The Oklahoma News from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 17, 1936 · 15
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The Oklahoma News from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 15

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 17, 1936
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11Mk 1641 vice the 1 of In I Th 1 Dusty Rhodes came back from the Kiamichi country the last time he went there without fish enough to distribute with a lavish band and yet lI e are willing to take his word for it that a pleas PIA time was had There was camping among pine trees and coffee that tasted better than that Fered at home and probably wasn't and one can't have everything Besides he is a neophyte at angling t ho doesn't know that fish are merely incidental to the piscatorial pastime and the halieutic sport i would be less entrancing if a record catch were sssured on every Jaunt As one who has traveled further for fewer fish than reward the average arievolee of rod and reel we still retain zest for a grand diversion that dates from the days when we lust began trying for perch and catfish in a prairie creek that ran by Boyville although limit catches Lave been few enough along the way anel still feel that one should enjoy a fishing trip even if he forgets his tackle Don't Worry -- BY WALT W MILLS — A LADS LONGINGS A boy must long to be a man And have a ring with many keys And do whatever he may please As boys are wont to think men can And when he's older thinks the boy He then can get a barber shave And have none tell him to behave Which seems to promise greater Joy And he can have a shotgun then And doubtless drive a motor car Instead of bringing grades to par Which makes him envious of men He will grow older and will find How many things a man muit do And many others held taboo And doubtless someone he must mind And yet it may console the lad While middle age may envy youth To state it frequently is truth That mans estate is not so bad 0 Tomorrow is World Good-Will gay but Haile Sellasie probably will send no bouquets to Mussolini DROBABLY it is no secret that white shoes make big feet look larger and yet with ample pedal astremities we have a fondness for such palid brogans in season In fact one custom of the tropics that we liked pretty well was that of white suits for pretty much all occasions except field service ixhcn khaki seemed more suitable We realize that it is difficult to get through the day in linen regalia without carrying home the rumpled appearance of having Flept in same but it is fun to try and one does feel E0 immaculate when faring forth in the morning Out here it isn't so bad but Meredith told us a touching tale of Walt Morrow's struggle In wear white suits in Akron O a city somewhat given over to the rubber industry and blizzards By abcdding his coat upon arrival and allowing two pairs of trousers for the day -Walt managed to achieve the glorious goal after a fashion but it a as an ordeal to encourage the shorter working day In fact we have about decided not to take a white suit when or if we go to Cleveland which is also 8 coal-burning center Nov that most of the waistcoats have retired to the moth bails more men are out of matches 1 E V Dur land who succeeded the late Harry Carr columnist on The Los Angeles Times is another ma J alba I who scents to think it a good idea to adorn his 1 ' plinth with a 'likeness of his beaming countenance and he isn't so very handsome either Perhaps we should listen to Ed Galloway and do something 1 i about having our picture in the paper but the sight teen while shaving didn't encourage the suggestion a great deal Jimmie Lawter thinks he has encountered the prize panhandler who after touching the philanthropic printer for a dime asked for a smidget to go with it And that recalls Judge John H Miley's celebrated story which some of the customers may have missed when we printed it before about the moocher who wanted a dime instead of a nickel for coffee on the plea that he was keeping a woman Probably we are bilked of quelque change that might lietter be given to organized charity but it is difficult to withhold a small donation from some youngster or oldster after we have eaten too much Professional mendicants perhaps some of them are but Prank Kent isn't the only one who 6ilys a lot of people are out of work -- Rafe Hoskins says business would be better if everyone were as confident as the campaign managers A TOUGH CONTRACT When bold Horatius took his stand And held the bridge to beat the band He knew no rules of Culbertson But played his trumps until he won ' T"' yo I ung woman w'ho wanted to pay tis for a ride to the downtown district proved to be a' ' MIss Outlaw whom we hadn't met before but she I really works for the Oovernment and there may be as little in a name as Juliet inferred of course Ave wouldn't take the money always willing to be R great help and ell that sort of thing in fact the reason we dont he hitch-hikers a lift on long hauls Is fear and not a penurious disposition If certain citizens hadn't been shot for such generosity we should ever be willing and sometimes eager to fill ' the back seat when going lilacs It isn't much Inn to motor alone even if One can choose his own gait in such seclusion end not be putting on hypothetical breaks as so often happens when one is nerdy a passenger The oung woman wanted to ride down- itown because she eouldn 's get a taxi Sometimes we wonder where all the taxis are when the rains descend: we haven't been able to locate One on such -' occasions either - IOccasionally t here is a pitcher so itlelikerate i in his windup that we wonder he doesn't run for the Senate - This is belated praise but it isn't too late to say that the skit Ernie Mil wrote for the Sigma Delta Chi's Five Star Final Dinner was so good that we mention him as a possible substitute author in the event that Dave Shackelford Russell Hogin and Meredith Williams follow Mike Monroneys example and cease working for the annual press gridiron here Ernie's Stuff has both the lilt and the wit we have come to expect from the home town boys and it wouldn't surprise us to learn that Capt But Jones has broken out in a rash that can't be attribMed to straw berries or prickly heat Thus fare we have refrainsed from Investing in eme of those "deep-toned" shirts either in wine brown navy or any of the hues that don't show curt mein Although a national mag once listed us among Oklahoma liberals sometimes we feel a conservative in sartorial investiture it has been so long since we have worn a red mutt Indeed at this writing we haven't even a coat with a belted back but it has been a long time since we cared a great deal what the well-dressed man would wear ----- $1 reesibly 011 ItrP also old enough to remember 'viten the Democrats had the high hopes and the republicans were In a pobition to name the post 4 masters Mrs Conklin Reigns at County Girls' Home With Kindly Hand ! By FRANCES CORRY ! The horse turned bark his ears and died - Since funds for purchasing: a horse must come from thel much over-crowded "maintenance" fund and not from the "outside im prov e ment" account "Mother" Conkling matron of the Oklahoma County Home for Girisd is planting her Own black-eyed peas I this season When a 71-year-o1d woman works in the hot sun all day to see that her "children" will have enough to eat all summer and fall pushing a hand-plow watering the long straight rows dropping in the black dotted seeds and covering them and yet still keeps her sense of humor she is a real person in anyone's eyes That is Mrs Margaret Conkling who in three years has changed the small 12-acre world the rules with a kind and experienced eye from a prison smelling of disinfectant to a pleasant country home for girls Roomy Country Home The Oklahoma County Girls Home has ceased to be an "Institution" except in the records of the county commissioners It becomes such to Mrs Conkling only when the county budget is mulled over each year and her Mall allotment for expenses is set Even in her mind it quickly mverts back Into the most pleasant home she cim make on a few thousand dollars a year to which girls between the ages of 8 and 16 years may come to live when their parents are unable to provide for them " You have driven by the two-story brick house on N Western-ay at 63rd-st perhaps many times No doubt you also have thought it someone's comfortable country place unless you noticed the unobtrusive white sign which reads "Oklahoma County Home for Girls" But few turn into the drive which curves between neat boxed hedges to visit with Mrs Coaling and her girls A bee buzzed lazily about the lush purple of a petunia bloom A dog stretched himself and walked out to inquire who was visiting at such a time of day when his 32 playmates he knew were all still at school A young woman drying her hands On her cook am Om answered the bell "Mother Conk ling Is the one in the white apron You'll find her in the garden" she said Plants On Garden And in the garden—a neat five-acre tract edged with fruit trees and a grape arbor a woman pushed her straw hat back on her gray hair and laughing at being caught -planting peas" greeted us 'Since gardening is not an 'outside immovement' but a maintenance feature around here were getting our vegetables in by hand tiiis year Our horse died" And with a good-humored laugh Mrs Conk ling laid down her hoe and took us into the house "through the kitchen way" Those who insist that "institutions' supported by public funds must be places for rigid diseipline unbroken uniformity and collecting agencies for all kinds of statistics would probably be disappointed should they visit -Mother" Conk-ling A mother of 16 children will have a better idei of what this country home is like That is if such a mother can double her family in her imagination Tea Towels Tell Story The 10-room house is neatly furnished though not elaborate in any way On the long living room table were piled seven neat stacks of tea towels The clever way children have of turning work into play OFF THE RECORD "How tnolt9 limes tnust ore practiciut" e when there is plenty of compan ionship was made evident here The story of the tea towels is a bit of the daily routine of this home reflecting its smooth-running management Certain girls are chosen each week one for each day and each - meal to wash and dry the dishes Each girl has her own tea towel and since everything ' is marked so are the tea towels for should a girl be selected to dry cups she gets the towel labeled cups Each day of the week has a (lir' ferent colored band labeled "Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc" with a special N'aried-colored one for Sunday since that day is special When the towels are washed and ironed and neatly folded they are counted and stacked in seven piles and it is one girl's job to see the bands are placed and they are put away on the linen closet shelf Dolls For Youngsters The dining room is a gay place Four green tables are covered with clean white cloths At each table are places for eight girls Next to the dining room is the kitchen no larger than an ordinary kitchen in any large home It is shining clean with white pots and pans a white refrigerator sink and stove On the first floor is Mrs Conkling's room and a large closet for linens and "Sunday" clothes Up the stairs and we find two large dormitory rooms and a dies-jug room for the girls In the south room are neat white single beds each covered in a pink spread where the smaller girls sleep In the north room are the single beds of the older girls" covered in blue spreads Every bed in toe pink room has its collection of dolls and on most of the older girls' beds are dolls also though some have decorously hidden theirs away in the closets because they feel they have "out-grown" such play " Must Keep Neat Douse Each bed Is a child's own t'hotee" and the space under and around the beds are their "yards" A girl in each dormitory checks them each day to see if all belongings ' are neatly put away in the closets and drawers where each girl has her own little space There are 32 girls in the home now its maximum capacity Several women's club proups have recently interested themselves in the home and have made pleas to the board of control for an addition so more children could be eared for Ctunty ! Judge C J Blinn as chairman of the board of control is of the opinion that there are probably other children that would be 11ZIliteabZ) THESE HAPPYSARENTS Mit AND MIS Q C McLAUCIILIN 2008 NW 16th-st on the birth Ill of a datizhter Friday 11Tav 15 1936 at St Anthony's hospital Mr and Mrs Hubert Dtinhiiin 3216 N Francis-ay on the birth of a daughter Saturday May 16 1936 at St Anthony's Hospital Mr and Mrs E M Welker 1117 NW Fifth-M on the birth of a daughter Saturday May 16 1936 at Wesley Hospital By ED REED icil you Co wipe your We be OKLALIONIA CITY SUNDAV MAY 17 1936 justified in placement in thP home were there facilities for caring for them "With sn addition which could be built at small cost" he said "A good number more could bp cared for with little extra expense other than food and clothingfor the same staff and salary quota could care for the added number" - Grounds Beautiful The Oklahoma County Home for Girls was built in 1926 under a iipecial set of the Legislature providing for county commissioners to allow budgets for stieh institutions This first home was opened in March of that year but burned on Nov 15 1927 Another home the present One was built soon after and the 12-acre trace has since been landscaped and beautified The home is tinder the management of a board of control including the county luchze Bs chairman the chairman of the county cornmi-sioners J V Dobbs and the county superintendent of schools Jim Warram This board recommends the needs of the home and the budget is approved by the coumy commissioners and then by the county excist board During the past year the home has operated on a maintenance budget of $6400 mcluding all expenses for the home salaries of the staff food and clothinet A On 15 contraction of 'On board" when it rflatrs to persow thingsh or occurrences in shins Therefore it is correct to 1:v a "mutiny on- It ship as "Mutiny on the Bounty" Q It King Ecistord VIII of Oreal 13r1181n does not inirm tkho wifi 11111 tV A 111 Garden Cleared or Stones succeed him on the thronel Fverv child has his part in mak- A His brother the Duke of York ihg thr houe a real home but wor t is next in line becomes play under the direction -- -- Pod management of Mr Q Who is 116W thP Prince of Conkling This winter the foe Wales? acre vardrn plot Tkhich wa- stom A The title can rally bc hrld by 1n1Wde has been cleared of all the eldest on (DI he rfiZrilit8 Iones and with the scenes an at- monarch and is now tn tlRetiVn alI being btult Rt thP of the land Q When was hint nit Last year Mother Conkling and ving's Knickerbocker 11Nore of cannod inme than ION New Yolk" first publibed? cuarts of fruits and vegetables re- A In 1809 S PAGE 15 Aged Horse Lies Down and Dies So Motherly Matron Cultivates Garden by Hand to Feed Her 32 Children Planting gardens is not work but play when there are 31 of you in the garden and everyone has her special task to do Above are "Mother" Conklin's girls out of school for the day and ready to take a turn in the new five-arre garden plot before dinner Below is the attractive 10-room house on Western-ay at 63rd-st which needs an addition so more girls can be given a place to live in the Oklahoma Counly Girls Home dicing greatly the cost of feeding I sclux4 to enter signor hiph bCh101 kipproHch the union of Methodism's two greatest the household Already she has searched the town branches 1cith the Aa me dispassiona I e and forgiving During the the siummir the girls who oer f i vor pesse s f them hem can sew will help in making under- i retty dr spit it there bhould be no question of Its halycon i to wear and no prouder girls than clot hing a nd pa la IlliAS for all the 1 future girls It has been found cheaper i these three will walk down the to purchase ready-made dressr:s for ' aisle al University Heights School icloptiT I seriously doub even that the clergymen or the girls than to make them Mrs just across the street next week La the Northern A nd Southern groups can meet t Conkling says The quiet aftei noon becomes a in deep Find abiding peace at future General Con The girls do all the laundi'y a nd hilarious one when school Is over rerences assuming the union actually takes place-ironing as well As mending two each day and trooping in cow Can they brenk bread together without Also things at which they are partici- i Mother Conkling's children She hrpaking hvb (IS nnd hearts? Well everyone knows things at vk twit they are partic-1 IVlother Cont:11144's children she I Warly adept—witness the tides of l 'ever had any of her Very own bul 1 I at g- breaking heads and hearts? Well everyone knows bocks with neat darns replacing li iter 14 veers at Tecumseh end that ll Southern Methodis clergymen ra b incon every suggestion of a hole tidee Vra I'S here many many girls tthentlY 19r Three of Mother Con in klingls girls Oklahoma call her " mother" and 1I 11g able 1 the liver of a fried chicken arcely sc even to rest Ain thenwlyes while grace graduate this year from Junior high claim her for then very own 1 is being said Suppose a great banquet is &Id ASK THE NEWS ANY QUESTION Address the Question Editor The Oklahoma News iVashington Bureau 1013 Elth-st Washington H C enclosing 3 cents in coin or stamps for reply on any subject other than medical or legal advice Exhaustive research cannot be undertaken but reasonable requests will be cordially welcomed and held confidential Q Th it correet Engith to say Q How many loaves of bread "Mutiny on I he Bounty" should a t an he made from a bushel of not rather be "Mutiny on board r wheat? the Bounty"? L A An Avnwo nt 4n nrinnek 1 illiet It vra 1 M ttl A IltAtiliNC11 tIM4 I thiee years here MAIIV many gnis 1 ""ntlY f"r the liver of a fried chicken EC arecly in Oklahoma call her "mother" and being able even to rest Flirt thetweives while grace claim her for theit very own is being said Suppose a great banquet is held — — somewhere to celebrate the new-found peace de! wended upon Methodism And that some Republican ANY QUESTION i brother from Grand Rapids or Bangor heats bOMP equally devout rev gent from Bromide Okla or rhe Oklahoma Netts ill'ashington Opelika Ala to the hver and simultaneously girabs D C enclosing 3 cents in coin the wishbone to hoot? ect other than medical or legal I know next to nothing about table decorum it be undertaken but reasonable among the Yankee brethren but I can tell you my ed and held confidential friends that a Southern Methothst preacher is fired j with far greater zeal and eloquence ii hen he haG Q flow many loaves of bread had his own Aay with a decapitated And disjointed can be made from a bushel of wheat? pullet And it being in the imerest of the Lord: A An erage of 40 pound nf Work for him Always to a ppear at his best he 15 ays not likely to take kindly to Any interference by 1011Tie firmr IA obtained from a )111fir i of NisrthArnor murkyi and riPltry with a knife arid fork A An a verige of 40 pounds of I floor IA obtained I rom a lmAlel of wheat Usually a little more t ha n I 12 ounce of flour R r r required In a make a poolid 1r f of bread 1 a n ing ninewhat rcorrilng to the other fllween 50 sod 60 loa es of bread ( an be made from a buhhel of whea t Air HoThf I HOOPr and Al lied P Smith ial rrj in arm hi in' enterprie A Thee are 'Toth diref nors Hip New York 1:te Innrante Co What Have We BY MEREDITH THE proposed union of the Methodist Elpiscopal Church South with the northern branch Of Methodism known as the Methodist Episcopal Church comes too late to do me any good and hence I am mildly opposed to it out of a spirit of mere selfishness and backbiting A3 a backsliding affiliate of the Southern group I set no reason why we should make peace with our Yankee brethren after all these years and after what they did to dear old Bishop Andrew back in 1844 simply because his wife Inherited " V1-:' some tslaves To be sure there Is no lir 1‘ difference in the fundamens o' ' 1 " tal beliefs of the two groups 1 1t4se : A ?invitee Methodist prays to 1 I he same Deit y worshipped !: by us Rebels Is modestly 1 ' 41 content a3 we are with a 1- few drops instead of a Owl- lough inunersion lien he is r I getting baptised lifts his hit- tv'" ' Mg' Voice ill the same hymns :z- lilts or lowers his church r- windows with the same kind of fishing pole gadget wor- E in grs ! ries at our same incredible tenet h about I he fate of unsuspecting Chinese and Hottentot souls and nuunbles incoherently to him self ith our own fine toady when it is time to pay tile pastor' s salary or when the presiding elder gets wound up and cannot find an end of his prayer U NMISTAKARLY our Yankee brother is related to us all right and it is axiomatic that in union there is strength I can think of no logical reason indeed why the union cw reunion should not have taken place long ago But just to be a bit stubborn and stupid about it why spoil a good quarrel that has been going on famously for more than 90 years? We can find nothing wrong with his credo but for almost a century now he has been as much a stranger around our hearth as a Holy Roller a SPiritualist or even a Hindoo and once we have joined hands with him under the same roof may we not find that knowing him only by ritual he has In his absence acquired a hundred little eccentricities wholly Incongruous with our convictions and what is often more important our prejudices? Just °Mend it occurs to us that he is in the main Republican and it is even possible he sull believes that the Great Hoover is a statesman that Harding was a martyr and that the way to get out of the depression is for the Government to pour money in at the top in the hope that some of it will percolate through to the melancholy citizen who needs it for bread and shelter as small bova used to stand by convinced that a horse hair would turn into a snake in a jug of water IF these heresies are discovered within nim what then? Shall we invoke the shade of poor old Bishop Andrew and cry anew for a schism that will plunge us into another ton years of differences? Other denominations seem to get along very well together A Reformed Presbyterian in Maine as extimple is precisely the same as a Reformed Pres byterian in Alabama But it is a little different with us Methodists possibly because an many of us are Of Irish descent and because the Wesley boys themselves never hesitated to fight it out along a certain very precise line even if it took all slimmer I often mars el at 1 he religious placidity of my poor wife who is an Episcopslian Even when I have confronted her with the argument that John and Charles Wesley gave to the world a new religion which lA'as a sort of so-coiled "Reformed Episcopalianism" a nd hence presuma bly fill imprOVeniml upon It she remsins unruffled If we could but approsch the union of Methodism's two greatest I branches with the same dispassiona I a and forgiving I spit it there should be no question of Its haiycon future nuT I aiiioitly doubt even that the clergymen or Northern Pr quicker snd dettrr with a knits and fork thp personal side I am opposed to thr union because I wos heartbroken at the sgp of 9 whpo a Southern Metho Mst fixtum fored our pastor to move away from She Mins Mn the world 's go1rdro sPol rind k'tkr 111 little daughter with him The Northern chiirch hod abolvhed thP rula compelling warners to rump every four years even bulore I was born I Iicard of it ou floc mirpt rho' distress tit beitli rP Pfl fr O !ho Dtt and it Mode MP 3! 011( wio1e1iNilicci partisan ttl t httit ti mutt' 'atitnt Q C411 it"d r'r but want tin t tt rOncin'P Stiprt fl Ctturt dttriton: i c 1-qr!d In lert oltItti11c(1 1101 30 t A A 'rite FitptlintendPni of I)of u- r 1 n I UV 1i our of vie - 111- vpp-rd 0 niPtit (iovetniu”ni Print ink (Alit( o 111” : Sup:111w Couri dectm(in' I ) oT I NM food or chlukrn Aho I NM p ond or riwken '— I 11111 YOUR BABY'S IIF:ALIII -- — — li'y Dr Niorris Fishl)ein Nlil LA ii() AmtDA KI HINT t a:o on 0 14' i'l' 'n — w 1 het 11(y iiis01 lifq(1 1 ) I 1 1 a !Or Editor Jotirnal of the American 31edical Aks(keiatioit mitt litits lit kft to the bat hroont I al tle Is to be ta I hit be ti in 1 at:: i- a 1 '''s e and of Ilsgeia tile Health 3Iagazirte gained tc' punt hum att 11 a (Mkt l' u much bet' r 11 i i IF there is one point e than any tither that itveS to 1111i ti l t ' ilin tritt'lli 'innt In It and lit il i' in t Alit mor ol owc "ii Iti ii t t t ti A 'Ir t' ' 11' in ti'lltinni I' r t' i th liwt riitti it t'n it a new mother conciri r it tk the tratm lig of tile ittclum (IP child in ploi)el habits of excretion It I ' elated 1 v' i' 'a r 11- I 1 w lo bies e c st ba larn control (luring the his IWO I N Idittig 11 r 11t ti :r old t1 11 flat II lootie 1 a -i 1t t 1 N '1'he 1? t 1 11 : 1 'I t t '"0to Ahri yral'S 1)f Itft' (iihetS Within SiX months If a baby tottowitic lautt-' ''' ' - 0 fitils to lent n by tile Pnd of t he third ear 'I ot a 1 tr 1t yr' 1111 itiVt A t ji ohti ftt tot iltir !: tt : '- t tt V ()tine )rooe ha -1 I Ils IlainPd relapses in to infantile ht (ill1k 0 ow olirk vt W hi li' ttiti'et I i tti'''' '''''' '' i 'Alt i - habits he should liave special inedictil study atid 11v dui Inv th t ic tim 1) otima- "t It IN i't1 In i t' a irt 'n 'ot d ' 40 131111it Ps til'0 1)sYcitoloeical exti rnitta I ion to id t find out Ito itioim Itow s r Le 11 I't ut hat is wrong f'tiiitV -N js w If tile ( Mi d f tint rad (onimaii o a at time ha up 11ip ohm i) i t i t lit ' at A i ' tt(1 n 't :1'18 Tied wetting is one of the habit of early chilcihtioil 41vf' h'ill 3 PI' l'In 'I '1:'' 1 d 1 1 11 i t A I ) ? 1 41 that i s most dIficult to control ' :t - F ' : 1 p she t' it at o o Iiek eet v mgli 1 'it'ut i': 'w11s11'- 1 1 "' N1"' I'' '' l' ""'': ''7 :':(i s SN'hile the baby is t'ery young the act of releaing Wt:" 1011 1145mAlly 111111 ita1' 111111 eat for 111111'c:I t J fluid front the body is not ctilitrolled by a center in 111'1 8' lw (Irn''' (1"1"ly ilie (1" b up 1 t ' : i N the brain hill Is on automatic pet forinante in which 4 - Motet I the bed tkt'll WO (In tmt pm on diapers -- t 110ttc ot 10 kVal 4 oti' 11 ( 011tA ' i (to iml !tt conii)ale '"'N otilY the spulal cord takes part nradufilly the biain at m1410 alter the bal ha 's begun to go wriltitit thent 11°1" W''''''l '' ili I" ' l'' "r'Wd 111"le ijrcoines involled A() that the child 18 AllIP to lefit'n dultng Ille nay l'Iall "j()(1' ' N1'4° ti'Lnle ni'ld 1)'''"ti"' ''1 ‘11) (5 control while he is aaale t ater his ont oh t n cia 1)e 5 'rake the itac 11i Rk v001) w lie 141: 'II" 1s111 ko111' balk 1(1 E'11'itt' 1111'' 11111plot: '11P Ilinks the tieieson ittii i! Om 4 !:(01 extende I d to cover the hours when the baby is 0leep Nfariv hilrheri wet the bed a few ninuite n I Om We 1 : ' it p In the morning It tend J W Wolosz n 01 tones Cit Route 1 1liz 1 i' ? T ITERE MnY cd11 tot per alt:e aes k tent b ed wettinz 11 f io litoprepaiing (1rvt:upper onittrilitig for ditnk- us ail the fainter al iii ta irtilkattot(d ate lot IZot-e- 1 1 )1 h I I laid 11 rt nu tit 0 infortions poor nutri- it r 1 i it ti ( tu otiddin and w tier ot ‘ it exf elit n'ir Oil ‘k PA tkoo it ti Ante bet Alop 7::"i' 11 --5-2:()I i tiotiitillanittifi'rms and other physical defec -o ts cca lot drin e king IIc' nulk hi possth tt ie in t ook- titv men t e- i rv ttoe i is t om d like to It Nairn a cnita that perstMently ATI the bed is Ilii: ff)MIS BITildS And cereas of h Lk niP Ciaiti air '"' '-''"'" - eating SOMP Of that til i' Itio (II VW HoOth told o d st6 I bromdit to A doctor the hitter firt makes it comitiete pieferaM ib e l F tttt s lowe (km ot 5 ntilt t1 -1 ' I rthysical exanlittaton to determine whether the child Sonict'ntes I t is neemsarY to take the batty up a hour for 10 hoto s while (Ir' toy I hi tar h the ON i r'4511te!)- re) eret) 18 phyttitallY tound in all respects Etery one of tile econd time during the night If so Int 'limiter - ' "-a ' reec leek) region nit 'lite lev14intel NS Piclocr - - Ai" '' I tities niay he concerned in ettlit'leping conditions 'Mould notice the tittle at w hich the baby wets the IatiotI o hod ik'ct 111C hcl ard atsaken him inNt brloir nett th e period 1'u't of 1110 rurrolt CIIITst Ian Church doeln t tilmA llt t I the firt tkertIng and the tsetond no be we tiike !if seriously eilt)ti'h and tells its so in I 1:)00ix'orcl letter fOu to wipe your feet be 1 smmriirnes ft thild of 3 roar mar !tel his clot heA bttIrrn eturilli the dal' because he la too Interested In play gradually lengthened 0 ' gps:-- t'- : kit $ l'' $2 ''''A a - 4- - 71 - -i:-retd(4 17s ' i ' 1 7 PAfVi !'-'' 4:'::' ' '-''' '' 4 '' !(-1 O' ' t 4' 4(-'00 ': 1""'''''1:''' -bk '''''l - : ' 1izr--(: '""4 -11)'" tt' i lir :33A3 r3f: -'':: '1' i : T: ' 1 4 ZI ''''':':'?Y' '' -'' ''' ' rt'' ' -'1 1141 4 i )j ' 113'''''''li'''''' ?44't ' i:"1'':'7!:S''41' 3: 0 l'''''' '' 4: t' 4tfitf :'1 'c':''Is:"!:re::r' ''''' '3314Ve'fillt6 C ' 17'Zitt) t4 t 7 ittt4 't 10-( K'':11''- t l'i ist ' k:14itt" ''1-421214'-'" ''''''44''''''1--"711!'::-:Y4- w 4-7 - f4 k 4111 f-' ‘ 4"' - 0 ' '': tVik ' ' ''' ': : ' 1N: i''''i tg:':ki 1 a ' 44 V f ''110 I teTil:' 1f'":'' -':' 'I' -''" :' ti''''CWr'721'3 r' '''rir 44-': to 44 rs i' ? - 14 -- its-- )10(' 0-‘0' ‘'''''''-1 ' 1 tilf 1: !:''40'1" '!'''' -' q :'' '7'(40 f 'r' ''"k V ' ' ' ::?4" ii '''''''' : li:i:: ( '''''°' i i'lic(( 1e I ? -"P 1441 F) 211 - r it ts w r !7:7 - ' 3':i '"4: 4 3' 140 " Jr IN 4 4 :'"'e 4 -'3 r 4' ip :- -rq y tot': ''' t' -k L ' ) f::- '' -rw-4' :til1' "''''' ':f-7li t!' lc' to 4 -"' vv cl i4 1 4 " 0 d V'so i: : I -1- '''''' ' 1 '4t:"44 4:: to x‘1yt 1 1 :f 2 vi--- Noir: A 1 : 1 - t ' 1 I )t 1410 " ' f k7''tii' 12 '"t'l t't- - te''-1 '''''‘ ''-' ittl '"' -- 1 '' ' i - I4pg44 4 ? t 31k4k 4 ‘ 1:54: "1 : 'fitil : T :' :4' I to --- : tA " '43: -: : t11 -7 ' 1 - l' ' of : ' ' ' i - - v :: Nt ' - 1 I i '' '1 :':i d : :tr ' e77' : ! 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