The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 3, 1970 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1970
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Page 2 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1970 L Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: lyear $11.00 6 months .-. 6.50 . 3 months , 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of' March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC., 221-223* E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 0 and une OL* MAN RIVER. OL' MAN HIGHWAY THEY USED TO SAY that 01' Man River, he 'jes keeps rollin' WeU, if one will observe closely, he will find that 01* Man River . . .whether it is a wide one like the Wabash or White, or Miss- issinawav . .etc; doesn't roU along SO FAST anymore, except of course when there is an unusual amount of rain.. .and the force of the 'extra' volume of water.. .keeps them rollin*. TODAY. . .as it were, it seems that 01* Man River collects JUNK, in fact in some rivers, if one will travel up and down for several miles, one will find items in.that river that society should be ashamed to throw away.. .anyplace except a stream of. water. WE HAVEN'T had a good, look at the Wabash lately, but we're betting that she has her share, and others along with her, down to the CREEKS we all like to see.. .and sometimes fish. WELL, there's one thing we can't blame 01' Man River.. .or his nephews and nieces for, and that's the accumulation of junk .. .often found piled up in certain spots near the shore in shallow water. Streams are not particular where they dump the little and 'man made' junk tossed into them by the so-called sportsmen . . .who fish their waters. Anyplace will do, just so the water is free of the litter. TAKE A GOOD LOOK sometime, when you have a little time to wander, see the worn out tires, tin cans, bottles, old papers; you name it, it's there] WHY? Because people just don't give a d....n anymore where they deposit such trash, so long as they get ride of it! IF YOU TRAVEL a bit down a stream, you can find the above mentioned, plus maybe bleach bottles, old vinegar bottles, ketsup bottles, old fruit jars, a weed killer can, piece of synthetic foam, etc. People just don't give a thought to WHERE they dump trash; it is lb their way at times. . .and instead of using the facilities we have, they take it out in the car or truck, look around for a likely spot, usually near a creek or body of water, and toss it over, with a backward glance over the shoulder to see whether or not they are being observed. THEN TOO, if you will look a little closer.. .sometimes.. .you will be really surprised to note this litter in spots one would never dream of finding it in. Debse woods, not often checked by anyone, will sometimes shock you with the amount of litter and junk 'on the inside', where people don't see it, but people HAVE BEEN THERE, according to the farmer and conservation man, because the JUNK is the EVIDENCE. It will do no good for local, state and federal government to SPEND MILLIONS to 'clean things up', unless the source of it all is CLEANED UP! That source is MAN. . .so bent on his pleasures. . .he don't give a tinker's dam...n....what he is doing to the countryside, just so he is rid of the garbage and litter! ONE MIGHT EVEN SAY that the river or small stream, takes a page from the notebook, of man, regarding this littering; for they disregard what man wants.. .and deposit the litter and junk S 'ght where it belongs, on the bank of the river or stream some- nes, where it can be seen, and the evidence cannot be disregarded. , THANKSGIVING - THEN CHRISTMAS WELL, it has been a week since we celebrated THANKSGIVING and we are headed peU-ineU for CHRISTMAS! They are two highlights on the calendar. They are similar in one way at least. On Thanksgiving, the theme is GRATITUDE. We are reminded of our blessings. We are called upon to give thanks for nature's bounty. On CHRISTMAS we celebrate the Savior's birth. We give thanks to the Lord, are mindful of thepoor. We have smiles and cheer perhaps not shown on other days of the year. BUT THE DAY AFTER BOTH, we are tack into the old moods, forgetting the two days and what they stand for." Friday Television Highlights By United Press International Dick Cavett Show, ABC. Bill Russell, former coach and star of pro basketball's Boston Celtics, is the guest host for the vacationing Cavett Color. 10:30 pjn.CST. "Rudolph for Red-Nosed Reindeer," NBC. Annual rerun of the Christmas cartoon. Color. 6:30 p.m. CSH. The Name mf the Game, ABC. Story of the bombing death of an •ccentric mod artist. With Jose Ferrer, Roddy McDowall, Susan Saint James. Color. 7:30 p.m. CST. Friday Movie, CBS. "Peyton Place." Second half of bbe tale of two young women who have problems in their small-town environment. Repeat. Color. 8 p.m. GST., Love, American Style, ABC. Episodes concern a burglar who winds up working his ex-wife's house. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS The Tipton County commissioners vlll meet December 7, 1970. at the Tipton County Courthouse at their regular meeting to examine and approve the miscellaneous claims for the county. Tipton Telephone Co.. Hgtnr. 201 23.33 Bernard Smith, Hghw. 201 70.00 Indiana Gas Co.. Hgtii. 202 .... 14.49 Tlpt. Utility Brd., Hgtrt. 202.... S5.82 Intn'U. Harvester. Hgrm. 205... • «.19 Ross 1 Doggett, HghT. 205 24.00 Ind. Equip. Co., Hgtnr. 205...... 306.63 Hull 4 Son, Inc. Hgtnr. 205 4.11 Pring ImpLCo., Hghw. 205..... 23.86 Ross Motor Sis., Hgtnr. 205 6.72 Kessler Auto Pts., Hghw. 205.. 16.40 Bollnger Bros., Hghw. 205...... 131.00 Hack Mach. Co., Hghw. 205, 213, 604...„..„ „ ' 291.81 Ellison Tractor Sis., Hghw. 205, 208. . . . 29.47 Henderson Sis., Hghw. 205, 208 16.35 Tlpt. Auto. Sup., Hghw. 205. 208 99.57 Tlpt. Lumber Co., Hghw. 205. 208, 306, 604 „ 38.02 Clifton t Younce, Hghw. 208.... 80.43 Standard Oil, Hghw. 208 „ 13.50 Yeoman Stone « Sand, Hghw, 208 _..„ _..„ 1.10 Tip!. Co. Farm Bur., Hghw. 208 20.24 Myers Weld. Sup., Hghw. tot-. 52.10 Sun Oil Co., Hghw. 20«.__... 1621.30 Motor Fuel Tax Dir., Hghw. 208 73.84 JM. Ramsay Print.. Hghw. til 14.40 Motorola CAE. Hghw. 113. 57.20 Ind. Wiping Doth. Hghw. fit™ 58.73 Compton 4 Son. Hghw. 113, 604 14.38 Pipe Creek Stone. Hghw. 301 _. 178.69 Yeoman Stone 4 Sand, Hghw. S01 ; 2667.52 Stony Cra. Stone, Hghw. 301™ 177.01 Yeoman Material Co., Hgtnr. 302 5112.88 Southard Gram! Co., Hghw. 302 82.00 Ryan, be, Hghw. 302 .„.__._ 13.56 TipC Concrete, Hghw. 303„_„ 8.23 Uobr Const. Co., Hghw. 304, 402 . .3952.09 Logansport Metal Culr., Hghw. 305...™.'. 1031.20 Stetlo Prod., Inc., Hghw. 308... 51.35 Noble Young Trucking, Hghw, 402 ....___..„._. „._. 15.00 Deeds Equip. Co., Hghw. 604 ... 1818.50 V.L. Pennington, CumL Brdg. ' 11,726.82 Anderson Spring, Hghw. 209 „. 24.30 Cottiftgham Cbev-Olds.. Hghw. 205 3.15 Wro. B. Barford Pit. Co, OB. 602.80 JJt. Ramsay Prt., Co. Ofl. 208.44. W.M. Hughes, And.. .35.78 Bobbs-MerriU Co., And. 19.10 Pltsey-Bowis, inc., Tres,„_ 108.00 Tipton Post Office, Rec 30.00 Bankers Dispatch, Rec........ 4.80 Kodak A/C 200, Rec „ ...„ 109.19 Robert McFirland, Shrt. 60.00 Everett Graham, Shrt. 60.00 Verl Grimme. Shrt. „.„.._„_ 480.00 Clint's Marathon, Shrt........... 484.29 Police Equip. Sent., Shrt. . 40.59 Police Chiefs 4 Shrt. Info., Shrt... . „ .. 12.50 M.J. Welsh, RHlth. .......... 58.02 J. Carl Graf, Aser _„„... 6.70 Joe Helton, p. Atty. 762.00 Lawyers Co-op., P. Atty. 17.50 Bobbs-MerrUl, P. Atty. __. . 49.10 Ind. Gas Co., Crth. ...... 132.55 Ruby Neil, Crth. _...„.....;._. - 23.00 MoeUering Sup., Crth. „ .... 40.00 Ind. Gas Co.. Jail „„ „. S.96 MoeUering Sup., Jail „.„....„ 90.15 'Airkem, Jail 176.05 ' Geo. Compton, MJ3.. Jail 36.00 Earl Hemmeger. Drng. « - 45.76 Roy Whlsler, Drag. 96.32 Kinder Coal Co., mtm. 544.51 Petrotane Gas, mtm. _„_. 49.75 Hy-Line Chicks, Infm. „_..__ 19.35 Dean Milk Co., lnfm™„„.„ 217.63 McGraw's, lata. .„___„..._ 228.63 Wilbur Phifer, lnfm.™.._ 90.00 Airkem, Intm. _._;....„_„ 24.80 Foster Furniture, Infm 50.30 Arab Pest Cont, lnfm. .„___ 6.00 LB.M. Corp., Plan. 13.00 Ralph Wllburn, Plan.™™™ 33.68 Blue Front, bf. Shrt. JaU„__ 72.05 Tlpt Utility, tot Crth. Jail, ' Lndf. . 459.04 Compton 4 Son. Jail, tot, Elec Coram „ „ _ 500.20 Tlpt. Telephone, Co. Off., Wen*. 304.45 Win. B. Frost, Comm.™™™ 24.24 Tipton Tribune, Comm. , , 324,90 Bob Odle Excavating, Comm. 3198.29 UcMulIan-Rtide, Comm.™.™ 100.00 Carl Cain, Comm.™..™...™ 3.00 John Carter, Comm...........™ 12.00 John Dean, Comm. ™..™..™ 3.00 Brad Heath, Comm. ™„.„™ 3.00 Bob Janus, Comm. ™.™.™.. 3.00 Edward McKinney, Comm.™.. 3.00 Stephen Molden, Comm. ™™. 6.00 Harry Smith, Comm.™..™™ 6.00 Mrs. Bernard Stout, Comm.™ 16.00 Hubert Traggesser, Comm..... 3.00 3reg Watson, Comm.™..™... 3.00 L<* Wolford, Comm. 3.00 Irene Byron Hosp., Comm. ™. - 816.56 Howard Co. Gold., Comm. ™_ 350.00 itiegels. Inc. Comm., Crth..... 169.08 ripL Lumb. Co., Comm.; Crth. 147.18 Everett Graham, Comm. ™™ 20.00 rochran Lumb. Co., Comm. ™ 37.91 Srent Foster, Drain Impnr. ™ 38.88 Tudor 4 Yager, be. Drain Impnr........ ™ .™. 83.49 Jandall Foster, Drain Impnr.„ 2486.00 Morris Trucking, Drain Imprv. 137.60 ideal Cement, Drain Imprv. ™ 787.87 Compton 4 Son, Inc. Drain Imprv. „ „ „ 47.08 Tiptoe Co. Co-op, CumL Brdg. 415.46 tllller Hoggins, be. Well.76.00 .ou Ann Allen, Welt...™ 36.69 /. Baumgartner, Welf.™.™_ 49.96 loann Seright, Welt . 15.11 Johr Const Co., Hgh............ 4099.15 tohr Const Co., LR 4 S 10,540.68 WALTER M. HUGHES, AUDITOR .-73 C-52 LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS ( U P I. Livestock: Hogs 3,500; barrows and gilts 25-75 higher.^mostly 50 up; 1 and 2, 195-240 lb 16.25-17.00; 61 head 201 lb 17.25; 1 to 3.190-240 lb 16.00-16.50; 240-270 lb 15.0016.00; 2 to 4, 250-280 lb 14.5015.50; 3 and 4, 270-300 lb 14.0014.75; part load 340 lb 13.00; sows 25-50 nighr; 1 to 3, 300-450 lb 12.00-12.75; 2 and 3, 400-600 lb 11.25-12.00; boars 10.00-11.00. Cattle 550; calves 10; all classes steady; choice steers 27.50-28.75; good and choice 26.50-27.50; good 26.00-26.75; standard and low good 23.5024.50; choice heifers 26.00-27.00; good and choice 25.00-26.00; good 24.50-25.25; standard and low good 23.50-24.50; utility and commercial cows 17.00-19.00; high dressing utlity 19.00-19.50; cutter 16.00-18.50; canner 14.0016.00; utility and commercial bulls 22.00-25.00; high dressing utility 25.50. Sheep 500; steady to 50 lower, choice and prlmewooled pambs 24.50-25.00; choice 23.50-24.50; good 22.00-23.50; ewes steady at 5.00-7.00. MOTKE OF ADMrNETRATIJn ' . ta the Circuit Coort of Tlptoa Coaly, tadlane, V Hotlca la hereby elm (tat Margaret A. BlaUe wax on the 2M day of November, 1970 appointed: Administratrix at the estate of Harry Alia* Blakla, ooctasao. All persona having claims •pint said real estate, whether or ant aow dae, matt Ml* the same In aald cowrt within tlx months from the data of the drat paMlcaUoa of this actlca or aald clalma «U1 be tbrarar barred. Dated at Tipton, todlana, this 23rd day of November, 1970. Boas M. H afford Clerk of theClrcwlt Coort for Tlptaa Coasty, kdlaaa Wilson Whaatlty. Attorary L-M- C-45-51-57 ATJUrNKTBATOR'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE • The anoarilfDtd admlalstrator of the aetata of Head E. Peters, deceased, karaby glrei aotice that by vlrture of an oroar of the Tiptoe Ctrcilt Court, he «U1 at tha aoar otIKIO a.m., oa the 15 day of December, 1870, aad from day to day abtraafaat, at the office of Staaley M. Barbtrt, attoraty at law, IK rut Mfaraoa Stnet, Tlptea, tndiaaa, otter fcr aahj at private Bale to the highest bidder all the Interests of the deoaeeed ia and to liafoUc«lnf property located In Tlston Coaoty, Indiaaa, described as followa: Lot Two (2) la Block Tarn (I) la WUUam Snltfa Addition to the Ton of taarparUla, Tipton Cowaty, kdiaaB. Said sale will be made aub >ct to tha approval of aald Cowrt aad sold tor hot BUS than the fall appraised valae thereof, and for cash la tha amoaot of 10 ear eaat at tha tlaw of Mat, with baiaaea daa wlthla 30 days; aajd proparty vUl be Bold free aad clear of all Uaaaaad BBcambraaota, exotpt taxes tar ltTO, daa aid payable U1971. Staalsy M. IkrUrt, tdaitilarrtror IWall Street Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) -"A big triple surprise is building up for 1971 and the stock market seems to be onto it," according to the Janeway Publishing & Research Corp. The company NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS The following payroll claims were allowed by the Tipton Co. Commissioners at their regular scheduled meeting December 1, 1970, at the Tipton Co. Courthouse^ Earl Hemmeger, Hgtnr. 110™ il25.00 Bernard Smith, Hghw. 101 478.00 Naomi Robinson, Hgtnr. 103 „ . 365.00 Dean Lane, Hgtnr. 108..... . 415.20 Andrew Bushman, Hghw. 108. 386.40 MurlDay, Hghw. 108.,_ 360.40 Wilbur Flsnback, Hghw. 108.. 393.30 Ralph Gross,' Hghw. 108 .. 391.00 Audra Richey, Hghw. 108..™ 386.40 Basil Shupperd, Hghw. 108.... 386.40 Byron Sinclair, Hghw. 108.... 393.30 James Slaton, Hghw. 108™.. 368.00 Fay Smith, Hghw. 108 ™_„ 345.00 Maurice Tol^: Hghw. 108 374.90 James WeismiUer, Hgtrw. 108 368.00 Chester JarreU, Hghw. 108... 347.30 Emory Schulenburg, Hghw. 106. ™™™™..: 371.45 Haskell Doss, Hghw. 108...... 386.40 Charles Bunnell, Hghw. 108.. 386.40 Jerry Minegar, Hghw. 108™ 384.10 James Blaylock, Hghw. lOd... 386.40 Fred Greatbouse, Hghw. 109. . 32.00 Mar da Thompson, Clerk 102 365.00 Kay Burns, Clerk 102A. .. 331.00 Margaret Regnier, Elec. 103B....™™ 60.00 Diane Modlsett, Aud. 102A 365.00 Genevieve Morris, Aod. 102C 365.00 Mary E. Michel. Aud. 102D... 300.00 Jnanlta Zaloodek, Treas. 102A 365.00 Goldle Cage, Treas. 102G..... 251.60 Joan Ballard, Treas. 102G™ 150.45 . Ann Wolford, Treas. 102G™ 165.75 Zarada Jackson, Treas. 102G 252.63 Pamela Cook, Treas. 102G... 105.40 Evelyn Cage, Rec 10ZA....... 365.00 Robt McFarland, Shrt 102A, K ;.. 390.00 Everett Graham, Shrt. 102,. K.......™„. . ..... 305.00 KentSmay, Sort. 102C 200.00 Michael Grimme, Shrt 102a 100.00 Richard Zlegler, Shrt. 102a. 300.00 Phyllis Grimme, Jail 101A... 180.00 Phyllis Cherry, Jail MB. 100.00 > W JJ. Clary, Agrc 101 300.00 Richard Blank, Agrc. 101A... 252.00 Ruth Wimer, Agrc 101B™.. 252.00 Nancy Cole. Agrc. 102A™... 365.00 ' Barbara Schlnlaub, Agrc 102B™_.™.™„ . 276.00 Irene Cook, Agrc 213 14.25 ; Philip Nichols. Cr. 101. 91.66 Ruth Maines, Aser. 102_ 365.00 Bethan y Weaver, P. Atty, 101A .„ ... 100.00 '. Roy Shupperd, Crth. 101...™ 200.00 Ruby Neal, Crth. 101™ 165.00 Herschel Mock, Crth. 102C... . 135.00 UsterDodd, lnfm. 101.™... 165.00 ' OUve Dodd, Infm. 102.. .... 125.00 Hester Rolar, Infm. 106™... 120.00 Zada Moody, tafm. 106• 120.00 ' Mark Lewis. Infm. 106..... . 55.00 Ralph Wilburs, Plan. 103. . 325.00 Mildred Brunt, Plan. 102 135.00 Joe Watson, Plan. 107...™... 100.00 . Donald Lord, Drng. 102A...... 450.00 Betty Hobbs, Drng. 103 ..™„ 331.00 Roy Whlsler, Drag. 105........ 410.00 ' • Fred K. Surber, Drng. 104™ 200.00 Edgar Welsmlller.'Drng. 102E.™...™...™ 25.00 ' ^Walter SchuJenburg. Drng. 102E..™ ™....™..... 25.00 Roy Watson, Drag. 102E....... 25.00 Horace Holmes, Comm. 105.. 112.50 Myron Henderson, Comm. 111C._ .....™.™ 200.00 WiUlam Frost, Comm. 113 „ 342.00»» Mildred Brank, Comm. 117„ 135.00 Robert Heron,'Comm. 422 ™ 250.00 Maude Welsh, Hlth. 102B 416.00- Tressa Coy, Hlth. I02C....™ 200.00 Carolyn Perry, WeU. 3B6 ..„. 550.00 Jo Ann Seright Welf. 386 . 674.14 Lou Ann Allen. Welf. 386 450.00 V. A. Baumgartner, Welt 386 „ ....™ 450.00 MarJorie Kunkle, Welf. 27.„.. 375.00 Evelyn Bolinger, Welf. 21 375.00 Stanley Herbert, Welf. Legal. 100.00 Walter Miller, Welt 386 . 140.00 Karleen Walker, Welf. 25..... 375.00 Walter M. Hughes, Auditor L-74 C-53 . says the first surprise will show "business profits lagging" behind actifity, the second, will show "business liquidity unre­ paired," and the last will show "corporate spending requirements continuing to participate in the general, inflation ever though business has been dealt into a deflation all its own.". "It appears that the risks of owning stocks at this time are far greater than the probable rewards," according to tte Alan Institutional GRoup. The company believes the stock market has "reached an area of major overhead . resistance "and adds that the present strength in stock prices "appears to represent another major selling opportunity." NOTICE TO BETHS, LEGATEES AND CREDrrORS ESTATE OF Elmer E. WeismiUer, Deceased No. 3227 In Tipton Circuit Court, Calendar Term, 1970 Notice Is hereby Uvea that Helen Monell WeismiUer as executor of said estate, has filed her account and vouchers In final settlement of said estate, aad his petition praying the Court to allow said account and order distribution of said estate, and .that the same will come up . for hearing and action In said Court on the 28 day of December, 1970 In the courthouse In Tipton, Indiana, at which time all hairs, legatees and creditors of said estate are required to appear and show cause. If any there be, why said accooBt and vouchers should not be all owed, and distribution of tha estate be made as prayed for la said pttitioo; and all the heirs, devisees aod legatees of saidoecedentandsaid estate, and all others Interested, are hereby required to appear at said time and place and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.D. Understanding Your Heart Ross M. Hofford Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, Indiana Horace C. Holmes, Attorney L-72 P-52-58 DAILY CROSSWORD 42. Frail; slender DOWN 1. Less. hazardous 2. Subside 3. Stringed instruments 4. Olive family tree 5. Type of fishing (hyph. wd.) 6. Friendship 7. Vitality 8. Joyous feeling 9. With splendor 10. High- pitched : 14. Public disorder 21. Ahead (prefix) 22. Indian greeting, Hollywood style 23. Fragrant flower (2 wds.) 24. Short aria 25. Leopard 26. Embarrassed 27. Breakwater. MAC HEMAMA.S S MOU ACJEI NTIAII IN!O EW E :A «BEyE SMNETO - E"O L. CIS SPE rfTOL!L «B« L. CIS SPE "AJBSVPHI VII ^AJBES T EOMliorT 'o •EST RIA'L HTHfHi L*L T*!X OViE "AJBSVPHI VII ^AJBES T EOMliorT 'o •EST RIA'L HTHfHi L*L EiEilRE ^El EiftlF'RE'Di Veaterday'e Aasvrer 29. Footprints 30. Beast 31. Slackened 32. Corundum 37. Term of affection, for short 38. United 20 25 2b 27 ACROSS 1. Waldorf or Caesar 6. Prevent 11. Mistreat 12. Racing .horse 13. Male idealization (2 wds.) 15. French season 16. Excavation 17. Pick up the 18. Matter (law) 19. Oriental sauce 20. Badly 21. Caress 22. Puncture 23. The O'Hara plantation 25. express 26. Withered 27. Manhandle 28. "Bali " 29. Misdeed 30. Spelling match 33. Verb form' 34. Vietnamese holiday 35. Crash against 36. Type of convent 39. Bar by legal means 40. Step in 41. CoUege officials DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's bow to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R to LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters. - apostrophes, the length and formation of the word* are all hints. Each day the code letters are different - ~, A Cryptogram Quotation FCP OPPE IBF FCPQV IBLPV- WHPWFJS EKEFPH EPFFSPM HQS- SQBWE BX KPJVE JIB ORF FCP CRHJW VJZP QEEFQSS IVBUQWI.— M B W HJVDRQE Yesterday's Cryptoquota: THE PROOF THAT MAN IS THE NOBLEST OF ALL CREATURES IS THAT NO OTHER CREATURE HAS EVER DENIED IT.—G. C. LICHTENBERG. (C 1970. Klne Features Syndicate. Inc.) Dr. Coleman I HAVE been having mild heart trouble. My doctors insist that I must have had rheumatic heart disease when I was young. I am now 52. No one in the family can recall any such illness. . Could it have been overlooked ? Mrs. J. R. T., Ind. Dear Mrs. T.: Rheumatic heart disease is one of the severe compll- catlons of rheumatic fever during childhood. Almost always it is c a u s e d by the streptococcus germ and may follow a bout of infection in the tonsils, or may occur after scarlet fever. It is not unusual for a mild attack of rheumatic fever, and even rheumatic heart disease, to be overlooked completely. Sometimes there is the possibility that the condition was known, but then just forgotten. Modern methods of diagnosis - are accurate enough for your doctor to know that your present condition may be cased on rheumatic fever in childhood. The speculation about this Is not nearly as important as the fact that you are being treated and observed by your doctor. - * . * * Does the expression "I must have a tapeworm" have any validity for people who eat excessively? Mrs. S. P., W. Va. Dear Mrs. P.: Any excuse for overeating satisfies the guilt of the "food sinner." Tapeworms do, however, occur in the human and create intestinal symptoms. These parasites find their way into the person who eats infected fish or improperly cooked pork or beef. Overeating rarely calls the doctor's attention to the fact that such a parasite may he harbored. Other symptoms are more, significant ia establishing' a diagnosis. There are now a number of excellent chemicals and drugs that are most effective against this and other types of parasitic diseases and Intestinal worms. » » • Can a breech delivery leave uny after-effects on the child? Mrs. G. S., Ariz. Dear Mrs S.: A breech delivery means that the child is lying upside down in the mother's womb. Normally, the head presents itself first for delivery. In the breech, the buttocks come' first. This situation, which arises infrequently, does no harm to the child at birth, nor later on. • • • SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: Expensive cuts of meat are no more nourishing than economy cuts. Dr. Lester Coleman haa prepared a special booklet for readers of the column entitled, "Pay Attention to Your Heart." For your copy, send 25 cents in coin and a large, self-addressed 6-cent stamped envelope to Lester L. Coleman, M.D., P.O. Box 5170, Grand Central Station, New York, N. Y. 10017. Please mention the booklet by title. (O 1970. King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Tipton Chamber of Commerce is considering moving into the Ramsay Building - 136 East Jefferson Street. They would have rooms available for offices for others. Anyone interested see Guy (Bud) Horton at Danners or Chamber Office. ! Grand Opening Special! FREE PEPSI December 4t«-5tk-6th rnrr T If FREE! fK " Suckers & Helium Balloons for the Children Double Stamps ONE FREE GLASS TUMBLER with Every Two Gallons of "CLARK SUPER 100 GASOLINE" DECEMBER 4th - 5th - 6th, 1970 ONLY STAMPS Tuesday ICE Pepsi 12 GZ 55$ P er car ^ on + tax + deposit CLARK SUPER 100 Saturday and Sunday SANTA 12 to 10 ftukr; M. Herbert AiteraaT AiLn IMIaat Man Ttctoa, BKtaua MOT! Telepeoea; B7m-rrsi State Road 28 and Junction of State Road 19 East RON BENNETT, Dealer OPEN 24 HOURS

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