, Pant) and Drawers; fleeced back; Vests have silk taped neck and ironi. Size ( Price ( Men's heavy fleeced Shirts and Drawers, 50c Men's mottled gray, fleece lined Shirts aad Men's all wool fleeced Shirts and Drawers, Mea's 50c fleeced back Underwear, a garment.... 39 Boys' fleeced back underwear, all sizes ' COAL. WOOD. KINDLING. Corn. Oats, Chop If.ed and Hav. Pratt Food for Poultry and Caie Phone 47. 800 Vermont St. Bueh's Orchestra. Office No. 13 East Warren 8t. SniPOH nfcwTft KixU tlKPAIBS Bicycles, Ramblers, Nationals,Crescents,;t25to $30 AJ-1X K. PROT8CM, 8R. ARTISTIC TAILOR 601 Haas, street, up stairs.; MISSES HUTT t Successors to Peterson ft Hutt. ABTIHTIC HAIR UKEMHISe. (Shampooing and manicuring a specialty. "nil 111 e or toilet, articles, va uatis. street j In the rims cf Edward 1. The use of coal was prohibited in England on account of tbe disagreeable smoke it made. If Edward could bave gotten bold of such coal a we sell he could have had nothing of which to complain clean, dry, bright coal of tbe all-beat sort. How about putting in your winter's sup ply before coal goes up. C. Ii. EDWAKDS, Tel. 87. Warren St. THUDIUM BROS Meat Market Choicest Cuts Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry, Etc. Managers of s'udents' boarding clubs are requested to call and get prices. Q C. HANSOOM, UPHOLSTERER AND MATTRFSS MAKER. Have your old mattress renovated. 107 West Henry iret -THE 8EWIKQ M1CH1SE WITH BALL BEARINGS la the Best oa Earth. I have a rood buddIv on band tbat I am Mil In? at mv usual low trices, for cash or good notes, u oae no ueais unui you see now 1 uu ii, Two Doers J AS. M. MILLER, Bast ot n.rckantt Bank. Lawrence, Kan. Henderson Paint Works. 619 JTaasaehnsetts (St, Manufactures and bas for sale a complete lia or paints or all kinds. Thesn paint.- are made from pare lead and 011 ana are guaranteed jo oe tinoiiy pure grade, hnm product at 20 per cent less than you have 50,000 gallon of mlxd paint Is the yearly capacity ol the plant at present. J. A. HENDERSON", . Proprietor. Lawrence, Kansas. H.W.HAYNE. OPTICIAN, 821 Si an, street. Upstairs. Graduate Chlcaga College of Cplbaloiolagf, No fany prices but good, honest work and an absolute guarantee. References: Any physician in tne c.ty. About -25- Each. Ladies' fleece lined "Wrappers, Skirts and , Underskirts, no two alike,; at -3 off-Prices from 75c to 4.00 each. COME AND GET ONE. The Racket, lined iiie Sales to Bo Given Poor. .. , ! Note these prices: stitched front, pearl buttons and fin 25c .50c, 85c, $1 .00, $1.25 and 2 00 25c, 35c and 50c Pants.. ........ $1 op value... 25c pearl buttons; all seams finished. 10 IS 20 22 24 26 23 30 32 34 8s 10a 12o l?a 20c 25o 25o25o30c30c value 39C Drawers, 75c value.. . 5 85c value 65c v 25C TURNER BAD TROUBLE AT SAUNA. Same Kind of Deal that Caus:d His Aireets Here He Had There. Marshal Prentice wrote to Marshal J. A. Gilbert cf Salina for the character and standing of E. C. Turner, in that city, who Is in jail for stealing from the University book store, and received the following reply: ". C. Turner went to normal school here about two years ago; had some trouble about one book traded it to Porter but Porter got mixed on the trade and could not fasten the crime on Turner. School did not lose anv more books after this." Horticultural Meeting. The last of the out door meetings of the Doug'as county Horticultural society for tbe present year, will be beld at the home of G. W. Maffet on Saturday the 21st of October. The social dinner will be served as usual by the lady members, and all friends of horticulture are cordially invited. John N. Macomb, president, Samuel Reynolds, secretary. All forms of rheumatism readily yield to magnetic treatment given by Drs. Ford, Christy and Snell, 624 Louisiana street. Dinner Plates! A thousand of them bought cheap and will be sold cheat) ! IIOADLEYS. The nlace to buv Diahes. Tinware. Oranile Iron Ware. Stationery, To;., DolJi, Uauiot, btc., at reasonable price SAMS THING WILL HAPPEN HERE. Tb.3 Construction of an Electric Line Wl.l Damage Water Pipes. Prof. L, I. Blake of Kansas university. who has spent considerable spare time in Kansas City within the last two years, in- estimating the destruction of tbe water system pipes caused by the electric action resulting lroni the construction of electric lines in tbe city, brought to Lawrence Saturday some specimens of pipe tbat had been eaten away. One section bad places so so(t tbat a knife could be easily run through tbe pipe. Under pressure this would cause the pipe to burst, and considerable damage might re-su t. The particular piece of pipe brought up from Kansas City bas been down eight tears, but the electric action can be de tected as early as four months after the pipe bas been put down. - Prof Blake says tbe same thing will happen with the Lawrence wat er conduit system after the construction of electric lines in this ci y, the electricity destroying the pipes in the same manner that the p'pes in Kansas Oity end other large places are destroyed. So far there has been nothing found to prevent this destruction, but Prof, Blake and other scientists are working the subject with that end in view. Notice of the close of the registration books for tbe fall election appears in tbe tbe Journal. This will serve as a reminder tbat a great many of tbe voters in Lawrence are not registered, and will not be able to vote in November if this matter is not attended to very soon. John Seaman s bouseon tbe north end of Indiana street caught fire about 7 o'clock last night, and the department was called out. The fire was extinguished be fore the house has entirely destroyed, but the loss by fire and water will be consider able. - - Those suffering from chronic diseases where other methods bave failed, are in vited to call at tbe Magnetic Institute, 634 Louisiana street. Examination free. Tbe county tax rolls were completed in tbe county clerk's office today and turned over to the county treasurer, two weeks ahead of time. Mr. Wilbur Gardner returned to bia work in Chicago yesterday afternoon, after a two weeks' visit with his parents. The funeral of R. L. Steen took place at 8:o this morning; the body was taken to Topeka for burial. John Lowman, deputy county clerk, will leave tomorrow for Oklahoma for a short vacation. District Clerk Charlie seriously ill. Tucker is quite See the line of smokers goods at Smith's news depot. Fort Scott coal at A. Griffin's. -at- w a a stafp'o. OYSTERS ML MCLZLLAND RSTUAHS. His Services trt.XUley ter tne Oovem- ment Ended for the Present. i Dr. C. B. McClelland ' returned last night from Ft. Riley, where he went ten days ago to assist the government veterin-axies in the application of the mailein test for glanders. He found the test had been applied to about 200 animals when be arrived, and he assisted in applying it to x.coo others. It was found necessary to kill twenty- five or thirty head, bnt the great majority of the animals were found to be free from the latent signs of the disease for which the test was applied, and will be continued in the government service. AN OLD 8BTTLKB DEAD. Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Dies at Her Home on WaahtBsxon Creek. Mrs. Elizabeth Tones, widow of the late Morgan Jones died at her home on Wash iogton Creek Saturday evening. The funeral took place this morning at 11 o'clock from the family residence. Mrs. Tones came to Kansas with ber husband ia the early 'soties, and they set tied in the sams neighborhood where they have lived ever since. Mr. Tones died in 1891. Three sons survive: Robert, John and Thomas Tones. That Joyf ol Feeling With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanli ness, which follows tbe use ot Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who bave not progressed beyond the old-time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offer ed but never accepted by the well-inform ed. Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the Ca'ifornia Fig Syrup Co. Meat and Food Choppers- mi me greatest economizers ever manufactured; will pay for them selves in a couple of weeks and at the sme time will prepare you dainty dishes. You need one. PASSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE The football game to be . played next Saturday on McCook field will be the big game of tbe season. The Drake univer sity team from Des Moines, Iowa, will be here and contest with Kansas for honor l ne urate team woa almost every game played last year, and most of the old mem bers of the team have returned for this season, so that the eleven will be a very strong one, and a close game is looked for, After a most disagreeable day with wind dust and heat, there was a change in the weather last night about n o'clock, and little rain settled the dust, the wind changed to the north, and the atmosphere was very much clearer. un uctoDer 17. teas, tbe earnest snow in Kansas occured, and it was one of the Diggest storms 01 tne winter. 1 be snow fell on Monday. a aivorce sensation is one 01 tne news items that is causing talk in the south part of town. Canon City coal at A. J. Griffin's. New Stationery INVITATION CARDS, Late Shapes and Colore WHITINGS FINf ST PAPERS For Fashionable Uaea, FINE TABLETS and Envelopes to Match ROWLANDS &HALL Bookseller aad Stationers. li BELT L Is usually built to run around the city in which it is located, while our belt line is so extensive that every lady in Lawrence is sure to find something just suited to her taste to wear around her waist. We have Ladies' Belts in all the latest styles Dog Col-ar Belts, white washable Leather Belts, and in all the popular shades. : Good values are like letters of introduction. It is our business policy to place before the buying public such self evident values in Silks and Dress Goods that it is at once recognized that this is the store of the people. Certainties vs. Chances. Which do you prefer? The majority are strongly in favor of the former. That explains our prominent ppsition in selling Blankets, Comforts, Underwear and Hosiery. Qnr stock is elegant; high class goods are well represented, as are in fact all grades, from the most expensive to the cheapest. You'll simply be delighted with the display on our second floor of Jackets, Capes, Tailored Suits and Separate Skirts. The best style garments meet your gaze on every side and make a little time spent off this floor a pleasant pass time. Money saving opportunities we oiler this week in Ribbons. The most elaborate and stylish line of Ribbons ever exhibited in Lawrence; just the kind the ladies' want. Fall buying commenced in earnest in Ladies' Wool Waists, Silk Waists, Dressing Sacques and Pet-coats. Your wants will be weil satisfied here. Our prices make the satisfaction extend to the purse. Innes' Carpets and Curtains are always in style because they are fashioned after accepted designs of acknowledged correctness. You must, see our goods to understand why they -are so much superior to the ordinary kind of Carpets and Curtains. 1ES, riAOE & IIAODN. Bnecessom to GEO.- INNES. THB TRACK BEMOVBD. Tn Winner Gangs Are Working Rapla- ly on the Old street OerLtne. ins winner gangs 01 workmen com menced this morning to tear up tbe street car track from Watkins bank north and this afternoon bad the greater part of the rails' removed from the street, The work was watched with a good deal of interest by the people of the town, and also with some misgivings as to the future. ' ' The only work in the way of reconstruc tion tbat has been done has been tbe grad ing on the proposed extension - to Haskel l institute, but nothing has yet been done toward the construction of track on ; that part of the line, though some new' ties have been shipped in. KANSAS WON THB GAMB. Ottawa Scored Against the Varultv ' Team on a Disputed Decision. The Ottawa university football team scorch against the Kansas university team in the game played Saturday afternoon on McCook field. Tbe score was made on a disputed decision, very near the close of the game, and was the first to bave been made aeainst the Kansas team this fall, The . ball was about twenty Yards from tbe Kansas goal when tbe OL tawa team scored. Kansas had the ball. and gave it to Moore to advance, which be failed to do. In failing be lost the ball on a fumble, according to tbe decision of the officials, and Gill of Ottawa, secured it, and made a touchdown, and en easy 'goal followed. The Kansas men had called down, but their contention availed nothing. Th came was a clean one. but was almost too one-sided to be interesting, Kansas scored" frequently and without much difficulty. The final score of tbe came was 20 to 6 in favor of Kansas. Tbe strong players for Kansas were Avery, Tucker and Moulton, and for Ottawa, Evans, Gill and Lambertson. Hess played center for Kansas in place of Mehan, whose knee was wrenched last week, and in the last half Moulton was put in Avery's place, Cates in Gavin's place and Algie in Lucas' place. There were no substitutions on the Ottawa team, and those made in the Kansas team were for the purpose of trying the men, 'rather than for any otber purpose. Postmaster E. F. Caldwell bas appoint ed Miss May Morse of this city, to be stamp clerk at the post office, in place Of Miss Pittingerv whose appointment was temporary. Miss Morse stood at the head of the list of clerks at the recent civil service examination held in Lawrence, Much merriment was caused this morn ing by the hauling of one of the old street cars down Massachusetts street, by four mules. Tbe reason for this action was no more apparent than other actions recently taken by tbe new owners of the street car line. Rev. Dr. Bamford, the new pastor of the First Methodist church, preached his first sermons yesterday, and made a very pleas' ant impression with his congregation, There was a big flight of ducks this morning, and hunters who were fortunate enough to be out, found shooting along the river. good sport in The street cars were run into the barn last night after tbe last trip, and tbe oper ation of the mule car line became a thing of the past. A big gang of workmen was still tearing np the old street car line rails this morn ing, but tbat js all the work that is being done now. . There was little driving or riding or walking for pleasure yesterday; such a thing was impossible. . - tRJAMTED ! Two good canvassers at once. University Book Store. L. M. GIBB, Prep. 8TOIQ PO B DAMAGES . Vorxner Lawrence Woman Brings Suit : Por -Breach of Promise. v A Perry, Oklahoma, dispatch says that Mrs. E. B. Benjamin, of Lawrence. Kan., has just brought suit there against Rudolph Sen wints, of Perry, for I2S.000 damages. alleging breach of promise to marry. Mrs. Benjamin alleges that Schwtnts to marry while she was running a agreed boarding bouse in Lawrence a year ago. He left her and married a Topeka woman. Schwintz is a loan broker at Perry. SOCIAL HAPPENINGS. The Round Table club will meet with Mrs. H. L. Moore tomorrow. Mrs. S. A. Barcus returned today to her home in Emporia after spending Sunday here with her son Mr Geo. Barcus. Miss Frankie Olds will leave this week for Albuquerque. New Mexico, where she will spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Frank Messenger. Mrs. H. A. Ewing returned today to her borne in Iola aftter spending a short time here with her daughter Miss Ruth Ewing. Mrs. L. A. Thrasher and Miss Sara Thrasher are here to spend a week with Mr. and Mrs. W, C. Bigger. They are on their way from San Francisco where they bave lived the past two years, to Philadelphia, where Captain Thrasher will be located for the next year. Mrs. Todd of Hiawatha spent Sunday here with her son Mr. Phil Bliss. The Sigma Chis held their fall initiation Saturday night. The initiation itself was followed by a banquet at tbe opera house cafe. The men taken in were Messrs Floyd Tilford, James Pellet, Milo Jones, Ray Clifford, Rollo Feitchens, Boyce Wil-trout, and Tom Kingsley. A pleasant feature of the occasion was tbe large number of alumnae members of tbe fraternity who were here. They were Messrs R. L. McAlpine, Ross Kroh, J. W. Vernon, G. RShultz. H. P. Wright, George Kings-ley of Kansas City, Ernest Havens and Ed Davis of Leavenworth, A. A. johnson and W. M. Lyon of Topeka, Dr. A. A. Sharp of Larned, W. E. Swank of St. Joseph. T. C. Babb of Fredonia, Ed Morris and Clarence Wheldon of Emporia, George Brittan of Hartfcrd and Frank Butler of Yates Center. Miss Mame Tisdale went to Paola today. She will be a bridesmaid at the Price-Parker wedding which takes place this week. Miss Nell Blakely returned yesterday from tbe west, where she has spent the past three months traveling. Major T. S. Hadley of Kansas City, spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. D. H. Robinson. Miss Minnie Leach returned last night from Leavenworth, where she went to attend the marriage of her sister, Mabel, to Mr. George Greiger. Miss Mabel Leach has often visited here and is well known in University society. The Lawrence members of the association of Collegiate Alumnae will give a re ception Friday afternoon at tbe borne of Miss Eugenie Galloo. Their guests will be the young women of the senior class of Kansas university. The reception is in honor of Miss Kate Holliday Claghorn the secretary of the national association. Miss Josaphine Berry of Manhattan and Mrs. George C - Mosher, tbe president of tbe Kansas City branch of tbe association will Le here for the event. On Saturday morning Miss Claghorn will lecture before the Kansas City branch at the home of Mrs Hal Gaylord. There will go from here for tbe lecture Misses Carrie Watson, May Gardner, Laura Hyde, Florence Parrott and Hannah Oliver. There will be a parish social Wednesday evening at tbe Unitarian church. Several musical numbers, both vocal and instrumental, will be given. ' Miss Marie Morris, Mr. Joe Wilson and Mr, John Hayden will go to Topeka Thursday to attend the dinner to be given Thursday night by Mr. Wilson's sister, Miss Mabel Wilson, in honor of her fiance, Mr. C. M. Butlin. Misses Kate Stone, Louise Jamison, Adele Bartlett, Geraldine Taylor and Lyd a McKee returned yesterday to their home in Leavenworth. Mr. Ernest Havens of Leavenworth is visiting his sister Mrs. C. A. Preyer. Announcement has been . made of the engagement of Miss Mabel Wilson of Topeka to Mr. C. M. Butlin of the City of Mexico. Miss Wilson is a daughter of Mrs. J. C. Wilson. She is a member of the Kappa fraternity and is very well known here. Word bas been received of tbe marriage of Albert H Smith of the Leonard Seed bouse of Chicago, to Miss Adele Fowler of New York City, on October 11. Mr. Smith is a Lawrence boy and is well known here. He is a worthy yonng man and will receive tbe best wishes of his many friends in this city. The art exhibit at music hall will be open at 2 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. on Wednesday and at a p. m. and 7 p. m. on Thursday and Friday. Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Prof. Griffith of tbe fine arts department of the University will talk on "Drawing in Onr Public Schools." On Friday at 4:15, Prof. G. B. Penny will explain the pictures to school children. The admission fee will be 10 cents for adults and 5 cents for children. All the proceeds to be used to purchase pictures for the schools of onr city. - t The Journal bas had many inquiries as to what is to be done with the street car matter. The Journal knows just as much as any one else about it, and just as little. It knows tbat the old iron is being taken np and sold, and it knows there is no other iron or steel to take its place. It is certain that we have no street car line; whether or not we shall ever bave one is a quesiion that only time can settle. If Mr. Winner builds one it will be because be wants to build it, and. not because he is in any way bound to do it When he shall have laid down two rails he can then let the matter rest for ninety-eight years and more, before be turns his band over, and still retain the franchise. Tbe city is at tbe mercy of Mr. Winner. If ha- treats us well, we should be happy; if he kicks us, we have no recourse, and most smile as though we liked it. ' ; - United States Senator Harris spoke at tbe opera house last Saturday night. His subject was Trusts" and be spoke to a very large audience, and " interested bia hearers ia his presentation of the , Mr. George Jenkins of Kansas City was ia Lawrence today, tCHOOL TKAUHEBS TO MEET. The October Session of the Educational Association Saturday . The October meeting of tbe Douglas County Educational association 'will be held at the high school building in ' Law rence On Saturday, with Miss Minnie Reno as chairman. The program is as follows: Roll call One Good Result from School Officers Convention, Paper Character Culture Its Relation to Education Mrs. Clara Brewster. Speer Mathematics Alma Griffith. Paper Underpaid and Overpaid Teachers T W. Phelps. Paper What we itxpect from uur Schools R. M. Dunning, Treasurer District No. 20. Paper Gcod Reading in Onr School- Cora McCurdy. Address Educational luggernauts rrot. Carruth. Music Committee Fred C. Rumsey. KANSAS UNINEBblTS. The economic seminary met this afternoon. Mr. A. L. Goudy and Mr. James Dickson reviewed some recent economic articles. Felix Jones, '99, of Topeka, was on tbe hill this morning Miss Mary E. Winston and Miss Harriett Howell of Manhattan, are the guests of Miss Florence Parrott. Miss Winston is professor of mathematics at the agricul tural college and Miss Howell is superin tendent of sewing. T. C. Sanderson C. E., '98, of Kansas City spent Sunday with friends here. Judge J. W. Green is in Leavenworth attending the Hillmon trial. During his absence his classes are conducted by Dr. Burdick. There will be a recital of the school of music Wednesday afternoon at north college. Charles A. Wagner, '98, has been visit ing at tne University. Dir. Wagner is serving his second year as principal of the Minneapolis high school. W. H. Lang, pharmacy '96, is visiting at the University. . Prof. S. J. Hunter returned yesterday from the northern part of the state where he has been inspecting nurseries. At the meeting of tbe budding com mittee of tbe regents tbe contract for the heating and ventilation of the new chem istry building was let to Graber Brothers for $5500. The Rev. D. M. Fiske of the First Congregational church of Topeka will lead chapel this week. The Y. W. C. A. will receive all Uni versity girls tonight at 1329 Kentucky street in honor of Miss Bertha Conde. AMUSEMENTS. Chas. Hovt's masterpiece, "A Texas Steer" will be at Bowersock's opara house Thursday, .October 19. When the press of a whole continent combine in eulogizing a play, there must surely be a great deal of merit in that play. There is a charm ing little love story interwoven, and an oc casional touch of pathos in the midst of the rollicking fun that surprises one almost to tears. The presenting company is as nearly perfect in arrangement as possible. Eldridge House Arrivals James Lawrence. H L Woods. J L Allen, Wellington, Kan; W H Burns, E W Denis, Topeka; O S Buehler and wife, Detroit, Mich; Chas Dodds. A H Berg, Mrs Wm D Judd, H J Cole, M S Helman, St Louis; E B Jamison, W C Moore, James Neill, Jas Blair, J P Cline, Chicago; Ottawa football team; A A Hulett, Webb City, Mo; W H Beatty, Baldwin; Frsd Hirst, Grand Island, Neb; C R Carrick, E F Havens, Leavenworth; G L Lincoln, Mrs G H Lincoln, R R R R Glark' Abe Levy, A Marks and wife, F H Yost, B G Owen, H C Avery, M Moore. City; TBS Cook. R M Chaplin, M Mitler, R L McAipiue, Van F Boor, H R Menefee, Jno Field, H A Hershfie!d, o U Anderson. Kansas City. J H. Mitten-dorf, Philadelphia; W H Canom New New Orleans; Alfred Jearlson. New York; W F Hoelscher.iSan Francisco; Mockridge Concert Company. The faculty of the school cf fine arts announce the enr agement of the Whitney Mockridge Concert company for November 6 at University ball. This will be tbe musical event of the season. Particulars will be given later. Mr. John Nicholson came down from Topeka Sunday to visit bis parents acd make some final arrangements for the picture show the latter part of the week. Frank Willard has rented tbe Bergman building, recently occupied by the City Drug store nd will move in by November 1. . - . A number of horses belonging to Mr. W. R. Stubbs of this city are entered for the Kansas City horse show. The Y. M. C. A, evangelist corps beld meetings at Vinland yesterday. Mr. Ed Dennis of Topeka spent Sunday with friends here. . Mr. Clyde Miller of Osage City Sunday here. spent Untenant Governor Richter was in city today. the Application for Saabarn. A good lotion to be applied to the face and bands after exposure to the sun is one pint of buttermilk. In which one ounce of freshly scraped horseradish has been steeped for two hours. Lost A pair of light tan Perrin gloves, stitched in black, yesterday. Please return to this office. Wanted Young lady would like to do sewing in families. 739 New York street. BomsocK Opera House. Thursday. Oct. 19- 1899- T W tHUC w Mas' The Kaeaml Breaker! Hoyt's A Texas Steer. ' KATIE PTJTT4.W. as .."Borsy" Wul H. Bray, "Tbe aJlntner to DaBomiay" Jas. B. McCsnn, as... "Maverick Brander The original Texas Steer qaarteue and an ..- - aUatar compear.'.' HIcH class specialties will be introduced in "A Trxas Steer" this season for the Hrt time la tbe history of Ho fs Maatarpisos.u beats on saisat wet rims . Pries ate, COo, fas, tt.Ofty ISS JE88IS ARTER. CHINA rAiHTiaw. Studio 18M Tennessee street. '- If you want to purchase a -piano come and see us before . buying. ' We employ no agents, therefore can save yon agent's profits. QrgaDs Men as Part PiTHC-t " g. c. wolf. 917 Mass, St, CL RUTTER, 820. St. Bicycle, Umbrella and General Repairing. Wheels built to order Nickel Plating. m tmm XI ltehell.' Har dressing- and mani curing parlois. Importer and manufacturer ot tine balr goods and toilet articles Gray hair restored. Cbircp idy and facial treatments. - superfluous hair removed. Miss Uouiton's Millinery store. LAYYRPN CE -- Day atid evening sessions, knier any time. I. G STEVENSON, Principal. A E. B. Protseh ... 1 -.. THE TAILOR, Has the Right Goods Prices. at the Right ; OVER HUB. 800 Mass. St. jylaa Ueneve Llchtenwalter. TEACHER OF THE PI ANOFORTE (Pupil of Barth and Jedliczka, Berlin.) Studio, No. 13. E. Henry street. Allen L. Wilson, CONTRACTOR, Estimates PAINTING. Furnished on ' DECORATING. Application. Telepeone 248. wi VI. street. IUITS .. PANTS M-. 0. P. LEONARD. FINE 745 Mass. St TAILORING. Lawrence. Kan LX)WNEY'S Fresh Chocolate Cakes 5c- ED ANDERSON. 1 Everybody Knows "Ivanta'' Cigar. None Better for a Nickel, The Message of Pictures The citizens of Lawrence are soon to have an opportunity of seeing a fine collection of reproductions of famous works of art. As such chances rarely occur, it is to be hoped that many will avail themselves of the privilege thus presented. There is perhaps no higher pleasure than that derived from the study of pictures. At first it may be rather a meaningless pleasure, a mere enjoyment of beauty, form, outline and color. But after a time, inevitably, the reason for the enjoyment is sought out and answered. Why is the picture beautiful? Wherein resides its value? And with tbe answer coma growth aid judge-msntand taste. Good pictures are like good books. Tney worthily represent thoughts, facts and experiences of life. In pictures a most worthy object is psrpetn-ate beauty. ' For example, a pictare of a buoch of roses can never suggest more than actual roses, color, form, and possibly a faint rem niscencs of odor. The beauty idea is the predominant one. If we understand that the roses have been priated effectively, that they represent beauty, that they have been painted with adherence to truth, we have gotten all tbat is to be gained from the picture. Landscapes have their valua in adherence to the facts of nature, veracity and beanty. But the highest kind of 'art is not to be found in landscapes. Oaly where the human face is represented can the highest result be attained. The human face records emotions, feelings, suSarings, joy.ove, hate, hope or despair, those common feelings which we may all understand and interpret. The absolute value of a picture consists then, in its ability tq transmit some idea worthily, often with beauty, but always with veracity. When we see and understand the thought of an artist, we have begun our artistic education, tbe education of our judgment ia selecting elements of beauty, fact of life, tiuth to form and outline, the real thought in tbe picture. No one who is surrounded by good pictures can long remain sensible to their valua. Good pictures are unconscious educators, and silent teachers of beauty, truth, human experience and lov-liness of nature. The child mind is pe- ' culiarly susceptible to the valne of these silent lessons, and it is j possible to render education doubly valuable by the addition ot these silent teachers to our school rooms. - The child who sees only tbe best pictures will develop taste, and acquire judgment unconsciously, and he will learn lessons of the beauty of the world about him, which in its way is quite equal, if not superior, tq the lessons which he gets from his book. He will get something which will make life less dull, commonplace and hamdrum, and this, tbe textbooks do not always succeed in teaching. Mrs. Caroline Bohnmaier, aged 72, died yesterday of paralysis at her home near Big Springs. The funeral . will take place tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Mr. J. L. Morris, a resident 'of . tail place, obtained a valuable patent for im provements in refrigerator cars, last week. A onion teachers meeting will be balqy Tuesday evening at the Congregational chnrch. " . First Published ia Lawreno Oany JonraaL, 18m. . Clmt ResHatraslaau To the voters el the city ot Lawrence: for i ha regls-ratlou or voter tn notice is nereoy giveu inat iae pou Books Lawrence. Kansas, will be closed rrlday, 60-tocermh, M, at 9 o'clock p m. aad rwaaia cosed until arte the r-aiar elsetioa to be held Teesdar. November 7th, 18. " ' IBS r w uiwmice, n amai, uc. , uw,g aeall cs ' A. G, BOJTtOLOL V arOMa4 PLOTOS 3 - V f

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