The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKEHSFIELD CALIFORNIA^ THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1908. TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 83 Eucalyptus and Honey Cough Syrup The Store Eastman Kodaks. Leading Orggglsts. TICKS ARE KILLING THE DUCKS The tick whii tiers ot Tnlare I.a latest accounts is ainls. II. n. P. Fox, i is 'laily kllllni; thousat ,.', 1ms apparently reach" Killing off the ducks a: the automobile man, return' while on his way in, m •i' '1 I. K* on the hr.T; •rn County and from .1 Lake by the thous- .1 from the West •• two men who had Side last, evening and gone to the lake to enjoy their first shoot today, t'pon arriving there they found the dead ducks in so great number that they immediately retraced their tracks and decided not to shoot. Willie it is not known definitely, the peculiar malady is supposed to be the tide, which Is the most plausible explanation yet advanced for the conditions at. the Tulare Lake, an 1 it is believed that the same holds true in this county. REQUIRES GOOD FLOUR No matter how expert a- maker of bread you arc, you can't have the boHt bread unless you UHO the best. Hour. Korn River Mills flour has no flaws—It's the bowl, BO be satisfied with no other. To lie had '.:'. : mr grace, rs. KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR \\Tth the beginning of the new month a change of great moment oc- 'curs in sporting circles. The elusive deer is now prohibited from the aim j of hunters while the duck has reach! CM| that season where it may now he i shot without fear and molestation jirom the guardians of the law. The day was a very quiet one in 'local sporting circles, although be; tort, the week is out many local nim- i rods and some from the southern | part of the state who annually hunt | here, will have been out or either per- i toeU'd plans for a shoot. | From some accounts the season this ! year should be good. Encouraging re ports are had from the swamps and Goose I .dike region. In the artesian belt near Semitropic many new ducks were hatched this year and the best of hunting Is anticipated in the sloughs In that section of the county. Charley Cults and BUI Connors, I wo Los Angeles hunters who annually spend the season In Kern County, arrived from the south and loft this morning for their favorite hunting ground near the lake. Hhllo Jewett and .John Oswald will ibe among the first of the local hunts| men to go out. They leave tonight for Tracy's place near Goose Lake. Return From Hunt. City Trustee A. Stoner au.l M.iron ! Ingram returned to lay from H ten '];. s hunt in the Kama Barbara Mourn >;ns and they report excellent sport. They bailed their quota of deer and bad much good trout fishing. The local sportsmen spent the 1 night on the preserve south oi town, and found thai many ducks were, dead in Ihe nearby reservoirs. K. (!. Miin/.'-r. who is a member of the .-iicarfe Club toda> spoke as follows on the hunting i|iiesti<>u: "I have, been informed today that ihe ducks arc- dying in the reservoirs .-otitli of town. The explanation has been proffered that ihe tick Is the cans but I do not ' i!;e :;"|/-.'. ; ,:ock ill •'••it then:' . ICvei'- ;,i i. I have over killed has hail n sin ,!! !io ,\ Imise and il niiiv '.••• that this has been mistaken : for ihe tick. In view of the condition I wtr.ilj no! advise •n -.'O i|i|"'; shooting. T!l" | Broke Down at Pixley. The '•a 1 ' •••: .i,;'r. Bnr.YM -,;• |, ()s I which broke down at I'ixles ! was brought to io-.v:i today tor i which is effecting the clucks miaht ! dangerous to persons eating Hr'.s from the affected reservoirs and nirii more |H known of the epidemic I do not. consider it advisable for my one to hunt in that region. There MV many new local clucks and if !t had not been for this epidemic the si'-T . pointed to a good season." CaptHluller Is For Bryan Captain C. A. Fuller, a property holder of this county, and well known in Bakersfield and Kern, a veteran of the Civil War and a life-long Republican, openly proclaims himself to be a supporter of William J. Bryan. Last night he occupied a seat on the platform at Scrlbner's, and he loses no opportunity of raising his voice for thu N'ebraskan. Speaking to a representa- tlve of the Callfornian today, Captain Fuller said: "I have been a Republican for forty, live years. 1 was a Republican when It meant something to stand up and be counted, when the Republican party was a party of the people. Perhaps that Is why I am for William Jennings Bryan n-jw. "And." continued the veteran, "I am not one of tho.-e who is not afraid to be coniiie I. I am for Bryan, and there are thousands of Republicans of the samo mind. This country will never stand for two dictators. There is one tu the White House and another In the speaker's chair, and the American people ar e resentful of such a situation. "Count me for Bryan, to do what little lies In niy power In his behalf." MEN'S UNDERWEAR, Direct t'r rjarnietit-. tin 1 inaMiifa'-tiirers to us. these splendid lines—un',at beiir the KedlieU stump of honest, first quality Jit from the mills to us. Between there Mini here i> claim ;mi extrn profit. We lay them down fresh . i todny under the conditions if n single maniifMit is \ way, tin-re's another to roplace it or your money "The Redlick Way 99 d from .~>i>e to NIGHT SHIRTS —SPECIAL JEAGER FLEECED UNDERWEAR Tin you, to'.'i-t oualitv m> • in,:- Flannel Nijrht Shirts pass on to her with the extra value Redlick the special price, aeli . . These 75c made full and are our Celebrated ".leader" Fleeced Underwear special. Heavy soft fleece: sanitary combed yarns; perfect fitting; special at, pa rm ent Ask to see "Jeager" before you buy. A splendid garment of superior finality. 50c THE SAME A TTENTION IF YOU DO NOT BUY HASKELL TO ROOSEVELT (Ccntinuea e rorn fagt 1.) WE LEAD THE PROCESSION •ff'ncn it comes {o supplying the vory finest harness at !lie lowest possible price, (low far ahead wtf are only a personal visit will reveal to you. Come and see our ;-tock and make comparisons. Jr.dged eiltler troin a quality or p:-ii?e standpoint you'll be compiled to admit that this store lentil in real value giv- 4. B. HERRINQTOF 1B17 19th St. Il is at the Ilakersfleld t;arase. Will Be Feature—One of the features of the big social session of the KlUs next Tuesday night will be the report of the "tombstone committee." Eagle's Dance Tonight.—Tonight tliei Kagles will hold a regular Thursday I night dance. Professor Kuelin's or-! choslra will supply the- music'. A most enjoyable time is anticipated. At the lodge meeting last evening routine business was transacted, following which a social session was enjoved. ' STRIKE OFF: 2000 MEM . WILL RETURN TO WORK. i WINNIPW;. £i-|,r. -ii.—The strike on the Canadian I'ac'itio of the muchin- lists, which start..-I Aii;i;jT 4;a, h.. . '• been declan-d off in the west tojay. Two thousand men affected. The terms of i.he settlement have not yet been announced. ("'HICAfJO. Sept. :',<i.- .le.,ei,h Daniel, chairman of the Democratic press committee, today seni a letter to Attorney (ieni'ral (ionaparte asking how many of the 2S7 so-called trusts of the country has been procee ie I against in the courts by the federal government, and how many more cases lie expects to tile. THE UNION HORSESHOEING SHOP Has Moved to the Union Stables Corner 21st and K Sta. CENTRAL CITY. Colo., Sept. l!0.— Christopher Crezlss, county treasurer of Gllpin county, shot and mortally wounded Jennie Hicks, the 8 year old daughter of Mrs. Addle Hicks, todny and then committee suicide. The shooting followed the refusal of some demand made of Mrs. Hicks. The Southern Bakersfleld's Leading HoU) Cuisine, Service Unwxeelled REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. ru-n Stroud to V. C. and Perlie Jewett, $1; southwest quarter section 28, «2-:4, nnrth half section S, 11-23. Charles Church to R. A. Moore, $!L'50; one-half interest cotract purchase Kern County I<and Company, lots 17 and IS, section IS, 29-27. Administrator estate Adrienne J. Church to same, $1250; one-half Interest samo property. Sheriff Kern County to Security Savings Bank, $i>37(i7; northwest quarter section 22. !)-H, judgment vs. Parson Lummtns et al. mark you now, Mr. Roosevelt, you nrAt not garble the records or suppress any of them. The public shall know the truth. H may have been sufficient, four years ago tor you to ^_ ^ wipe out the truthful statement made i f (lent ? by Judge Parker by simply calling him :i liar, but that was four years ago and your controversy now is with : a man who will not accept a bluff In exchange for a receipt In full settlement. In any character of statement you make that I have at any lime dur- , ing my entire life had any connection whatever or of any character with the Standard Oil Company or any of Its subsidiary companies, I am ready ! to refute such statement. 1 Interference In Oklahoma. ; "It is still fresh in the minds of !the people of our state, labor unions, ' faremrs' unions and other advocates | of honest and humane government, '• that the sixteen objections that you i raised to our constttution struck at , the very vitals of honest government. Your threat to torn down our constitution because It contained a provision for jury trial in contempt cases, is only one of the many things that you criticised and I thank God to this day that I had the courage to challenge you at that time to turn down our constitution on that ground if you dared to do so. You said that your opinion of our constitution would not look well In print. Mr. Harrlman and J. P. Morgan said the same thing, but Samuel Gompers said the constitution of Oklahoma was the best ever written. I expected you to agree with Mr. Morgan and Mr. Harrlman, and of course was not surprised. "Morally, you challenge me, Mr. Roosevelt. I should not undertake to make a comparison between you and me. I do not get drunk on any occasion and never did in my life, but still have your letter of last winter, I which I shall be glad to publish with j your permission, advocating your | idea of Interstate commerce on whls- j key Into prohibition territory. It i was your answer to my appeal tor assistance and would freeze the heart ity. You say you did not four years j ago. know where the corporation fund I -.vfiK Doming from to secure your election until *'"> testimony of two years] j^o <ii.-ie!.'!!.•• I the bargains and sales j rotv.-een .Vr. Cortelyou an i the cor- nip! inteic^.s of Wall street. You have known t'v.i.t fact for two years nnl Mr. Cortelyou is still a member of your cabinet. "Now, Mr. Roosevelt, while you are reflecting on these questions, will you justify yourself in giung faith or I credit to any statement that has come i to you from your political associate, j Mr. Hearst, whom two years ago, you i branded as the man chletly responsible for the assassination of our late Prea- DEMOCRAT SPRINGS. Democrat Springs stage wni Arlington Hotel every Wednesdar morning. The baths are unexcelled for rheumatism and kidney trouble by any and all skin diseases. Th« onty hot mud baths in Kern County Hotel largest and best accomodatloui of any resort In Kern County. Plus camping grounds and planty of shade. tg "Remember, Mr. President, If at your next cabinet meeting you decide to try me. under any of your present, past or .future charges, before your cabinet, sitting as a jury to try an honest man, I challenge Mr. Cortelyou for cause." G. M. CLUTTER Proprietor THE EAGLE BAR Grant Kier, Mgr. 2134 Sutter street, opp. Alcazar Theater and Commandery Hall. Near Steiner San Francisco County Fair If you have entries to make, attend to it at once and where stock and articles are entered, see to it that they are on time and at place for examination by committee. A. W. MAO RAE. THE HUB THE BEST CLOTHES STORE 19O9 KisselKar is here O. and and H. M. May and R. Riser to K. M. R. Ora- Oraham, I i Kern County Uuid Company to 1 _ , _ ~ a _ nji. • ••n3ciicnttiivut*uv*nv*ii*u***- > '«'C L «w**'-t*»*. I Mary E. Ommens, |5 etc.; south half : of any honest publlc offlcial seeking 11 lot 1, block f>8.. llakerstkdd. _ _ 1 1() a ,, mlnister , he i aws of his state I as the people by their votes had. 1 1 nut do The taw. | Standard Oil Again. 1 "Mr. Roosevelt, let us not leave this i Stnnthird Oil Company question with- I out inviting from you Info: nnlion i that we really nee.l. You m.i !•• a nil- ius that four thousand eight hundred 1 acres of land was the limit th..' quarter section 7, IV 1 I i Peter Do- feet lot 4, and ler C. , 'The Kissel Forty'' Will he (.'(int.ii:i,-.l lor l!)l>!) at t: ,• sun,. |,r;.--. The improve.ui'iils mi this popular inu<M r<>:. Hist oC hi'avie.!', lirnkrs, :ili-in. \V!M-I-|S, Ih-avie- front axle, ll.l-in base. It will ii!>" !»• .:pn-. hotter finish l d, and possessed of .-..^ier '"idin- qualities. .TQUltlNO CAR, $3150. AL. THACKERY, ROADSTER, $2150. Agent Kern County. omoustration. person or corporation mr redly, could obtain mule: purposes In l'ie Indian renewed the lease on Ov 1 .'" Usage land p. th" In.Hun Illuminating oil I'oriiriaiiy. Know lha! till- agent n 1 (!ii ny ov. n< .1 ;• ma ;< I > .ill '• o 11 L: J \ • • i l'-,:go nation ' I 1 v o:' i iii'' S' > in i!• oil and •- of '.ory you fai 1 TtlLHfT A TAYLOR FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas Cauliflower Green Onion Lima Beans Celery String Beans Head Lettuce All kinds of fruits of season Belflower Apples, $1,90 per box 1423 19th Phone Main 401 \ on do ihi>? "illeli-e my d!., ' the Milt ,n;;i;!. i.- t'omp my. w .. successfully : Tell in.'. pK'.i s fur directing it a.nulius; tin? I Santa Fe railroad, '1 by Judson, Haimon and .)udson, special counsel, when the facts disclosed that a member of your cabinet (Paul Morton) was being uncovered as the prime offender? Answer this, will you? "Mr. Roosevelt, you cry out for pur- Colegian Clothes Clothes of the Hour S^eF &2F Tip to the minute—yes a lit- tle beyond. "Collegian" Clothing is iu a class by it- with an air of elegance exclusive individuality. iVu'ian Iniloring is within sen. *&P NEW HATS STIFF AND SOFT NEW SHIRTS NEW UNDERWEAR BEST SHOES—"SELZ" MODERATE PRICES S.WISEKOPF

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