Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 15, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1898
Page 23
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? Jttanl Not SEXUAL VITALITY Jiood— t:w Drtde or «flerlng the meaml torwm of a, nhood, (buttered nerves, and ual power who can bo cored by our Magical Treatment _t. ___ S. »™l.i.ri At >inmft timll»r OUT dtrfiCtl which may be t dcr OUT i crwe wnpayB.r::fareardhotel 1)111.5 lor tbo.o who wEb toccme here. If «. /all to cure. We a*™ nofreo prencrlptlons,free euro or C.O..D. fake. •"" 1«T«»2SO 000capital end fraaraiueo to cure y . CMC we treat, or refund every dollar yim payns. or feemsTt>e deponlted In any bfnlc to be paid ni «e™.carcl«<-nccted. Write for lull partIcu!Mii. »TAM MJEJUCAL CO., Omaha, Arrangemente have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Care between St. Louia and Lo sAngeles, €»!., running through -without change. These care will leave St. Louis every "Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Anglos, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Or are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logans- pert to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address WdBASH&R, Logaosport, Ind. Do YOB Love M so, lecure one of the latesil find prettiest Two-Steps of tt e day, by mailing Ten Cents (sJJver or stamps) to cover mailing ana postage, to the undorBi(roed for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two. Sl:ep.) We are givintr this music, whlc'tt is regular flfty-oent atxwt music, at this exceedingly low nrte, for the purpose of eidvenlsing. and wet- lag the value of the different pap ars as adver- ttoing Mediums. E. 0. MeCormlok, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Rcute." Cincinnati, O. Mention this paper when you write. Tratoe Hun by Central Time* • P«il7. t DaJlr. MOW* 8a DIVlSIOH DAILY, LMTefor Chlo»go*8:05a m;*6:00 a m;*l:25 p m •2:OOpm;«4:SOpm. 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A Sufferer Relieved. A Tale of Suffering and Subsequent Relief. From the Prett, Columbus, 0JMo. Tin postage fttaaty thai 1'Btter seldom sticks to Nothing takes a man down so muc'-i ks to have some woman blow him u^ Spiritualists tip the table, bur tie pan who tips the waiter often fares better. The lower down a man gets in the frorld the nearer the roof you wili Ind him. •Misery likes company, but it is better U) have rheumatism in one foot One of the many persons in Columbus, j Pink Pills for Pale People. I had never khan 'both. V^ne OI tile iuany p ..... i ,. - .. „ .,- i,.. j r..:.u ;_ -,,~I,',,;,,r.t. r.f *kir L-inH ant\ Ohio who have been l.i-m-lited byilie use of j had any faith in medicines of that kind and »r Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People is j paid but littJe attention to the suggestion. Miia JertKlia McKinney, of 50 Sooth Centre it was not long after this h^erer, that I Aiii* Jiru. i.u_. __. .., ,, , , ,.,__ agaiii heard the pi]lE hlg | ]ly retolm nended, by several persons, and then it was that I decided to give them a trial and purchased one box of the pills. I soon began to notice an improvement in my Condition and before the whole box had been taken my health was to much improved that I was about ready to begin singing the praises of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. " I was not yet thoroughly convinced and decided to wait a, whiie before growing enthusiastic over the results, and had begun on the second box before I was confident that I had at last found a medicine to meet the requirements of my case. I discontinued my calls to the physicians and tave left them alone since. I am now as well and strong as I ever was in my life; am entirely free from all pains and never felt better in my life. I eat regularly and sleep like a babe, ^o more are my slumbers haunted with tearful dreams and when I retire at night I go to sleep at once. I regard Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People as my salvation, and would recommend them to all ladies troubled as I was. The pills are more - • - - - - anyone ,*i.iaa uciuriiiu .T^X.-.^-.- --- .1 -Street. Miss McKinney IB well: and favorably known especially in educational circles, as she has been for a number of years a iuubful aud progressive school tctclier. For some time she has been very ill ana the Bufferings and tortures endured by her for months have been unusually severe. The tale of her sufferings and the subsequent relief and final cure which she derived from the use of Dr. Willianis 1 Pink Pills for Pale People, aroused considerable agitation among her many friends and others. \ reporter was detailed to obtain a reliable account of this marvelous case, and when he called he found Miss McKinney at her comfortable and cozy home where she cheerfully complied with his request She said : "The first indication that I had t that anything was radically wrong with me was about three years ago. 1 suffered the most excruciating pains in different parts of my body and was almost cruzed at times. Jfy Bleep was disturbed by horrible dreams and I had befrun to waste aw-aj- to almost a shadow. To add to my other afflictions the malady assumed a catarrhal turn and I was BOTH a victim to that horrible as well as disgusting disease. I consulted the family physician who gave me some kind of a nostrum und I was foolish enough to imagine- that it benefited me. I followed the advice of the physicians but noticed no perceptible improvement in my condition and was about to despair of ever becoming a strong and •well woman again. "Some of my lady friends were calling on me one afternoon and before them 1 happened to mention my troubles, when one of them recommended that I try Dr. Williams' BITS ABOUT COOKtNQ. Mark Antony gave the cook who prepared the banquet he gavo in Cleopatra's honor a city. Julius Caesar paid his cook $4,000 a year. i France is sailed the cradle of good cooking, but Athens was Uie home of the best cooks that the we rid ev«r knew. At.hP.nius Bailed the aolcs Ae first race of king:?. Cooking is largely a matter of :.-«tc, j but the 'best cooks in the laniJ today j ure negroes. Our own southern ool- j ored women are real corcion-bleus; the black cooks ct Cuba are peerless, and In Germany uhe wide instead of a veil wears a wreath, usually of myrtle. A sprig ol this greeii is always included in the wedding of all .English royal girls. •In the early days of England brides wore no veils, bat let down, their hair, which floated about their shoulders. Tie veil is a. survival of the canopy which was held over the couple on the way to church—indeed, in some eastern man-tries the csmopy is still used. Brides who refuse to be wedded In May are 'backed up in their prejudice &y fihe Chinese and the ancient Romans. -Among the Romans sacred luneral rites occurred in this month and naturally weddings did not. For religious reason* *ae Chinese priests forbid May marr-uuge*. In a new rein-holder a supporting plate to be attached to the dashboard carries a coiled spring with knobs at each end and a guard extending from one knob to the other across the face of the spring to keep tbe reins in place after they have been forced between the ispring coils. To support a camera on an ordinary cane or staff a metal base is provided with two spring clips at the ends, •which hold the camera in place, the under side of the base having four spring arms which extend downward to a clamping socket, which slips over lie end of the eane. Carbonaceous Food.—If inclined to run down in flesh because giving much milk, cows should be given carbonaceous food, like corn meal, to keep them to be read in a greater number of Jn condition. Of course, they will then languages than any recent American eat less coarse food, and the cost will book. One of the latest propositions j be increased; but cows like a variety of received by the publishers is for a ', food, and will digest more if they hare translation into Bulgarian. Hall Caine has gone to Paris, on his to Rome, whither he has been or* for the benefit of his health. He also been advised by his physician giving them a trial will soon come to the same conclusion regarding their merits that I Dr! Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are sold in boxes (never in loose form by the dozen or hundred) at 50 conts a box, or six boxes for S2.50, and may be hud of all druggists or directly by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schen«o tady.S.Y. LITERARY NOTES. The estate of Mrs. Margaret Oil- phant, the authoress, who ditd Jun« 35,000. It was left to her adopted daughter. •Mr. Bellamy's "Equality" is likely no traveler Who has visited Constant!- ' to abstain from mental work for a pe- aople or Algeria would take a chef U ( "0<3 of four months. Lancelot -Longlocks—Poets are born, not made. 'Maud Sharpe—I know. I •wasn't blaming you.—-London Tit-Bits. The oil of tobacco found in the stems Of long used pipes or obtained by distillation at red hea-t, is one of -the .he could eet a Moor uttle Beesie entered the parlor one juorning and her quick eye discovered i&at the slip coverings had been re- moveu from the furniture. "Oh, look, mamma.'" she exclaimed, "the chairs have tooked their nightgowns off." "Willie, you'll be sack," said hia mother, as he handed up his plate for more of the. fowl, "this is the third U— TCt A doctor from Pietra Santa says that the chestnut groves during a large part of the year yielcl the principal nourishment to the poor of Cevennes, Limousin and the Corse. Cakes are made from Chestnut fiour which will last a long time. By mixing the flour in a. little salted water a bouillon is made which is very agreeable, especially if a little fresh milk is added to it It was the polenta, a favorite food of the agricultural population of the. ancient duchies of Lucques and Modene. These xaost active and powerful poison* knowo- fRobert Crocker, a Mercer county j hours a day; they often lived in close farmer, caught 200 rats in his granary, h u ts and yet enjoyed perfect health people never ate meat nor drank wine, and they worked from tea to twelve ( lime you have been helped." "I know ' an{ | wne n he went in with a club to Rri (j great muscular strength. ' at, mamma," replied the little 5-year-; old, "but that turkey lacked at me ' OHRB and I'm getting even." them the rodents overpowered him. He was taken out unconscious and badly bitten.—Philadelphia Inquirer. Keep rarth with tliy fairest laeai u*- •io the perfect day. Ttoou canst not The youth who secures; a situation as ' know how many souls stand in the ray SCRAPS. HISTORICAL. Glass was early known. Glasv. beads were found on the bodies of mummies over three thousand years old. Astrology was cultivated first by the bill collector has a promising career, j that passes through thee, waiting, Chaldeans, and was transmitted from done beautifully, hungering, -thirsting, groping, far that i them to the Egyptians, Chinese and Nothing is ever which is done it, rivalsiaip; nor nobly which is done in pride.—Ruskin. n-ext step which thy lamp alone can I others at the very dawn of history. reveal unto them. — Trinities and A waitress may not know a club £rom Sanctities. a spade but she can easily raise th» | Not a day passes over the earth but deuce by simply dropping a tray. men and women of no note do great Order and qutet are good things d«eds, speak great words, and suffer when they can be had without the noble sorrows. sacrifice of things that; are better.— roes, philosophers and Henry Ward Beecher. Of those obscure he- martyrs, the greater part will never be known ti;l The Jews became much addicted to i\. after the captivity, 588 B. C. Bede, the learned Saxon monk, was devoted to it, A. D. 673-735, and Roger Bacon. 1214-12S2. It was much in vogue In Italy arid France in the sixteenth cen- lury. The Strawhoard trust finds that in association yesterday rixised the prica *™\ ' UB B ^" """ ^ °""'" a ore day, with modern machinery and of their product to consumers 25 per '' naries Dearie, thorough organization, it can produce cent. This is a direct consequence o! j 'Munich is to hare a season or Mo- ! f v ,-ice as much as the country can coa- the Republican tariff tax on hides, and mart's operas exactly as he wrote them. c, lime in the same period. Hence, an is so announced. It is not often that we The "Magic Flute" was recently pro- apparent over-production is brought find such frankness as his on the part duced iu that way at Vienna, and was aDO ut. The over-production is, of of manufacturers, whose business is almost hailed as a new discovery. It affected by the "protective" tariff, and is not a bad idea to permit a genius to it is quite refreshing. The leather belt speak for himself.—St. Louis Globe- Ing manufacturers do not beat about Democrat, the bush to search for other pretexts. course, only apparent because it is caused by the inability of the masses of the people who constitute the home market to purchase and consume more mo uuou LU oco-itu ^ «^^ r^ - Countess Herrmann Zic'hy is about j than their income permits. Their in- They come out squarely and say that to open a tobacconist's shop at Buda- come, in turn, so far as they are wage in consequence of the Republican tar- pest. Her husiband was obliged to re- j earners, is limited fay the extent and iff tax on hideis they will have to sign from the Hungarian parliament | power of consumption of the "market," charge 25 per cent more for leather, on account of 'his debts, and for a time of which they are a large part. ~' Thus belting. edited a Hungarian newspaper in New we have a vicious circle. York. The countess has sung on the The President will hsive to check the music hall stage. free and sincere pen of his secretary This is -the composition of a Georgia of agriculture and bring him into lino [joy on the legislature: "The Georgia with the policy of mediaevalism that Legislature -has Done met. My Pa was characterizes the rest of the adminis-; z. Georgia legislator. He says he work- tration. His talk about extending the ed Hard. I don't suppose they pay leg- country's foreign trade sounds discor-, jslators anything, as Pa always came •Organize a Democratic club in your Toting precinct. dant and is a deadly insult to N'ljson Dlngley, Jr. Wme dead broke. Pa says he was for the People. I wish thf People would take up a subscript: or Hogs in Spite of Cholera.—It is gen- writer; and Fanny ble's daughter, who became the wife of <Dr. Owen "Wister, not only translated Mucset, but wrote original versa. Mr. Wister sacrificed a. musical career in order to become a. lawyer. Whether b» means to sacrifice the law in order to remain a writer is a question. »lr. Owen Wister is not the first to jrtake the name of Wister known to! readers of fiction. That had already: -been done by Dr. Funiess' sister, Mrs. I <->rally conceded that the farmer can A. U Wister, whose translations from S«>w hogs at a profit in the long run the German have Ion.- been deservedly ^ yet sustain the usual losses by popular. The clan is a numerous one,, <*°lera. As we new the matter the but, in proportion to its numbers, has 'inestion is never a pertinent one not figured largely In the literary j 'rt-tter we can afford to quit growing *orld, though Dr. Caspar Wister waa'^ on the farm. The sole problem »~ f , -..-.jjjjjjjg jjj mr and lt ^ a most Yital is hov to grow hogs iritk the chance of loss by disease. "We the matter rests lirgely with •proper methods of feedinr, together •irith a proper regard for cileallness-and :ua intelligent and persistent effort la •a»e direction of fighting shy of cholera. hi the future cholera is to be regarded be a constant factor in tie matter of pork production. It is the business of • ' - •— this fact The bog raiser from tils time' on who leaves everything to chance wiB be lucky in, deed if he mates ends m««t In the hog bouquet at your ilebut? Oh, that yards through a series ol! yeare of ear- fool of a gardener didn't understand perience.—Nebraska Farmer, jne, and sent tltiem to my bouse.-^lie- j ^^ loss of f^nJTtne whey fc jende Blatter. . v grater from the richer milk. Minister—I once performed thras wedding ceremonies iu. twelve minutes, i Miss Savior—That was at the -.Ate of fifteen knots an hour.—Tit-Bits. Friend—Whs* ftid I see? Not a sin- Organize an anti-monopoly club ia your vicinity. Organize a silver club in your voting precinct for effective work ia 1898. CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these IltGe Pills. TJfcey also relieve Distress from Dyspepsfa, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect ircmedy for Dizziness, Kuusea, Drowii- MSI, 3Bad Tastcin the Month, Coated Tongno Wn ia the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Jlejjiilite the Bowels. Purer/ Vegetable. •rnuitt PUI. Small NDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO NEED* A GENERAL. BRACING UP. it Brings Perfect Manhood to All. The Greatest Discovery of the Famous PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who need It and who will write for It. A large percentage of the men of today are sadly in need of flic ri«h* kind of medical treatment for weakness peculiar to men. Many eases «ra due to early vices, others to excesses, waile many of the cases are due to overwork, worry and general nervous debility. It matters not, however, what the cause may hare been, the fact still remains that they all require proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us at onoe, giving a description ol your case, and we will prepars -..»-. you a course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and t*nJ •I to you ABSOLUTELY FREE, in plain sealed package. We can giva lull strength, development and tone to every portion, and organ of :ne body, stop all drains and losses, and restore yoa to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure Is impossible with our method. We have thousands of testt aionial: 1 Irom all over tae -world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY : FJiytician*' Iialituu, Ckicayo: BLAXCK&XD, WiSH., March ffi, 1836 DEAII Sias,—I have nearly finished my course of treatment, and find myself ft different man. I cannot find words enough to praise and ea^wesa> tne deep ray.noiw' Iiatitutt, Ctica&o: LOTEI, 3U_, Jons 19,1896. MY PEAB FKOSSDS,—Please accept my thanks for the kindness yoa haje •lama me. Losses havs entirely stopped and Tlgor has returned. I am ail O.K. I uai letter thM I have been for JSjrenrs. I do not feel like l-ha namu man- All aiy friends when they nv-el me, say, " What hare yon liean doui£7 IVsver saw u inan come out like yon." Everyour friend, M v r1 M.P.O. F/iyairiaiu' Institute: H&VASA, N. 1)., Jan. 29, 1896. GENTLEMEN,—I wish to express my hBartfoJt t hunks for the result of my treatment. Dnrinx the last CTto vreeka that I took your treatment the improve- none \7as remarkable. I have had no emissions or other BympumA since taking vour medicine, Mr friends urn all surprised at the improvement in iny general iypearanc«. Hoping that you may ever prosper, I remain. Your* toncerelr, Home of Fliysiciatuf ImtHtut*. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file in our business office, and all are bona fldo expressions of permanently cured BJPU. Do not delay writing to us, and remember that wo ara not only ;'. responsible institution in avery way, but ours is the largest medical institute in America that makes a specialty of SEXUAl AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents lor postal on medicine, which is always plainl, sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL « 41 FOR MEN AND WOMEN. READ EVERY WORD DR. HORNPS New Improved [ELECTRIC BELTS Warranted to cure without medicines, tlio following diseases. Sciatica JLtimbago Constipation. .Bear* Trouble* Paralysis Servoitxness Spinfl Diseases Varicocfle Throat Ti-otjMes I Kidney Complaints I Ifervotis Debility Lost Vigor ' Cold Extremities Female Complaint* I fains in the Sack and. Z.imb# i AM IVeaknesset in Men r.ml YcurFfrstand LAST OPPORTUNITY to fret the WorW-Kenowned DR. HORNE'S $2O Electric Belt for only $6.66 THIS COUPON! Is good for $13.34 if sent wiiti an onU fora $20.00 Belt, not\ later titan thirty dnys I from date of this\ paper. We make this Special Unprecedented, Offer to > Quickly I iSrodac* and Obtain .Igeate iu J.'ew Localities. I o auicklv Introduce »n4 obtain mwntiin M ninny new loojitiw as Jxnuiblel r Homes Km Inprand ElMiricBdttwid Appliances, «« hiv« d«cia«dtol ' ™« only, o^ «•>• * Dr. Home', Be™ Improved RflfuUr *50.«0 Zbrtrwl wi.»prf«th«t w.!li»!r« it ponM* fat wry ~n»n r>^ to R« ono of our best UtlB >t » nominal P rfM. ^v«rlnU .&£. I,... -. olf r«l lo Mil tl,l. Bell «t ..eh a prl««, but »n iKc.it in your locality, and vve b«li«M ft«t if you buy i Belt you will ba to ««11| pleased willi it tint you will either act as our aerator l.clpu toEotonc. _ I KemcmVr, the Belt we »re ofierijif you tor only *6.M1« our Ke. 4 Dr. Horns si New Improved R.- s .il!r »20.W Combination Belt tor men or women. It '» "»'able Sd an b. worn by any „«,!« of U» family. *»P<"«7 ^'" m«l€>Belt. ItistliebestMtve winirf.ctw.ittf.rt. Ui« B«t on lUrti, "Ik" TO Mciptf™ to thin .Ulement. We have Bold linndrod., y«, tl.on»Mid» oJI Sem , S> to «40 00 Tlicr. i. not a family but »li«t .boulj hiv* on. of, then B<du, I M it i the b«t alld cheapest doctor, »nd you do not have to E o out of Uieblnw to I cet it It will In* yon fo>ye«rs tritli proixrcaj-o. and will ure itscltin doctor biUf I ttn Mmmover. WMB Electric Mu have cored thouumd^ ind will am you Ityoo I vrill only sive it :i trial, us the Buoy lc.tiun.nlal. wliicb w> puW«h m o wl U prove. YO|U H> m RlgK ^ nkUW W|TH B| . We do not *ili yon lo iirnd inv noney In advanw. If you -want ono flC theft I belts we arc perfectly willins lo send it to your nearest ciplMB office. C. 0. D.,jo I that you ean see ind wunine it free of any cost. Just the »mi! »« it you came into our office or eo into lily «lore, »nd if you in perfectly sarisned Wllb U, ]l«y the"; I prc»j^ent the price ot the Belt and cxpna charse, and tato it; othenv,«c (t w,ll be retur-ied to us. Can any tairer oflerbe made you than Ui« I Wearelbeouly 1 raanufutnrers ol Electric Brltt who M nd Bjlto C. 0. D., without wking one oent. m I advance. M yotiwiihtoiendcinli with order wo -will prepay all cxpnai cjiarjojl and go jrantcc tlio Belt to be exactly as reprc«enl*d, or lorfe.it J100.00. t WE HAVE MOW OFFERED VOU Alt O^PORTDIIITY OF YOUR LIFE and if you do not nlMnt it you may be r • ' , for it. a« »e riilll new apia offer I tbis Bell itiiiefca price. 'itMnniin.dte&yjMy that we are rofljinuiB »!<»»« ever) Belt we tell it the above price, bat frfe c',iea|*r to lutiodnoi them in 1 twlo- I calities in this way than to «no tinvclinc wen to Uoitior us. It you wint ono or I these belts C31~im? <_> IJ 'Jt* C<-» U Jc*Oft , \ andMndtous'.Hthymrwai«tniei«<ure in inches. Don't delay. Order todar it I osblUf, otherwise yon toiy forget it. • DR. HORNE ELECTRIC BELT & TRUSS Go. 11Z-11* 0EARBQRM ST., CHICABO, III., U.S.A. , P. S.-Jf yon have no use for an Electric Belt please hand or mart thl« advertisement K »mio one tint yon know, who in not enjojiot BOM. health. By aoinj I this, yon will f.vorthem and us. Wewant l,;oodi^<Mtin every localiry to whom we cin give nteady employment. Wo orJy employ thoso who hare used our Belts I andcansp«»l!"ft. > "'!-™«Jtsfzwnp«r»onaleipenenci!. I REFEKESCES-,-A» lo onr reliability we r-fer to any &PTCTS Cornpanr, , any Bank in Chictto, aiiij tlie m»ny thousand! all vver the United States who haveujed OUT Klectric Echs and Appliances uLrinc the p"t *0years._ WANT ED £ VERY WHERE The Mog/ena's Kosc.ry. The rosary consists Of ninety beaiiii and a distinct ejaculation is appropriated -to each as it passes between the fingers. Each ejaculation generally consists of two words and declare! a name or attribute of God. Almost all moslems in the tipper and middlB ranks of life carry in their pockets or bosoms a string of beads for this purpose, which they use not only on the occasion I am describing, but. whilo sitting and smoking their pipes, walking in the streets or even while en.- gagwl in conversation. When a moslem has gone over his beaels at the regular time of prayer he folds his hands and then, holding them up open, as if to receive "some-r thing from above, he prays for suc'n blessings as he desires for himself or his household. When this is concluded he strokes his beard with his right hand and says: "Praise be to God!" concludes lie whole.—The Mind, In the Forth bridge there Is a horizontal pull of 10,000 tooa on the chfaf epaus. and a -weight o-f 100,000 tons on theSr bases. Half a dozen. British Ironclads might be hung upon tfcem vitji. out causing any undue strmln. Compressed air is to be the mothr* power of a woolen miH at Alm.oB.ta>. OBt. Xton't swear to give up a bad habit gafl then Tsxeg on s-wearing. Iton't DM » «allon of words to «*press a teaspoonfol of thought. • Don't Jdd« money in yonr boot*, if you are in tbe liaMt of throwing •t cat*. . . -— ......— Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly :in the newspaper that the people read, and in language they will easily understand, and among others prserve the following Advertising Points: £73 Profitable advertising results fr«n § :>od goods being offered well. ive your rival's advertising at- lention, but give your rival no advertising. Advertising prestige is hard to win, but not hard to lose. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it will be understood by a reader -of little understanding. Tour should be complete in itseli To secure the beec results, '•ee the DAILY and WEEKLY PHABOS, with its large circulation in both city and county. The little folks Icrre Dr. Wooif* Korwaj Pine Syrup. Pleuantjto Ukfl) perfectly haxmleM; positive MM tar coughs, coldi,

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