The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 6, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN LEGAL, — BI • • ^ i ^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^"^^ H ^^4ta^hri*4tt^B^^^^^^4bi^btari^^^^^^^^^^MI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^A DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE, Fourth 'Minos- of n>,> respective shareholders. ' ' follows: .i.-' or .shareholders with No. of cer- cme. .\d, ut shares and amount duo: \"ai u '"I \U .':iiiifN i J ::.<•-• Homo Kxton- atiou, trustee '-.! Anderson .. r >2L! Anderson .... :Hu Amieri-on No, No. Cri. Shs. Amt. 10 $30.00 r. . . ) •-!<IM. '.<» or-iai ion. t nistee H .470 Baldwin, Cvrus , j larger, .loan leant, Yh«s. (;,. o . * -' ~ * ' * /1 I J I *" * * I * » * * » , t I w ; "'iiH'H Mrs. Sarah . .:MS t amoruia Home Rxten- 20 2t» LEQAL- Caiifornia Home Extension Association, trustee tor Wimams. IVfrs, C. P. California. Home Extension A s&octatipn. trustee nnn for WoiodarsUv. Mover 202 California Home Exten- slonAsBOcfation. trustee Youns. Jas. B. ...17 44 5 5.00 20 20.00 >.0» . . . ...,, . And In accordance with law and an order ot the Hoard of Directors madr- on the 25th day of Auirust, V.tns. so many shares ol each parcel ot such .stock as mav he necessary vv 11 be sold nt rmblif auction at the ofllce of the secretary of Die comvwnv, on the l!nth dav ot October, inns. at. the hour of 10 n. tn. of said dav. to nav said at- ^esiuuent thereon, t<'<;ef her with penses ol s»\l* \Vase.o. ol advertising and ex- IV JORDAN. Socv. County. Cal. ! r.,on 5.00 TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE HI 10.00 : : i on Association, trustee tor Bcrtkan. Kerd. C, . .27 C'tiitorniH Home Kxten- 9 10 10.00 KG 2V» 2.50 71 10 10.00 6.00 20.00 10 10.00 10 10.00 10 6 07 u t 10.00 6.00 5.00 10 10.00 ^<>riA.s-:!>i;iariou. trustee ,:or Mower. Samuel . . , ..'ililoruia Home Kxten- sion Association, trustee U»r liower, Samuel . . . ( alifuruia Home Hxten- ^Hin Association, trustee tor Hriirus. Warren K. 1H5 5 Cast ••!•. John A 528 20 t alilornia Home Exten- *irm Association, trustee for Wm. H/Chambers 323 California Home Kxten* sum Assoclat 1 "!!. trustee lor Chalos Hezekiah . 89 ( alifornia Home Extension Associationjruatee Chrlslten. Wm. F 527 Coats, J. B. S 360 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Coolev. Chas. M. . . California Home Extension Association, trustee .„„ rv r -,-vfoM Cvnis .258 v ./ill'ornui Home Exton-** s ion Association, trustee for Dickinson. Wm. H..191 Donahue. Michael ft,' Dorr. Frank 5< California Homo Extension . A s«oc*nMun. trustee for Kvann. iAituis A. . . California Home Kxten- .* ion Association, trustee for Hvnns. l,umis A. . , California Home Exten>i ou Association, trustee for Hva,ns. humis. A. . . 99 California Home Extension •* :;HocIatlon. trustee lor Evans, humls A. . .100 California Homo Kxten- ^i n» Asocial inn. trustee lor Fmuor., '.Valter . . .2SO ;-Vi«'dl:md"r. Max 14-1 Kurd. Frank J 4S;7 Ford. Frank .1 480 Foster, .loliu 445 California Home Extension Association, trustee tor (ianiincr, H. H. . . .240 California Home Extension Association, trustee California Home Kxten- i- ion Association, trustee !ur tiieen. Alfred 277 California Home Extension Association, trustee , ler ',ii'""n. Henrv \V. . .310 (California Home Extension Association, trustee ;or iiustavus. Henrv . . California Homo Extension A >MM iation trustee for Harvev. J. M i'litnruia Home Ex tension Association. trusU'e inr iiarves. .f. M 304 i;". es & Murray 51K Haves <fc Wurrav 515 )j;.vos A: Murrav 504 \ Hi 1'K o uo Home Kxlen- .-ion Association, trustee lor Hefner. Nelson ...344 'JO 20.00 20 2 20 20.00 20 20.00 20.00 ItS 16 10,00 1G.OO 20 20.00 Notice is hereby given that the taxes on all personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, will he due and payable on the second Monday in October, and will be delinquent on the last Monday in November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per -cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that if said one- half be not paid before the last Monday In April next, at G o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of the taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the first Monday In January next, and will be delinquent on the last Monday in April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m. ( and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof, 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first Installment, as herein provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in the office of the Tax Collector In the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a, m. and 12 m. t and 1 p. m. and 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. 20 -0 20 20 10 '40.00 20.00 2(1.Oil 20.00 10.00 ~o < o 20 20.00 10 10.00 20.00 10 10.00 2 20 20.00 o4 5 20 5.00 18.00 20. 'to 2't.OO DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. pnrks Oil Company. Locatin incia lac" o!' Ijusinoss. OaU CnJifornin. location of nronerty. County. California. of inn I. \ern Notice. — There Is delinouont upon the following described sto(^k of the cornoration. on account of Assossrnent (No. 5) levied on the ISth day of July. iHiis, the several amounts set oonosite the names or the respective shareholders as follows: Name Rov .1. Burks Rov J. Burks No. Cert • *•••• I • ••••• Mrs. R. O. Burks H>7 5000 Mrs. K. O. Burks . ...1(»M Mrs. R Q. Burks . . . Mrs. R O. Burks . .. • • t * 1» * * Home Kxten- itiou. trustee i. Kd\\. 'I". . .11 t M ;;•; i'aliforniu U'tine KxU'ii- -•ioiiAssociiiuoiKtrusU'e lor Ih.'rrnmn. D. M. M' n-niiin. 1>. M. t !> i rutan. 1>. M. i '.liiliii'jjja HOI;H <imi A ^socijit ion, trustee :or f icrnnaii. A. .1. ... Cjiiiiornia Ilitnu' Kxtcn- .^ionAssociation, trustee for Hernnun. A. J. ...10G L'n 2') 20 20 20 105 20 'JO.00 20.00 2'J.oo 20.00 •jo.oo Mrs. J. C. Clark Mrs. J. C. Clar .1. H. Dorn Dr. B. l,nniKin l)* i lia Shea . .. Ooo. Smith . . A. A. Smith . A. A. Smith . !i. ' . : 1,-ouil H. K. Stroud B. K. Stroud B. K. Strourt U. Thompson 1 (>!* 170 t * * • • • 4 • No. Shs. Amt ixoo 8200 S^.Ou r>o.oo 4000 10,00 5000 50.00 4000 40.00 -1000 '10.00 moon 100,00 joo) • • * < » • » • » • * b * » • * I .05 10.00 10.00 100.00 '"H) (Ml i » . » -.••••' i * n » ••••SI{A m i i • «^»'bJ J ' M J nn IIH • I * • And in accordance .27*? lOoo In.(Hi !•»"•. and .'in ordt*r of the Hoard ol" Directors made for HtTman. B. \V, . . .211 CaUforni:i Honu* Kxti?n- slon Association, trustee, for Herman. H. W. . ..212 hoiv. t:. i'' Mnvlc. .1. W r^llforiiia Home Kxh-n- sion Association, trustee for HiuMleston. ('has. ^'M i aniuniia iiouif Kxum- sionAs^.ot i;<ti<ni, :'; 1 lor Kcciii'v. -I. W 151 Caiil'oniiii Kxten- rjionAssociution.lrustt'o fur Keener. .1. \\' CnHforuin ilonu- Kxten- sion A scoria ci<m, irustec for Kt'tMvv. J. \V Cali!'or:iii 'lome flston- sion Association, trustee f(»r Kl-tsK'-n. Henrv . , . Krick. I'hiliii H 20 20,00 20 20.00 on the Sth dav of Send-tnh^''. V>»is. so m. inv sharos ol each narc.el 01 Much stock as mav he ueressarv will he sold at IHihlic auction at the oflU'e ot the oninnanv. ntfix (troadu ;• \". Oaklan-l. (California, room *ju. on Mon'hiv the lltth dav of Ootoher. 1!^(K. at the hour of s o'clock a. in. of said d;i\ !o n-v .sail! de i i tin nen t assc-ssmefif (Iiereon. together with costs of udvertislmr and of sale. A. A, SMITH. Hecrelarv. Office room 20. KMlS Uroadwav. O/dc- land. California. I"-:', JO 10 10 20.00 1000 lo.oo 20 1!0.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 174 20 20.00 Krirl; Krn ••• Krick Crick Crick \rn u \rniJ. Kroll. t at t. M 11 H J'hiUo H • F I • I • 1 1 V I 1> • I I " 1 * J »* , -~ — f i i 20.00 i I'hliu il » • M Illl M ins, B. • t * • • • • * • * • f 4 Pi J! 7 •MS •1 lit! 20 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. t ^* '•has. H •Hi7 .'.-Uia Jl-lour* I'.xtcn- Association.trustee l.e;l. t ' r i t « -John t •nia Jionie }.\ien- Assooiation.trustee' I'O.on -ti.oft 20.QO a»» "'i 2».i.OO 2'A 2.50 20.00 lor • • * * * * • t ^ ilarr,v McCartney. Ilenj Oillfornia Ih'UM- 1 .\ten- rilon Association. trus for Mc«'omu'll. J. S. McKinnie. J. I{ M* -Kiunie. . . K \ic(\ inij''-, .1. K Me Kiunie, J. II 4S o 11 n.oo .10 10.00 jr. Hi 5 Me. id, M 115 r l-' tt+t Win. U iu. K. . . iiier \v *r. Miller! Hranev Ann . . . . OttliiorntH Home 1 Xten- sionAssociation.inJstee tor Mvioii Havuiond . .lyl ('aliforuia Kxtt-u- sion Association, trustee for MiKU'e, Ida Kstella Ciilttornia Home Kxten- LEGAL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. T^ocation of works, Korn County, California. Notice Is hereby given, that at a mooting of the Board of Directors hold on tho II th day of September 10i>£. an asscsment of two (2) rent? per share was levied upon all the LEGAL. NOTICE. I. E. J. Hummel,- of the County of Alameda, State of California, tho pres- eia owa-T of the land heroinbelow de. scribed, do hereby give notice that I UEOAU tCOAk 1908, hond, for the purchaira of Six I perlor Court of the Courty WT of the denomination of $500.00 | State of California, and to aam»'«r tte e:u h, of the Fruitvalo School District. Complaint filed therein, within tei . 1 ^ M of K't-rn County. Saitl boniU were is- on the 17th day of October, 1S»08, to the Register of the State -and Oilk-e, af Sacramento, Calif or- nia, for a duplicate certificate of purchase, No. MN:;O. issued to Ernest J. subscribed capital stock of the corpor- Hummel, rt.itH April 26, 1000, on lo- ation, payable Immediately in United cation >"o. .;;,(," States j-yOd eoln to tho secretary, nt the oflleo of the company, No. 22 70- A Market street near ICth street, San FranciHro, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Monday, the 2'Hh day of October, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public? auction; and. unless payment made before, will he sold on Fri- vts-alia Land District. all of .,,ti ;m ., M. n. M.. 30, Twp. 29 S., in the Count R. of tOi.S tair of California, containing first publication, Sept. 1C, b said of Supervisors until". 1 nnd in acconlanre the provi- o ISSO ami isss, both Code, of the , of the of California ami in conformity with an order of sriid board passed . 1^, 190S, ami hear interest at rate of Five per cent per annum until paid, interest payable on the I'.tjth of each year, out of and fund of said School n of De Ihe day, the 20th day of November, 1908, to.-pay the delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. }5y order of the Board of Directors. W. C. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo OH Company, office 2270-A Market street, Sail Francisco, California. 9-12 tioti, for tl ol NOTICE. try K. Ominous hereby i she will not be ivsp contracted by the manage- .iev.-ott Kane madhouse, e;i;-c,} the premises to Thos. B. Maher. Neither will she be responsible for debts contracted by any other person without a written order from her. flO SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE. By order of the Hoard of Supervfs-1 d eots ors of Kern County, California, made | (late ' Sept. 12. lf»ns, sealed bids will be received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County, at the Court House, up to 10 NOTICE. Notice is horetiy t;tyen that my wife Annie C'Mstro, havlnp loft me without cause, I will not be reyponslhle for 1908. by her from this E P. C ASTRO Dated at Bakefufleld. September 25, district, upon presentation and sur- '.•en-ler to the Treasurer of said County of the intervst <-oupoMH. Sai-l bonds are tti bo numbered consecutively 1 in tl inclusive and an- in number as follows: days (exclusive <,t Mu* <tay ef after service nn \..n of this S if served within : <.'lse\\ here, withi Tbo mine a claim i t v t\\\ 3. i.» adversely that certain situate, lylm; Mojavo, Cou)i(> i«-f - ',*l . i 1 tfl \ f t-1 pf Town U'« Nine I :i in 1 i' sa'.ti Town ;!<-•,. thereof, filed in tli»- ty Recorder of said the Third day compel the said their title, if ;uiy •> Map " n df th years from date. Bond No. 2, Five years from date. Bond No. 3, Five Hundred Dollars, ti -. alM ti; 1 "- Bond No. I, Five Hundtv 1 Dollars, | premises, and that, tin pretended claim, rfjj Huti.ire:! Dollars, jnnd estate of said also all other persons unUi. • ing any right, title, estate. It (» <?««years from date. terest in the n»al projieriy Bond No. 4, Five Hundred Dollars, In. the complaint, and lu*reinheU*v* "y years from date. scribed, adversely to plaintiff's Bond No. 5, Five Hundred Dollars, ship, or any cloud upon ti- years from date. Bond No. 0, Five Hundred Dollars, 7 years from date. tle thereto, and each and all ol tt tn and to said premises, and every part thereof, may be adjudged a»d de- o'clock a. m., of the 10th day of October, 1908, for the purchase of twenty bonds of the denomination of $500.00 APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL r- TO ESTATE OF GEO. K. OBER. DECEASED. •'UKBUU WI I *-* X^ V4 *-* »•» v*** t +M »-» •*» ^— •— -—• — -f - . - - i — » each, of Lone Tree School District of M it-nrniV^in 10 ^,^/ 1 !?*^ ^ tr n A.. «^u i 1 ~~ n i^ 0 ,, rt /i iVJ.:- '"iToinia. in and for the C he estate of Oorire K. Cher, deceas- S f J; lavi l»* fil(1( l his petition herein, nraimr tor an order of sale of alt the o]' said decedent, fo Kern County. Said bonds were issued I Kern. """ iu uim IUI Ul ° Onintv of by the said Board of Supervisors un- In the mnttor of the estate of Georue der and in accordance with the pro- K - <?ber. doceased visions of sections 1880 and 1888 both | th^ni^ntS 1 ^ 11 ;^.!-! 1 .! 1 fi^A^.t^ 1 .^;,."; inclusive, of the Political Code of the State of California, and In conformity with an order of said Board passed Sept. 12, 190S, and bear interest rt the rate of six per cent per annum \;n- ... til paid, interest payable on the P.Oth (^ ; ! ",^'^ ^(If'^ul^orc'cnirt day of December of each year, out of and from the Building Fund of said School District upon presentation and surrender to tho Treasurer of said renl uumoses ^ •* i '»-"* *~ *• * *' .„,,..„.. i: . ijorth in his petition It Is tiK'retoiv ordered bv the Judiro i-; ftl| l t ourt that all nen . . said sons inh-rest- . , t . -nil dav of November, at J o clru-k. in the afternoon ot uav ;ii )]j,. conri room of said SimPnor Coin-. e!»:irtTnent No. 2 in County of the interest coupons. Said bonds are to be numbered consecutively 1 to 20 inclusive, and are iu number as follows: he Ot Kern. cause wh to ot an o. tho Countv of to sho not b sai.l admin; '-itor to wlmlc oJ ihf- j-*.a] *»siai" nf MM- said (ieci'a-edat nnvato sal.-: and fiat a cony of this order )tc MuhMshi- : 't leas stfou Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, inclusive, TwoM^ ? r s ^ weeks in tlu Thousand Dollars, to run 11 years. Bonds Nos. 5 to 8. inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 12 years. Bonds Nos, 9 to 12, inclusive, two Thousands Dollars, to run 1'J years. Bonds Nos. 13 to 16. inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 14 years. Bonds Nos. 17 to 20, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 15 years. <'s" aioriian. ;» new.-- vmrr nj ceneral. circulation, printed an 1 nub- jished in, tin' Citv of Maker.sJH'id, Conntv ol Kern. Slat.- of rulitnrnt". Daterl this 2»lth dav of Sent. IJMis.- , , PAIM, \V. UKN'NIOTT ml Juuire ol dip Superior Conn. t Thomas Scott. Attorney for Kstat • Uakorsflold, Cni. j»-2R Bids will oe received for one or any creed to be Invalid and void. larger number of said bonds. All bids That the said dyfendants ami «acfe must be equal Jn amount to the par I of them may be barred of aiid frwii value of the bonds bid for, and acconi- right, title, Interest and estate to nanied by a certified check, or cash I to the said premises, and t-very deposit in the sum of at least ten per thereof; cent of the amount of the bid, payable That the said plaintiff's tltfe to the chairman of the Board of Su- be adjudged and decreed to be si \ pervlsora of Keru County. The said j and valid one as against said check or deposit will be returned in ants and each of them, and ul? persawi case of rejection of hid, nnd be for- claiming under said defendants Veited to said Frultvale School District each of them, and for mien cttxtr if the bidder neglects to pay for tho further relief us shall be jws* bonds ho bids for within fifteen days equitable as the nature of thi» case after being notified of the acceptance may require, as will v:ore fully api»ear of the'bid. by tho Complain* on file uert-fn. l.-pon the opening of the said pro I to whlcli reference is hrrt* mavle posals said bonds will be sold to the for costs of suit. highest and best bidders for oasb, In Aml you are nereuy noUftefl. ibal U. S. Rotd com, subjec to tho atiovo lf fa| , to B0 , ar and provisions. The board roKiMA'os the ri^bt to reject any or all bidn. All bids or proposals are to be addressed to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, and indorsed, "Proposals for Bonds." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Keru, State of CalKornla. H. A. ./ASTRO, Chairman. All,-!; I. J,. Miller, Clerk. (Seal) D-15 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. the plaintiff may t.uUf ju-i.utu^it for any money or damages d^inamlcfl tn the complaint as arising upon contract, or will apply to tho court for any other r^Uef demanded iu Uu; Corn- plaint. Wltm 1 ."': my luiwi and (hf .sral »ald Supf-rlor t^oiirt, County <tf State of Chlif;>inirs this iUU; Ouy oT Apr!!. A. U. 1»('S. (Seal) T. h. MIIJ.KR. Ctorfe. Hy Ham Karris, Deputy Clerk. J. \V. P. Laird and Uowt>n .Ctirifn. at* for pluint.iir. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Oil Coiunanv. (.oration of Estate of Celinda A. Randlett, do- ceased. Is hereby given by the un- NOTICE OF MEETING Notice fs horobv trfvon that th» annual meetlim of the stockholders of lousand Dollars, to run ir> years. Equality Oil Conmanv. Location o Bids will be received for one or any I Principal Placo (it Business. San Fran it-^K^t- .-.f Knn^lu All M rl a mtl«»- I CISCO, i- i\ 111 OlTlia. number of Raid bonds. All bids must be equal in amount to the par valw* of the bonds hid for, and accompanied by a certified check or cash deposit iu the .sum oi' at least ten IHM- cent °f i O f t h ( > the amount of the hid, payable the Chairman of the said Board Supervisors of K'-rn Count. to of Notice.--Thciv nn- delinquent upon trie tollmvinir d< i sciibcd stock, on account ot AsM>>snicnt (\r>. 7) lovied on tho ISth dav or 1 Auuu-t. I'.ius. the scv- •: iurmisiti- thc> n.-'int's e sharehoMtM'H. as lol- No. No. dersi^ned. administrator of the estate | th\V Mci^iVicrKxt^nHfon'oi* of Celinda A. Randlett, deceii^ed, to ow./nir»ru nf n?iri nil nnrcmna imvini* I'oration. room No. *»01 I I'oducori oiertHors or, and all persons having | H nk i )U i) ( || I1Ki Hakersfieltl. will b(! hohl at th oration. room No. of rho claims against said deceased, to ex hibit them with the necessary vouch- MS. within four months after the first | rfoaVd^of Vnre ( -torH° S tor tho fornia. on Moijdav. October l^ln. v at tho hour ot •* o'clock i>. IP. off sai« for tho urnoso of elect fnsr publication of this notice, to the said \-o;ir. administrator at the offlr-o of the Pub- h'!' and tbo transaction ot such out- as mav com** lows: Name Atkinson Notice is hereby ^Iven that annual meetings of tho stockholders of the several canal companies belov named, for the purpose of electint directors and the transaction of suet other business as may bo brought be fore the meeting, will be held at th« office of said Company, Korn Countj Land Company's ofllce building, cor ner of 19th and H streets, nakersfleld California, at tho dates nnd hours set opposite their respective names: Kern River Canal and Irrigating Co., Oct, 3, 1908, at 'J ;>. in. (loose Lake Canal Co., Oct, fi, TOO? at 2 p. m. James & Dlxon Canal Co., Oct. 6 1908, at 3 p. iu. Pioneer Canal Co., Oct C, 1008, a' 3 p. m. Joyce Canal Co,, Oct. 5, 1908, at 13 a. tn. Plunkott Canal Co., Oct. C, 190S, a: 11 a. m. Buena Vista Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1908, at 3 p. m. James Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1908, nt ir a, ra. K. fl. MHNZEK, Sec. to above named Canal Companies Kern County U\nd Go's Offlce Build in&, comer 19th and H streets, Bak ersflold, Calif. r'-i ^ — chock or deposit will be returned in en so of rejection of bid, ;uvl he forfeited to said hone Tree School District if the bidder neglects to pay for (he bonds he bids for wilhin fifteen d;iys after hein;; notified of the accepi- ance of the bid. I T pon the opfMifni; of (fie s;ii/I i)i'Js .said bonds will he sold to the hk and best, Iiidders for cash, In I i^ohl coin, subfpct to tbo above |-ro- visionp. The said Board of Supervisors reserving the ri^ht to reject any and all bids. All bhls arc to bo addressed to tho Clerk of the Board o[ Supervisors ol Kern County, California, and indorsed "Proposals for Bonds." By order of tho Board of Supervis- ors'of'the County of Kern, State of California. (Seah H. A. .JASTHO. Chairman of the Hoard of Supervisors. Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. 9-1 .T ,1 \\' W • 4 I Atkinson. .1 Flvnn. Mrs. Kate . . Jnrtrensi n. Onsr.-iv M Walker. David H. . And in ;u order oi tin on the 1MI minis share? oi' stock as ruav !"> a! iiiil>j!c auriion in . . . 11 l"ti ' n ill) law and an ot Dhv."to"s uiaiir o <iu of r-.' rr« I of sni'li <•.' -j^.-jrv v\ r iM he' sold ;it tin* of lire of the : 1 ',;»i:ijrjM ^tn'i'i, San ("alitoi iiia. on Saturd:iv. Hi li'its. ;.< tl>r- hou ot IL'r'iU o'clock n. in., ot saiH dav. to on. tom-fher \vjTh rosti^ o! 1 adv<Tlisinu NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. Ofllc CAR!, \V. IUI/IJUV (>.i No f. in | .amma street. Sun ('alifornia. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. _ -vrf"^ _ -w— -^ - r -.^ r- JOstate of Matriric 10. Onltes. deceased Notice, is hereby iriven bv the un- dersicned. executor of tile estate o( 20 20.00 for Morrow. Susit* !•-. -" tl ' Mullen, Hoht. Jr. . ,no cert. Mullen. Uobt. . . . .m. cert. Mullen, Koht. .1. . .no cert. Califof-niit Home Kxten- i-ion Assoeiation. trustee )or Nauiimats, .loe I. . . (.'Miiforuia Home Kxlen sMtjiAssoeiation trustee for Ntmamats, .loe J. . . Calii'ornia Home Kxteii- ion * s ••o'-lHtlim, i r-istee for Nelson. (leo. K. . . . .1 une.s J in I'O 5.00 10.00 POSTPONEMENT. liU.O'l Notice is hereby given that the date of meeting of the Korn Hiver Canal and Irrigating Company has been postponed until Saturday, October 10, 1908, at 2 p. m. F. O. MUNZER, Secretary to above named companies. APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LAS8. DECEASED, *> o .-. Willard (.'aliloniia Home Kxton- si i in Association, trustee loi- t'e))'i"r. (ieo. M. . . -I'M) •Kill in In the Superior Court of the Slate of California, iu and for the Countv ol' Kern. In th** matter of the estate of Frank •» ('•ilil'oni : s I'. Xleu- . . \V A. McGinn, administrator of tho stafe of Kran)« Lass, den-used, hav- inu tiled his petition ber»'"\ nnivinu for 'M» order of sale ot an the mining claims belonging to derodent, for ( DuUerson. C. A i iou. ! ,i's. - i "* A ;M "* I "(I "II ftp 1* i I. t M 1 ( ' • > I i i ine nnnioses set loriii in run uetittnn. Ii i> therefore nvd"ved hv tho Jtidire of said Court thai all nersons interested In the eslaie of said I; ranU Kass. defe;is<-d auoeii;' )'" r .ire tile Knld Su- Drilov Court on. Mend <v. the 'Jn 1 d'tv ol' Vnreinhcr. l!»us ;n l v o'rloeli, in tin- is hereby Riven that the, undersigned, Maxwell Mc-Nutt, trustee of the estate of B. A. Haydcn, hank- nipt, will sell, pursuant to an order duly privon and made on the 2d day of September, A. D., 1908, by Milton J. Green. Esq.. referee in bankruptcy for tho District Court of tho United States for the northern district of California, the real property hereinafter described, with the improvements thereon, belonging to the estate of Bald bankrupt, free and clear of any and all lien or liens, Incumbrance or inrumnrances, to the highest and best bidder therefor, upon the following terms and condition*). 1. All bids to be in writing, scaled, addressed to the said trustee at No 110 Suttor street, San Franci&co, Cal. 2. Each bid to bo accompanied by certified check for ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the bid. 3. No bid will be received later than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th day of October, 1908. 4. The trustee reserves the to reject any and all bids. r.. Sale subject to confirmation the court, and to be for cash United States gold coin, upon confirmation by the court. 6. Bids wiM be opened and referred to the court for confirmation, on tho 20th day of October, 1008, at tho hour j of two "CM p. m., at the office of Mil-; ton J. Oreen. l£sq., referee In bank-1 ruptcy, jn the United States Poatofflco i and CVmrt House building, Seventh and Mission Btroots, San Francisco. ! Cal. ! 7. Deed, InstriimontH of title, abstract of title, and other documents, i h. (JiiJjcs, deceased, to tlie Creditors oi', and uil uersons' hiivitii; claims uirainst tbo s;ild decease-!, to exhibit t beiu with trie uoei-.-savv vouchers, within four months nt'«er tho first iMibllcation of this notice, to (he .s.'iid executor, ,'it the ofllce of (U-oine Klournov in tlie Stiwer Hloelc, corner ot 1/f/i street ;m/| r'ijj'.ster uvenuo. In the Titv of MiiUorsfU'ld. Kern roiintv. CaMfprni;». the same beiuL' the ( allfornl;t. the same bemir the i>laci lor the transaction of the business o the said estate in MH> said Countv o Kern, State ot ("niiforniji , , PAD, (;,M/n-;s. Kxeeutor <tf lh.> e.-iate nt' Mnuuie 1C. d'altes, (i"cea>('(l. f>ated at Hiil;tM>.!U»l 1. Seuteuiber ^t! . I Ho Administrator and Coroner of Kern rno " nnir County nt the Court llouso In the 1 liulldlnu. City of llakersftcld. Kern County, California, the same belni? the place for the transaction of the business of the said nutate in the said County of Kern, State of California. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of tho estate of Oelln- A. rtandlett. deceased. C. ItKOVVKR No. :W7. i*nnfiu rurner- li»tn and U DOG LICENSE NOTICE.. Dated nt HUh, 1008. Da kern field, September 9-11 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Kstale of Kalph Bower, deceased. Notice is hereby Riven by the un- dorslgnod. Administrator of the estate of Tinliih Bower, deceased, to tho creditors of, nnd .".11 persons having olaIi:iK. nsaln: j .t wild deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after tho first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of the Pub]lf> Administrator and Coroner of Kern county at the Court House in the City of Bakersfteld, Kern County, California, the same being the place for fho trnnpnction of the business of the said estate in the said County of Korn, Stntt: of California. W. A. McGFNN. Administrator of the estate of Ralph Bowor. deceased. Tinted nt Bakersflold, September ,7908. 9-11 Notice 18 bore)>^ civon to at I SOUK ovvninu and kopnltuc ihu^. vvta the IfmltH "f the C'iiv oj B;ikp that Licoiiso tor the voar are now re «!v for <i*-)ivei-\ al, !h« Ottice of the Ciiv Clerk, in the basrmont oi" Crodnc'Ts S-'ix-Jra-s B;inK and -f;in» arv, doir are not wearing (he voar l!*<ix. .1. K. COX, Dated .lanuarv !t. P.tos on after 'be 1'ith da\ ( wMI uroecfd to found runnlnir on tin* stn-ots- Hint for NOTICE: Notice Is hereby tfivon tbat Yon has bought (ho City Uestauraat situatod at 1DSM \. Btroot in the city of BakorsOold from, \Vonw KUHK. antK haw assumed all bills owltiK Wong; FuiiK on acotiru of said reflnunint. All persons holding any such bills will please present them for payment to tho imdorKignud on or before October 10. 1008. 58 DELINQUENT SALE NOTtCE w DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Maid I'.airit' Oil ('OMHKUU'. f,oo;*tion of nrineipal id ace (ii 1 h us i ness. San Kr.iuciscn. Ciililo' iiia- Location oi worl-s. HaKf'rsru'l'i. Notice.—-Then- are detiuniienf tiuou the iollo.wlnir described stock, on ae- counl oi lusessinent. levied on (he SMth dav of August. IIiuS. the several amounts set omtosite tiie nanies of tiic an follows: respective- sbarcboldors. Name Mauric* \o. Cert, No. Shs. A int . and hy \V. F. I'erkinH ,loH(!ph M. Masten, "<'xec'Utors of (he last will and testament of N. K, Alas- ten, d»;cvased ... 1 . M. HfnlsuH. tm Hf.5 M. HoBti unknown ifarrv U . Deiainc; unknown Kluauetn Demlnfr unknown Mrs Fredericks unknown M. Kluia Kiucluir unknown H. Sinclair unknown 50 100 $110, (id 5 .00 lo.uo 12.50 .r,u 100 f*. ,1. M. Rumrill unknown H. Jlurnrlll unknown 50 " 170 of u t L ' ' F IT ! l'USt*-e J). i -i - • Court on. Mi J:HIS •iftei noon of room of --1*1 wont N'i - * A. * fc -.- . • Tnl j W s 10 I I t ( ..>"(' 1 ibon-dC. MI * u e < 'i' Coiin; v of Kf 11). > lo ^li.Av re* i- \vlp der sh'iui'i nof h" vr n'e I i, > ' . .• * *i i* r • aduiini^t)' )'oi'. t > s'-il i ' of elatnis bt-lodL-itr; (o 'I:*- *• -' deceased, .tt Ul'h -Hi 1 •;".b» : eonv OT' (Ms of N*! 1 ' '• i'Mi,,j least 1 r. f- * * M 1 / r. >. t r* i'ltioll r;.. \V-trt \VH K. ¥ ^ r . • * * 'li'iVt 20 2-V 10 of !-. in i M •' • r 'fie! !. en? 1!»"S. er.otto I 1 . J. . i • i • 4110 o 10 20 20 no 20.00 10.00 20.00 circulation. <n the ^iM* '.'' COMUtV <if l\el'U. HI,lie Of tiiir ^it 1 ' (i-tV fit 'AIM, W HI' ol tho Superior, , Scott. nitorm»v lor adunnisiti:a- tor. BaUorfifleM. Cal. 9-26 at expense, of purchaser. The following i» a dencrlptJon jthe real property to be sold: | IxU 3 in block 274 (formerly block tTi'ii'-'t - north range 1 wo«t) In the City of "•-field, according to tho map of «''ity of BakerBfleld, Kern Bounty. California, filed in ihe office of th*' County Ilecorder of Kern County, ' , CiiiitJirni;t 4 November 2&lli, U<(iK. To- . _ petl;ir with (lie improvements tbr-re-' on. j J'iBth(-r partirularfl may be had at (he *ffi(-e of the attorneys for tho 10.00 6.50 n.oo 10.00 \ i • 1 1 r> " i i " ' ~ " ~* t \\ \'\ PerkiUK unu : eph M. M;jston. \eeutnrs of the will nu'l testn- <n N. K. y ten. deceased." unknown u^UOwn owiu-rs r , unknown I.. I >outiheri v . . . unknown Vnd in Jicorfiituee \y|t.h law. and :in • •Icr ot the Hoard of Direetofs made •i 'he '^.ttli d:iy i-f August. I'.tOS so .shares />}' ciirM itaj'f'*! of sueh MS muv In- ne<*eKs;i' p v. will !>e at oubJlc an non, at the olllce of lL*n Hu.-di San Kr.-tueisco, Ci)iifornin. on '!,- lath dav of Ocmbor, MMIS. nt tiie !"('(• <jj 12 o'elo/'),. ,M. or said d;iv. lo to:-.-(her with IM^VJ-; *»f adverd-sin 1 . 1 and t \:.e|JS*»R Of the *;•!.- V.-II.IJA.M ».AX(;i-;. JR.. gecrefai v. room L 1 . v-i ilio nuali t NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court t nnrt for tlu County of Kern, State of California. In the matter of tho estate of LouU M. OinlcelHplel, deceased. Xoticc IH hereby ^Iven by the un r.«itfned admlnistnitor.s, with th« will annexed, of the eBtate. of Ix>uls M DlnUolHpiel, deceased, to the creditors of, and all por.soriH having claim* HKiiinst the said deceased, to exhibit them wltli tho neceHHury voucher* within ten months after tho fifHt puf> \\cnt\nn of this notice, at tho office o* Fred K. Borton, rooms 203, 204, Pro dueern Savings Bank building In thf McKIttrick Oil Conmanv. t, oca t ton ot nrlnciiiiil olaco of business, Iiuk«*r»- IU.U1. CalUornia. Notice. There are dellnuuent raixm the foupwintr deHcribei) stock on count of aKHOBsmont It-vied on thii dav of AumiHt, 1908, the sove ,'irnountK H«t owwwito tlie jiMines of resuoctlvo uhureholdui'K. ii No. N am o • * t of said estate in fla«d Ken County. EUGENIIS F. D1NKELSPIE Hurl Car Clar llurbi Howe 1 owe i ow<* owo owo cnmhton. r - - » Cort : f" |iurl>0ti. Mrs. R %n .. .'! *ie, Mrs. H xa ce, Mrn. E '/. <. Mrn. Anna MrB,Ann]i M .^ A Heattv. C. W. Ieattv. C. W * t IT* i n. i eh. Mrs ' ' ' * i 6"'i .... 1 ji (.1 -- * I oumton. MrB. B. S. 4fj« I ,ovm i ton. MrB. K. S. 84 ) L bbv. Grace 7}* Llbt>v. Grace 709 »Jf .. 1 ,.._l, . _ ** TT ft ft Administrators with the will annexe of the estate of Louis M. Dlnkelspla (lecmiBed, Dated, Bnkoraflold. September 3 f J908 9-3 .r> ti SUMMONS, In (he S'uporJor Courf of Hie County of Kern. Statfi of California. William Collins, plniritiff; VH. The Southern Pacific Railroad (V/inpany. a . M. J. ..... . A ......... 55liSffi 1. UHHO UHHO ft Stewart. Hh»wurt, W Stewart. Wi H to wart. Wi am urn am am < t • i • ThronHon. Matihla . . IM.i TaifKurt. ThoH. K. •.?>%* Tairirart. Thos. K. ..l:tM> TftCKfirt. MI-H T. B. .11 't 80 nno in v t Ml th -i SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE H ordnr of the Hoard of orn of Korn Count.v. Califoi nfa. made J«Uett & Mcvor^tein, i Sept rt, jirononals will Prorcb Bank building, 11') Huttt-r St., i be received at the ollice of the Clerk of the Board of SupervinorH of s**M County, at the Court, boun**, up to 10 MAXWELL McNUTT. Trustee. o'clock a. m , of in* luti day of Oct. corporation; Western Conipanv, t a corporation; Tho Pacific fmprove.inent Company, a coi'/jnration; also nil other portions* unkown clainiiiiK any right title, est .id., Urn, or interest. In tlio real prof«*rty iJfHCrlbod In the complaint adverse to pIuintlfT'H ownerKhip, or any cloud ujww phifntiffH tltlo thereto, (l(ffen(J;aits. Tho people ol 1 the State, of California sond Mi'eeiiii 1 ; t(» the. Southern Pa- cffto UaUro;t(J Co/Mpfc«y f a corporation, The Paritio Impro'-onient Company, a eorj«H l ;<tion ; t/.e Western Development Com pan v, a corpora lion; all other persons unknown cl any ritfiit, tiMe, estate, Ifen, or Inter est In (he real property <l«wc,rll)Gtl in the coinplalnl ;idvf-rse to plalnUff'H nwn*'rwhip, or any cloud upon plaintiff's tltl«* tlie Von aro he- in an aotion ' by required to appear against you by MrH ran U^iorff. Whorff. Wborff. U'liorfY. Whorff. Krai WI5I!!: « ; : w. M * • » i ' * - * • * ';> ^^^H T ^f O W W w w Char IM1S. ... -,-- , , uus. Char triiH. Char le. • • eH en en \Vibli \V \V W \V \\' \V I.If l;h .r H. j. M 10. i * * • • • OO'( .1 ./ hi' .1 * * I • *•««*• • i w ' TT . n::s fu. * •'-,- --> and H luuny And in ureofvlunce u"ji.u order of tl*** Hoard of Directors matto on rhe Ififh dav of August Jjyh. s^» shares of each luireH as miiv he wefeM.sarv sold at mil>lic aue.tion at tho offlc the Mc.KinrlcK Oil Comfjauv. rpou> :t07. PnKJiK'ers HaviuirH UaiiK IlafvcrHOfsNj. CaOfornla. on _ .. October 17th, 1908, at the hour of o'clock n. DJ. of aalfJ du CO its of aclvurtJslne : and e to nuy lt . rwju. wit expenses e, ivat v I s^.'.ntiff, IB the Su- !v order of the lionr, No tnes ^Mf£^. ao7.Prortuc.ortt air- 19th KB rnla. L

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