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Kenosha Newsi
Kenosha, Wisconsin
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1b44c-k4 i Un 6 State 111st3r1ca1 Society Comp Ladizon -rc Little Change in Tem rerature Tonight and Thursday Forenoon ome Edition VOL XLIX-NO 142 16 PAGES KENOSHA WISCONSIN WEDNESDAY APRIL 7 1943 16 PAGES PRICE FOUR CENTS A British Smas A aepenole AU City Inners ntests ecto -1 1 51-' -'k a 't''' 41'l! i- tk) --1- -4ets: w- :1 '4 s'i 7 ::::::4 -4'' 16 ct c14 ktii47s '4 'r) :91 iiN 7 (k -7 41777 s- 4 'e4: CL-' c-v -i: 4 1 )4 44k zt tk 'ie' l40V 4't' '''''''ZIa7' f' VON ARNIM ON THE NORTHERN FRONT German Gen Jurgen von Arnim left enemy commander on the northern Tunisia front shakes hands with a Nazi shock troop leader back from a battle in the Tunis area Picture was received through a neutral source Nazi and Italian High Commands Will Meet to Map Italy's Defense New Americans Open New Offensive To Tighten Trap 8th Army Breaks Through Rommel Defenses Air War Keeps Pace Allied Headquarters in North Africa: (111 The British eighth advancing beyond the captured Wadi El Akarit defenses took additional prisoners today and Americans beat down German resistante in pushing in from the west on Marshal Erwin Rommel it was officially reported from the front The forces of Gen Sir Bernard Montgomery were successfully cleaning up the Wadi El Akarit battlefield 20 milernorth of Gabes the reports said and their victory apparently bad paved the way for a junction with the Americans of Lieut Gen George Patton Jr on the Rank Twice checked by a stubborn German defense of dominant hill positions on the Gatsa-Gabes road the Americans were reported to have resumed their heavy assaults with growing success seize Two High Stills Earlier reports said the Amer-cans had mopped up the enemy on Djebel Melilla north of MakhassY and advanced east of El Guetar Seizing two high hills which dominated the new defenses along the Wadi El Altera 20 miles north of Gabes the British held these strong points through violent german counterattacks after a breakthrough behind a heavy artillery barrage and an allied headquarters communique said they captured 5000 prisoners mostly Italians Reach Open Country (Prime Minister Winston Chue -chill told the House of Commons hi London that British armor had reached open country yesterday after taking all the key positions in the Wadi El Akarit line and that Rommel was retreating northward with Montgomery in "hot pursuit" (Six thousand axis prisoners had been captured he said after an artillery preparation from 500 guns a concentration about equal to that which opened the El Alamein battle in Egypt last October) (The Algiers radio in a broadcast recorded in London said tonight that the eighth army was continuing-to advance with tanks and armored cars screening waves of infantry (The German radio said competent military quarters refused to make forecasts on the battle which was said to be in "full swing" German commentators pointed out however that Gen Sir Bernard Montgomery had never gone into action until he was sure of sufficient superiority in men and ma-The Americans attacking 40 (Continued on Page Eight) Bolivia Placed In State of War Mussolini Appeals to Germany for Reinforcements to Meet Allied Invasion Threat Italians Reported to be Rushing Coastal Fortifications London (UR) The German and Italian high commands will meet soon in the Brenner Pass to discuss the defense of Italy against an Allied invasion which the Axis believes may follow close on an Anglo-American victory in Tunisia reports reaching Allied governments in London said today Rumors circulated in Switzerland that Adolf Hitler and Premier Benito Mussolini plan to attend the meeting but competent Allied quarters believed this unlikely However' Germany is expected to send Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop' momentarU to ussian miles Rome to confer with Mussolini on Italy appeal' for seven additional army divisions and two more air em corps to counter any landing at Flaht tpt in Suburbs Russian Armies Fight in Suburbs Tunisian Army Describes Some Fiendish Nazi Booby Traps Washington (UY) The War department today described some of the latest booby traps the enemy has designed to injure careless soldiers: A whistle that doesn't explode until it is blown The vibrating pea hits a detonator causing the explosion 2 Thermos bottles which don't explode when moved only when tilted 3 Earphones that do not explode until connected with electhe circuits Negro Soldiers In Training Off South Shore Battalion Establishes Army Anti Aircraft Training Center The war came closer to Kenosha today with the first public announcement that a battalion of coast artillery soldiers from the Anti-Aircraft -Artillery Training Center at Fort Sheridan is now in bivouac at Edithton Beach a half mile south of Kenosha The soldiers are negroes under the command of Lt Col Raymond Shields The men arrived Sunday night in motor vehicles from the fort Scores of jeeps in addition to all of their fighting equipment filled the highway and much of the equipment was seen on Kenosha streets as the men and their ofcers paved the way for preliminary details in the establishment of the Many of the men soon came to Kenosha and the streets 'were filled with them Monday and Tuesday nights Absence of entertainment facilities for the men was evident but commanding officers said the men are being encouraged to spend their brief leaves during the maneuvers at the negro USG center in Waukegan and in Chicago Shoot Air Targets The training program at the beach will include firing of antiaircraft weapons at targets towed by army bombers stationed at the municipal airport in Chicago This is the type of training that has been in progress at Fort Sheridan since the establishment of the training center in March 1942 4 The area south of Kenosha along the section of shoreline known as Van Ingen's Woods is ideal for simulated war maneuevers army authorities said There were many details connected with the training project however which are military information and cannot be revealed The soldiers are the first negro troops that have been trained under the supervision of the Fort -Sheridan command The presence of the troops gave rise to numerous rumors that spread throughout the city Some of these were that the government was purchasing acreage in the 'vicinity of the camp at tremendous prices that 10000 men were being trained here that the government was considering building a "submarine base" in the area that travel south of the city would be restricted Public Barred The only restrictions on traveling are in the immediate vicinity of the camp AU roads 'leading to the encampment have been barricaded and the public is barred from that area east of the North Western railroad tracks Army authorities have indicated that they will give public notice at least 48 hours before actual firing practice will begin In the meantime the camp facilities are being developed Tor the men The city of Kenosha has offered its cooperation to the army Water facilities are to be extended to the camp and Police Chief John Sullivan and City Manager James Wallace have conferred with the commanding officers regarding community problems that might arise azi Assa Patton's Troops Edge Ahead in Maknassy Area Threaten Important Pass Battle Stubborn Resistance East of El Guetcg By PHIL AULT United Press Staff Correspondent With Americans on central 'Tunisian Front 0)13 Attacking American tanks and Infenti7 still hammered at stubborn Axis rear guard action in the Djebel Berda Hills east of El Guetar today but the United States troops edged forward in the Maknassy sector to within 200 yards of the important Maizila Pass Fighting was heaviest in the Djebel Berda sector Where the en-i emy artillery is strongly placed In rocky hills dominating the Kebill road junction But since Tuesday afternoon the Axis resistance haft appeared to be weakening and there were growing hints that the bitter battle is approaching an end The Americans at present fighting in the last six-mile stretch of German-held hills between us and the cbastal plain must still break through strongly entrenched positions in order to join the British eighth army Advances in the last 24 hours have been slight when measured in miles but much greater when measured in the weakening of enemy fighting power Nazis Cling Tenaciously The Germans have been clinging tenaciously to the slopes of Djebel Berda several miles behind the inost advanced American positions on the right flank These -pockets have kept the forces from breaking through to the coast They are being cleaned out but it is a slow nasty lob i Every soldier here is testimony to how tough the job is Most of them are wearing ragged pants Their field jackets are in tatters and their shoes are worn through The Kebili road junction and hills just soutiv of that junction hold the keys to the entire situation in this area right now The infantry has advanced a considerable distance beyond the junction on the left side and they now hold half of Djebel Chemsi a mountain toward Maknassy Reach First Objective In the local attack north of Maknassy American troops occupied some high ground regarded as their' first objective in winning control of the 34-mile dirt road between Maknassy and Sidi Bouzid to the north The chief job now remaining is winning complete control of the 90- mile Macadam Gaisa-Gabes road The mission of today's main attack In the El Guetar sector was to clear out the Axis Kebili junction positions south of the Gabes road As long as the enemy hold those spots an overextension eastward would be dangerous Approve Curb on Excess Profits Washington --4111--- Legislation to curb "excessive" profits realized by commission sales agents for procuring government war contracts was approved by the house naval committee today by a 16 to 0 roll call vote The action came after a series of public hearings during which several of the agents acknowledged profits running up to millions of dollars on fees ranging in some cases as high as 10 to 20 per cent The measure would define sales agents chandling war contracts in excess of 625000 as sub-contractors and as such subject them and their earnings to government scrutiny and renegotiation through an existing statute Nazis Draft Labor Laws to Include Occupied Lands London Allied government sources in London reported today that German compulsory labor laws have been extended to include all women in all the occupied countries Unable to gain the altitude to clear the wires the cadet dove the plane beneath but as the plane passed the rudder struck the wire and was damaged The cadet landed the plane in a field without further mishap went to the nearest farmhouse and notified the field of the accident The plane not severely damaged was towed back to the field In the meantime two spans of wire carrying the 4800 volt lead were torn down and the line lay across the railroad tracks The Wisconsin Gas and Electric repair crew was sent to the scene and completed repairs with a minimum Interruption of the service IIS )nly One Upset Elections County Towns Steve Robinson Wins Over Allen Turner for Pleasant Prairie Town Chairman Pleasant Prairie provided the only upset in' the election of member of the county board from the towns and villages of Kenosha county In the elections which: were held throughout the county on Tuesday lit Pleasant Prairie Steve Robinson former sheriff defeated Allen Turner veteran town chairman In a close race for the chairmanship 564 to 502 In other contests in that town Jesse Stahl was winner for Side Supervisor 1 defeating Arthur Dabbs present side supervisor 605 to 471 Harry Michelson by a 620 to 436 vote was named Side Supervisor 2 Alice Riley was re-elected town treasurer 699 to 376 and George Adamson was re-elected assessor over Paul Hillmer 701 to 377 In all other towns and villages present members of the board were re-elected without opposition These are: Brighton: Urban Eppers- Bristol: Gleason Paris: John Holloway Randall: George Dean A Hartnell Silver Lake: Martin Schenping Somers: Jay Rhodes Twin Lakes: William Schwardt In Somers Supervisor Rhodes was elected for his nineteenth year as chairman of the town and member of the county board Several Other Contests There were contests in all of the PYINI and villages for some offices With the4 exceptionezot --Pleasant Prairie however the 'vote was ex tremely light In all of these districts The vote on judicial offices In the towns and villages is included in totals published elsewhere- In this edition Other tabulated results for the elections in the towns and villages follow: Brighton Town Urban Eppers 52 Supervisors: (2 Henry Daniels 521 Lawrence Molitor 52 Claude Dixon 43 Michael A Ward 33 Wendelen Reiter 28 Jacob Weber 53 Justice of the Peace: 1 yr Walter Price 43 Joe Wagoner 24 Justice of the Peace: 2 yr term- Chas Weber 30 Louis Weber 32 Lawrence Molitor Jr 18 Total votes cast 59 Bristol Town Gleason :143 Side Supervisor No Frank Upson 176 Side Supervisor No Walker 109 Sam Sorensen 87 (Continued on Page Eight) German Raiders Hit Two Towns No Major Allied Aerial Activity Report 30 Factories Smashed in Berlin London (R) German hit-and-run fighter-bombers attacked two towns on the British southeast coast shortly after dawn today causing some casualties and damaging a number of business establishments Six planes participated in the raid on one town: where a motion picture theater and a neivspaper office were among the buildings wrecked One of the planes was reported shot down Two enemy raiders participated In the other attack which was said to have caused little damage and no casualties No Major Allied Raids 'For the second night in a row there was no major Allied aerial activity over the continent though the air ministry announced that RAP planes had laid mines in enemy waters Two planes were reported missing in these operations The air ministry meanwhile announced that reconnaissance photographs taken after'the mighty RAF raid on Berlin March 1 showed that 30 large factories large blocks of centrally located business offices and railway repair shops of the Templehof freight yards were destroyed or 'badly damaged Take Four Seats On Council Two On School Board Council Winners in Wide Margins with School Board Race Much Closer Independent candidates made a clean sweep in the municipal election on Tuesday winning all four places on the city council which were at stake and likewise winning both of the seats on the board of education involved in the election The four winners in the council race in the order in which they finished together with their respective vote totals are: Thos Montemurro 6965 1 Claude A Watkins 6531 Gilbert Petzke 6459 Edward Nelson 6405 The two winners for seats on the board of education were Ray Anderson with 6786 and Frank A Slyer with 6206 The latter won a close race with a margin of 86 votes over Edward Weston his closest opponent who had 6120 with Commissioner Fabian Forbes following with 5920 efilarool Race is Feature The race for places on the board of education provided the feature of the election with leads zigzag ging back and forth between the two slates throughout the entire period of compilation of returns Anderson early took a relatively comfortable lead in the race but lost it in mid-return reporting only to regain it in returns from the last two precincts to report because of their heavy vote Wes ton and Forbes piled up leads in several wards but these faded when returns from the-First of the Fourth- and the- Second of the Tenth gave big margins to Anderson and Slyer In the council race all of the winners had more comfortable leads over the losing candidates who finished as follows: Stephen Peck 6107 Martin Fcrkin 5826 Ray Willems 5726 John Martin 5504 Peck and Willems Are members of the present council seeking reelection Ferkin and Martin are former members of the council who were attempting a comeback after their defeat at last year's election All were members of the labor endorsed slate of candidates Montemurro and Watkins are now members of the city council and were reelected Petzke and Nelson entered the political field last year being candidates in the primary All Supervisors Re-elected All supervisors from the city wards were re-elected Six of them were unopposed for re-election and in the other six cases the encurn bunts finished with relatively wide leads over their opponents The tabulated result of the vote (Continued on Page Eight) British Withdraw in Burma Battle Jap Flank Threat Causes Withdrawal as ea ng Fighting is Renewed By United Press Renewal of heavy fighting in Burma was announced today in a New Delhi communique reporting a British withdrawal on the Mayu peninsula in the face of a Japanese flank ing threat to extended communication lines The fighting first in several weeks on this vital Pacific war front is continuing and the Japanese are suffering heavy casualties the communique said The Japanese attempted to flank the exposed- British northern positions infiltrating across the Mayu river to the narrow peninsula and trying to catch the British between the hills and the sea north of Don balk The threat was frustrated the communique indicated by readjustment of British lines Continue Air Offensive The communique reported that British- planes continued their offensive against Japanese Burma po sitions and for the third straight day announced an enemy air attack on British airdromes On the China land front Chinese announcements said Japanese drives in Shantung and Honan provinces had been repulsed in recent days An Axis radio report said the Japanese sank two British-Indian steamers in the Bengal Gulf Elected for 44th Year Fond du Lac Wis William Steffes St Peter merchant yesterday was elected clerk of Tay cheedah township tor the 44th consecutive year 447-- MASQUERADE ENDS--Reb Deckrey 26 (above) man charged with failing to register for the draft at Clovis is shown in the garb he wore when arrested Dockrey said he had masqueraded as a woman for eight years explaining it as a stunt dating back to his boyhood when his companions called him a "sissy" President Gives Head Start to War Loan Drive Personally Sells Bonds at White House Calls for New' Slogan Washington President Roosevelt swung the $13000000000 second war loan drive off to a head start today by personally selling bonds to the White House staff and calling upon the people at large to follow the slogan "they -igive their lives we lend our money" The drive formally opens on April 12 The president and Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr however got together with the White House staff to do a little advance selling Morgenthau told the president that the bonds offered the people of America "the opportunity to lend their support to our fighting men in the great spring offensives" Paraphrases Slogan Before starting his one-man sales campaign the president looked at the staff packed around him and said: "This is Just a small cross-section of the White House staff but this is like a great many other Amer-lean houses throughout the country most of us have got some member of the family in the fighting forces of the United States and we back home are trying to do our bit too We subscribe "If I might paraphrase the slogan of this new drive to maintain the war and turn out more things for our troops at the slogan is for us 'they give their lives We lend our money' To sooner had the president stopped speaking than an elderly negro messenger John Pye handed $1875 over the president's shoal-der to purchase the first bond Pye was Mr- Roosevelt's chauffeur when he was assistant secretary of the navy in the last war and has been in the White House since 1933 Pye was ecstatic over the- fact that he was the first White House purchaser in the new drive Morgenthau Records Sales "I'm a great salesman" the president observed as porters clerks and messengers crowded around him to buy bonds The president took their money and handed it to Morgenthau who was kept busy recording the sales The president ruffled through the stack of bonds before him and spotted a $1000 one "Have you got any bigger onei Henry?" he asked Morgenthau who nodded The bonds are being offered at selling prices ranging from $1875 to $1009000 In varibus i types to suit the needs of all classes of In dividual and corporate investors British Subs Hit Enemy Craf Attack Cruiser 2 Tankers and Supply Ship submarines In the Mediterranean have attacked an Italian cruiser of the Regolo class and torpedoed two tankers and an enemy supply ship the ad'miralty announced today It said the attack on the cruiser occurred in the Straits of-Messina betvieen Sicily and the ItAlian mainland and a heavy explosion was heard but results were not observed "Other submarines operating against the Axis supply lines in the Mediterranean have torpedoed two tankers and a supply ship of medium size" the admiralty's comrnuniclue said 1 Of Novorossisk Sharp Fighting Reported Along Donets River and in Kuban Delta Areas 4 moscow --(113)--- Sharp fighting along the Donets river and in the Kuban Delta in the Caucasus was reported by the Russians today as the long Soviet-German battlefront experienced better weather In the Kuban Delta where the Red army had been said unofficially to be fighting in the suburbs of Novorossisk the Black Sea port dispatches said the Russians kept up their offensive and drove doggedly into the Germtns against strong resistance The fighting there extended over acres of glue-like mud and swollen streams Sharper fighting flared on the Donets river from south of Izyum on north past Chuguev lzyum is 70 miles and Chuguev is 22 miles respectively southeast of Kharkov The Germans' newest attacks south of lzyum against a Soviet bridgehead were announced to have cost them more than 500 dead and one of their front lines Germans Fail Again (The German high command in Its Wednesday communique broadcast by the Berlin radio said a German "offensive enterprise" in the central Donets region "reached the planned goal notwithstanding tenacious enemy Red Star army organ said the Germans tried again to take a strategic hill in the northern Donets sector but again failed The position has undergone no fewer than 20 attacks in the spring fighting but Red Star said the Germans never had been able to storm it Dispatches from Leningrad related that brighter weather had brought mass German air raids on the city Anti-aicraft fire was said to have brought down 13 attacking planes in one day Report Execution of Nazi Criticizers Former Chancellor in Protective Arrest Stockholm Unconfirmed reports in Stockholm today said that 40 Germans had been executed In Berlin for criticizing and speaking ill of leading nazi personalities The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported in addition that Dr Hans Luther former German ambassador to Washington had been placed under "protective arrest" in Germany by nazi officials Aftonbladet also said that Fritz Thyssen German industrialist and once and ardent supporter of Hitler had been placed under custody in a Berlin hotel Informed sources said the unprecedented Allied aerial offensive from North Africa against Sicily Sardinia and southern Italy have intensified the fears of both Germany and Italy that the Anglo-American high command is plannink to strike at Europe through Rush Coastal Defenses Axis reports indicated that the Italians were rushing the construction of coastal defenses Fascist leaders in Rome announced that 1 many fortifications already have been improved and said that special army units have been formed to combat parachutists and saboteurs Italy's appeal to Germany for increased aid was said to have 1 been addressed to Adolf Hitler by Mussolini last month Hitler re- fused to commit himself but in re-1 sponse to further communications from Rome decided to send Rib- bentrop to Italy for conferences it was reported The German underground station Gustave Siegfried pro-German but anti-Nazi in character said Mussolini asked that three German panzer two anti-aircraft and two other army divisions plus two air corps be dispatched to Italy Other Italian Demands In addition Gustave Siegfried Eins said Mussolini demanded that: 1 All German units in Italy be placed under Italian command 2 More anti-aircraft guns be sent to Corsica 3 All Italian panzer units be equipped with German Mark- VI tanks 4 Germany take over the defense of the Dodecanese 5 Germany send back to Italy 135000 Italian workers The station quoted -Gen Franz (Continued ell Page Fifteen) Today Red Cross War Fund Report Previotudy reported $4501977 The Pantry 500 Ed Mena' General ContraC tor 500 National Photo Stnclio 400 AU Nations- Tavern 500' Alice's Curtain Shop 500 Maywood Restaurant 1000 Kenosha Laundry 10000 Schulz 500 Northwestern Loan arid Trust 2000 Sisterhood of the Congregation B'nal Zedek 1500 Polish Central Council 800 Daughters of the A 500 Townsend Clubs No 2 and No 3 2500 Kenosha Retail Druggist As- sociation 2000 Kemper Hall Guild of the Holy Child 1400 Kemper Hall Missions 1100 Bethany Ladies' Club Bethany Lutheran Church 500 Individuals and special donations 16148 Schools additional 2760 Corporations 12500 County contributions 40825 Factory workers 66648 Professional 25-00 2000 I Total 00W0001A4084440 S4669538 Cabinet Approves Decree Putting Nation at War on Side of Allies La Paz Bolivia UP) Bolivia today became the 33rd nation to enter the war on the side of the United Nations The cabinet In a special session last night approved a decree declaring the existence of a state of war with the Axis effective at noon today Under the Bolivian constitution the decree must be adopted by congress to effect an actual declaration of war The Bolivian congress is not in essiert and would have to be called into an extraordinary meeting for this formality The cabinet's action coincided with a visit by IL Vice President Ilenor A Wallace who said it was "a complete and agreeable surprise" to him At the same time- President Enrique Penaranda announced he would leave May 1 to -pay the United States an official visit Bolivia broke off diplomatic relations with the Axis countries in January 1941 Ecuador May IrallaW Brazil is the only other country of South America to enter into a formal state of war against the 1 Axis although several others have broken off diplomatic relations 4 A dispatch from Quito Ecuador quoted Daza Ondarza Bolivian minister there as saying that the move made by Bolivia would to that country His ation he said came from Foreign Minister Francisco Guarderas of Ecuador Earlier Rio De Janeiro dispatches said Bolivia had started negotiations to have Peru Ecuador Venezuela and Colombia join in a war declaration against the AXIS Simulated Forced Land Ing Is 'Real Thing' for Cadet The simulation of forced landing conditions became the "real thing" for one of the intermediate aviation cadets stationed at the Kenosha Airport late Tuesday afternoon when the light trainer plane he was piloting In the simulated maneuver suddenly came "smack-dab" face-to-face with a high tension line The Incident occurred shortly before 6 pm as the cadet a solo flier swooped his ship close to the ground in the practice area giving Ms best imitation of the alSproach for a forced landing Suddenly' the high tension wires south of the McKeon road and west of the Kilbourne road at the Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul line appeared before the plane 4P ellItrrompy40441k.

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