The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 6
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A NEW COAT OP PAINT COSTINC-. SAY, $2.50 KID tomm TO IP1TT8BURG IS HIT KID PffitRl NOW IN THE LEAD ,1 • • • UUUi.v ilnlliii's ,1, > > \i)\v is t he linn- ,-.:< Old Mission Paint. i.- : If fiiin. A coat, be- Dr.M'iiiliei- is worth !i :i!'l- rwarcls. So paint J 1 many followers. house now. * I Pioneer Mercantile Co •> ; ; ;iuue Main 98. I Small Ads Inserted in the Californian Wili Convince You that Publicity Pays i'ork and, Chicago both , T-\ r • 1 r\I~.__ won their sanies, but, playing single , fl OieSSlOnai L/ircC- ...... ..... two po i nt8i i • second and standing left un- i's dec-Is- '• ' —...» [ ttlLUCUHl liy I II -inn ill. i uiiiaiii B UCL IE>- unev^iinesr of the match was appar-, | on o f |. ist n | K ht. declaring the New, •nt. on the face of it. They were to! York-Chicago i?ame of September 23 | + In *I _ _ _. i <1 •, .1 t ti rv tVinf f*Vt I nM <vn Vi n i* ' tory and Fraternal Announcements < • T ii i. if 11 int i m v •-• i • . ...... .. - . ^. -- j UiH-ljll ll M i-^O *A«' ***** "* ucytciu uci £•) i ^ -- — - —— n 98. 5'fight at catch weights. a t l e and "finding that Chicago ban, *.»»' _ - t,. m v,ii.. When this RO was called off over- , no claim , o a forfeited game on the * KA OUS »cn»ID01in j tm . es W(M . ( , ntll ,| ( , t() Alexander and he , (lav following. The correct standing, mrmj-ff.r.tjffffrrr' "'ad Ik- consented to meet Parker K r | t iay' s games included, follows: : B. P. 0. E. No. 21 .___ -.--- laKBln.' Parker will make 118 pounds | ' Won Lost Pet. No. 2G6, B. P •"""•"""^"^"•™ — •"•"'Jl lur the colored fishier, who will only , piiislmn; 97 55 .638 ' Tuesday night The Californian classified advertising columns are the best medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week «r • • • 50c Five lines, three days 2B ° FRATERNAL WANTED , FOR BALE—MISCELLANEOUS <Blue Pills Teopl | lor the colored fishier, who will only, • ihr"e or four pounds lighter. ; ,New York Alexander has sotie Into training, i Chicago . I while I'arkei- has been nt work for. t n • ,ost Pet. 97 55 .038 95 54 .537 96 55 .636 American League Detroit 266 -BaV.arsfleld Lodge .>u. *„„, ~. P. O. E. meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Odd Fellow-/ Hall Chester avenue. Visiting brethren c'ordiaUv l-ivtted to attend. WANTED—My Japanese boys, one to .j i c t, 111 i w >- -~<» '« »" • •. Initiation ev-ry other Tuesday. ._ -- , rook and i'" 1 other to wash dishes and wnii ou table In hotel, boarding FOR SALE—Gentle suitable for lady. Stables. driving mare, Apply at Union tf ir-^-;^^ "Y " cure of Californian office. wi.iie rai-Ker uas in-en ui »u,iv ,u, . Inttie American league Detroit lumuuuii e^o ; - »••=• xreronev ' n 7 ^^-TF^oTrMo"assist with house- some time pasi. "I he preliminary go aml Cleveland both won their games, Chas. A. Lee, h. H , (, S>. Merone), ] u ,\M M> <-'"'^V,'...' ... -,- T O I. n'liould be poimlar and full of fight. I t no latu-r clnh retaining second place Secretary. — werk. three miles in country. Tel -»—••- •--.— i, v virtue of Its defeat of Chicago, ~ .__„ "Tl np'ni AT TSit THEATER ^-^SsT^w ' «« _~- R'nrl,- 1fMn street. ORDER EAGLES, —- | ephoiic Main 1S3. 5a Detroit 1 (Cleveland No play of American life fuller of _ Chicago keen human iuleiest has been pre ! Won Lost Pet. 88 61 .591 88 62 .587 85 63 .574 I- ! I ll IlllUlilll III'' '- -^ l l»(»o utvu I" ^ -w—-~w ! seuted ill the last decade than "The THREE HUNDRED MILLIONS | Squaw Man." iu which Dustln Far- FOR PACIFIC RAILRC o'clock'at Eagle Block 19th street. Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend. S. Sweitzcr, \V. P.; Jo P. Carroll, Secretary ,n &j"\*afc.ww, , —. . — every Wedne*-| WANTED—Uoom and board for lady for one month or leas, beginning October 15. Must he within four blocks of St. Clalr hospital. Ad- I _ three gallons of milk dally. Telephone Main 1082. 58 TTtT LOVHLAl^D has just received a car of fine northern potatoes. Why poor potatoes when you cat) set good ones. Ask your grocer for northern potatoes If you want something real good. tf Soiiii'tliitiir new in the nne oi' ii !":t'.- !-:'.;itice. Iniln-iil":! in ;ill '-<• '••; <'!' |:\ ri- ti o;ili!. j . will remedy l:;!>iitiiiil constipation. \n.: Will have til try till iii 10 know !>ow irooi! 'In-; at'e. BAKERSf IELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th & I CUs. ilium will appear at tho Bakersfleld Opera House on Friday, Oct. 9th. FOR PACIFIC RAILROADS. PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. L—The »r St vJiail nosuittii. .tin- I Bacluir, Wasco, Cal. 58 FOR SALE-Horse harness and bug. i.. tsanuu, , | ^ ln good condltlon i n q u i r e at — ' WANTED—-Poslton by oxporlenced ' 609 Q street, Kern. 57 DEGREE OF HONOR opera riouse un rinia>, wi-i. .MIL , roRTLANJJ, Ore., Oct. 1.—Tne : This play, which is the work ot ; Morn i, 1? Oregonlan says this morn- : l-Mwin Milton Hoyle, was presented j jl)s; j _ an entire season at Wallack's Thea- , [( ' , H announrp ,i on authority that., ter, New York, and those who have ; cauMOl 1)t . ,ii sc .i 0 sed that the visit of ,7. T ^VTIVP T onr.F No 78 D of H seen «... declare without qualification ; willam Rot . kefcl | er tn the Paclflc v AI MpJ'fi, sta n, thin' Fridays In ihat it is th, best of all the dramas : Xorfhwest meana great Development -^month at A O U. W hall a° dealing with western ranch life Mi. to the states of Washington and f^ U " visltlnL- members cordially KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS—Keru'Lodge i No 76 meeu every Wednesday ev- ty. Phone .Mam^-._ •-•.-- _J1" , "Vac^rbomeMron^rass "and 'cop: 1 c g ordlal OC nvUa"on to visUlns WAOTED-Three or four furnished, per , hides and wool. Junk Yard, A cordial invitation 10 vimuu B moma or tul . n ished cottage for. Twenty-second and M streets, tf housekeping. Responsible _people. housekeping. Kesponsu.ic v ^ v ^-. -•- -- np THig n-i,.ut ninss tnnants for narty who, DURING BALANCE. Ot inia Fltat-class tenants iui l'"' ' i ..r-vrpu n ,. H ,, n ni nnt 1Sth. wa can nil the bill. Must be modern and in good neighborhood. Address Tenant, cr The Californian. 55 dealing wltn w.-stern rnncn me. .H-. tto the states of Washington and B „ m visltlne men iRoyle is thoroughly familiar with the Oregon within the next few years. A | n !, : ,;7,' Mrs Dor-i L • locality in which his scenes are laid | nian . r]n?p ,„ tol|( , h wlth the Chicago, »,,' r>] a 'R Taylor ' !;,',d with the manners and customs ; M ii wa uke e and St. Paul made the! _."±_._ J -— '-'. members cordially I Cabe, C. of H. . Taylor, Recorder. i "fan * i>'-<- it* \.\»u\ 11 w ini 1.**^ v/«rv,»Bv, jU'-c o a it layior. ixb'uoruc*. and customs ; Milwaukee and St. Paul made the _.„___ -—1 play he has statement last night that Rockefeller ' JUSTICE LODGE, No. 31, A. O. U. in its denizens, in m» i"iiy •"• "••= statement last night that Rockefeller : JUSTICE LODGE, No. 31, A. O. U. v* Mieon careful to observe the verities lumself will pour $300,000,000 Into the, —Meets every Thursday evening at iat all times with the result that his two sta tes within the next two years. s p m A. O. U. VV. Halt, No. 1628 i work tin-ills and throbs with real hu- -r n | s j ulge sum w m he uaecl it | 8 s t a t- Nineteenth sTr»V. Visiting m?r> Imanlty. His iiero Is of real flesh ' O(li for the development of Oregon ; iers cordially invite:!. O R. West, and blood and Mr. Farnum Unperson- ail(] Washington along lines yet September 10, 1903 BGODEN WEST HOTEL PIONEER HOTEL OP S. F. Cm I'owe'.l and Kills; Pt«. .-;.,u Fnm"!:v>. I F~t£D P. PLMG^.M.\i\?4. I ioi>rielor New Building. Every Modern Convenience. 1f>0 Rooms. Opposite Railroad anil Steamship Offiei-s. Ill the Henri of (lie City. Especially convenient for traveling men. ^ CHESTER AVENUE * NURSERY ^ * ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * FirHt-class Nursery Stock, Trees, * Sbrubbs, ROHPS, Cut Flowers, Pie-'•o nl DeBlgns. Orders promptly QlMd •+ Corner Sixth St. and Chester " iV 'Phsne, Main 745 _a .;. .;. ^. .j. ^. ••• 4* •!• •!* *'f •!• ''*' '•' ' largely neglected. The Oregonlan's ( mtormant declined to go Into details, i but on account of his sources of information his statements are considered reliable. NOTICE Notice is given that i shall nnnly to the State Hoard of Prison Directors to be paroled from San Quentlu prison according to the law. Cl r. ;M. GLEASON. hers cordially invite:!. O R. West. M. 'V.; C. Vv'. Curizwilei. Hecorder .MPROVED ORDER OF REDMEN— Talchi-s Tri'ne. No. 1">. permanent MALE HELP WANTED WANTED—Men and strongs boys. Combination Trade School & Contracting Co. teaches the trades by . actual work, electricity, plumbing,! bricklaying, and pays advanced j students wages. Free catalogue.; Union School of Trades, 124 East; Ninth. Los Angeles. tf WANTED- e : . i;tui;: ; , i,-,-ii-tte r furnished r.r nninrnlsh: :hree rooms, or in -vith family of two. In- :;t --li»i K street, rooms C. ,",4 address Bo:; 7:'.l. Meels every Wed- n«'sday at ^ p. tn. in the Workman Hall, 'Nineteenth street. Visiting ' \,v.\NTED—A good canvasser . cordU.lly invited. J. M. quick selling article. for No peddling. Habertelde, Sachem; John Lewis, Money every day. Address B., Cal C. of R Ifornliin. FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD — j M | Sri HAZEL WILBUR, teacher of Kern Lodge No. 5S, Fraternal Broth-!' , )iana Terms n-.isonable. Res. 1824 ...I. „.,.! «..,»*•- rir\ flli-i flt*ct O*l/l tVliplli ., . , i T»l ... ^ I .» i .1 1 ( (111 t 1* Ice for sale at Wbltaker'a p rult store at reguUn- prices. corne* tf erhood, meets on the first and third! oo n ","i struet. Phont Wednesday of each month at S p. |.__7_1 Main 1-190. tf . in, in K. of P. hall, in Kern City. : WANTB1>— Boy to strip tobacco, at ' MONTH and until Oct. 15th, we will offer exceptional bargains throughout our entire line. If you are in the market for a watch, diamond, jewelry, clock, musical Instrument, gun pistol, suit case, trunk, or any of the numerous articles we carry large stocks of, call and let us show you what bargains we have to offer. A present to every lady purchaser next ten days. Loan fr fr bmh bmh brnh bmhbm William H. Stanton Jewelry Company, 1404 1406 I9th St., Bakersfield, tf FOR SALE—A high grade Emerson piano, cheap. Enquire 1826 Trux tun avenue or phone Main 873. Mrs. G. H. Taylor. tf FOR SALE—Auout 1UU ions of firs'. cutting alfalfa; suitable for cattle feed. For particular? scqulre at th? Dave Hirshfeld. tf H. H. Brown. President; R. G. Lib by, Treasurer. Sliningers' Cigar Factory, linh and K streets. corner HARNESS 011^-for Harness, cai-ruis- KERN VALLEY CHAPTER. ROYAL es, buggies, etc. W. H. Wlckham's Improved Water Proof Oil Is the best. For sale by W. Movie. 171" Chester ave. Phone Main l_:u. WANTED—Girl for general house work, 1705 C street; phone Main ARCH MASONS—Meets every Wednesday night at 8 p. m. Visiting ,-tnpanlous ^ll^-ted.^ R | xT ^iS=5^^rn«e driving horse FOB SALE—REAL- £8TAT]B_ I760K HERE; DO YOU WANT a good lot to build on—Here Is one on Twentieth street, $50 cash, balance $10 per month. I have other lots in the best residence section, 66 foot lots $5 cash, balance easy. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. Phone Main 433. 56 ] \\AN1 KU viOOCT, Ull^U'5 i»'"*"- •'- a- —^ -.1 weighing 1100 or 1200 pounds. Must j 7"^^^" YOlT"Tb~ "LOOK at the A sprained ankle Vnv be cured In ORDER OF OWLS-DaXersfleld nest I be safe and ^ !1; i ble for woman to HnMth hn , f of b , ock facinK 8outn on I .-bout one-third tl-c' time usually r»- No. 17'.', meets every Tuesday at S | _|^mj_ A(i j ir i s ^ °'_ Um _ „ | quired bv applying Ch;ir.;!-eria:iiS P- m., at Maud's hall. Visiting; , . xnx _. W ANTED—Present or last Liniment freely, and glvins? it absolute members cordially invited. VV. S. •• - rest. For sale by Baer Bros., rakers- field; Kern Drug Co., Keru. * i south half of block facing south on Seventeenth street between M and N street, Bakersfleld. 264 front H. C. HARNESS With J. W. Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD PAYNE !& SON Funeral Directors Einbalmers AMBULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night Dustin Farnum, in "The Squaw Man" lies him In such a way as to make | ax-«: tu ffi xsr ts ,? .is j ^^^^^-sm^ca, -•-- ' 1SOO K street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought HE' : Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal .. Ri-nfro, president; Joe MacKey, secretary. PHYSICIANS" BAKEJBSFIELD SANATORIUM 2205 K Street Phone Main 414 \ TJ v \YAAlrJlJ—i r* st in. ur KI.T*. i ** .^.^^^, . Known address of Gustaf Adolph feet, three good houses; a good in KllU\\n UUVIH ^^ .,„,,,„, 1 nn\r U lln nTlH ClPfl R Marx nor or formerly of Bakersfield. Liberal reward. Relatives seek him. Address Von A. Schneider, general delivery, Akron, Ohio. 61 and sold; houses furnished on easy rn Hotel. Installments; furniture rented monthly; special granite ware and kitchen utensils. 25c. tf )l an expatriated Englishman who becomes u "squaw man"—that Is, miuTioK un Indian woman—and finally comes into bis own again, is full of intense dramatic interest. Its scenes are vividly and sharply contrasted and many of its situations aro unique, while its language is of that simplicity and directness which .. „_ is always so effective upon the stage. of the flrm of Curnow & Keefe) ar- Liebler & Co. have spared no pains • teslan and surface wells. TanKs nor expense to make the production i, u nt and put up. Address Bakers- compU'to In every particular and the nQ ] d R. p. p_ N O . 2. Phone Farm- «lni>rr> Kf'ttinirn. it is said, are calcu- ! er9 igi_ tf DR. J. L. CARSON } Resumes practice In Bakersfleld. Offices 301-2-3, Producers' Saving Bank building. Hours dally. Telephone Main 66. Residence, Main 48; South- WANTED—I have 50 people who want 10 to 20 acres each. What have you to subdivide? Owners only. J. E. Barker, Bakersfield. R. F. D. No. 4, Box 48. ott WELL BOKERS B. J. OURNOW, well borer (formerly DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Baker8fieldL 5? | latod to excite the wonder and admir- ( EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES ieu wuu uiuuuiuiu suis>-- —„„„ , . „*„ The cast, too, is an ex-j JAPANESE AND CHINESE LABOR . ... I 11..>. .. n _,,*. rti , l. nl i^ fiirntunon ' traordinary one, each member being selected with particular care for special adaptability to the -character • ho or she is to present. Mary H. Conwell, an actress of nerlt 'and ability, is the leading wo- nun of the organization, while others u Important roles are Catherine Fishi-r. Brinsley Shaw, Maud HOB- 'ord, (li'orge IK-yo, Logan Paul, Philip HmiUley and Horace Mitchell. j BARRY WINS FROM JOHNSON IN SEVENTH. Huroau, first class help furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants, housework, etc. Ranch hands and laborers t'ui-nlshed on short notice, day or contract. A. S. Takay ama, 2100 L st. Phone Main 1074. FOR RELIABLE HELP—Ring up Main 218, Buckeye Kmploymen Agency, C. C. Scrlbn-r & Co., proprietors. The best of male- aild fe male he'.p on the shortest possibli t notice. 12:U 1','th street, Walter ! Hotel, Bakersiield. Cal. tf DR. R. B. BEES Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 9 and 10, Pish block, over lughes drug store. Phone Main 364. DR. FRED J. CREASE Physician and Surgeon. Hopkins building, northeast corner Ihester ave., and 19th at.; rooms 12 and 14, Bakerafleld. Office phone Main 247. Res. phone Main 143. Office hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4; 7 to 8 p.m. LO«T AND POUND LOST—In Balcersfleld, a breastpin made of hair, with gold mountings. Finder -frill please leave same at this oEBce and receive reward. 69 LOST—Wednesday night, a white mare weighing about 1000 pounds; had no halter nor bridle. Was last seen at Chester avenue road house Finder will please notify the Ches ter avenue road house. 59 T. W. HELM, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bank building, Bakersfleld, Cal. Office phone Main 220; residence, Main 686. DR. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Office hours: 11 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 •ind 7'30 p. m. Office and residence, Main 210. Rooms 207. 208 and 215, Producers Bank building. I LOST—A telephone test set. Rewarc will be paid for the return of the instrument to the office of the Sunset Telephone Company. 57 vestment. Look It up and see R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. Phone Main 433. 56 YOU NEVER"BUV"~A CHEAP BUGGY, and expect to get a good one— Neither would you expect to get one of the prettiest homes on Truxtun avenue for $1000. But it will make the first payment; balance like rent. And you can get possession at once. See R. A. MoOre, room 11, Hopkins building. Phone Main 433. 56 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE — Goats; a bunch of 300 ewes and kids, mostly Casslmere breed. Owner anxious to sell. Write to G. L. Robertson, 123 So. Broad- TEN ACRES, $50 CASH—Balance $L per month. Price $25 per acre. No taxes, no Interest. No risk. Profits certain. Located half mile from ,R. R. station, six miles from Bakers- fleld. Land level. No hardpun ,or alkali. Orange, fruit, and vine laud, bearing orange orchards near. Frofts ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, and laud advancing. $100 per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expiQ&s/ Title good. Maps and further i$r- tlculars on application. Right to raise price of land without notice ce- served. SUNSET RKALTT CO., Fresno, Cul. tf FOR SALE—Household goods at 720 N street, Kern. Everything Jn good condition. Can be seen afay day between hours of 11 and 4. 55 . . way, Los Angeles, Cal. 5-4 , FOR. SALE—Cash Income; alfalfa, THE WINDSOR EMPLOYMENT oi- flee Help of all kinds furnished. Women especially. 1910 K street, Phone Main 637. H. H. Wilson. tf \ , dairy and fruit ranch, near Laton, Fresno County, Cal. 140 acres; 50 acres alfalfa, 2V 2 peaches, 56 cows, 0 horses, farm Implements, dairy » EAKEKSFIELD * * EMPLOYMENT BUREAU -> ' •* Wh'Mi -."hi \»ant fi'lliUila ho'.p ot -J •> irt»y k!\id at 10 oust to you c-ill •? 'if. w.-/ 'U 1 Wo ilao supply Chinese •» * tuad .Ijiuiinocu help. + Ph".i* 313. '219 19th St. + t + LOS ANCiKLES, Oct. :i.~-im Barry of Chicago defeated Hauling ohnson of LOH Angeles, the hitter's seconds ihrowing a towel Into the ring in the sevi-nth round of a ten-round bout !»•• fi. , ' • ,- .-•.-'•• Mhielle Cl-.ili her BAKERSFIRLD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU— -When you want reliable h-dp °f any kind at no cost to you -all us ir,i, We also supply Chin ese and Japani'-:.. help. 121P 19th v of the towel .Uitiii n outilasM-d and .losivraicly !u con, '.,i--.i ,• • -.1 upon .-•-i-.-i-ii , '"claring H in-v >lm ,- '•• ;',- Phone SIS. tf DR. A. F. SOHAFER Physician and Surgeon. Office, rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4, Oil and Stock Exchange building. Office hours from 1 to 3 o'clock; Sundays by appointments only. HAVE YOUR HOUSE Oi?KANED—j r*nntntq rlfinned rouiodclod Jiud lulu j - -—— —. ^ttresses made over and returned] land. Box 101, Oakland, Cal. the same day. Your old furniture , , outfit new and complete, $10,500. terms, or $4000 will buy cows, horses and farm implements, lease tf MATTRKSSEP are not too old In. mad" OUT. You spend a third OLD XXL1ABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1138 1627 Will 8t d, Cal. .Mid pil-.iiiri-li'-l Ii h'.-i iihilit \ lo win cl-iss and was eviil.-nth \i-i ihi- last round. Ch;irli'\ !' IMH| the bout. The ;<('' . "Mill!, "Cio on In, Needham. ll ..•-•s.r,, his bite." de had-., iu-,t d,- sai'i • TitiH'.--.. Rnnkiii—You've been keeping o] hou--e this sumiuei-, haven't von? l,-\l,i - Yes. but I'm not ilohr,; it nun h now. U was loo open. I'. Klnrs not Intu It tht- e or four ')': without any troul.'•-.--Chli-aso T: line. (.f your milili> ( Q Btl-i>i In !)."!, so havi- them vi>r by V.. C. Crowe'.l, 1150 t, Kern. Upholstering and In a'.l branches, carpet e; '. Te'.t'phor.f Main tf DR. P. W. MITCHELL Physician and Surgeon. Office, rooms 305 nml 300, Producers Bank building. Office hours from 11 to 12 a. m., and 3 to B p. m. Telephone Main 602. Res. Main G12. the same day. Your old urnltme ; S ELL-See here if you wish re-glued and made UU ne». L| o] . sol| Northorn K(1 - , amls holsterinp In all "^ A r rmwell "«' ^"1 s: """ ' or l'^'""'. v.m should work_ guaranteed by A C C.owell i(> , ( 306 K st: telephone Mam^S. U| nroadway> ' Ij03 Ange i e5 . G . L. Rob- BO1LERS FOR SALE—One 25 h. p. ' ertson. _ £_' o-"b' 'n Loner ^rs^'ci-^s^sh-mo i HER^Is"VoriVcH ANri: r^^^^1 «?,.. As, iitPi'pv n4'utBt rooln bri '' k hnus "' '''"' *- 2 ""- Only |m»-__p- b _ H |i|l e ^l_ ld : 0 .':. ls . t .___. ... $5Ull cash. You can move in torow- N-OTICE— "pfarti'es having property of'; row. H. A. Moore, room 11. Hop- * . . . ™ ., i . t i .. in 1 • 111 L - 1111! 11H n i r I OLE ANIN 0 AND DYE ING DOCTOR FOWLER I Physician and Surgeon | , Office and Private Hospital, rooms | 1t 2, 3. 4, 5 and ii. Hopklnr, Bulldln.i?. | I.ECTRIC AM> l--KKNi'Vr c-'.KAN- Specl" 1 - attention to tllseas.'s of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office hours, 10 n. ir.. to 1. m.: '-' to -1 p. m. Phone 1 any kind at El Capltan stable will please remove same at once or j make other arrangements for their , keeping. A. C. Wirth. 58 ] TOR RENT" . . kins building. Phone Main 4: 1 .:!. r-4 LESSER HIRSHFELO Heal Estate and Fin Insurance. Raoir 5, Couklin building:.!!!::!) Chester Av«. nu and pn-s^ii..; \VoiU-, I'hone Main 1 -' : -nil- e p-.i-.-,sed, $1. ;">u. - c illeii for and de',i\ i-r.-d er i\i Oberlander. pi<i;i~ Suits CHATEAU FRENCH LAfNURY— King them up and l:av-> ye - suits cleaned or spongeil wUUou' ': l( Hng. Also silks, l:\ce-i, Uiee curi;i;;i.;, etc. l^vei'ythlng done by a French "xpcrt. KOC ISth .;t. Phone Main If^V tf Main Root ing. ' ! ATTORNEYS E. L. FOSTER Attorney-at-Law M9, Bank of BakerafleM build"phone Main 240. PASTURAGE—1 wo miles from town, for horses or cattle; sroort feed shade ami running water the year 1 Real Estate antf Insurance around. Telephone Malu 135. tf i Room 4, up stairs, c-rner Nineteenth — i Street and Chester Avenue rTRNISHED ROOMS - Single or In, - ' hoiisi'k.'cpin:; suites, \sitii IMS and i. electric- lights. Mrs. Sneerwell—I met Mrs. Jones yesterday. She Is just the sweetest and most angullc little woman I ever mot. ™ - » Mrs. Candor—Hem! Yes. Extremes ^ gaagaam3K g X ^^ often meet.-New York TimM. AND SECOND HAND Furniture and GEO. FLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law Notary Public. Office, Stoner HOI and cold baths and use of r^lKphoii;- fi-c. The Willow, l ^2:1 Mi l! )!l low proprietor. W. W, KELLY^ Phone Main 149. "pATENTBr stn-et. E. L. Wil- tf HOUSE CONTRACTOR * rj» <\ii»j ar-^Wk-iiJ iiemu ^-UIUILUIV and i> »nuy jruuut. ^/ui^c', uvwwv. at A. Lincoln's store. Fourteenth building, corner Chester avenue and t street and Cheater avenue A gen x7th street. Telephone Main 67. eral line of household furnlahlnga _____ --.—.., always at brnd. And at price* TH08. 800TT smaller than elsewhere in Bakers- Attorney and Counselor at Uiw field. Phono Main 6(6. , OfflM over th* Bank ot Baktnfleld MAKE YOUR RENT PAY FOR YOUR home. Modern up-to-date cottages, 91200 and up; easy terms; monthly payments. Plans and estimates furnished. A. B. Morgan, 909 L street, Bakersfleld. Phone Main 706. PATENTS—Hazftn. * Straiua. Lo» Angeles. Patent book free. Procured In all Countries. Infringement Litigation. TOWN8END, L70N, HAOKLET 604-7 Merchant*' Trust Bldg Lot Angeles, Cal. Patents

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