The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1908. THE BAKERSFIE ALIFOBNIAN Kutchos and McGovern L af the Union Kiiti'hos versus Young Me Mike Govern. Thai in the. piece do resistance Promoter Mauro Uerrera i? offering to- The lads will light twenty 4—if a Knockout punch does VV • < J •"> ** * * —i a is n to thi. 1 go p<>und t x -and their In addition , bept . *26 DEAR TOM;Meroney lots of is selling Gruenhagen ! s Candy these days. Just quiet, "her" a for a nice, Surprise, take box tonight. BILL. P1ANOS1 Quaiity of tone Is very much desired In a piano. You don't want a loud, voluminous tone, that w*ll soon develop into a tin pany effect, which is the case with many of our cheap pianos, that are now flooding the country. We ask you to call at the Willow Furniture Co. and note the soft sweet tone of the Fairbanks and Fremont Pianos. These pianos are new to a great many people, but are built by good reliable factories expressly for the Southern California Music Co., who has exclusive control of the Pacific Coast, who has exercised strict economy in the sale of these two pianos to make them a household word with many. You will find many of our competitors selling pianos for $375 and $400, that is not their equal. Our prices on the Fairbanks are $350 and $375 and on the Fremont $300 and $325. L. T. Gorlley. local representative of the Southern California Music Co. can be found at the Willow Furniture Co. or at his residence at 2115 G street. He would prefer to have you call at the Willow Furniture Co., where you will see the largest line of Edison phonographs and records In Kern county, as \\;*11 as a fine display of pianos and an immense stock of the latest up to date furniture. Furniture as well as pianov can be bought on easy monthly payments. to the scmp beiween these little hanties. Mauro has two other offerings, Kid Hoss versus Charlie Mitchell for lUu-en rounds and Kid Alexander versus, Kid Murray of S'acra- inenlo for tin rounds. Thai certain- fv phouid be enoMirh tiulif lor one night. The iittle (Jtvek /-hamplon and the nan.* w.iUe oi Terrible Teddy are in the best of condition. They tor- »' initiated their training yesterday at', tenjoon and ibis afternoon at 4 j o'clock they stepped on tin 1 scales at the Turf poolroom and both lads failed to raise th enam which was placed at 115. Their forfeit money is secure. The first preliminary is scheduled to begin at 9; 3D and after that the fights will be called in rapid order. Manro Herrera, the promoter, will referee, to see that everything is conducted In a perfectly square manner. Sam Ferguson, it Is announced, will hold the watch, while Carl Johnson will do the talking. Kutchos is very confident of defeating his opponent. "I am all ready for a fight," said Mike after training hours yesterday, "and he Is certainly LEGAL ASSESSMENT^ NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place* of business, San Franeisfo. California. Location of worlte. Kern County. California. Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Hoard of Directors held on the nth day ol September 1 Co:-, an asse-sment of two (2) cent? per share was levied upon all the subscribed capital stork of the corporation, payable iiurcHin^ly In United States pc.H <oiu to the secretary, at the office of th" company. No. 2270-A Market, street u/-nr I'ith street, San Francisco. California. Any stock upon which this mem,' shall remain unpaH on the 2fith day of October. 10<'S, will be delinquent and -idvortispd for sale at public auction; and, unless payment is made before, will be sold on' Friday, the 2nth day of November, 1908, fo pay the delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. liy order of the Board of Directors. \V. C. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, office 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 LEQAU I. JS. .1 Alameda, ent will, on t apply tn 1-jiMd (Mi nt;i. for . X for '22 all } ., NOTICE. Hummel, of **ie County of S;ale of California, the pres. ' the land herelnbelow de. '•• hereby give notice that I " 17th day of October, 11*08, t! <• Register of the State , nt Sacramento, Calit'or- ''uplicate certificate of par- .1 !o' t. U. of on \ is;;o, issued to '-ed April 26, 1000, I .".MO. Vfsatia Land Action 30. Twp. 29 S i). M.. In the Coun; 64" n long of California, containin first. publication, Sept. 190R, for the purchase of Six bonds of the denomination of $f>00.fin «;u'h, of the Frnilvale School iJisUriot of Kern County. Said bonds were is! Mie l by saul Hopnl of Supervisors un- i <it v :uul In iKv.or l.mre with the provi- ; '-^;> 1( of isso ji;i<) IS*N, both iiu-lasive, of the Political (.'ode, of the St.-tie of California ;m:l in conformity an order of said board passed II 1 , 190S, and bear Interest. nt ;tte or' Five per cent n-T auuuin P.iid. interest payable on the o'Mh of I>ee. ni' "-eh out nl' and u 1 lmi!;!hr_' I'uud o!' said rich'.ol ntntinu and sur rer ol' stiid Coun- conpons. lo he numbered cun- I inclusive am! are L1QAK /ith .Sept. <ia\ ! :\>:ii t upon n ndi t of LICENSE NOTICE. Kotir, ^ n\\ 1- f at herwbv uiven to all per: and keeping floir.s. within i*,i ^ 11 * _ f* n t *» » * >t 'lie Citv of HakerwfUdd. -u-etise Ta«s tor the year lints. going to get the best I can give him. I fough^ M m a draw once and am going to beat him this time. I told my friends In Los Angeles to get a little bet down on me." "1 never felt better for a fight and feel sure I am going to win," is how Young McGovern sizes up his chances. The advance sale has been good and there is certain to be a large crowd on hand to witness the milling. All reserved seats are selling for $2 with general admission nt $1. "I think 1 have a good show to offer tonight," commented Promoter Mauro. "The hoys are all good fighters and they hnve te fight, on the square before they get any money. My shows in th-» past have been good and I thiv-k the fights tonight will prove to be the bbst I ever pulled off here," . an- w>\\ jvidv for (leiiverv at the <>!'- nc<- of :,-„. ntv Clerk, in the TmsenK'nt of I'm.),!.-, is Savin™ Hunk building and on ;1 ,<.,. ,], e j fith , lav o f t flnu . ar\, I win urocee.l to iniDCiund all uoirs lound nmnintr on the streets that " rin * tll ° Ncen«e (a*? for J COX. Pnnndmnster. 9. 1908. SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE. a e , noraiion. miv and vertlsinu and Bv order ol tlie Boar r - U WIC . ro. room No. 3tiT. corner Piano Tunin corner on Richardson Mineral Springs Unexcelled for Rheumatism, Stomach and Kidney Trouble,. Ask your j diltls, Coughs, friends about, them or write for book- j Croup. >t to J. H. Richardson, Chico, Cat. ! HAWKING MACHINES. ******* Catarrh Sufferers Are Nothing Hawking, Spitting and Blowing Machines, Says art Authority. Is it possible that lu these .Jays when cleanliness and sanitary reform Is being preached In the churches, schools and .**(, public gatherings, that thousands of people will continue to .suffer from catarrh, when there is an ! absolutely certain remedy always . hand. Hyomei (pronounced Higlvo-me a pleasant, medicated and antiseptic air. Breathe It In and It will cure catarrh. It will stop foul breath, watery eyes and crusts in the nose in a few days. "I suffered from catarrh for two years; tried numerous remedies which failed; used one and one-half bottles of Hvomei and am entirely cured."— C. N. Undsy. 407 East First Ave., Mitchell, S. D. A complete Hymomel outfit, consist inc; of a strong, hard rubber pocket inhaler and a bottle of Hyomei, costs only $1, and extra bottles, if afterwards needed, cost only ."0 -cents each. Ilaer Bros, sell it. and guarantee it to do exactly as advertised. Hyomei also cures Asthma, Brou- Cokls and Infants' By order of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, made Sepr. 12, IMS. sealed bids will be " the Clerk of of said County, nt the Court House, up to 10 o'clock a. m., of the 10th day of October, 1908, for the purchase of twenty bonds of the denomination of $500.00 each, of Lone Tree School District of, mpnl sh . Kern County. Said bonds were issued | d av of by the said Board of Supervisors under and in accordance with the provisions of sections 18SO and 1888 both|Oc.'toh<'. r ;"iiMis. To inclusive, of the Political Code of the State of California, and in conformity with an order of said Board passed Sept. 12, 1908, and bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum «n-j an(l T! s)rPlit s; til paid, interest payable on the 30th day of December of each year, out of nnd from the Building Fund of said School District upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of said County of the interest coupons. Said bonds are to be numbered consecutively 1 to 20 inclusive, and are in number as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 11 years. Bonds Nos. 5 to S, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 1^ years. Bonds Nos. 9 to 12, inclusive, two Thousands Dollars, to run l- n . years. Bonds Nos. 13 to 16. inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 14 years. Bonds Nos. 17 to 20, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 15 years. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal in amount to the par value of the bonds bid for^ nnd accompanied by a certified check or cash deposit In the sum of at least ten per cent, of the amount of the bid, payable to the Chairman of the said Board of Supervisors of Kern County. The check or deposit will be returned in case of rejection of bid,, and be forfeited to said Lone Tree School District if the bidder neglects to pay for the bonds he bids for within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon the opening of the paid bids bonds will be sold to the highest NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. McKitrrhk Oil Comnanv. Location r.mlnr-lici! nlace of business. Bakers- Doil.irs. Hundred Dollar? s hereby srtven t that nt . a of the Directors held on the nv of Aueust. 19Q8. an assess- r to tbe th*.? Interest 1 bond-.- .u*( MTUtively t tn in number as follows: Bond No. K Five - years from date. Bond No. L\ Five o years from date. Bond No. 3, Five Hundred Dollars, from date. No. 4, Five Hundred Dollars, years from date. Bond No. 5, Five Hundred Dollars, years from date. Bond No. 6, Five Hundred Dollars, years from date. Bids will l>e received for one or any larger number of said bonds. All bids must be equal In amount to the par value of the bonds bid for, and accompanied by a certified check, or cash deposit in the sum of at least ten per If served within said county; if elsewhere, within thirty days. The said action in brought to doter mine a claim nude by said defendants U" plaintiff in and t» •, - ' i e or parcel of n:r in the Town ;• rn. Sinte of Crtt- • • t ;is hot Number •"• Hundred t<> that rerialn 1 situate, lying Mojave, (V)-.u it'orula. Nine c. of said thereof ty Red the Tl n Town I ' 10 rho i f the COUB- v i d i i, m. to i. \, sin the interest, \t«, nnd • H f!; i"is or v years Bond 7 their (Hie, if promises, isni pretend* 1 ;! rl.iiin and estate oi also all other per; Ing any rlpht, titl« terest in the real in the complaint, and heu-inbi-t'oro srrlbert. adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's title thereto, and each and all of th* In and to said premises, and e\-( part thereof, may be adjudged and tie- creed to be Invalid and void. That the said defendants ana e.nrto. of them may be burred of and from all right, title, interest and estate in and to tie said premises, and every part thereof; That Ihe said plaintiff's title may be adjudged and,decreed to be a good and valid one ns against said defendants and each of them, anil all person* claiming under said defendants and eaiatel , l in cor Unit„„,,---- —. -v x. the secretary of sajd corporation, at the office of the cpmnauv room J07. Producers fin vines Banli liu Mini:. BaHerpfleUl. California. Anv .stork unon which this nssesn- VSiVsl 'will 1 oe for sale nt nuui c dav of nav fhe deliuouent 'r .vith cost of ad- expenses of sale. of Directors. Secretary. roducers Snv- ts. nntoM'sehl. c POSTPONKMBNT. N c n neipenth if. 8-1 The dafe of delinquency of (lie above assessn Sontem to Octo Bv order of tLolio^-i O f Directors. ™^^ * f ^f ^ * * * A^^P jl T« H ent isjKistt)one;l to Saturdav, tor iM>th. i»n«i nf dclinaiient sale NT 1 iMl. IJMIX. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. T Equality.Oil Commmv. i.ocatic-i of Principal Pace of Husinc-ss. San ciHcn. t aliloniia. .1 Notice.—There aro flflinouent upon the tollowiim described'stock, on account ot Assessment (\o. 71 levievl oh the ISth dav of Auuust. HiOK. the several amounts set onnoxite tbe names of the resiiectivo shareholders, as tol- cent of the amount of the bid, payable each of them, and for such other an* to the chairman of the Board of Su pervlsors of Kern County. The said check or deposit \vlll be returned in case of rejection of bid, and be forfeited to said Fruitvale School District If the bidder neglects to pny for the bonds he bids for within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of thobld. Upon the opening of the said proposals said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bidders for cash, in U. S. fcold coin, subject to tbe above provisions. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. All bids or proposals are lo be addressed to the Clerk of the Hoard of Supervisors of Kern County, California, and indorsed, "Proposal for Bonds." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California. U. A. JASTRO. Chairman. Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. (Seal) 9-15 further relief as shall be just equitable as the nature of the case may require, as will more fully appear by the Complaint on file herein, and to whicl; reference IB here made and for costs of suit. And you are nereny notified, that If you fail to HO appear and answer, the plaintiff may take judgment for any money or damages demanded rn the complaint as arising upon contract, or will a,n>lv 'to the court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint. Witness my baud and the seal of tlie -'ild Superior Court, County of Ke.rtu Slate of California, tills JOth day (tt April, A. D. 3iiOS. (Seal) T. I_. M7M.ER, Cleric By Ham Karris, Deputy Clerk. J. W.'P. Laird and Rowen Irwln, attorneys for'plaintiff. 8-18 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. lows: Name At At At nson. J. W. nson, .1. W. nson. .1. \V. • i Flvnn. Mrs. Kate Junrensen. (iutttav M. Wall Unvid M. No. No. Cert Shs.Amt. :Vt 111 m ir»o .75 un lino 5.50 K»2 mo .no n? 100 .no NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Cclinda A. Randlett, deceased. Notice is hereby given by tbe «n- Notlce is hereby given that th« annual mcotinfeR of the stockholder* of the several canal companies below named, for the purpose of electing directors and the transaction of such. dersigned, administrator of the estate other business as may bo brought be- And In accordance with law and an .he Hoard of Directors made on the ISth day of August. UMS. so 1 ______ ___ on the IS „ .. . innnv shares of each narcel of such stock sis niiiv be necessarv will be sold ;'t nubile »net|nn ;>t the office of the Comnanv. No G42 Kairuna street. San Frunclsco. OUIornla. on Saturdav. the lUtb day of October. 1908. at tho hour of 12::i<t o'clock D. in., of said dav. to Dav said delinoueut assos^ment thereon, together with costs of advertising and expenses o'' * v " i *" 1 * 1 CART, W. MUU.ER, Secretary KUIMDIV oil L.'oiimauv. Ofiice No. fi4'j l.aiama street, San Francisco, ralirnrnia. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. of Celinda A. Randlett, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims npainRt said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of the Pub- He Administrator and Coroner of Kern County at the Court House in the City of Bakersfield, Kern County, California, the same .beinK the place for the transaction of the business of the said estate in the said County of Kern, State of California. w. A. MCGINN. Administrator of the estate of Colinda A. Randlett, deceased. Dated at Bakersfield, September 10th, 1908. i. 'Hi I "Some grocers/' remarked the customer, "have an off-hand way of weighing sugar, hut 1 notlco you're ittit one o)' them." "Off-hand way? How do you mean?" as Iced the grocer. "I noticed yon kept your baud on I tho seales jus! now while you meaB- I ured out five fuwnds for me."—Phili ad"Iphia Press, SCIENCE PREVENTS BALONESS. TO NEW YORK THROUGH The Fatal Germ ami KM Remedy 1'ucU of Science. It Is the rarest thing In tho \voud for a man to be necessaril bald. No man and best bidders for cash, in !'. 8. m>Id eoin. sublet to the above pro The said Hoard of Sitpcnis- risht tn reject any bids are to be ad- visions. ors reserving the and all bids. All dressed to the Clerk of the Board of mi- of the lo Supervisors- of Kern County, Califor-i-^ I7f j, shvpt ;im] r) M . H)( . r avenue, in for] the Citv of HaUershVld, Kern.Countv. A*** • i4 1^ !• f nla, and indorsed "Proposals Bonds." Hy order of the 'Hoard of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stale of California. (Seal) H. A. JASTRO. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Attest: 1. L. Miller, Clerk. suite of Mamni- i-,. (., iiics. 'ntiv-c is herrbv irtv<'H li v tin i'd. executor of iln \lMi" r ie K. ilnlles. tl Cr.Mlitors of. and all cl;ihns ai'aii'jsi tin- s exhibit tlu- U wjth tb voiK'iu-rs within fijiir nmntns after the lirsl iiiiblicatlou of this notic»\ to ihe said exeruior. at the oflic" ot (lettrue Klonrnor In the Sinner Block, corner in California, the sanu- beiru T the place for (h<» (rans'frtton nl tiie bn^inesH cM the said estate In tlie said Count v ol Kern. Stale of California Executor of tbe estate of Ala CUM* 1C. (Jaltes. deceased. . . * NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. ASSESSMENT NOTICE, Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton Fields of Texas and Louisj r- iaua.* FOUB AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP* ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED STEAMERS ASK ANV AGEN"f ! whose hair is not dfiid at tlie roots, lie bald if ha will use Newbro'H Horpl- cM«, tho ncv>' sculp antiseptic. Ilorpl- c ; ile ciestroyH the gorm that cuta tho hair i off nt tljo root; and cleans tho sc.ilp of ' dandruff and leaves It in a perfectly I healthy condition. Mr. Mnnnett, In tho Maryland Illork, Butto, Mont., was entirely bald. In !cna than a month Herpl- cide had removed the onamlrH of hnir growth, uiifl nuturo did ttu work by covering Ii f s bead with thick hair en Inch long, am) in six weeks ho bad a norm:i! suit of hair. Sold by lending druartf!j»ta. i Bend ICc. In stamps for sample lo The j Herpicide Co., Detroit. Mich. Two Size*, 50o and S1 J. A. HUGHES. Special Atrent. PREPARING MEDICINES s ,) \ w -'» 1^. also t h 1o do. ivpm'mtf a doctors' * is not only oriatit work, \vi»!'k \vt l * I T - .•ike ,-i prof,- iii tltU \v<>! 1 : f "iii 1 mi: - I •T**t'> ?*JK* ' J 4 - *i L 0Kfe *-k 1 our most but it is Notice is he.roby iiivtn that the undersigned, Maxwell McNutt,,trustee of the estate of B. A. Hayde-n, bankrupt, will sell, pursuant to an order duly given and made" on the 2d day of September, A, D.. lf»"$. l>y Milton J. Oret>n. Esq.. reforoe in bankruptcy for tho District Court of the United Slates for the northern district of California, the real property hereinafter described, with the improvements thereon, belonging to the estate or said bankrupt, v free and clear of any and all lien or liens. Incumnranoe or IncumbraneeB, to the highest and best bidder therefor, upon the following terms and condition?, • 1. All bids to be in writing, sealed, addressed to the paid trustee at No. ill) Butter street, San Francisco, Cal. 2. Each bid to be accompanied by certified check for ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the bid. ?>. No hid will be received later than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th day of October, 1908. reserves the right all bide. ",. Bale subject to confirmation by the court, and to be for cash United States gold coin, upon confirmation by the court. 0. Hids will be opened and referred to the court for confirmation, on the 20th day of October. H»0*. at the hour of two '(2t p. m., at the office of Milton J. (ireeri, K.sq., referee in bankruptcy, in ihe United State* Postofflcu and Court House ImiMln^, and Mission streets. Sim 4. The trustee to reject any and Seventh Burks Oil OnnipHny.—Location of principal place of business, Oaklan 1 California. ),oc:-.tion of property Kern county, California. Notice is heroby given, that at t> meeting of tho directors, held on the 18th dav of July, 190$, av. nssesarnem (No. r.) of one cent per shtire xva& levied upon the capital otoek of the corporation, payable Immediately tc tho secretary at tho office of tho cor poration, room 20, IOCS Broadway. Oakland, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 2Gth day of August, 1!»08, will be delinquent nnd advertised for sale nt. public auc.Mon, and, unless payment is made before, will be sold un the 14th day of September. 1908. to pay the delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising- arid expenses of sale. A, A. SMITH. Secretary. Office, 1008 Broadway, Onkland, California, room 20. 7-26 j «•«* POSTPONEMENT. The date of the delinquency of the above assessment has been postponed until Thursday, September 10, 1908, and tho day of sale under said assessment has been postponed until Monday, September 28, 1908, at the same hour and place. By order of the Board of Directors. Dated August 25, 1908. A. A, SMITH. Secretary Burks Oil Company. Office 1068 Broadway, Oakland. room 20. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. at-' of Ralph Howcr, decent Notice is hereby plven by tho un- df-rsipned. administrator of the estate of Ralph Hower. deceased, (o the creditors of, f.nd all persons having claims a gain ft snM deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after tho first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of the Pub;U- Administrator and CoroneY of Kern County at the Court House in tho City of Hal<ersfleld, Kem County, California, the name being; the place fcir the transaction of the business of the said es-'tato in the said County of Kern, State of California. W. A. McOINN, Administrator of tlK: estate of Knlpfi Power, (U'reased. Dated at HnkersfleM, September- 10th, 1008. 9-11 fore the meeting, wttl be held at th» office of snid Company, Kern County Land Company's office building, cot* ner of 19th and H streets, BaKeranel^ California, at the dates and hours se* opposite their respective nnnios: I^ern Rivor Canal and Irrigating Co./Oct. 3, 19n8, at 2 p. m. Goose Lake Canal Co., Oct. C, 1908. at 2 p. m. James & Bixon Canal Co., Oct. 1908, at 3 p, m. Pioneer Canal Co.. Oct. C, 1908, 0 p. m. Joyce Canal Co., Oct. r.. a, m. PlnnUett Canal Co., Oct. 11 a.'m. Anderson Canal Co., Oct 11 a. m. Hnena Vista Canal ( o., Ocf. 7, at 3 p. tn. riates Canal Co., Ocf. 2, 1M8. at 11 a. m. Sline Canal Co., Oct. *2 t I!)OS, at 3 9* m. James Canal Co., Oct. 7, 11*08, at li' a. m. F. 0. MUNZBR, Sec. to above named Canal Companie*. Kern County hand Co's Office-Building, corner 19th'and It streets, Bafc- ersfleld, Calif. 1908, at 11 t's 1908, at 1. 1008, «t NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Company. Locution of principal place of business, Wasco, Kern county, California. Nrtllce is luMT'by pi von that at a meet inn of the Board of Directors held on the I' day of AiftfUHt. 7008, an assessment of one dollar per share was levied upon the Kiibsoribpd capital stork of tbe corporation, payable immediately in Triited States #old coin to the secretary of said company at Jts office, AVasco, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on September 30, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment (s made before. will be sold on Tuesday, the 20th day of October, HM'£, to pay tho delinquent assessment together with tho costs of advertising and O.XIWDHOH of sale. ALFRED B. JORDAN, Secretar. In the Superior Court i and for th» County of Rorn, State of California. In the matter of the ost.ato of Louii M. Dinkclspiol. deceased. Notice is he.rcby given by the life dersigned administrators, with thai will annexed,*t>f Uio estate of Louts K. Dinkelnplel, deceased, to the creditors, of, and all persons having claim* against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the n<*coNsary voucher* within ten months r.ftor the first pub* Mention of this notice, at the office ot Fred R. Borton, rooms :>o;i, 204, Producers Savings Hank building, in th« City of Bakersfield, Conuty of Kero. State of California, the same being th« place for the transaction of the business of said estate in suid Keen County. EUGENIE K. DINKELSPIEU MELVILLE FUIITH, Administrators with the will annexci of the estate of Louis M. Dlnkelaptal deceased. Dated, Bakersfield, September 3, 1901. 9-3 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. POSTPO<XiKMKNT. MM' SUMMONS. In tbe Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. The Southern Pacific Railroad Company, a j rorporaMon; \\Vsfrrn Development 'Company, a corporation; The Pa- 'cifJc IrnpniVi-inf-nt ' Company, a i corporation; Jtl^o nil other per; Mins unkown da lining any right till*-, estate. li«'M, or interest, in tho, prope r t y i!»• s-e ri 1 K -d I a t he com- advci-c to plaintiff's ownership, any rliiml upon plaintlff'H title si nict of tiili il! expense ( f Th" folio I"' 1 in riit date of flellmjU'-nfy 'ML- r- a l !' Inn 11 f ( 1 1 II (I ( 1 u I ( f) r" n r! \ (M) f ( t y *' V'ir ! C The ahove until Tuesday. and the day oi' s nl* jiostpni;. Ml' ' tl *!'(•(,(>, The pe Name of corporation in full, Baltt Eagle Oil Company. Location 08 principal place of business, San clsco, Calif, Notice IB hereby given, tbat at -• meeting of tbe directors held on 24th day of August, A. D. 1&08, an sessment of ten cents UOc) per was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable ta_-» mediately to William Uange, Jr., Secretary at room 2 ,No, 120 Bush street, San Francisco, California. Any stock upon which this aBsessment shall remain unpaid on the 2f»th day of Se&- tember, A. D. 1908, will bo delinquent l p t, >• of th" Slate of Callfor- < ffiiLc to tlic Southern Pa- Krii.'iTMi roinpauy, u corporation. tlon fon.. October, (In- \\Vritern De\ * i i- - •j. .i 4 - 4V M r i I'M i i-r of Sei.! A. iM! \ tho i'oit;- : s, inoy. A, P^^Tf^ 'ni Mr\ i\\ I i •- !. Ml lieu or int ¥ • rv^ir** 1 ^* iS^vis Ccrner ffon i- o . I . I fi 1 J 1 jna ' SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE er ii :-,;iiV ; pi. tin jand advertised for sale at. public auo> and unless payment IB made _>•• will be sokl on tho 15th day A. n. 1908, to pay the assessment, toother wltfe and i'xpenftcs 08 •JOB, JR. street, 8ft* 8-25 QCKHOLDER'S MEETnTNCU cost;-, Of Frai \\1U_JAM 2, No. 120 wo, Calif. 1 !:;ul at [or Oi PHONE MAIN h I'M* 11 * ' f; ; offic" of th stee. Me S«I*K. onrh Hani; bu n Frnnclpeo, Cal. MAXWELL McNUTT, 9-14 tin- Moan! ' il'i . i j i i \ i H' oftic n.; the C!t *• i'i trs t Vo.i in an (!.<• ii i • t required to ! cton Trustee. M> ofl'-r of 'irs of Kern r Sept. Ill, llins ho received ;it f>f the lloai"! ') County, at the Court ho(i*e, up (.1 /"|<Ia.VH ^exclusive of tljft rJjiy of service) o'clock u. m,, of the 10th day of Oct. utter service un you of this yo\i by xtvf! nauieti plainfiff, iu tho Sii- COUM fit' tho County of Korn, of C.ilifoniia, mul to answer the th. of Ku^Tvi orn of said i complaint filed the-rein, within ten ula Octohor nf t?u> is hereby t nv« n that tho aun-ial meeting of tlie F-tocktioM .( the "Section Twnnty-Mvo Oil will bo held ou Mou4ay th. H)08, at of the 2 o'clock p.,m, company, 1501 Nineteenth street, BakonMleld, Catt- fornln. 0, A, BAHLOW,

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