The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 4, 1970 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1970 Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: lyear.... 6 months. 3 months. Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE .45? per week accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. $11.00 6.50 3.S0 No mail subscription Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL , ; 1— : — Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3,1897. | SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-223* E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 own C ^ioch ne SHOES FOR KIDDIES Bv R.D. Maney. THE ANNUAL "SHOES .supplying shoes for FOR KIDDIES" campaign is on. and we are sure you all know it is a yearly worthwhile project the underprivileged. . .and is carried out in a manner befitting jsuch a project. The following people, together with yours truly, are privileged to form the committee to handle the program, year after year.. .and this writer would appreciate your contribution; small or large, to the fund. THE IDEA was conceived by the late Hugh Carter.. .and since that time, carried forward by a committee headed by Fred Surber, the committee consisting of Homer Brinegar, Mrs. James Cox, Mrs. Allen Perry, ikiss Maude Welsh, Vincent Guentfaer, Mrs. Irene Finley and this [writer. CERTAINLY, at this time of year, we who are fortunate to have some of the necessities of life. . .forget there are many people who are without the bare necessities. . .and may want to help them if reminded of the fact This we are doing here. Share your Christmas, or at least a part of it, with a needy child, or a needy person who may appreciate the gift of a pair of shoes or clothing. Members of the commit tee have their 'chores' to perform in the project. . -and all are anxious to make the 1970 fund.. .the BEST EVER!, A list is compiled of the children by the Welfare Department and Miss Maude Welsh, County Health Nurse. Names are added if people knowing of a 'needy child,' advise the County office. . .and they upon investigation, add the names to the list. FUNDS NOT SPENT during the Christmas Holiday Season are used later on in the year if an occasion arises, as in the past several times, help has been given families who have suffered fire damage, with both clothing and other necessary items lost f COST MINIMUM THE. COST IS MINIMUM. . .$6.00 will "Shoe" a child, but Round Town asks that any money, no matter how small the amount, be sent in to the "Shoes for Kiddies", P.O. Box 219, or if you prefer. . .to the TRIBUNE, where we will pass it on to the treasurer of the group. Donors are named in the paper. Groups may also send money in to the Shoes for Kiddies box; sororities, fraternal groups, school groups, factory groups, everybody! | .THINK IT OVER. All children like new shoesl So you can... in your mind's eye, picture the delight of the youngster who receives the shoes on Christmas! If things have been fair or good for you, think of the people who have not been so fortunate. . .you will be rewarded one day for your generosity. j We'll thank you in advance for your contribution, no matter how small, it is in the GIVING. . .that's what really counts! NEW WORDS OR NEW MEANINGS? THE WORD COEXISTENCE is a word TANDIED ABOUT since the Communists came to' power. It is a word used to try for an existence of both a FREE world and a CA#3TVE one. Maybe it does have a certain sound, which diplomats construe to mean the people using the term really mean business, but the Russians hare used it so much to their advantage, it hardly means much to the average American in this day and age. They say PROM BROKEN, and this is exactly what the EES were made to be REDS use them for. . • WE GET INTO so many 'cold war' talks, we hardly have time to think much about what the word coexistence really means. We have even gone so far that we sometimes forget the Russ are our MORTAL ENEMIES. 1 . .and think maybe (the diplomats do at least). . .we are living) in the PAST and the way of the present and future is the best, with allowance made to the REDS for their past butchery and lies. | It seems to this writer. . .the main objectives of peace with the ACTIVE enemy, the CONG and NORTH VETS. ..and the INACTIVE enemy. . .the Russ. . ,are sometimes rather confusing. Things happen every now and then however, which bring us back to REALITY, [like the brazen seizure of a Lithuanian seaman, who had 'leaped to safety' on an American Coast Guard Cutter, from a RED fishing ship; then was returned to the Russ .. .after some argument.. AH! Here's where the coexistence comes in! After some talk the Seaman was returned to the Russ, who accused him of stealing. -If so, why was he allowed the FREEDOM of the ship.. .to be in a position to defect? It sounds as 'fishy' as the Russ can % get . .from here. Tc[ COEXIST with THEM.. .we must aUow them to TAKE a defector from our ship. . .this Is the latest 'face slapping* Uncle Sam has taken from the Russ.. .and we nope the last] j AH YES! The ship captain had asked higher authorities what to do.. .and received his orders. Co-exist by all means, especially if the Russ really want the man! THE VERY FACT that the man was bound hand and foot (by the Russ) and taken back, without anyone lifting a finger to help him. . .must have caused many a belly laugh among the Rusky... when the fishing ship 1 ' - the man. . .? What 's we? It seems to this SIDE! [got under way again. What happened to the difference, we have to coexist, don't Writer that COEXISTENCE Is all on ONE HOSPITAL NOTES ADMISSIONS: Raymond A. Johnson, Tipton; Dorothy Jackson, Atlanta; Donald LJ Glass, Kokomo; Norman D. Pyke, Tipton; Eruka D. Duncan, I Tipton; Jennifer L. Schroeder, j Greentown; Billte J. Frye, Elwood; Jess P. Branson, Tipton. 1 DISMISSALS: Gerald P. Mc- C or mack, Tipton; Estelle Petty Tipton; Starla Stiner, Kokomo; Velma Bragg, Noblesvllle; Joseph O. Ramseyer, Sharpsville; Margie England, Tipton; Richard Dotson, Sheridan; Mary Stevens, Hemlock; Ethel M. Foster, Tipton; Agnes Head, Tipton; Virginia Miller, Arcadia; Albert Kimbler, Windfall; George Davis, Tipton; Connie Horton, Tipton; Glenda McNtw ft Infant, Tipton. Devils Hosts Giants This Saturday Night ByEldonCage Tribune Sports Editor BiU Green has taken over as Marion Giants head basketball coach from Jack Colescott, who moved up to Marion High School Athletic Director but Tipton Coach John Moses isn't sure this is a good thing for bis Satans Saturday night as Bill Green has had lots of success at Indianapolis Cathedral as well as at Indianapolis Washington over the years. He won the State Championship with Washington in 1969, after succeeding Jerry Oliver. Despite losing six 1969-70 HH Results, Schedule Hamilton Heights Freshmen basketball team outscored the Sheridan Frosh Thursday night at Arcadia, 50-43. Dave Pickett paced the young Huskies with 18 points. Hamilton Heights Varsity Wrestling team lost it's second in a row 51-5 to Pendleton Thursday night Coach Dean Small's Huskle varsity basketball team hosts Frankton Friday night and Sheridan Saturday night and fans probably will see two high scoring games this weekend at Arcadia. Hpfon Frosh Win Tipton's Freshmen A team paced by Jerry Acres 10 points beat Elwood Thursday night, 33-29. Jeff Landrum and Rick Cauble assisted In the Devil win with six markers each. Tipton won at the free throw line with 11-16. Tipton's Freshmen B lost to Elwood 29-21. * Police Arrest (Continued from page one) group prepared to break the windows of the bank, the police moved in and made the arrests. Police said they confiscated four one-gallon milk bottles filled witn an incendiary subtance believed to be benzene' gasoline and oil. The alleged bomb target was a branch of the First National City Bank on Manhattan's upper East Side. The arrests were made at 3:15 a.m. The detective said the group went 1 to the scene from the Greenwhich Village neighborhood in three taxicabs. The women carried the milk bottles. When they arrived at the bank, ttey left the bottle near a window and then two of them moved up and down outside to act as lookouts, the police said. The men then arrived and the detective said the police saw two of them holding hammers, apparently preparing to break thewindow in order to throw the incendiary into the bank. v The six suspects reportedly told the police they had planned a series of bombings to mark the4 killing of Illinois Black Panther leader Fred Hampton a year ago today in a police raid on an apartment in Chicago and to mark Nixon's scheduled visit to the city tonight to speak to the National Association of manufacturers. US-USSR MEET SET SAN FRANCISCO (UPI>- Tbe 1971 track and field meet between the United Shates and Russia scheduled for July 7-10, has been offered to the 90,000- seat stadium of Stanford University, it was announced Thursday by the AAU. The meet will be sponsored by the San Francisco Exuml- ner. J . . stars, the Giants are back with two 6'6" players, Greg Oradat and Wendell Cates. MayoScrog- gins and Bruce Baumbaugh are 6'3" returnees.. Other Marion roundballers to visit Tipton Saturday night are Greg Peden, Gary Ballinger, Robin Emmons and Mike Kinzie. Coach Moses, barring any further injuries in the Muncie Burr is game tonight, will start Jim York and Tim Clouser at forwards; Bob Richardson at center and Jeff Juday and Bill Sullivan at guards. Season tickets may still be purchased at the Tipton High School gym tonight P ^occer Champ | EDWARDSVILLE, 111. (UPI) — Defending NCAA soccer champion St. Louis University will try for its eighth title in 12 years Saturday against the Bruins of UCLA. The Bit likens, ranked No. 1 in the nation and unbeaten in their last 29 games, edged Hartwick College, 1-0, in semifinal play Thursday at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. UCLA moved into the final playoff with a 4-3 win over Howard University in a game played before the St. Louis- Hartwick game. The Bills, who go into the filial game with a season record of 14-0-1, have dominated the college game since the NCAA began varsity competition 11 years ago. UCLA, ranked No. 5 in the nation, has a 16-0 record for the season. * Counselors (Continued from page one) tor M. Bogle, chancellor of IUK, will address the counselors on the general theme of "The Changing Scene at IUK." In the afternoon, panels of counselors and school officials will discuss the ^changing scene in the regional high schools. Panelists will be Earl Lees, .Haworth High School in Kokomo; Gene Parks, assistant principal of Kokomo High School; Bruce Stuart, Logansport High School; Carey Murphy, Northwestern High School; Noel Davis; Peru High School; Rice Davis, Taylor High School; and Calvin Kistler, Western High School. * Modern Day (Continued from page two) 2 Worship the Lord gladly, and come before bim with joyful songsl 3 Never forget that the Lord is God! He made us, and we belong to him; we are his people, we are his flock. A Enter his temple with thanksgiving, go into his sanctuary with praise! Give thanks to him and praise him! 5 The Lord is good; his love lasts forever, and his faithfulness all time. UPI 1970 COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY DANA SUTTON Tipton - Windfall Dial 628.7930 JUST A FEW GOOD DATES LEFT! Call now to reserve our dining room. Bowl-O-Drome Ph. 675-7110 * Drugs and Conservation (Continued from page one) mailing list is prepared for each meeting of leaders, governmental officials, organization officers, etc. These lists include some 40.60 persons. ff The meeting dates will be selected by the township officers in the respective townships. These meetings will be held in January and February. * Swine Industry (Continued from page one) pounds when the sow was vaccinated, and 14.9 pounds when the sow was not vaccinated. Results of this nature are not up to the high standards generally required for licensing veterinary biologists, but officials are not sure that current laboratory tools give a true evaluation of the protection actually provided by indirect immunization. Actually, the new vaccine could well be a material help to the swine industry in reducing the high losses caused by TGE. In approving the new product, the Division instructed the manufacturer to emphasize on the product label and in advertising material that baby pigs depend on passive antibodies in sow milk for protection. This milk must actually be present in the intestine of the pigs at the time they are exposed to TGE virus; even then, any protection pigs receive can be overcome by heavy exposure to TGE virus. Farmers and their veterinarians must take all possible steps to minimize exposure by following good management and herd health practices. USDA officials are highly interested in hearing about practical field results with the vaccine. -Veterinarians and farmers willing to cooperate are asked to contact the Veterinary Biologies Division, 215 Federal Center Building, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782. Basketball To Celebrate 75 Years Enc. Britannica— UPI CHICAGO - Basketball, the only major sport strictly of U.S. origin, next month celebrates a diamond jubilee—in the Middle West .a thousand miles from its birthplace. It was 75 years ago, come •Jan. 18, that the first college basketball game with five on a side was played. The game was invented on a December day 79 years ago by a YMCA physical education instructor, James Naismith, at Springfield, Mass. Among those exposed to it in the early stages, according to Encyclo­ paedia Britannica, were H. F. Kallenberg and Amos Alonzo Stagg. ' 50-Man Teams Kallenberg brought basketball to the University of Iowa and Stagg implanted it in the University of. Chicago. By then the game was spreading among other campuses- but it was several years before the inevitable happened—basketball broke | out of its intramural confinement and went intercollegiate. This happened when Stagg and Kallenberg sent their teams into competition. The scene was Iowa City. The scor.e ended 15-12 in favor of Chicago. Neither team used a-substitute. One of the early problems in the game was deciding on the proper number of players. At Cornell, in 1892, the game was played with 50 men on each team—but not for long. The total dipped to seven and then, a few months prior to the Iowa- Chicago clash, to five. The First Pros- . After the first intercollegiate gape became history, basketball's fathers advanced to the neixt logical step— the . tournament The first national tournament was staged by the Amateur Athletic Union in 1897. It [was won by the 23rd Street YMCA of New York City. Perhaps naturally, this team turned pro, calling themselves the New York Wanderers. jone of the game's more important dates came Dec* 29, 1934, when basketball was introduced at Madison Square Garden, with Notre Dame playing New York University and St John's opposing Westminister of Pennsylvania before a 1 crowd of 16,138. The success of that program put basketball into the big time and college teams began playing far from home. i j Basketball's biggest thrust is among the younger players. Only a few of the nation's 19,000 high schools abetain from inter scholastic- basketball. |There are some communities with more seats in the gym than people in, the town. It is [estimated that high school jbasketball each-season attracts an attendance of 120 million— 13 [million in Indiana alone. Think of the turnout if they had stuck with the idea of 50 players on each side. Drop out now. Pay later. Twice as many dropouts are out of work as high school graduates. £6j ril JUNIOR'S ••86" SERVICE TIRES & BATTERIES •Tune-up * Brake Service] * Washing * Lubrication * Wheel Balancing DIAL 675-2540 122 W. Jefferson Tipton DANCE Tipton Elks Club Saturday Nile December 5tfa 9:30 to ?? V Eisenhower Commemorative Medallion Available for Christmas It is the size of a silver dollar and has two exquisite portraits of Dee — one as our President and one as a General. Each medal is serially numbered and limited issue of this Collectors' item is made of SOLID SILVER (99.99%) packaged individually in a clear plastic case so that each face is clearly visible without having to touch the medal itself — thus preserving it forever. Only $10. Dial 675-2263 FREE! I for any or LETTERS FROM GIRLS —SANTA Here is all you do. Choose from several different types of letters. Then address it to your girl or boy, drop it in our special MAIL BOX. We will have it postmarked from SANTA CLAUS, Ind. Your child will receive envelopes furnished FREE! STOP IN AT FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY "Your Friendly Bank" TlptOtt, Ind.

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