The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 1, 1970 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1970
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Page 5 CLASSIFIED RATES 1 insertion I insertions 3 insertions 4 insertions 5. insertions • insertions" 5? per word 8f per word 10? per .word 12? per word 14? per word 15? per word J For Soji Used Cars Minimum Charge $1.25 . Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply it the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion. Service charge of 25? will bt added after the 10 day period. FOR SALE — Assortment of skirts, blouses, and lingerie like new. Phone 675-2998. • • | C-50 FOR SALE « Registered Boston Terrier pups. 675-2844. C-50 Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue in which they appear and report any error at ODCC as no allowance can t» made except for the first Incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20? per line Y LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memorian J5? per line Card ait Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for insertion'next day. Saturday, call before 9 a.m. Cancellation- Preceding day. FOR SALE — Michigan Red Delicious Apples, $3.50. Bring containers. 123 Poplar. 6756724. P-53 FOR SALE ~1 overstuffed suite, clean. 2 9x12 matched rugs and pads. 1 Tilt-^ack chair. 2 Antique cupboards. 1 Buffet. 1 Glider and steel chair. 1 Washing machine and tubs. Few small items. For sale 6 days only. 328'S. East St. C-50 FOR SALE - 1965 Pontiac, 4 door Catalina. One owner. Stanley Obrecht, "$550. Kokomo 459-8648. P-53 FOR SALE « 1964 Mercury Comet, 4 door, auto, trans., power steering, air condition. Call 675-4256 after 4:30 p.m. C-52 For Rent FOR RENT — Four rooms and bath, small enclosed back porch. Downstairs. Vacant. Phone 675-4478. ; P-52 FOR RENT — 5 room modern ,at 137 W. North St. Call 6752555. C-51 FOR RENT - Half double, also 3 room apartment upstairs, 675-2734. C-50 FOR RENT - Half double on St. Rd. 19. 532-5482. P-50. Wanted To Buy • WANTgDTO BUY* WE NEED USED; FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fast Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWINE'S E. Edge, Tipton, Co. Wanted FOR SALt — Perfect Christmas gift garage door opener by "GENIE". Geo. Morrisett. 675-2096. fc-52 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ' Clarified per col. inch $1.10 1 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch ~ $13.00 Rates Quoted Are Local FOR SALE — 18 feeding shoats, see at 336 Sweetland Ave. P-53 — —T : FOR SALE ~ 6 ft. Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree. Color wheel, stand - 49 - red glass balls. Cajl 675-4960. P-51 'ANTIQUE furniture and glassware of all kinds, including Greentown, Jenkins, cut glass and R.S. Prussia.?' 900 East Gerhart St., Kokojmo. P-55 FOR. SALE — Aluminum siding Storm windows-doors.' Kobl- Vent Awnings. 675-2646. A. J. Butz, C-TF. FOR RENT — 2 rooms. 6756749. C-50 F*OR RENT — Nice 4 room ' modern house, new carpet and furnished. InSharpsville. Prefer adult couple only. No pets. 963-5915. TF FOR RENT — 3 room furnished apartment. Inquire 409 Oak St. TF FOR RENT •-- 3 room furnished apartment. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs unfurnished apartment. 234 1/2 S. Main. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — 2 doubles and an upstairs apartment. Call 6752458" after 6. J TF WANTED -- A babysitter inyour home from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 Kindergarten age. 947^2291 or 675-7466. C-51 WANTED • shelling. 7264. Combining or corn Tom Gearth, 675- C-50 WANTED — Someone who lives in Sharpsville and works in Tipton to deliver newspaper bundle daily except Sunday. Tipton Tribune. TF WANTED — Interior painting* Call 675-4991. P-52 Male Help Wonted -L WANTED ~ Male bartender in Tipton. Box A, Tipton Tribune. P-50 Classifieds Work POPEYE [ ® By Bud Sagendorf «= S •< - •» . . • ,. .... . 7—. • : •—7— *r i Servi vices BUILDING or REMODELING, Carpentry, Concrete, Garages. Twenty-five years experience. Call 675-4001. TF BLUE Lustre not only rids carpets of soil but leaves pile soft and lofty. Rent electric sham- pooer, $1. Carney's Drug Store. C-54 SEPTIC TANK Cleaning. Ray-* mond Tragesser. Call 5527162 or 675-2163. C-TF FRONT-END ALIGNMENT A Smith Tire Servi:-.\ 115 N. Indep. St. Phone 675-6165. ; TF Personal CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank all my friends Who sent cards and flowers to me while I was in the hospital and also since returning home. Carl Retherford CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends, relatives and neighbors for the kindness, sympathy and beautiful floral tributes extended at the death of our beloved wife and mother, Mrs. Dorothy M. Davis. We especially wish to thank Rev. Larry Anderson for his comforting message, Mrs. Carl Aldridge for the beautiful music, all who acted as casket and flower bearers, everyone for the food and helped in so many ways, and the Leatherman-Morris Funeral Home for their kind and helpful services. Mr. Sherman Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kent Davis Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDaniels Mr. and Mrs. James Click CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends, relatives and neighbors for the kindness, sympathy and beautiful floral tributes extended at the death of our husband and father, Harry A. Hinkle. We especially wish to thank Rev. James D. Curtis for his comforting message, Mrs. Lee Egler for the beautiful music, the Pickard Lodge #690 for the Masonic services, all who acted as. casket bearers, everyone for the food, and the Young-Nichols Funeral Home for their kind and helpful services. Mrs. Margaret Hinkle Julie & Mark Need carriers for route openings now and near future., Age 11 years or over. Tipton Tribune LONDON (UPI) - Mr. ami Mrs. Norman (itioilwin. got a (livont- in a London coi'rt. .So did Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knights. Aflrr tin: lu-aring, Goodwin walki-d out with llir former Mrs. Knifilits on lus arm, and Kni<rh!.> with {Informer Mrs. (jooduin. A judge grai.ted. lliem divorees on 'grounds of adulters with each oilier^ ~ WASHINGTON WINDOW By STEWART HENSLEY UPI Diplomatic Correspondent WASHINGTON (UPI) -Secretary of State William P. Rogers will tell the other NATO foreign ministers this week that the United States still is against accepting Russia's proposal for an all-European security con ference. At least, not until the Kremlin has shown greater evidence of good faith on Berlin and other critical issues in that area. The United Shates took the position a year ago that an all- European conference such as that proposed by Moscow and its Warsaw Pact allies should be Irld only after NATO and the Commuuish alliance have come to some agreement on mutual reduction of military forces along the Iron Curtain. Now that Soviet-American relations have been somewhat chilled by the disagreement on how to handle the Middle East crisis, the Nixon administration is displaying more caution than ever in its approach to the all- European security conference idea. At this week's meeting of NATO ministers in Brussels, Rogers undoubtedly will seek to present the U.S. position in positive rather than negative . terms. In other words, he will declare that the United States believes the Smviet proposal is a good idea in principle, once the groundwork has been laid by agreements' on. mutual . troop reductions and more secure Aplied access guarantees with regard to Red-encircled West Berlin, Rogers realizes that there is considerable sentiment among some of the smaller NATO allies for accepting the Soviet and Warsaw Pact proposal which the Kremlin has said would involve a conference of all Europeans, including the neutral nations, plus the United States and Canada. He also is aware that the idea may have some attraction for Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany, because it would be consistent with his policy of seeking better relations with Russia and the other East European Commu- rush countries. Nevertheless, UjS. officials agree with the assessment of the NATO secretary . general, Italy's Manlio Brosio. Brosio DAILY CROSSWORD 4*. Trust DOWN 1. Detective or secretary 2. Con­ sanguineous 3. Some 4. Tooth 5. Ardent follower fi. Woodsman's tool T. Pooped S. Mournful verse 9. Marsh plant 12. Minus 13. False god 21. Buddy 23. Chatter 25. Threatened • 27. Indefinite number 28. In a hackneyed way 30. "Othello- villain 32. Requirement 33. Was concerned SLA MAN, T'A'R'O rlMoiRt |A'C'T'O'(?BO'N'S'E'T B'E'E'F'E ATE •E'O'HIU S E sc ATJIV'E A L'E'PI P'OVK BARRELS WeWwii "DUE DE'AHA'CEMMI -"iL I KEAL.AM8 T H E'REBSO L AR] O'AS'I 'SBE'L'A'T'E I i i IMli i i ii Yeaterdfty'a AAiwar 34. Overhead 35. Of the nose 37. bear 43. Nigerian city 44. Mining find ACROSS 1. Nanny's carriage 5. Appointments 10. Nevada city 11. Banish 12. Cowardly- I hyph. wd. i 14. Girls name 15. Turmoil 16. Fellow i slang • 17. Perched 18. Decay 19. Aniline, e.g. 20. Footprint 22. Gam 24. Dutch cheese 26. Dude territory 29. WahineV garland 31. Swiss city 33. Jail (slang) 36. Forty winks 38. Contend 39. Arab garment 40. In the past 41.-•'Summer" in Nantes 42. Type of glasses (hyph. wd.l 45. Dodge 46..U.S.S.R. lake 47. Crossed out DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R I* LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three' L's. X for the two O's. etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation i 2 i A 5 o 7 8 9 10 li '2 IS 14 iS it, a IB "9 20 21 21 23 •'/. •<•/. 2< 25 'I* 2to 23 29 • ^ Vt 30 31 32 Ito }7 38 y> 40 41 *2 44 AS 4b 49 P Q PVRITF 1 EL UFTER LTED- Y W R F Y M K D .T O Z R I P T K M R RIZHS CIT T. HNYQTL ZR.-PEFS R O E Z H Yrslrrda.V* Orvptoqiiote: EVERY NOW AND THEN YOV MEET A BORE WHO IS SO DULL HE CAN EVEN PUT A CUP OF COFFEE TO SLEEP. ANONYMOUS (C 1970. Kinc Features Syndicate, IncO has warned that the Communist proposal involves a project which should be examined witt the greatest care because it could lead to the extension of Soviet influence farther West and the -elimination of hhe United'States and Canada as factors in the defense equation there! President Nixo proclaimed at his inauguration an "era of negotiations" to supplant an "era of confrontation." His top foreign policy .advisers were hopeful that the Soviet Union was prepared to come to come compromise agreements in TODAY'S ALMANAC LEAVING HOME IS NO LAUGHING MATTER... But the Welcome Wagon hostess can make it easier to adjust to your new surroundings, and maybe put a smile on your face! Mrs. John Utter Call 6754492 By United Press International Toda^ is Tuesday, Dec. 1, the 335th <!ay of 1970. The moon is between its new phase and first quarter. The morning stars are Venus, Mars and Jupiter. The evening stars are Mercury and Saturn. Those born on this date are under the sign of Sagittarius. On this day fii history: In 1917 Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town, near Omaha, Neb. In 1953 the New York Stock Exchange - announced for the first -,' time in history that Hospital News MON., NOV. 30, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Jean Ann Dane, Cicero; Helen McKinney, Noblesville; Agnes Head, Tipton; Barbara A. Altic, Frankfort; Bobbie Abels, Sharpsville; Frank L. Hiatt, Arcadia; Michael Kid- Well, Greentown. 1 DISMISSALS: Gloria J.Moore, Russiaville; Maxine Mull, Elwood; Hazel Swift, Sheridan; Lora Blackmond, Tipton; Steve Hobbs, Elwood; Orpha Achenbach, Tipton; Dianna R. Crull & Infant, Sheridan. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Larry McNew, Tipton; Boy born November 29 at 6:14 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Morris, Tipton; Boy born November 29 at. 6:35 p.m. investors could buy stocks on the installment plan. In 1958 fire swept through Our Lady of the Angels Schoo' in Chccago, killing 93 children and three nuns. In 1965 the Havana-to-Miami refugee airlift began after an agreement was reached with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. A thought for today: Samuel Johnson said, "Gratitude is a fruit of cultivation." Europe which would ease tensions and go a long way toward eradicating the vestiges of World War IL At least that is what Nixon and his advisers said at the time. Up unttil last August, the White House repeatedly expressed the view that Russia's preoccupation with her ideological and geographical conflict with China would impel her to compromise in order to ease the situation on her Western front. But it didn't turn out that way. Russia showed no inclination to soften her hard line on a number of confrontations with the West. The most traumatic experience for the Nixon administration was Russia's open cooperation with Egypt in violating the standstill portion of the cease­ fire agreement which Rogers, had persuaded Israel and Egypt to agree to on Au^. 7. TRUCK CLEARANCE- CLEAN SWEEP SALE 1967 Chevrolet 1965 IHC < 1965 Willy!s 4-wheel drive 1964 IHC 1961 Ford Omaha bed and rack 1960 IHC, pick up real clean runs good 1955 Chev. 2-ton with grain bed 1952 IHC $99 runs good 1964 Tempest Convt. 1965 Ford 4-door sedan PRING IMPLEMENT 131 No. Main possess C F*0M Pi! •0» rol at Your Friendly 7 Bank FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E. Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana J FOR SALE: Stone suburban home, 6 years- old on beautifully landscaped lot with plenty of shade. Three bedrooms, bath and half carpeted living room and hallways. Carpeted panelled family room, dinette. Attached panelled 2 car garage. Extras such as patio, garbage disposal, intercom radio system, water softener, drapes, curtains, washer, dryer. Barn on back of lot. Natural gas heat. Dial 675-4782 for appointment A Gift Subscription To The Tipton Daily Tribune Dial 675-2115 Today (A Holiday Card Notifies Recipient)

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