The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1908 THE BAKERSF1ELD The Only Exculsive Piano Store! IN BAKERSF1ELD LARGE STOCK, LOW PRICES, EASY TERMS, SHEET MUSIC ORDERS TAKEN I Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager Dependable Goods at Welll's The New Fall Styels in Neckwear Are Very Attractive Decided olumires have taken place in full neckwear—and the dressing of lh<> neck this season is quite as important as the selection of stylish shoes or u'loves. Atir assortment includes all the new fall fads at prices that make it possible for every one to have a .good supply of the new styles. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 60 Works Phone. Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENUVAFORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cal. DIXON <a SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Embalmera. Successors tp Morton & Connolly, Lady Attendant. 1414 19th it' RED CROSS AMBULANCE. Phone, Night or Day, Main 91 The Poultry and E(j(j Exchange THRONSEN & STAULARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bak- ersfleld and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street $50 Cash Premiums Honest values are ever wedded with truthful words, We cnn save you money if you buy our assortment, pots, pans, kettles, woodenware at 25c. Let us assits you. Winters, Bridges, Simpson Compay, 'SCALMREPLYTO SEvars LATEST KISSEL AFTER THE BUIGK AND TOURIST (Continued From rage One.) 11» publicity before the election and pho ;>dml88lon which you make will higher standard than you do your po- ,, m |, an .. isa y0llr party associates, lltieal associates, Cor you Insist that l YC,,,,- position is that the publication Mr. Rockefeller's contribution to ( i, 0 r,, n , election of the contributions Govrnor Hughes' campaign fund was;,,,,^,. to your ca mpalgn fund would no reflection upon him, and I take it fnrni..!i your political opponents op- for granted that you do not criticize | [m ,., llm , y . to glve a fa i Be impression Judge Taft's recommendation of a ^ us tl| ,| lp fitness of the candidate. Standard Oil attorney to the Federal , y ()M ,.,,,, ;la illustrations the contr! bench, a place where the judge hmj,,,,^ mn ,] e to Governor Hushes might have to pass upon charges I rampaUn fund, the contribution col against the very trust for which he ll , ( .|,, i] )iy ^j r Harrlman and tho con had been attorney. i trlbutions which are now being eo While the trust attorney to _whom j ],.,.,,,,, for Mr Taft's campaign fund I Yen $20 first; $10 second $5 third; fifteen $1 each. Easily earned In an hour or more by any boy or girl, man or woman, but one in each family, without any cost to you, and no peddling or canvassing. And to ach one competing we will also give a small useful article. Send postal for particulars, mentioning this paper, to WEST COAST MILL, 705-709 So. Griffin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. you refer is not an official of any trust I shall warn him, and through him his clients, that if I am elected, 11 will not only vigorously enforce against all offenders the law which we hope to have enacted In compliance with the Democratic platform, but that 1 will also vigorously enforce existing laws against any and al who violate them; and that I will enforce them not spasmodically and intermittently, but persistently and .consistently; they will not be sus- jpended, even for the protection of cabinet officers. Quotes From Scripture. "You say. 'the attitude of many ( leaders men of large financial Interests' war- voting rants you In 'expressing the belief that those trust magnates whose fear of being prosecuted under the law by Mr. Talt is greater than their fear of general business adversity' under me. will support me rather than Mr. Taft. You have attempted to word that statement In such a way as to claim the support of all the trust magnates and yet put it on the ground that they are supporting your party for patriotic reasons rather than for liargo in effect that the people are MI lacking In Intelligence that they might condemn as Improper contributions which you declare to bo proper. He Won't Answer This. "I! ilie voters differ from you on tins ijuestion, are they necessarily ignorant and wrong? Must the members of the party organization act as self-appointed guardians of the poo- pie uiiii conceal from them what is coing on, lost the people be mislead I as to the purpose and effect of large ! contributions? Is this your explanation of thi. action of the Republican In If be- be found in Holy Writ, for do wo not tear, of man loving darkness rather than lisht, because their deeds are FRESNO RECORD If l.i-on Slii'ttliT ;irr<'|>tn tin- riT-nm- ncndiitkm of <'. F. Cove-Mill, outside for tho Klssrll Kar, "Tolmsco." famous Klssol racer, may ho exit-clod to pass through here witlilu he noxt week or ten clays In an nt- empt to lower the I/Js Angeles to '"'reano rrrorl made during the sum- ner by the Oldsmohlle. The c;ir nolds the I,OH Angeles to Itakersfleld record. Coveall, who cunie from Los An«eles with Al Thnckery Sunday, found the roiid between the southern metropolis and this city in fine condition for a rer-nrd breaking run and yesterday he was a member of tho party Tliackery drove to Fresno In Ills, new machine. Cove-all, watched the roud carefully ;\ll thi- way up an.l at Fresno stated tli.'it ho though I now was the tihe to Attempt to lower the existing time. The recent rains have laid the dust, and aside from a stretch of several miles between Gosben and Klngsbiirg, I he course will permit of high speed TO RACE AT THE COMING FAIR in the national campaign down a publicity plank? you will pardon the suggestion, I lievi- a bettor explanation can Another match automobile raco be- ween Buick and Tourist cars has been arranged for county fair week. Henry Klipstein will enter bis Tourist touring car again, for a three mile j race, ugainst the little four cylinder Buick runabout of the llakerslleld gar-1 age. Klipstein will drive- his own < ar, I while \V. W. Aruiibrlte will probably] be at the wheel of the Butck. On August. 2nd, it will remembered,! Klipstetn's Tourist raced twice against! the Uulck touring car, which has sincel boen sold to William Slanion. lal place- of the tourlns cur the gara;el people will substitute' the new mode.ll runabout, which, it is expected, wlll| develop equal or greater speed. I stein's Tourist will be in better snap than before, as it was then overhauled only the day preceding the race, and _ ^ ran" stiffly. The match should be all the way. shdl'oai'nurt j very interesting one. all the way. Coveall believes "To-] Efforts are being mode to arrang basco" can cut a big slice from the • another automobile race, a road rac Old's time. | from Faiuoso to Hakersflpld. for hlghf Thackory made excellent time ye u -'er power machines. The Idea Is let-day. With live In the car and the'| start from Famoso shortly after big machine equipped with a win.I break and a lop, be made the run of Hit miles In little more than five hours, including all stops. The car gave not the least semblance of trouble and upon reaching Fresno attracted much attention from :\uto en- thuiasts. the promotion of a selfish Interest. "That is ingenious, but it is not sound. The trust magnates are supporting the Republican party, and tho Bible offers an explanation: "The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's cry.' "You admit that you gave permission to the steel trust to absorb a rival, and thus increase its control of the output of the steel and iron products. I will leave the American people to pass judgment upon that act and compare your position on the trust question with mine. Compare Them. "You refer to our campaign fund in 1S90 and accuse us of allowing two men to contribute largely to he small fund with which the committee conducted the campaign. I am not sure I about the- figures you use, because 1 ] have not seen an authentic statement of the contributions, but I was informed that the largest of the two sums which you mention was not all ontributed by the man to whom it ; was credited, but Include'! cnnlribu- , (ions from others as «•<.•! 1 an that | which he save himself. lint it' you i'Want to be fair why dn you not aive ! the amount, of t!n> Kepuhlifan cam- Ipalgn fund that year and the sources i of it. I am willing tu have both fnnd- | published. Are you? If some of I thn-''' who fontribiiii-d to our fund of l<--s than $.'!'"i.'i'iii i r nl [i pecuniary • illt'.Te-M in the result el' the election 'bow will you explain ilie enormous I contributions made to the Republican fund? IF TOT WILL RKMICMnER, , THK nK.MOf'R.Vnr PLATFORM ;CANDIDLY DKCLAKKD THK PARITY'S IM'UPOSK. IF THK CARRY- jlNC. Ol'T OF THAT POLICY :\VO1'U> HAVK HKF.N OF ADVAN- :TAC,K TO AN YUM-:. THE \VIIOLI-: i ITHLIC KN'OWLKDCK AMI TliK I prm.iCATiox OF THIC COXTKI lU'TIONS \VOn.l> NOT 11AVK AF- I-'KCTKI) Till-: RP.SrLT. IMMi.-ily s to campaign funds is not m-eded to make known that which is disclosed by the platform, but to direct attention to secret arrangements expressed or implied which 'would otherwise be concealed from the public. You certainly pay more attention to the mote than to the beam when you find fault with our national campaign fund In 1896 and Ignore the significance of a fund almost as large which at your request was collected from a few persons in 1904, and was used in one state and was only a small Item In the fund collected that year. As to Publishing Contributions. "But your letter presents a dcfen.-e of your party's position and an »••• cusatlon against the voters which emphasize an issue already prominent. You are the (irst conspicuous member of your party to attempt nil ''vpl-ination of the party':-, opposition ! "You al tempt to make a personal HUK-Hnn of it, and ask whether any •one will accuse.' such men as you, ! Governor Hughes and Mr. Taft of being influenced by contributions. This is not the question. IF IT IS FOUND NEW WELL FOR THE VIRGIN OIL FIELD. o'clock, noon, ant fiau-h, about aO hour biter, by making one or two clr cults of the Hudnut race truck. Berl Dlngley will probably come down td drive' the Chalmers-Detroit, which woli the ^"> mile race in Fresno Monday! as Erb & Drury have obtained tluf agency for this car. and If one or mord local contestants can be secured tha first road race ever pulled off in Kerq county will result. oil! '.ill I THAT A PARTY TO A SUIT HAS GIVEN A SUM OF MONEY TO ONE iOK THK ,11'RORS THE COURT .DOES .VOT STOP TO LVQIMKE j WHET HER OR NOT THE JUROR IS AN INCORRUPTIBLE MAN OR I WHETHER OR NOT IN ACCEPTING THE MONEY HE EXPLICITLY STATED THAT IT WAS ACCEPTED WITH THK UNDERSTANDING ;THAT HE WAS UNDER NO OBLI- , CATION TO CONSIDER IT IN' ; MAKING UP HIS VERDICT. Tho court would hold that the giving of money by nil interested party or tho ifeivitig of money was a contempt, of court ami an interference with the administration of justice. "Public: officials occupy much the same position as Jurors. They arc constantly called upon to decide questions between tho favor-seeking corporations on the one band and the people on the otbei, and there is a' very general impression that officials j of these favor-seeking corporations j i'.ii not put tip large sums of money from purely patriotic motives. Mr. ! Havetin-yrr tesii)le f | liet'nie a senate ,' committee sonic 1 years HKO that the sugar trust made it a business to con- ' trlliiite to campaign funds and that.' •ii was it.-- custom ici givc> to the party in power in tin 1 stale. People Should Know. "I do not mean to say that Mr., 'Mu'hes was influenced by the coiurl- l.'ition.i made to him by trust tnat;- naii's whose names wore given In the alter-electioii report. 1 do not mean to sav that you were IntlueiK-ecl by 'he contributions collected by Mr. Harrlman: neither do I mean to say that Mr. Taft will be Influenced by the contributions that are being made to his fund hv the trust magnates; HUT I DO MEAN TO HAY THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE A lUCillT TO KNOW \VII.\T CONTRIBUTIONS ARE BEINC. MADE. THAT THEY MAY JUDGE OF THEMSELVES THE MOTIVE OF THE GIVERS AND THE OBLIGATION IMPOSED UPON THOSE WHO RECEIVE. j "The reflection upon the people in- ; volved in your charge that they would misuse the knowledge which puhllrlu woul 1 t;lv(* Is unworthy of one' vho has boon elevated to so high an office by the votes of the people, and I ven- i lure the assertion that you cannot pro- • cure from Mr. Tat'l. an cndorsi-iv'st o! i your defense. He is now before' the' people; he is offering himself as a can- j didate for the presi.lencv; HE DARE! NOT TELL THE PARTY TO WHOM i HE APPEALS THAT THEY HAVE NOT SENSE ENOUGH TO FORM A' JUST OPINION A.-i TO THE PURPOSE WHICH LEADS PARTIES IN-i TIORESTED IN SPECIAL LECMSLA-' TION TO MAKE BIG CONTIUBU-- TION.S. A Direct Statement. "You fear that, we would iul.sre;iro- -••111 the- iiiollve-1 of thus' 1 who aie emi- ;i'ibutin:; to the- Repuhlieaii cam liincl aiel c...,i an unjust suspicion Itc-imbllcali < 'iiiiliilates if l he t and amounts were made, known I"••';.• til" c-!,.etion. Your argument, i' ..;,; I, •'.'in! I |,t event pulilleai Ion .it'ier ' ,c • ••!»•< l ion. tor why should :M1 n;> < : ' • ' - I'lcinli I)-- e;i ,! l||»lll ofiifia'., •"' ' '.,' el.'CUon any more than lielor.- ' 1 - li'll ; i., ,1'CI .•'••- U'iOl'i' I '-i ' '• '•' !' !. '" eri-ii." thL -iiipicion? W!•! AUK GO. 'Ml T< i i -l\ U Yi II' AN ' (I'l'i ilt !'i '•TV TO MI.-IU:PRESI:NT 'i i r. .M- • TI\ T U - i ii' - '1'iiosi-: v' • i' i t,i\'i; , < > < 'i u ('.•, ,\!i- \K;N n : n \\h •;, , Mi 1 'i sr. \; ,i, •) i i,; -.i - IMC 'i' i\ >• i; •. IM:, 'in i'i'< i -.'!.' '(• • •: M l'1-K '!'! .U. THAT WU \<C'. '.i '-. :•;!'.', '. , UH.IIT FOR 'I HE Wl!' H.i: \M i N'i IT I'i )i; TI ii ,.••!•: \v i Hi-:i;,\ I.N.II iYI.VI; I-IM \ 1 1.>: :' \\'n" •• \'\ THi; 11 •• M i •• Pat Holohan, superintendent of the Virgin River OH and Development Company, left Wednesday for Virgin City, Utah, where he expects In a few days to start sinking a third well for tho company. As stated in last week's Miner, the new wel Us to be drilled some five miles from the other two, which arn near each other. In the locality where the new well la to be drilled Mr. Holohan has discovered most encouraging surface indications, and he believes by sinking to a depth, of 900 to 1000 feel, piercing the third oil sand, he will encounter j the best oil flow In (he field. | "It is simply a waiting game,"says 1 Mr. Holohan. "We are developing wells, but we will have to wait transportation before we can marke our oil. But we are getting the and there need be no worrying aboul transportation. We have alreadj been promised that. I may he mU taken, but I am willing to ventur^ the assertion that Virgin River become one of tho greatest oil In the country."—Bullfrog Miner. NOTICE Notice Is given that 1 shall nnnly to the State Board of Prison Directors tn be paroled from Sun Quentln prison,] according to the law. til r. :u. CJLEASON. The Southern Bakersfleld's Leading Hotel Cultlne, Service UrwxceUod TOURIST Automobiles A NOTICE OF IMPORTANCE TO AUTOMOBILISTS A large reduction has been inaili' in Ihe price of automobile tires, taking t-fiVct eSpt. 1, IfHK If you are buying tires at the old list you ure payinv' too much, (.'all and get new prices. It ernans a lot of oney to yon if you have to buy tires. Bakersfield Auto Supply Go. 19th and G St Phone Main 1260 E. J. Erb. W. E. Drury QUICK TIME TO Kansas (ily St. Louis and Chicago ON THE IT'S PUZZLING seel!].' IIIM,;,', !. 'IV 1 - clciihln-' ' Y: ••' ! -I.',- 1 iiA'i ; MI: iit'M.:s-|- ."•: -I-' 'I I:!-: i 'nrNTRY U ' '. nil: r \n i v \\'ntisi; i • >\ 7 u!' ', •]'v'.'. ;. ,.| ilEFU.-'l-:ii TO KNDOR.--.!: '. '."iar,i:i'i e 1'ir i' lei ITKl.M'n'Y AM) V.hdSi: c\\. DIDATK.S AUK NOT WII.I.INC TI:\T ''%,' iii,-"'• !"',' : ' y ,r l "" i;i i 1 ,'t vi'n'' TffK ( ''- ;< 'i'i'i'- KIKIUI.D'KNOU- i x '-'vc'.ur '..eke- '"'" " "; TIL AFTER THE POLLS ARE r'l.OS-. <dieJ ,,f "ibe- lu.r-e bl-.-ik-, Kl) W HAT PREDATORY INTER- ' r Miol coH'.M f\. e v desc P- '« TS " AV '- : "KK-N ACTIVK !X ,:u : .^ .111 ,|0 n•< «.UI> ll.SC.lp ,, OJV| , OK THK , lK ,,,,,, uf . AN ,, A j £ . T%T/Y'fc.'MPTff P ^f A IDIffVlfllCI fllVP/\'B ^ * * PIONEER HARNESS SHOP MATT80N BROS. "With great reHptsct., etc., yours I truly. WILLIAM J. BHYAN." GOLDEN STATE LIMITED Pullman and Tourfst Cars. Splendid Dining Otr Southern Pacific Company .i

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