Stillwater News-Press from Stillwater, Oklahoma on October 11, 1957 · 1
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Stillwater News-Press from Stillwater, Oklahoma · 1

Stillwater, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1957
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Weafher !ri tn fltn Satorl iy 1t delaik on po4! VA' 0 47TH YEAR NO 220 12 PAGES BURIED ALIVE—Policemen help Davis John ston 21 Oklahoma City University student from it hole where he was buried under four feet of dirt for mare than an hour Thursday A sewer Former Stillwater Pilot Dies in Flaming Crash 124Z7VartIrr :q71-17NN k !:!!!1 Sta!o awl w as graduated from the 1' S Naval acideinv ill MI lie received his commission direct to the Air Force lie was married to 'Martha Beck of Hughes Aik on June 3 1951 Ills wile now at 7:7 Cutler Ridge Fla The Air Force identified two CAPT JAMES D PERKY other crewmen killed in the crash as: 1 (apt Thomas C Thomann 38 the navigator of lomeA eat! and Too Many Tickets Already Airman Ic William A Jonts 23 OKLAHOM A CITY t LP) —The crew chief of Naranja Fla 27th irathe conviction of an Okla-: The name of the fourth crew-hum City attorney brought a man was witheld pending notitica blast from City Traffic J u d getion of next of kin ine Dcmopolos STILLWATER James Dcmopolos Demopo los said he would rue Polio Reported em mend that Thomas Anthony: OKILAIIMI k CITY (UP)---Tillsa PrarilliiT4er's state (l ivcr's teil the only four cases oi cense he ro oked polio in the state last week Deadline Set For Homecoming TODAY'S OR31T—Lari4e1 chart compile' thf I S NJ al Iteseah Laboiatory III Wastilmoon shoy‘itr1 th pi It bLs Of the Ittilaii satellite for the p:t Hid bigiruiti dt 4 i p ta 11)T Itil Tho limpc w(b compAtpI rr 40 N itli Li'ittlfe NI111) TVIA:111)Fo IL PURI-JARED DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY IN (1IAus ELF SE A1111 ANid SCIFNt CILN R STILLWATER OKLAHOMA FRIDAY OCTOBER 11 1951 Kremlin Expects Mid-East Blow Up and Mondav 1 Hre a 4-1 non- interfering in the internal affairs anu poiem tior- of Syfia der skirmish het k cen S) nail and The danger of a flareu t? in the 'I urkih troops Middle the US State Dal Del'ar'dm'llt ThuNd"Y to al n disclosed today S ria seht a stern Russia that the United Statt s It Ankara wtiducstty accu— honor its defense coin mit merits to utev of —unjustified provoe Turkey ions" along the border Communists diplomatic soucci These inchnied the old eharees in London made it clear the of massin4 of troops and added Komhn expects the Middle East allegations that Turkey had flim n to blow up somewhere near the planes over Syrian tirritoi y and Turkish border and the sources that Turkish soldiers fired t Syr repeated Moscow's ‘‘ wiling that ian border residents Safety Lane '! Check Slated Are you drvin4 a death trap? 1eLuninn4 )day the StilIA‘a- ter Safety CouncI in cooperation -- with the Stillwater police depart ment Ilwir annual salety check of automobiles to Ict drivers lirom the condition of their cars ---st 1 Points to be checked dung the i miiikk1111 : five day examination pertod s ill t be tires exhaust systems nrakes F ) Davis John- ditch caved in at a construction project where horns II-thR which 'Mod(' front ti and rear sitnzil lights and stop student from he was working part-time—UNITED PRESS lights windows windshield wipers ider four feet TELEPHOTo and rear view windows 'sday A sewer With five lam to be coiiducti'd on city streets the check should take only an estimated five min- 'I' I !water Pilot utes per car according to Bill K Neph one of the coordinators of 1 the safely lane check Prizi s will i be given to many of the drivers: W h o go through the lanes with: lucky winners receiving free tube laming jolts anti-freeze free wash jobs' Crash and a large number of other prizes' The Stillwater Safety council is MIAMI (Special) — A 3n-year-ol1 former Slithvater man Capt composed of 18 members of civic' James D Perky on of Mr and Mrs James B Perky 1724 W Third clubs representativesof the 1:' ave died this morning when a B-47 Stratojet crashed and burned on lice department postoffice city of a Ifinnestead Air Force runway near here early today iStillw ater auto dealers asocia-1 Three other occupants of the plane were also killed in the crash 'tion Oklahoma State University Officials at Homestead AFB said the plane vas taking Of on a insurance agents and KSPI radioi routine training mission at 12:17 a m and a few m as well as the News-Press minutes later crashed i on the northeast end of the run: --1 Safety surveys by the National way Capt Perky was conunand: 'Safety council reveals that millioner of the aircraft r of Americans are driving death' Firemen fought the blaze for R e' ds uwe Up traps Ahnost one flit h of A mer- nea rly two hours and a base ica's vehicles are unsafe necause: spokesman said the plane was a i they need repairs or stir icing' "total ky loss" Uovernment The Safety lane check is hi alert ::: Per was born June 9 I927 at !he drivers of these unsafe cars in Elkhorn is and graduated from :Stilhvater that the minor ficilts Of Stillwater high school in May of SAN MARINO (tI)—The Com their cars may cost the drivers or 1943 After serving 18 months in i (-1 i:i iilher nerim their liVei I l Safety surveys by the National 'Safety council reveals that millionsf R r of Americans are driving death eds uwe Up itraps Ahnost one fifth of Amerlicals vehicles are unsafe because they need repairs or serk icing Government' The Safety lane check is h alert' he drivers of these unsafe cars in Stilkvater that the minor dc:Its of SAN MARINO (LT)--The Com their cars may cost the drivers or munists today unconditionally "111°r persons their lives surrendered the yoveromNt of this storieI republic to the Chris- Deadline Set 1101 Dem icrats but served notice' they would try to get it back pnr Hnmprnminci Crisis in Turkey Mountin DEDICATICN SET — Oklahoma State University's AGN-201 nuclear reactor first at an educational institution in the southwest will be formally dedicated Oct 31 during a special Nticlear En4ineering Symposium John West di Foreign Newsmen to Visit Here The end of tiny San 'Alarino's 12 — a Hwy win De accompanieu lit'll DV 11 anace 1j11101 years ot fled lade came at a bit ' nical leader for the ILA office in Washingfon I 'Al hc: ter 20-minute 'fleeting between' 'ANTI Itogers director of the agent-al-large is in charge of the groop's program and represtmlalives (il the two parties alumni association at Oklahomai V hil l! they are on the OM campus in downtown Rimini an Italian State University said today that The group inehnles newpaper rusort or the Adi!"atif all crtrU'A fur the ()St huillycorn cd'turs radm uflicials and "uivern'file Communists f i n a I I y ing parade must be submitted to 'molt employees interested in in-! cym ington R ) stormed out of the meeturg re- th alumni office not later than ) formation a n (I communications fusing to sign any argreement and Pim Oct It milt Ives said They will learn retusing to take part in the Chris-' Rogers said lo m ts cal erchan or about land grant college opera- Farm Policies tian Democrats' flew government citizens who plan to enter any unit lions and particularly how in Bostonion Facing Threat Of Extradition on Charge nut-sToN (tP)— A 37-year ohd Boton World War II hero reporL ed droA ned in Boston harbor t months ago today faced probable extradition to NI assachusetts to face a $105on grand larceny charge Alvin Gordon Plackter refused to discuss the (1 rimming" or charges of taking $10500 from a lioton trust fund Ile also re fue(I comment on a S130A0 lil insurance policy his Nv I e had at 10 collect L s ESS State Uttiver Industry Prospects Contacted eharge ! With over 00 of the 769 units Alvin Gordon Plackter refused tit participation represented the to discuss the 'drowning" or stockholderi of the Stillwater In ithar4es of taking $10500 from a dastrial Foundation voted a con fiotim trust fund Ile also re tinuance of the foundation with-fused comment on a S130molt 1de out a dissenting vote inmrance policy Nvife had at The foundation now in it) templed to collect sixth year of operation wai OIi gmatett to attract industry to Job Placements Up Stillwater oKiAtIo‘R cruv (tm—Lb v U Wilson onlitoing hoard p11nittnt by the Oklahoma Frn chairman 431 a dylalltil reltort plotment Seenrox Cimmimin on all iiIiiiI prospects 111(11 lat month than hatt loom contacted ilorin4 the tor Smtemlwr Frill the ateney year the indmitrial contiirt chill man annimoced today committee of the StillAater Sog'e Cpi Prkt Sc Surchy 10c Asian Flu By UNITED PRESS E!Issia oult1 assi-t Sta 1 he S ran Pre'ei sil I a loll- 11 ltI -hi t )llowel a s'att wont iI Syria ili:hised today it lo id fr- Both S‘ca and Rdsa h e ac c'eer Imlicved to he - inericiii 1 1 t 11 'tohtoed- Hal atr soac er cised 1JrLey in recent we-1s oi Nots:i1 1‘ it-i-lichtV 11-11 th I !il mally accused Turkey of lit'W pro - the border ilis!t-i t of NI Ain RM ihassing troops near tht‘ is rdcr 1 0 ell S' is try wg t) in L'i!' 'I :'- ocationi along the border and ot and I baiday there w a a 47) min- syriin selt-ity 10T-- aso re kcy Hit - w tr '‘ '-'t D---1 !1 'Ix 1 tnterfering in the interim! a!tairs me anit pokm11111' khir:clo bor ported the discovery of Le oral S of Syrla der skirmish between Sriiti and handreik of lliodern HO ‘1hial 1 ai Ley is a niemlwr of tile The danger of a flarcup in the 'I urkili troops k ealons" In a craokillte II on the Ilathli'l Lo't and one of Cie Middle l''at led the US State I -dela soorces in Damascus hanned Sot ialist Nationalist pm- -VtilIicmi 111c HI 1) -i1 DePartment IntirsdaY to yarn dischiscd teddy s ria sent a stern tv A militlry sp()kesman sdul tite-ton olliclais sail 1110 I illtol Russia that ute t nited Statt s will nole to Atikal-a edlietty ae(-1 they kk ere hidden to “kjectl a slams -couldn't let Eoss: -ol 11°11" its deleil'e c'immitincias to ing Li i hey Of -timnistitied provot (-All 11' dcNig:lett to topple the aw I ‘ ith" Khru-Itehek ' tml'he-i Turkey an e a:ions" along the border current t Flan rt'41:110" thrcat that "if wir breaks ( lit ‘No Communists diplomatic sourccs These included the hi ee snt htt outlawed the pm-ly ilk' 110:ir Itil'hOy and yi ale in London made it clear the of massing of troops and atidel betore it accused the United not - Kremlin expects the lititille East allegations that Turkey had !limn Saates recently of plottill4 fi' tO er- 'If we remainel sJenl we to blow up somewhere near the planes over Syrian ItTritory and throw' its pro-Communist g‘ ern- might lead them i the ll'i -skins) Turkish border and the sources that Turkish soldiers fired t Sym ment to think we ire not prepared to repeated Moscow's ariiing that ian border residents The Stale Department i trning follo thrimgli' one (dile' il said rector Of the university's nuclear reactor lab tones up the big atomic furnace for its first public demonstration — NEWSPHESS PICTURE ON UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO Eleven visitors from Itrazil Japan and Ceylon phis two Porlii-1 On Decline guesespeaking interpreters will aim e in Sti Ihkiter Sunday to spend st'k eriii weeks in Oklahoma I oto im ‘ (11N tt I i They Ivill he accompanied here by Wallace KjiderIV leCh- 1 -- --'II ---1' -- :-1 : -::—-'-- pica' leader for the ILA office in Washing!on I 'Al hes county- ' l' lall'eaNi i'')i " (1111mit'll: 11!:11111-1 agent-al-large is in charge of the group's program and acti dies gi111 ()'''1"111al oniciat warneo ioday Mat a se w hile they aro on the OStl campus owl wave of the disease may 'Hie group inehnles newpaper strike the stale later in the year lilurs radia officials and wov(rn- tent employees interested in in- - ynlington Raps 1) r II 11I hbor director of 1he state Health De irmation a n d communications partment said the present epi oft Ives said They will learn F Piicies (knot in some Oklahoma cities bout land grant col op lege era- arm o are waning but added "if the ons and particularly how in Asian fin goes on true to form" irmation is disseminated in this - 1 ‘ lc t Vs t t'llS there will be another wave of Chamber of Commerce Wilson explained the procedure used by the committee in screenint4 pros peets before the foundation direc tors are asked to at on any given proposal Jack D Berry and C E Donart presented a motion that the entire foundation board be commended for excel lenl rork (hiring the pat year The motion was carried unani moody ifeelected for three yoar tenni on the foundation board sere V 0 Wilson and Sam Nlyers houlaa v j Oh! third honitast BATES It4TERVIEWED — 1 I : t Hin ( I h ' s' 1 yii ir H:r1 1 irl drv ' 110 I icitrd ‘1 jIL di A " 1r r 111 c!I a :a! (1 h in I I P!i' a' ( 111!I 110 't 1 IllIt !)11111 1)1401) ! th111 i ! II1Z t)110's 1)ti I fl 1111 umilillor11110 Hirt112h tilt' vir ' 1110-0 116' I Near Record Suit Is Filed 1 'Hiroo ntembcrs of a fi 111) C1'' 1110101 HI in 11h)1111 hdo accident 1Liy 12 ori lI nm tt itt !hive hied separato sun s that to :I al $91:)19 91 a the dm er of the other chide (' I riderson d i :liter I? ut h tin n1hI on and Ins 1zur son lI t helit!etti Andr ha e Iitl pc!iims (1int court nionv pH" ui mt a L'ainsi edrick rItriii I 11it lot 1ti Iii 1 Irmo of the Anderson pinch ausin4 lii' t I ih I hat kIlt-1 I- Anderson and in nu the plaint 1 In nit stol 1ch each chti a ppro 'nudely Ihe sone I ‘tuterson asks the cdort award him $1147513 !or th death Hr 111 vkitt and e inmses invok II vk itFi the funeral as IA ell as medial expensvs tor loinsell and timn ages to the tar Ruth Aim Atillr snn asks $26305 80 and 11 Kenneth Anderson jr $20769 tor in juries ineurre(1 in tht‘ crash Repeal Group Sends Letters °MAHON! CITY (UP) — A slate repeal group today borrowed a technique from the United Drys and polled candidates for governor for their vie4 s on Ie g liquor U B ic hard Wilson Oklahoma Cuy secretary got the Christian Lea gue for Legal Control sent letters to 11 !Tien Whose names e been mentioned In the govet nor's race The letter said the league appreciate receiving from you positi e declarations regardou our viev N On One of I lo it al issues of the upcoming ca in pa it the prohibition issue" In the past United Drys have conducted similar polls and at till the resulti to vote)s he fore vi(chon daN's The league asked for a reply 1111111 It) (lays Pc lice Probin SiotX FALLS S D CCM --l'"''' "" """u"' I dillLi I I 11 Iii lij Sen Stuart Symington CD Mo) t" i" a fe"' "Will"' Rd chattt(1 today that the atimintstra: Several town3 around the staletitns t farm policy is lute an nitt 10VP r eo n peed th eporte Thefts eir schools asi tire that has been patched many utiihreas detimera' : I : Or daineg 0 Holm (proctor ol :ily Indi c today are investi4at- many limes of Oklahoma in tin the theft of automobile accei- Symington said lhe nation's farm' tf!it1'Ilivsearl'iiitYtht schoors vintion sories from two parked cars late Kw-tram is loaded vitt) paradoxi H"::' le apparently has subided and nnirsdaY ni111 and claimed that Agriculture 'ec- Guy Collins 811 Moore drive auxiliary nurses' rerary Era T Ptril(111 k lkiir' cni1''1!it t(t)lf atihtehe heieht ot the ow rep011ed NO spinner type hob: mediately ordered Police Chief ofhce at OW before the deadline country 1 011 A 1 I — m I k I I 7 tiii'S ill a few onths - Ettore Stall II) take his 50-man ThelHe for the piirado to beitin The foreign visil"" "ill "Ir the St'll Stliari Sini1141" ( I) Nt '''' ' Severil towns around the slat) police force recruited from for at 930 a tn Saturday Vv 2 the mi re Ns l'ss plant Mn od day ay aftr charged to that the administra love 14o o ppp1 their brho-oli as Reported Thefts mer MeiliberS Of italyS federal di OSU plays Texas Tech ill noon and later in iho k will lion's farm policy is like an old ou ea thrks d ec lined I Police up the mountain to occupy b "Harvest Holiday" Colors of Nisit other newspaper offices and Ill'e th"1 ha6 been' Niched InanY' hr Ja'invoo 0 flood director of ritY P°4(1 tthlaY are i"ve'li4tit the capital ()I hie 1tioU year-old the Texas Tech ns Red Raiders are radio) htatio in oisiahoina D es aily mallY lim 'the Une ivr m it' of Oklahoma in ti"-t the theft of allt"""Inle aet'"- r epu ei blic 'rl and hlack pro m hd Ltras will be el in the Sin- Symington said the nation' m o- om s farrarv said the school's upidein- SOFI m N fro to w parked cars late — dent 1nom ‘Oth university offi- pnogram is loaded kith paradoxes le ippartiok has subsided and Thus(I"Y night Guy Collins 811 Moore drive mos! of the auxiliary nurses' 6p3 ' IV r Ltidbt! s tit sytnia111ilit:d t 1 lail:d agt iki N:ti 1 ti t mIliiittti ta111(1 a a rtl litr:1 l I 1t1'' a 111at tom operations 1!'e'4111L(111111111srellS'il(1t called in at the heih1 of the out- reP°I'le""“ simmer tYlie huh theories don't brik iiii hi diiiiiiii moil caps taken from his 195 6 Oldsmo- 1 putotit out um only small ditps linte IA hile it was parked by the 2 I of vaccine t i 1 ' (r (-- xkhere tht'Y w ill ""lt Stillwater Still Fire Free illingr(!1111-irttiiisabe(illio'4driollita'llit'klti'121kiael 1':1'xklb"k" that ilvitiodto 011111ttiltliolui‘1:f11111(1tiorishiati aehman theater Collins estimat ft eil the value of the hubcaps at $27 ) ' 'r1N44rit (ippniliitiity to meet with farm !and soine ill the school's food IP thelt occurred between 9 anti 11 pm — a aaa ap amaaa- 1411: foindics and perhaps spend h( a Stillpw iiJter entered id sixth day o olt f han from dlers '-' 11111000-414peee-- 4111111111rft fliJit out in the country iiiiiiin wik iiiihx m 1 Robert Shaw 911 S Ramsey st - e trips will also take them into the prayer Meeting Opens reported the theft of two fender skirts a 1951 Ford Ile set O li Osage county area the Southern' ire rii r")Ifir" rc!'"Ilvd Crnt l'ill qt at 111 At Womlward Fmen at both stittiins said at 1 11171E It( K Ark (CP) --- the value of the skirts at $17 They flown today that no one had repor on t- Tkty foor B a p t i s t ministersyiere stolen from his car lute it anu to Coerokee for the land pas- e(' a fire this yieek and that their litOtt a prayer meeting tonight WjS parked in front of his house LI(Cir s & X tOr tore and rare4e judging training r i ‘‘ ibons ere still unbroken across dedicated to the return of strict betwen 10 pin and midni4lit school and contest 00 out 30 -- fh( station doors I racill 1k 4dtIufI I Thursday City Foundation Continued elected by the group Wilson stressed to the group that the promotion Of industry was a function of the chamber of commerce and that only when the chambeCs industrial committee felt that the ithltist rial foundation assistance was needed was the foundation board callert ink) nwetirrt Ile emphasited that as foundation president he was kept advised of all industrial prospects and was in position to call the board together at any tinit ‘‘hen it was advisable ani necessary t 44 - A 41 i 41 ' :t ' - '''! 61 t :- 4:14v43- v -' h - fi k?-ki --'''Y' 04:ii::41 a 44 IrtN- v t - --' ct' - 41 " t tsolv 44-431k z - NCE- 'kJ ' 'z 1'740' iO 4"'' 4 1V4444 4 As' ''' $ VIkotrilk 41k 7 lifil tple 4OvItao ':' ' tillt' '''' l':'"h10 Art' Tit t)4 si fr2 i 'A ii4-4— :-01iloi gok- f- 7 r ''-- 4 r: tdr 'st: lild (1) r 1 t0!"" 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' t r— t I -t -Ii !: ::77!4:-:k4 : :--: : : i 1 : 40y::::v : et -0---! -0 Is : t -1s " 4 - i: 8" t cot! son h )400:94-7i)" -i!-A :!1411i:AL! -1:44) -k)1 ':AW4e1Voianr'-' '''-'''!- i 44 ' :: ':: r4:444"t:!i0 - :'-'-'' '-' '':::'4At 4 -:!'SiFf:?::K1--:ia":i: : ':n:::::::1' ":i' 4 144141400 : -' 0 V i - ' V' : ' - li! - -::--- cum la al 4 ?:v :- -::::ge- - -r- - - ' i'' Vtt''''''It' '-l- 'TO --':'''''''''71'k :- 1 'litli i--- - l''11 ellat -: f() - ‘-—-:si-:' :--ii- i-:-A i-kz : ' - - -- 1:"'':::::-A-' ----1:-'':!):k 1: '701 It s ---- -8-'0 t 0-— 6:w - kr-1- ----7 t'7 --?- : : 7 kswik T$4 caus A ril I plat 1 I fl :' :'''' ':P14:::'-Y::'-!--:'r-- ' ::x7i i - - 1 'jilt ' Mttlikk:'::ln -4-fr7:0't':- -'-'rr$1 1-10""'-::'kvi'-ö :i4---: :: --::t-- - c:-4 - - 4k4-: -$1 :-:- i-A‘:$---4v !-A-gg40: :-4 -- -- t':'--4'i44-:-:!- --1ft-- :: --::--iiiii) i a p p r - 007 1 I - ‘a a Z "IL - --- " ::l"' ' to - a : ' - ‘‘ it F —----: "- -'' Age -- 5'''''' ' ''' ''''' '' ( a I ' :7 aji I:1i:: s ------! k1'4 -0''' - -: ''' '''"77'7 W"Akt406i0i-i: 44110pC:-§0::77: :' i ''' VV silli 1 1 11-' :'- ' eki ' -'k '' i ' 'k - ' :'' '' ' ? 1::4 ' 4 i! -:i ' ' 4 f :::' P:11 ti! : k ' N44 k 4 it 4 I I I ' 0 ' ' :' ''''' ' ' ' ': sii66ALA I S : Q N f' 'A:4' - 0 otb s $4 ci e(r(r t no It )(it loopollWlotloptilpfoopo well 1 -11114r14- lir r I co 47 : L( mill 401 - 1 '– —11 -1 a 44 ft:4 " t IC – yl t tn' ' (4 15 - v41: C3 4t 9 44 I t (05' 6 1 j- i 4 ali Itio4A 0 1 1 14 4? 0' Ito c i 6 t N oft t t N c 4 ---- I ---- 4'" A 1 It P ‘ 10 i 44 I - ' Illr V 11‘F 0 i 1 adko01114AbAllitiikb if 111110 ' -'s - : :1' : k: 4 sr '''' ) ' : '15 $i 1 4Wt rif 'Oft1744'4 4 ' ! 1 :e 1' ::::':':i: ::::741fik ' lb l'iji:'''''7-' :- I -&:l'iitkia?:tr :-:'71LtrnIVF" ? Pr"Nt :: :: :i:"7:Igioft :!:' r':::1-- Y!: 7: 1 r:: -: i '::: 4' k 4 :111 :k: : v: N ::-:- ' ::4 :':- :1'4-4-:ir:4- 4: -::::Rv Imm7mnImPumallt::: 1 :Ai -- 1 tl --- -I 11644- Al t 'IA 4i - '- i - 7:' 14:1Z---A '1 :'' - ' s ' -'''-' 'St ' 7 li'S ' s '' ' '''' 't ' !''' ik: 771 'N)r-P f t : 7 ‘ Is A 1 0: 4 i i - t t — t N t

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