The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on November 19, 1971 · Page 74
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 74

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Friday, November 19, 1971
Page 74
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WEATHER FORECAST f Ufa* Saturday IHE BRIDGEPORT POST FINAL EDITION Late Local art Win Newi VOL, LXXXVI1I, NO. 272 Published Dolly ot XW Stole St., Bridgeport, Co/in. 06602 BRIDGEPORT, CONN., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1971, S«c»nd Clou Potlo^ »ott. Com. UVENTY PAGES roue UCTMMS TEM CENT! UI Hikes in Rates' For Fuel Will Boost Bills $2.50 to $12 The United Illuminating company, serving 25-1,000 customers in the Bridgeport and New Haven :ircas, lias been granted rate increases a m o u n t i n g lo $6,660,000 by the state Public Utilities coin mission, in a d d i t i o n to a 17 per cent increase for fuel a d j u s t m e n t s . BiU Hikes Estimated When the new PUC-approved . rate increases and the fuel adjustments are combined on customer bills they will be approximately as follows: $2,54 on a S10 residential bill; $5.08 on a $20 commercial bill, and $12.35 on a $50 industrial bill. Disallowances by the PUC, which reduced the rate Increase by about 30 per cent, were such items as allowances claimed for over $3 million in unused properly, and some maintenance and overhaul costs on Ihe Bridgeport Harbor station. Although the PUC said its approval was subject to further approval by the new Economic Stabilization Act (ESA) in Phase II of President Nixon's wage- pricc freeze, (he company said (Continued on Page Kight) Bethel Police Probing Football Team Drinking BETHEL -- Police arc investigating reports t h a t members of the Bethel high school football team were served alcoholic beverages throughout the season at the home of a parent of one of the members. Players Suspended Emanncl Mcrullo, high school rincipal, asked for the invcsli- jation after the team's final sca- on game with the American School for the Deaf, scheduled or last Saturday, was cancelled ariier in the week. Reason lor le cancellation was listed ic suspension of several team icmbcrs for "detrimental con- uct." 'Ilie "detrimental conduct" ro- ortedly involved a series of 2 PANTHERS GET SENTENCE Williams, Hithe Get Suspended Terms in Rackley Case NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -The last two Black Panthers charged in a murder case received suspended sentences in Superior Court today. Landon Williams, 27, and Rory Hithe, 20, both of Oakland, Calif., pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to murder Oct. 26. State's Ally. Arnold Markle had said in court both had indicated they would return lo California. Walk Free The two men walked free from the courthouse on Ihe Green shortly after their suspended sentences were imposed. They were making plans to fly to Oakland tonight. They both had originally bee charged with two crimes that could have brought the death penalty--kidnaping resulting death and aiding and abetting murder in connection w i t h the death in May, 1369, of Alex Rackley, a New York Black Panther. Markle originally chargcc that they took part, as national (Continued on Page Eight) Weather Data Doto from U.S. WMfTwr Bvrtov U.3. Dvt. or CunwmiM BRIDGEPORT AND VICINITY --Cloudy, mild, few showers this afternoon and tonight; highs 55 to M; low near M. Tomorrow partly cloudy and cooler, high near 51. Probabilities of prccipl talion: M per cent today, M per cent tonight and 2* per cent lo morrow. LONG ISLAND SOUND--Smal craft warnings in effect for southerly winds, 15 to 23 mph and Rusting higher. Winds shift ing to northwest tonight, Salnr day northwest, It to 2* mph. Vis ability generally over five miles lower in showers. EXTENDED OUTI.OOK-Fai weather Monday and Tuesday Daytime highs in 4«s; lows in 31s TEMPERATURE (Municipal Airport Readings) Low Today ................. 3 Highest Yesterday .......... . Lowest Yesterday ........... Highest (Nov. 18. 1970) ..... Lowest (Nov. 18, 1970) ..... Harbor Water Temperature Degree Days Yesterday ..... Degree Days Since July 1 .. PRECIPITATION Today (12 hours to 8 a.m.) For Month ............... 1971 lo date ............... 4 . Barometer (11 a.m. reading) 29.0 Humidity (II a.m. reading) SUN, MOON AND STARS Friday, Nov. 19 Today is the three hundred an twenty-third day of the year nn the fifty-eighth day of fall. Th Sun sets today at 4:32 p.m. ai rises tomorrow at 6:46 a.m. Th Moon sets today at 5:21 p.m., an the Moon rides low. Venus and Mercury are see above the Moon this cvcnin^ Mercury is about 103 millio miles from tltc earth tonight an Venus is about 41 million mil beyond Mercury. THE TIDF. Today 11:42 a.m. 5:30 a.m. 6:06 p.m. High . Low . arlies .sponsored by the parents ' one of '.he learn members al hich adults were present when rinks were served to learn mein- crs. Prc-Came Breakfast Mr. Mcrullo said that rumors int members "f the team had cen drinking immediately before e Nov. li game wilh Masuk high chool were not true. He said a e-gamc breakfast given by Ilic arenls of ono of the players did ot involve any drinking and was ot a factor in the siispensiTM of cam members. I'hc principal said thai or londny morning foll'iunng Hie rtasuk game, which Bethel lost me members were asked if they ad broken Irainin;; rules by rinking, smoking or brcak'n^ urfew. Thoso that admitted rnlt iolations were suspended, tiic rincipal said. Because of the suspension of ,11 ndiscloscd number of learn mem »rs, the f i n a l game nf llic SKI on was cancelled. Uc!!iel ha cen contending for Ilic Western Connecticut Conference titlo, will record of live wins and twi osses, before Ihe suspensions. CITY YULE LIGHTS TO GLOW NOV. 26 D e c o r a t i o n s to Brighten Downtown, East Main Shopping Areas Traditional holiday lights wil uguin brighten Ihe city's mail flopping streets this year. The merchants downtown am on Ifasl Main street are spun oring Ihe stringing of light and decorations In add [i Ih 'cstivc displays in ihcir sho windows. The Chamber ot Com me re R e t a i l division and the dowr own store owners have relaii cd lighting contractor Frnn Venilli to place the tiadiliona ight designs on Main mid Dron streets in McLcvy hall area Robert C. l.edmix, manager c special services lor the Chan :cr said Unlay. The lighls will be turned o al a spccinl ceremony on Nm 20 al r» p.m. al Mcl.cvy hall. Mr. l.cdoux said Ilic Chnmbc will sponsor a "Toys for Tnls (Continued on Page Light) Our Ringmaster Flies High NIXON SAYS HE'LL PUSH EFFORTS WITH OR WITHOUT LABOR'S HELP 15 Mobile Homes, Bought in June By Urban Agency AFL-CIO As 'Emergency' Move, Still Unused and Are in Storage RY By A D R I A N PERACCHIO Fifu-uti mobile homes, purchased last J u n e by the Bridgeport Redevelopment agency for $35,000 in Federal money as an "emergency" measure lo provide t e m p o r a r y low-income housing, have never heeu used locally anil arc in a .storage lot oil" A s y l u m street, it was learned today. At least four of Ihe homes have been vniil-iHv-pd 'It's Incredible,' Mayor Says "'· Host pholo-- Roman harlc ti. Anderson, nngnnisler ol the 1372 Barnum Fesli- vnl, joined Joseph Guzman and his "skycyclc" in a prc-shmv performance lasl night cf the Kingling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey circus in the New Haven Arena. Ringmaster Anderson, who will preside over next year's Bridgeport salute to showman I 1 . T. Barnum, lourcrl the circus-, greeting performers and Inspecling the animals. (Slory and related pholus on Page 63) Meskill Urges Congress Act on Father Deserters K K l i N C I L L I C K , liul.-- ( U l ' l ) C o n n e c t i c u t Gov. r i i u i n a s J. Meskill has called for a congressional dcclara- .ion lo crack down on f a t h e r s who ilc.strl t h e i r children, r orcing t a x p a y e r s lo assume support. Agrees With Reagan Shaking al Ihe Republican Governors Conference in Mils southern Indiana resort commu- lity, Meskill agreed wilh Cali- "oinia Gov. Ronald Keagan that welfare controls should remain vith Ilic .stales. Reagan, in among one of several allacks- againsl complete control 'cderal duca[iun of welfare aid by the Department ot Health, Welfare, said ransfcr of remaining stale con- sols would be "a cop oat on he taxpayer." Family Obligation Conncclicnt's first GOP chief executive in 10 years said pas- itige of a congressional rcsolu- ion would provide legally I h a l 'every i n d i v i d u a l ' has a natural, moral and social obligation to support the members of his immediate family." Gives Perccnlagc Meskill said he had been informed by slate Welfare Com- missioncr Henry C. While, also attending the conference, Ihat mure llian 88 per cent of Connecticut's aid lo families will) dependent children cases involved families with parent. "It's iiiifoitiiniitc thai family vajucs have deteriorated lo the point that .such legislation is required, lint we must face rcali- ly," Meskill said. "Children arc being descried (Continued on Page Ifighl) missing yur Say: "It's incredible," Mayor Panu- zio said loday when be was asked o comment. Conlinulng, he said: 'I think it is disgraceful that hese homes haven't been used when we have massive housing iroblcms in Bridgeporl. "The ironic part of this is Ihat he Redevelopment agency bought hcse homes months ago to save their hides." Last June, the purchase of the :railer homes was c' ed im "expediency" measure by Redevelopment agency commissioners. ITiey said at Ihat time Ihat the move was a "last-ditch effort" to avert the threatened loss of the city's enlire urban renewal grant. The Federal housing department bad warned urban renewal officials here Ihat Bridgeport could lose its enlire $2.6 million grant for 1D7I-72 fiscal year unless it showed evidence that it had_adequate facilities to house families displaced by urban renewal demolition. The trailer homes were bought as evidence of relocation facilities. Another Warning Last week, the U.S. Depart- incut of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) warned that the city would be cut on" from Federal development funds if il did not show more progress providing housing for low and middle-income families. Redevelopment officials said today the mobile homes have not been used because relocation needs have changed since Ihen. "We only have five families at Ihe present lime that could ·x housed in those trailers," Urban Renewal Director William C. Warner said. Mr. Warner also said he could not put the mobile homes to use because lie has not received official approval yet for archileclur- al plans required lo show their foundations and Ihe placement of underground utilities lines. "We hail (he finished architcc- lural plans ready Nov. 5," Mr. Warner said. "Now Ihe U.K. Dep a r t m e n t of Housing and Urban ncvelopmcnl must give us their approval," he added. But Mayor Pammo asserted that he wanted as many of Ihe mobile homes to be used as soon as possible. "t am working wilh Mr. Warner to sec Ihat at least seven of them become occupied as soon as we can," Ihe mayor said. "Mr It's Official AP V/rrepho!o SEN. HENRY M. JACKSON URGED PRESIDENT October Cost of Living Up Despite Price Freeze WASHINGTON -(AP) The government reported today that the cost of living rose two-tenths of one per cent last month despite the price freeze, as a result of higher prices for 1972 automobiles, winter and fall clothing and shelter. Before Price Freeze «-- _ The increase was about half TO TAKE PART Q u o t e s From Meany's: Sharply Critical Speech With Rejoinder REACTION COOL JACKSON PUTS HAT INTO RING Senator Announces Democratic Presidential Candidacy WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. enry M. Jackson, a self-de- cribed underdog, announced iday his candidacy for the cmocratic presidential nomi- alion. The 59-year-old Washington enalor said President Nixon ot trusted and suggested the ther Democratic candidates re too extreme for American oters. Fivc-aud-a-half million work- rs are out of jobs, onc-fourlh f the U.S. industrial capacity s shut down and trade and iudget deficits are going up ev- ry month, Jackson said in peg- ;ing the economy as the top is- uc of the 1972 election year. On the 'Road Back' By KOUERT L. SAWYER Thli orliclo li one In ti scrlcj bnicd on Ihe coin hliroriti, problem!, ptgm ind viewi ol drill tlcpcndcnl persons who cia now on Ihfl "rood both" t« noinml llvlny alrcr harder» ndilkllon. herself h y i n g lo "liml'' m a r i t a l happiness. Tent Picture ·· dicali-s what she said wns hci decision In join her husband in L i n d a , I In- m o t h e r nf f . m r c h i l d r e n , t u r n e d In d r u g s at I h e i'lima\- of a s r i K i r a l i n n - M i t i U l c i l m a i r i ; i " c and cvcii- t n a l l v "Insl ' A Dlffei The 2S-year-nld Linda, now resident of Ilic long-term Kdnn House drug t r e a t m e n t program at (-'airfield Hills liaspital, represents a somewhat d i f f e r e n t picture r (hug addiction than mnsl drug-dependent pcrams, in llm she bore four children helnrc turning to drugs. ler case history, however, in 'Promiscuous' Prescribing Cited-Stale Aide Warns Doctors On D r u g s Set for Patients Acting on the complainl of a 1 Stamford man, Dr. l ; i a n k l i n M. Toole, commissioner nf the Slate Department of Health, bos warned physicians against the "promiscuous" prescribing uf controlled drugs, and has reminded them tFial controlled drugs may lie administered drug-dependent persons only nt liuit Stale Medical society's Tomorro . 12:12 a.m.[certified trealmenl l;u:ililk\s. 12:18 p.m. In issuing the w a r n i n g . Dr. .6:12 a.m. Footc cites the case of a Slant. 6:48 p.m. ford man, whose identity was withheld, who claimed thai bis wife's life was "being endangered by Ihe fad that she has been able to obtain b a r b i t u rates merely by telephoning a physician." i'hc issue of l i m i t i n g Ihe pie- scribing and dispensing of ron- Irolled drugs was n major concern of dclegaleri at Ihe Cornice- homing drugs, was an apparent " I l l h hour" i-lfcnl to snvc a siN- ycar marriage which produced )nr children but very lillle .security or happiness-. Horn in Stamford, one of live children, Linda gradualcd from hij;h schiml wilh nn particular d i f f i c u l t i e s and was m a v i i c d ess HHIII one year after graduation. Sin: recalls having a strong desire lo marry ami raise a family and Ibat her eagerness to m a n y ami have a home of her own nu^ht well have been related In Ihe fact Ibat she wasn't particularly happy al home. II was a pure case of "jump- j; from Hie frying pan into the fire." ho\vcviT, hci-ausc nnli 1 she had a home of her own, Warner first informed me ot Ihe situation Wednesday, and he sug ;cslcd a loealion for Ihe homes nit, frankly, I did not like the ucation be suggested." The Rcdcvelopmenl agency or ginally proposed lo place cigh if Ilic homes lit the corner o ^asl Main and Waller streets n an empty lot. Arc 'Used Facilities' 'flic units, which were bough iscd from the Stamford urban renewal agency for £.2,!iOO each measure approximately 10 feel h;, nO feel. They arc partly furnish oil and carpeted and thci kitchens arc fully equipped. They could house a sinn family comlorlahty, it wns H ixtrtcil. In one of the vandalized homes electrical wiring had been lor out of fixtures and walls, cabinel "KM.! been ripped from walls an windows had been shattered. The trailer homes are rcsliu on concrete blocks in an ope field owned by the General Hlcc trie company on Asylum slrcc in Ihe city's I'.ast Side. Allhnug tlio field is cncltised by a wii iciimcler fence ami guarded h he company's own interim two-day convention this wcok in the H i i d g e p o i l Holiday i n n . In (Continued Pago Twelve) (Continued nn Page 'two) the average month-to-month increase that prevailed before the price freeze began Aug. 15. It compares with a three-tenths of one per cent increase in August and a two-tenths of one per cent increase in September. The October increase puts the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index 3.8 per cent above a year ago, the smallest 12-month change in more than three and a half years. While prices crept upward despite the freeze, the Labor Department also said that average weekly earnings for private nonfarm jobs declined two pennies to $129.11. The increase in prices for October was slightly more than usual for this time of year. After taking seasonal factors into account the Bureau of Labor Statistics figured the price rise at an adjusted one-tenth of one per cent increase. It said this was the smallest seasonally adjusted rise since April J967. T h e unadjusted figures showed that food prices declined in October by two-tenths of one per cent while cost of housing rose three-tenths ot one per cent, apparel went up eight-tenths of one per cent and transportation rose seven-tenths of one per cent. The price of new cars went up 3.7 per cent in October because of smaller discounts offered by dealers on 1972 mode] cars, the BLS said. Businessmen were allowed lo charge higher prices during the freeze if it was their normal practice to do s» at that time of year. However, the BLS said it had no way of determining whether the price increases it detected were legal or not. L e a d e r s Vote to Keep Members on Board But Qualify Support By NEIL GILBRIDE AP Labor Leader MIAMI BEACH--President Nixon told a labor convention today he will con- .inuc his efforts to halt in- fation whether or hot lie jets their cooperation. Nixon told some 2,000 AFL-CIO delegates and others that he wanted continued labor participation in liis wage-price control pro~;ram. Will Carry On "Whether we get that participation or not, it is my obligation as President of the United States to make this program to stop inflation succeed," Nixon said. Leaders of the labor federation representing nearly 14 million workers in 117 unions CRL Tells Executives: 'Subsidies or No Buses' In a letter to the chief executives of the 21 communities in which it provides full or partial transportation service, the Connecticut R a i l w a y aiid Lighting company (CRL), ot Bridgeport, warned today that'll will terminate passenger operations "unless we receive subsidies and receive them soon, in adequate amounts." : Jackson's announcement iccn long expected. He had has )een traveling three and tour lays a week for the past nine months, visiting 32 slates and (Continued on Page Eight) 22 M O R E JOBS OPEN UNDER EEA City Sets Interviews in U. S. Program; 191 Positions Already Filled 'Have No Choice "We have no desire to cease bus operations . have no choice" but we will without govern- With 191 city jobs already tilled as of Nov. 1 under Hie Federal Emergency Employment Act (EEA), Thomas .'. McLoughlin, program direclor, today announced interviews will lake place next week for '.'.2 more |xnitions, including one which pays $10.223. The ixisilinn.s do nol require comprjlilivc examinations bat applicants must meet U.S. Labor department crilcrin. Qualification is first determined by an interview with EEA personnel at Cily Mall with department heads nwk- ng linal selections of applicants. Of Ihe 1!)1 jobs filled under Hie program, as of Nov. 1. Mr. McLnnghlin reported 12-1 were males and G7 female; ill while, SI black, and '1G Spanish-American; G7 were veterans; S9 were (Continued on Page Kighl) Range 33 to 49 Ccnls a Pound-Turkey Prices Down Slightly From Thanksgiving in 1970 Today's Cliucklc .Sign nn Ihe dtinr nf a cnl- Icpo basketball eoiu'h'.s nlliec: "I'm busy, hut il you can sec over the liansom, ciuiic in," The traditional Thanksgiving Day Imkey.s t h a i bad lo "run for their lives" in the days o! the Pilgrims but more recently have been " f a t l e n e d up and frozen still" by fond processors actually will !»· slightly lower in price this year as lo'nd markets bailie In sell "all the fixings" too. Allhough pi-r-poiuid prices in illii- 2ils h.ivr .slippi-d into ohsrur- j i i y in (lie five years, n sur- (Cnnlinucd o,\ Page Eight) '(copyright mil ocncioi rcciiurti'corp.iivcy of wholesalers anil retailers loday indicated llial all grades of Ihe holiday birds were about two cents lower than last year. Gone completely, however, is the old Colonial custom of hunting, catching and plucking the gobblers. Poullvy science has reduced the once-wild, fleet- footed turkeys into very domesticated, completely - cooperative, leisure-living dinner items, perfectly willing lo hang around (Continued on Page Twelve) mental financial assistance," Paul A. Rust, president, said. lie continued, "We suggest Ihat a meeting be held promptly a I which representatives of the state Department of Transportation and representatives of each of the municipalities in which we operate could be present to discuss our situation and explore means of meeting our financial problems, if we are to continue to serve the public." He said he also was ready to meet with the mayors and first selectmen individually. The head of the company, which carries 26,000 passengers daily, said it "is losing close to 5500,000 a year and cannot con- linne without subsidies which must be provided speedily.'Cites. Another Company The 35-year-old transportation company, CRL, "is in a far worse position than the Conncct- icul company which has recenllj been promised a temporary sub sidy," he wrote. The "temporary subsidy," lo which Mr. Uusl referred appears lo be clouded by Gov. 'ITiomas J Mcskill's insislcncc that local governments also contribute financia" aid if the stale does. The company head said thai it can't meet its current expenses without onlsidc aid and said t h a t fare increases in the past "have been found lo be self-defeating" wilh the number of riders clcclin- ng in inverse ralio to the ralo crease. He said Ilic firm cannol con inuc wilFioul the help of the communities and stale "for more .ban a short period of lime umlc: .lie prcscnl conditions." Mr. Rust also said, quoling a resolution of the company's joard of directors, thai "In the interim, and as a slop-gap mcas urc only, il wilt make application of the slate Public Utilities com mission (PUC) and lo all other governmental agencies having jurisdiction over prices, for ; fare increase on all routes," Last week, Mr. Rust indiealed the company would seek a 15-cci JACKPOT MISSED BY PUZZLE FAN Newtown Resident Has Single Error in Quest of $725 Prize (Continued on Pape flight) It's Crayon Time !( is all in m i r point ot view, the Amanda Panda cnmic strip says nn Pags ,13 luday. The Solution _, a . ttffQB tS _ B H Solution to Nov. 14 Puzzle Thursday said they would keep their members on Nixon's labor-industry public Pay Board but refused lo cooperate except when their votes were needed to win their own goals. Nixon quoted from AFL-CIO President George Meany's sharply critical speech Thursday, in which Meany said, "If Ihe Presidenl doesn't want our membership on v the Pay Board on our lerms, he knows what Nixon said, "I know ex- aclly what I'm going lo do and I'm going to do it." Nixon then said he would continue his anti-inflation program. "To the extent my powers permit, I intend to do exactly that." Audience Reaction Cool Reaction- from the labor au- ' dence was largely cool and Meany said when Nixon lefl the platform, "We will now proceed . with Act 2." Some in the audience laughed when Nixon said of his 90-day wage-price freeze that it was "a remarkable success." There were also some litters from the audience when he said, "If you don't believe that, go home and ask your wives who go lo the grocery store." "I want a program that is fair to all the segments of society," but added that it was his duty to do what he thinks best for the majorily of Americans. "The majority w a n t lo stop the rise in the cost of livinE " ·-; said. Discards Prepared Text Nixon discarded his prepared text, which he described as "a laundry list" of bis adminis- One fan of The Sunday Post irize crossword puzzle can be blue today and he can blame it on the WEATflER. The $725 prize in Puzzle 912 in last Sunday's issue of The Sun:lay Post eluded all seekers, but it barely escaped Ihe reach of David B. Caldcrbank of Rt. 3, Tory lane, Newtown. Mr. Calderbank had a single error, the only contestant lo come thai close to the jackpot. He (Continued on Page Twelve) (Continued on Page Eight) Today's Index Bridge, kircn 27 Classified 57-58-5S-60-S1 Comics Crossword Puzzle . . . Editorials Financial News Health, Dr. Brady .. Hetoise Home and Fashions . Obituaries Society News' . . . . . . . . Sports Stage and Screen . . . TV, Radio Programs 54-55 34 52 ... 3S . 38-M 42-1J-H 53 On an Indonesian Island-Southport Man Is Rescued After Mishap on Mountain JAKARTA (AP) -- A young Conneclicul man, injured in a mountain climbing accident, while on a travel trip on the remote East Indonesian island of l.ombok, was rcporled in "reasonably good condition" today as rescuers began bringing him down the mountain. A U.S. Embassy spokesman said Winston Ellis, 2-1, son of Mr. and Mrs, Carllon Ellis, Jr., of SM Hull's Farm road, Soulh- port, Conn., was injured on 12,225-foot Ml. Rindjani when a tree fell on his lent during a slorm. A companion went down the mountain and cabled the embassy Tuesday for help. An embassy plane look a doctor' lo Lonibok, and the Indonesian army joined in Ihe rescue effort. The spokesman said Mr. Ellis would be flown from l.ombok, GOO miles east of J a k a r t a , and should arrive tomorrow. The climber's father is an executive of KLM corporation in Stratford.

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