The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 6, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 4
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I NEW STORE. Beer ill Beers, [San Diego" il L r ooi| heor like is always pn- ssilisi'yinii and re life lots and lots of u I lieer. tod. lint the of ;ill ;i)id at the top u!' |list is "San l)io'_ro." e Pilll't (lescrilie it- 1 ! ! a —the best we can sav is \ve know you'll like it. lit's gnnd. try it now! . , led Gunther Co. Wholesale Liquors Families Supplied St. Phone Main 99 IUGLY CHARGE AGAINST NEGRO Deeds. R. A. Doran, A. C. nrottse and llurton B. Oreene to Bunker Hill Oil .Mining Company, Jl(); northwest quarter of southwest quarter flection I Poian, Brouse & Price, inc., t<> ' W. F. Talbott, a welM.m.wn young 'sar,;' ?i" arid other valuable consid-•'"' Km ' WBS arrested last ninht upon; •.•rations, sumo property. ' '''"'I' 1 """- "' n om-n.n,ed Mexican., * Hie hitler !,>• «;:-• 111 com- • Amaranth hand Company to Edwin ' puny with a negro woman who robbed' llorn.r Fisher, $10; south half lot him () f $1.50, and wii.-n h- protested. M7. rnurth Home Extension colony, jTalhot took a hand ami afi-r heating! Administratrix estate of Walter U 'him .severely throw him I nun the V.u!, fan-oil W. Gates, surviving > buildlriK. Talljot denial ;„•• c.large. t partner \ ail and Gates, Carroll \V. ilie had borne a (rood n jraiatam liere-! t.'ates to Kinolre Land and Cattle I IOI./M. arid an the .M">if ,m did not a])- j ffiinpany, $10; one-half interest pear lo pi-ens the charge .1'idac Thorn-: southeast (inarter noction 2, also'as did nothing t'urt:^ r ih,;:. ••>, a'lmin- !,<u-thwest (inarter, east half of south- ' i.uer a stern lecture • as! (inarter section 12, 28-27. | Kid Powers, the prize fighter, alias C. Hlckerdlko, commissioner, to S '.Joe Hatfleld, was returned irom Coal-' WrlRht .Jewett, $188.!U; lots 3 and 4, Inga last evening by Constable. New-! block IS. Bakerafield, judgment vs. ell. Powell must face a charge of i Jerome T. Mullen. IMf Gold rimmed spectacles. Illy broken; in hlack case. Find- Jill please leave same at this of- land receive reward. - ~i'.< E, H. LOVELAND * ^holeiale Produce Merchant -5 f.y, Grain, Potatoes. Beans, *5 s, and all farm products. 4 \\. Newman, teacher of violin, i Main 501. Producers Bank I g. tf i We Want You to Come R. A. MOORE |cal Estate and Insurance Room 11, Hopkins Bldg |hone Main 433 Bakersfleld in! SEEING 18 BELIEVING The Quality Is High The Prices are Low. A Complete Stock of Furniture. Carpets. Ru<_'s\ Mailings. Draperies. Shades, Brass lunl Kiunnel Metis, I'il- IdWS. Iicddiflir, etc., '•((•., i.-f-j, Phonographs and Records. OPEN AN ACCOUNT PHILIP W. 1408 Nineteenth St. Phone Main 173 embezzlement and one of robbery. j Albert Scohle, a deserter from the Riverside Indian school pave himself up to Deputy Sheriff Quinn last even- ' jlng. Scoble escaped from the institu- [ tion about a week ago and Is now' anxious to return and again eat regularly. HATFIELD WILL MAKE RAIN IF IT From the south has come word that 0harles M. Hatfleld, the rain-! maker, left Ixjs Angeles last Satur- j day for the San Joaquin valley to In-. augurate another series of experl- j monts in increasing the precipitation , of moisture. He will make his sta- INTRODUCING the * snappy new, stylish "Kilroy" hat for fall and winter wear. They come in all the new shades, including the popular greens. Can be worn in three different becoming shapes. $3.50. Men who are ready for new fall suits, ties, underwear and shirts will find the biggest and l>est assortments here. iAT Lii MS HE HE MAJESTIC THE NEW MOVING PICTURE SHOW. :'. A. E-h'iv!' IViaiv.i^or. 7:30 to 10:33 |-A Carnival Nich'." ("Lost a Pretty ~Doy" |'A .Country CourUni.y "Acrobatic Pillo" Open j to f/ :.".o : Ycu Hid a Wife Like This" ist t.ynne" (The cjre^t fnctiona SONG*' I'JUST BEHIND THE TiMES" -A LITTLE COZY FLAT" tlon on the West Side of the San Joaquin river, the dry portion of the valley, and will endeavor to supply | rain for Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin Counties, the same section '• where he laired Tor two winters. j Hig experiments this time will com- men. u November 1 and continue (o J Aj/rll 15. From the lact that he will ; I .no- located at an elevation of 1,900 j I feet instead of at -15" feet as last year' ! lie expects to derive better results, i | "This year 1 work under & guaran- I •tec of $:!.n»ii for twelve; inches of) I rain." said he. "I I;..,,, confident that' I1 can make ^ D M. One of my great- < i est HiiccesvieK was scared in the inter- ' lor u £ Oregon this s:\immer, where 1 obUlned 1!.<I5 inches of rain in a dls- Uriel that usually has one inch or : I less."—Fresno Republican. i JAPAN GETTING BULK OF ; « SOUTH AMERICAN TRADE. ; I.OS ANGKUCS. Oct. 0.—"Japan is doing more today with the trade alont? the wes coast of Soutl*America than our cities." | j Tliis was the statement made by '^,'',,',' )'„,'.!]'."-j- ,';',' ..lolin Hat-reft, director of the Interna- ',. [Jre-i'.h'iir tt'• • 'tloiiul Bureau of American Republics ' w ', m |,| ",.,.,,„ i ,'. ' .during an address yesterday after- ; coie'ic—in <n I noon at the Chamber of Commerce, ln f,,if t'ollov •'•• j in which he outliti"-! he unlimited —f\,i- !,,.'>" .>! .advantages lo be gained by Los An- ; ni ,.,,,;, lu ".., i ; ,,', Keles and other Pacific, coast points ' j nl |.,j,'|,i~ ,•: •,. i in dovclopiiii: the trade with the west. w ,.,,ti'n ' • ... coast of South America. ; O'.io ..'..-.I ; I "I waul you to i-ea'.ix.e the possihlli- |,i','..,u- ;;., , ,.,,,i, jlies of (IcYelnpillK the irade relations i,|,.||i. ;... ; |ii ; .i j with Mexico and Central and South pr,,i,;tt,| 'v,,.i..l j Americiin republics." he -aid. "Nine- ijnie"n,".-,•;:'. jty P'-r ''-lit nl' Hie trade in fhc-e re-. --Kepi* in- iu | I'libli, s i^oes to Knr.'... :iv| i't'. <.;,!•'! '.,,; [ \ v - , ^ ,.<'! I coast at present and i wo>i.'d I:|.; e to see conditions reversed." Anxious- i\Iother—How is thy boy Betting along at school? Teacher—lie's slow and sure. ; Anxious Mother—Beg pardon? 1 j Teacher—He is slow to learn and j ?uro to forget.—Chicago News. i —. -»-•-» I "Say, paw," queried small Tommy .•;•!: I Toddles, who was perusing a hook of i 'in• j proverbs, "is it true that harking ..-. i,! I'OL-S do not bite?" in:.: 1 "I never knew one to bite while he -lie | was harkiiiK," answoi-d Toddles, Sr. — J j ! :it i Cliirayo Daily News. : i.isj I'RHS 'v.-i! | Mrs. L. A. SchloHser was railed to I Sloelucin on acnlllll ol the illness of Viatenii'iit ! her dauphl'T, Mr.s. Harry Pross on. MODISH CREATIONS IN MILLINERY. My stock is varied to gratify Individual tastes. Prices consistent with the character and quality of the goods. •*<:> Stevens BAKERSFIELO OPERA HOUSE UnlVL. II H I I L.LU »OBT. 6. «AITON..H.. M » .„• ,, tl -, nili,, .- ,;.,, PI ,..-. m ------- -*»-»., --------- .leciioi) u!' ,l:i:li; THREE MEN BURIED ' , lot j n ,-,„. fut BY THE CAVING OP BANKS. ' '!)at I believe,! ur I I'fll-tTI.AM i llie.i. hnl li |{M.- - ei ;i I" J a I i\ e l \ ej..' h M . I by I he caviir.; in n 1 ' j a sewer this iiioruiu 1 . 1 | ;i|)ly dea I while i -i I [''rani. Mai-.'on, v.-.;.- ; I and pinioned by t'.e ''is) to extract bit.i. ^"." »••-• 1 , r , '.';C5; j "i --ninr T n fr. (••••-. i; r-A-,-< \ •!•-,,( uo iild lie i leoed President an ',.. -.'-...• o:r.i"d that his administration would lo, ? ; ii.i ir. '.-iv. -;;i i ' \vise and benelicial' to vlie people tha; •• •;•:. ],,•;. o' n ' il H .y would demuna that he serve then I:-.- h : ,--e prob- ' aiio'ther t.e.rm. 'Al'ter that,' I Siiii.-. -.,i;-| vi-rim ,; 'Ohio would not be and \\-oiili i. l\u|ii ; Lead Lldd to ,vi..:e o'»'e;- .MMIR— prrMa;. • ;i:!.er,. ||e is New York— to numinaU- the next Pie- ,,,,,',. 1 Friday, October 9th --- - -.. - .. . MAIN 128 --; _ |Under New Management—The Home of Stopk—Commencing Oct. 5th GENSVIEVE CUNNINGHAM, TEDD BRACKETT, AND A SELECT COMPANY. WEEK OF OCTOBER 5th. " MY JIM " VAUDEVILLE BETWEEN ACTS PRICES 10c, 25c, 35c, 50c MATINEES SATURDAY, lOc, 25o. Seat Sale at Theater, Opens Saturday, 10 a. in. I "1 had no p:,i-:i.'-\r.<ir M "*"**" • mind, New York comins fii'.si >'•'•' u•:• Recovering From Operation —Mrs. i .;iind becaiii.e of liie pre.-ence o! M .1. \V;: r ren Taliim. uho «-;IK o[icnitc(l , -^!:er.uai) on the platform. A' i|; •• on Saturday by Dr. A. I-'. Schafer for' oiut many people shouted Mloo-.N." •ippeiidif iti.-i. is i-ecoveriii'-' and will und the audience cheered his n;.'... 11 n ha\e r't-aine.: her healtli. j loudly. Here to Live— \J \Vaiiyenheiii) , •••—»-^> brother of the lute Mel vYangenheim ! TAFT IN MISSOURI. bat; arrived here ti; asuiiK- <'hur«e of : 1IOI5KHLY, Mo., Oct. •;. Si i.,.i|i- : '' III"M - !Ml!e-h!!l; !•'1 i'i rt Mlellt of|wlll lie tllO HIL-CCU l.f tllC 1! e \f', '. • '. i' a ll Iliiclihr iuiei- sune. iiir- wife will ! presidential candidate Today. Alt.-, i soon join him and they will make I live, short speeches enro'ife thai city their home here. j wil be reached. Taft is- to ii,al,i an | W. C. T. U. Meeting—The \y. C. T. ' extended address at the Cfi.'i.-eiim this '' will ineei u t i!>.. s ii A. i hiirch. I afternoon. H« will attend ihe ha;'. , corner ol (Oii^titli anil I :ti-...ts. to- i "f the Veiled I'liophels this oveiijus: morrnw al :; ji. ni. Mr- c N. MUid-iand will hold a reception ai ilie 1 will (b-c.oii...||..i;r' ;.;::;!*!•• ••-, ,1111 cuts ' f'litnle.-s Hotel. :it'i ieaie Jur ' l"r cold:, and fe-.e; ,v;-h-ri: i| M . iic ( . ( ,f I Chicago Wedn.-d::y. .'Irs Maddux is presiiieut ] A False Alarm—The tire .Lp-nt- I - - I me.llt v.'ii.-i called out ai 1:::, MJS SUPERVISORS TRANSACT j morning. An alarm was PI:.1- in t.,, m DETAIL BUSINESS ' i<ox •'"'' ljut nl ' ter a last •'"' '"' ''"'P ; i laddies could not locate a i,ii,. h j s JudKcs llennet ! and Million lrive'" ot ^ nov '' n wuo tllnu 'd in :!.• . hirin in pursuauce of law prescribed !the' .„ ~~, J***"""" . bond of supervisors 10 | H . ( .] ( . r .|ei .,iil To M ° v « to Ma r icop?.---..,: i'lyde the oomiiiK election at $L'."uu ' Garfield la here from .Marie,,pn pack- AtiKUHt Hakn-.a,.. : u indigent ner- lng ner household good.-:, which \ v ni son, was allowed $7 ':• .,, , mouth llfl taken to the Oarileld home in the The Distinguished Actor Dust in Farnum Management of Liebler & Company in Edwin Milton Royle's The Squaw Man THE PLAY OF THE CENTURY Seats on Sale Wednesday.V Prices, 50c to $2 v. MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue - Admission !0c Continuotts Pericrniiu: •:.* 7:'30 to 10: y p. M. BOX orFi-n; :-P: •?• ~ ... •.. STRICTLY HIG:: CL ' SONGS; FUN A:,', . •--. :.c.- "Dieppe Circuit" fiie Poisoned Bouquet" Alive" Miller, His Son, and the Ass •« • '.i! i 5, TED . ml) the Ol. 1 Kutirc I'liango of Program Monday M.itiuco Saturday and Stioday. The petition for road M; wa^ tied until November ;,. *•*»— • Church funeral TeH->y al of li. F. Ch'.i'vl.. ;.. who die I i-ii-i-.was held at L'::ju il.js .,-; the underlakiu-; Son--'. Rev, I'ai Soiirh .Mi tfiodi.-,! services. Addressed ET lil OV, II, ., Oil Lie:- c; i-: .i-: -i, '.'r, •-•• •u contin ' West Slde ' Tne 1>non '' ! -'>' slt 'm of 1 whlefc Air. Garfleld is sup,nniendent is now worUing smoothly SUBMARINE GOES 693 MILES UNDER WATER CHERWM'C., Oct v Th. -ibmarinc i-'meraude arrived hi'i-i- '.)•: ,- , after a run of eighty-one lion;-. ;i , H |,ich >iie covered a distance of ' - a ih-, und'T The 909 •jr 3P" Y\ TT 7* K.issel-\-Kar IS HERE "The Kissel Rjrty" Visll be continue,! f,, r lH!) at til 1 ' Bailie pi-ice, i lie iiiiproveiin :its mi this iiopuliil'' model oon- u-li\i'l.s, -'t ol Jioji vier, iii'al out axle, 1 l.Vin h: ''• '.' !' lillisll 'I, ;,o. 111. \V* P4) llUll Mir mcncy if ycu don't ! the want ad». ? onstration.

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