The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKKRSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, S.VITKDAY, OCTOBER M. 1!M)«. ST. GLAIR QUITS; A. S. CRITES NAMED IN SECRET No Tick; Disease Killing Ducks; Quarantine ™DU*™WW mm OF 8IX m UP A CA11DAIE The epidemic among the ducks Is. not the result ot tick or other Insects, but Is directly due to some contagious dls- ease that renders the birds mint 1'or food, and necessary steps will be taken to quarantine them so as to prevent tho shipping of the birds to the markets. Deputy Game Warden Alt Tlbbet returned last night from the lake, where he made a close examination of the ducks, some dead and some alive. He picked many of the former and found no signs of tick. An examination disclos- i'd that the intestines In each case are filled with a bloody serum, as Is the gizzard. The liver is abnormally colored, and the birds show every sign uf some acute disease. A serious feature Is that there are now ten market hunters at the lake and they are shipping these birds to the L.OS Angeles and San Francisco market. The condition of the ducks is such that there is grave danger to peo- pie who eat them, and Mr. Tlbbet thinks a quarantine cannot be established too quickly. MarVlages performed in lions' dens j fair." said Mr. Lutz. "The young peo-j are becoming all the rage. At Fresno ; pie both live here but they do not de- j last night Frank Hildebrand and Miss , sire to have their names published j Emily Vlge took the vows that made [yet. We will endeavor to secure a! them man and wife In the den of : local pastor and the ceremony will be) the cage of lions on exhibition at the ! performed in the lions' cage in the j fair and a month before at Sacramen- \ presence of all the people who -come j to 12000 people say two Capital City ; to the fair the evening the marriage ' * young people married In the same * | den. Now Bakersfleld Is to witness "*" such a wedding. A well known lo Is to take place. Wants to Make Ascension. Mrs. Sam Michael, the wife of a cal young couple, whose names are 1 local bartender, has expressed a will- withheld for the present, have made ' ingness to make the balloon ascension application to William Q. Lutz of during fair week and if the arrange- the fair association for consent to be ments can be made with the amuse- married In the cage of performing | ment department of the fair she will lions that will appear here during , In all probability be allowed to do so. fair week. The suggestion has met -» • • with Mr. Lutz' approval and he Is • now negotiating with the owner of i the two big African lions now at the j Fresno fair. If satisfactory arrange- ! ments can be made the novel sight i of a pastor and bride and groom participating in the sacred marriage ceremony In a cage in which there are j two live lions, will be witnessed by the attendants at the fair. j "The marriage will be a genuine af- IS NOT WANTED * j •$• * "Not wanted," was the text of the * i telegram received this morning from * I the sheriff of Lafayette County, Mis- On all sides, the game war- *, gourl, in response to'the Information *, *' den says, ducks are dying by the score. He saw at least a thousand lying along the shore of Buena Vista, and they are also found on section to ;ind in the Kern Lake. Another peculiar feature is that there are tons of dead fish along the lake shore and Mr. Tlbbet attributes their death to the late electrical storm, lie holding that lightning must have struck the water. Whether there is any connection between the storm and the duck malady, Mr. Tlbbet does not pretend to say. ,Joe Yancey has two of the diseased ducks, too inert to fly, and he took them to his residence today to try the efficacy of ;i poultry remedy on them. Mr. Tlbbet was in consultation with Health Officer Fowler on the question of a quarantine to prevent the ducks Inun being shipped to the market, a 111 ' Ii was agreed to •present the mailer to the Federal authorities. DISASTROUS FIRE AND WIND IN ARIZONA. WILLIAMS, Ariz., Oct. ".— Fin' l.i.-l night (lnrins; a heavy wind storm destroyed six stole* with a loss of over $.''»>, inn.!. Tin lli'i' started in |i|f nenc ral sic. re of Babbitt l.rotlicrs. which was burned with a loss of f 100,11(10. Tho wind did urea; damage to the country, blowing down heavy timber and telegraph poles •!« and laying waste crops. SNAKE CHARMER TOOK ONE CHANCE TOO MANY. PORTLAND, Ore, Oct. I!. — D. Trex- <M1, a snake elurmer, who was bitten It.V a vatiles-naUe yesterday while ex- luuiniiiii a consignment of snakes from Texas, die 1 today ol ''Is wound. __ *. sent him tha't J. D. Pelts had given * himself up and confessed that he was * wanted for the murder of Judge Hig* gins in Higginsville, Mo., in 1892. * Felts was Immediately released up* on the receipt of the telegram and although he will not be able to have a trial to cure his alleged case of conscience, he can rest assured that if he goes back to Higginsville ho will not be thrown In jail. Felts made another confession ir> •-•I being released. This time he i nder Sheriff Baker that while he ' new of the murder he had nothing ..) do with it and did not know why i-.' should tell such a sensational story ;nle:ss he was drinking too h».iviiy. \nd Mr. Baker has conculded that tin' .'infessor was drinkitm very iieav!l>. Daring Robbery in Los Angeles LOS ANGELES, Oct, S.—Cracksmen j blew open the safe of the office at the. Evergreen Cemetery this morning and , got away with $!!'»" in currency, after] holding up Superintendent Chemuller and wife with revolvers, preventing them giving the alarm. Both were in be 1 when a knock was heard at the door. The superintendent called "Who's there." and as an answer the door was thrown om>n and * a pistol presented while two charges of explosives were used on the safe. CLEVEUJfsTETTER IS A HOAX FOR SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE IN BAKER8FIELD KvercU St.• Clair, named a month an" for supervisor by the local Ri'piiltlintui machine, turned itt liis ivMmiation last evening to the committee and at a secret meet in u; held in Jesse Dorsey's office at It' o'clock this morning, at which six people were present. Arthur ('rites was nominated (?) to till the vacancy on the ticket. The time and place of the alleged meetinir was kept a secret so profound that the party paper, which made the announcement of St. (Hair's withdrawal, contained no hint of how, when or where the vacancy was to he tilled. The whole affair was so shrouded in mystery, that Secretary J. C. Black, nearly an hour after tlie meeting in Dorsey's office, advised a California!! representative that action was yet to he taken and that a meeting would he held some time durinir the forenoon. Those resent to name a candidate for supervisor for the people of Bakersfield to vote for, were Matt Warren of Kern City, W. 11. Kohl) of Petroleum, Arthur (.'rites, in business in Kern, Doctor Smith, .ltidu:c Black and L P. St. Clair. • These gentlemen, it is alk-^e.l, make up the "executive" committee of the Republican party. Just, why the delegates to the late convention or at least the central committee of the Bakersfield precincts were not consulted in the matter is not known. It was not in accord with the "policy. 1 ' The lust time the machine filled n vancaney on the ticket was two years ajio when it inveigled that excellent citizen, Will Millard into taking the nomination for clerk. Then as now a half do/en men turned the trick, and the public resentment over the manner of making the nomination was so stronL' that the only reason Ike Miller's majority wasn't l)igtfer was because the spaces in the tally •sheets .nave out in recording the vote. . • The Town Smiled. lender, Mr. White and Major Crite.s own smiled this morning when , W ere considered, with the agreement ART HISTORY CIRCLE HAS BEEN ORGANIZED. C'licll' II.C' n" t: ,. i ,,r.-. ••• '. i.-.:"ni' 1 i"r It!" llisl<>l.> MI ! of I "ii'i! 1h,. . chi. v.-i •;. 'I'lie work , iir wi ! ! d. :ii « ii'i I'alian .>vt ! r :• 'ii: ly Christian era to t;uic;o Uein lie last U'YJvul of ;. liiitiiu. \r. It Arnili'.;etiients h.n" he-u i: '. he ll.-e of I in 1 lllll\ersil\ .'X'.ei!-.;, irary on I bis subject. The club ncet an alternate 1'riday-,. An uterested ill its purposes and re',, of .1,'iniim should make a; lion to the secretary. MOTHER DIES AFTER HER SON'S FUNERAL. BIRMINGHAM Ava., Oct. 2.—The publication of a letter purporting to I have been written by Orover Cleve- j land, supporting the Republican plat- , form, was made the subject of an ad- ./.j dress here today by John W. Kern, 'vice presidential nominee on the Democratic ticket. He declared such use of the document to be an infamous attempt to place a vile stigma upon the name of the great departed staresamti, and likened it to the use made in (he (Jar- field campaign of tho famous "Morey letter" forgery. Mr. Kern said that since Secretary Strauss of the President's cabinet had in a speech referred to the letter as authcnlie "that speech had found its >vay to all parts of the country." He .•(iiitinued: liaj ilii- aii '.:eii letter of .\'i-. C!"\ " was a rui-1 cri:;,i- : •>' ai'e f n nv.T'.v ' ci! on all side- tint d evl'r. -i an.! Disiriet Am Yorl; i;;i- alr'-.idy i-miine th" guilty The it leaked out that Mr. Crites had been nominated. "When?" "Where?" "How?" "Who were present?" "Who did it?" were the questions. And others "Was there a convention?" "When was it held?" "Why didn't the morn- ln« paper tell us about it," etc. etc. But though tho questions were many the answers were few. Nobody seemed to know, and a California!! representative went on a still hunt to find out if possible KO it could enlighten the public. Mr. St. Clair was approached as a likely source of information, but he didn't know. Joe Flske hadn't heard about it. but he suggested Judge plack; Secretary Black. Joe called ,him, might know. The secretary was ut the phone. In the hardware store that very minute. Joe said. Beats the Heathen Chinee. This was making progress, and the .IiiilKe was asked about it. "When Is the meeting to be held?" said the California!! man. "Oh. some time this morning," replied the seeretarv. "When?" "I'm not sure yet." "Where?" I lorsej 's "At Jesse office," said the convention delegates be said the judge, "just the committee!!]"]!." Then'the Calll'orni-in man hied himself to Jesse's clflce, but quick as he went, the Judge beat, him to it. He was close in consultation with in the Inner room. A c.ill for the .iltorm- 1 . liiouuln Horsey to the door. The ncwsp.ij 'i .• n . xnecte-l to see ;. l.i !•._>>• and . tliiu-ia.^tii assemblage within, hut ii.i. reached that the major was the most available man. There It was further agreed that the "executive" committee should get together this morning and nominate him. This would all nave been mighty Interesting n<nvn, but someway the organ didn't attach much importance to it, perhaps thought the people were not Interested, so the paper went to Its readers without even a suggestion that there was a vacancy, or a hint as to the "meetting" to be held today. Funny, wasn't it? The Resignation. Tho resignation of Mr. St. Clair caused no surprise in political circles, it being known for some days that he bad elected to decline. The honor, according to his own statement, was forced upon him; the machine was anxious to gather tin the wreckage due to mismanagement by It and the morning paper, and lo strengthen Its craft through nominations to be made tills year. Despite many urgent conferences with the editor of the paper. and Ills allies. Mr. St. Clair did not consent to the party sacrifice, hut the order was Riven that he was to be nominated anyway, in tho hope that ho would stand. But Mr. St. Clair, after considering the situation carefully, wrote out his resignation a week ano. It has been known to the organ for some days, but no announcement was made of It, 11 perhaps not beini: considered safe lo "trust the people" with tin. a successor. The Last Day. Hut lo.lav is tin- la:-1 nomination.- may b. Chili Machine Loses and Nye Wins SACRAMENTO, Oct. 2.—When H. B. Colgan state controller died near the end of his term of office to which ho had been elected Governor Pardea appointed his private secretary to fill the unexplred term. At the close ot that term Pardee re-appointed Nye to fill the new four-year term. When Governor Gillett went into office he appointed Frank Matttson of Santa Cruz as state controller. A fight In court followed. It was carried to the third district appellate court which till* afternoon handed down a decision in favor of Nye who will hold on fur more than two years to come. WOMAN'S am FIRSTMEETING The Uakersdeld Woman's Club will resume Its ret;.iiar :.•.'•'•!!ni;s Monday. A ,-ccial aft'Tii.mii will l>e the means naming of i "' l ; "'-iunin~ iiie tie-,v .-.ession'H w:ork. The board of diivctors \vlll have eh will con• vacation inemberu. later In PRESIDENT ONCE MORE RENEWS ATTACK. WASHINGTON. ;n-.-\.di ,iit.-r cuii . last has niveii out M lett SAN LUIS OBISPO, 'T RhS^r Rhodes, the wife of dropped dead today. The son die.' Oct. 2.—Re- of her son, Thomas an attorney, in Fall Shirts n THE . . 'oal-slyli- shirts with fit- ed ill' (letili'lllll)le CI1|T'». all tin- ii'-vs- striji.'s ;•; lish colors. ll sixes. • ii .• it.-;.u!.::- which 01 igin.iUv prim, the fabricated letter under area! headlines, have either refused print the exposure of the crime, or have so placed sin h exposure in their journals as to attract no attention. "The publication and circulation of 'his fabricated letter Is more lnf:» motis In all respects than the publication and circulation of the celebrated 'Morey letter' forgery in the f'.ar- field campaign. It Is more Infamous because In that instance (ieneral llarfleld was living, and gave prompt and effective denial. Ill thl.- case | the alleged author is dead, and uti 'aide to repudiate and deny it. It is all the n.ore Infamous because it followed so clos.'ly that tender and splendid tribute to his memory, iman- I imously adopted at tho recent, nation ii! ((invention of his party a!' 1 ' i~ ;ul 'attempted stUma upon his name as j a Democrat and a man. It remain.- i to be seen whether the leaders ..; '-•'' j Republican party—-those In ' hai'-e -i MIS campaign—will l<" mnii'.y eiHi'i.;'.. i in i k:h t MiU wintu which ha-i !>0"r, doiie to tin- memory of drover HI". laud by the i ircu'atlon of thU *!' ; \', i icat'on." THE IRRIGATION CONGRESS COMPLETES ITS WORK Ai.l'.l'Ql'KKQI'K. N. M.. O.-t. '.' Tli" National Irrigation> •- <'impleted Its wi.ii; this afterii'jon. '' i is admiteil that Hi. .session Is ' " ! ti'i.-t -'iccessi'ul ,.\'-r he'd. I' is !. !:•••.• d tlii- Iniern I'lonal I'.rlgati' ". I ('-•iiuie-'s will I..- h.-!d at some Sotr; ! American capital It; UHU, though th" will i:ot !"• .;ei Ided until next 111" se eypres \Varren—" A loir.- silence. And again, "Then ren, -.-" Another silence, "Well, let me see M-.II Warren?" The scribe—"Yes, I've got Matt all right, all right. Matt Wanon of Kern City. Who else?" "Well, there was Arthur ('rid course, and —-" "Here's the list." broke in the judge, producing a typewritten copy, "gel i lie names from it "Oh, yes," said Jesse. "To be sure. Here's Matt Warren, and Arthur ('rites, an I Judge Illnck myself. .1 II. Dorsey. —and W. H. Hohli and Sini'li •• " " Smith?" asked the scribe, '.vpll intere.-l Win 1 , 'In I loc," spoke up Jiid.'.e n: i.-i..' And Hoc Smith," weni on Dorsey, I'. St. Clair, and," lie.-,iiating- I".-- that was all." C'riU'3 was nominated and he I. continued .l'id'.;i - nur ticket lod,i;>.' • -VLI/ the how nl it The Convention. CONVENTION cot: i i-li Ice popul.l I K ••-•:ite 10 till- lad \! i ;i,: I'l ill's. Ml .1" -i- Dorsey a en . TOGGERY lowtu « s.n •rntiiento on \\'.'dnesday from an a"aek of typb'iiil f.'Vi-r. The funer- ,r. \\ii.s h'.'l-l th!-. ai;.-nnion utnler the ioi-nii-i-.. of the F,ai?les. and the moth• •<• stood at the graveside during the s> rvii eg, Shu wag thoroughly prostrated. and on reaching home she expired, idi on baud h.. nut . tin,ic.'h It is biiidli pi,;.si- that active politician was kept In the same darkneafl as was the I ri-M ot ihe community, llu' perhaps 1 h" will tell about himself l.iicr. | Others Considered. 1 Alid in !!:< mennlilue. iienple j wonder.i.L ".liv Ihe oruan didn't ';ivc ! OUt hOlli" JMi'oi lluitloll as to Ihe lililll); I iif the \ac.nicy. It was, all airatig( last niubt of course, MI! ii Is understood that at a secret meeliiiK held In the sanctum, the claims of Mr. Bol- The Letter. Mr. St. Clair's letter lotting down the machine as lightly as possible, follows: "To the Republican County Central Committee., Bakersfleld, Call-1 ifornla— Gentlemen: It la with a deep < (if't'ellng of appreciation that I learn ! that I have been selected as th«i can; e, jdidate of the. Republican party of; Kern County for the office of super- ; visor for the Fifth supervlsoral dis- : trie!. i "This feeling has been accentual- j (•d by tin; fact that I havfe been ap- | prnached by the best element of this | community regardless of party anYII- atlon-. assuring me of their support, and it is particularly gratifying to me to know that my short public career has met with tho approval of that class of our cltlzenr, to whom we must look for tho future np-biilMIng 'if our city and county. To yourselves and these good people I wish to say that I regret that my private interests will no: porrnit me to accept the honor conferred upon rue, | OH I will be compelled, for the next d of | year, to take up my residence- i.iut- ( 'it> | side of the county. 1 '"n - \ "Assuring >ou that this conclusion Was reached only after mature deliberation and far»ful .-on.smuration of all the Interests Involved, I have the honor t" remain, your obedient ser- President Governor for several days, r for W. L. Stur- duvant of St. Louis, declaring that llnskell's defense In regard to the charges in connection with Creek land frauds is misleading The charges are repeated that Haskell participated la the frauds,. -i bin "1C. S. ST. CLAIR." SEVEN THOUSAND BODIES ARE ALREADY FOUND i ll'f.MMAV (;er. ;;. -Over 70uu bodies ' have aln-aih been reported found bv -',t.h(« hoallh department of Hyderabad, 1 j and the belief prevails that the total deaths resulting from the ood.s in Hyderabad and Deccan district a weelf ago will «'xc«tj.l all inevloti8 eatimiiteu. I Hate You Used A. D. S. Peroxide Cream ? H M>:'teu«i and beautifies the 'i'nin. It is a flesh food and a '•oini.'i'xion beautlftpr. It gives ill" skin that delightful peachy i-tf.'i.•!— the envy of all women at.-l the admiration of all men. Add it at once to your toilet :>"iuisites. Giv.j It a fair trial u-id you win be delighted with !'. Thy price p?r box !« only 25c. THE KODAK STORE. J : A. Hughes The Leading Proscription Druggitt, 1 Phones Main 64 and 74.

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