Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 4, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1896
Page 8
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S^#!»jB%^S%WW^ THE GOLDEN ttLJLE KID QLQVE The Greatest Kid Glove Event in years commenced"today at the Golden Rule, and will last until every pair is sold. This sale Embraces 600 doz. pairs of Genuine Foster Pau & Go's own make including the following makes in both colored and blacks,~and all sizes •from 5 to 8. FOSTER'S RETAIL BRAND- William, Fowler, Fosterina. FOSTER'S JOBBING BRAND--Dresden, Lyons. Foster 14 inch hook length undressed Kid Gloves. These brands you will know are worth from $1 to $2.25 a pair and our price is choice 68c a pair. Assortment of sizes and colors is now complete hence we would urge you to call early. SCHniTT & HEINLY. WELL MANAGED State Prison South Is Highly • Complimented. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST Even the Indianapolis Sent'nc Speaks Well of It. Ls t:ill;!ujr street f:ilr. Suliscribc (or Tlie Journal. -10 cent* n mouth. Hammocks jit your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Jolm Manes k lyitiK seriously ill :it Sis home Xo. 331 Rroadway. Don't 'iiit* null res iv t :is many have, done those barjKKU shirt waists. Trade i Tnliici 1 . •X'uUinil g;i,« bills for the moutb of August arc now due and payable at tlio company'!i odicc 0:1 Pearl street. A tflst of xmolco pruhK-tors will be made- Tuesday al'ternoon at tho'corner »r Georire n ml Twelfth streets by C. IX, Sellers, chief of the tire department, There will be a basket meeting'noai. 1 . the I'leasant Valley church'Sunday,. Anjm-st Otli. given by the Uiilversulist «liur*li. Toe GtilvCdto.il orclii'slra will; SliruLslHllOTmtSiC. :' Bcliiel M. E'. Sunday school will give .1 pfc-uic tin? 15th ot August In the'' "Delaplane" woods near tin? Murdoch- ncllool house. .-Ul avu cordially Invited.. Music by tlic band. .'.'•'.' The- State i-ouvautlou of tlie Catholic- legion will convene at-El- today. St. Bridget'* counc'l will oe i-ppraseirted by the Rev. Father . KrocKor, James Con-way auo a number- of others. •';:••' A Sunday school pit-Die Ls announced for Saturday, August lutli, of Dyke-, man's Big Springy two miles east'of- •ah6 city. .It will be an till day meeting, ,-wirb speaking In the foi^aoon ,niul afternoon. Tht Kankakee hay-makers ' have arcetc-d water wheels to carry off the . .water, which lias flooded thousands of acres. It i« estimated that f30,000 will • act cover the loss In liay throughout tbc Knnkakee region. Those who enjoy n day's outing anonld not fall to take advantage of the •seeediagly low rate to St. Joseph via tbfr Vandalia Lino. Train leaves tlic atation every Sunday at 7 a. m. Fare for the round trip, $2. The consolidation of the Natural and Artificial Gas companies, wakes the payment of bills 'for consumers using . ttotu kinds of gas much more convent ant. The person paying for natural . gss who 'Is also a user of the artificial can now pay botli bills at the same time at the company's olflce, 317 Pearl street, All bills are due and collectible on the flrst of each month with customary ten 'days' grace. Bills for August, 1S9C. now being due. QUART SHOP HAS QUIT. Good Citizens' League at Galveston Wins Its Fight. A (.Jood CiH'/AW league w:is orsaii- 1x1x1 at Galvcston on last Saturday with rhirty-c-iglit members. A compromise wkh'seott, the keeper of the ijnart shop, was effected and, that town is unw'fi-ec •tom a saloon. Scott lias liail a great dual of trouble since hi- started iu business. He was rcei-urly arrester! fur violation! i>f the Liquor law. ana also has a da-mage sul-f Illod a-galnst him for maintaining a nuisance. It, was agreed between him ami the league rhat he was ,-to receive a snin'll coinpwisutlon for his si.oek and fixtures :uid the suits against him would be dismissed it ho would sign a coutraet to go out of the business and uor establish another saloon lirHie • town. It is not known wha: disposition will be made of tlic stock iiud fixtures. SECOND ANNUAL PICNIC. Michael's College Field Day and General Good Time. Republican Speakings. , Republican speakings will be held at the. following places in. Cass county: • F.riday afternoon, August 7th. lion. James A. Mount, Hon. Goo. W. Slerlc, at Logflttsport, at 3 o'clock. ' Friday night, August 7th, at Eroad- way irak, Logaiisport, Hou. 701111 W. 6'Hara oif Peiii will orgaub.e a r.epnb- llcau club. ', Saturday Klght, August Stli, Hon. W. D. On-en at \Valton. Hou. W. T. Wilson will speak at C:il- Joway school house, Jefferson township, Wednesday evening, August Otli. Hoii. W. T. Wilson will address a meeting Thursday ev.entag, August 0, at Onward, Tipton township. ; MILITARY BA^D CONCERT. '' The Military baud, which has uindc such splendid progress under the. ^ directorship of E. W. Cramer,' will give another of Its enjoyable concerts at Spencer park th)s evening. The following program will be presented: . March—"King Ootton"-Sousa. "Day Express"—Boos. Selection—"Barber of Seville." "Sambo's Frolic," song-Bud dunce- Boos. ' Trombone sore—"Down in the Deep Oelliir." . "County Fiilr,"-(-by -request)—Boos. March—"Black. America"—Bryant. The second aim mil pieiiic of Miehaels nivi'i'slty will bo hul'd on the college camiins on Tlmi'Alay, August ]o. A jiui.-rii.cal a-ml literary program has been arranged and an address on "The Dutlcis of an Kducsittou" will be delivered by lit. Rev. M, E. C:uiipii)ii. Tlie grounds \vi-ll be .siipplit-d with chairs and benches a.iid an old fashioned basket dinner will be partaken of. Alhelotlc t-onrest.s will also be Ir.d'iilged iu by.the young and vigorous youths.. Invitations have been sent to.sm'ruuudUig communities and a large crowd Is expected. Everybody remembers .-the- picnic which was held there onio year ago and will no doubt encourage thlci worthy institution of learning by tlieir presence there on the 13th lust. Within the past year the groumls have been beantilVd by the building, ot'ifoutitaius and driveways and are now classed nmong the most handsome in tin'State. • . .; Saturday evenlug white a small boy was playing vrilh.'im air gun ou Railroad street,.1t was-carelessly discharged and the bull entered the cueeic of a boy uamed Eltuer Tucker and severely wounded bim..-Dr. J, P. Hethe^lugtou was eailled and the boy is now thought to be out of danger unless blood poisoning wets -In. Had .the bullet been three incites higher-..-It: Is -probable -that t:lie atfldeut would have proven fatal. A barn in Shultztown. .tlie proiwrty-of Adolph roller, .was burned to tbc ground Sunday mornijig. about ; eleven o'cl'ock. The,-lire Is supposed-.to be of Incendiary origin. -There was nothing of great.value In 1 .the .barn 'and U' wa's. insured for $85.'. -Tie loss is said to exceed this am0untrabout.$2D. ;.'A daughter of Mr. Fossler was the only one at ihouie wh.cn the fire .was flrst discovered. Harry Good and -Mel Castle, Western Union 1 messenger . boys-collided •• on Fourth- street y&terdny while riding on their vdieelsv Both wheels were damaged but tlic riders were unhurt. There will be a'tneeOng at the Republican drum corpa at the rink this even- lug. All 'members nre ordered to be present. One of the Institutions of 'the Slat' -jiliowfn't? • remarkable- progress nude Republican rule is xhu prison Soutl) under the able iiiaiiagoiribnf: of Wardci A, T. Hert.^who .has displayed grca tataif for dLselplfuc;' a.nd ret'orniutorj method*. ' 'J'htt-. Indianapolis Sentinel thc^State orgaii oCDemocrncy. s:iy^: • "Tlic 'membia-s of the Board of Sta'j Chnritio.s 'have rcmrned from a visi to the prison south at .Tefrersonvlllc and are well pleased with, the conailioia of the Institution. •• Secretary BIcknell wa flim.-ied by the Board to address a let ter'to rhc prison dircclots, congratulnt- loy them upon their progressive policy and coui-inendiuj: uuniei-ous ro.it.nrcs of their administration. Thk letter was dispatched TO rrnsldeat W. S. carpenter of the Board of Directors yesterday al'fernoini. In part it wns as follows: "'Tlie grading system which wiis-in- troduced on the Otli IiL?t., ir carefully and thoroughly conducted, luis been uiu- j'ornnly found to be a powerful inceu live to good discipline. The moral e:'- fect upon the prisoners is cerlnin to be excellent Those who prefer to obey the- rules and act the part of men will find .their efforts appreciated and to some degree rewarded, while those who fall to obey the prison regulations or manifest a desire to properly conduct themselves may be made to feel their disgrace more keenly than ever before. To reach-the best results the grading -system must be supplemented by the indeterminate sentence and parole law, hut these require legislative enactment. In tbc meantime you have done what you could in the-right direction; and, i.f tlic gradlu-g system, -as you have nstab- 'li.sbed it, is- successfully carr'ud out, you will have done much to hasten the coming of the indeterminate sentence and parole of prisoner*. You cannot be deprived of the credit of having bcin the ploueei-s-iii-the Introduction of this ImiKirtaut reloron in Indiana. " 'We desire to 1 -commend most cordially the fearlessness and spirit manifest-, oil in your determination to secure experienced mid capable subordinate of- ticers. even thougb it was found necessary to cross the Slate liuq In order to do so. We do not believe there are any men In Tlie .United States too good tor Indiana, and we do believe flint If we being valuable-men from other State.', and make them loyal citizens of ludl- [ana, we are-doing our State real service. • " The character of the Improvements wJiich you -have caused to be made :n tlie .physical, equipment of the prison also calls Cor congratulation. The new shop, dining room, kitchen, water closets, bath 'house and other Improvements are excellent,' Especial ' emphasis should also be laid upon the strict cleanliness aud.orderliness of the Institution. X!ie effect of this on the minds arid habits of .the prisoners, ais well as upon the general healthfuluoss of the prison, cannot fall to be beneficial.' " The letter concludes with the opinion of tne Board of State charities that "tlie prison south.Is moving In a direction which 'will give -It a high rank among the prisons ot the country In a few years, If your present progressive pollcy lis continued without Interruption." . j -SCRAPPED" OVER IT. Riverside Cycle Club Member Enjoy a Heated' Discussion. 'Litst night the lU-vetaldc Cycling clu held the most exciting meeting wblc it lias ever had since its organIzalioi The first part of tlie meeting wont, ver .smoothly. After the report of the var OILS committees 1ml been heard, Till! S.-tuilplo, Johiii Carroll ami Bert Vine were elected members of the club; :i r.-ic hi{,' committee .wuei appointed to pro mote tlic racing interests of tlie club an It is intended to give races every inoiiH The matter of Frank Skinner afli Charles Grant, representing the Rivei side Cycll/ns club, riding to lower Ui 200-milc'road record was discussed, am as the boys seemed confident That ib'.'y •will come around all right, it was do ceded to let tlwm make the race on nex Thursday. The meeting was aboil ready to ajourii when Treasurer Mat Obcnclia'in took tiie floor to in.-trnc Janitor Boyer to attend to life duty it collecting tlie checks on the pool game? .more -promptly. Thon the exclt-jmcn began. Some thought, to.do away will the process of letting the m-embers pu 1 tljtir clieclvs in the box 'which is placw' in i:Iic club ho-use for-that purpose am" lut tlie Janitor do the collecting.pcr.sou ally; in fact they wanted Jilm to have full cli.'irge o.f the collecting of the revenues which arc derived from the tables. This is exactly contrary to the by-laws, which provide that the treasurer 1ms full power to sec to the collection of all noneys. All by-laws were !nid a,side tul a vole was taken 10 seo-if a majority of tlie members present were ! n favor of taking (lie cliarge of the pool tables away from'Treasurer Obenchaln jnd turn-ing it over to Janitor Hover. ,V rising vote was taken and tho.se In iivor of givinsr Mr. Boycr charge won. Urcvsident Kreis. faking into consider.-i- ion that they wore departing from the •ulcs of the club, was inclined not to .nku the vote and heated discussions followed which resulted in personali- ics. The principal person:; involved in he argument were Treasurer Obe:i- chain ami Will Rosier. As I lie ai-gu- nont grew more heated Mr. Obencbaiu icciiine courinced that some of the numbers of the club were dissatisfied viUi him as'au ofb'ciai and Insisted upon hem accepting his resignation as trcas- irer; tliis. was refused and he sont iu i.s resignation as a member of the club. Ifter this had transpired some member made a motion thnt the collection ot iioney for the use of the tables be left s it was before, and the riiotioii was carried almost unanimously. Then amid' the excitement some one nwde a motion to adjourn uud it was carried. This was against Sir. lloslci-'.s wish, ana thinking that he had been treated unjustly In his argument b.v the president, he sent In his resignation, and although MI treated, by some of the members to let pass. Insisted' upon them taking it and it was accepted; w'liercupon Mr. Obenchala withdrew, Ws resignation and is again a member, of., the .club. A. meeting of tbc directors was then held, but as their meeting was held behind closed doors and tin? business transacted is not made public it Is not known what they did. , The next business meeting will be held in one n.onth. BEGINNING THE WORK. Campaign of Education F/om now Till November. The campaign, of education te on. Every natulct. every school-bouse will be visited by the Republican campaign speakers before the election in November, and. the principles of sound money and protective tariff will 'be discussed by able speakers. ••-••• The H<xi. W. T. Wilson, candidate for. johi*-Uepi-csiMiita'!.ivt j fi%n- Cass and Mi.-unl' .counties, will make Ills flnst speech of this campaign at New Waverly. Monday evening, August 10. He will speak at Royal Center. Saturday evening. August 35. D. C. .Tusticc will speak at Meto.i Saturday evening, August S. A novelty in the way of campaigning will be the Republican basket meeting or picnic to be held on the old battle ground on tlie north bank of Eel. river, one mUe alwve Adamsboro, on Thursday, August 27, The Hon. W. D. Owen and other prominent speakers, whose names will be announced later, will be and address the crowd. REPUBLICAN DAY. Hon. James A. flount Will Speak to Citizens August -jth. Friday, August 7th, at 1 p. m., at the rink, tiicre wi-H be an address to the citizens of Cass county by the Hou. James A. Mount, candidate o'J'the Republican ticket far Governor. The well knomn ability as a speaker of the eminent I-Ioosier should be sufficient to cause a big -turnout of those Interested In the vital issues of the day. There will be other prominent men present,, among them being the Hon. Geo. W. Steele, member of Congress, and candidate i<n thiis district for re- ebx:l'ion. Tlicre will be good music and plenty of At, and a good old Republican lime. Every citizen Is deeply Interested In tbe settlement of flie financial :>rob)cni. and tlie speakers Friday will •is -well eou-Ippod to give an bonest es- wsitlon of the silver question. REPUBLICAN MEETING. Hon. W. D. Owen at Walton Saturday August 8th. llo.n. W. D. Owen. Secretary of State, viill address the citizens of Walton and -it-Unity, Saturday evening, August Stb. There will Ix; other good- speakers sent, music ajwl a good Republican itue for all. Remember t!bc date. Sat- iruay. August 8th. Insist on having Just Tvliat you call or when you go to buy Hood's Sarsa- >arilla, tlie One True Blood Purlfler nd nerve tonic. PEOPLE WE HAVE HEARD OF. Xihe girl who burst into- tears has been put together, and now -wears Filling's shoes. Tne young man wlio was taken by surprise at the wearing qualities of Pill- tog's shoes, has returned, and says he ntends to wear no otters In the future. t is rumored that distance lentencbant- inent to Hie view,-and now the view. refuse *o return it, wltliout an equivalent lu the shnpe of Billing's shoes, 'he man who palnttd the "signs of times" is now out of a job; and when last heard of, waBtrying to get a position painting Filling's signs. The man who jumped upon the spur of the monaent, was glad to sit down, and lias clone his jumping with Pill- Ing's shoes since. 'he gentleman who went too far in the argument against Pllling's shoes was brought back on a shutter, 'he mail wlw was moved to tears, complains of the /Ifiinpnaas of the. premlie, and wishes to be-moved back ogaho, as .the only dry part of him was hla feet and on them be wore, a pair ot Pilling's show. • HARRY FRAN Creates a Sensation-such as has never been equalled-all on account of its unheard and unprecedented Slaughter. Clothing and Furnishing Goods has to go for whatever it brings. No person in want of anything should fail to attend ihis most important; sale. The Values are Simply Astonishing. You all know that Berwanger Bros. & Co. of Knoxville, Tenn., have leased our store room and we must vacate Sept 1. To do this-tosell $15,000 WORTH OF CLOTHING within 30 days requires such a slaughter, the like of which has never been known. $2.00 WORTH FOR $1.00 CASH In this Great sale we offer Overcoats, Wikter Suits, Underwear, Shirts, Gloves and Mackin. toshes at half value. It will create gladness to the purchasers who get such Enormous Bargains for their money. Everybody cordially invited to pick some of the plums while stock and sizes are complete. Respectfully,

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