The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 6, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 8
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1 THE BAKEBSPIELD CAMFORNUN TUESDAY, OCTOBER ft, TELEPHONES MAIN 33 Eucalyptus and Honey Cough Syrup F _• 's ;i .siile I'emcdy for eoii^lis, 'N.Ids. I>r<Hv, i Iiit is mid MASS ons. *AV know whiit it is made .nid just wiuit it will do. |fn\s vour we will refund vour The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Leading Druggists. THERE'S NOTHING UNDERHAND. about our melliod of soiling Even the most • i r? .-i o This morning at 0;:JO a high mass Of requietr. V/UH f^H-btaled at St. Francis rhurrh for rhe, roposo of the soul of the late Mrs. Peter Galtes. Father Knuui celebrated the mass and Mrs. Chris Holbllng presided at th organ. The St. Francis Altar Society wan represented by a number of its membery. Quo of the benefits attached to the membership of the St. Francis Altar Society is being entitled to a high requiem mass al'ter death. The society numbers ninety members and tliis U the first of its members in throe years to have been called by death. Requiem tomorrow. Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock a mass of requiem wil be celebrated for the repose of the soul of the late Ctfailos Stevens, a brother of Miss Clwrlotte Stevens, Thursday at nuo milliner. Thursday morning at the same hour mass will be said for tne late Mr. PnescheK Friday morning at the same hour for the late George Wilson. Rosary Services. Next Thursday evening at 7:45 the rosary devotions will take place, same to be followed by benediction. The month of October is the month the church d< dieatcd to tho Mother of Hod tinder the tltlo of the rosary. Mr. Para's Kindness. Next Friday evening Mr. Para of the Morlcy theater announces his giv- ' ins of tho entire receipts of the even- I in« to thf Ciithnlie ladies' bazar fund. A large turn-uitt it expected to .ac- UlHMVlt'due the S(H'C!;'l uill.'lK'SS oftViVd the ladies. There Is to be special films for the occasion. Ladies Annual Ball October 16. The second annual hall to be given i by tho ladies of St. Krancis will take place at Armory hall Friduv evrning ^ » ~ ' i October 1*Jth. All remember the large turn-o'it last year and il promises to Ue still lavgov this year. Unlit refreshments will bf* yervod and a first-class orchestra has been engaged, Sanctuary Oaroet Arrives. The large ami ueantinn carpet foi the sanctuary ha« arrived and is bo- ing laid. It is unquestionably the finest piece of ponds and work in this c;m , city. Tho carpet was donated by the When You Buy a Suit of Clothes Ask See The Works tt-yoji \vore liuyitiix a watch you would not be content with the would want to see the wheels go round. You are not ns much inl^rt.sted in knowing how elaborate your suit looks ou paper s it is Going to Look on Yod, Internals are the secrets of clothes wear.. It is the little things ^_ that count. Because the inside, "the works/* «re rijrht. Reillick clothing lias stood up all these years and maintains today the claim of beiii'4, by virtue of absolute merit, the ideal clothing for discerning and discriminating men. You buy both Looks and Works in Eedlick Clothing. It's the Redlick Way \ showing ot 1 f;i hey worsteds and English Cassinieres on the today; every shade that's new. Come in and look them over. Suit $20 ME A TTENTIQN IF YOU DO NOT BUY Washington Fashioned Apparel , TMH •»• »•• Too Late For Classification NEWS NOTES i YEAR LKASE—140 acr* <iui & i;jneli; ~>H in aUiilt'a -1') cow.-, 4 CIRCLES I , U 1 i ' ' ' ods. s in land, Cal. \ num. Box buy here willj perfect confidence St." Francis Altar Society" ,. , t George CalhoilU, the refinery nififl/ .. Implement*, 5-room ! (trove «P from Los Angeles yesterday cow barn; seinUMtor: liberal ! in a Rambler touring car, which he 1 purchased there. The car will be used here by Mr. Calhoun, J. H. Jones of the Hoi Springs caoie\ ov er from the coast yesterday in his Tourist 40. Air. Joiios will place his car in the local livery bust- Why Colds Are Dangerous. tf KKNT—Eighty acres of alfalfa liruin laiut with water right, work horses and farming impie- f Inquire at 17US Truxtun n I hi n<» purchas the (fitfilit.y of d*<. eW niciits n-LMirnm^ <|u;umes. nn nv- en'stiiniites of v;ilnes. In short. -A'llile nil! 1 are often below flie xt;md.'ird, th" (ju;ilfty of our ,'t'fnls h' i ver is. 8. HEKRINGT01? 1517 19th St. avenue, Espinoga Funeral. Tomorrow niorninu at 0:20 the fnn- al or tho lato A. Espinosa will take plar-e from the St. Francis church. Fafher Frund will he i n charge. Piano Raffie, Mrs. E. 1,. Willow is in charge of the Jjea?itiftil piano to be raffled for tho benefit of St. Francis church dnr- j n i \vu,L »UY this nlco eight- brick. No, 2631 M street. Only $;>IPM cash. You can make the e keeping hoarders. R. A. -, room 11, Hopkins bulltling. . Main 433. 59 tin. 1 \v:uit Vore Than Enough is Too Much. To mail:';H'u tii'Mtffi a man foofl fo .-":.'iry li.'iif, or for dies. <> 'The political situation i* develop^ a conHltlei'jiVilf. amount of acri- >ny," ren;;n l.-'i] the observer. "Yes" nuswiTil tlie camlidute; "It's ^nud Miin- v••> lui'l all those photographs taken early in the canipni.mi u-lifii we worn still aMe fo look pleasant."— Exchange. Main IlKNT— Elghry acre ranch, nea i-d station, nirfe miles .south of Hjiker-Held. H. A. Mooi-e. 11, llo])!vins bnlUlinEj. ness. Krb and Jirury of the Rakersfield Garage receii'ftrl word today that the Krayer-Mjller touring .car recently ordered for Tom Marsh lias been shipped from th factory and la expected here in about three \v*-oks. H. H. P. Fox rerurued last alsht from a strenuous trip through the \YVst Side oil flolils with a party of oil men. * • * " .lapan as r-. Add 'A in " ~ wa ¥ ! I offif- •>, —--. m^fj,,^,. _._ ... n\ t I s /'fif f<0 »- : "I h;\\-t; ( ( se<i i C habitual nvui is ... purposes ifljho prime ; if w;,s fl ,, t !n!:-o<n: r pr! to Tho p ub ;; c jr, ». .'ind have ;i«>ver found one In it? " Die barber "How <]o s ' V " ! "Aiijilied ('xternnlly,* 1 si , vieUm.-»CiitlioIlc Stuiuiurd r>» * * .»' t .*.,, I. i ii • ' ' -** i *^''t»-*-*.'( t-' IJJL; iJl-lMiJL-lij "i ^nmwh (roubles rlieumn-1 »S72. ;mrl have :] *vor found one In i and d seders o the kidneys. IfUfuice where ;. eure W.-IH not speedih i «-.) w h iniliK^tion. rovlHo your , lT eoted by it, i: - rt . I h;uo been L M-I MM.UU and not appetite con- -»nun«rcl :f l tv.ivelor ftff elMitr.f.n v^rc tnu-H. revise youi and not appetite 'con- t;iUe it. fi»w doses of Cham- Iain's .Stomach and Uver Tabl'eta and you will soon be all right again For yale by Huer Hros., Hern Drui; Co., KiM-n nnd C'HU'.UiO. Oct. r. been ;. ; '*.^ eii;dl u;iine In.» \\years j N»-w Yor!-. was tin!;, 0:11 on n trip without ' '>> tlie directors ;uui ... •TlM n He struck a deep sand hole the front axle, but \va» nhl«- Phono i tn get back to town all right. He "» j had trouble with a rear wheel which at the Santa Fo shops, i'. WiNon IK\.-; received word the Hutu Mitchell^ will son u aria Lo.s Angole.i. Tho new ma- eutial nnd e\i wliicfi, adde-i ear after the dtvrea.s in mat. . haM iif>t increased the cost nf the • in'W Ahinsen aiuJ Tracy gar probably get, the agency* for MM? •ca:\ ;,s \A'iis<;ii finds lie no longer I ) the Mine to devote to the aiitonr business. Because you have contracted ordinary colds and recovered from them without treatment of any kind, do not for a moment imagine that colds are not dangerous. Everyone knows that pneumonia and chronic catarrh have a large part of the world. For sale by Bacr Bros., Bakersfield; Kera Drug Co., Keru. - * NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Snrinefield Oil Coninflnv, Location of wincimil mace ot business, Ban field. California. .era- their origin in a common old. Con- h Notice Is hereby elven that at a I me Una of the Directors held on sumpt/on Is not caused by a cold but the cold prepares the system for the reception and development of the #erms that would not otherwise have found lodgment. It Is the same with all Infectious diseases. Diphtheria, srarlt't fever, measles and .whopping cough are much more likely contracted when the child has a cold. You will see from this that more real danger lurks in a cold than in any other of the common ailments. The easiest and quickest way to cure a cold is to take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. The many remarkable cures effected by this preparation have made it a staple article of trade over (lav° o l September. U*us. an as- epte e and hessment of one and one-aiiarter cents per share was levied iwon the canluu stock of the corporation, navnble im- meaiatelv in United States cold coin to the secretary of said corporation at office of the connmnv. room 1. Producers Savings Bank buudins. Bak- ersfieid. California.' Anv stock uoou wliich this assessment shall remain unnaUl on the ( fn dav of November, 11*0$. will fbe de- Hnauent' ana aOvorHsed for s-Ue ut jniblic auction anil unless uavment U made before, will be sold on the £SMi ilav of November, 190S. to nav the <le- ilnaufnt assessment, tonoiher v/lth co«t of advertising and exnetwe 3 of sale. „ _ Bv order of the Board of pirectors. A, T UGHTNER, Secretary. t Office, .room No. 1. Producers Sav- insr* Bank liulUHncr. corner l&th and H streets. BakersfieM. Caiifprnia. 10.5 e South ern Bakersfleld's Hotel Culjlnc- Service , to a!. the and i (1 e All roads lead to C. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORK ALWAYS Phdrl*, Main 636, KOK NjS ? my faithful frt^iul." s:iyt» H. Is of O-ikl:itvl Ind. Tor. When ;. man has used a remedy for thirty-five year he knows its VP.IUP an.i in compo t^nt to speak of it. For Bale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Korn Drug Co., COUNTRY" BOYS WANTED" FOR BUSINESS POSITIONS. piny il off. a u'« ::;ven Mr. V/m. j. Br;.:'n nia ^jr. v.m, j.'n n'ay v,e he.irf] to Hp«-:\k on the issues of the clav' at Niedoraur's Furniture Store, Uns'lPth street. Come in anu m?nr hi m A xorious subject your nlten- iion and is constantly ronmuiiu'4 you of itself. KOKNKKWR will an and other liirue cities-, wunt yonnir men n»Mred i.n the cdnntry to prepare for commercial positions ' Kx- perieiice baa shown that the boy from the farm has habits of industry and integrity that make for success The Polytechnic Business Ooll.-ue of Oakland. Cal., bus made n phenomenal record in training and iiiacin^ men and women in business positions and tho CoileL'H ( M so located as to uy TEA by the ounce until you get ' ot' mon* 1> » i of i at f ,- provide? homelike accommodations at very low rates. It is said that every yoiinu man who has taken the complete course in business training at this Tolle^e has received ronumer;ni\,. enu'lovtnent irton nuluation. An imistnitt-d C:M:ilim-ue will ho sent n-e to uny on- who will write to rot. \\. K. C.ibson, iluii Twelfth «dv..t est ; it makes no differ ence then. Your grocer return! your motftr like it; we pay htm fou do»*l NATURE SPARES The Stricken Uoao From Wh*tt it fortunato provj-^on It U, that i.I-.'j.rivoa i;io r. suffering; for how pol^ar.t t.» diocn-er. in tho hoi^ln ng 1 iflorr, tl;at a canker heart, and that it^ bo:i^tr an 1 f were doomed forevwr. Nature spares tba suftering; she Is a store-house of pleoaing tliose who scok her aij. Tn the trono by falling- hair anil grn- cnat a Rloom over the lives ot : ,,. v , Qt young- women, but thanU.i to ihe vfrattgatlons of scIcutLna tho tru.-- o of Imlr dos'.ruction la now known to ft prer.m or parnslte thnt bitrrmva into th? Jolr folliclos. Nowbro'fc Hcrpioir* absolutely destroys this germ. tVna permitting iha hair to prow ns nature Intended. Sold by loading- Kiata. Send lOc. In stamps for tft The Herpicide Co.. Dotroft. Two Sizes, SOc and 11 1301 Ninet^nth St. HUB THE THE CLOTHES STORE i Collegian Cloth ^^^^^^^r Clothes of the Hour ^-^fc^j^^ta^i^^^^^^j ADLER MFLVAUKEE '""M Mil w nu' it. suit i fails ...... as will . •come to our store and get your Money Back. CASTOR IA For Infanta and Childinu Ind You Have Always Bough • w ^H V Up to the minute—V£» a lit'* H I beyond. "Collegian" V tr .( Bears the Siguature of "_r _ _ _ Where yoa want it Whtn yoa want il No smoke—BO smell no trouble. Often you want heat in a hurry in some room in the house the iur- does not reach. It's so easy to pick up and carry a Clothing is iu a class by it- i self, with an air of elegance arul oxelu.sive individuality. Collegian tailoring is within a step of perfection. Ms- If Aft' 25o the battle. PERFEC eater with Smokeless Device) Of Drug Stores Bakerslield's F GENTLE HORSES, We always h.-tvi* un liiind sitlV am! Dentil 1 L•'?'<• ^ that !it<li< i s can drive. Voti \vill liml everything irk iitul spa;: nl)".iU our stables, our horses u'aml -animals, and ear- riujyos, cabs, surreys, ete, ete., iu good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIF* Cor 21 it and K &t* to the room you \vant to heat—suitable for any room in the house. It has a real smokeless-device absolutely preventing smoke or smell—turn the wick as high as you can ot as low as you like—hrass lont holds 4 quarts oi oil V. that gives out glowing heat ( NEW HATS STIFF AND SO NEW SHIRTS NEW UNDERWEAR BEST SHOES—"SELZ' r MODERATE PRICES ,ours, an ornament ^Ji ished in japan and nickel anywhere, Every heat warranted. Li 1 '** »*» •-. H \n j:-: V w^^^"- i* the Ump lor the itudent or rudor. It give* • bnlUnl, iteidy tKtl mikes study a pInsure. Made 01 ortu, ottKU putM tnd cqiu; with Ihe Ulnt improved central draft burner. Every Ump II you cinnot oblain the Perfection Oit Healer or Ray* Lamp Incai ytur dealoc writa U our *w*A ««caqr t" dcacripttvt rirmlar, 001 T l t L 1 1 ft * * 1 II,. ness Ct OTHES S.WISEKOPF

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