The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 5, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALTFORNUN MONPAY. OCTOBER 6, 1WS. PHONES MAIN 3? a-d Eucalyptus and Honey Cough Syrup Hold Session mncdy for ronirlis. Rvr*tt<*hitis ;un! !u»ir "know vvital it is mnilt* ju-»t wli;if il will ilo. fj d« not stop your u'i' will tvFund our Store of Eastman Kodaks. A. .1. Wooily was elected chairman pro tern, of the board of supervisors this morning, Mr. Jastro not having yet, returned from the irrigation convention. Report of fho horticultural commissioner was filed, as was also that of the boiler Inspector. The latter showed 379 boilers Inspected since the last report, with 37 ordered repaired. Tin- hospital superintendent's report shows 44 patients at the hegln- nIns of the month, :',4 were admitted, 27 discharged, 5 died, and there were i'.J on hand October l, K. B. Mactlnnis was granted a right to buy chloride of lime for disinfecting purposes at Randsburg. Miss Anna Johnson was granted an allowance of $7.50 per month. ! The hearing of the electric light franchise for Delano was set for ne.xt Thursday. Abe VaJenzuela applied to the supervisors for a commutation of sentence, but the board referred the matter to the district attorney for want of jurisdiction. When You Buy a Suit of Clothes Ask to See The Works If you w*'n» huyiu<,' a wntdi you would not be content with the case—you would want to see the wheels go round. You are not ns much iniervstt-d in knowintr how elaborate your suit looks on paper -As tt ts Going to Look on You. Internals are the secrets of clothes wear.. It is the little things that count. BecuuHo the inside "the works," nre right. Redlick clothing has stood up all these years and maintains today the claim of being, by virtue of absolute merit, the ideal clothing for disecru- ing and discriminating men. You buy both Looks and Works in Redllck Clothing. Leading Druggists. HE'S INSANE It's the Redlick Way 1 A showing of fancy worsteds and Knirlish Cassimeres on th* hill today; every shade that's new. C< in and look them over. THE SAME A TTENTIQN IF YOU DO JVOr BUY Washington Fashioned Apparel JP9H II 'S NOTHING UNDERHAND aiM%¥ Wit «>nr most vviUi th*? <ju;ility "\V of si-l ' inexperienced can pei'l'ect iMintidenee of (lie no «rt stj.m;! 1 es of vniues. *. tin ov- hi short. tltr N are oi'ten l)eU»w the tu:ilit oi' nur B. HfiKKiNGTOF 1517 19th St. Win Xusser, through his attorney, HUM. Scott, applied In bf» examined thin morniiiK as to his sanity, but the motion was denied. Nusser is held on a bigamy oharu**. and the court opined that this was not the ri^ht time to the <|iieKtion of sanity. Suit Filed. . P. Harita has be^un action against \V. N. Cuililt'biick to recover on a jM'umissory not for $'-!oO. Answer Filed. In the case of Mary A. Caller vs. K. F. Carter, answer has bcon filet? through defendant's attorney, K I,. Foster. Inventory Filed. In tfu> t'Stat" of John Kaar, dereas- ed, Inventory has been file<!, the val- (!<' of the property beini; $in,1f>o. In n:<- estate of Kiniua J. Kaur. deceased, the property is rated at IliT'tO. To Change Name. Not ire of purpose to change name I'rom Hudnut Driving Park 'Association to the. Kern County Agrcultural Association, hay been tiled and the set for Nov. 9. To Sett Property. b;ih lu-eu made in t-ell tlio property in the estate of WOODMEN MAY CHANGE LOCK TION OF BUILDING Why Colds Are Dangerous. When the Woodmen of the World meet tonight they will consider an Important recommendation concerning their building proposition. The committee in charge, after an investigation, has deckled to recommend that thv Wible lot, adjoining the old Pack- nrd property at the corner of I and Eighteenth streets, be purchased and the plans of the building modified so as to suit the new location. This suggestion has met with the approv- COUNTRY BOYS WANTED FOR BUSINESS POSITIONS. al of the building committee and there Is small reason for doubt that acceptance will be authorized tonight. The committee plans to purchase the Wible lot and then place the Woodmen Chester avenue property on the market. What the purchase price of the new lot will be is not ^Because you have contracted ordinary colds and recovered from them without treatment of any kind, do not for a moment imagine that colds are not dangerous. Everyone knows that pneumonia and chronic catarrh have their origin in a common old. Consumption is not caused by a cold but the cold prepares the system for the reception and development of the germs that would not otherwise have found lodgment. It Is the same with all infectious diseases. Diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles and whopping a large part of the world. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Keru Drug Co., Kern. * « '^ mm^mf^tmmmtmfimmm^^mtmmrt^ -mmm^mmi ^^^ t^***** mmm ^mm^mm*^^^^^n m ^^ m ^ m ^lmM NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sprlnefleld Oil Comoanv. ^ , . . place of business. Bakers- known but it Is said that the Wood- c °"8 h are much more llkel y contract men will be able to secure It for less ' e 'l wne " the child has than $5500, the price Wible put on it, :*!" see from tnis th While the new plans for the build- - danger- lurks in a cold than in any cold - You mor e real Order personal Business rnou of Oakland and San Francisco, and other large cities, want \ounu; men reared In the countrv to ing have not been actually decided on olher ° c the common ailments. The as yet they will call for* virtually a ! oaalest aml <l«ickeat way to cure a four story building. There will be a ool(1 ls to take Chamberlain's Cough The many remarkable cures »>' this preparation have Jhf • want lo Juliu Were Than Enough is Too Much .veil has hrcii issutMi lo 01 ItaKersneld. aye IM.' (llenu, also is. high basement, much like the post office basement, which will be made into a splendid dancing pavilion. The first floor will be devoted entirely to effected made it a Location of principal Place of business. Bak field. California. , Notice la hereby given that at a meetlne ot the Directors held on the 24th dav of September. 190*. an assessment of one and one-auarter cents per share was levied ttnon the capital Dl stock of the corporation, payable im mediately in United States cold coin tc the secretary of said corporation- ai, mediately in United States cold coin to the secretary of said corporation office or the company., room 1. pro- P -^-- • • « ^rf ^ *^ v- K v — --.•- -^ ^f ^ ^mr_ r • • fc • i i — i • — T ducers Savings Bank bulldine. Bakersfield. California. , , , Anv stock noon which this assessment Hhall remain xionald on the 7th day of November. 1908. will be de* linnuent and a<lvortlsed for snle at nubile auction and unless imvmeiu is made before, will be ae f;iv o f November. 190 old the 28th (\ on me to pnv the de- touether with of ilnouent assessment. cost ot advertising and expenses sat*'* Bv order of the Hoard of Directors. A. T MGHTNER. Secretary. Office, room No. i. Producers Say- In as Bank huildin?, corner UUh and H of trade over streets'. LJakersfieki, California. .it ;;H. of !»ren:ire tor commercial positions. Ex- apartments and the front portion of 1 porience has shown that the averajro j the second and third floors to the boy from the farm has habits of Indus-! san , Pt w hlle the rear part of the two j upper stories will contain the lodge and banquet rooms of the order. This is the general plan while the details art.- to be arranged tonight. of r- maintain health a mature man n needs just enough food to e \\usl,' and supply men,'/ • Meat. The habitual con"?' >j)orc food than is neces- Mte-,-e purposes Is t))p prime ^oma'-h troubles, rheuma- disorders of the kidneys. It' \vitb inditfesl ion. revise your ;ea*i>u ami nut appetite con- tnlxo n few dones of Cham- fttomneh and Liver Tablets will soon be nil right again, hy Uivev IH-OH., UtkersneUl; o Late For Classification "*. t-v and integrity thai 'Die Po!\ If-ebnir Business •;:k!aml, CaJ.. bus in;i !e a '1 in training ami ii! t * ami women in business positions I the CoUeue is so located as to vide homelike accommodations at I \ ery low rates, ft is Kutd that every younu man who has taken the complete cour.-r in business training at thta Oolite hns ro- !\ed retmineraihv emplovnu'nr upon ^ F r uluarion. An illustrated t'ahiloinie will be'sent ern Bakersfield's Leading Hot«) Cuisine, Service GRANT BROWN DID NOT SIGN THAT CLUB LIST ' Co.. K»>rn. —Sunday, on road loading to Huberts ranch north of tmvn, MY<>,, to iluy O no who will write to me gauntlet driving glove. Owner mav have ^ xvnoni it rmiy '-nnrern: Tr nuiiie i« on flu* good government nro ^-itr^'i* my conse; GRANT BROWN. Cal.. Oct. 1, f , i(- oftlce meut. hy calling at this and paying J'oi aclvertise- 58 m NJS ? WANT YOU TO I.OOK at the south hah' of block facing south on Seventeenth street between N and O* street, Bakersfield. 2(J4 front i'oet. three good houses; a good investment. Look it up and see U. A, Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. Phone Main iVo)'. \Y. K, (Jibson, MOG Twelfth street, Oalihind, Cal. MA1R NATURALLY ABUNDANT. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. 57 WANTED—A good second-hand power* f etui cutter with blower. Address B. F. Bellinger, P. O. box 126, Bak- Phone Farmers 45. 58 HORSES FOR SAI-E—Palr of good, well broken young geldings; about 1100 pounds each. Also a gentle saddle pony, cheap. .1. Bodlnger, P. O. box li'i), HaUerstteld. Phone Farmers 45. i the Superior Court of the Countv ot Kern. State of Californin. In the ma Her of ih,> ai)nllcation of the Hwlnut Driving Park Association. H rornorullou. to ehantre its name to "Kern County Agricultural turn. It siitiMtaetorilv jtnuearin^ to me thai the ./Huclmjt Drlvlnu Park Association has riled this dav an aoulicanon to eharme its name to "Kern Countv AiirlcuUnral , Association." and that said application or petition is slened bv a maioritv ot the directors of the said pi Hmlnut Drlvinu: Park AsKOcirt- t £ - ^ m. •. f . - ~-~ 1 I I . « »^ . • . • M name in r m ^ ^ ™ - • T * T- ™ m w *» ^ ^ w^f ^ • »w» ^r mr v ^ and that said, uetltion states reasons for the c no nee of the of the said corporation, there- 'A serious subject your utton- and is constant- 3y reminding you itself. KOTiNKEWR will an end to Korns. WANTKO— Hoom and board in nrivate family by gentleman, eitlier in Keru or BaUersfleht; ret't'rem.vK Address "K. 1C," care of the 0«illt\»r- iitan oftlce. WANTED—By a -Japanese boy, work hy the hour; either day or night. Any kind of work except cooking or waiting on table. Inquire at 132G Twentieth St. oi is Try fails— ns mue and will not our store your Money NOTICE—Public Stenographer, 36 Hhlg. Phone Main 1U7. 58 It is- hereby ordered, that the Hear- inii of the application for change of name In the toreupinc proceedings be. and the same is herebv set for " d»v t . the 9th dav of November, in lit o clock a. in. of said dav at de- ujirtment one at Its eoiirt room thereof In the Counu f ,roinT-house. BakerBfleld. rulifornla. ami that anv and all persons interested In said matter to be and appear be tore- this court at the time and place aloresald, and then and there Hhow cause, it anv, they have whv the anplicatum for the chance of name ot the said corporation should not be tcranted. and it IH further or- derotl that i\ cony ot this order ^.show field Callfornlan. atiewspauer printed" - publlshecl in the Cltv of Bake^- «-m. (ount\- pt Keru. State of Call- ornla. acconllntr to law, for at least •t/Ks successlvelv next ureced- dav ot heannir. tins ."ith dav of October. U»ON. ln . . . . . .1. \V. MAHON, H'-.) .iiulue ot the Superior Court. Wben tt In Free or Dandruff, It Grovri J.uxurlnutly. I-Ta!r prsprtrationa nnd dandruff cures. as a rule, are sticky or irritating aitairs that do no earthly good. Hair, when not <if soared, grows naturally, luxuriantly Dandruft is the cause of nine-tenths ot ,11 hair trouble, and dandruff is caused by a germ. The only way to cure dandruff 10 to kill the germ; and, BO far, th« only hair preparation that will positively destroy the grcrrn Is N'ewhro'a Herplcido— absolutely harmless, free from grease, sediment, dye matter or dangerous clrugu. It allays itching luatamly; makes hair glossy and soft as s=ilk. ""Dogtroy the cause, you removo the effoct." Sold by leading druggists. Send lOc. In stamps fop sample to Thft Herpicide Co., Detroit Mich. Two 8lie«, 50c and J. A. HUGHES. Soecial Airent. All roads lead to C. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORK ALWAYS Phone, Main 656. 1301 Nineteenth St. THE HUB THE BEST CLOTHES STORE Coll egian Clothes Clothes of the Hour Bakerafleld Tee Delivery. Bakersfleld Ice Delivery. Pbon« 82. Supply station now open at our nt th FOR SAKE CHKAP—A milk testing machine, now. Inquire at junk stoiv, :r_M and M ntroots. P Main 7^M. «7 18th and K streets for transient trade. Pamlly Rates For 1f08. 100 pounds .^t one time, 60c per hundred. 50 pounds at one time, 76u pei hundred. Under 50 pounds, $1 per nu^fired. Lower rates for laige conaum . I i Back 5o KOR SALK—Ono CurnLslu'tl bi'lck cottage. KlnmUHl on ('our lots. Small payment flowu and easy monthly liayincnis, luijuiro at SOI Q circt Korn. 68 ! KOU SALK—Uay mare, suitable for lady, flood driver. Ask for Dixie, (il Coolest PUce in Town Exchange •w- -• -I dr. Drug Stores ST-— A onach <l<^, tVniiili-; with whllo spot;-, about :i y Phoenix, ArU , dog tax, notify ,1. K Yauco\. or phoin- Main black, U's oM. Finder Friday, October 9th Ti77 if The Distinguished Actor Alilsnn aud Saul.) Ft- »it'[Mtt, a la,l> quarivr t.-tt^th l»la<;k Kimk'i' \» ill plt'its*' Itt.M llsun m.M hi(u- .shops, «>r Main it Al- 5S CASTOR IA For In&nta and Childitn. Thi Kind You Have Always Bought Bakersfield Bears the Dustin Farnum Management of Liebler & Company in Edwin Milton F. oyle'i The Squaw THE PLAY OF THE CENTURY Seal* on Sale Wednetday. Prices, SOc to $2 ADLER MILWAUKEE I H I- Up to the minute—yes a little beyond. ' * Collegian" Clothing is in a class by it* self, with an air of elegance and exclusive individuality. Collegian tailoring is within a step of perfection. J 1 C t j 3 V 1 1 1 I I NEW HATS STIFF AND SOFT NEW SHIETS NEW UNDERWEAR BEST SHOES—"SELZ" 4 MODERATE PRICES S.WISEKOPF \ I':- '. -V, „>

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