Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on April 23, 1948 · Page 11
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 11

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1948
Page 11
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i HE CORSTCANA (TEXAS) SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1948. Anti-Trust Case Costs Gum Device Company $10,000 AUSTIN. Tex., April 22—WV- Dlrtrlct Judge J. Harris Gardner today assessed a $10,000 penalty a«iiu3l the Ford Gum and Machine Co., Inc., of New York In *n anti-trust action brought by the state. I Ford's attorney, Ogden K. Shan-' -jion of Fort Worth, announced he would not appeal the case If the flltio would allow payments of the judgment to bo made In Install- Tnents during the remainder of the J*M- , Judge O'Donnell, Dallas Insurance Executive, Dies Market Report Cotton Texas Spot) DALLAS, April 22.—W—Spot cotton 38.60, Houeton 38.40. Grain and Provisions Fort Worth Cash Grain FORT WORTH, April 25.— ft — Wheat No. 1 hard, 2.50-fll. Gate No. Z white 1.30 3-4 41 3-4. Corn No. 2 white 2.60 1-2 71 1-2. Sorg-hums No. a yellow mllo, per 100 Ibs 8.83-88. Livestock Fort Worth Livestock FORT WORTH, April S3.— W —Cattle 1.700.. calves 400; slant-liter cattle ami calves uneven, some cows stronger; some rr.'Cilium nnd low grade calves and yearlings weak to unevenly lower; large part of tho run comprised etockors, trade on tlitse dull with • iod and choice sleeken 100-2.00 down (or the week; plain anil medium etockers 2.00-6.00 below last week's time; medium and good slaughter steers, yearlings and belters 83.00-28,00; gcod to choice yearlings up to 80.00; Plain slaughter yearlings and helfcm 18.0021.00; fat cows 17.80-33.00; eanners and cutter* 12.00-17.00: bull* 18.00-23.00; good fat calves 24.00-27.00; common to medium calves 17.00-22.00; calta 14.CI.i- I 17.00; stocker yearlings and steers 15.8(11 --— lew choice yearlings. to 27.00. Americas Parley Back In Bogota, Continues Talks BOGOTA Colombla,( April 22.— Pan-American confer- Rains In Parched Texas Panhandle Save Wheat Crop By The Associated Press Rains fell over the parched Pan- Courthouse News the resolution. .OKLAHOMA CITY, April 22.— , iiuu . WV-Judgo c. F. O'Donnell, head of , =rt '.oo; .... .— -. the Southwestern Life Insurance stocker calvea ifl.00-37.00, mostly 26.00 company, Dallas, died today In St. own: replacement cowii 18.00-17.60. Anthony's hospital following a stroke. stricken early Oklahoma City OTDonnell was Tuesday while In en business. He was 66 years old. Need a LAXATIVE? BUck-Draught !•; l.tlsuilly prompt 2-Usually thorough „ 3-Alway» «conomleil_ 25 BLACK-DRAUGHT HOT RADIATORS A hot radiator keeps y-ur motor from performing as It should. We clear out all makes and models to make them run cool. If It's thr radiator we can fix It, A. M. DONOHO & SON 281 W. 7th Ave. — Phone 166 Pianos WILL PAY HIGHEST CASH PRICE FOR VOUE PIANOS. : - Also New and Used Pianos for Sale. Miles Furniture Co. Phone 1160 4th at Beaton ... Hogs 1.000: butcher hogs and aows i&dy to &0c lower: pign unchanged; top 2.00 paid for good and choice 180-20(1 bs hogs: good and choice 370-400; 17.501.7S: good and choice 160-175 Ib 18,00- few York Diver Juried In Harbor floor Is Rescued NEW YORK, April 22-^{/P)— A diver imprisoned for three hours under tons of mud on the bottom of New York harbor was freed and brought to the surface today. The first words of the diver, Edward Christiansen of Oyster Bay, N. Y., after his helmet was removed were: "Thank God Tra alive." Christiansen calmly directed the 'rantlc efforts of rescue crews ihrough his telephone but two lours after he was caught he told his surface vessel: "For God's sake, tell them to hurry. I'm burled altogether." Films Shown "The Miracle of Oil Plating," a show and picture of the Continental Oil Company was shown Monday to seven groups, five vocational agricultural classes and two mechanical training groups. The films were shown at Frost, Richland, Navarro Junior College and four groups at the vocational school at the airport C. C. Goatz, Tyler, district sales representatives; I. J. Blgony, local commission agent, and R. W. Smith, merchandiser, both of Cor- slcana, had charge of the programs. cncT tentatively scheduled to close handle last night and today, ad- ^prli 30 move" back to the na- ding millions of dollars to the Tex- tlonal ca'pltol today amid efforts t 0 as wheat prospects. reach an agreement on tho colon-1 Farmers said last week-end that lal question ' rains were badly needed to save The United States differed with crops In the area, three Latin American nations yes- At mld-dov Thursday. Pampa and terdny In debate on an Argentine Borger reported soaking rains, resolution demanding that outside The fall at Pampa measured 1.25 countries give up their colonies Inches and at Borger 1.30 Inches. In tho Western Hemisphere. Sec- j The Pampa News said that the retary of State Oeorge Marshall i rainfall was general In the north- «xpressed the U. S. view, opposing east Panhandle. .._,.. , Amarlllo reported .73 Inch of rain and Clarendon .60. Precipitation during the morning amounted to .95 of an Inch at Pampa, .73 at Amarlllo and .60 at Clarendon. El Paso and Presidio also had showers. Low morning temperatures ranged from 52 at Guadalupe Pass to 67 at Laredo. Yesterday's high was 83 a' Presidio. Tho forecast for tonight and to..„ morrow called for scattered show- its "airmen" to distinguish them ers In the northern part of East from Army enlisted personnel. , Texas and partly cloudy over West The new ratings would ' auth- Texas, orlzed under pending legislation.' For warrant officers there would be four grades—Chief Airman and Senior Airman, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class. A Chief Airman would receive pay equivalent to that of a major. It would range down to a 2nd lieutenant's pay for Senior Airman, 3rd class. Here Is how the Air Force proposes to re-name the grades for onlis.ed men: Master sergeant be- Dlstrlct Court. Mrs. Ada Hcndrlcks vs. D- «. Hendrlclts, divorce granted. Mary Cagle vs. Bruce Cagle, divorce grnnlcd. Dora Thomas vs. Charles Thomas, divorce granted. A. C. Campbell vs. Annio L. Campbell, dhorce granted. District Clerk. Claude Arnc-tt Smith vs. Bruca D. Smith, divorce. Annio Burka vs. J. T. Burks, dl- orco. Mrs. Gertie Mayo Scott vs. Fred Scott, divorce. Louise Richards vs. George Richards, divorce Air Force Wants New Names For Officers, Men WASHINGTON, April 22.-W— The Air Force has chosen titles for Dallas Demanding CAA Decision In Airports Battle swer Qn whcth ^ rr the Civil Aeronau comes senior air sergeant; tech- Ucs Admln | atra t| on and schedulec nlcal lerffeant. air "ergeant, 1st alr)lnes plan to agk class: staff sergeant, air sergeant, achduled ni-hts from sergeant, airman 1st class, corporal CL A9SIF' ED Employment; Financial CLASSIFito Real Estate CLASSIFItD Real Estate Farm Property SO Mortgage Loans 22 EXCHANGE FOR BCVF.RS AND SK1.LRRS __^_^_^__^________ Attractive 5-bedroom house on Wood- j KOR SAr , E -Sn 1-2 „,«. , srm J0 miles Perfect condition. Immediate pos- sewlon. Will sell furnished. , | 8 rooms ami bath In Jeeter Addition. FARM AND RANCH LOANS o . wnn " "f** 1 "' *«*"• . . , „„„„__.. «. Land Bank 4 nen-ent pajaoto on 0-room house containing 9 apartments »esi Corslcana. Ru«h creek bottom. 6J acres In cultivation. New 4 room house. „,„„„„ rn , , y , tcm . ,,„„, lrnclor ^ ,„„,.. Possession. LEWIS 1VIK. Ht. 1, Purdon. , -,u .n -«om garige apartment. «.-!! er bntora to buy refinance oulld or f» v itn pair iraprovemnnlB If FOD »r» paying «tiea. « _«.; *'OR SALE—27.373 acres heavy man lha 4 percent let as 41s<iiM r»H-1 6-room houee with 2 apartment*, S-rnn , and ., j.g mlln , , C8l 0 , Pro§t oawlm. you loan _.. ""A", . yo NAVAHKO NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSIIflATION i. R Hart. Sec and Trcas 810 Stair National Bank Building Phone No 23 Livestock .o^-store ..olng „* but*, j JjjRKf 94 ¥ N^aTe'ak ISfC [" u cn hulMln '- . alw) feet. No dead cotton. 1BO.OO black taclnf Made 13 bales Lays per- per aero. Baby Chicks 25 ^ 7 l-'J (eras. Good house «nrt barn. On blghwiy 1,1 miles south of Corsleana. 10 acres with good Improvements, Just olf Highway 22. 20 acres on Highway 75 one m<le from Corslcana. Merchandise Articles for 3al« 30 County Court. J. B. Greenhaw was fined $200 md costs by County Judge L. L. Powell Monday after the defencl- and pleaded guilty to charges of violating the prohibition laws. ... . .. Arresting officers said they found care of limn ?.^ lD10luU £ 1 'J u: ' n '', ten easel of whisky In a car drlv- | .ru.Sd,'of'Vull-o-K" 7eed. P »o, stock cn by Greenhaw Saturday night, | BD< i poultry of all kinds 00 acres at Montfort. $20.00 per acre. vnn QATP Pacw,. ninMt.mith «tsnn i 80 °£?2,r ar K"" 1 "" 1 - °°°* houM » nJ ;™ B o? A Un^r P "o". B Al.o™undfng?j! transfer o Love Field Fort Worth , B prop osed greater ' --. Tan burslaiy complaints, nine | of them against the same person, were received in the county attorney's office Wednesday. Justice Court, Judge W. H Johnson fined ono person for Intoxication Mondav. A theft complaint and a drunk driving case, were sent to the district and county courts respectively. Judge A. E. Foster fined two persons for Intoxication Tuesday. Judge A. E. Foster fined two persons for highway violations Wednesday evening nnd two for similar offenses Thursday morning. Judge W. H. Johnson fined four persons Wednesday far highway violations. ITS RAHV PMIPK TIMR I barn. 93,000. W. have ITra o?t AB .n Popular T br M ee4.. R. LI 70 acre, with good Improvements. Heeds. N. II. Redn, Barred Rocks. WhIUi would trade for olty property [locks Duff Rocks. Drown Leghorn, 80 acres with •- —•• ?„'!!,' LBe ro h w°n r V n V A ea., lr0 anX"* BaSttS > .«-»""«•• » •"" "°«» " *» BBS y^Xg. W .n ? f 0 ,,mr"w m . «% | ' 3™. Kiure. On Highway M * '- * - ' - • - • turkey' 160 acres. 3 miles south of Coraicana lies, and $50.00 per acre. 1000 acres. 4 sets of Improvements. $63.60 jx-r ncre. HAIIUIS * GEORGE «O1 Stale National Bank BU| . I'AKHER, Rice, Texas. FOR SALE — 0x12 wool rur. breakfast _.._ •„.. tuw »AI*&— uxia wool rus. urnami and bam. At Jes- , ab|< am) oha)m |lke now phone slu BURROSS HATCHER? 312 Bast Collln St. class, airman 3rd ilrman 4th class. class; private, Now Photostating Minutes Of Court midway , " •„ . . , . «l.«» *-O £• VI t «»W1I.IID Jjlu^/w«c\* b .w«..^. ?,T ln . an L.. 2 ^_ cl ,-!2 ! g*!**^££ international airport was demanded by Dallas today. Dallas and Fort Worth reprcscn- tutlves argued bitterly In tho Texas House of Representatives concerning the merits of the airport which Fort Worth proposes to build ' the two cities. ~.i_ i . ~. M.. rrw,<^»^. n >h TnHi. i jmoy upptmtu uciOre two special MM ™«t?fr-f Smirt WM started CAA examiners assigned to hear >ph,,,.;»«f I Dallas'protest against development Photostating of the civil mm-' ^ the International airport, utes was Inaugurated by J. C. Gas- I ton, district clerk. Thursday morn- Ing, utilizing the machine In the i county clerk's office purchased by I the county a couple of years ago. i The district clerk photographed i 30-odd pages that would have required one or more days typing, j in less than two hours. Relax in a Turkish Bath! Try one at the Y. M. O. A.— second floor. Modern equipment Expert Service New Baby In Garbage Truck Alive And Well Vbaner No. 12508 HeMrre District N«x II Beport of Condition «f THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HIGHLAND, IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, At the Close of Business on April 12, 1948 (Published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Curriney under Section 5211, U. 8. Revised Statutes) ASSETS Cash, bslancej with other banks, Including reserve balance, and cash Itams In process of collection $222,778.09 United States Government obligations, direct and guar- ! anteed 94,000.00 tcrest, " Tho girl became hysterical Obligations of States and political subdivisions 4,846.03 as question were asked. Corporate stocks (including $1,800.00 stock of Federal Re- I Between sobs, she admitted she serve bank) 1,800.00 had given birth to the child an Loans and discounts (including $1PS.50 overdrafts 121,882.74 h? u r earlier In her nearby room. Bank premises owned $1,650.00, fur. and fixtures $650.00. Real estate owned otlirr than bank prem'.nes ; Other assets Phone 104. Livestock for Sale 27 FOR SALE — 100 Ib ill porcelain coolcra- tor Ice box. In perfect condition. Price $50. Sco OTIS HOHN. Se.irs Farm Store. FERTILIZER FOR SALE — Armour's 4-124, $42.00 ton. We have 20 per cent Super- pbosprato and Vclveet Green Fertilizer for lawns, truck crops. See CARROLL A WARD at Blooming Grove. FOR 8M,r. ft room house on W. llth Ave. Price 44260. FOR SALE—Good grade yearling black; Mew 5 room house, bath, all utilities, inrsey bull. Sire registered. $100.00, or price $6.3BO. '-- ™-—- i roon, house In Exall Heights Addition, . . . :rade on older Hereford or Brahma, Phone 147. Business Service Miscellaneous Service 11 Price $5,600. Duplex apartment »n west 8lh 0 1-2 cu. ft. FROZEN FOOD Cabinet. NOT. er been used. $05.00. THE ENGINEERING SALES CO., 103 South Beaton. Phone 225B. Art, t Apartment FOR SALE—Csed 8 ft. Frtgldiir* refrigerator, Hoper gas range, RCA table modal '* i radio. Whirlpool washer. All In good con. _. -. |ditlon. J. M. D7ER CO. Appltanee Store. ta. Fries) 5*.-1 _^__M____W_^__«_M«__M— _^M_««« WO. I FOR SALE—New perfection, five burner 6 room house on E. Collln St.. for col- 01) coolt ,, OV(1 , 00 ^ condition. See at 309 orcd. Price $1,850. I Eolith Mrd 1(17 acres of land 8. W. of C«r.leani. i •"""" — ——— ' Price $40.00 per acre. | F1)R BALB LET US sharpen your lawn mowers. Only i H you have pioperty to mil, eome ll»t s fwm . Machine Motor Kit lor use with $1. Rollers $1. Lawn mower tongues *J li with nice. ! any type of sewing m«.'hine A few i 4 " ' For Rent _ and 1-2 H P electric motors and maiy 60 acres of land north of Emnonse, Tex other Electrical Anpllanres for the home on 1-3 and 1-4: no Improvements, land „ we arr Authortrd fVaier for the Gift- . oers . Low prices on all work. We buy old la »n n.'cwcrs. All work guaranteed. 710 West Avo. ARE YOU looking for Oil Well* or Walw, (Veils. We locile them for you. Write Box 12IS, Corslcana Texas. only. Sheriffs Office. Tho recent burglary of a Rlch- and homo was cleared up Tuesday by Deputy Sheriff R. E. I Jones when a hat found In possession of a negro alrendy charged with burglary of an Angus residence, was identified as being thu one missing from the home ot Mrs. Ruben Mllllgan at Richland, Sheriff David Castles reported. A complaint was fled Wednesday with the county attorney by Castles. Constable's Office. Ten persons were given tickets for various highway violations Transfer and Hauling 13 I,. V. MAJORS Real Karate and ln*nranee 130 West Collln Kt. l-hone 1783. FOR SALE Choice location, paved eon Freeier Locker Refrigerate* and . irii* Range. Zenith and Wcstlnghonse Radio. Baoy Washing Uarhlne and Premier Vacuum Clealere We also repair all make* of washing machines Irons anil other small electrical HAULING— Local and ong dlstanc*. WATNE CHIUSTIE, 1523 (Vest 10th Are. Phone 2617-J. ...... . street. store apnllancen for the horn* building nice slock groceries. nle« fixtures " nilCK'S AI'PMANCK HHOP A |nl Prlc(J nrolln< | jnoOO. Preltj , prownr „,„„,.,.. hanlwood floors. ,u nnxlern and two lots on Orphan Home road. ,$BOOO. Near William Travis school on 14th arcnuc, six room cottnge. $4750. NOTICE New Innersprlng Mattresses now available Tour old mattrcsn mtule Into a resj spring bed. A ipmpletB stock of new msttms, |(M J^ w ,j^ ^^ ?)] „,„,),„ on)j , j^oo. Bay Nl et from the cheapest to the best an> kind ol furniture upholstering and sell old furniture ONE DAT VICE on mosi work. LANE _ MATTRESS FACTORT. 418 South 7th St. Phone 1186 Night Phone 1038 In west edge town, new four room cot- f wlfh bath, all modern, only $4200. oar Clljr Park, five room cottage and 110 N, Rraton at. Phone 1476. Seed. Feed Implements 35 FOR SALE—John Deere tractor bai'k Planter. RALPH POULTER. H. 2, rrost. Texas. As an I we will SPECIAL renovate your old make It into an tnnorpnng at our Speotjl Low Bate. Take advantage of this 8PKO; see our foiling machine In operation. It* educalloal CORSICANA MATTRESS FAC- RT. The Largest Mattress Factory In Navarre County. Phone 373. 816 But 1st Ave. MINNEAPOLIS, April A newborn baby boy, found among pjarbage parcels on a city truck was alive and well at Minneapolis Ganeral (City) Hospital today. Walter Lindell said the attention of himself and another garbage handler was attracted to the newspaper-wrapped package when It stirred after having been dumped Into the truck from one of two refuse cans they wero emptying late yesterday. Investigating, Lindell said he found the child, barren of clothing, wrapped it in his coat and summoned an ambulance. Police, arriving with the ambulance, found a crowd gathered around the garbage truck. They noticed a 19-year-old onlooker exhibiting more than ordinary in ,nnd In very good condition. TOTAL ASSETS ................................... $447,730. 26 Todav" LIABIUTIES | Demand deposUs of mdlvidui Is, partnerships, and corporations .................................................. 381,573 .38 Deposits of United Stains Government Including postal Savings) .............................................. 69.98 Deposits of States and political nubdivisions .............. 822.71 TOTAL TOTAL but In a new appeal for food DEPOSITS $3'2,266.07 LIABILIT1ES $382,266.07 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: (b) Class B preferred, total par $30,000.00 30,000.00 own choice. (c) Common stock, total pur $30,00000 The "Meatless Tuesday" Undivided profits 5,464.19 Paign was started last fall — '; citizens food committee. stable Joe Allen. Marriage Licenses. Rlchlnnd C. Green and Ethel ene Bates. W. P. Scott and Mrs. Ada Hendricks. Joo Leo Wachsmann and Mrs. Annio N. Scruggs. Warranty Deeds. Homer E Gardner to Roy Castlo et -ux. lot 16, block B, Parkdale, $3,150. W. J, Slapp ct ux to Ernest Hooser, lots 3, 4, 5, and 6, block 01, Corslcana, $8,600. Geonge Edwin Sanders nt ux to Mrs. Suple Tittle, part of block 51, Corsloana, $8,500. Mamie Smith ct »M to C. C. Wontherford. north one-half of lot 21, block 307, Corsloana, $10 and other considerations. B. F. Daniel to J. A. Brelthaupt et ux, 38 acres in L. M. Ai-mstrong; nurvp.y, and a tract In the T J. Jordon survey, $200. J. A. Breithaupt et ux to Willie Barnett Woodward, 38 acres in L. M. Armstrong survey, and a tract in the J. T. Jordon survey. $5 and (,thnr considerations. P. T. Fullwood et al to Tracy James et ux, lot 6, block 4, Hlgh- !nnd Park Addition, Corslcana, S«X). J. L. Shanks et ux to R. Olen Thompson et ux, part of Mock 533-D Corslcana, $10 and other considerations. Colcman Smith et ux to Doyle Smith et al, 43.99 acres In William Weaver survey, and 64.75 acres In William Weaver and Henry Hub- hln surveys. $1,250. Guy Henry ct ux to Dr. Wells Stephens, lot 3, blcck 633, Corsl- cana, $9,000. conservation called'upon people to | Ruth Brown Doty ct al to Wai- observe a meatless day of their | :cr J. Colt et ux. part of block 149, -«--'— Corsicana, $2,200. cne three room cottage, all utilities, an.11 FOR SALE—Choice solton seeds grown ont lot all for $nnnn. ; i rom Rold-Rowden-Kash block seeds. Also Three lol* with one nice cottage and onr | i(j head of mulea throe and four yoara small cottage: plenty out-hulldlngs. near i o i a Q B. MOORE, Rt. 1, Purdon. William Travis school. $4800. I _ — Near Robert E Lee school, nice modem' poR SALE—Two good need Ford Tractors five room cottage with hlg rsrnge apart-, Rm | Equipment. NAVARRO TRACTOR CO.. Brent in rear; a nice home with revenue. 1333 E. 3rd Ave. Three large apartments, cornet lot i» 4th Ave 15.000 Five room Tillage, all convenience* «" loin Ave.. $3800. Three large mnnis with bath, comer lot North Beaton. $211.10 coltag* near Robert • .Lee. aehool. 100 bushel* heavy corn for sale. 11UDIA. Rlchland. Texas, Rt. 1. DAK FOR SALE—Oliver 18 Pickup Hay Pre« with side, ralio, used very little. HUD BERT WASSON. "Route 3, Woftham, Texas. Political Announcements Urst Primary. July 24, 1948. Second Primary, August 28, 1948. Good house, comer Vot en ISth street FOR SAI.K—Bargain tractor*. Farmall mil 1 S37&0 I John Deere anil others. See them at BRN I SeTeraJ choice acres on Orphans Home | wiDEKER MULE BARN, Korth 8th St, | rond. alio choice lots on west side. [our hundred block. 80 BITCM choice sandy loam soil, good Improvements. Mectrlc lights, near En* reka. 9&000 Poncuslnn Nlc« three room and balh garage apart- nrent on rond street to trade In on better home. $2750. Choice business lot In bnelness dlstrtel ,. 2,300.00 slle was reunited with her baby 1.00 ot , Jtthe h ° s P |ta '. where physicians 191 in Bal(1 tne DOV was normal, healthy 121 - SO The Meatless Tuesday Officially Ended WASHINGTON, April 22.— </P)— The government today dropped "Meatless Tuesday" — remember It! Names listed below we candidates f. • the offices designated, subject to the action of the Democratic primaries: FOR REPRESENTATIVK (60th Flotorlal District) Jerry T. Stockard (2nd term). FOR REPRESENTATIVK (58tb District) George O. Nokes, Jr. (2nd term). FOR DISTRICT JUDGE A. P. Mays (re-election). FOR DISTRICT CLERK J. C. (Rusty) Gaston (2nd term), FOR COUNTS JUDGE Joe D. Huffstutler. FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Charles T. Banister (re-election). on easy terms Good building 28 by 40. together with cleaning and pressing establishment on big lot on pared street. Sell til together or separate. Modern five room collar* close !• o* South 13lh Street J41MI A. R. I.KWIS He, 104 North I nth Street FUIINR 1174. Sun Want Ads Bring Result*. STOP THAT ITCHING If bothered with Eczema, Tetter, nir..,worm, Athletes Foot, Prickly Heat, Poison Oak, Itch, Sores an Children, Johnson's Pharmacy will sell yon a jar of Black Hawk Ointment on a guarantee. Price 60e and $1.00. Miscellaneous for Rent 42 FOB RENT—-Vacancies In the Twilight Home. For elderly people. Phone MB4-W 308 West Tth Ave. FOR RENT—170 acres oj grass land with 40 acres In cultivation. Will give one to ten year lease. Have 28 cows. IS claves, 8 iroro calvos to come, and 1 registered hercJord Hill (or nalo with lease, or woilM sel' cows eepnrnlely. Sco A. H. BOHNER. N. Beaton St. Phone 73. cam- by a TERMINAL GRAIN CO. • FORT WORTH — 40, fyeaM at "1&1M4 — TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ,,..* 65,484.19 Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts $447,730.26 State of Texas County of Navarro. as I, J. W. Richards, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the at* ve statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. J. W. RICHARDS, Cashier Sworn to and subscribed befuie me this 19th day of April, 1948, (SEAL) A. NBAL BROWN, Notary Public. I Stock Exchange Strike Deadlocked NEW YORK, April 22.—(.TV- Mediation of the 25-day old strike of financial workers agalnot the New York Stock Exohunpe was at a stalomato today after Exchange CORRECT—ATTEST: Guss:e Weave*, A. N. Brown, Jr., Earl Mc- Danlel. —Directors. Navarro, County, Texas 0 ff| C | a j., rejected a proposal to ar bitrate the sole remaining issue ol wages Baseball or Golf Let us make that comfortable pair of Oxfords into Baseball or Golf Shoes. We have a complete line of Golf Caulks, Baseball Plates and • Pitcher's Toe Plaie! You Will Be Pleased! R & M Shoe Repair 215 North Call 14 GRIFFIN "UNEnAL HOME Alr-Cnndltlnned Chnpel Lady Attendant Corslcana, ""ocas Ambulance Service Day or Night GREEN'S SHOE SHOP 111 N. BEATON ST. W. W. GREEN, Owner Assignments. Two assignments from F, D. Prince to Tom Potter were filed with the ocunty clerk Monday, Involving 42 different oil and gas lensH prtpertles and totaling approximately 5,000 aoros of Navarro county land. Seven-eights Interest was conveyed. Aubrey Thomas to Dr. L. C. Polk, part of block 161, Corslcann, $500. F. D. Prince to Tom Potter, a GO-ncro tract and a 40-acrc trad In Jeremiah Day survey, $10 and other considerations. OH and Ont Leasea. Lottie Rocd et all to Z, T. Banks 80 acres R. E. McFall survey, $10 and other considerations. Irene Stockton to Roger Stew ard. 195.1 acres (two .tracts) In Ellznh Powers survey, $10. Bobert I/. Imlor to Phil Davlss ir.d V. E. Autry, 83 6-6 acres in J W. Moore survey, $10. WM. • CO. .ROBINHON IIIIOKKK8 COTTON AND 'JKA1N rUTUBM Htocks anil Honds ill East Collln HtrwU rhn«« I6M. Corslram, Ttias Member Now Orleans Cotton Exehsnr* OorrfipondeDt Ifeer A Co.. New Orleans l-rirata Wire—T«ltl7p» Btrtlr* "It Is Tfue . that we are In business to maintain • livelihood for ourselves and our associates. It Is true also we help those wl<o nted tha advice and- guidance of experienced and honest people, when the time comet to select a monument that Is fitting and appropriate for your loved on* who has passed on Into eternity. W* reallz* that a purchase of a monument Is usually • once In a life time task and that you do need tL« counsel of one that you can trust We are offering this counsel and alao our Interest In helping you. You can depend on u* — Ask our customers. Corsicana Marble & Granite Works Telephont 890 —On Main, Next Door to City Hall. Elbert Hays. Announcements Wanted MEES WANTED — Wmllrt like to buy «ST- er»l hires of bem. CHAIILBY WATKINS " oule '• Cor " ca "' - FOR COUNTY CLERK I J. Vernon (Baldy) Harwell (sec- WANTED—Tracior hand, man a_nd^ wi nd term). FOR SHERIFF David Cnstlea (second term). C. O. (Cap) Curington. FOR TAX ASSESSOR AND COLLECTOR Arnold A. Armstrong (tod term) FOR COUNTY TREAoURER R. W. (Bully) Jones (blind). J. B. (Boy) Bailey. R. J. (Bob) Carroll. FOR JUSTICE OF THR PEACE Precinct 1, Place 1 W. H. (Pop) Johnson (re-election). B. A. Crofford. FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Precinct 1, Place Z A. E Foster (re-election). J. W. Sheppard. COMMISSIONER. PRECINCT 1 O. O. (Garland) Kent (2nd term). C. E. (Charlie) Roney. — . . while or colored: »ood hoiwa and well »" wa(( , r fllrn ,, h(!d , rM . hmlM hn , eiectrlo IlKhts.. Pnrm 10 miles wrnl of Corslonnn on new Ul Hiiliwnj. UUUNET MOORE. Darrr. Texas, B. 2. _ WANTED—Kndlo Repalrinit. All makes OKNE HELLUMS at Hunk's Appliance. 110 N. Beaton Hi. Phooe 3470. DEADS REMOVED rRBB Cows horM* ar muloa. from hlfnwaya. public areas or prlral* properlr Pniwi THE KEENS—Coralcana. COLLECT. Day phonei Ml or 110 nurht phones 874-J or 1807-J Used Cars Automobiles for Salo 57 FOB SALE—103S Ohetrolet Pick Dp Cnod condition: new tires ind battery Corslcana Hatchery * Poultry farm. Phon* 1100-Wl . Sun Want Ads Bring Results- Try a want ad and convert It Into cash Just phone 168 FOR COMMISSIONER, Precinct Z J. O. (Carl) McMullan (2nd term) FOR COMMISSIONER PRECINCT No. S John D. Mahonev B. W. (Wince) Hill B. F. (Frank) Comer, Jr. John Norman. Fred M. Copeland. FOR COMMISSIONER Precinct 4 J N. (Joe) George (2nd term). (S, L.) Sammie Stumders. FOR CONSTABLE Precinct No. 1 O. Clyde Anglln Joe W. Allen (2nd term). T. J. (Tom) Roe. Eat With Erewer— South Highway 75. FOR RENT Floor Sander Floor Edgers Floor Polishers Wt Carry In Stock Sans] Paper, Wax and Vamlih for these machines. HONEY'S HOME IMPBOVEMENT8 Butane Equipment-Appliance* Plumbing Snpplles-Hardnar* Tractori- w -m Tools 1U-1B N.Commeree. Phone 14« Classified Advertising Rato CORSICANA DAILY SUN CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT CORSICANA, TEXAS On* Time ,per word 8e Two Times or More, per word to One Month, per word to Minimum Charge .....Wo nu Publkher raerra* In* rijrhl lo i» I«H MI adrertlslni copy and vlll be responsible for onl/ one Im'orreet la> •erlion with uo relunds If adTnrtUInf W cancelled after flmi Insertion No position will b* sold and adrer- uslni copy will lake in* ntralu ran of Ihj cluilfled columns. All classified wttertlslni la «»•» u adTance and copy must be In Ih* ofllou by U o'clock A. It. U> acann Inaartion SPECIAL CLAMIKICATION.i OaMs of Ttiuks tad Mcmorlam J»jw wtli be charred (or »i (ollowlni pn<«*" One vaal a word tor Ill-til fan typ* Threo cents • word (or g polal black STRAYED $25.00 Reward For Information leadlni to recovery of Registered Hereford Bull, red In color with white markings. About 4 year* old, weight about 1500 pounds. Phone 86S or notify— McKINNEY A McKINNEY At 607 State National Bank Rldf. General Repairing and Welding TRUCK BEDS7 FRAMES, TRAILERS and TRAILER FRAMES BUILT FOR REASONABLE PRICES! WE CARRV "BUTANE _„ EQUIPMENT and APPLIANCES Kirkham Company East 6th Ave, and 8, 8th Si. PHONE C7I High Class I USED CARS '47 Chevrolet Arco Sedan— Hadlo and Heater. '46 Pontlno K Sedan Coupe— Hadlo and Header. '46 Chevrolet Style Master Sedan—Radio and Heater, '46 Chevrolet Style Master 2-Door—Radio and lien tor. '4(1 Chevrolet Fleet Master, •>-T>oor—Radio and Henter. 41 Chevrolet Style Master Sedan—Radio and Heater. '48 Ford Super DeLuxe, t- Door—Radio and Ueater. '48 Chevrolet Style Master 2-Door—Radio and Heater. '42 Pontlao Convertible Coupe —Radio and Heritor. •41 Tontlac fl Sedan Conpe— Radio and Heater. '40 Chevrolet Style Master 2-Door—Radio and Heater. '41 Pontlao 6 Club Conpe. '41 Pontlao (I Sodan Coupe- Radio and Header. '41 Olds 7fl Club Sedan—Radio and Heater. '41 Ford Club Conpe--Radio and Heater. 'Ml Ford 2-Door. '41 Chevrolet Club Coupe— Radio and Heater. '41 Chevrolet 2-Door. '41 Chevrolet Fleet! I ne Sedan —Radio and Heater. '41 Chevrolet 2-Door. '41 Ford 2-Door. '41 Chevrolet Club Conpe— Radio and Heater. '41 Chevrolet 1-2 Pickup. •40 Pontlao «, 2-Door—Radio and Heater. '40 Pontlac Station Wagon. '40 Chevrolet Master 88, 2- nobr. •40 Pontlao 8 Torpedo Sedan. '4Z Chevrolet Club Coupe. —Other Lower Priced Cart— •40 Ford, 2-Door. 'SO Ford Station, «-Door. 'Jf-Ford DoLuxe, Z-Door. '87 Olds t 2-Door. '81 Pontlao «, 4-Door. '86 Chevrolet Station, Z-Door '»« Chevrolet Master, 2-Door •88 Ford 2-Door. '87 Studebaker Sedan. '41 Ford Pickup. 'SO Fontlao Sedan. '89 Chevrolet Master 88, S- Door. '41 OMO 6x4 Hydraulic Damp We Carry Our Own Notes. We Try to Sell the Best for Lessl Norris- Hamillon Motor Co. 113 Weft Ird Arena*. PHONE 704 and 213 Corsleona, Texas 1

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