The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 4, 1970 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Friday, December 4, 1970
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:'.'.?. OLD J. DUUTOtf ' A;ii:-iiVi23 AS.OISTA:^ I.;2IA:JA STATS L I;iDIAMAPJ'LI3, I VOLUME 75 , !NO. 53 THE TIFTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1970 10C PER COPY EEK ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4. 1895. AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON. INDIANA SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON. INDIANA 46072 Counselors To Attend Conference At Kokomo id Mrs. Connie Zimlich and Joseph Bear, Tipton High School guidance counselors will be among thirty-nine guidance counselors and school officials, representing 20 High Schools in North Central Indiana' attending a Counselors Conference at Indiana University at Kokomo Wednesday. | The all-day conference, sponsored by the University Division and Admissions Office at IUK, is designed to assist regional high schools and the university in evaluating IUK's services, to help plan programs that will aid students in making an effective tran- Major Powell Receives Oak Leaf Cluster Major Gary K. Powell, formally of route 2 Tipton has been awarded the Oak Leag Cluster to the Army Commendation Medal. The award was for "Meritorious Service in the Republic of Korea from April 1969 to May 19?0". Major Powell is now stationed in Saigon, Vietnam. He'has been there since July 1. He expects to return to the States July 1, 1971. His address jis Major Gary K. Powell, 310-40-4526 HQ MACV, Training) Directorate, APO San Francisco, Calif. 96222. | sition from high school to college, and to provide information to regional counselors about Indiana University at Kokomo. According to Walter Doering, director of admissions and financial aids, one of the main activities of the conference will be informal discussions between University Division (mostly freshman) students and the counselors from their home high schools. In these, sessions, the students will be able to share their opinions about IUK as well as their thoughts regarding high school preparation for academic work at the university. Prior to a luncheon, Dr. Vic(Continued on page six) Barker - Benge Honored At Awards Dinner Craig Barker, route 5, and Ruthford Benge, 501 N. Main, Kempton, were among members of the Indiana University Marching Hundred Band honored Wednesday night (Dec. 2) at the band's annual awards banquet. The awards banquet, a traditional finale of the Marching Hundred's football performance season each year, recognizes bandsmen for service and excellence in the marching corps. Recognition swards included "I" letters for two-year bandsmen, jackets for three years, "P' blankets for four years, and plaques for those with five years experience with the Marching Hundred. Barker received an "I" blanket, and Benge, a jacket State Board Recommends Lower County Tax Rates Three Die As Car Plunges Into Quarry By United Press International Five deaths Thursday, including three in a Monroe County accident, and another this morningraised the Indiana 1970 traffic fatality count to at least 1,424 compared with 1,523 a year ago. A car containing two teen-age brothers and 15-year-old twin girls plunged into a water-filled stone quarry about five miles . southwest of Bloomington at the intersection of two Monroe County roads Thursday night, drowning three of the four. The victims were Billy Joe George, 16, and the twins, Deanna and Diana Patton. The lone survivor was Eteve W. George, 18, brother of Billy Joe. Steve was driver of the car. Authorities said >fte car's brakes may have Baled, causing it to hit a concrete culvert and a tree before plunging into the quarry. Awards Above is a picture of the Top Swine Judging trophy and Land Judging trophy to be presented at the 4-H Achievement night December 7 at the 4-H and Community Building. 4-Hers from all over the County will be attending their Achievement night with a pitchin supper. The Federal Land Bank, 4-H Council and 4-H Adult Leaders have made this program an annual awards night to honor the top 4-Her's in Tipton County. The evening will be highlighted by a dinner, the meat and drink sponsored by the Federal Land Bank, the name.of the top Boys and top Girls 4-H Club in the County and the top 4-H boy and 4-H girl for 1970. 4-H members, parents, leaders and sponsors are urged to attend this program to honor the Achievement winners for 1970 in 4-H. Indiana State Tax Board of Commissioners have completed their review of Tipton County! proposed tax rates and proposed tax levies. The Board recom-! mended cuts in aU township levies over that proposed \>j the county commissioners and county^ council. ! The following is the recom^ mendations set forth by the State Tax Field men in comparison with the proposals set by county officials in parenthsis: Cicero Township, recommend^ ed tax rate to be levied, 6.78 (7.1717); Jefferson Township; 6.72 (7.1382); Liberty Township, •7.97 (8.3432); Madison Township!, 6.74 (7.1582); Prairie Township, 7.88 (8.2382) and Wildcat Township, 8.04 (8.3982). Tax rate levies recommended for corporations were as follows: Kempton, 9.08 (10.0982); Sharpsville, 10.10 (13.33442); Tipton, 8.69 (9.1582) and Windfall, 10.25 (10.5783). A breakdown of the State Tax Board recommendations for townships and corporations are: State Rates, .01 for each township and corporation; County General Rates, 1.52 for all townships and corporations; Township Fund rates: Cicero, .18; Jefferson, .12; Liberty, .14; Madison, .14; Prairie, .05; Wildcat, .21 and corporations: Kempton, .12; Sharpsville, .07; Tipton, .028; and Windfall, .11. 4.96; 6.19; School rates: Cicero, Jefferson,. 4.96; Liberty, Madison, 4.96; Prairie and Wild cat, 6.19; Kempton, 4.96; Sharpsville, 6.19; Tipton, 4.96 and Windfall,'6.19; Public Library rates: .11 for each township and corporation. General Corporation rates: Kempton, 2.36; Sharpsville, 2.20; Tipton, 2.062 and Windfall, 2.31. Drugs and Conservation Winter Discussion Topics Marijuana Found in Car met Raid THS Honor Roll Tipton '-High School officials announced the second six weeks Honor RoU for students who received a grade of B or better for the grading period.' | Seniors Lou Ann DeBethune and Nancy Roe received "JA" honors during the period while the following seniors received "B" honors: Arzella Anderson, Fred Beihold, Cindy Burket, Susan Carpenter, Linda Cheeke, Mary Cox, Chris Cunningham, Herb Frye and Julie Gunkel. Also on "B" honor roll are: Linda Harper, Kathy Heaton, Annette Hobbs, Kevin Koors, Steve McLerrah, Janice Meeks, Linda Netherton, Marcia Phifer, Deb Robinson, Jack Ross and Jane Tunmer. I Juniors Kaye Fettig, Marsha Gaugler, Linda Lambert and Janet Riffe received "A" honors during the period while the following juniors received "B" honors: " Paul Adair, Jackie Davis, Alan Dean, Sherry Egler, Paris Fakes, Becky Gipson, Roy Head, Karen Henderson, Lisa Hiaes, Camilla Hinshaw. j Also on "B" honor roll are: Dennis Hobbs, Donna Hoover, Vicki Jones, Steve koors, Greg . Little, Lori MaMngly. Cynthia ~MoelIer, Mike Pottehger, Peter Ritz, Bonnie Rodgers, Dawn Smith, Lu Ann Taylor, Susan Walker, Mary Ann Ziegleiv _ Sophomores making the "A" honor roll during the period are: Risa Regnier, Mike Tragesser, Julie Tucker and Shad Wendorf. Making the "B" honor roll for the sophomores are: Joe Achenbach, Antoinette Baker, Lisa Baker, Paul Barnes, Debbie Beeson, Dennis Brunk, Patti Burk Melaine Cline, Mark Cooper, Darla Duvick, Jane Fettig, Tom Floyd, and Mike Jackson. Others are: Randy Johns, Suanne Kincaid, Penni Mahaney, Kurt Maines, Rebecca Reasner, Bill Resiegh, Jane Robinson, Tom Schmith, Becky Sherrill, Mark Stipp, Mike Stroup, George Tebbe Rose Ann Treesh, Teresa West, Daniel Wolf, and Susie Dennis. Freshmen making the "B" honor roll during the period are as follows: Marsha Arnett, Cindy Bagley, David Borland, Kevin Bridge, Eddie Burris, Pam Cardwell, Martin Day, Brent Ehman, Val Fakes,' Sharon Hartley, James Heaton, Marcia Hobbs, Greg Howery, Randy Johnson, and Robin Johnson. Also on the "B" honor roll are: Tim Maxey, Jama Meyer, Chris Overdorf, Bob Padgett, Jerry Phifer, Lisa Ross, Debra Scott, Cindy Shadday, Lisa Smith, Mike Smith, Nancy Smith, Scott Sparenberg, Janet Stafford, Ester Stanly, David Thomas, and John Treesh. J Hamilton County Sheriff, Clifford McCory reported to the Tipton Tribune this morning that Gregory Brown, 20, Carmel was arrested and placed in Hamilton County jail following a raid Wednesday night which resulted in the confiscation of a quantity of marijuana. Sheriff McCory stated that Brown had been arrested twice before on similar charges of possession. According to the report, the State Police conducted the raid in Carmel which netted them possibly the largest quantity of Police Arrest Six In Firebomb Attempt NEW YORK (UPI>-Police said today they had arrested six Weathermen in the process of trying to firebomb a bank to coomemorate the deatt of a Black Panther ayear ago and to mark President Nixon's visit to the city tonight Police said five detectives and a captain from the safe and loft squad followed the six from a house in Greenwich Village. As the men in the (Continued on page six) marijuana in county history. State Trooper David Crose reported that 31 plastic sacks of drug, along with a larger bag of marijuana were confiscated from a house on Penn Road, southwest of Carmel. The drugs were found in the Brown bedroom at 9:30 p.m. Items confiscated consisted of injection devices for other narcotics, a smoking pipe, cigarette paper and items normally used in the drug business. Brown was not at home at the time of the search and seizure but was apprehended later by law officials. Trooper Crose reported that the individual bags of marijuana Swine Industry To Try Vaccines The swine industry will get another chance to try a vaccine against transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE), a highly infectious intestinal disease of baby pigs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports. A special license for TGE vaccine, technically known as Transmissible Gastroenteritis vaccine. Modified Live Virus, tissue Culture Origin (Porcine), was issued on August 13 to Diamond Laboratories, Des Moines, Iowa. In issuing the license, the Veterinary Biologies Division of USDA's Agricultural Research' Hamilton Heights Lists Honor Roll Tharen J. White, principal of Hamilton Heights High School released the following names of those students who placed on the second six weeks honor roll. Members of the senior class who received grades above 92 are: David Earl, Jacquie Day, WASHINGTON: |An environmental report, filed before Walter J. Hlckel and bis key staffers were ousted by jPres. Nixon, said the proposed supersonic transport 03ST) might trigger landslides, damage the environment of fragile sea birds and affect the world's weather. The report was filed October 27 but did not emerge from the transportation department until November 30 when SST opponent Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wis.) obtained a copy and released it. The Senate is expected to vote, perhaps sometime later this week, on a $290 million appropriation for construction of two SST prototypes. Shown here are Boeing's version (T), with variable-sweep wings, and Lockheed's delta-wing entry (B) of the aircraft in an artist's rendering, UPITELEPHOTO FROM FILES Wanda Rulon, Diana Scott, Dale Meyerrose, Debra Hiday, Rick McCoskey, Dennis Thompson, Linda Baitz, Shirley Bess and Debbie Kelly. Also Diana Cook, Trudy Walker, Mike Burkhardt, Theresa Bowman, Kevin Heacox, Tanja Gilpin, Don Morgan, Kathi Miller, Sharon Raybourn, Joni Williamson, Steve Curnutt, Dwight Zetterberg and Bonnie Newby. Members of the junior class who received grades above 92 are: Karen Leeman, Larry DeMoss, Kent Holloway, Barbara House, Linda Biggs, Mike Moran, Janinne Duvall, Arlene Castor, Bryan Rulon, Gary Merrill, Jim Simpson, Rick Phifer, Sandra Spencer and Nancy Sutton. Members of the sophomore class are: Paula Waltz, Jeff Huffman, Liz Webb, Linda Baitz, Susan Walker, Lloyd Coverdale, Gary Spurgeon, Larry Tully, Debbie Bardonner, Cynthia Fulton, Janet Cordle, Jerry Lacy, Pam Lewis, Patricia Kinder, Randy Cady, Joyce Coverdale, Deborah Kinnard, and Kim Waugh. Members of the freshmen class who received grades above 92 are: Chlnita House, Beverly Hiday, Christy Collins, Brian Wise, Kent Machgan, Ron Moran, Barbara Kakasuleff, Dorlnda Bardonner, Debbie Baitz, Rebecca Coy, Joe Day, Diana Dunn, Debbie Dawn, Susan Marcum, David Green, Robert Jay, Robert Tansy, Cindy Bain, Janet Esslg. Service, imposed several requirements. First, the vaccine may be sold only to veterinarians. Second, sales may be made only in states where State Livestock health authorities have given official authorization. Furthermore, during the term of the special license, which runs for 1 year. Diamond Laboratories must investigate any undesired effects from the vaccine and submit the findings to the Veterinary Biologies Div. The firm also has agreed to continue research to improve the vaccine. The continued research will be an extension of work that has gone on for many years. Once before, in 1965, Diamond Laboratories had a special license for a TGE vaccine ~ that one prepared from killed virus. After 2 years of use, the license was not renewed because protection the vaccine provided was poor. The new vaccine is made from modified live virus, produced by growing several virus generations in an artificial medium to minimize infectivity. Like the earlier vaccine, the new product depends on a special sequence of events for its effectiveness. Baby pigs do not get vaccinated; rather, the sow is given vaccine during pregnancy Antibodies to the disease pass from her bloodstream into her milk supply after farrowing so nursing pigs acquire the antibodies from their dams. In a test by the Veterinary Biologies Div., using a newly developed challenge virus, scientists found that 62 per cent of the pigs from vaccinated sows survived while 29 per cent of the pigs from unvaccinated sows survived. Average weight of surviving pigs at 6 weeks was 17.2 (Continued on page six) sell for $10 each on the illegal drug market. A list of known drug users in Hamilton County was also foundin the home. Further investigation is being done with the possibility of more arrests in the near future. Brown was charged with possession of dangerous drugs estimated by authorities to be worth $500 in marijuana. In addition, the owner will be assessed a $2000 federal tax fine. The tax is $100 per ounce. Brown is presently on probation fromja 2-10 year possession sentence received two years ago in Newton County where he was arrested in marijuana harvesting venture'. ' . Two discussion topics were selected for the Tipton County Township Discussion & Planning session to be held this winter in the respective townships. "DRUGS and the PARENT" and Soil Conservation Service Referendum" will be the topics to be discussed in each township.; These topics were selected by the . Tipton County Extension Board. These discussion and planning sessions have been held for the City Police Report Tipton Police investigated a two vehicle traffic mishap Thursday 3:30 p.m. in the 100 Block East Washington street. According to the report Hershel P. Titus, 61,: Kokomo backing into a parking spot with his truck hit a vehicle operated by Marion D. Meier, 47, of Tipton. Damage was reported to be minor and no one was injured. Also on report was two traffic citations to City Court and they were James Pore and Barbara Carter, both of Tipton. Strong gusty winds Thursday, night blew down many limbs in several sections of Tipton. One fallen limb blocked traffic in the 300 Block West Jefferson street for about an hour. State Highway personnel and City employees eliminated the problem. Northern Community Elementary - Middle School Honor Roll List Oren Rector, supervising principal, Northern Community Elementary and Middle Schools, announces the following honor rolls for the 2nd six-weeks' grading period: Sharpsville-Prairie All A's: Sheryl Hills, 8th. A's and B's: 6th, Greg Calaway, Alan Fiscus, Bethany Harlow, Mark Rayl, Francis Renie, Heidi Sharp. 7th, Denise Davis, Kris Lowry; 8th, Kevin Adkinson, Brenda Downs, Debbie Ellis, Greg Mundell, Ruth Reynolds, Debbie Roberts, Teresa Salsbery, Sharon Taylor, Gay Traxler and Rosemary Zauss. Windfall All A's: Gail Clouser, 8th; Jacqui Griswold, 8th; Sharon Munro, 8th. A's and B's: . Tracey Lewis and Tammy Winner, 6th; Mark Baird and Claudia Pickering, 7th; Cindy Butler, 8th. past 23 years. Many community and county improvements have originated from these discussion sessions. Some of these include Tipton County "4-H grounds and buildings, reactivation of the Tipton County Planning Commission, county road signs, and county land-fill.. . A set of officers of each township develop a list of discussion topics for their respective meeting. These are open meetings and anyone may attend. A (Continued on page six) I Fire Runs Tipton Firemen made four calls in eight hours Thursday night 7:30 p.m. to Friday 3:29 a.m. when winds were gusting to 50 mph. The 7:30 p.m. call was to the KLM Trailer Court where the James Scott housetrailer .furnace had developed an electrical short. The unit was disconnected and the hazard eliminated. Firemen at 10:29 p.m. Thursday made a run to 817 North Main Street, where there was no sign of a fire and the occupants know nothing about the call. Too, an ambulance was also called to the site when the false alarm was called in. Officials are investigating this activity thoroughly. A trash fire back of the Pioneer Office on North Main street seemed to a neighbor to be getting out of control and the Fire Department was informed. The run was made without sirens and the trash blaze eliminated. A'1959 vehicle, parked for several days at a North Main street Service Station was discovered to be ablaze inside the locked doors Friday 3:29 a.m. by firemen called to the site. The Firemen pried open the doors and brought the blaze under control. The owner identity of the vehicle was not learned Friday morning. As it turned out, none of the calls were very damaging, but fire department officials were relieved that with the up to 50 mph winds Thursday night that no fire here got a head start on the department. ......jvTtin^j \ . ••' Wea ior high eather Cloud type - Nimbo strattus Present temperature - 34 Maximum temperature - 64 Minimum temperature • 33 Wind Direction - West Wind Velocity - 6 mph Relative Humidity - 79% Precipitation - 0 Barometer Reading - 30.15 rising ForecasTj^air^^^^^^ HOSpltalConStrUCtlOnView of Tipton County Memorial Hospital new addition construction from a second floor window Thursday afternoon when the temperature was about 65 degrees. Concrete foundation and pillars are strong enough to support at least five stories if necessary. Too shown in upper right is construction on Middle - Elementary School building of the Tipton Community System acorss Ind. 19. Upper left is South end of Tipton High School grounds. All construction work in the area is reported to progressing on schedule. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage)

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