The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA. TIU'HSDAY, OCTOBER 1. VMM. \o. 50 WALKS INTO JAIL. "I Suffering from partial Intoxication and from an alleged attack of conscience, a nii'ii giving his name as .T. D. Foils, walked into the sheriff's of- 1'ce at 2:i!0 this afternoon, and making a sensational confession of a murder commltteed 16 years ago, to Un (lei Sheriff Baker, asked to be locked up. The man stated that he was one of the two Feltz boys, who in 1SJ2 murdered Judge Hlgplns of Hlgglns- vllk', Missouri, In cold blood. Ever Hlnco he had been a fugitive from justice, he declares, but of lare his crime • has been lying on his mind beavlyl and IIP at last concluded to make a clean breast of the murder. Under Sheriff Baker took the man's starement and Immediately telegraphed to the sheriff at Lexington, the county seat of Lafayette county, in which Hlgglns- vlllo, a little hamlet, is situated. The man will be detained until definite Information ono way or the other is received. Walking into the jail, the follow, who has the appearance of a working man, exclaimed to Baker, "I want, to make a confession. I committed a murder." He then told the deputy sheriff that In 1892 he and his brother, I. D. Fritz killed Judge Higglns In Hlgglnsvllle, Missouri, In 1S92. Acording to his story he held the jurist to the ground while the brother stabbed him to death. He fled Immediately, while the brother was captured, tried and acquitted, in the meantime the confessor stated he traveled over the United States, then went to the Philippines and returned. All of the while, he says, bltt crime haunted him. Many times he wanted to confess, but not until today, apparently, was he In the right mood, that he will He says he Is satisfied be acquitted, like his brother, and Is anxious to be taken to the Missouri town and stand trial for the murder alleged to have been committed sixteen years ago. He says his mother, who is 84 years of age, is still alive and Is residing In Hlgginsvllle. If the man's story Is verified officers will probably be dispatched from Mis- "Me Too" Again FIRST LOCAL CONTRIBUTIONS FOR Says Taft THE BRYAN CAMPAIGN FUND LtNCOLN, Sept. 3rt.—Oetieral Taft In a speech here last night said: "Mr. Bryan challenges me to take the same position that President Roosevelt takes with reference to the time when publicity should be made of campaign contributions, and I accept the challnege. "I take exactly the same position that the President takes. I have always been in favor of a law which will require publicity of both contributions and expenditures immediately after election. Mr. Bryan seems to favor the publication of contributions before election, but postpones the r A. I,. Moss !|i2.r»0 "A Corn! Republican" 1.00 II. \V. Klipstfin 10.00 Iv M. Roberts 10.00 \V. M. Harris 1.00 l)einoi!ratic Central Com 20.00 A Lincoln Voter l.Oo •lolui T. Basyo 5.00 James A. Ross 1.00 publication of ter that time. expenditures I confess I until see af- no reason why It contributions are to be published before election, expendl- tures should not also be published. "I think that the character of the expenditures Is quite as important aa [ Total ijt51.')0 Above are the names of the earliest contributors to the local Bryan campaign fund. Many citizens have expressed an intention of making donations to the fund, and the amount will undoubtedly be materially swelled i I ,1 if .o M «. l , J -w ...... within the next few days.. On Tuesday of next week, such moneys as are to return him there. If not, he ! tne character and source of the con- In the hands of the Callfornian will be forwarded to ths national committee, ioanrc*i*cir1rtntHfti i ir\ni.»i7in[<i. ... __... ~ _«__'• - will be entered on the books as common drunk and discharged from custody. tributlons. I- don't know of any election law, either In this country or THIRTY CARS OF SEWER PIPE abroad, 'which requires the publica tlon of contributions or expenditures along with the list of contributors. All who desire to be on the first roll for Kern county should forward their contributions not later than Monday DELANO RESIDENT DIES HERE night. The committee writes that It is badly in need of funds.. The opposing before the election. This was the law i side has plenty and loyal Bryan men can help the cause by small contribu- which the Democratic managers 1n i tions. 1904 in Nebraska so flagrantly vlolat- i Prospects for Bryan's election were never so bright, but it costs money ed by falling to return the receipt of : to run-a campaign and the needs of the committee are pressing. Every lit— - - — • tie bit helps. Let us enroll your name for a dollar, or whatever you choose to give. The campaign of Bryan and Kern must be financed by the people. Mr. Bryan says, "Let ths People Rule." This Is a campaign for the people, and the people must pay the bills. The Californian, at the request of the finance committee, will receive •ubscrlptions, and forward them each week to the committee at Chicago. The Californian will acknowledge these receipts as will the national committee. $lo,000 from Thomas F. Ryan. The ! most drastic law In this country on ! Ithe subject Is that of New York,; 'which also makes the lime for publl-1 . j cation after the election. | "The proper object of a publicity Thirty -carloads of sewer pipe will law is to prevent the use of money leave Los Angeles today or tomorrow ' for bribery and other Improper pur- j consigned to Glass & Fisher, to be ' poses In elections and to enable the : used In the construction of the sew-! law officers of the government and j er system. This Is about half of the ' the public to determine whether the . pipe that Is yet to be delivered, and ' contributions made were properly ex- with its arrival work on the system pended for legitimate purposes. The i will again be pushed. I requirements that the names and ! A force ot men is now busy distrlb-j amounts of the persons contributing In making your remittance by mail please fill blank,, and enclose with check or money order letter: out the accompanying or currency In registered utlngitsome pipe already on hand, and no time is to be lost In rushing the work to completion. James Donovan, an old time resident of Delano, died last night at the county hospital from paralysis Donovan was brought down from the northern town Monday. He Is said to own considerable property In or near Delano. He has no relatives In this county so far as Is known but a close friend who lives In Delano will .. , arrive here tonight to arrange for the I Went Barstow of Texas, however, has I tlves of'those who pay legitimate ex- NEWLANDS MAY BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT. ALBUQUERQUE, Oct. 1—The move-i ment gained some headway tociay to' put forward Senator New lands of Ne-1 tion of contributions before the elec- vada for the president of the next Na- tio n Is that It makes certain that In tlonal Irrigation Congress. Vice Pres- tn e heat of the controversy the mo- also be shown Is for the purpose of enabling the public and prosecuting officers to judge whether action has been Improperly affected In favor of the contributors. This can all be accomplished by publication after election. The chief objection to the publlca- 4, .5. funeral, which will be held here. The deceased was a native of Ireland and unmarried. TAFT MUCH GRATIFIED __ AT NEBRASKA RECEPTION. BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. 1.—Muck gratified at the hearty reception h« encountered In Lincoln, Qeneral Taft began his second day in Nebraska by a speech at Crete. He will make a number of addresses in various clt- lea today. a very strong support. The resolutions ! penses of the campaign will be mis committee this morning begun the; contsrued, perverted and mlsrepre- preparation of Its report. Resolutions i sented. The candidates In whose behave been introduced protesting i half the contributions ar emade will rainst certain pmises of the govern-j be charged in a most unfair way as not ' being completely under the control of com- i those who make the contributions. I After the election is over and contri- I buttons are published, the temptation REMITTANCE BLANK .•entHi forestry policy, but It is ulleved they will set beyond ttu ittee. CUT OUT THIS COUPON AND SEND IT TOGETHER WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE CALIFORNIAN Enclosed please find ............................... ($ ......... ) This is my contribution to the Democratic National Campaign Fund for 1908. Name ................................. '..... Town ........ . .......................... Address ................... . . .......... Money should be send by check, draft, express or money order. .;. .;. .;. .5. .;. .j. .5. HASKELLTO ROOSEVELT I GUTHRIE, Okla., Oct. 1.—Gov. C. IN. Haskell, former treasurer of the I Democratic national committee, has written a. letter to President Roosevelt In which he says: "I lay aside my appeal for justice , to you for the reason that I am con; vitire,| that no matter how dignified, ! great and honorable the office of ProHldent may be, the present clearly demonstrates the fact that the occupant of the office may be without fairness, justice or Integrity. "You have clearly demonstrated this by hearsay, dodging and vacillating from ono charge to another, by admitting that various of your charges were without foundation and therefore abandoned, and yet without displaying the manhood to apologize for the former untruthful statement, you seek another Issue. It leads me to assert that I shall seek justice against you before the people and In i a court not subject to your domlna- | tlon. Frankly speaking I could have I arrived at no other conclusion than- that you In your reckless partisanship and disregard of the rights of others would pack a court or flx a jury. Regarding rndlan Lands. "You said In your flrst statement I had stilts brought against me to recover title to Creek Indian lands. I overwhelmed you on that statement;, adopting your usual policy, you ttee from that statement without Just apology and adopt the statement now that it was government townslte lots that you charged me with being sued for. Yes, I believe I am a defendant as to certain townslte lots one of nearly eleven thousand suits that you have hail brought against as many different honorable and high minded" citizens of this state during this pros- jMentla! campaign and you will not undertake to deny that petty politics —for the purpose of Republicanlzlng about 20.0'H) Indian voters, was your <o!e motive for having those suits brought: and I charge you with knowing that there has boeu no delay , ".i 'li- .-.-> cases, except that occasioned by the court's deliberations, taken by 1 himself as time he deemed necessary ,t.) consider whther or not there Is I any mrit in the petition filed °. v your attorney. "You nay that on the land question I From Rosamond forty-three ivuis- ti-'Uion certificates have been receive i irlnglng the total up to USi>9. One •>ok is still out, that at Button Wil- jw. to misrepresent the motives of the donors will largely be minimized and the public may then arrive at a Just conclusion with respect to the matter." SECOND DAY OF THE CONVENTION OF IRRIGATORS. ALBUQUERQUE, Sept. 30.—Tho' second day's session of the. Irrigation congress opened by the appointment of committees. The opening address I Get The Correct Fall Suit Styles at "The Toggery" Men who an always want the newest always cuine here to !>e \Ve know th<' wants . studied their lu>tes and that 1'i-asoii have vie'-ted will pli'ase all. Th. particular suit huyers, those who tyles and the swellest suits I'lothed." ;' Kern < <. ; ::ity men- have i>l'-as a!i»ut >tylcs ond for nil eleirillll iill' 1 nf Mills thai _ ; yon will see that I get a hearing In ~ court. Yes, sir; I welcome your hear- lug. Call to your assistance all the power that your high office commands, present your case In any form you like. I am ready to meet It and before the conclusion the people of America will be disgusted that they ever elected you President of the United States. The Standard Oil Franchise, -f- "Mr. Roosevelt, I have said that Everyone that happens to be pass- you were responsible for the granting ing the vacant lot on Eighteenth apd j of the franchise to the Prairie Oil i F streets after 3:40 stops and takes • and Gas Company before statehood, ! notice of the football players, and the \ thereby creating vested rights In that PROMISE GOOD FOOTBALL -• what this '.>' yi,u now lire iiave that sut- i with ^in-li a pn^-,;ilii' i'1'it- 'i!w,i\'> 1'elieet, conclusion Is that the high school team has a very good chance to win the trophy at the end of the season. Many of those who follow the high school athletics say that the husky bunch that Is out this year Is "the thing in weight." The systematic drill that Coach Griffith puts thu candidates through shows that they are hard working players. Every one oi 1 the 24 to 26 who gets out is play- Ing to make the team, and this spirit will mature a tine team out of raw material, but with such good old siandbys as Wieman, Stockton, We- gls and Lefty Stoner, and the two Stroud boys from Oakland, the resulting team should be a winner. S. Wieman and John Stroud are kick- IWg the ball about as It should be: \V1eman always kicks higher than Stroud, and about the same distance, but his opponent kicks by far the wickedest. Ogdon. Grandy, Tllton, Curtis and Dennen are In about, the same class; all tackle hard, run down good as well as showing clear li'M'l work. HanUin lius shown great, improvement In every way, especially ! ill Hpeeil. lialie MrKinUsy goes si!' 1 --:' i th<> man with the bull llku he Intend- eil to put him out of (lie game. i-VWiemiiU, Storlilon and the Stro'id are In this game nil tin- time, no matter where, they an- i-talloned. 'I'h'-y j tarkle hiinl and '• « i 1 wi!! Mo '! " , most Rood, and wli'-n on tii" ii' 1 '':: MVC they lioM ill- li'-M liar'!;. —'!'- ' S|IO' MarllUII >l'l. H j Iniatio Win, AHli'ii f'. Walter Stli-rn, l-'iu'iti, ,.,,, and 1'yle :<'• '• : >- company that our state authority la powerless to Interrupt. You hava tried in your last statement to evade this isue. You have tried to give your readers a wrong impression. In the office of the Interior department the records will speak as between ua. 1 say that you granted that franchise and I say that you did It at the solicitation of Senator Dopew and others and that within a few days thereafter, chiefly by subscription o{, Standard Oil men, according to Mr. Harritnau, the sum of $260,000 In" cash was added to your campaign fund. "I challenge you to publish the Y6C-" ords of the interior department ott i lie subject of this franchise, and fConUnuod to Page Eight.) of '!; men on i" on tli.. maVi" the others .v THE TOGGERY i '• tliat d n_' to tnai ii m for t! tfl am. Hate You Used A. D. S. Peroxide Cream ? •••••ai !;li'l br-autifies the li i.s a I'esh food and a ion be.iuMfler. It gives Copyright, 1903. by L, ADLER, BROS. A CO.V LOWEUL A BLOOM WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I.l.vroiA', Oct. i.—William .1. Firyan arrived here this mornlnn, shortly before the, Taft Hpoclal left, j As this Is his weeding anniversary j ho proposed to rest today. He has ] traveled over seven thousand mile.s i and made more than two hundred speeches since leaving here. i : that d. il:e env;. • admiral at once ••.-. Civ. i \Vi!l |i, : Ji-jht'ful peachy of all women on of all men. to your toilet It. 11 fair trial d~;i.;V»d with >.'.<: box i.- only THE KODAK STORE. J. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Drugglit Phones Main 64 and 74.

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