The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Friday, October 2, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2. 190*. No. 51 John 1/enningor and Pete Koessel were among the hunters who went to tie lake yeaterday and they report that existing conditions, because of the malady which has attacked the ducks and Is killing them by hundreds, are very serious. The disease is most strange. It has robbed the birds of the odor which always is noticeable from a duck and renders them in a seeming stupor. They do not become scared and seem to have lost nil energy. One can row about In a boat and pick the sick ducks out of the water. They either float about on the surface of the lake or huddle close to the water line on the bank. Lenninger brought four of the ducks to town with him and their strange condition has caused much interest among sportsmen. Duck hunters regard the season as ruined, for the present, at least. Walter Rampe, a professional hunter, came up from Los Angeles this morning to hunt for the market, but upon learning the conditions at the lake did not go out. "[ have been hunting around here for 15 years," said-Rampe this morning, "and never before have I seen the thicks in the condition they now are. It Is dangerous to eat them and any hunter should not attempt to dispose •of the birds while the present epidemic is on." Lenninger Intends to place the ducks he has in the hands of the health officer, for an investigation. He is satisfied it Is not the tick as is reported from Fresno. Sprig and teal are the varieties afflicted. John Oswald and Philo Jewett returned from Rawley's place In the artesian belt this afternoon where they had a hunt early this morning. They brought hack fifteen birds, all local. They report no evidence of the dis ease in that section of the county. DIED AFTll JPERAT10N Maud Stack, a tenderloin woman who was operated on by Drs. Fowler, Fleet Reaches Manila Bay MANILA, Oct. 1.—With the brilliant tropical sunlight pouring down on their polished guns and gleaming paint and a swift land breeze whipping their many flags straight out from the staffs and stirring the bunting that covered the half hundred launches and excursion steamers that, crowded with cheering thousands, escorted the big ships up the bay, the Atlantic battlf- ship fleet steamed slowly into Manila bay this afternoon and sailing majestically across the battlefield where Dewey and bis men fought their historical fight with the Spanish fleet ten years ago, dropped anchor off the city. The fleet cleared the south channel shortly after noon and steamed up the center of the bay with dozens of launches and steamers sailing proudly along beside the monsters of the navy, sounding a discordant welcome with whistles, cheers and every other noise making device that could be contrived. The ships presented a magnificent appearance as they moved slowly along and the sight of the long line evoked the wildest enthusiasm and admiration of the thousands that crowded every point of vantage. As the Connecticut led the line past Corregldor the garrison there flred the admiral's salute. The passage of the channel was made In a single column, but as soon as the last ship In the long line was safely through, signals were hoisted for the double column formation and In this manner the ships steamed up the bay, two abreast. The anchorage was reached at o'clock and all along tfte shore line the crowds continued to increase even after the last vessel had come to rest. As the ships anchored, General \Veston, military commander in this city, sent a message by wireless conveying (lie greetings of himself, his officers and the men of the army to Admiril Sperry and his men. Admiral Sperry I replied thanking him for his kind wel- ' come. SANTA FE DUY8 MIDWAY LAND The Chanslor-Canfield-Mldway Company today closed up a deal whereby It becomes the owner of IfiO acres In section 31-;i1-2o at Midway, the land Ulng the wes' half of the southwest quarter an 1 the east half of the southeast quarter. The property was bought from C. V. Scott, and the price is rumored to be In the neighborhood of $50,000. The location In question is without the developed field, but is promising territory. Development work Is to be begun at once. The negotiations on the part of the company were conducted by N. J. Hudson, and the B:ikers1eld Abstract Company handled the transaction. If oil is discovered, which is considered certain, the field at Midway will be materially extended. Bryan Club Will Meet Tuesday The first meeting of the members of the Bryan Club will be h"M on Tuesday night at K-iar's hall In Kern, and or- g'liiixatlon wil ble effected, it i.- expected there will be a >;<«> I attendance, several him- ili'M having already signed tlin roll. Tl'.f membership in kern is |i:irtiruliirly heavy and for that i'";is.on the Initial meeting will be held in that city. The roll contains the names of many who have heretofore voted the Kepiibllrun ticket, but who will this support Mr. Bryan. OFFICERS OF THE Disgraced Officers. MANILA. Oct. 2. — Lieutenant Frank Taylor Evans of I he battleship Ixniis- iana and Lieutenant Charles Burt of the Battleship Georgia are to be tried by court martial on the Wisconsin on October 5th. The charges against Evans are being absent from his station while acting officer of the deck, Kellogg and West late yesterday at- and using profane and disrespectful ternoon for a hernia, died about 4 language to a superior officer, and in- BURGLARS ENTER OCCIDENTAL HOTEL The* Occidental Hotel at the corner of Nineteenth and M streets was entered by burglars between the hours of 3 and 4 this morning. A nickel- plated 44-caliber revolver of a cheap make and about $3 in quarters, taken from a slot machine which was broken open, Is the only loss Peter Koessel, the proprietor, can locate, Entrance was gained by breaking a glass door in the rear. The, cellar was searched and a hammer found there was brought Into the barroom to break the glass In the slot machine. An attempt was made to burglarize the room of a workingman just in from the country. The man had $liO in his possession yesterday. He happened to be awake and when he saw a man enter his room carrying a small electric flash light he sat up In bed, frightening the Intruder away. Koessel heard the man leave the building. From the fact that the room of the working man was sought leads Koessel to believe that some one familiar with the hotel planned the burglary. Another Attempt. Proprietor Andersen of the Bakersfield Dyeing and Cleaning Works on MONEY TO AID BRYAN'S FIGHT .1. M. Ooocle $ 2.00 * W. W. Harris 1.00 * Louis Ifallzet 1.00 * A. L. Moss 2.50 * "A Good Republican" .. 1.00 * H. W. Klipsteln 10.00 * K. M. Roberts 10.00 * W. M. Harris 1.00 -J« Democratic Central Com 20.00 * A Lincoln Voter 1.00 •> John T. Basye 5.00 * James A. Ross 1.00 •!• ALBUQUERQUE, . Oct. 2.—At the National Irrigation Congress today, the committee on permanent organization presented nominations for officers as follows: President, Geo. L. Uarstow of Texas; vice president, H. N. Loveland of San Francisco; second vice president. L. D. O'Donnell of Montana; sescertnry, E. A. Fowler of Oregon. The creation of the office of assistant secretary was recommended and McQueen Gray of Mexico suggested for the place. The morning session was devoted to the reading of reports. The committee's report on officers was adopted. SENSATIONAL FLEET RUMOR IN CHINA. AMOY, China, Oct. 2.— Agl- * tators today circulated reports •!* that the American fleet propos- •!• os to seize Amoy as it huso of •'.• operations In case of war with •',' Japan. The people are alarmed •!« and have begun to floe from the •> city. The authorities Have for- •> bidden the people going into * the interior carrying baggage. * Several agitators wore arrest- * ed ami whipped, being given •'• 1500 blows each. * Recollects the Higgins Murder] Under Sheriff T. A. Baker has received no word from Missouri today" I in regard to the murder which J, D, I Felts confessed yesterday afternoon! at the jail. Mr. Baker does not expect! to hear before tomorrow, as consider-! able investigation will no doubt be I required by the Missouri officers to ascertain if they have the evidence! sufficient for a trial, should Felts he the man wanted. I it was developed today that the! .Midge Hlgglns whom Felts claims he I helped murder, Is related to the Hlg-J ginsps. well known residents In the I mountain district of Kern. Will Engle I and the other Engle boys are likewise I distantly related to the Missouri fam-l ily and Will Engle told Under Sheriff I Baker today that he has a recollection! of the murder which Feltz says he] committed. I Felts still sticks to his story and I savs he Is anxious to "fact the music."! CLAIMS CURE FOR THE DREAD LEPROSY. WELLINGTON, N. Z., Oct. * 2.— Great Interest has een •$• o'clock this morning. The operation was a lengthy one lasting from 5 to S and although the jvoman stood the shock well, her recuperative powers were lacking and she died peacefully about twelve hours after toxication. Burt is accused of conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. Midshipman Richard Bernard of the Louisiana has been sentenced to dismissal from the service for bein;; un- ler the influence of liquor while on Total $55.50 •> Some additional subscriptions wen received today for the Bryan cam paign fund, and the list of contributors is given above. The national committee has been advised that the California!! has undertaken to raise a modest amount to aid in the great cause of popular government and It Is hoped to send a substantial sum In the first remittance on Tuesday next. Every admirer of the champion of the people's cause, who feels that he can give even a small amount, can leave the contribution with the Call fornian. iVe tational committee promises to acknowledge every sub BIG JAP GAMBLED! OIHERSJOIY Under Sheriff Tom Baker thl« I morning arrested James Blalne, a i Jap of unusual size and weight, for a felony embezzlement committed | that an attempt had been made to burglarize his establishment. A window had been broken but nothing was missed from the place. i Ing entirely on the support of the | people. It will have no trust money to aid In carrying on the campaign and does not want It. The woman has relatives in I.<n i parade at Melbourne. Midshipman E. Angeles and Payne & Son an; niakiir; j H. Connor will be tried for being In•an attempt to locate them. If sue - i toxlcated at Albany. eessful the body will be shipped to j The Cholera Situation. Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon. If I MANILA, Oct. 2.—-Four cases G. D. Mitchell, an American dentist, whose wife died of the disense recently. It Is Evans' Son. WASHINGTON. Oct. 2.—Lieutenant not Interment will be here. of i Evans, who is to be court martialnd, i cholera are reported today, including | Is a son of Adrltnal Robley Evans. A New Oil Company. The Eclipse Oil Company has filed articles of Incorporation. The capl- at $1 each. The Incorporators are W. W. Nellls, T. Sullivan, R. L. Atkins, E. Denlck, F. M. Graham. Get The Correct Fall Suit Styles at "The Toggery" Men who are particular suit buyers, those who always want the newest styles mid the swcllest suits always come here to he "clothed." \Ve know the wants of Kern County men—have studied their tastes and ideas about styles and for that reason have selected an elegant line of suits that will please all. The new fall suits have elianm-d somewhat this season---and the new styles we have for you now ure rinht up-to-the-minute. If vou wear a "'I'liirifery" suit you have that <<at- ish'od feeling of homy; so well dressed with sueh a nicely of detail thai thei an lie no possible criticism of you! 1 clothes. Our elothes always reflect ifood taste and sound sense. It's tint'- yon were seeinir tie- it 1 you're iii>t ready to buy. \ pli-ii-mv t . .show vou our suits. known as nastln, the treat- by which a cure was recently reported In Honolulu. •? CAR (fflER W_MM The first carload of water to bo sent to Midway over tho Southern Pacific as a part of the scheme planned by C. E. Jones, left Kern this morning. Mr. Jones has arranged for tankage and to pump tho. water onto the Midway properties. It is expected to run another car tomorrow and as soon aw the railroad company can Increase the amount to do so. Each car contains about 450 barrels, enough to run two companies about 11 day. The Stratum . system is working fairly well and the tal stock Is 150,000, that many shares j consumers are receiving a supply dally, but not In large quantity. IRYOflmS JOHN jiTROUD Sky Tryon, for some time past superintendent of the Monte Crlsto'a Kern River property, today assume* charge of the company's holdings In the west sldo. Mr. Tryon succeeds John A. Stroud and his son Ben Stroud the announcement of whose resignation was made In this paper many weeks ago. Mr. Stroud discontinued i hU management of the company on the first and IH now in Oakland, having left here earlier In the week. Ben Stroud Is still In the fields, being superintendent of '.he Fairbanks, which position he retains. The new Monte Crlsto superintendent Is one of ihe be«! known oil men of the county. He is an oil man of wide experience and ability. Will Thomi't-on i.teps into the vacancy caused by Tryon's removal from the Kern River field. TAFT'8 ITINERARY. aroused y a reported cure of a •? in Los Angeles. Elaine was found at leprosy patient by the Injec- "•*- tho """"^ " nff>1 "•' hprA hfi wa " 6m- tion of leprosy bacclllus, ... appropriating the earnings of a gang of Japs, entrusted to his care, to pay | his losses In a poker game. Blalne has been looked for for a | week or more. The Los Angeles officers had no clue to his whereabouU I until day before yesterday when ha telephoned south for his trunk and bedding. Under Sheriff Baker was notified last night and the fellow wai | located this morning. His story is that he lost $80 be-1 longing to another man, In a poker) game, and left Los Angeles Immediately. The Jap la 5 feet 10 Inches! and weighs 190 pounds. He has not| toll! Ills real name. fall suits I consider NORTH PLATTE, Neb., Oct. 2,-r- This is the tenth day of Taft's campaign in the west and It was one of long reaches and few speeches. Nebraska, Wyoming aud Colorado will lie traversed and before tomorrow the nominee will be In Kansas. Tho principal meetings will lie at Cheyenne and Denver. FIRE DESTROYS PROPERTY IN SONOMA VILLAGE. No Money Is G. 0. P. Ci WASHINGTON. October 2.—Seer tary Root, corporation lawyer and member of Roosevelt's caplnet. today informed the President that ther was serious difficulty In collecting campaign funds by Treasurer Sheldon It Is known that Sheldon Is a truslj representative, but still Roosevelt wa assured that he Is not receiving the contributions expected. Mr. Root sures the President that Hitchcock la not responsible. The President, for whose election vast sums were secured from Harrll man, the Insurance combine, and oth-| er big concerns four years ago, ha summoned Hitchcock to find out what] is the matter. It is given out that the lack of mon ey will result in cutting out of some campaign speakers. Mack Smiles. NEW YORK, Oct. 2.—When chair man Mack was told that a Washing report says the Republicans are hav-| Ing trouble In financiering their carn-l palgn he only smiled. He said Shel-| don Is connected with no leas tho seventeen financial companies, and close to the money powers that ar so earnestly advocating the election of| Taft. THE TOGGERY Copyright, • 1908, by L. ADLER, BROS A CO V LOWELL A BLOOM j SANTA UOSA, Or). ! - -A fire at | Kenwood, fourteen mile.-; from here, ! early this morn I n^ destroyed I he ho-; i tei,'Frank Wilson's li\<iy stable and i.-ix' hor-tes. Mann & Wi^on's store, ii!i,. poslolllre and a niiii.i"'r of small , .'iiir'un.s The lot-:; :- -«7r.,OnO. * *•*- ' ' ! SUFFRAGISTS IN SESSION ; IN ANNUAL CONVENTION. ! SAX KIIAN'MSCO. Oct. 2.—-The i C;,nrorn;;i K(|ii:il S»ft'i;n;e Association , r,i ,-U!iii;.il roil', i i.ill.;, ::i- : today at the linoin-i or the calit'inii.i Club. A fea- iinre i] the tnoinuii; AUS the address lot' Mi>. Mary Spin:, the president, .•.howliig itio progre--- of the movement. MRS. DUNSMUiR DEAD. VICTORIA, Oct. 2.—Mrs. John IHinsmuir, widow of the late Robert Dunsmulr and mother of James Dunsmulr, lieutenant governor of British Columbia, died today. Hate You Used A. D. S. Peroxide Cream ? i--'iff.-us rind beautifies the Ti.iu It is a flesh food and a ' <H]'.|il'-xion beaiitlfier. It gives 'lie skin that delightful peachy effect — the envy of all women :i".'l tho admiration of all men. Add It at once to your toilet r MinUlte.s. (iive It a fair trlnl :md you will lie delighted with !' The prli. j ;ier box is only 25c. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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