The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 7
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 12,' 1952 AFL Group Blasts iigh Prices, Sees lew Boost Coming ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (/ The I The council continued Its five•'""can herteration of Labor has day meeting lortoj- without an'-'1 the opening of its Executive i noimcing in advance what it would mcetini; as a chance to take up in the second-day sessions Green snid nt least part of' the meeting wouid bo devoted to preparing n report for tiie AFf, National Convention in New York M.YTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS luxury b'.'-tl tiie high cost of living and p:'('d'ct new prire boosts soon. But the council avoided saying v lint should he done about the )>r:i'u!ein, in a statement issued yesterday from behind the closed doors of the economic study session. The council slated definitely, however, that ivage increases had nothing to do with the rise in prices. "There is no justification next month. In commenting nn the hi<:h cost of living, Green said, "We don't want to suggest what should lie done, but the government should rio something." The 19-ypar-olrt API, president j-- •>,.,.,,.*..,.i said tlie union fr-v-•••c-* 1 ^'-o'-"' re- whatsoever for aiiributing the | tail price controls but did m ,t a <l- prcsont price spiral to wage ad- vise n special session of Congress jusimoms," it said. in order to get them. "We'are not The blame belong;.'! on busi- \ enthusiastic about a special ses- ncss and "proniecringr right down s10 " because these Southern Dem- the line, from the wholesale to the ocrats and Northern Republicans i-on.ii- !„,.„!" „... .... .. i " Luxury Liner Harrys Home To Buy Paper MIAMI, Fin. «1 _ The liner ES Silverstnr. which cruise's between Havana. iMIamt and Vera Cruz, radioed from the high seas to have newspapermen meet her when she docked last night. . George S o u I h w o r t h, Miami Herald reporter, rushed to the an-J docks where he met an official of the company which manages the big ship. "Must be very Important," the official said. When the Silverslar docked, the official hurried aboard and conferred with the captain. Then he returned to Southworth and gave him Die news: Someone aboard wanted to buy retail' level." said the council, 13 of whose members were present for [be meeting. In addition to Us cost of living studies, the council looked into a longstanding Jurisdictional fight between two member unions, AFL President William Green told a news conference. The fight concerns n complaint by (he Carpenters "Union that the International Association of Machinists resorted to Ihe National Labor Relations Board to settle Jurisriictlonal disputes. The carpenters claimed the machinists should have to AFL agencies in- etend. Green said the council Instructed him to get more details on a settlement proposed by the machinists Health Group Says More People Needed to Care for Americans PAGE SEVEN WASHINGTON' W) — The Prosi dent's Commission on Health Needs of the Nation was told today that thousands more dentists, nurses and medical a«j = iants are needed to care for' (lie American people. Summaries of panel discussions held during the last two months bv health of the nation." The American Medical Assorla- tion, opposed to what it calls "so- cialised mrdinne." has the appointment of the Truman commission an act of "political ex- pedienry." file punel summaries estimated .--.. ..... ... about 3,00.1 dentists .ire vriii° turn- peris were presented at. the ripening I ed out each y, but. around 34na of R two-day session by the com- • are needed , 0 maimnin the nrorioi-- mlsslon - ; 'i™ "' donnas to total population Tlie panel summaries indicated : "*' " s Present level, the exact shortage of trained pco- ' r '""' "' "'" Miss Canada Is Crowned lantic cuv and a trip to London fof i the coronation next June. HAMILTON, Out. r,l> Redclick. 18-yivii-old. 21 medical, military and lay control the Congress," he said. In its statement on danger of inflation, the council sr-id, "The President of Ihe Unitrd Stntes li-.s all these facts nefore hint. We urge him lo take ulintever Ktcp.s the facts make necessary lo protect the public interest in the price crisis." Although it g-ave no figures, the council reported a sharp upturn in prices during the past few weeks even before effects of the steel strike settlement could be felt. It continued: "In the months ahead, the prospect is even more forbidding. Prices of manufactured articles arc bound to rise, clue to the huge find unjustifiable increase In steel prices extorted from the government by the steel industry." Shots, Rocks Hit Train in Virginia SHENANDOAH JUNCTION, W. VH. '.?' — Mysterious .shots and rocks hurtled out of the darkness as n Norfolk and Wc-.tern pnssen- <!<?'.• train pulled out of town last ii'"!it. The engineer and a brakeman soul rifle fire zinged by close to them. A rock broke a window in a passenger car-but none of the 15 passengers were Injured. Railroad officials knew of no reason for the attack. pie. including physicians and s\ir- seons. depends upon how u. S. medical care i.s "organized." Proposing a plan for doine this Is one purpose of the commission. President Truman appointed its members last December. He has been plugging for a national coin- puhory health Insurance plan. Tiie They also estimated thousands more nurses are needed each year Hum arc trained and said 1lu> Atiier- j (can Hospiml Association has re: ported 47.000 job vacancies jn such fields as laboratory technicians, , occupational therapy. x-ray Irrh- j nirians and administration. I It was estimated that less than one-half of Americans seek dental Prevalence of Cancer Varies Geographically, by Condition U.S. May Press Great Britain For Policy Change in Iran -, JOHN M. mOflTOWER WASHINGTON HI — The United States Is prepared to press for a radical change in Britain's policies toward Iran If It appears such a step would help avert the danger of Communist seizure of Iran from . the Inside. American officials, facing a new round of consultations with the British on the Iranian situation this week, appeared uncertain today whether political conditions in Iran would offer opportunity for effective action by the Western powers. They were hopeful, however, that some steps could be taken fairly quickly.- Intensive lalks to date have produced an understanding between Washington and London, informants said, that the best bet for blocking the intrigues of the Communist Tudeh party and of others who might play Into Communisl hands Is to strengthen, If possible the position of Premier Moham med Mossadegh. How that could bi don* Is problem. American officials privately suggest that If Britain could «nd "a way to relax its economic blockade of Iran and permit Iranian oil to ba sold to the outside world Mossadegh's anti-Communist In fiuence in his badly split countrj would ba reinforced. This is he cause he would have gained both 8 political objective and 20 to 30 million dollars of Income from stored oH. Only by a drastic modification of pol'jy, however, could the British permtt Iranian oil to flow to world markets. Furthermore. Mossadegh — A tearful old man even In official conferences—is such an unpredictable person and the forces around him are so explosive that authorities said It was difficult to tell whether (my effective steps could be taken. Two events contributed to this latest outburst of worry over the future of Iran: I. On Friday the British government received a proposal from Mossadegh to reopen negotiations for a settlement of the British- Iranian oil dispute. But the con- Copt. Carlsen Hurt on 'Cycle FLENSBURO, Germany w» _ CafA. Kurt Carlsen came th/ough unscathed from his storm-tossed ordeal with his sinking >lyinz Enterprise, but he didn't do as well with a motorcycle last nieht. The motorcycle skidded and turned over en route from Oopen- hascn to Rotterdam, and the brave Jitllf skipper broke his collarbone. Carlson was taken to a local hospital and fitted with a plaster cast Then he resumed his journey by train, telling police he »as in a hurry to get back- to his new ship the Flyins Enterprise II, which is dn.-i-.od in Rotterdam. Carlsen s parents live in Denmark. dltlons which Mossadegh laid down were described by authorities here as wholly unacceptable from either the British or the American viewpoint. 3. On Saturday the Iranian Senate—a parliamentary body which usually exercises little more power than Britain's House of Lords— suddenly asserted Its constitutional rights and blocked, for the time being at least, a bill to Brant dic- tatoria; powers to Mossadegh for six months. The Iranian Senate's action came as a shock to official Wwashington and raised anew the question whether even Mossadegh is a strong enough "strong man" to constitute a defense against the Reds which the United States can back. The difficult is that at the moment neither Ycnk Troops into 'Civvies' TRIESTE if, - American occupation troops here got permission today to wear civilian clothes off duty — sometimes — but running !>rn"net in shirt sleeves Is prohibited. A headquarters order allows the soldiers to change into civvies only when visiting the homes of other Americans or British friends. And a coal and tie are mandatory. By FR.t.VK CAftEV AP Science Reporter WASHINGTON MV-Tlie prevalence of cancer varies in difler- ent countries and under different conditions, the 11th International Geographical Congress was told today. For example, the delegates were told, cancer of the lung does not exist in Iceland or Korea' stomach cancer is not as common in England as on the continent of Eur- rope; primary cancer of the liver is relatively more common in Africa. Indochina, India, Malaya, Indonesia and the Philippine islands than elsewhere in the world: and cancer of the base of the tongue Is relatively frequent in certain communities In India. The cancer facts were a highlight of Ihe first report of the "Commission on Medical Geog- Rich Man's Marriage to Girl, 16, Ends In Anylment; No Settlement Made RIVERSIDE, Calif. W-Million- cathedral In Paris Nov. 22. aire manufacturer Roland C. De Vigier has obtained an annulment from his 16-year-old bride, Martha Morris Devier, whom he accused of marrying him fraudulently and "secretly intending not to cohabit" with him. na Vigier, 28, obtained the annulment yesterday by default. His lawyers said there was no out-of- court settlement, but at the request of De Vigier the court ordered the .hearing testimony and exhibits sealed. The couple met at a soda fountain where she was a waitress and civil ceremony were married at Quarts-site Ariz., last Nov. 14. They were re-wed on their continental honeymoon at Notre Dame Shortly after their return lo California they became estranged. She said she couldn't jump up to his level "and I couldn't ask him to come down to mine." Ee Vigier Is executive vice- president of » firm that manufactures heavy construction equipment. His offices are in ChicagO- Poce to Belgrade FRANKFURT. Germany W) — u S. Secretary of the Army Frank Pace left by air today for Belgrade to witness Yugoslav troop maneuvers and to study the results of American arms aid to Yugoslavia Boy Electrocuted [n West Virginia nrKRJCAXE. W. Va, W _ A !7.;".ii-oM h.->v came home lo attend ins sranrtmoihrr's funeral but was r;c.-';ocu:r f | while heipin? his grniidf.t'l'.er on a job. C'nnilfs T. Hill, who was em- plo;. t-ri :n Columbus, o.. was help- •i!!r rr:ii'«c s'-'el p:pe from a dry wster v.cil yesterday. A section of p pn hieh tension wire '.< .is linKicd. into the air. •i"S received most o! the tm- rmn the rhnr»e. His grand•i. T. Hill. 77, was kn.'-rkcd c-.o-n hut was not otherwise Read Courier Mewi Classified Ada. AL SALE B.F. Goodrich Silvertowii Jht lire Jhai Comes en Hew Cars LIS7 SAVE ON THESE SIZES TOO! -434,75 $24.63- $18.75 $15.75 -$34.45 $18.45 Tire May Cover Your Down Payment 417 W. Main Phone 6767 raphy" of the International Oeo- i graphical Union—» commission! which is making a world-wide svs-1 lematic study of the possible re-' lationships between the distribution of diseases and the environments m which ihey develop. Dr. Jacnuc.s Mny of New York director ot medical studies of the American Geographical Society and also chairman of Ihe International "Medical Geograpb" Commission. first aim said the commission's Is to "map" (he distri- — ,,.,,,, v(l ,. uj^id- bution of all diseases throughout, the world. Declaring there Is a need to know "who has what and where " he said that once such information is pinned down on n world-wide basis, it may be possible to determine why one person becomes nf- flicted and n/iother docs not. He asserted that "geographical factors" may be paramount in the distribution of disease. Bumper Crop Predicted By Syrian Authorities DAMASCUS, Syria fXP) — Despite lha threat, of a locust plague Syrian agricultural authorities are predicting a bumper harvest for Syria that will allow the export of wheat and barley. The Minlstr.r of AcrictiKurc recently announced that Syria's crops would bfl harvested before the lo- cttst threat, conlrl materialize. It Is estimated (hat Syria will produce nearly BOft.oon tons of wheat this year, leaving approximately 250,000 tons for export. Barley is expecled to reach 250,000 tons with 75,000 tons (or export. Two beavers can build B dam 18 feet long and 6 Jcet wide In three weeks. list, with a Toronto band, u crowned Miss Canada last night. The blue-eyed miss, svho stands! ejTo'r 'he bnamv cml^sTtltJe 'she • » T1 " ™W ha ™' « ""^ of South receives a si eon 4"n irshin a f n : A "? m ,™' " 't 1 " l"mt of all living the M,s A, w ,,ca coni^t ,°, ATlffirK'h. h ' in * '" CXC " S "' WELCH BROS. BIG PARADE TUESDAY -2PM C ?^^IO_BLYTHEVILLE AUG'. 12 & 131 Bull Riding Bronc Riding WiTJCow Milking Ribbon Roping BullJ^ogging Calf Roping AlFoiTla. Stock 20 Cowboys — 65 Head of Stock TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY AUG 12 & 13 BLYTHEVILLE FAIRGROUNDS STARTING TIME 8:00 P.M. Gen. 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