The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 6, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 6
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C3:\T OF PAINT— CWETINC SAY, $2.50 SAY WHERE SEWER \ mim ow s WILL Small Inserted time. Old Mission Paint. '• t «;i;i. A coat be- ib<M' is worth % | Instructions were- tflvm the eity engineer at last evening's meeting of fhu trtiHtoefi to prepare plans, wpecl- estimates of establishment paint. profiles and probable cost for the no Mercantile Co Main 98, Out Ichamblin - f- *4« •- ^ - Pills Veopl Blue DRUG Kanler Bros of two of the now sewer districts into which the city must l>o divided. The parts of the city which will receive the first attention of tho engineer's office is that hounded on the north by Fifteenth street, tho east by Chester avenue and on the west by I) street, and all that east of Chester avenue and south of Nineteenth except those portions that are already sewered. It will be the engineer's duty to ascertain what blocks in the (wo Kc::UnnH above described may be In the same district. If, however. lie U mis that more than one district is necessary, by reason of the i-"nnid level, lor any one described section he will recommend accordingly. Following the completion of this work the board will order that the recommended districts be established and re.soimions of intent for constructing laterals and connecting up with tbp, main sewer will be passed. The board h»s taken the matter of M'wer districts entirely in Us hands, disregarding (he petitions that were fifed several weeks' ago for districts in different parts of the city. C'. P. Fox, representing the onwers of (be SiarK tract, that part of the cit bounded by h and M streets and family, hut they have previously deeded the street between to the city. They wish to include this property in the improved traet and are anxious to have the board cancel the deeds upon promise of receiving other street deeds in different locations, The* matter will be conslderd later. The contemplated Stark addition will do much to improve the nouthcastern part of town, Mayor Bailey reported that the fair committee is anxious to have the city clean up the streets for fair week. This will be attended to. Marshal's Report. City Marshal James McKamy filed his quarterly report for the business of his office, ivlileh Included license collections, a rests, etc. The sum total of the collections is a little less than for the last quarter. The total list of arrests is Kll, as follows: Disturbing the peace, 63; misdemeanor, 1M; vagrancy, 32; robbery. '2: petit larceny, ?>; assault. 2; bur- 1; suspicion, 1; insane, 1; onvmce Professional Directory an Fraternal Announcements Californian The Californian classified advertising columns are the best medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week Five lines, three days 25c i FRATERNAL B. P, O. E. No. 266—Bakersfleld Lodge No. 266, 13. P. O. E. meetD every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Odd Fellows' Hal!, Chester avenue. Visiting brethren cordially tuvlted to attend. Initiation every other Tuesday. Chat, A., E. K.; 0 S. ftferoney, Secretary, WANTED WANTED—By Japanese boys, one to cook and the other to wash dishes and wait on table in hotel, hoarding house or oil fields. Good cook; can furnish recommendations. Address "Y," care of Californian office. cruelty to animals, 1. $."»K'l represents the license collections for the quarter. Transient ped- lars were lacking this quarter. Other Matters, Certificate was tiled to the effect that Glass & Fisher had completed -772 feet more on the sewer contract FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES, Aerie No. 93, meets every Wedne« day evening at 8 o'clock at Eagle Block 19th street. Visiting brethren are cordially invite^ to attend. S. Sweltzer, W. P.; Jo P. Carroll, Secretary. Room and board for Jady month or leas, beginning four Ad- WANTED for one October 15. Must be within VlocUs oE St. Glair hospital. dress, A. L. Bachar, Waaco, Cal. 58 FOB FOR SALE— Fresh milch cow; givts three gallons of milk daily. Telephone Main 1082. 58 H. LiOVBLAND has Jus*: received a car of fine northern potatoes. Why eat poor potatoes when you cao get good ones. Ask your srrocer for northern potatoes if you want something real good. tf FOR SALE—Horse, harness and bug- WANTED—Poslton by experienced nurse; confinement cases a specialty. Phone Main 269. 1521 17th. 56 KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS—Kern<Lod«e i „„ ivn ,™ » ^ JU ^ „ No. 76, meets every Wednesday eV WANTEI>-A good second-hand pow- gy in good condition, 609 Q street, Kern, * Inquire at 67 i or $3!5!U*'J in moiietarv value. u California avenue and Fourteenth i <>Iuim Was allowed, less 35 per treet. addressed the board, explain-' tn ? ''""tract guarantee, $2360.Df». ns that California avenue from L to , Tn(1 transfer of the liquor 1; A ic mi'iiionti.i tiiui /m<\-Vifiif ,,f n-Vint'of the Om?ra Cafe from Swtt?) The 1 cent, enlng at 8 o'clock in I. O. O. F. Hall. A cordial invitation to visiting Knighte. er feed cutter with hlower. Address 13. F. Bedinger, P. O. box 12G, Bak- ersfleld. Phone Farmers 45. 58 cense the Opera Cafe from Switzer & I Dillon m the new proprietors was ; VALENTINE LODGE, No. 78. D of H. —Meets first and third Fridays In each month at A. O. U. W» hall at read and referred to the regular' i M i^ unopened and one-half of what will ultimately he the avenue is tho property of the Storks. Mr. Fax presented an offer to deed the half street to tlie city provided the city would Tnf¥ salaries for the month of Sep- build the street, street Superinton- temhor were ordered paid and the dent. Yancey was ordered to report i ( -!erk instructed to draw warrants for at the next'meeting the probable cost tnt ' separate amounts. , of Hie work. Mr. Kox explained that Notes of Meeting. jthf Stark tract is soon to be thrown The board convened at 7;30 instead! 'ope-n. eucalyptus and other trees will •. °f S, as was the custom during the be planted along the wJoiiKh and oth- j summer months. er improvements made to maUe the' Marshal McKamy, Fire Chief Gund- ! tract an ideal Jiomeslte location. l ;l eh, City Attorney Plats! and Street' DEGREE OF HONOR 8 p. m. Visiting members cordially invited. Mrs. Horn U Cahe, C. of H. Mrs. Ola R, Taylor, Recorder. JUSTICE LODGE, No. 31, A. O. U. —Meets every Thursday evening at j S p. m., A. G. U. \V. Hali, No. 1(V>. ! Nineteenth street. Visiting men*- t bers rordially invited. O R. West, 1 M. W.; C. \V* Curtzwller. Recoraer. \VAN f TED—Room and board In private family by gentleman, either in Kern or Bukersfield; references furnished. Address "B. E." care of the Californian office. 5S WANTED—By a Japanese boy, 'work by the hour; either day or night. Any kind of work except cooking or waiting on table. Inquire at 132G Twentieth St. 61 i WANTED—Dy a Japanese boy, to 1 cook in kitchen, or to do general; housework. Good cook. Address ] Y, care of tho Californian office. CO There Is property facing on M street which also belongs to members of -' -*1 OTEL BIG TRUST MAGNATE ENTHUSIASTIC FOR TAFT. MMl \K\V YORK, Off. States Senator fiitKffenh rndn made the prediction to Mr. Hitchcock today that Colorado would «ive at ieasj in,(nth majority I'or the Republic an ticket. Superintendent Yancey were the oth- ••r city officials presnt. Tho minutes for several meetings ' past were read. " ' Trustee Stoner was several min- ' ntes late. He is suffering severely! inmi lumbago and was granted per- 1 of Colo-, mission to depart. "But don't let it' again/' admonished Mayor Hall.'. HIGHEST CASH PAID for old rags, sacks, bottles, iron, brass and copper, hides and wool. Junfc Yard, Twenty-second and M streets. Telephone Main 7!»1>. rt DURING BALANCE OF THIS MONTH and until Oct. loth, we will offer exceptional bargains throughout our entire line. If you are in the market for a watch, diamond, jewelry, clock, musical Instrument, gun pistol, suit case, trunk, or any of the numerous articles we carry large stocks of, call and let us show you what bargains we have to offer. A present to every lady purchaser next ten days. William H. Stanton Jewelry Company, 1404 140G I9th St., Bakersfield, tf IMPROVED ORDER OF ' REDMEN— WANTKD—A four or tlvo room fur- FOR SALE CHEAP—A milk testing ^ _ -&^_blo._ ^H A A A Talchos Tril".'. No. K-l, permanent i address Box 7*1. Meets every \Ved- n^s-lay at s p. m. in the Workman Hall, Ninete.-nth street. Visiting nished cottage in uood location, for two months, Piione Main 1500. members cordially invited. Haberfelde, Sachem ; John C. of R J. M. n I WANTED—Gooe, gentle driving norse : machine, new. store. 22d and Main 790. Inquire at junk M streets. Phone 67 weighing 1100 or 1200 pounds. Must, HORSES FOR SALE—Pair of good, be safe and reliable for woman to drive. Address, S, Bin 4. tf ry. HARNESS OIL Mr. Win, J, Dryi'ii vntv i>o heard to on the ismies of the day rurnituve Store, rtos J .t-. 1 \n nii'l uoar tilm at h NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. n 1 «'s. busies, etc. Improved Wate best. For sale *'•" •'-• \ harness, carria^;- W. H. WlcUhnm's Pn-of Oil is the by \V. Moylp. :i^ Main 12'.'!. | FRATERNAL ^BROTHERHOOD — Kern Lodm? No. 5S Fraternal Brotherhood, meets on the first and third 1 Wednesday of each month nt ^ p.) m., in K. of P. hull, in Kern City, i H. (!. Brown. President; U. O. Lib-1 M ARX—WANTED— Present Known address of Oustaf Marx, nor or formerly of or last Adolph BaKcrs- well broken young geldings; about 110(i pounds each. Also a gentle saddle pony, cheap. J. Bedlnger, P. Id, Plume 58 O. box Farmers -lu. Held. Liberal -reward. Relatives seek him. Address Von A. Schneider, general delivery, Akron, Ohio. FOR SALE— Aoout 1'JO of * t r.;\ one -Mi;, d rl.n Vo cured usuall n KERN VALLEY CHAPTER, ROYAL. ARCH MAGONS—Mee«.a every Wed \ ;i".-i;i L'L'nt at 8 i». in. VieUire ' I f \ U'ANT^D- 1 K» i" ^:i ;ie to ---ul'iUvit'n' '•- i ..,- i • i» '. . ) i * ! . I > t \ 1 >• ^ I J H rslu-l,!. U. 61 •\ !j.) v. .iht "; i, < v i • v, .]. I) No I cutting alfalfa; suitable fer rat*l-~ feed. For particular? enquire at tne Dave Hlrshfeld. tf FOR BALE—REAL- ESTATE , \ ( i lent For K-r "i\ . ;m-l a. Fuuvi H. - . t al C T - f ' • I * ] I'll li * • 1 1 ( f if .. .. , -'•- — ' U , h J I T'-HESTEK AVENUE JVURSERY ^t-jiUKT WEEDALL, Prop. 1 ' t 1 ,\ f HIM t 'I'liii, < 'M Iff \ i ; .l f H. C HARNEsa With J, W. Bror^rn,; Heal Estate and Insurance Rom 1~>, ne Alain 222 GRDCR OF OWLS > ? ~ •» :». ni,. nit-nib*'.' • i •'. :*c t a ry. • i ne j\t MALE HELP WANTED i I I U Maud's hall cordially i v- i'li'in : .h |,:i lin i AN'l) M'KSK^-XYe will litvra'ly for a little work in \\ till vour M-Mi'i-s-ion. Write , _ .-. , * '•If V« I U ' '•{,'!'• V A f^ T^\ ' \ \ Ti X^l ' ii.,-1. M ' * M 11 O 1 J » * > I' i . _ ^— t > 11' I A [ WANT YOU TO LOOK at the south half of block racing south or. Seventeenth street hi- 1 ween N and O street, UaUersfleKl. ?G4 fron', trood houses; a unod n. Look it up and see li room 11, Hopkins buii i' Main -ii'.;!. GT thre A in Moor PHYSICIAiVa t 4 * . Cur KImvers, Jcv;h:;Tis Orders promptly vx-: Sixth Stand Chester 'Ph»ne, Main 745 _ * ^^^^r ^^ * Aft'. : III sil \ <»! <• in ,(.'!•! . a net ion. made lii'tm «r.i'. *f! li IKi Hell 1 ens'- nt JJ nf will "Mi, --M, J I'nr ill, \\ill I'M- ** * * •« «• Funeral irectors Embalmers n ewe re r4P^*VlfMMf*H OH. LUNG CHOW ON TONQ CO. STORE 19th and Q, Bakerafleld. r<-(,i;< 11 '111 I e <|c!in- at nub- unless n,i vtneni is lie sul,j oil (If .".111 l!tns. to nuv Iht- dei OKI 't her \v it h fsiiiL r ;ind expenses d 1 ' \V. M. \VAi,,.,\('K of Museot Ujl ('onii>;inv. Of- tire, rnnin 1 1!! ('if i/en's National i it;uik btiililint:. eonier Third iind MM in sireet>. Los Anu r eles. 1,'alit'or- nlii. FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD BAKEBSPIELD SANATORIUM port* <j 205 K Street Phone .Main 414 BIMDOKS. SIMPSON CO.. i "" T . rtA ^ M ^TI 1SOO K street, phone Main 1IU; new *)*• «• **. CARSON and second hnnd furnirun* bought ' and sold; houses furnished on easy j R esumes P^c^lce In Biikersfleld. Of installments; furniture rented monthly; special sraniieware and Ultchen nt«»nsil^. iif NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY TO SATISFY LIEN FOR PROTECTION AND SAFE KEEPING. WELL BORERS ... . t-- ; iv-reliv uiven, tbar on ... lith (l;iv of ()etol)er. IIHiS, at the hour ol ID ot'l<K-k a. in. t»t' that diiv. the uu- dersmned will sell at public iiuoiion tlh» ml low i iii: Dersonal pronert v in Iront ot the undersigned's store at Kamoso, Kern Covintv. Culit'ornia. towit: 1 ;; : jn<-li uiMe. 2} feot iirtie ;mvil: 1 lu-inch nine, lo . M)i\u; li lu-iru-h nines, Ili feet iotu:; t 10-inch nine. !!» l'e(-t Urn*; 2 pipes, 20 teet lonn: 1 S-lueh saiul loim: 1 tJ-i 1 ti-Inc aner.. 'JO ich sand »; oet one: H 4 BUREAU xvwu want reliable help of r k(n<* at ao coat to you call '*fi. We I!BO flupply Chinese 4 Eianeso help. »j, ^13- 121C !9fh St i 4* 4* v teet numn. i> teet Jeet loiiir, I Hue cieaner. I 4-ineb clumu- 1 urub hook; 2 la cmmns fnr holdfrm pipe; l lni'ir< vvrencli jibout it leet lontt; I heuvv drill, tt-lo. (1 feet lone, to satisfy the undersiuned's lieu for nrotoction and .s;i!e keeuinu ol mud uropertv In the underslirnvd'H premises In the town of Famoso. Kern Countv, California, or so miK'li thereof as mav be neeessarv to siitisfv said lien and couts of sate, said lii-n hetnu for llie sirtn (jf Jir»0.*)i» lor tht! last two veai'H. The said personal '.H'oitevtv sutiosed to helone lo lae (•oiumon Wealtii Oil romnanv. <»r olh- »-r.s unknown to the undersluned. That the undersigned eame lawfullv into tlie possession of the iKM'sotial tironer- ty and has nnueeteil and sale uuanleil the said Dronertv. Uiis fiih dav of Oetoher. 1UOS. KM I1ONNKT. J. CUHXOW, vrell borer (formerly of the firm of Curnow & Keefe) artesian and surface wolls. Tanks built and put up. Address Bakersfield U. F. D. No. 2. Phone Fann- ers 181. tf 301-2-3. Producers' Saving Bank buildiug. Hourri daily. Telephone Main GG, Residence, Main 4S; Southern Hotel. DR. B. B. REES EMPLOYMNT AGENCIES TMK WINDSOR EMPLOYMENT office. Help of all kinds furnished. Women especially. U>19 K street. Phone Main G:I7. H.H.Wilson. tf A PANESE AND CHINESE LABOR Htireiiu, first class help furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants, housework, etc. Rauch hands and laborers furnished on short notice. day or contract.. A. S. Takay- 21oO L si. Phono Main 1074. FOR RELIABLE HELP—Ring up Main 218. Buckeye Employment Agency, C. C. Scritmer & Co., pro prletors. The bcM of malt? and i> male help on the ,^,nru-t possible notice. UMJ inth *tr. v r, Walters Hotel, BukerslU'U, Cul. tf Vorl\ \VANTEO- Men and s'ronss boys. icn Trade School & Con- Co. tear-lies the trades by actual wo/ii, eJectrlcliy, plumbing, bricklaying, and pays advanced students wafies. Free catalogue. Union School of Trades, 124 East Ninth, Los Angeles. tf K<»!{ SAhK t.r-v One furnisher) bJ'iek colon four loU. Small monthly a-y v>i FEMALE HELP. TRAINED NUHSKS— T A'e will pay liberally for a little work in line with your profession. Write today. Manager, room 51C, Xo 12G5 Broadway, New York. 55 KMPLOYMKNT BIT- piano. Terms reasonahK*. Res. 1S1M street. PUoue Main 14i)0. t!' i NOTICE Nolire Is .ulven tli;U 1"shall apply to the State Board of 1'rlson iMrectors to ho paroled from San Quentin prison, according: to the lnw. til " r. i\i. CM.RASON. help of any call us up \Vo also ese and Japanese he! street. Phone 313. . > on WiUlt reliable land :U m> cost to you supply Chin- 19th tf U nre not too old to be mndn o\cr Y.tu spend a third "f your life in bed, so hnvo JLD RELIABLE Painters YOi'u nors:: tK cioanoii, rcinodoU'd and laid Mattresses made over and returned! the .same day. Your oUl furniture' and made UKr now. I'p- In all ol' it, brMu-lie. 1 -. work nuurmileed by A. (\ iM'o K Hi; telepbou.' Main "US. tf made ov^r by K, C. Crowoll, liou Q street, Kern, rpholsterlnc: anil Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 9 and 10, Fish block, over Hughes drug store. Phone Main 364. DR. FRED J. CREASE Physician and Surgeon. Hopkins building, northeast corner Chester ave., and 19th at.; rooms 12 and 14, Bakersfleld. Oflloe phone Main 247. Res. phone Main 143, Office hours 10 to 12 a. ni.; 2 to 4; 7 to S p.m. T. W. HELM, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bank building, Bakersfleld, Cal. Office phone Main 220; residence, Main 686. DR. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Office hours: 11 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 nnd 7:30 p. m. Office and residence, Main 210. Rooms 207, 208 and 215, Producers Bank building. DR. A. P, SCHAPER Physician and Surgeon. Office, rooms 1. 2, 3, and 4, Oil and Stock Exchange building. ORlce hours from 1 to 3 o'clock; Sundays by appointments only. DR. P. W. MITCHELL Physician and Surgeon. Office, rooms 305 and >>i)ll, Producers Rank building. Office hours from 11 to 12 n. m.» and 3 to 5 p. in. Telephone Main Gf>2. Res. Main 012. LOUT AND POUND LOST—In Bakersfleld, a breastpin made of hair, with gold mountings. Finder will please leave same at this office and receive reward. 59 LOST--Wednesday night, a white nv.ive weighing "about 1000 pounds; had no halter nor bridle. Was last seen at Chester avenue road house. Finder will please notify the Chester avenue road house. 59 down anil r;!.' ;,,( nt.-. Imjimv Keni. VOU CAN MOVE RIGHT pp'Uy homo Tor only $oUU balance llko ivnt — ^;u and it, No. 025 K stm-f. R. A rnoni 1 1, Hopkins building. Main 433. Q 68 cash- look at Moon-. I'hom* 57 COOLEST PLACE IN "/OWN. Is the Pann; ioii;» a T je sit nurter • »nr palms and drink a cooling, refreshing soda water and eat an ici cream or i -e. \Vo sullen wholesale trade, both in creams and candle* Our phone number Is Main 133. LOST—A telephone test set. Reward will be ptiid for tho return oE the instrument to the office of the Sunset Telephone Company. 57 LOST—A coach dog, female; black, with white spots; ubont .') years old. Tag Phoenix, Ariz , dog tax. Finder please notify J. K. Ynucey, 1102 L street, or phone Main 577. tf YOU NEVER BUY A CHEAP BUGGY, aiul expect to get a good one— Neither would you expect to get one of the prettiest homes on Truxtun avenue for $1000. But it will make the first payment; balance like rent. And you can get possession at once. See R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. Phone Main 433. 56 FOUND—Sunday, on road leading to the Roberts ranch north of town, one gauntlet driving glove. Owner may have same hy calling at this office and paying for advertisement. 58 TEN ACftKS, $50 CASH—Balance $1 por month. Price $25 pe-r acre. No taxes, no interest. No risk. Profits certain. Located half mile from R. R. station, six miles from field. Lund level. No hardpan or alkali. Orange, fruit, and vine land, bearing orange orchards near. Fruits ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, and land advancing. $10<) per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expire^. Title good. Maps and further particulars on application. Right to price of land without notice reserved. SUNSET KEAhTY CO., Frosnu. Cal. U LOST—Between Alilson machine shop and Santa Fe deitot, a lady's three- (juarter length black scri;** jacket. Finder will please leave same at Allison machine shops, 01 telephone Main 1222. 58 repairing in all cleaning, eto. SflS. brun- li carpet Main tf r — "h jn '.t CLEANING AND DYEING KUCCTKK' I & JACKSON in all branches Decorations a Spe- OAXEIAGE PAINTTNQ J8IGN8 Main 1136 1527 Wall $t «aker»neld v Gal. FOWLBR ANU KKKNVil CI.KAN- ssi!Ui \\V.i^. \y\\\ K St., IMiono Main \:\:.. :-uit- .'LMnod nnd j Main SI ;Vi. Promt -- DOCTOR FOWLER Physician and Surgeon Office and Private Hospital, rooms 1, 2. I!. 4, r> and C, ITopUinn Huildius. Special attention to dlKe;isi>H of Rye, Ear, Nose nnd Throat. Offlr" hours, 10 a. iu. to 1- in,; 2 to J MISCELLANEOUS i NOTICE-- Public Stenographer, Hopkins Jtjiltf. Phono Main 167. 58 KOH SALR-liay maro, suitable for lady, (iood driver Ask for Dixie, stable. Cl in. Phone FOR SALE— Lots on F street near Santa Fe at bargain prices. One- fourth cash. Also 100 feet front on O street between 2Gth and 27th streets for $75<>; $150 cash, balance any way you want at 6 per cent interest. R. A. Mooro. room It. Hopkins building. Phoue Main 433. 57 "LESSER WRSHFELO Real Ratate and Fin Insurance. Rootr, r,. conklin hnlldlngJO^t) Cheater Av». called for ;\n,i de(i\ IT, ,( er & Olu'i lander, pro-' CIIATKAU FKENTll Kintf them up and l::i cleaned or -:j>on;;etj \v Also slJU.-=. Jare.s, lace Kvery tiling done l>y a vice. Suits <)i)f*rlnnd- ATTOBNEYS T.ATTNDRY— •• your suits '.-•lit fadln 1 *. etc. expert, Roor ing. 'I I I E. L. FOSTER Attorncy-at-Law , Bank of Bakprsfield build- phono Main 2-10. Parties having property of j kind at Kl Capitnn stable will pi. aye remove same at once or other arraimemcnts fcA 1 their A. C. Wirth. 56 2 ISth tit. Phone Main ir,ft5 tf GEO. FLOUBNOY Attorrtey-at-Law Notary Public. Office Stoner s T BW AND SRCONU TiAND Furniture n nd at A. Lincoln'? store. Fourteenth ' huiUllng, corner Chester avenue and Btreot and Chester avptme A gen i7th street. Telephone Mala 67. eral line of household furplshiaga • j_j^ • always at hwid. And at prteet THO8, BOOTT smaller than elsewhere In Bakers- Attorney and Counselor at taw field. Pb<m« IU1& 695. Offlc* OT«T UM Bank of BaktnfleW FOR RENT ----- -~«» -v ' —' •>-•». PASTURAGE—Two miles from town, f^'r horaea or cattle; good feed, shade and running water the year around. Telephone Main 135. tf FmNISHED ROOMS—Single or in housekeeping suitor, with f*n& and electric lights. Hot and cold baths and use of telephone free. The Willow, 1223% mil street, d. L, Willow, proprietor. tf Real Estate and Insurance llucim 4, up stairs, cMvnor Nineteenth Street and Chester Avenue Phone Main 149. PATENT! PATENTS—Hazaro A Stroiia*. Angele*. Patent hook fr*» Lxm Patents Procured In all Countries infringement tltiaatloru TOWN8END, LYON, HAOKLEY 604-7 Merchants* Trust Bttffl Lot Angeles, CaU \ t H

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