The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA, .MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1908 No. 47 The California!) Will Receive Subscriptions to Aid Bryan The campaign of Bryan and Kern must be financed by the people. Mr. Bryan says, "Let the People Rule." This Is a campaign for the people, and the people must pay the bills. Throughout the United States the Bryan press Is appealing for subscriptions to aid the cause. There are necessary campaign expenses that must be met, and the Democracy has no resources other than what it receives froirrtrTe people. > t The outlook for the election of Bryan brightens dally, but a political campaign Is costly, and the national committee Is in need of funds. The Callfornlan, at the request of the finance committee, will receive subscriptions, and forward them each week to the committee at Chicago. The Callfornlan will acknowledge these receipts as will the national committee. In making your remittance by mail please fill out the accompanying blank, and enclose with check or mSney order or currency in registered tetter: * * * * * * * * v* * * * * * * REMITTANCE BLANK * * * * * * CUT OUT THIS COUPON AND SEND IT TOGETHER WITH YOUR * CONTRIBUTION TO THE CALIFORNIAN * Enclosed please find ($ )••'(• This is my contribution to the Democratic National Campaign * Fund for 1908. * Name •<• Town •$• Address •{• Money should be send by check, draft, express or money order, * * * * * * * * * CASH PRIZES FOR BEST STORIES A surprise was sprung in the assembly room at the High School this moruing when Principal Conger announced that ten dollars would be distributed In prizes for gtorieg written for the Oracle. He first gave a good talk on the support of the High School arganlzations, especially the Oracle, urging all that could to subscribe to make the pap*r a success. MARRIAGE TIES ARE SEVERED BRYAN'S MASTERFUL J ,«! REPLY TO ROOSEVELT William Jennings Bryan has replied to Theodore Boosovelt. It is to be hoped every reader has peruse,! the bludgeoning, blustering, name-calling, personal effusion of t lie Rough Rider, and will compare it with the calm, forceful, dignified, dispassionate dispassionate reply of II,. ur.shly assailed men. He ap- the commoner. Mr. Roosevelt dealt with invectives. He spoke of "outrages" and "disgraces." Mr. Bryan discusses principles. He compares records. peals to reason. Mr. Roosevelt's assertions arc the uterances of the Man with the Club. Mr. Bryan's arguments are directed to the understanding. If you have mislaid Roosevelt's threatening, high handed "message" to the people, look it up and read it side by aide with Mr. Bryan's reply dated Saturday night from Milwaukee. In Judge Mahon's court this morn, ing an interlocutory decree of divorce I was granted to Kevellla. Meyers from , W. W. Meyers. Rowen Irwin was at- ,torney for the plaintiff, j Estate Distributed, I Order was made for final distribution of the estate of Samuel Speedy. Estate of M. Wangenheim. In the estate of M. H. Wangenheim "MILWAUKEE, Sept. 26, 1908.— Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, Washington, D. C.— Dear Sir: While I have not yet received your letter, and shall not until Ireach home next week, I have read a copy of it In the press and beg leave to submit the following reply: "Mr. Haakell having voluntarily re- algned from the committee that he might be more free to prosecute those who have brought charges against him I need not discuss the. question of his guilt or innocence further than to say that the public service which he has rendered and the vote of confidence which he has received from the people of his state ought to protect him from condemnation until the'charges can be I examined. In some, court, ..where parti t sanship does"not bias"ami where cam palgn exigencies do not compel prejudgment. I would not deem It neces- .sary to address you further but for the fact that you seize upon the charges and attempt to make political capital out of them. You even charge that my connection with Mr. Haskell's selection as a member of the resolutions committee and as treasurer of the committee raises a question as to my sincerity as an opponent of trusts and 'monopolies. A Baseless Charge. "As an individual anu lis the candidate of my party I resent' the charge uncl repel- fche inMnuatfefr. 1 HAVE BEEN IN PUBLIC LIFE FOR E1GH- o n t.,«^« r> t«~i.~«i si —~ u .* - ** v "* c *~w«.*»i,& u* *™. ii. iv »u&i--uuciiu nc.fu.-o i.> rcDi^iw uir KJ r vjiv c.iun- Saturday Principal Conger had a deceased, Mrs. Emily J. Wangenheim TEEN YEARS AND I HAVE BEEN talk with the managers of the Ora- was cle and volunteered to put up *5 appointed administratrix 1)()nds nxed at $ Ui0 oo. personally as prize money in order to Tevls vs Crothers Tlle motion for Change of venue in encourage story writing in school. ni, — M, i ii tr ***"*••«*» IU1 vjitiiititrvji >*riiucl« The managers of the paper offered *5 ! tnls Ca8e wns continued to October 12. more and it was agreed that a first I Continued in Force. prize of $5 will be given, a second ln the case ot tne California prize of *3 and a third prize of $2. Parmg Company vs. the Second Ex- The Judges of the contest will be j tension Water Company, the Injunc- Mrs. Craig, Miss Scott and Mr. Gain- tion order heretofore made was con- er. The contest will close on Octo- tinned in full force. ber 15lh. Made a'Citizen. Schedules Drawn Up. John Kucha, a native of Germany, At the meetings of the boys and was admitted to citizenship, girls associations of the High School! N «w Suit Filed. Athletic Leagues Saturday the sched- D - R - Evinger et al have begun suit uleti for games during the coming against George E. Whitaker to quiet title to a portion of section 23, 32-23. Carter & Carter and Matthew S. Platz are attorneys for the corn- season were drawn up as appears below. A startling change was made when the baseball season was placed ahead of the track season. The field plalnants. day will occur May 8, while the last Answer Filed, baseball game will be March 27. The r n the case of the California Farms field day will take place at Hanford Company vs. the Second Extension and the oratorical contest will be held there that night. Basketball was made a league sport but no schedule was drawn up. The team making the largest number of points will be awarded a trophy. C. Halst of Hanford was elected treasurer to succeed Professor Taylor, resigned. ANTI-TRUST CHAMPION IS NATIONAL TREASURER. NEW YORK, Sept. 28.—Herman Ridder, editor of the Staats Zietung and vice-chairman of the publicity | Randlett," "aVna8ed""""Thr bureau of the Democratic national committee, was appointed by National Chairman Mack as treasurer of Water Company answer has been filed by the attorney for defendant *^. L. Russell of Tulare. In the case of T. L. Moran vs. D. R. Covenger, answer has been filed. To Strike Out. In the case of M. A. Lindberg vs. the Kern Crown Oil Company, the defendant has moved to strike out certain sections of the complaint, also demurrer to the complaint has been filed. The Miss Randlett Estate. Inventory and appraisement have been filed in the estate of Cellnda property | consists .of four shaves of stock In the ] Bakersfleld Security Company, valued j at $4(10; real estate, $142(V, personal! SUFFICIENTLY CONSPICUOUS TO MAKE MY CONDUCT A MATTER OF PUBLIC INTEREST. I HAVE PASSED THROUGH TWO PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN IN WHICH PARTY FEELING RAN HIGH AND EPITHET WAS EXHAUSTED. I HAVE NO HESITATION IN SAYING THAT YOU CANNOT FIND AN ACT, A WORD OR THOUGHT OF MINE TO JUSTIFY YOUR PARTISAN CHARGE. As to Haskell. I "I have never been informed of any charge that had been made against Mr. Haskell, conectlng him with the Standard Oil Company or with any other trust. I had known him as a leader in the constitutional convention of Oklahoma, and had known him as one of the men principally responsible for the excellent constitution which has since been adopted by a day to Alfonso Chicchl and Mariana Scotina, both residents of Bakersfleld and aged 34 and 30 years respectlely. Also to F. Maggenta, aged 31, and Maria Fustlca, aged 27. • •• » THE PROLONGED DROUTH IS BROKEN AT LAST WASHINGTON. Sept. 2S.—The breaking of the prolonged drouth throughout a large part of the country Is announced In reports from the weather bureau. The rains are expected to continue east of the Mis- Issippl river for some days. majority of 100,000, much of which was furnished by Hepublicans. I had known his election to the governorship of that great young state by a majority of some 30,000; I had known that the constitution was adopted and that Governor Haskell was elected in spite of the efforts of your administration, and in spite of the speeches made in Oklahoma by Mr. Taft. A Poser. "You say that it was a matter of common notoriety Unit Mr. Hnskell was connected with the Standard Oil Company, i have a right to assume that if so serious an objection had existed to Mr. Haskell's election and had been a matter of common notoriety In Ohio, as you .say, Judge Taft woulil IS Kor the second time In little more than a week the Japanese pool hall on 20th street near L wns burglarlz- (1 last night. A quantity of tobacco amounting to $20 or more in value was taken uiul three slot machines were broken open. As to the amount of the loss frcai these not much is known. One of the machines belonged to McDonald and the other two to the Japanese proprietor. It is thought the three machines contained about $!>(>. Then- is not any clue to the burglars although they are undoubtedly the same that committed the former robbery circus night. They, entered the pool hall by breaking through one of the sky lights from the roof and jumping to the floor below. When the burglary was discovered last week, S. I. Washlta, the proprietor, barred both windows with Iron rods, but last night this protection was useless, as the men unloosened one of the bars and entered easily. (Continued on page three.) MOJAVE SENDS 3 MORE PRISONERS Constable Redd came to town yesterday morning, bringing In three short termers from Mojave. C. A. Peterson was the most serious offender. He must servo 180 days for hat- cry and In addition to the sentence he seemed to have pulled out of the LOCAL OIL IN HOT DISPUTE There Is another lively dispute on for the possession of Midway territory. The land involved is the northwest quarter of section 28 and is being claimed by S. P. Wlblo et al and Pat O'Brien, Judge Squires, \V. .T. Murphy and others. Last week O'Brien and his associates leased the land to Elmer Jones and Staurday when Jones, through his superintendent in charge, W. J. Murphy, attempted to put lumber for their first rig on the section they were repulsed by Wlble and some men hired for tb.6 occasion. Wlble Is claiming the land on desert entry while O'Brien and h'.S friends have a mineral location. Both claim that their title is secure. When seen today Mr. Wlble con' firmed the report of the dispute, but further than saying that he had put Jones' men and his lumber off and Intended to keep them off, he did not desire to discuss the cane. He would not talk concerning a possible suit. While Wlble seems confident that lie has possession of the property a report later this afternoon from the west side seems to indicate that Jones' men succeeded in landing the lumber. Yesterday about. 4 o'clock Murphy was organizing to go on tha property and the Impression Is that he succeeded. Shepherd Will be Here With Gee. Fred Williams Wednesday fight much the worse for wear. James McDonald and Peter Jenson, two able-bodied fellows, were arrested for begging. The former must serve thirty days and the latter five. Jenson is wanted for petit larceny and there is a warrant for his arrest after serving his five days' sentence. He is accused of stealing some articles from Charles Martin. Needed Medicine. "Doc' 1 Staley was entrusted with the care of Frank Salasaza for fifteen days by Judge Thomas today. Frank lias a bad case of Jimmies and snakes and while he. Is not an offender In a criminal sense, the Judge thought some attention at the hands of the venerable doctor was necessary. Added Interest is given to the great Democratic mass meeting on Wednesday night by the word received here today by chairman E. M. Roberts that W, C. Shepherd, the nominee for Congress, will be here. Hon. George Fred U'illlaniH, the noted Massachusetts orator is now In tln> state and he will be joined in Los Angeles by Mr Shepherd, who will come with the distinguished visitor to Uiikersfleld. Nathan Cole Jr., the national commit- teeuian, will also be with the party. tbe national committee to succeed, property, $39 Total $194444 Governor C. N. Haskell of Oklahoma, ' Marriage License. \vlio resigned his position. I A marriage license was issued to- NO MEETING OF THE CITY TRUSTEES TONIGHT. Owing to the absence of some of the trustees, there will be no meeting of the board tonight. The New Fall Suits Are eiling Fast Mel! tu try tlli'll! S 1v into our ">'"!' nil I tip a in tin II- chillies a!V Ilia ors iii' America anil ti ness and style ainl lii i Xinv's the t hue win- ways n little .•tlli'.-ld ill'.: l'or his clothes Mieivs.s— buy her,, tii' for von. THE • t» see our s<;:' result i-, ;).. -'le-ss ill Ken !.;, the nivnies ii.-ive thai. xW; men deiiiriiid. he fellow wlii • "er.iwil is e '< the M'l-lVt Citizen Opposed to a 'Dry' Town The following affidavit made by F. G, Colton, the well known business man, is self explanatory : State of California, County of Kern. F. G. Colton, being first duly sworn, deposes and says: "That 1 am informed and believe that there exists in tbe City of Bukersfield a secret organization having for Us purpose the accomplishing (if cer- valu reforms and doing away with certain vices .supposed to exist In su'd c'.iy, and to make Bakersfltdd a "dry town." Tlmt It has been reported to me th;it my name appears upon the list ot'menibershlp of suld organization; that i WHS during last summer solicited lo join said organization, but that 1 refused to join It and that If my name does appear upon sal.I list of membership H is there without my consent; that i did not consent to Join it when solicited, nor woulil I dn so now. Subscribed ami sworn in before me this i!iitl\ duy of Sent. mi'*. <;(•:<> FLoruNoy. Notiiry Public lu ainl for Keen county, State of California. Mr. Shepherd's candidacy is finding much favor in the district, and lie will add to his and his party's causo Uy making a thorough canvass. That lie will receive a warm welcome In Kern county., which will give him severa 1 hundred rmijonty, need hardly lie sari. The Williams' party will pass lliroir.; Bakersfleld in the morning, going direct to Hanford where there will be an afternoon meeting. The return trip will bo made on the Santa Fe train which reaches here at 7:2u. The committees named to take care of the details of the coming meeting are all at work. The ladies who will have charge of the decorating will be at Scrlbner's at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, when workmen will perform the labor under their direction. Prior to the big meeting, there will be an open air concert by the popular Union band. H. A. Jastro to OpenFair The county fair at Fresno opened his afternoon with appropriate oxer- •ISCH. Next week the circuit horses 'vlll upend the week at Hanford, \vhleh, though not officially recogniz- I'd as being o nthe fair circuit, will iumg up a Us!, of rich purses for hoth Harness and running events. The I'ol- eras AFTER JSBAND Believing that she had stood all she could bear of the alleged wrongs of her husband, Mrs. Nettle Moses, wife of Charlie Moses, the shoe black at the Southern hotel, went gunnlg for her "old man" last even- Ing. At 7:30 she showed up at the bootblack stand with a big 38 gun In her hand, but before she was able to raise the heavy weapon the hunted husband had her by the wrists and Cap Mortensen was making tracks In the direction of the warring couple. Before Justice Thomas this afternoon their troubles were aired. The woman claimed she had been cruelly beaten an 4 secured the gun to get even with her husband. On the other hand Moses asserted his wife, who is a frail, sickly looking young woman, was a holy terror and made him look like a weakling In her grasp yesterday afternoon. He did not wish, to prefer charges against his wife, but said ho wanted to leave her, she to go lire way and he his way. The Judge has a rule that no one shall leave his office, after having been arrested for carrying a revolver, so the woman was fined $5, which George Washington, her brother, secured after a long hunt. Tho couple agreed WHY HEARST DIDN'T GO TO OKLAHOMA. TOGGERY IOW1U. * IkMM MKMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. W. -—Prank C. McClung, a prominent cattleman of ()l>lalinm;i, who was here today, saiu tl:ai ill'; roiisun \V. H. Heui-ri i au- '•e'.ei! ]ils southwestern en- mi^enients, after his s|nech ii"n> hist Saturday niu-l)' liuit he p reived a f|l)|e 'lui! lie would be arve : ' .1 eliaigc (if criminal )!!' .'noun-la ho set foot In was tip i on tin- HUa- According to M;("iuir.;, <!'ivenior HasKell of Okh'liotim '"ad laid (dans to not only have Hearst aiTe--tcil for aliened - rimina! iitiel, hut that 'lie Oklahoma covenior had made arrangements to file a suit :or heavy damages. Hearst, alter rocelvln? Information of Has- kell'a contemplated action, held a consultation with his Campaign party here, canceled his dated la the southwest and returned to New York with the plea that he wished to attend to Indepndence League convention, lowing week, October 12 to 17, the fair will be in BakerHfteld. 11. A. .(astro will probably be chosen to open tbe fair on Monday afternoon, when the ground will first. |>H i down open. On the following day, Tuesday, October II!, the afternoon races will bi-gln, continuing to lie given dally throughout the week. In the evening there will be dunces, band concerts, and the Midway attractions (o draw the crowd. i Several ailditloniii contributions: hau- licen recehed lately from business men for the f'air. They HIV as; follows: .lii» VlnKiilk, Maeir Brew- .•r.\. $1':.; M. H. Piira, Motley's Thea-! '•er. in; Maul; of Hakerstlold, :?!"). j Si)., del- ,V .laeUsoii, $r,; ,1. .]. .Anio!',! .*.".; .1. I!. MeKinley, $.',; Smith A.- llur-J iu'lt, jfTi; CinidlU'-U Shoeing Sho|j, ^r.; 1 ] F. H. Mercer, $5; S. A. Woody, $2.50. Total. $'S~..Vi. \V , to The Judge administered a strong lecture to each of them. H. E. Alexander, the rotary driller of the. Talara lease, Is in town. H, A. JASTRO GOES TO ATTEND IRRIGATION CONGRESS. H. A. Ja.-iiro left Sunday mornitis tor the Irrigation convention which meets thlrt week at Albuquerque. Mr. .lastro, an head of the American 'Llvu Stock Association, Is deeply Inter- cuted In the work of the convention and he will be In attendance during the entire session. +' Sam Wlble came •}• last night. In from Midway Hal?e You Used A. D. 5. Peroxide Cream ? l beautifies the llesh food and a ,mittor. H gives delightful peachy y of nil women iitlnu of all men. .' to your toilet it. a fair trial delighted with .".- box is only THE KODAK STORE. J. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Orugglct Phone* Main 64 and 74.

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