The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 5
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GOLD BRACELETS Ii' YOU liave a friend whom you want to tvineiiilior with a lilvle s;ift of sunn' kind n ir«ilil bracelet is always n most acceptable '_'ift. Our linu.'cli'ts arc tho lal- osl styles am) our assortment is very litrire. We're always pleased to show you what we have. American Jawelry Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street i Kern City XKXtc«oooo<xxM5a(OCJOooac8 MOVING PICTURE SHOW FUR KERN Til.' M.'l.ies'ie. ;;,( Hire show, which is open in Kern DID YOl'R Ol'SE 1U? If it had. would your loss have been toliil .' liotlel' see alioii! an insurance on your house or furniture i-i>rht now. Let us write your yiolicy; we liave 1he l>est companies. Bakersf je!d Abstract Company. GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. (.-client program for Sunday. Following is me hnl, ".A i.'ann\al .\ignt. 'Lost a I'roity Hog," "A Country 'ouriship." "Aoiohatie 1'llls." "If Yon rla:l a Wife l.iKe Me." "Hast I..MHIC," tin 1 L;:'O:''I emotional drama." Tlu- two illustrated solids ai> ".lust lieliind tin- Time;,." "A Little Coxy Flat." An excellent singe, has lieeii secured aii'i a .li'.'.h class s.uuv is pi'onilseil. A. A. Shaw is tile manager ot •lew entoi-iirise and lias arranged with a standard fllm house for two changes ,il isoiuros and MIIIL,.; ,, v,o.'k. Sun- la.v an.I \\'odii' s,la> evenings are the tiaio; fur tli" .••''.•itr..e o! program. A It.Mvm-.: '.'.ill in cur on S.itu/.Iay nights :ni I n vain liiie caiaa |o;i M.-I will lie the pl'U". SUNDAY IN CHURCHES OF KERN CITY. Entertainment SS. Barnabas Episcopal Church In.).' i.'ot.imuuioii, S a. m. Sunday si buol, in :>. m. Kvening service, ":;i". Methodist Church. Sunday s. hool, H:-i."i a. m. Preaching, 11 a. in. Priaching, 7:"'i p. m. Hev. Iiainon, paslor. j Pilgrim's Congregational Church, j Sunday scboo; at. in n. m. Preach-I ing at II a. m. Christian Kndeavor, i!:45 ]). in. Preaching, 7:130 p. m. O. Kranlilin Thaycr, pastor. The f!i>t of the class entertainments to lie given at the High School | was by the Seniors yesterday after- ; l.oon. Prof. Conger i'ntends to have : these entertainments by the classes in alternation every two weelts.' There were several visitors present | to enjov the program. ICvery number was appreciated by all, those who gave, the selections as well as by the members of the other classes. Carrie Furmen and Ella Bennett sanir an en.foyalile duet, accompanied on the guitar by Lois Wleman. Will Simpson nave an Imitation of a young poet delivering his poem before an audience. His facial contortions and attitude set the assembly '•*'' into a spasm. Roy Pathe came next with a solo, showing a very clear, pleasing voice. Helen Frye gave a nicely rendeied solo and was warmly applauded. Fred Allen gave a sensible talk on current events, men- tloninu the recent success of tho air • ship. :'ii,I tile late revolution in Turkey. Kolowln? this was a solo by .'•'loi-i-ia- HotiglHon. who s;"r.: in line sty],. ' . '. v-rv appreciative audience. Tlie i'l.'-i'.'itu was rounded off with a trio by tho Stroud boys and Cecil Maker. They received an encore, which \vns responded to, as there was Mii'.io time left. ami PHONE MAIN 309 T seam All Wool Cloth Suit, \\iili tin- \< tliroiio'lioiit. 7 '_. ,!'ii --kirt triinii.'i bias fold. Navv, OTO. n, brown ..r Mack. 1'oine look at tli'in \vith $20.00 If Get the little one a nice, warm coal for r* d. trimmed in velvet and soula--h bntid Six to 1'J Veal's $4.50 CHESTER AVENUE, AT 2Oth STREET ami.ti BIRTHDAY WITH THEATER PARTY. COME TO OAKLAND FOR BUSINESS TRAINING. ; FRF.K '" .1 .-in. :3CG Tv.-e!!tli S' Got Divorce ; and Alimony eclt'brateil his fif- la.-,', nielli with a . icr of "his friends. "° n - family home on about s o'clock and NOTES AND PERSONALS. DELONF.OHA ,-iOr orF.INGS. \V. V. Bower has purchased some lots on 1- iUreel between King and ; Heale avenue on which he is erecting ; *'' ''"• a large barn preparatory to going into the livery business. Kev. Damon, tb" new Methodist minister. h;i- ; arrlv-t and \vi'' . '.induct the seiviceri tomorrow. Miss Hiixi'I Kline, daughter of Mrs. liarty ;.., ,, They in i Twen; i.•; i. alter ;il; i: . i tended th, second performance at . Morley'.s tia-atcr. Later ice cream and cake were served and it was at I a Irs', lioiir that the gathering ills- Ihandeii. I'liose present were Edith In .lit-lgc Henni'tt's court todav. | Kmnions, Nomii .Maculahan, U-lla ;, I Clara Van Metre was granted a di-j Woods Klnier Kramer, Florence vorco from .lames Van Metre. The j C.iiniher, cin i- \ '•«.'• Harness, Helen piainiiff wus urante.l $-10 a month ali-| n a i!. Alvia Itris. ... Tii. lir-i Zumwalt, Vv |! I) . . i.II '.1 .1110 M I ll !e|l { || !.,. s."it ai.\ OIL el"'!', reo AT SPRINGS. eet, Caki.oul, California j .10 bc.-t ti.cilil'i : ev.'l I We-;! I'o. Ili.^'l-"]' l.le '• •.-],-. I,.",- inniiu-l Democrat Springs KTURJ Mil leav* .'••es'nf lar.-e liu, I Arlington Hoti-1 e\ery V.'odU^wlK f U'OMIS ' ' i-iii" i in ' niornlnB. The baths are nuexeeSRS lir'actU-o'.' Hvery grad-ifor rheuinatli-m and kidm-y '-•"'- ; -' I 'ju'iteottl nii.ioto hii : -Mios* .•our.e'iby any and all skin dif,ease«. TJ.\-s a number of Barnes at- I ()f |h|s ( , n , 1( i< ,.,,,,,i.,y(.,| I'le.isant, i only hot mud baths in Kern COUUH.T. ' homelil--e 1'l.n'es in private families. I Hotel largest am', best a.,c(itnoi!atloj«. for vouii" iiH'ii anl women, am ic-.erv- of any resort 'n Kern County. Floss ed, 'practically at cost. camping gronnds ami plumy o: Courses in Hiislm".-.-; Traininu. Short- »hnite_ " m<i:iv ;ni 1 the custody of minor cl'.il- : Clois Ilend'-r He! " Ii, A New Company. 'n, Elsie , Keller, .Man.' Keller. K.tna p. ,; y, Ha' xel Pc-rry. Dave Hill, Cecil Briscoe, Ailicl.-s of incorporation of the An-, |j,, yni ,, n ,j ,.„,,.,; ,],,„',„,. ,|,,] n ,i W ard' i.coiida .111 Coii.pany were tiled. The Sn)ith ,,„. M ,, n , ix .,„,, ,,,,„,, ,.,. IVv(M . c;!;)!t;.; stoc.i 'H Ihe cor|).iral loll is .. .^,»_ 0 ,. 1 Most remarl<ntne nntieral s: N '-!r..:s • L California. An ansoime, cure for RHEI.-MATISM Forty-five lulles. inmi n.iUrr.--.";,-;.; in sltrra Nevada Mountains. Finn SUM • r-T clinuit". C.ood iiccomino.latiov.s "^rms reasonalile. Stiige leaves Bak• rsfield Thursday n;o:nint>s betw-en ! and D o'clock from Arlington and "•cidrntal hotels, ani! fi'f.m Metropolr .n K«rn. Ucti'rnf Tuesdays. Ad- •»8S, BAKHiCAl'i- ROOrKTTK. U Pt ii.i t!,f. liirectors are (.'. A. S.)li,| on hi,,'. ,i. Levy, .'d. .Ueiovv. .1. lleli-' s | low S. K. Kline, came in from the oil "•"''• iieids yesterday and is thre.itnied v\i'h typhoid fever. me in from Coal- Adininistr.itnr Named. Ui tae estate of \\'m. H. ICmnions, .;' ,'rasr.i. !••.:.•:>. o'.' a ia:iui- : t rat '..)!> iiave >:• ..-I; i - •.!•• 1 'o .\hir.;ue: i.e .: Kn:moti- : . A Nitiiry Puijli;. !•':: '.}',; I' l'ra:icis. of 1'ioin .•:•. '.r: .;u:iliti' ! a-' a u.-tar> puidic Nc-ir.'.n ~;tions Filnd. ';'!••• > - n n?c: ; : ' of nc^.'iu.iiiou • o. :' i'.. ' n:.i'. .'ii •.;'! i "• inr ci,i:n'v <.;lic. w ..-. i',!.-d : ..'..:>'. -kn.'ii by \\ . ti. IJ.-H ;ia I .1. ('. i;:.!' ! . A. S. Cn:e.-, air! ': give bis weekly ual on Thursday nl'iht iii :!.. .-, .,• -it, l |j..r, in t lie Keru Hiv.-r Ii.•]•!. Chi! in n liv. r,:: Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checKinj; account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will find it ;t trreat aid in your iimmeifll affairs. c. n. ri.iiiii.. '...adnia-'ter Lori ntxeii of 'l\haclj- a; i pi'..- •••..! i!;:.)ii;;li tod:;y on h!.; v/ay to Tiili'i',-, \vlier.' his son is very low •' i'h typl'oid fever. i-:. :•'. Viia M. i.T of Fresno is n . ,i. i a 1 • i'. 1 Metropole. t'o.ii.i-.: tor II. M. IJin-k. t'ormerly of A' rn, i- vi.-iiting lure from Fresno. I). McDonald, night clerk at the | u yj.,,, Metropole ,is taking a much needed! J '.'. ..'_.'. . ..„ rest ana Chas. Fowler is taking his 'tvlaiivcs in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Cassi.iy went! Miss Veldora McCnllouph returned to Visalia yesterday on a business yi-.-tcrday from a visit in Los Ange- trip. '.es. !-:iv-. : .•:• son no\\- have an invaj-i flie Isvtest in ladies collars, GOc, '"'j!,''' |1(l : "-•"'•'"-'li e work ^ ,i , ancl up, at Arrli^zi-Olcese tlepsvri Verliir:. vliere' ho 'has been actini; rUCllt Store. -s roadD-i-i. r 1 - cli rk for tin }l u« Miss Cioldie Horr came up from two liion'liK H,. left ihis morning ! -"* Aiu-i le s yesterday to visit In , for Tnlaro 10 ad as timekeeper for parents. .Mr. and Mrs. Hen Horr, for ,],,, ,. ( ,. 1(l ,.,.,,,. v .,] ,,.,„,. a few days and from here she will 'l{ov'nwo ( ,d went to' Fresno yi-st< r- eo to Fresno, where she expects to go .|.,,. ' ' into business. ' ' •'' .. ,, ,, ,. , . .1 1C. Murrav, formerly of l\ern, M.-. an,i Mrs. I- H Holman have , • ni( . ( ., UI of San Dlego ,„ a| .-one to L osAngeles for a few days. .^.^ a , tj|| , j lc ,, ra|)()lp . i Cha.. Friend is at his post In tho ; U( , uU . nant Colonel A. S. Crites of | suporinten,;oi,t s othce again niter l)ls., ll(i x , lll(llm! Ounrds leaves tomorrow vacni'.on. Imornini: for Atascadero. Mrs. .!. N,.,S.-I" ,.:•! von, Tommy, | j A. Ritchie of Los Angeles is in have ', r otie to Tt-ba• uapi to sjn-nd a | town on business, few days. Mrs. 11. H. Kyan is going to Ix'rdo tomorrow i-. visit her !-usb:<.:. 1. The latest in ladies' belts, 50c. and nr, at A-diszi-Olcese Co., dc- oartraerit, of ore. ' I\ni;iner Ilearle and son, llerbi'rt. ud Mrs. C 1C. Y ;"•• r h. move.,! to HakerHfield. \V O. Iiavis returned this morning have rtuirned from a htinlliiR ;.;'!..,• sp'.i,,iin K a fpvv days visiting ui,ii e;,.cji claim to have a deer, The Whole Family Will Like Butternut Bread. Your table is nev,.i' -. t without bread, an ! ' .' i'. Mi-:' '';.' I'l'iM.i i!;. ;; MI-., ,-n i i ;.b].. ibi. meal. Hvery woman who l;uows good bread always bu.\s Iliitieinut. It's a bn-ad th-.t Inn a dilTeri'iit flavor mid oin 1 that always provi-s on.ioyi-ble. Today is the day you should treat jour family to Hutu-runt AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. THE LIGHT FOUR CYLINDER, FIVE PASSENGER ROADSTER AND TOURINC CAR. Price, $1650 \Vill I.e ivaily for delivery .Ian. 1. 1'->t>'-'. A report isia.lf after a 1horoH-h inv'estiiratioii liy'a well known lueclnini.-al engineer of I'.ak.'rsiiel.l >liows tliis car (o he Tar superior to any car on the market sellin- for less lhan *'J1(»I. Tlie reason iv. that when the slarlliip. i-,-<!iie(ion in tin- price ,,!' i in -s ami oi In ' • a!tl<> ni. ill-rials ,.,,,,„. all .--.ii. i in anilfa. •Hirers ha,! a' '-'• .: i ''u-r i.'iileeial. The 'I'onri'l people only coin|i!ele,| tliej.- design- !..r tin-- Calilor- ,,i;i car after sludvin- all lite new cars thai \ve>-e I.-HIL' Imilt i'or present deliv.T.v, and which were Imilt liefoiv Hie s! : , r | Imp: drop in prices on raw materials'. ' ' Place your order now and «el tin- best automobile ever ollon-d I'or llio price- . Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. E. J. ERB 19th and G Sts. W. E. DRURY Tel. Main 1260 you ami ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Srr*>»t^ WOMEN sllollld llll'.ell avail tlien--,.!. |n,i'tiiiiiiy in • InftintG aiu^ ClvUdTen^ iThe Kind ley Have Always Bough? You Are Safe at Ardizzi-Olcese Company's Fall u; shade.-, and. plaids, we. coiiiiis ..I' \v...••••'.. : '".'. e\ei-y 1'iicilily, couveMie:i. and courtesv. Capital, $")U,OOO.iir. iiu.f.Iorrihiii!, 1 nor/Jiiteivil. i;M 17 t : i '^1I_.. ij^S .|i'\.-|' s, . Illi'd SO l(e\s-||e|||||j; liel'iif" all'i lievoi- \Vll.S i, v\,ll ceftaiiily lie a siit-'irise I'ur .sou, ri»r v.'i 1 know ]\>jnf>f(in •Se .•l/.v.jrniul Anrrfect Remedy for Constipation. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca, Worms .Convulsions,Feverishness andLOSSOFSfJEEl'. FacSinule Si^tuiturc if !'L NEVV_YQRK. Capital $50,000.00. ( C. J. Plan*, President. ) Arth'T 3. Cutea, Cathlcr. | tXACT COP/OF WRAPPER. I'.'.'l.-i S'll! in-..-s , plaids, Sj*l ,lir> Voiles, h .ii; !•'•:.' ,-riT l o i bl'owil and n;i\ •C m I ^ n .Of I £.1. , 25c 5J51 and liiney colors Thirty Years 90c il .125 I-'iiih-y Suitings, in !*ni,vs. navy :ind fancy rtn $1.25 Bruadei. th. rc<!, liltio, l)i'own and ._ _ black OOC Modern Department Stores K3»WB Modern Department Stores

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