The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 7, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, October 7, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKEBSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1908. No. 54 EXHIBITION AND ADMISSION TICKETS TO THE COUNTY FAIR Tickets of all kinds for admission their work on the new stalls In which, u; the fair, which will open on Mon-' the stock will be exhibited, an office day of next week, are now on sale at, for the secretary has been built and i the office of the secretary and those suitable gates have been placed at the! Intending to take In all the events j entrance to the park. The scene at j will do well to provide themselves, the grounds Is certainly a busy one with tickets beforehand. The single these days and it is hoped that the admission to the fair will be 50 cents, I large force now at work will have all children between 8 and 16 years of ; the details completed within the next age, 25 cents, and children under _ two days. 8 years of age free when accompan-' led by parents or guardian. Season tickets, however, may be purchased at a reduction and will, of course, be more convenient. The charge for a lady's season ticket is $2; gentleman's season ticket, $2.50. A family season ticket, which may be used by the heads of the family and all children under the age of 21 years, $3.50. Bach exhibitor will be required to purchase an exhibitor's ticket for which the charge will be $2.50. The evening admission to the grounds will be 25 cents. Those desiring to avail themselves of the reduced rates afforded by the season tickets are requested to do so •during the present weak. The tents In which the exhibits are to be placed are now up and space will be aslgned at any time at the office of the secretary. There are many applications for space at the present time and from all indications every available nook in the nicely arranged canvas pavilions will be occupied. Some of the mercantile exhibits are already being placed and That being entered by the Fairbanks. Morse Company is about complete. IOWA CROWDS GREET BRYAN CEDAR RAPIDS V Iowa, Oct. 6.—"I present myself as an example of one who has outlived the venomous attacks of his opponents. You heard opponents, me called a demagogue twelve years ago. You saw them bury me and you ] heard them chant their songs over my grave, and now they have to explain why It happened that I was not dead." With all the ferver that he could muster up, W. J. Bryan, facing a vast i asemblage In the Chautatiqua audl j torlum betwen Tama and Toleda In . this state today delivered himself of this utterance. At no time during the ] present campaign has he spoken so j earnestly or with such vigor. His remark followed a bitter denunciation I VOTE FOR SHEPHERD VOTE FOR SHEPHERD IF YOU VOTE FOR BRYAN. It now looks very much aa tho.igh the Eighth Congressional district would give Wm. J. Bryan a majority in November. The northern part of the district will be strongly for the Nebraskan. Word comes from the coast counties that Bryan will receive a tremendous vote from Independen 1 Republicans. There Is reason to believe that the hit; majorities in the extreme southern end of the district will be overturned. The people want Bryan and popular rule, and even the gerrymandered Eighth district will fall into line. But Bryan without a House of Representatives will be a barren victory. Therefore, every man who is going to vote for Bryan ought to support Shepherd as well. For Shepherd will be for Bryan's administration. His opponent will be against it, The Republican nominee Is particularly an offensive partisan. He Is a man of the Cannon stripe, so mu.-h so that he attracted ihe favorable attention of the stand pat Speaker. Mr. Smith Is an apostle of high tariff. II,. opposes the reform in the abuse of Injunctions. Republican rule, if it has the brand, Is right with him. He knows no ere-d but party. Thousands of independent citizens heliev..- iu Bryan, and will vote for Bryan. Make the victory worth while. Give Bryan a Bryan sympathizer and supporter in Congress. VOTE FOR W. C. SHEPHERD. Bryan And Taft Woman Kills Meet in Chicago A Politician Exhibitors are requested to have , of Mr . Taft for refusing to agree to their exhibits | n place by the end of ' a publication of campaign contrlbu- the present week and In any case not ,i on s before election. No honest man later than Monday noon. I and no political party conducting an REPORT OF FIRST TIGERS WIN THE SCHOOL MONTH PENANT It Is more than likely that one of honest campaign, he declared, "need I be afraid of the light." At Woodward he heaped ridicule i City Superintendent Nelson completed bis report for the has first the attractions at the fair will b« an exhibit of live ostriches from the Tracy ostrich farm near Buttonwillow. Mr. William Tracy was In town, w im mums cremr rnr tnp ernwrn nr t . today from the ranch and spoke fa- j ^ops.'Te! shining o'f the s uf, and the I ? . m08t **™™W ™ n " ltlon of af ' vorably of bringing the birds In, pro- »•-'«->«~ -» — ••- '« «--' •-- --•< itatrs. CHICAGO, Ort. 7.—National attention was directed to the opening of the lakes to gulf deep waterways convention today when Taft and Bryan arrived to take part In the proceedings. Both were greeted enthusiastically on reaching the city. When the convention was called to order a great crowd was present and after a speech by President Kuvan- augh and official business transacted, Tuft was introduced by Governor Deneen, and he received an ovation. At the conclusion of a speech In which ho strongly favored the Improvement of the waterways of the country, the Republican candidate left, for (ialeuburg, where he will speak before returning to meet Bryan at the banquet of the Chicago Association Commerce In the evening. The convention appointed commit-' tees and adjourned until tomorrow, when Bryan, Gilford Plnchot and W. D. Moody are to be the principal speakers. ANNE)™! BE PROTESTED SAKAYKVO. Bosnia, Oct. 7.-An im porlal proclamation of the annexation of Bosnia Ifcrzegovania to Austria- HuuKaria, was posted today. Throughout the occupied provinces the announcement was given a mixed recep tlon. Troops arc confined to barracks in readiness to quell disturbances. Tlio Servian malcontents are quiet. Trouble in Crete. CANEA, Crete, Oct. 7.—Events in PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 7.—The killing at his country home near bera last night of Captain J. Clayton Erb, the trusted lieutenant of I>. S. Durham, former leader of the local Republican organization, has caused * sensation. He was shot dead by Mra. Katherlne Delzel, his sister-in-law, during a quarrel over domestic at- fairs. She fired six shots, four entering Erb's body. The woman, who Is In jail, says she shot because she believed Erb Intended to kill her. M-rs. Erb waa present when the tragedy ocurred. Mrs. Belzel later disclaimed the "hooting mid Erb's wife is under suspicion. The shooting was done with lier pistol. . ('HIO.UIO, Oft. i;.—What is said to] Europe are having nave b.-.-n tlie closest pennant con- '''"<? Cretiaiis are ,,,-,.,, , ' bringing of rain. In fact, he said viding suitable arrangements can bo -they seize upon anything ;hey think made for their case at the grounds. gives a plausible excuse for voting Ostrich farming Is now one of the In- tho Republican ticket" dustrles of the county and if the ox-j A[ Maxwell hc conlpaml tllo grant . ir.R of special privileges to a case of poison in the human system. "There ' has been a poison at work in our . politics," be declared, "and today its hibit is made it is conceded that it will bo entitled to a substantial special prize. Whether the birds are exhibited or not there will be a large display of the products of the farm whicli will be highly interesting. Woods, the greatest show man on earth since the demise of P. T. Barnum, arrived in town this morning from Ilanford and will remain the Siahince of the week arranging the attractions along the "Pike" which will extend from the main entrance to the grand stand. Mr. Woods promises some splendid attractions and In other places where bis shows have been manifestations are such that I be- The average daily attendance was SGo and there were 55 tardi- nesses during the month. j yi-ai The total enrollment is 934 as:!'"'! against 875 for the same month last j nVd I year. There are 4" 1 ?. boys and 4'i- i girls. j The 934 pupils arf -i. ''2 classes and < the heaviest enrollment is in Mis's i Cturdett's room, she having fi4. Mrs. iieve"uip" 1 Amei'i7a\ 1 'people 1 'are 'ready ! "° 1IBh . t011 5? 11168 IR ' xt , " U u 53f MiS " tn „„„]„ t>, f . ,-« mo ,i,- „,„! ti, 0 f „„(=„;, ! R'iss »»s --i' 1 and most of the four have over 4". School Notes. to apply the remedy and that poison ! is the poison of privilege, the poison ', ' of favoritism. Our government has rooms licen run too largely in the interests of the favored few." Drawing large cheering crowds all day In the course of his travels through the state, the Democratic candidate, never in better form, hurled lately they have been highly spoken '^ance at n,s opponents and clial- •— " - - leugcd them to meet his arguments. of. Free admission to the fair has been provided for the little ones nt the Children's Shelter and Mr. Woods promptly announced that they would be admitted without charge to every one of his attractions as often as they chose to come. , „ „ „ The carpenters have completed enaded at the hotel. The keynote of Miss Pavey, Mrs. Willow and MisS| Melcalf had a percentage of atteu-! dance of •>'•>. The percentnsjf- of at- j temlance for the month was 97; no ( cln«s falling below 05 in per cent ' and fifteen teachers bavin? f'S per cent or more. Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Upton, Miss Wilkinson, Mrs. Willow and Mrs. Mun Fifteen speeches and liana shaking SP y na <} no cases of tardiness during with thousand.- completed his day's : ( n ;, niotith \ work the concluding speech being i jji ss Metcalf is still kept from her made here tonight In the auditorium, school duties on account of the illness which was filled to overflowing. Pre- ,,f nel - mother. Mrs. Foster has I vious to going to the hall he was sei;, charge of her class. I Miss PIuss will reopen tier kindergarten on next Monday at the old High School building. There are now 25 teachers employ- I lest ever waged in the American league, canie to an end in this city today, when Detroit, champions of l!ni". captured tin- emblem for another by defeating Chicago, 7 to 0. n--'roit, Cb vi land and Chicago si rug-1 ule.l all season tor first place, neserj In-ill 1 .: tar t'rnm ouch oilier in the per-] cent.'iKe tali)", and not until-today cuiild the winner lie picked. St. Louis nut Cleveland out of the running yes!••]•.la>. lea\in;_; the iield to Detroit •ind Chicai;". Chicago's light has been an uphill one. but Manager and ('a;>".iin Jones never despaired until the last Chicago player had been retired today. Had triumphed tin-! w ml.I have conn- to this city, but the defeat of the local team in the final left no subject of debate. Detroit's vlctor\ was clean and decisive. Giants Win Again. NK\V YORK, Oct.. 0.—New York's chances of playing off a final deeish.• game with Chicago for the national league, pennant brightened today when the homo club again won from Boston, t to 1. This makes the standing of the leaders us follows: Chicago, .(MI; New York! .*i::s; I'iushurg, ,»!:!('>. Play Off Tie Toirr> r "w. CINCINNATI, Oft. .i. r the first time in the history of the National League of bas'-ball clubs, a post season game for the settlement of the chain- TOPAZ MAKES A GOOD STRIKE * Harry W. Thomas this •> •S* morning received the glad <• •'• message from Superintendent * 'I- Whltikcn of the Topaz Oil 4< •:• Company at Sunset that the + •!• sand had been struck this 4 1 •<• morning. The well is down + •:• about irtfio feet and Whftlken * * stated the oil was over every- <• •:• thing. The strike Is of light •{• 't- gravity oil and Is a° Important 4* •:• one, the Topaz being one of 4* •'•• the new companies drilling •{• •I- nn the Hat. + From the report, the sand was encountered shortly after midnight at a depth of loan t'et and oil has been their effect here "lowing steadily ever since. The grav- preparing a cotip, 1 ^' ls I'sht- around 17. The last d'etat in favor of a union with Greece., s "' in K of pH>e is S inch. Whittken ei- Action Iu expected at any moment. Mmates that it is doing at least 200 Protest Filed barrels now, but how long this will BKUIRADK, Servla, Oct. 7.—The j '•onlinue is speculation only. Koverninent addressed an eneruetlc I WJlilt' the strike ciops not extend note to Signatories elirlin loda>;thf> tl>'ld any appreciable amount It iiKiiinst Aii.slrlti-1 luiiKai'> V brem-b of j proves the development work donQ provisions in soi/injj Bosnia I leiv.ixo- \ by ihe American Girl on the flats vina. It is contested that this siep' seven years ago. The American Girl will prove fatal to the future of 8>>r! lailed io bring In a producer because via. I the easlni; used was too small. CONSTANTINOPLE On. '.— The . -r^,. To pax i* practically a Bakers- council of ministers b«« decided to fi,.\,\ Company and Is one of the first protest - • • •• ... Bosnia to against the annexation "'.',,) the Thomas companies to bring In Herzegovina by Austria-Hun- a ,,e w well. Jack Sheridan, of Kern, is the president and the following ara also associated: Robert A very, A. D'Hetir, Dr. W. S. Fowler, Charles Melcalf, Charles Ball. Miss C. Stevens. (). O. McReynolds. C. .T. Hill. Ira rti i Hochheiim-r. Harry W. Thomas and 11 ' _ .. giiry. The protest will be niad<- through the Austrian embassy hen. Referring to the reported militar> preparations, it is said (lie government is merely completing ihe dcll- ciencies in the various army rorpt and in acordanci ed in the Bakersfleld schools, 22 of pionship is announced for Thursday these being regular class teachers. The nrollment In Bakersfleld and Kern at present Is as follows: Bak- ersfleld, 934; Kern City, 512; high school, 240; total, 1686. New Styles in Fancy Vests What is it gives tlu- desired tom-h of color ntid contrast to black or very dark clotliint,''? A Fancy Vest What is it givos style and smartness to your appearance, no mat tor what else you wear? his remarks here tonight was that Republican policies meant disaster, while Democratic policies meant prosperity. STUBBiTAlKER of this week, the tangle that arose over the last series in Now York between the New York and Chicago clubs having brought a decision today from the National League directors to that effect. New York appealed from the decision sustaining the ruling of the umpires that a game played September 23rd was a tie, and the second WHS an appeal by Chicago from the decision thai they were not entitled to a forfeited game's credit under the league constitution. In both cases the league president was sustained. this program, Kims and ammunitions are being sent to Aclrinople, Salanll<a. Parliament Summoned. The Servian parliament has been summoned In extra session for Oct. 10. A clamor for war is unabated. EDISONlSlAL ON INSPECTION Tom Young. ON TRANSPORTATION GIANTS WIN THE THIRD GAME What new aii( /* rancy vest is it maki'K a worn-looking suit 1 a new-looking suit look bctu-r? A Fancy Vest Silks and Flanm-Is and Ducks and ( lucres in white and every colm to black, must see them to realize the- variety n sonled. THE TOGGERY lOWIlt • »kO«M l.H.k • assi- Y r u\i -jllV- SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7. —'I'll- second day of tho trans-Mississippi Commercial congress was a bus 1 , ni;'-. iiml many addresses were delivered .1 C. Stubbs, director of the t radio department of the Harrtman lines, >p"ki- on transportation at tin- special ropiest of Mr. Harriman. He went in'o :h" relations of the railroad- t'i "..<• >''•• velopnient of tin- country and -;:nwd bow big transportation cen,; .aides had been working alony line- i:. i;'!'e'l out by congress for many v-a: • President Wheeler ol ii of California, gave a suvv.- ture of the country we.-i oi 1 is.sippi, California in |ui :i< Oilier speakers weiv Co! . Ing of Kansas City, i;o\e' MI I'taJi, former (iovernoi I'.r.- It'ornia, Attorney Gener Colorado and .1.. C Cal NKW YORK, Oct. ~.~ —Tin- New York I ir. \ --r-ny -h" fu- Mi-s 1 - l-".-.-m- I);. l»ry of the and Frank .Anii'i i Short - (Special dis- (Hauls today (apiured ihe last game of the season with lioston, defeating the !».. ;.,..- sooru of 7 to 'i. New York and • 'a;c,-ts,o are now tied for first place in the league- race. Tomorrow the famous tie game will be played off. CONVICTION IS SECURED UNDER CARTWRIGHT LAW. SACHA.MKNTO, Oct. 0.—[n the ili'st case tried in Sacramento County under tlu- Cartwrlght anti-trust law. a Jurw tonight found J. O'Kecfe, | company local manager of the Western Moat' onipuny, guilty of violating the new NEW METHODIST MINISTER WILL PREACH Sb' Rev. D. ll rinuddeti, | ;i ii-i, , to Uakerstleld'-- First Methudi- by the conference. reached h night and will hold his first .... Sunday next Rev. Sniidde!. was for ihn at Santa Monic; 1 and t!in>u^h section of the s- a te li« was popular pastor and highly «' by churchmen and laymen ; Snuddeu accompanies her here. a law. O'Kt Friday. O'Kc-efo, tiie \Ve,-:ii-m MeBt Corn- DAY, Puny and the Sacramento Btitchrs' 1'rotutlvf- Association were charged !,,'.!, with conspiracy | n j-e-itrant of trade, i eh It l)i;ing <:on tended that O'Keefe re- ;,iM t'usd to sell to a local butcher not In on •'th asosclation. mat as cheaply as was ! sold to members of the organization. ;- irs|The case against, the Butchers' Asso' -tiiit; elation and the mat company Is pending. *-•-»• A party of Edison Electric Company officials passed through here today en route for Kernville from Los Angeles to inspect the power house and tunnel sites for the new power plant, No. 3. The gentlemen traveled in two automobiles, one a Tourist 40 roadster ana the other a Buick tour- Ing car. Occupying the machines were J. W, Edmlnson, vice president; B, F. Pierson, superintendent operating department, J. A. Lelghtbelpe, chief electrical engineer, George Stoc.krldge, superintendent of transmission and John F. Stratton, line superintendent. They left I»s Angeles j this morning, arriving here for lunch, | and started on their way again about 2:30. Tlio purpose of tho trip Is to inspect the territory upon which the j new plant to bo constructed will be j located. Temporary plans are being i drawn, which are subject to altera-j lions, depending upon the eresults of tho present trip. "H is hard to say when the actual work on the new plant will be started," said Mr. Stratton, "but we hope to have some of It under way before tho end of the year. There havo been many changes brought about which make our plans unsettled aa yet. These arc improvements in electrical appliances which havo be-.-n brought out In the past, year, since | Ihe completion of our plant. Also the advent of Mr. Leighthelpe, an eminent electrical engineer, into our has caused the introduction of j> r 'W ideas, The.-if facts, togother with the inspection we are to make LOCALIlliII DIES IN SACRAMENTO Secretary Jo P. Carroll of the Eagles today received a telegram from Sacramento giving intelligence of the death of Walter Leys, a member of j Bakersfleld Aerie No. !):{. in that city yesterday. The funeral will be held j in Sacramento. Joe Valle and W. O. j Tait, Bakersfleld Eagles now in the I [ capitol city, will attend. Leys was 37 years of age and wasl one of the old members of the local! lodge, joining shortly after the charter] was closed. He was a popular musician and made many friends here.] About six years ago he moved to Sac-] ramento and lately had been promot-' Ing a traveling theatrical company, known as the Leys Fun Makers. Hel was ilrst taken sick In Jackson on I July 4. Both the Sacramento and Jack-1 son aeries did everything possible forj i bis ease and comfort. u-ry •ste.-mod ;k.v Mrs. uubbuud Paul Schoen, the Oakland piano tuner, IB In town and is stopping al Hotel. be sentenced -next on Ibis trip, will guide us in deciding upon the dual plans." The Los Angeles gentlemen expect to return here iu iwo or three day?, motoring to I.OM Angeles. MANILA, Oct. 7. The taking of te,- tiluony in Ihe case of Lieutenant K T i Kvans, son of Hear Admiral Kvans, on charges of absence from post of duty, [ disrespect to bis superior officers, and Intoxication is concluded. Re.-vc • ':<.-; the latter charge the. evidence is re | garded as favorable to the officer. Evans admitted he wus abs<»ne from dt*k a abort time, bat m\7» b« went k«U>« t* «i*eU a t TAKEN COLD Ft will hi- a Irifliiis,' imiHor if you dike A. D. S. Cold and Grip Cure at mice. It euros a recent cold in twenty-four limit's. It 's eilsV In lake ('i)lfl ill ( h-iiiln-f wllell t llCI'e al'e SIK'll sudden cliiiiii'i-s ill temperature ,'Mlil ;l liuX i>t' these tilil- let> kept nn hand fur iiiinie- d'ale u-.e will make V'.'U sale tl'i'111 dall'jefN lllill C..MS. aUvavs. iliri-iileii. Guaranteed to cure Price 25 cents THE KODAK STORE. J. A. Iliiglioa The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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