Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas on June 7, 1899 · Page 4
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Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 4

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1899
Page 4
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J JUNE J899. v $ San. Mn. Tus. I Wed. Thar. Jr 8at ... J 2 3 20 2J 22 25 24 27 23 29 30 .... 1 n J2 S is I? 8 25 26 WWATHKK HBPOBT Following la a record of tbe weather lor the nut M boon as sbownCby observations taken at Kansas University by Chancellor T. .H. Bnow. i p mil a m 8 p xa Temperature jDryBnlb .. Wet Eulb 09 1 77 I 77 67 I 76 I 70 28 764 88 931 28 893 I vmi i Direction """I Velocity Cloudiness. S iW I SE 10 ! 9 j 11 10 I 7 I 4 Miles of wind 280. ; DAILY CALENDAR. Bun rises.... Sun seta .... Moon rises . ..4.38 ..7:19 ...3.15 muiQATlONS Chicago June 7 ror Kansas: Partly cloudy tonight and Thurhday with possibly showers tonight: oooler la east tonight; variable winds. IT'S A SIN TO PAY RENT WhPTi fvp.rv dollar VOU I . j j 1 1.0 Vifw4nr dwmr vnn could be investing month fcZ7tKr'irs of living in vour own home. rfn. rt a la .Uit. if a vvnuvpii1 i K' vra I CXUtC I WILL be a candidate for sheriff of Douglas county subject to the decision of the republican primaries and conven- tion of the county. R.-L. FATTON. rWILL be a candidate for re-nomination an to th offir of register of I deeds of Douglas county, subject to the republican primaries and nominating convention. G. F. SOXMAN. T AM a candidate before the republicans X of Douglas county at the primaries and convention, for the nomination of she nil. E. E MYERS. T WILL be a candidate before the re- A nub'icans of Douelas county at the pri maries and convention, and subject to them, for nomination of county clerk. I. F. HUGHES. I HEREBY announce myself as a candidate for the republican nomination for sheriff at the convention to be held on SeDtrmber 2.subject to the decision of the republican primaries. L. W. HINDMAN, 1AM a candidate for tbe nomination for county clerk at the hands of the republican convention to be held on September 2, and subject to the decision of the primaries, GEORGE A. FLORY. Kansas Olty. Round trip $1.20 via Santa Fe, June 3 9, return June 12. Bicycles. Ramblers, Nationals.Crescents, $25 to $50 Remember those bargains in on-hand shirts at Wilder Bros., will not always last: better get supplied at once and save 1 money by so doing. Galen Nichols came down from Topeka last night. SUITS 0. P. LEONARD. FINE 745 Mass. St. TAILORING. Lawrence, Kan Constantly on -hand at the Home store, the best of coffee, tea, spices and extracts. Merrick's non-alcohol flavoring powder a specialty. Just received at the Home store, 1105 Massachusetts street, a line of aluminum cooking utensils. Call and examine. Henderson Paint "Works. . CIO Massachusetts Street. Manufactures and bas for sale a complete 11nnf nainta of oil kinds. These palnto are made from pare lead and oil and are guaranteed to be strictly pure grade. SEE TBE PAINT MADE, and buy a home product at 20 per cent leas than you nave been paying. J.A. 1IENDEU80N, Proprietor. Lawrence, Kansas. C, L. Edwards, on Warren street, sells coal of all kinds; also wood and coke, at lowest Cash prices and delivers same in good condition. Telephone 87. Whitely exercisors .from 50c to $3 at Smith's Mews Depot. KVKL OKAB. CIIAIXLESS, $75. Always ready to ride. A delighful coaster . An easy hill climber, ColumblaChaln,Model8 67and58.. .... .50 Eartfords, Patterns 19 and 20 35 Vedettes, Patterns 21 and 32.... 925, 26 WOOD 4 THOBURN, -Basement Merchants National Bank Bonding Tbe Funston Hammocks are irresistible. You will get along swimmingly with your girl if you buy her a Funston Hammock at THE RACKET. -LAWRENCE No vacation. Call or send for catalogue. L a STEVENSON, Principal. If yon are going to the picnic buy one of those Funston hammocks at the Racket. Prices Slashed, r Beantv Pins.twisted wire and seamless set of 5 for............ 4c ' Gingham Aprons. 8o each Ladies Summer Vests. 8c each Oval Shell Hair Pins............ 3c each Summer Wrappers ....... ...... 39c each Ladies Sailor Hats 10c each Turkish Towels 48 inch long 80 each "Good Dress Gingham .5c yd Swiss Curtains 3 yd long ....use pair i2'ic and 15c Wash Dress Goods. .70 yd. New Trimmed Covert Skirts .......... 88c Ne Lawns. . .2$c yd Child's Pantalettes .....12o pair Calicoes 20 yd. Ladies and Misses Hose. . .... ....5c pair And many other interesting prices. THEFAER. Advertised Letters. Thefollowing is the list of letters remain ing uncalled for in the postoffice at Lawrence, Kan., for the week ending June 7. i899- LADIIS. Bailey, Miss Dode Davis, Mrs. Mamie Devoe. Mrs Sarah Davis, Mrs. Allle Bigga, Miss Hattle Ward, Miss Mollle GENTS. Coram, L. M. Johnson, A. H. Musser, J. H. Tipton, Chaa, M. Trior, Jas. Etrtgre, cnas. x Herring. Dave Hulbert, P. Parties calling for the above letters will please say advertised, giving date of the same. Have your mail addressed to your street and number and it will be delivered promptly. E. F. Caldwbll, . W. H. Moys, Postmaster. Superintendent. LEX C. PROT8CH, SR. ARTISTIC TAILOR Over. Indiana Caah;Grocery. 811 Massachusetts street. Ice is cheap why don t you buy an ice - - cream freezer at The Racket? wew books Aylwin Watts Dunston When Knighthood Was in Flower. . -n m 1 u.owaro uasKoaen The Fowler Beatrice Harraden David Harum Edward Westcott Prisoners of Hope Mary Johnson Strong Hearts G. W. Cable . Dl 111 flUIIV VpUL'MllL'U ,a leiepnone 228. Bids Wanted. For the construction of a school house in District No. 1 Douglas county known as Lake View school house. Plans and specifications may be seen at the office of the county clerk in Lawrence, The bids will be opened at Lake View post office on Saturday, June 17 1899 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All communications should be addressed to Eben Baldwin, chairman building committee. Lake View Kansas, If you need'glasses, consult -our optician, a graduate of the Chicago BLISSES TO FIT ANY EYE Ophthalmic College. Don't missjtbe opportunity of one of those bargains among the shirts at Wilder Bros. getting on-hand You can save 25c to 50c the Racket. on a freezer at OPERA HOUSE CAFE. Everything new. The best of service guaranteed, 644 'Massachusetts Street A Card. Lawrence. Kan.. June 6, 1899. ' Mr. e. l. Chariton. Dear Sir: I desire to express my thanks and appreciation for the prompt and liberal Merchants Insurance companies, through your agency for the loss and damage I sustained by fire on the night of the 31st of May, 1899. and I take pleasure in re- commending such companies to the insuring public. Cash settlements are very pleasing. Yours very truly. - I. LABARRIERE. M RS. B. M. CADY-VROOMAN, TKACHKR OP PIANO AND VOICE For terms inquire 1833 Vermont Street. Do not forget the 6:30 and 9:15 a. m. trains are the popular trains to Kansas City. Cool side of the river, fast trains, and smooth track always on time; $1.20 round trip. 711 Massachusetts street or U. P. depot. You can save 15c to 50c by buying your croquet sets at the Racket. 05 BUYS AN All-Wool Summer Suit. R.E.PROTSCH, 819 Mass. Street. Over f'Jley's ICE, For family trade, we are selling ice on the coupon ticket system for spot cash at extremely low prices, twenty per cent less than when booked on account. This j system prevents mistakes and misunderstandings and gives the best of satisfaction. uet books and leave orders tor ice . at our office on Winthrop street near National bank. Telephone 88. V GRIFflN ICE CO. A. J. Griffin, mgr. Do yon want your colt broken? Charles Burwell, .an experienced colt breaker will do it for you at reasonable rates. Call at south Lawrence Driving park or leave word at this office. Dr. Snyder's Remedial soap for the toilet Homh .Store, 1 105 Massachusetts street. " Kansas City une 6 to 8th, round trip j via Santa Fe. $1.20 on sale June 3 to 9 return June 12th, Cherries on trees at J.C. Nickel one mile west on Warren, three houses south. Leave your orders for ice cream at Zuttermeister's; telephone 188. Base ball goods, a full line at Smith' 1 news depot. BOWU5Q SCORES. Spares Strikes Total Levy;.. 7 .... 6 .... 375 Selig 11 .... 3 .... 408 Guffler.... 8 .... 5 .... 375 Tarpy... 5 .... 6 .....342 1500 Esterly 13 .... 5 429 Spares Strikes Totals Soxman 14 .... 6 .... 46 Simmons.... ....... 12 . 3 ....390 Crowe. xo .... 1 .... 357 Corset ..... ........ 9 5 385 1692 Wilder Bros., have on hand a few pieces of union and separate suits of high' grade specially knit underwear, ranging in sizes from 34 inches to 42 inches, manu factured by the Lewis Knitting company These will be sold at cost. If you are in need of shirts this spring Wilder Bros.,',have some good ones among their on-hand stock. A New Shipment of , Glass Aquariums and Fish Globes Just arrived at PASSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE. Your best friend will not tell you that your breath is bad. Bad teeth cause bad breath. To fill small cavities is absolutely painless. Small fallings feel better than large ones, appear much nicer, cost less and never wear out. Amalgam fillings 50 cents, gold fillings one half usual price, extracting teeth each 25 cents. DR. WHEELER. 829 Massachusetts street, Office over Bullene's shoe store, open from 7 a. m. to 6p, m. The Ladies society of the Congregation al church will be entertained by Mrs. Bigs- by and Mrs. E. A. Smith at tbe latter's home, on the California road, on Thursday afternoon, June 8. All ladies wishing transportation will advise R.D. Mason not later than Thursday morning. Remember the Union Pacific has the best trains to return from Kansas City, 4 and 6:40 p, m. arrive in Lawrence 5:18 and 7:35 p. m. Pure Jersey Cream, Orders for Jersey Cream can" be left at our store. Hoadley's, 733 Mass. St. The trains leaving Lawrence this after noon and tomorrow morning will be loaded with the students of' Kansas university who have remained in town for commencement week. Boxing gloves, punching bags and a full line of Athletic goods at Smith's news depot. l still nave a lew cans ot tnis spring s pure Vermont maple sugar for sale. , Paul Lkarnard. All kinds of shirts in every size the on-hand stock at Wilder Bros. among Lawn Tennis rackets, balls, nets etc at Smith's news depot. Meat Market. We handle .nothing but the best fresh and salt meats that can je bought. We Want trade,and are in a posi "!! to give yoil more for VOUT money tnan TOU Can buy else where. A fine Supply of fresh Fit,. Poultry etc.. lalwavs On 1 j t hand. THTJDITJM BROS. Varsity Boya Win the Oame. The base ball game played yesterday afternoon on McCook field between the Kansas university regular team and an alnmni team, was won by the Varsity by a score of 9 to 3. Tbe game was exceed ingly interesting, and for the first four innings, looked as though it would be much closer than it resulted. The playing of the "old bovs" showed they were out of practice, while tbe varsity team was in prime shape. The game was stopped in the beginning of the eighth inning by a heavy rainstorm. We have now in stock the handsomest Russet Blucher for gentleman in thej city Call and see them MASON'S. We show a beautiful Russet shoe for f 3,00 in Vici Kid for gentlemen, Mason's. It continues to rain. Tbe Best Selected ndAssorted Stock -OF- at.'prices lower than anyotber : store in Lawrence HENSHAw'S. 17 Haas. Mtreet. Shlrtel Shirts I Shirts II I On-hand shirts at Wilder Bros., selling below cost. JOHN STANDING COAL, WOOD, HAYjAND FEED. Pennsylvania and Arkansas AntbxaclteJKan ;as ana oiner ooais. 800 Yermont street, telephone 4T. Ray A. J.- Phillips elephoae iga. interior decorator Almond and Cocoanut Macroons I W A G STAPF'8 Wall Pap fX II II II our iv-A Y7 U t) U U of vour ready to buy' , you won't hurt glad to think you have been summer, ana enjoy tne anticipation ox your eariy return. Sounds a little like a candidate, does it? are; candidates for your dry goods YOU Snch a showing of Wash . NV6r Waists as we've laid out for Saw 9c- We're really surprised ourselves at the magnitude of it Better select at once before summer sales are on and stock is broken. Plenty bf the $1.25 and $1.39 grades are going in at the price of B8o Mew Pyramid Officers, ! . The newly established Pyramid lodge in Lawrence elected the following officers last night: Prophet, J. L. Brady; priest, Harry Wagner,; priestess, Sophja Agle; scribe, C. V. Hamm; treasurer, John Griffin; herald, Lottie McNish; assistant herald, Lulu Messer; messenger, H. W. Henderson; inside guard, S. M. Wilbur; sentinel, H. Weyer miller; pianist, Mrs. Crum; trustees, John Murphy and Al Graeber; deputy, J W.Robertson. H. W. HAYNE, OPTICUN. silMaMMhaMtto Street, Upetaira. Gradnate Ohloftge CoUisge of Optbalmologj No fancy prices bat work and and guarantee good, absolute honest References: ANY PrtY8 IN THIS CITY Notice to the Public. The contractors failing to complete a new semi-recuperating Dencn 01 sixes on time, according to their contract, and the continued cloudy weather, we are un able to manufacture enough gas to supply tbe house and street light demand. We will have to ask your further indulgence until Friday night, when the street lamps will be lighted as usual. Yours respect fully, Lawrence Gas and Electric Light Co. Frank A. Doane, agent for the Standard Oil company, has removed his office to the basement of the Lawrence National bank in E. L. Charlton's insurance office. Customers of this company will please make a note of this and use telephone 153, and ob lige F. A. DOANE, Agent. Prof. E. F. Stanley of the Lawrence city schools is in Ottawa this week assisting in the conduct of a normal teachers in stitute there. He will be away for about four weeks. auss ena JNeai ot Lawrence, will ar rive tomorrow to take charge of one of the families at the soldiers' Orphans' home. Atchison Globe. ' Mrs. J. D. Miles has gone to Marion- ville, Missouri, to deliver commencement addresses. W. E. Higgins, of Kansas City, a newly elected law instructor at Kansas university Is in tbe city. Frank H. Moore is up from Kansas City tor a few days. Willard G. Ransom, of Ottawa, was in town today. R. D. Brown, of Kansas City, is in the city. I have now on bandcobs for sale. W. C. Bigger. Of Course You'll Coma Here mm mm Expecting unusual bargains. They opportunity to buy such goods for the money. These prices are for Bargain Friday only. Each Bargain Friday shows a wonderful increase in busiuess. White Goods Special Ten nieces Stripes and Plaids inaia Liinens, iormer price Ten pieces White Embroidered T mi Linens, former price 1 2c Prints Medium and light Mem mac Prints Bargain Friday 4 cents a yard Ginghams A standard Seersucker Gingham, plains, plaids and stripes, regular" value 8c Percales A lot of Percales worth from 8c to 124c. A Book Fold cloth in fancy Waists, value 15c. T. ... .. Very handsome yard wide Percales for shirt waists . . Bargain Friday 10 cents a yard Ladies fine seamless, Lisle Thread finish Hose Topsy black Ladies Superior Quality Black Lisle Thread-Hose reerular 40c quality, on. .... . Bargains in Lawns at 3c, 4 c, . Fine Dimity in choice Styles, A few more of the new style Beauty Pins at i cent each. Laces Special in Laces and Insertion consisting of Plat Vals at one half price for Bargain Friday 9c a yard, 14c a yard, 18c a yard, 27c a yard. Silkolines. new patterns, good quality, regular value 12&c and 15c Bargain Friday 10 cents a yard Ladies Shirt Waists in Madras Cloth, worth $1.50 and $1.75. Bargain Friday $1-00 Don't delay coming for those Wash Goods advertised for Wednesday and Thursday; fifteen pieces of Polka Spots. Organdies, Dimities and Nainsooks, regular value 15c, special for two days 7 l-2e a Yxd. &22 50 Buys a ladies or gent's Bicycle that is fully guaranteed to stand hard usage and rough riding. fflUES, IJACE & HACKLIAIJ, 6tore W1" consume but little time and should vou sav "I'll come back later,?' or "I'll call when our feelings.; We would feel here and seen the showing for return. That's what ' we trade. Xo Guard Summer season is on. Fur capes, collaretet and muffs must be put away Ap-fLITlHt, The Moths till fall. One or our Moth Bags takes care of them with absolute safety. Prices 40c, 55c, 75c, according to size. Trunks Once again we call Telescopes vour attention to the . ... best line of Trunks in the city. Prices $1.50 to f 18.00, with the I in between grades in abundance. A.O. Weaver. SOCIAL' HAPPENINGS. Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Blair of Kansas City were in the city today. Mrs. F.C. Moys and daughter Adelaide, of Cripple Creek, Colorado, are visiting Mrs. E. J. Moys in Lawrence. Miss Agnes Lee, who was graduaed from Kansas university today will go to work for the Kansas City Star on July 1. The Merchants Athletic Association have their monthly entertainment for the members and families at their building tomorrow night, Thursday, June 8, from 8:30 to 12 p. m. All members are cordially invited to come, and enjoy themselves. The Modern Beauty. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise in the open air. Her form glows with health and her face blooms with its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. Have you a good thermometer? It's very satisfactory, sometimes, to tell how hot it was at your house. Raymond has a new lot that tell the truth. If you catch em in a lie bring them back. The Knights of Pythias will hold their regular meeting in the new ball on the third floor over the express office this eve ning, and a large attendance of members is desired. , A new plate glass front is being put in the Massachusetts street building just north of Boener Bros, now occupied by a barber shop and restaurant. Members of the Merchants Athletic association do not forget tomorrow night is the regular monthly meeting for all to enjoy themselves. Like ice cream mond's; served flavors. sodas? Go just right; to Ray-pure fruit The genuine Carlsbad Sprudel water at Raymond's. Original bottles opened on order. . - The city library will be open Saturday at the usual hours. y W. Y, Morgan, state printer, was in the city today. A W- Faber's Best Pencils. Xom, 1, 3, 3, 4 or 5, lOe Everywhere. RUT WE SELL AT 5 IETS EAi ll. Try One . f Money saved on all purchases made at the University Book Store, I M. GIBB,iProp. TeL 206. are here for you. Never have you had an c Bargain Friday 5 Cents a yard . Batiste and India " ...... .Bargain j naay cents a yam Bargain Friday 5 cents a yard -n 1- , 1 Bargain Friday 5 cents a yard style, nice for Shirt Bargain Friday 1a a. yard Bargain Friday 10 cents a pair ' Bargain r nday 2o centi a pair 5c, 6 ic, 7c and 10c value 1JC,. , xSargaiD X riaay 111 cents a yaru P - V 8ucceuora to GEO, INNE8. PROBABLB IOOTBAT.T. COARR Yost of Nebraska Likely To Be Em ployed to That Capacity. ' Coach Yost, who taught the Nebraska football team how to play last year, win probably coach the Kansas university eleven this fall. An ofier of i?so and tiso cicvcn iu,s n oner 01350 ana 150 conditionally had been made to Yost, and Yost offered to come for $400 and $200 conditionally, before the oiler was made, so that it will be seen that the two parties are very close together. The Athletic association decided that it would not be wise to undertake to have the team trained by graduate players, as several former football men had proposed to do. THE LECOMPTON BRIDGE. Formal Dedication of the New Passage Across theKaw Sure enough after consulting all the almanacs) in the country about the coming weather and fixing three dates the Le- compton bridge celebration came oS this afternoon on the college, campus ground of Lane university at Lecompton, a most beautiful place for a gathering. Arrangements were made to welcome a thousand guests while more than half that numDer were an tne ground at 2 p, m. The Lecompton band with white uniforms rtrtniri tVi nrmrram with rrn niiwM and then was relieved by tbe Perry band of 1 fifteen young men. The program lasted nntil 4 o'clock with speeches by distinguished speakers from Douglas and Jefferson counties. The bridge is well known to the public as the most imposing structure that spans the Kaw for many miles up or down the river, it being 950 feet in length and sixteen feet wide and descends to the north with a fall of twenty-seven feet, and ten feet above high water mark at the north and twenty-five of the south end. Police Court: W. S. Johnson, drunk, $11.50; Charles Brown, disturbance of the peace $10.50; Jesse Brown, disturbance of the peace, $10. 50; William Davis, drunk, $11.50; William Porter and Gussie Wells charged with living together as man and wife without being married, plead not guilty, and trial was set for tomorrow at 8:30, Special Sale of Fancy Piques Tnw AT The New Store We will take the entire line of 30c, 35c. 40c qualities and for ONE DAY ONLY will offer them at 25o a Yard. A, L. Hendee. Saw a soap box and cake Raymond's that is very traveling bag, sell for 15c. too, that's the surprise. of soap at handy ior a Good soap The board of county commissioners was at Lecompton today to be present at the dedication of the new bridge. District court will be in session tomorrow, Oun$4 Patent Leather Shoe for gentlemen is a beauty, . MASON'S. New Missouri Kailroad. Spring-field, Mo.. June 7. At a meet ing1 of the Commercial club last night steps were taken towards organizing' a company with-a capital stock of S3, 000,- 000 for the purpose of building1 a road from Bagnell, connecting with the Missouri Pacific branch from Jefferson City to that place. It is proposed to build the road from Bagnell 'to Spring field this summer and extend it to the Arkansas line as soon as possible. WUd Engine Kills Two. Colorado Springs, Col., June 7. A locomotive when taking water at a tank near Hickman broke away from its crew and started on a wild run down grade. Near Buena Vista the runaway crashed into the eastbound passenger train. Fireman- Boswick was killed and Engineer Lalonde received fatal injuries. HUMOROUS. He "And how many teeth have you left? Beggar "Only one, and that has nothing to do for days at a time." Meggendorfer Blaetter. Just Girls. Juliet (yawning) "Dear me! I feel 30 years old to-day." Angelica ''Why, have you been taking to rejuvenate yourself?" Chicago News. Surprising. Mr. Gotham "Here, Uir, is some whisky which i have had m i mv cellar ior u years. vvii- adiuium :iWeD, Weiii How did it get lost?" n. y. weekly. "I would die for you! exclaimed her elderly lover, passionately. "Oh. don't! she answered, in alarm. "I like your hair and mustache bo much better as they arel" Somerville Journal Ghosts and Society Ghosts. ""Aren't your Psychical Research club meetings very dull. Miss Priscilla? "No; you pee, we always wind up with a pillow- J Ji " nirU 1 case uuuHiueraue auu uuuc p,. His Memory. "Did yon ever find that when you stood up to talk before an as semblage you forgot . everything you ever knew?" "No," answered Senator Sorghum. "I never waa investigated." Washington Star. Mr. Upson Downs (seated ' by a stranger in railway carriage) "What time is it by your watch, if you please?" Stranger "I don't know." "But you just looked at it." "Y'es; I only wanted to see If It was still there." Wasp. "My dear," said Mrs. Pitt to her daughter, "I am so surprised to hear you say that Miss Penn is unladylike. What do you mean T "Why, mamma," replied Miss Pitt, she never adds a pOStecript to her letters." Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph. 7 Iady'a Tressea. The bandeau style of wearing the J nair is coming m again, and a parting I i . : . i : ur u-b icosb a Bcpratiuu ui tuc uujjt in the center ' of the front threatens to usurp the place of the pompadour puff. The chignon, when worn now, is placed on the top of the head, in the form of soft loops or fluffy curls. The nape of the neck is left uncovered. Combs are used more than ever and the broad shell ones are particularly pretty. When the hair is 'worn low two tortoise shell pins, with diamond-incrust-ed heads inserted on either side, serve the double purpose of security and of adornment. Chicago Record., A Fire Extlnffnlsher. It is well to keep a bottle of ammonia handy at all times, as it is one of tne very best of fire extinguishers. In case it is not possible to get close enough to the fire to pour it on, throw the bottle so that it will break in the flames. Detroit Free Tress. One Thing IVo Wish Is thai at THIS STORE about sellinsr Advertised Goods, TRANSPARENT EXCUSES. - - m ooys uioining THURSDAY and FRIDAY. No such ELEGANCE and SUBSTANTIAL showing only here. Our Boys' Clothes v utiicr stores. Oliiltireix's Suits Good wearing, neat color- r ings, well worth up to $1.50, sale price.... ... . . .750 Children's Suits The kind that you are forced to pay $2.50 for, sale price... . . . . . . . . . .. . . ... $1,C AXlIClreil S JTlrttfi' Sail! TTia vrxr nrpam 0f f,qri;ftn wnrth 3 nn oA v- JBoys' Suits-8 to 15,'Btrictly all wool, would be cheap at $3.00, sale price ..................... Boys' Suits All wool material, every seam in them waranted not to rip, double seat and double knee, sale price. , ...$S.5( For Boys' Clothes or Furnishings come Thursday and Friday. BIlICK PLANT OFFICERS. Tbe Organization of tbe New Company Completed. This Morning. The Lawrence Vitrified Brick and Tile company completed its organization this morning by the election of officers, and the putting on foot of plans for the immediate commencement of the work of construction of the plant. The officers elected follows: President, A. Monroe; vice president, A. Marks; secretary and treasurer, . N. O. Stevens; executive committee, A. Marks, J. N. Roberts, M. Robinson, B. W. McFarlane. OUR SOLDIER BOYS. Invited by England's Crack Volunteer Company to Parade. Great Preparations Being; Made for Review l.y Prince of Wnle lavl-tatlon Specially Addressed to Seventh New l ork Regiment. V Sir Churles Howard Vincent, conservative member of parliament for the Central division of Sfirt'.ield and colonel of the queen's Westmi:; -ter volunteers, stria k a popular note ir. inviting a deputation from the Seven I h Kew York regiment to visit F.O'rIu-rd. He wrote to Co!. Daniel Applets 1 : ently asking him to send a delegation, if possible, to maroh with the Westminster volunteers in Hyde park, when the prince of Wales will review all the London volunteers 011 July 8. The WppfminBters are very enthusiastic about the idea, and it ia evident they will be greatly disappointed if the New Yorkers are unable to accept the invitation to the review and arrange for a shooting match. The Westminster volunteer regiment is one of the strongest and finest volunteer corps in Great Britain. A representative of the press called upon Col. Sir Charles Howard Vincent, who is the prime mover in the scheme to get the New Yorkers to visit England, and who is intently enthusiastic over the idea. lie said: "The invitation, thougli nominally from my corps, i? from the nation, and although in my letter to Col. Appleton we limited the invitation to the Seventh New York regiment, we should like America to send a showing from all her regiments. A great reception awaits ner sons from either service. We want a tighter handclasp between the two nations." A representative of the press called at the war office and saw the adjutant general, Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir Redvera Henry Buller, who said the scheme emanated with the officers of the Westminster regiment. He added: "We, thus far, have had nothing to do with the matter, but I feel that no obstacle would be put to American sol diers joining in the great march past in July." Gen. Buller spoke very sympathetically, and it was apparent from his remarks that the American volnnteera could count upon a roj'al reception here if they are able to send a representa tion to England. Tower of Insurance A Rents. Jefferson City, Mo., June 7. The su preme court rendered an opinion hold ing that insurance companies are bound by the actions of theh- agents on representation made to secure insurance from persons. Terra Cotta Sleepers. lerra-cotta sleepers are in use on Japanese railways. The increased cost is compensated for by the greater resistance to dcay. Lest, Found, For Sale, For Rent, Et. WantedBoys to pick peas; apply at the Journal office. Wanted Berry pickers tomorrow morning on east side of tbe Haskell institute macadam road, south of Indian school. Lost Small black pocket book at the University Sunday evening. Return to 024 Massachusetts street and receive reward. Lost Between the cemetery and town, a brown leather hand-bag containing two purses each containing money; also letters and valuable papers. Leave at Journal office and receive reward. ' For Sale Cheap, a good alternate current electric fan. P. 0 Box 800. For Sale New barn posts. J. N. Roberts. 20x24 16 foot For Sale Jersey cow; college. call at north Lost Probably on Kentucky or Vermont street, a baby's gray cloak. Finder please leave at the Journal office. For Sale Six room bouse" almost new and two lots, cistern and well in west Lawrence. ; Inquire at 909 New Jersey. For Sale A good at North College. road wagon. Apply First published In tbe Lawrence Joubbai Jane 7th, 1809. In the District Court of Douglas county, Kansas. TUlle Gilman, Plaintiff, , vs. George GlUman, Defendant. To said Defendant, Notice: Yon are hereby notified that von tare been sued by TUlle Gilman, plaintiff above named, who has filed her petition In the above named court against yon George Gilman as defendant, and that you mtist answer said petition on or before July 25, 18&9, or said petition will be taken as true and a judgment for divorce will be rendered in her favor against you, and she will be restored to her maiden name of TUlle Lentz, as prayed for In her said petition. BSOWNELL A POEHLER, Attorneys for rutinus. to Lav Stross On you meet with- no reluctance neither are vou dodeed by AVe shall clear out are different from what you see 1 sn ,nl I r.t nuo. . . HOUSEHOLD HINTS. SuKffestlons Reatardlns Collnary Mat ters Which Mar Be ( Valae f the HnT Housewife. Shad is again in season, and happy the man or woman who has a "plank seasoned and in store for the reception of this prince of "fishes. Every lover of good things to eat knows that a newly- sawed plank or one of soft wood would never do for so dainty a use. The plank that stands facile princeps is of cedar. well seasoned, freed by time from a too pronounced reminder of the forest, and impregnated with the juices from fre quent cookings. Oak and hickory are also desirable, the delicate fish slowly broiled before a fire of glowing "coals. absorbing the fragrant odors of the heated wood. V It requires months of care to fit a new board for use, and the family who pos sesses an heirloom of this sort Is to be envied. The planks may be purchased charred and seasoned for $10 or $25, according to size; and If well cared for, will last for years. The plank should never be washed, but should be rubbed with a dry cloth after using and then sandpapered off. In preparing the fish for planking, split 'down the entire back; Have the plank very hot, then nail the cleaned and opened fish to it with the skin to the plank. Set in front of the glowing coals, and bake for 15 mrnutes. Then, reverse the plank end for end, and continue the baking until the flesh flakes-Season with salt, pepper and . butter, and serve on the plank, which may bet laid in a japanned tray. Rolled jelly cake served with or without whipped cream makes an excellent addition to the supper or luncheon table or for a dessert for dinner. It la made like sponge cake, with the addition of a little butter or cream for shortening. A good rule calls for three eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately; one cupful of sugar, one tablespoonful of melted butter or three of cream, one cupful of pastry flour sifted twice, with one teaspoonful of cream tartar and half a "teaspoonful of soda. Add the sugar to the beaten yolks, then the butter or cream, next the flour, and lastly the whites of the eggs, carefully folded in. Turn on a long shallow tin well buttered, and bake in a moderate oven. Turn out, and while hot spread with jelly. Break the edges with a knife handle and roll at once. " "Brown Bctty'Ms as simple and whole- . some a dessert as its name would indi cate, and should be a stock dish in families where children "do abound." They always like it; the materials for its manufacture are usually on hand, and even the plainest of plain cooks can be .taught to make it as it should be. Tare, core and slice six or seven tart apples. Butter a pudding dish, and put a thin layer of stale bread crumbs at the hot-torn, then a layer of the apple. Sprinkle lightly with sugar, add a few bits of butter and a dusting of cinnamon, cover with bread crumbs, then more apple. Troceed in this order until the dish is full, having a layer f t crumbs at the top;, add half a cup of water to half a cup of molasses, pour over the crumbs and bake jn a moderate oven for an hour. Serve hot with sugar and cream or hard sauce. An excellent substitute for sweetbreads, so good an imitation, in fact, that it is hard telling the one from the . other, may lie made of calves brains. Soak the brains three hours in salt water, having first carefully cleaned them, removing all the red membrane. .Put them into a pint of cold water, with one tablespoonful of lemon juice and a half tablespoonful of salt, boil them ten min utes and then plunge into cold water. Meanwhile make ready two or three boiled eggs, some tiny boiled potatoes and a pint of cream sauce, to which has been added at the last tl little minced parsley. Arrange the brains in an oval mound in the center of a hot platter, surround it with -ft ring of the potatoes, and then a circle of the sliced eggs, and pour the hot cream sauce over all-Washington Star. SWELL BOOK AGENTS. Tbey Sell Works of Rare and Antiqa Character and Make Large Incomes. The really swell book agent is one who sells books of rare and antique character. There is a fortune in this class of books. The pricfes range from $50 to $500 or more, and the persons who buy the works are only too glad to receive a visit from the agent who makes this class of books his specialty. They, leave their addresses at all book stores and advertise their hobby far and wide. A rare edition they will pay almost any money to obtain, and there is a oorre spondingly large profit for the agent. Works of art or classics in limited editions are disposed of only in this manner. They cannot be obtained through the usual channels of trade. The sale of rare old books in England last year amounted to more than $5U0,-000. There is no report of the sales of limited editions, which are never adver-j tised, but are disposed of only through' agents. These limited edition are j printed on the richest materials and' they are works of art as to tbe print as well as illustration, which is often in etchings and wrater colors. Vignettes are often tinted by hand, and the artist's proofs of etchings are also finished in water color by hand. It is more easy to dispose of ibis class of work than is realized by the canvasser for ordinary books, and the agent sometimes makes $10,000 a year in the business. N. Y. Herald.

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