The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 8
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. THE BAKER8FIELD CALIFORNIAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1908. Card for Motorcycle Races , • ! for i'..o!tircyr!e r.'i'-e.^ ; tl, • li uil: lie Riven ilnrlllK (ountyj :,<• w«fl> was made ii|i yesiferday and J I. ;,iii>es aiinoimeeii. One of Hie....••;!•• eveiilH for the gasoline hikes i •>.:••• a li-ii miliulc r:n•" f«r slngl' 1 . ( |V| iii;i"liiMes i)l' i; II horsepow- • ; lest;. All mar-hities will stnrt , " :•• MTat<'h ill the firing of the .-•itm KIIII. At. (lie end "'' l"n niin- c- - ;iii'ilher gun will lie 11 red and ' '-. lirsi inachine to cross (lie finish- I . . .-.tie will tlu'n lie divlnrod the The [)l'i/,es Tor tills raco will : , i-... and $10. j i.i,'her evenl which will attract ., :i|i- aiieiiinn will lie a [natch nice • • •-,•, MTI twin-cylinder machines,' ;•. •• nwne.l lly Ilihle's atld WilHes' •,. Vries and the new Curtis recently • ."trtit hy Leonard Dunn. The third •j< •>.- advertised will be a three mile' -,...') lU-up event, oppn to all single i ;.''rider nnieliines, j "l< H.-»-'ieitf>, M Hnrklny. .Toe Dix-; :ni >ei,..~a| oilu'i- riders who have 1 •- • npi••• .. : iii 'i • r ices for some ' •n". have announced their Intention' r ippp . ' o-i thy track again dur- j !•;• fnii -\ . 'itul some Interesting' eru-sts will niidouhtedly result. | • TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86. KODAKS:- Baer's The I wo \vo, p - K arc synonymous in lial.'eriticld. Think ill' the neeij ,i;' ;i Kodak and yon will think of "Baers". It doesii 'I CM ,i much to be a oKtliilicr i: you buy your onlfil of us Write for complete price list. HOME OF THE KODAK Leading Druggists. Boys' Suit Sale.... Just another lot of those same Hoys' Suits we sold so many of last week. sftf.OO and $(5.00 suits, yon kninv. They're here and the price continues 'till the lot is ffonn. Everyone of these hoys' suits is perfection in style, makeup and correctness: The stamp of Redlick Safisfactlon un every one: you know when we say right, they're right, that's all. The price $3.45 New Fall Suits §15.00 This is a Fall Suit Sale wheiv the savings ;<•••• not on paper. They are in siii>Ma;itial dollars. There are 1"> suit- in thi* offering: contracted t'nr last March under very favorable terms. Thru and thru "Kedlick Suits" made right up to the top notch of tailoring. Fabrics are fine Worsteds and Cassimcres. Colors, olives, tans, browns and mixture* running to grey. Sixes for everybody. It's not often, an opportunity like this—not n suit value in this lot falls below the $20 mark. It's up to you to see them: no trouble to show thorn, we assure you; less to sell them. The price $15 Free Oil Field Delivery Men's Fall Underwear The men's full fall lines are all in stock ; as to completeness never before have we shown as varied a line of undergarments for men. The most critical can select from this monster stock, embracing lines from the best American manufacturers and the imported French Silk and Wool Garments, known for their supreme fineness the world over. Every garment perfect fitting and everlastingly right. The price, garment, 50c to $3.50 The Redlick Way MAY HGHI HERE Manro llerrera has recentlv l.eeii ion -.vith Tony Ross, tin al> i-oiin.I tidit some time this fall !''; r .i IU;iuos that lights between M'.; teliows will draw (letter in Ka- ; -" 1 ' 1 H'-:ii t:i}'],i'iu al'l'airs between . -'• ! ''al ll'-i - and lightweights, | I'iit it' Uos- and \V.ird ' match that ior i e.aili ^ 11 s l,,ii...l ! u-i;!, .-ucli To'lill:- I'.li- I., -.I..I Hill ill the east, tie irf' a Chicago man \V;ir<l, it will be remembered, was the last man Klynn took on in the north before lishttnn Hill Squires here NI. definite tiiiie has yet been set i'o" rh • match, but Mann) counts on ji.-trir- the nun together, ii possible. - : ,time before Christ ma-. Church Gets Thirty Days , The premium lists are expected to | ' he ready for distribution tomorrow. They may he obtained for the asking at the Board of Trade rooms. Too Late For Classification • WANTED—Positon by experienced ;; ir.-e; conl'meli.eiu cases a s|i»-ci;il- i Box 1*. <"ii t\. Phone Main •-''•'.'. 1521 17th. :>i> 0. D. Willaman ia expected back from his trip to Ohio on Saturday or Sunday The Bartenders' Union Ueld a well attended business meeting last night. ,\ AXTK1)— 1 il:\e r, i jieijpie Who ;••,-] 'J-i ae;-...- ,-a. ';'.. \Vhal \\ , .i" Mihdhide'Y tV.vii'-'.'s only. I!:i!Y.e:'. ;.i,l:e..r,eb!. H. K. 1'- > I. Ivl Cliur-h. (lie \viu:e.- en; ()\vl !-t;ilil)in:,' iil'iruy, \\ il lietler to li'.lve t ,-\\ ii ]>"ar on tin; ^• :u-.:I a:'t- r ~llllilOMi;tei|, lejll'!!' .i ! ' l he leld t.ll;er. liie tliis inorniiu: ,l:i.-'. i th' 1 man to ; i,i: !> I'.iiy jiul. WE LEAD THE l<:•: OCE??TON i', lie|| i( I'ni'.e , 1 • : , very (in.'^i li i ••!;•• , ; • j.i'^siltii.' ji! (•-.•. I;, i • .. )''•• are only ;i n.-, •••.",.,, f'' \ cal to yo-i. i ,' ,.. ;,.,,! . , ,. ,, 'ilCck and n:,ii;.. e.nnpiirisni! Judged eihlei |.,,. ; , ., ,|i !; di!v f>iice staiidpoini you'll he IMI pfl1(>(| (o ;idmit liiat (his slur, leads \i\ TIM! \;i!ne A. B HERRINGTOF 1517 19th St. THE UNION HORSESHOEING SHOP Has Moved to the Uuion Stables Corner 21st and K Sts " i i-'OK KENT—Fr.riii.-!;e ! ho;li-'elie,.;,;::-, I .-..'.'•-: ::'.-i) sin-!' roams witn but!.. TEILHET & TAYLOR FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas Cauliflower Green Onion Lima Beans Celery "itcing Beans Head Lettuce All kirds of fruits of season Belflower Apples, $1.50 per box 112319th Phone Main 401 NOTICE Notice Is given that I shall apply to the State Board of Prison Directors to be paroled from San Quentln prison, according to the law. 61 t. in. GU3ASON. Californian aas tiring quick returns. G. M. CLUTTER Proprietor THE EAGLE BAR Grant Kier, Mgr. 2134 Sutter street, opp. Alcazar Theater and Commander/ Hall. Near Steiner San Francisco •T.M CASH 'in-. Price Jj^ per ficiv. r :'.''"M lia\::i \' i havin--; anv olhi-i r of t)i,. aie. .Ins';, ,. ni.,,.. t month to ihink i In spite of ih i testimony, he :.-"-: 1 ., i tor -, i, , .-nl,!,-!! .j ,1.. i ni!ji>- I :i - ,uul as .>'iu;:noned noiliie,! by a r 'haage of e tiii- man a ver. ,,f Church's man No . est. No li-U. Profits. .•'•; t-.i'.i:. l.ofiii-'l h lit mile from It. il. s;:itic!i. wix i. '!e> t'i'O'.n Hai-a-;'-- ;u-;.L.! I-'".' '. No hai-.linin o 1 . : :.l'-:'.!li. ( ;'. ..u-e, '• ~ nil. aiv! \ ;'.!''• lain;, !i il : !,- rratl.'" u;e:i;. r.l.- |ii\ir. l-'riliis, ripen for • ••vlii-.-i i:. •.<''..( i -. \'' •: tu-nts •,..'.• e;i>v an-! larel ;ui\:t!i -::i-. S i "' i,...r acre *ho;iM I' :•• !i:^' 1 '-'<>-\ '"i", liii'.d ln.'t'oii 1 vour runt ru'' e\;i'.re.-. Till" P'oil. Miip.- an<! fill'' her l>ai- tlenlnrs on iipn'.icaMrm. HlKhi tq r.'ise nrice or lanJ \\ltlioul liotiei- re- •,-erved. SM'NSKT HKAI.TY CO., ri-.'hiio, C'al. ' THE HUB THE BEST CLOTHES STORE 19O9 Kisselkar is here , .. who was actually u wiuie^s o?' the af over last .),.,, w[lea wiil not be ay, the «irl was !> luad ; week, [t i. s sal v Io „.,.,. jhi-r trial comes u;i <:h'i;-, h Good Exhibits for the Fair Rowen Irwin is in the Tehachapi country campaigning. F C. Rlpley, the oil man, a son of President Rlpley of the Santa Fe, is In Bakersfleld, being registered at the Southern. G. R Tufts, E. W. Coleman, J. E. Moore and W. E. Tufts compose a party of Fresnans stopping at the Southern. * ; \ ! Some m,,i,~:. .• i Ti'hiiehai'i ' 'in:-' j Uei-,, lii-oil:-,),: i,, lolllce thi< iii.ii i •: ' l.ovejiiy ha-, ,- { ni/iceilt !rni :. ' pears will !-,., ^1'iiir. 1 Another iir. :'air will l,,. r.. , l-'lour Mill.s .- ; ^ ill set ll|) a ir. run liy eieclr;. Mead of Kern 11 >vheat will lie -'I'ouiul into l|.,-;: "The Kisse! Forty" Will lie coiil nietl in;- i'ii';i ai |i., s;l ;i,,, .,,.;,. TIlC illlpt'oveli'.ellls DM lil'^ pophia; isna: e.. sist of liOiivie.'. hrakcs. ;iii in. \\-!i. is. I, ;\ ; , front axle, ll")-in base. || \ci!l ,.|j s ., ),,. ,,.,,, I-ill 'I, ."Mil pus.Si'Sseil oi i::si.,' • -i|jj) TODIMNU I:AH, #!i5i>. AL. THACKERY, KOA])STl-;i{, ^Uio. Agent Kern County. Ask for Deniousti'atioa. : .-a- , ;:-;-y , es- ! -:.'|er | •1 .H S j adjoining raau An unusiia'.'.y '..t: . • • :.•. ricM luive he. V •• ; ;.. ••• •; i 'asses latei> !'• ^.. ,;. ^ - A [leeially Well : . ;,. ..„,..-.. of small bri ;,!•,.. ... ; -. . ; it the illtendii;^ exhi'i:' i : ^ .Many entrie.-, aave ;u-,.) ! eolved lu Ihe sta'.'ion elasse .'I'nwi Rlcliuni U. ailmifediy j the handsomest small horses " :n ii le I state, to a monster ^s.m poiin 1 -ii ick | Percheron. Altogether, the ' live stock department of th<> fair e.vibits ' promises to assume tho proportions of a real horse ahow, THE NEW STOBE. "Here's to San Diego Beer--the Beer That all Bakersfield People Buy" A!"-.: all peojile ,'ire ci'itieal i !' .Ivin!- ej's --- they h;| \V I' 1 .;! ^11:1 i>i"eo 1 )• i-i n l! ' •" i !iat e\-ervl)ini \' I llces :•: -' euj'.y, ;,„,[' -la'Hy ree. :," ". -- .-!' ti.ix i.-er ri-ht a\v Fi .d GuntherCo. Wholesale Liquors Families Supplied 1511 Phone Eighteenth St. Main 99 No Bar Colegian Clothes Clothes of the Hour •'Trv^ ? \iSvXM' r; *'*:sr *^i • c. • A K^^iJSS^^ A f ^,ife : ;iteii.i v A 'M^^iy "ff&flwwii; Jlllf xi»fe^;i^?. vi<afC!,'-ii;>*. : l . f 'y - : ft,' -"\jJlTf'S/4*'I,, 1 ' jllI >S»'' < l idt -'if**'* *•*•".' " -j . '). lip^:;:^ *, *4*l»;v.v,*- T |j ^SfQtf" :: ,, -^i'Ski^w......-.^.^^^ * \ : i ^Z**?- £- V,t ( *-J:L^!> ?/ « , ••'jy»*p; l v-.-\- -v.--;«-:-;iVi-= f-\-'.UN- t : v •'•*>•'. -, , •.-•"! - I'p to the minute—yes a little beyond. "Collegian" Clothing is iu a class by itself, with an nir of elegance Hiul exclusive individuality. Collegian tailoring is within a step of iicrfection. NEW HATS STIFF AND SOFT NEW SHIRTS NEW UNDERWEAR BEST SHOES—"SELZ" MODERATE PRICES S.WISEKOPF

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