Kenosha News from Kenosha, Wisconsin on November 8, 1920 · 3
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Kenosha News from Kenosha, Wisconsin · 3

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, November 8, 1920
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— t ' a WVDAY NOVEMBER 8 1920 KENOSHA EVENING NEWS PAGE THREE ti gryi - 3 S Society a nd- Social Events WORKER DRAFTS FEDERATION PLAN HONOR PAST MASTERS “General Federation News” Contains Articles of Interest to Women HONOR MRSBRADFORD Kenosha Lodge of Meetings Celebrate Past Masters’ Night Saturday One of the most notable anniversaries in the history of the Kenosha Lodge of Masons was celebrated on HAS PRAISE FOR SALVATION ARMY STSS rudgc Backus Praises Work of Salvationists in Es- PCSV-NUPTIAL PARTY The members of the Woman’s club of Kenosha will be particularly interested in the following article from the “General Federation News” since it has a definite relation to the activities of every organization club in the United States A second item of interest found in the monthly publication is the announcement that Mrs Mary D Bradford superintendent of the Kenosha public schools is chairman of the education committee in the applied education department The article which deals with the further development of helpful departments at national headquarters is as follows: The first work of General Federation Headquarters under the new administration will be to complete the 1920-1922 directory the second will be to build up a helpful reference library augmented by a clipping bureau the third will be to affiliate with other national organizations and government bureaus in Washington which are in a position to co-operate with the Federation for the common good and the fourth will be to establish with state federations and individual clubs throughout the length and breadth jf the country Miss Hafford Director Miss Lida Hafford new director of Headquarters has been getting in ouch with the situation and as she ays “planning plans and dreaming ireams” Mrs Winter joined Miss Hafford and the two together went ver plans for centralizing Federation vork as much as possible These jlans will be announced as soon as liss Hafford has time to work them ut more definitely In th mean-ime she says: “My first work will be to finish the tirectory The real task comes in tearing from delinquent clubs receiv-ng the material and whipping it into hape for publication and then proof-eading Twenty-five states are hold-ng state conventions this fall and all f that data is yet to be collected "he directories will be printed in Chicago but will be distributed from he Washington office We will not :o to press until all of the November onventions have been held Clubs "Send Data “I wish to urge each club to send in ata heeded if this has not been forwarded and to send in at once any hanges which may have occurred ince a report sent in fhe early fall “I also nrge that clubs forward to Headquarters at once a copy of their -ear book or program as these lelp the small inexperienced club in ilanning programs and in revising onstitutions “Club papers which would be of as-lstance to those removed from library acilities will he acceptable as well as lippings from magazines on up-to-ate club subjects I hope to build up helpful reference library and ‘later n I shall appeal to state federations Masters of the order was held A degree team composed of men who have served as masters of the Kenosha lodge did the initiatory work in the Master Mason degree Those who officiated were: Frank -A Marx Worshipful Master James S Barr Senior Warden George-Wallis Junior Warden John I Chester Senior Deacon John B Maloney Junior Deacon Walter J Frost Senior Steward Ralph Y Cooper Junior Steward Frederick C Hannahs Secretary Edward H Hollister Treasurer assisted by Past Master George H Cook Past Master Lynn T Hannahq and Past Master Martin C Gauss The evening opened with a banquet in the dining rom of the Temple where Past Master ‘Congressman Clifford E Randall presided ably as toastmaster The responses told of the olden days of the locJge and like-wise’ praised present master of the lodge Alwin T Hansen for the splendid progress the order has made under his direction during the past year After the initiatory work a buffet luncheon was served at ten o’clock tablishing Home OTHERS DO THE SAME Depnty Sheriff and Mrs Nicholas Otto Entertain One Hundred Guests - V Deputy Sheriff and Mrs Nicholas Otto gave a reception to one hundred guests at the home of the bride’s parents 758 Sheridan road Sunday evening fts a post-nuptial event in celebration ' of their marriage which was solemnized in Chicago Thursday November 4th Masses of autumn flowers decorated the home An elaborate refreshments course was served after a program of the usual games and dancing The announcement of their marriage came as a surprise to the many friends of the couple Mrs Otto was formerly Miss Stella Shepherd The couple was not to be located last Thursday but there was no suspicion of H their elopment until a peaceoffering gift Arrived at the ' sheriff’s office from the groom The couple will reside at 518 Park street V j V Personals WATCH FOR CHECKS MYSTERY LIFTS PART OF ITS VEIL Mystery Car Merely Hiding Ten “Hoards of Silver” for Kenoshans NAME THREE PLACES nd individual clubs to remember ieadquarters in some way each year y donations of books or money “Mrs Thomas G Winter has pre-ented National Headquarters with a opy of “Who’s Who” and has prom-ed other reference books for the eneral Federation reference library “There are doubtless many women ho would be glad to follow Mrs 'inter’s example if they knew how ttle we have to work with and how -gent is our need To Form Clipping Bureau The Department of Literature and brary Extension membership of the strict erf Columbia Federation have omised to form themselves into a pping bureau to clip from Magazines e topics on all subjects of interest club women the clippings to be filed d catalogued according to subjects d placed on record at Headquarters ere they will be accessible to all bs or club women The magazines m which the clippings will be taken il be contributed by the club women Washington Our next big job will be to let the tes feel that we are here and that have a ery important function in organization I hope to do this h through personal ‘letters and ough the columns of the News letm” Many Kenoshans who have been on the streets at the dead of night for the last few nights have been mystified by the strange appearance of a large black closed car which has been driving up to the curb near vacant lots in various parts of the city After it stopped a man' in black has been seen to jump ©ut of it run over into the vacant lotand very shortly later run out into the street to drive away in the car as mysteriously as possible Several who' saw this personage at one of these stops have declared that when he got out of the car he held a small package but when he re-appeared he was minus the package Part of Mystery Solved The mystery of it has partially been cleared The mysterious stranger was hiding the ten hordes of silver which are to be located in various parts of the city and which are to be given to the finder along with three tickets in each one to the showing of the Goldwyn picture “The Silver Horde” at the Burke Theatre on next Friday and Satuurday As announced previously the approximate location of the vacant lots in which these silver hordes each containing silver from one to five dollars is to be announced in these columnk Name Three Places Visited The car of mystery on its first midnight journey left one of the treasure boxes in a vacant lot near the corner of Howland avenue and Prairie avenue They left another one of the treasures in the neighborhood of Sheridan road and Park street and a third was left on Exchange street north of Eagle and south of Park Row These are only the approximate locations but somewhere within a close radius of these points there is a “horde of silver” for the person who will find it Silver Easy to Find The treasure is not hidden deep under the ground and the searchers are advised that they will not need to dig deeply in order to find it in any of the locations named There are seven other “hordes of silver” which are all ready hidden and the approximate location of which will be announced later The only thing a successful treasure hunter needs to do to establish his claim to the treasure after he has found itis to call either the Burke Theatre or the Kenosha Evening News and report the finding of the silver with his or her name and address Kenosha because of the fact that the Salvation Army will soon stage a drive here for $5000 for the work in the state is interested in the praise given to the venture in Milwaukee on Saturday by Judge A C Backus who has spoken here frequently and whose judgment on social betterment work is known to be of great value by Kenoshans “We have a place for boys at Green Bay” said Judge Backusin an address at a Salvation Army campaign meeting for the 1920 Home Service program “and we have a home for girls under sixteen but when the -girl of seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty or twenty-one comes before me or before one of my colleagues the state of Wisconsin asks us to send her to the penitentiary with the hardened criminal Shows Great Foresight “I congratulate jou men and women of the Salvation Army for your foresight in wishing to provide a place by this campaign for sheltering girlhood and making for a better womanhood” “I shall rejoice when I shall have an opportunity to choose between the state penitentiary and you when a girl comes before me” President Sabin Talks At another similar meeting President Ellen C Sabin of Milwaukee Downer college for women said: “I have always had an intense interest in the Salvation army It does wonderfully practical work” The Rescue Home for which the Salvation Army is seeking subscriptions its 1920 campaign' will have the Kiddies Who Won Prizes at State Fair in Milwaukee to Receive Money Miss Edna Hood of the department of arts Kenosha public schols has an nouiiced that checks for prizes won at the state fair in Milwaukee in September have arrived She cautions parents to watch for long businesslike-appearing envelopes marked “State Fair” that the chances for loss of the checks may be lessened to a great extent Announcement was also made that second prize for the making" of paper dolls by first grade pupils was awarded to Miss Florence Peasley of the Grant school KENOSHA SCOUTS MEET IN RACINE Kenosha Boy Scouts Make Splendid Showing in the Lake Shore Meet m great benefit of general experience since ft will be the twenty-seventh institution of the kind established by this organization and it will have the invaluable benefit of many years of special work in conducting it The amount mentioned in the budget $12500000 is not only for the structure but also fo requipment and for main-teiance -for a year The home will be located scientifically not arbitrarily after a thorough survey of statistics from all parts of the state to show where it should be placed to best give its service '' SELL SAVINGS STAMPS FIRST CONCERT TONIGHT GUS HILL’S MINSTRELS Kenoshif College Club Presents Chicago Concert Ensemble at Elks’ Club The first in the series of Chicago Concert Enqemble concerts under the auspices of the Kenosha College club for the purpose of adding to the scholarship fund will be given at the Elks’ clnb at eight-fifteen -o’clock this evening The concert will be one of the most important events in the musical life of Kenosha and there has been much interest created Those who heard the Philharmonic' String quartette at Kemper hall in October will remember George Dasch Mr Dasch the conductor of the Chicago Concert Ensemble has an' enviable reputation developed through seasons of successes in Chicago and neighboring cities An ultra feature of tonight’s concert will be the appearance of Miss Frances Coates as costume singer in a group of characteristic songs Persons who have not already secured tickets are urged to patronize the concert for not only will they be given an evening of excellent entertainment but they will also be aiding in sending a worthy girl who might otherwise not have the opportunity attend university next term The scholarship operated on a loan fund basis is one of the principle purposes of the Kenosha College club organization Further concerts for the same purpose will be given in January and April HAS BIRTHDAY PARTY ’ Kenosha Boy Scouts made a splendid showing Saturday afternoon In the Lake Shore Inter-City Meet held in Racine The meet was scheduled for two o’clock at Horlick’s Field and was well attended by many Racine folks The Kenosha Scouts left on the 12:57 Lake Shore Line accompanied by David Fogwell Scout executive Waukegan Sheboygan Evanston Kenosha Racine and several other Lake Shore cities had teams entered and although the result is not yet ertain Racine to all appearances is practically sure of winning the meet Scouts Enter Events Kenosha was entered in waLLscaling first aid fire by friction water boiling tent pitching dressing race and signalling Although the Kenosha Scouts had had little experience due to the little attention given scouting throughout the war the Kenosha boys made a very favorable showing More attention is given to scouting during the present period however and practically every boy in Kenosha has awakened to the fact that scouting is something of value to give him Sell Savings Stamps The Boy Scouts are out now working for the further sale of War Savings Stamps Thfe War Department recently got in touch with the scout executive of the city and has requested him to allow the scouts to carry out a campaign of thrift The contest will contest will continue until the 15th of November The Kenosha team entered for the meet in Racine were: Ray Randall A1 Schut Eddie Ernst” Charles Kavegin Roger Soulen Irwin Rapp Melvin Shaulk and Charles Bullamore L R Crane was a visitor in Wauke- sha on Sunday ' W’H Purnell was a business visitor in Chicago today' - Miss Alice Kohlman was a visitor in Milwaukee on Saturday A E Brooks motored to Chicago with a party of friends Sunday Mrs Florence Portwine was the guest of friends in Milwaukee Sunday Mr and Mrs A C Hansen of Pomeroy street spent the week-end in Milwaukee - Miss Margaret Brown of Racine was the Sunday guest of Miss Clara Thomas of Broad street - Dr S W Murphy of Park avenue has returned home after spending a month in Boston Miss Marie Fountain of the Citizens bank was the week-end guest of friends in Chicago C E Crawford of the Hall Lamp company is attending the bicycle show in Chicago today Mr and Mrs A A Riel Jr and sons Ellsworth and Dorien motored to Antioch 111 Sunday- Paul and Edward Faber of Chicago were guests of Mr and 'Mrs Hans Luthi over the week-end Mr and Mrs Fred Iverson spent the j ay ag week-end in Madison as guests of Mr Harvard and Mrs Clarence Iverson Mr and Mrs Frank Wells Mrs William Winegarand Mrs Walter Melick motored to Chicago on Sunday Mr and Mrs L M Bienemann and daughters Marjorie and Lois visited relatives in Racine on Sunday Mr aftd Mrs J DeArmond of Lake Villa were guests of Mrs William Ball 568 Newell street Sunday Mrs C L Barthel of Lincoln street is spending the week with her daughter Mrs F L Bristol in Chicago Miss Kathryn' Grace Grover street returned to Milwaukee-Downer today after spending the week-end in Kenosha ' Miss Adelaide Mayer who is in training at a Milwaukee hospital spent the week-end her home on Market street Mr and Mrs Charles Backus of Milwaukee returned to their home on Sunday after a weeks visit with relatives in Kenosha Mrs Henry Reith was' hostess at a luncheon at the Elks Club today Cards followed the luncheon Covers were laid -for twelve guests I L Cohn is a visitor in Chicago today Roy Pieh was a visitor in Milwaukee on Sunday Arthur Barber attended a football in Chicago Sunday Charles James was the guest of friends in Milwaukee Saturday Miss Ethel Schiffman is the guest of relatives in Chicago today L Cohn and son Edward I Cohn were Milwaukee visitors Sunday G E Anderson of Chicago spent Sunday with relatives in Kenosha Mr and Mrs O A Eskuehe 822 Sheridan road were guests of friends in Winnetka Sunday ' ' Miss Harriet Farley has returned to Whitewater after spending Sunday with her parents in Kenosha Mrs Mary Azer of Lyman avenue has returned home from a week-end visit with relatives in Chicago ' Miss Florence Spaulding of Marshfield spent the week end in Kenosha as the guest of friends and relatives Mrs James Kinnee ' and ’ daughter Heloise Houghton Mich have ’ come come to Kenosha to make their home “WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN” at 576 Edward street Mr and Mrs Albert Falk of Ridge street entertained friends Saturday evening at their home on Ridge street in honor of George McKenna ' Mr and Mrs Thomas Temple and son William Mrs Frank Isermann and sons Neal and Don spent Sun-the guests of relatives in Mr and Mrs William Wungluck of Chicago spent the week-end with Mrs Wungluck’s mother Mrs William Schlavensky at her'home on Washington street Announcement has been made of the approaching nuptials of Miss Bessie Kitzrow daughter of Mrs R Kitzrow 765 Howland avenue and Robert C Tait son of Mq and Mrs F Tait of SteVens Point Wis which will be solemnized Thanksgiving Day Misses Dorothy and Florence Marx twin daughters of Mr and Mjsl Frank Marx celebrated their birthday anniversary with a party of sixteen friendst their home on Sheridan road Saturday afternoon N A refreshment course was served following rounds of bunco Powerful Story Told in Movies at Virginian Theatre — All Star Cast “What Might Have Been” is the name of tha tense ' phoplay drsc-a which is being shown at the Virginian Theatre today Tuesday grid Wednesday Grace Davison and Conway Tearle star in the unique story which has a most unusual and complex plot It describes thn 'tribulation of a man who to save ms' brother from financial ruin and disgrace misappropriates funds of the hank for which he is cashier When it is tpo late he realizes that he has -wronged his wife and child beyond reparation by bringing them to penury and disgrace Conscious that he has unwittingly become enmeshed in the law he drops from sight His clothes are found at the river front and it is assumed that he ha3 committed suicide For years he lives in the underworld' while his wife believing him dead' is happily remarried Finally he is arrested his identity discovered and his wife brought to court as a bigamist The powerful climax gives the unique twist to t the story of gripping emotions KAISER OF SOME GOOD AFTER ALL ' Doom Holland — The village of Doom now begins to look upon the former German emperor as a weleome guest His residence here under the new tax assessment levied on the exile is ex-peted to increase the town’s income by about $13&c3 annually being about 25 per cent of the entire municipal tax receipts of Doom This is the 'municipal share of the anticipated revenue from taxation of the kaiseVs Income which thfe Dutch government haf estimated at the normal equivalent f $522609 annually FOUND GOOjD SAMARITAN New York — K H Stephens rector of a Syrian church in Brooklyn thought he had found a modern Good Samaritan He had hut with reverse English The rector was knocked down by a motor car George Maurad picked him up took him home and put him to bed The rector missed his watch the next morning Maurad's in jail PRINCE’S SUICIDE KEPT SECRET Doom Holland — The former German empress Augusta Victoria has not as yet been informed that her son Prince Joachim killed himself although he did so more than two months ago She merely knows that he is dead The former empress has been in better health of late than for several months and now drives nearly every day about the park of the Dooru estate in a little pony cart - WHAT’S HIS NATIONALITY? Seattle — Cops predict a great future on Wall street for the nine-year-old heto who traded a 15-c’ent cap pistol to Mrs E Heffner’s five-year-ol son for a coaster wagon iorth $959 DUTCH OPEN COTTON MARKET Rotterdam — To facilitate trade in cotton'with Germany and America a cotton exchange which will control a storage capacity up to 140000 bales has been opened here Alabama Texas and Virginia furnish more than one-half or the peanuts Wisconsin and Illinois forty- one- per cent of the clover seed' J DISCOVER ANCIENT VILLAGES Paris— Archeologists have discovered in the woods of Enge near Berne Switzerland two Roman villas which appear to have been constructed in the first century B C says a Geneva mes-' sage Further excavations are to be made in an attempt to establish the I whereabouts of the 12 towns and 400 Scout Troop No 1 will meet tonight viUagca menti0ned by Julius Caesar in Guild hall All members of wbich fc g believed existed in the troop are-requested to be present Mr neighborhood Traces of the former Ahrens scoutmaster I existence of an important Roman eol- The members of the “500” club 1 ony at tbjs Sp0t have already - been knights of Pythias entertained with j discovered an enjoyable dancing party at Castle J hall Saturday evening I GEEMANY LIKES STRONG BEER The Catholic Woman’s Club will gvve J jjeriin — Economic experts report an auction bridge euchre and schafs- at many German breweries are facing kopf card party Tuesday night at :15 ruin as a result of the falling off of o’clock at St George’s hall - ? the consumption of “near-beer” To The 4 members of Group A Grace prevent this the imperial council has Lutheran church will meet at the adapted an ordinance which will permit home of Mrs Troke 875 S Sheridan I German breweries to strengthen brews TALK ABOUT DARK CONTINENT de Offers Attraction Direct from Auditorium Chicago Tonight lenoshans are to have another op-tunny to see a production direct m “the big town” thi3 evening in performance of Gus Hill’s Mins-s at the Rhode Opera House The j action comes direct from the Au- Alfred Terrell to Make Address at the Meeting of St Matthews’ Men’s Club ’ Africa as it is today will be the subject discussed on Tuesday evening by Alfred Terrell at the regular din-j ner and meeting of the St Matthew’s Men’s club at the Guild hall Mr Terrell has recently returned from a trip to South Africa in the interests of the Simmons company and while there studied the industrial and political situation in the dark continent He visited the battlefields of the Boer War and will have some comment to Intake on that interesting part of the rium Theatre in Chicago where it Africa be red one of the most sensational t i— cesses of the season It is gorge- and extravagant scenic production h costumes which are said to be smartest in minstrelsy James man one of the most renowned of producers and directors in min-ilsy has - arranged many new and el features which characterize the w as “original” That Kenoshans reciate the efforts to bring to them finest in theatrical productions is icated in the advance ticket sale tonight’s super-attraction or news read the News served at six-thirty with the lecture at eight o’clock ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT Mr and Mrs Henry B Kotz of 455 Sheridan road announce the engagement of their daughter Verna Julette to Thomas Francis Hastings of Los Apgeles Cal BORN To Mr and Mrs Thomas E Holland a daughter at St Catherine's hospital November 5th In need of help — Try a Want Ad Mrs Lanie Powers Surprised at Home on Fleet' Street Saturday Night Mrs Lanie Powers was the surprisee at a birthday anniversary party at her home on Fleet street Saturday evening Fifty friends called to celebrate the occasion The feature of the evening’s entertainment was an excellent musical program presenting Ragnhild Holm-quist Cqngdon as vocalist and pianist and Christ Nielsen Howard Sershon Walter Bergquist Percy Jones Mrs Val Johnson and Lanie Powers as vocalists Mr Powers sang “A Little Love A Little Kiss” as a toast to Mrs Powers An elaborate luncheon course was served at 11:30 o’clock Masses of varied auttomn flowers were used in the attractive appointment tacheme Mr and Mrs Downer of Milwaukee were guests from out-of-town PUT’ ON INITIATORY WORK Brotherhood of Yeomen Plan Interesting Event Tuesday Night Members of the Kenosha branch of the Brotherhood of American Yeomen and their guests are anticipating a banner event Tuesday evening when the largest local class ever initiated will be put through the degree work by a uniformed degree team from Milwaukee The degree team will come to Kenosha through- the courtesy of ' Mr Clark of the Milwaukee order v A large delegation from the Milwaukee society is expected to accompany the team ' A basket 'social - and dancing party will follow the initiatory ceremonial Mrs Minnie Bentz entertained with a “slumber party” at her home on Marion avenue Saturday evening RETURN FROM CONVENTION Kenosha Makes Fine Showing at State P T A Convention In Milwaukee Kenoshans have returned from the sessions of the ninth annual convention of the Wisconsin Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher associations complacent in the knowledge that Kenosha county stands highest in P T A worfc and that Kenosha sent the banner delegation to the meet However they do not intend to rest on their laurels but plan to put into effect an enlarged program trhich will make it possible for Kenosha to continue iiv the lead Mrs G N Tremper president of the state association and general chairman of the convention reports that the ultra feature in the lecture schedule for ythe convention was the talk by Mrs Iwis M Fetherston Chicago in furtherance of the Elizabeth Me Cormick Memorial fund Mrs Feth-erston’s topic “The Problems of the Undernourished Child” described her work in her classes in Chicago showing fine results of proper feeding and normal living' Her talk was illus trated with stereopticon slides Because of the varied topics which came up for discussion making it im possible to finish all business it was voted that the resolutions be passed by the executive Jboard at a special meeting to be called in i Milwaukee Monday November 8 The platform will be announced later Cupid had a busy day at the office of the county clerk on Saturday The following applications for ’ marriage licenses were made: Eugeino Bruno and Miss Catherine Marrone both of Kenosha Joseph Paricka of Kenosha and Miss Mary Malan of Chicago Frederick M Rasmussen and Miss Elsie Minnie Lentz both of town of Paris Albert R Lapitz of LaCrosse and Miss Dorothy - Helen - Stoneman of Kenosha Harold C - Harvey4 of Appleton and Miss- Mary Martha Picker of Kenosha A large number of the Kenosha Knights of Columbus motored to Burlington on Sunday to attend the initiatory meeting of the council of that city In road Tuesday afternoon ( A meeting of the nurses of the First Wisconsin District will be held at the ' Kenosha hospital at three o’clock Tuesday afternoon A license was issued at Waukegan during the past week for the marriage of Miss Winefred Carpenter and Walter Larson both of Kenosha Mr and Mrs Nels Monteague 850 Pleasant street and Mr and Mrs Tony Steinmetz 566 Fremont avenue were visitors in Milwaukee Sunday Mr and Mrs C J Sadlier have returned to their home in Kaukauna after a week-end visit with their son C J Sadlier of the Citizens bank Mr' and Mrs Louis Heller and Mr and Mrs Walter Thomey spent the day in Milwaukee They will attend a theatre party at “Aphrodite” tihs evening Announcement was made today that the White Eagle Society will give dance at Liberty hall next' Saturday night §chmitt’s orchestra will play Mrs Benjamin Windsor and son Robert Chicago were week-end guests of Mr and Mrs C E Crawford Park avenue Robert will remain for a several days’ visit Miss Cresenc’e Mayer 655 Market street who sustained a sprained ankle in a fall Saturday will be confined to her home under the care of physician for several days Miss Joyce Cappelan has resumed her duties at the Merchants and Savings bank after a several weeks’ seri ous illness which confined her to her home at Twin Lakes Mrs Charles Hastings of South Park avenue has returned from a two week’a visit in Madison where she visited her daughter Edith who is attending the University of Wisconsin and other friends ' Mr and Mrs John R Gibson 632 Pomeroy street entertained at cards Saturday evening in honor of Mr and Mrs R Pauchart of Milwaukee The party included Mr and Mrs A E Clark Mr and Mrs Anderson Mr and Mrs Kehlor and Mrs Carlson Mrs Joseph ’Boresch has gone fo Atlanta Ga to join Mr Boresch who has been there- for the past six months in the interests of the Simmons com pany Mrs William F Heyden of 903 Elizabeth ’ street accompanied ’’ Mrs Boresch She will remain for U month’s visit Mr and Mrs Lester Hoover and the Misses Bethy and Laura Weyenmiller of Milwaukee were the guests of Mr and Mrs-Paul Junker Plaza Caffi on Sunday An informal dejeuner was served Sundsy evening the occasion being the birthday anniversary of Mrs Junker - - " Mr and Mrs Alex S Prokop 208 Rice avenue entertained informally at their home on Sunday night- Various Tames and musical selections formed the diversion for the pleasant evening Among those present were Mr and Mrs Ted Szelonski Mr and “Mrs John Szelonski Peter Warwarka Mr and Mrs' William Hames Mr and - Mrs A S Prokop and children with an increase of malt content pergonal (greeting Carte I i " y -V ' 259 Wisconsin Street Telephone ' 76 ' Take just a moment to realize that U few weeks from now you are going to want to put intothemail yourpersonal cards of Christmas Greetings To provide the satisfactory work which ’Wer1 like to give our patrons we urge you to placyjpu&i orders now making ypjur selections while the stbck is complete Ourjlewlmes are ready come and look them over or if you prefer telephone us and ask our representative to call If you can place your order now — for delivery anytime before Christmas — you will avoid delay and disappointment late? on enosifja Jletosi PRINTING DEPARTMENT iK ix ‘ f4 t 4 " f 4 -V -V v' v 4 w 41 L A FAYE I ! K We have pleasure in announcing the appointment of The Greiner'-Nash Company 266 Wisconsin Street as distributor of LaFayette motor cars in the Kenosha territory LaFAYETTE motors company at Mars HM Indianapolis - s’Y : - - Y “a s A t

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