The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 5, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, October 5, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSPIELD, KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1908. No. ELEVEN OIE IN FIRE NEW YORK, Oct. 6.— Eleven persona were killed and over a dozen Injured while thirty escaped by the narrowest margin In an incendiary fire which wrecked a tenement house on Mulberry street early today. Three barrels of rubbish soaked In oil were burning fiercely In the lower hall when the firemen arrived, cutting oft the escape of fifty sleepers on the upper floors. Some died In their beds while others, aroused but fell unconscious and were burned to death near safety. Many were Injured by jumping from upper windows or were crushed <m the fire escapes. Fully a dozen children were thrown from windows by parents and caught by people In •the street. The men and women saved were carried down by firemen. MINISTER APPLIES THE RELIGION T(| I VNrH I Santa Fe Will Advertise the Va fir mmnT -rn inm rniiniTinilti III MJ I llUll _ _ OF CHRIST HI LOCAL CONDITIONS \t St. Paul's rector, Rev. D. church Sunday, the i "There Is no question but that the j M. Crabtree, made Christ company should rule In Bak- Big Fire on the Water Front SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5.— Fire early today broke out In the coal bunkers of the Pacific Coast Company at the foot of Beal street, and caused a loss of a hundred thousand dollars to the bunkers and the adjoining box factory and lumber yards of Hobbs, Wall & Company and the Beal street wharf, John Fallon, sleeping In a bunker, was rescued unconscious. A force of sailors was landed from the Italian cruiser Puglia and aided the firemen. Several vessels at the wharf were scorched, but not seriously dam- HE LJVEflTN HERN 40 YEARS the practical application of the religious teachings of Christ by fitting them to municipal affairs, and the efforts at betterment of conditions. The Gospel for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity mentions the meet- Ing of two companies describing each as "much people." One attend Christ Into the city of Naln. One attended a widow weeping by the bier x>f her only son, going to his burial. The Christ company was joyous and hopeful owing to the presence of the Master and his Influence. The cortege was gloomy and depressed owing to the natural sympathy for the grief of the bereaved widow; and this grter found relief in the coming of Christ who turned it into joy by raising the dead son. As a result the two companies turned to re-enter the city together full of joy and peace." And here the rector said, is "A lesson for us of Bakers iield. There are the two companies iere. Those who claim to have Christ i and should therefore rejoice; and | ihose that attend the dead, that Is the morally dead, the dark side of life, evil deeds and have not therefore the Christ and real joy of life." The speaker asked, "What Is the effect of the contact of the two companies In our city? Among the company of the Christ we naturally look first for the churches. They may have the joy of the. real presence of the Master, but it tet.-ms doubtful. They have not, at least, his charity of action. By bitter denunciation anil the use of unchristian epithets and methods some of our churches and church leaders have lost largely their power to ameliorate 'Ue condition of those who attend the "dead things" and therefore the conditions of our city. | Recalling some recent events, the speaker went on to say, "And so it happened that the, late so-called good! government organization failed of its purpose for two reasons. Its attitude was wrong, too radical to be sane and too partisan to be fair.. And its conduct was wrong. 'Nothing done in secret but shall be shouted from the housetop.' Ulterior purposes more selfish than purification of our municipal affairs seems to have crept into the organization. I "Musi of us are decent anoimh to want good government and would be ;;lail to take a .stand for it In the right wav, but it is no disgrace to our com- ersfield. Let them stand together for sane civic purity; the indifferent will respect tne stand and join forces. The influence of the stand on those, who attend the funeral—the said, the etll i things—will be to raise and purify ;1 evil till It will no longer be to*-," but a natural privilege of a free Ai lean. We shall have the toning instead of the tearing up; a city «£ men may have a rlght|Mj|fl3cerclBe the' More Money for Bryan Fund The Bryan fun;! is growing steadily and now totals $65.50. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the money on hand will be forwarded to the national treasurer. Herman Ridder, and those who desire their contributions to go on with the first remittance, should call not later than I o'clock. The list of new contributors Is as follows: W. T. Jameson ................ $ 5-00 + * + * *******•> LOS ANOELJ3S, Oct. 5.— Following the scene of riotous disorder In Justice Martin's court, In which several persons were slightly Injured while attempting to take from the police and lynch Edward Martin, a negro who last Friday night assaulted Miss Edith Ralston, a concert singer at Colgrove, the accused man was spirited away to the court of Superior Judge Wilbur, where he pleaded guilty of rape. He was Immedlattely sentenced to life Imprisonment and will be taken to Folsom tomorrow. Martin was terribly frightened by his experience. Ho Is less than 25 years old. Dye J.' C. D. Mathews 2.00 1.00 2.00 •!• 4* ley for Colonization Purposes C. L. Se.agravos, general colonization agent of the Santa Fe. and F. L. Vandcrgrlft, traveling correspondent for the same company, arrived here this morning, aud are taking preliminary steps looking to a (urtber advertisement of this valley for the purpose of attracting the attention of settlers this way. The medium to be used la "The Earth," a publication Issued monthly and the San Joaquln Valley will receive the attention of the publishers in the Decmber Issue. It Is proposed to deal with each county separately and to set forth the advantages of each as attractively as the facts will permit. To this end, those In charge , .5.,-..;, , *• •-»- . . ,,,. — Previously acknfl"if&dgea 56.50 ,„,„., « inn ., m . ture he will be fined $100. Total $65.50 ' one warning Is sufficient. POLICE NOTES. Sheriff Kelly went to Los Angeles last night to get the claiming witness, the colored woman, who alleges that Wiliam Burr committed a deadly assault. Burr will stand trial this week. Ah Kim. the Chinese vegetable man, appeared before Justice Black this morning in response to a summons. Kim was warned that If the lame horses, which one of his men was fined for driving last week, are worked again before being put on pas- Kim says of the matter ask for all available In formation and cuts with which to II- •j. lustrate the number. •5* "The Earth" has been doing great things for Arizona and the Southwest. The August number was devoted to the Salt River Valley, and as a result, that neighborhood has been 1m- , mensely benefltted. One citizen alone 4. .5. .5, •}. & t j> 3 received nearly 700 Inquiries and • ' I many settlers have been drawn to the lands described. In Texas, SS special cars of home- seekers resulted from the Intelligent Benjamin Franklin Church, tor tne ; , 101] SOUKe , lt , e ., st llot lo huve | HH ,,, past forty years a resident of Kern ( .^delated with the late attempt. CVmnty, .lied this morning at the) -Again among the com pan v of the ERB AND DRIIRY TO SECURE ANOTHER SITE FOR HI GARAGE Most Solemn of Jewish Days advertising, besides the thousau who went In by regular trains. In the December number, the Ear will deal with the valley from Stool ton to Bakorsfleld, and this will aa« the beginning of a colonization caij palgn of the Santa Fe, similar to th It has conducted In the southwe and tlje middle west. Messrs. Seagraves and Vandegrll called today upon different Intereaq and conferred with Board of Trade flclals, seeking such Information will be of value In the enterprlj projected. Attendanci Causes Change! The unprecedented attendance the Bakorsfleld schools this year hf| called for a rearrangement of son of the grades. This was accomplish^ today. Tiie district is lacking tt funds necessary to add another te er to "the list and many of the teac| ors are conducting mixed grades the result. A re-apportionment of , pupils in these graJc.s was one of .' tasks before Superintendent Nela today. The attendance has steadtj Increased since the opening day an the first month, which closed FrldaJ is unprecedented in point of atten] ance. From, sundown Sunday night until .sundown tonight the orthodox citizens of the Hebrew faith will neither eat nor drink, the time being occupied by them with devotional matters. For tills Is tho annual day of atonement, the ninth day after the Jewish new year. The day is designated as Yom Kippur, which the faithful are enjoined liy Scripture to observe. This holy day is of the same character as Hosb Hashanah, Now Year's day, which preceded it. but of I far higher sanctity, being to the ls- ; raelite the most solemn day of the CITY BRIEFS The significance of this all impor- Christ," (lie speaker said, '.among those who have the joy and hope of better things here are many men who do not attend the churches at all. They are suspected but their hearts are right. One is particular the most maligned of them all, is a man, who, on the authority of one whom no man In Kern county doubts, ponders now and always some plan wlu?reby he can Alexander place eight miles out on the Kern Island road. The deceased was taken ill yesterday, the Illness being brought on by old age. He was u native of Kentucky, born 81 years ago. When a lad 19 years of age he enlisted In the Mexican war and served throughout the war with distinction. During his lifetime In "Kern he made his home for the most part with the late John Daggert and upon (bat gentleman's death more than a ago the old war veteran moved 10 the Alexander place. In the absence of a physician, Coroner McGinn held the Inquest this morning, which resulted In a verdict - - of death from causes unknown to the gamblers, etc and all who favor them I In secret. What shall we do with I them? Drive them from the city I Throw them onto some other town? j Shift the responsibility? Erb and Drury, proprietors of the. company. Capit;«l to the extent oil P.akorsfU-ld garage, are negotiating.• ?5o.(iuo is to be Invested, Including tbe! another bit;' real estate deal which. J purchase price ol tho property uiid , when finally consummated, will result the construction an,I (•<]nipnien( (.I the, o'ne'^f ,tT?^l:rrrS^ '''"S-,,, „„ ,„„. „,,,„,.--. „„,,. ^l^ ,-<-.«»«. ,.,.»• .,.„ „,„, been „, —'"• 8»™*" "• <"" """•• , K^s^ <"• "•,". "»• *'•"«"Finding that the Poison proper!:. ^.^ ' w(jnl wf> ' s . iy im<| w|t , ]|n „,,,.„. all ,| holiest of (lays, the Sabbath of was io- (] . ' Wl , VV | M „,„.,, \ V(M .| ; >,,„,.,,„! (,„ i'., Sabbaths, are purification, rcconcilia- building. The deal lias not been con-! lion and peace. On this sacred day at L'oth and 1 streets which wa cently purchased by them, wa.s not ' help the present and stands ready plight of our city to accede to any feasible and legal scheme to do so. "Among the company who have not the Christ, who attend "dead things" morally, wo naturally class the dive keepers, the Illegal joints, the subrosa jurv. which was composed of Dom Castro, M. G. McKee, G. L. McKee, H. Hosklng, H. M. Lane and Fltz Clauson. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 from the undertaking parlors of Dixon & Sons. S. A. Blythe, the Tulare land man, Is In town today. H. H. Ingels and O. L. Ingels of Oakland, who are Interested In the Midway, arrived In town from the north last evening. F. C. Halle of Corcoran is here today. Robert Atchlson and Mrs. E. A. Hall are among the arrivals from Mojave. J. H. Belle ana Carl WJtchel are here from Coallnga. Radical prohibition Is revolution not evolution. One town that goes "dry" may be Ideal for a while to those who love the simple life. It usually falls into the hands of fanatics, more impossible than the ward politician. But let a state go dry leaving no place for the 'sinner' element to go, and in very spite they return to every place In It to run a more nefarious business In a secret way, and In all parts of the cities at that, so that the last state of the good people is seven times worse than the first. ."That," said the speaker In conclusion, "was not our Lord's way. He stopped the funeral company, raised largo'enough to carry out their plans in contemplation. Messrs. Drury Erb have decided to construct more residences on those lots seek another location for their garage. This has been found, but as the deal has not been consummated, they desire to withhold the exact location for the present. The site will consist of two pieces of property, one 80 by 115, which faces on 19th street and the other 115 by 115 immediately in the rear. A concrete and steel building of Mission design, one story in height, will be constructed over the entire site. The 80 by 115 piece will be utilized for the office, supply store and display rooms with a tire room in the collar. A cement floor and iron roof will connect tho 115 by. 115 building in the rear, which will be equipped with a thoroughly modern machine shop, storage room and lockers for the patrons of the garage. Mr. Drury j will leave for Los Angeleu early next v.-eek to Inspect the new garage In that city and gain ideas for the new building. It is hoped to have work under way In one month's time and In less than two months thereafter the garage Is expected to be completed snninuited as yet and for this reason wo do not wish to talk about It, but as you seem to have some of the facts we can say this much, the I'ogson lots were not big enough for the garage we plan to construct, so we looked around and found another location more to our liking. We will form a close corporation and Invest $50,000 In the garage, which will bo fully equipped in every particular. We will not dispose of the Pogson property, but Intend to Construct two more residences on It very shortly. OLD OPlATORS TO START WORK AGAIN After a thorough survey of tho local oil situation, Wheat and Wilson, who were among tho most extensive of the early operators In the Kern River field, huve again decided to actively Interest themselves In Kern county oil and acordlng to- a well grounded report in circulation today are arranging for the immediate development of section "2-31-2;! In tho Midway. Tho land has been secured „—«,... -- . ,, from the Oregon Midway Company, kersfleld Garage and Auto Suppi> <-<o. Qn(1 accor( ji ng to the Information re- and In addition to Messrs Erb and I CO , V(1(1 \vheat and Wilson, already May Locate Here—C. L. brother of L. T. C.oilley, accompanlel by Ills wife and babies, are late arrhf als here, they stopping over for days on their way to Sacramentd where Mrs. Oodley's parents ard They like Bake.rsfie.ld and, think the| will' return to locate. I Auburn Agent Here—A. R. Davtl srilo.- manager of the Central Motc| Car Company of Los Angeles, is town with a two cylinder 24 hors| power Auburn roadster, driving with a party of friends Saturday. Ml Davis Is here surveying the local ail to field and If the prospects warranfl will return at a later date to plac some of the Auburn cars, Davis Is driver of much distinction, holdlnfl the San Francisco-Los Angeles re| the Israelite kepes from all doings of the outside world and from all I thoughts of dally affairs. He leaves his pleasures, his business, his schools, his home, and goes to the| ort j, with an Auburn, for two cylii house of God where he remains in ! ( \ er oar8 prayer from morning till evening. He j Drives an Overland—G. W. Rus takes no food on this day. O f the American Hospital Association "In the struggle and strife of the Wri0 is negotiating with the Assoclal world he has allowed himself to be e d for the Installation of the hospit deprived of that rest of the soul, service in the Kern River field, drov which Is the recompense of virtue and doing business. A close corporation process of organization for tho con struction and equipment of the new garage. It will be known as the Bu- is now under tho Henry A. Green of Los Angeles la \ the dead, the cause of their sorrow and in town. took them back into the city. Drury three well known local automobile owners, whose mimes tlie promoters decline to make public at tbe present time, will hold interest In the HOLDS Fall Shirts "Toggery" make, $1.50. Coat-style shirts with attached or detachable cult's; in all the new stripes iu stylish colors. All sizes. already arranged for several rigs to be erected on the section. The two los Angeles oil men were here yesterday and visited the property, also holding a conference with Mr. McMurty of the Oregon Midway, now In Midway. They went to Coallnga this morning. The land adjoins that of the Midway Crude upon which ti strike was recent- Iv niurie. The annual meeting of th>holders of the Twenty-five Oil pany was held this afternoon i-tock- Cornin the ports THE TOGGERY office of Barlow and Hill. 'l'h' ; ' of the executive officers were r«'cen- ed, showln the company to b'^ln a most prosperous condition. I hree wells hav ben completed and ate producing heavily, while two moie are under way. A new boiler plant is numbered among the improvements now being made by the company. The officers as elected an; Tim Sullivan, president; vice president; C. A. tary and the Kern Valley Bank, treasurer. The directors are Tim Sullivan, Tom O'Brien, C. A. Barlow, H. A. Jastro, John F .Dooloy, H. P. Dover and J. C. Sperry. It is rumored that the Twenty-five will soon begin paying handsome dividends. ROSEDALE RESIDENT IS NO MORE tmu* Wilson and Wheat, the I»B Angeles oil operators, are In town, A. Espenoza, a well known resident of Rosedale, died this morning after an illness. The funeral will be held Wednesday morning from St Francis Church. The deceased was 5ii years of age and was born at Monterey. He had lived in Kern County for some tlm« Tom o'Urlen,! past but only took up his residence In liarlow six.To- Rosedaln about a year ago. He IB out vlved by a widow and five children, WOMAN'S CLUB OF KERN TO HAVE MEETING. On next Wednesday afternoon the Woman's Club will moot for the first time since adjourning lust May, with Mrs. S. V. West, the president. The ladles are planning numerous social affairs for the winter, with the clew and Innocence; for too often he has forgotten the objects for which he was created and the law which God has given him as a light and guide in life. Worldliness has engaged his thoughts and the vanities of the earth have filled Ills soul. "Therefore he throws off the chains of worldliness this day, and fleeing from all earthly agitation—withdrawing from the tolls and struggles of life he resorts to the synagogue where he uplifts his soul on the wings of sanctifying devotion and casts himself before God, the power of salvation and life. "Even the bird whose province Is the vast air, seeks for a place of rest; even the swallow looks out for a nest, where she may peacefully nestle her young. Should he not, then, be weary of constantly wandering about In the world, where tolls and sorrows, struggles and dangers surround him? Should ho not at least once In a year long for rest? "The message of Yom Kippur Is a message of hope, addressed to the great and the weak, the rich and the poor; to all of God's children who have given way to the frailties of human nature, who have sinner] and long for pardon. Selfishness, arrogance, dishonesty and violence shrink before the searchlight that it turns on tho conscience; but It still holds open the door to those who have succumbed to those influences. 'Yo that love the Lord, hate evil' is Its command. And those who learn to hate this evil with their whole hearts have made a perfect atonement before their Maker." WOMANS'CLUB AGAIN MEETS Into town from Fatnosa yesterda with his Overland roadster. •*C. W. French and wife are hei| from Los Angeles. Charles D. Ford of the Ford Lui ber Company, Is here with his in a business trip. W| O. Clay, the new superintended of the Twenty-five, and his wife can In from Midway last evening, M. V. Moriarlty of Los Angeles hero today. W. H, Graham came down troj Fresno today. L. A. McCray. the Hollywood ol man. came up from the south yestel day. POPULAR FILM. The film "East. Lynne" Is attracl in? big crowds at the Majestic the ter in Kern. The first Womai tile season was he crnoon was In cba ihroi tin's an i 'A a- hud. relating anil 's Club nieellim ot I ii today. ''''' •'-'' ::<• of tbe board of : purely social in | ;.i"nsaiit time "'as iliscussiii!,' mimnior cuke of soon obtaining means build a club house. enough to experiences Mini later tea and were serve,1. A lar«e number of ladies wore present and all aro hopeful for u very Hiiccr-ssful club year. «-«• Ed FuBsell, Frank Irwln and others left last night for Tehachapl to enjoy a few days' hunting. You Used A. D. 5. Peroxide Cream ? Ir .softon-i ati.l beuUtlflOH the it. i.s a food and a complexion be:iiitifiur. It gives tti" skin that delightful poachy effect—the envy of all women and the admiration of nil men. Add It at once to your toilet i"luiKlte,- Give if. a fair trial an I you .vlll bo delighted with ii The price per box is only 25c. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phono Main 64 and 74.

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