The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 27, 1970 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1970
Page 3
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}• IUDAY. NOVEMBER 27, 1970 HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel—— The Topic That Won't Die Dear Helen: Why do so many women on TV talk shows or in magazine articles still take such pleasure in downing their own sex? . It's as if they feel they're improving their own image by identifying with men. Don't they realize that their Jolly little remarks such as "I don't really like women," or "I don't^llke women in groups," or "I'd much rather be with men, Pm a man's woman," show not only contempt for their own sex but contempt for themselves? As a woman who very much enjoys being with other w<f- men, singly or in groups (and I'm not strange—Pm a happily married mother) I can only feel that females who find other females dull and uninteresting must be the same, unless there is a man around to spark interest To me, this is the real meaning of liberation: A liberation from the idea that the male ego must be constantly bolstered, even at the expense of your own sex and yourself; from the idea that a woman is only half a person without a man and family, whereas a man is encouraged and expected to be whole, independent and productive, with or without women. . .except, of course, physically. Liberation means to me that both parties are complete persons before and after marriage. Let's get away from this "who's going to hold the door open or buy dinner" bit, and back to the most important issue — which is improving woman's image of herself. --L.B. Dear L: Right onl' -H. Dear Helen: My sister-in-law delights in tearing people apart. Each time she sees our two teen-agers she points out all their defects. "You're breaking out again — no wonder, look at the junk you eat." "Your teeth are getting crookeder." She considers all young people hoods or dopes and says so, constantly. You might say "avoid her," but that isn't easy when we all live on the same property. Several brothers and sisters share a piece of inherited land, and we have a housetrailer on it. This woman tries to boss, us all, as if we were hired help instead of joint owners who share the taxes and upkeep. Pve never talked back to her, even though she has told my husband (ber brother) that Pm not the right wife for him. She forgets she introduced us. Now she's after our children because they don't visit her more. Why should they when all they get is criticism? She says they're anti-social, and points out' how other kids their age are out dancing, etc. They aren't town-painters, but they seem happy — and, if they're a little shy, perhaps it's because of their aunt's downgrading! How would you face this situation, Helen? —Mrs. M. Dear Mrs. M: . . .With a property-sale and a move to a happier environment. This family commune is not for you; the sooner you leave, the better! —H. Dear Helen: Wasn't it you who wondered how to bake layer cakes high and flat, so they'd stack without breaking apart? WeU my bakery man gave me the secret: Wet a strip of terry cloth or old toweling, wrap it around the side of the pan, pin it in place and bake. The moisture keeps the edges of the cake from baking faster than the inside, thus the cake rises as high on the sides as it does in the middle. And no, the cloth doesn't burn—though it browns a bit. —SACTO COOK Dear Cook: My Thanksgiving cake will be more manageable, thanks to you! —H. • This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Previews Monday Night Tops The Monday Night Tops will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the GAR Room. Headquarters For |Pni.\( KSS GARDNER REGISTRAR' BILLFOLDS EXCITING DESIGNS! RICH LEATHERS! FASHION COLORS! $5.00 Earl G. Rhodes^ jeweler Trl Kappa Sorority The Trl Kappa Sorority Associate and Active Chapters will 'meet on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in toe Kemp United Methodist Church. DO YOU LOVE THAT OLD DILAPIDATED Chair or Sofa WaeaasatU Uk«M* Uk«M* ante ERY THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Sharpsville WSCS The regular meeting of the Sharpsville WSCS met at the church on November 18. There were 16 adults present and 1 child, including 3 ladies from the Nevada WSCS and Mrs. Mary Tolle from Atlanta, as guests. Martha Schinlaub opened the meeting by reading an article about the First Thanksgiving. She also conducted the business meeting. Ruth Price previewed future dates as follows: the next Friendship Circle meeting will be in the home of Grace Hughes on Dec 2 at 9:30 a.m.; the next WSCS meeting will be a pitcb~ in dinner at noon on Dec. 16 at the church. Instead of x-change. gifts, each one is to bring small gifts for cheer boxes.; Ruth Price then introduced Mrs. Tolle who showed slides and gave a very interesting account of her 15 1/2 month trip, around the world. She also bad several articles to show that she had collected from different places. Closing prayer was by Ruth Price. Refreshments were served by the committee. Page 3 KEMPT0N Doesn't Core to be Debutante Mrs. Charles McMullan, who observed ber birthday, was the honored guest for a dinner given by the Kempton Rebekah Lodge Saturday night at the Odd Fellows Lodge. She was presented with a 60 year attendance pin and a beautiful corsage. The remainder of the ing was spent socially with gam es of Bingo. even- HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (UPP —Caroline Kennedy celebrates her 13th birthday here today with all the excitement of any girl Who is entering her teens. There will be a family party including members of the Kennedy clan who are here for the holiday. Caroline came here with Mr. and Mrs. Helping Hand Club The Helping Hand club met recently at the 4-H building. Mrs. Walter Schulenburg and Mrs. Allen Baird were hostesses. President, Mrs. Allen Overdorf had charge of the meeting. Flag salutes and club creed were led by Mrs. Ed Scott. History of the song of the month was by Mrs. Walter Overdorf and group sang song in unison. Roll call . and minutes were by Mrs. Walter Schulenburg, and treasurer's report by Mrs. Allen Baird. The president named the remaining project leaders and alternates for 1971. Cash awards were given to the members who won their Achievement Day exhibits. A craft lesson was given by Mrs. John Schaekel on making burlap flowers and crocheted beads. Present were Mesdames Ed Henry, Allen Baird, Elmer Dov- ersberger, Larry Gar hart, Allen Overdorf, Melvin Schulenburg, Earl Sottong, Don Whisler. Warren Mullikin, Ed Dov- ersberger, Santford Durham. Harry Ebert, Ray Leininger, . Members of the Kempton Jolly Stitchers Club were entertained Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Mary Bur get. The afternoon was spent with games of Bingo, in which several prizes were awarded. Indian Head pennies were given to the guests as favors. Refreshments, were served during the social hour to Mesdames Guy Orr, Howard Boyer. Bethel Ricketts, Carl Edwards, Charles McMullan, Maye Wheatley, Angelo Freeman, Misses Catherine and Belva Stuart, and two guests, Mrs. Angeline Imburgia and Mrs. Edith Johnson. The Christmas dinner and gift exchange will be Dec. 10 at Laughner's Cafeteria, Kokomo. Aristotle Onassis and her brother, John Kennedy Jr., to spend the four- day holiday from the Brearley School in New York where she is an eighth-grade pupij. A pretty girl with brown hair and blue eyes, Caroline is popular at the school where her grades are said to be excellent. Although somewhat shy, she has, many friends and is not treated like a celebrity 1 , A Secret Service (man, to whom Caroline is quite close, accompanies her to school but Frenchwoman has been'living at the Onassis apartment since early this year to keep her company and to exercise Caroline's French. Caroline is enrolled at Miss Porter's School, Farmingdale, Conn., which she presumably will begin attending in 1975 after her graduation from Brearley. life is Worth Living Be Strong ra ley does not sit in on her! Her privacy is almost classes, complete Mrs. Angeline Imburgia, of Carmel, Ohio, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Maye Wheatley in Kempton. Mrs. Jim Thorpe and son, Jeff, of Chicago, Illinois are spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Von Hawkins. Her husband will join her to spend Thanksgiving Day. Women's Democratic The Tipton Co. Women's Democratic Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday for their annual Christmas dinner. There will be installation of new officers and everyone is to bring canned goods for Christmas baskets. Reservations to be called inby Dec. * 1. 675-6833 or 675-7217. Ross McNeal, Walter Overdorf, Clyde Overdorf, Glen Paul, John Schaekel, Walter Schulenburg, Ed Scott, Arthur Swinney, Lewis Wendt and misses Mildred West and Minnie Gasho. as Mrs. Onassis, who "cher ishes the privacy of mj children above all," cculd wish. Caroline's friends say she has avoided going to dancing school and does not want to be a debutante, an event that would not occur before she is 18. She has no close boyfriends yet, is devoted to her pets which range from two dogs and some guinea pigs to a garter snake. She recently gave up piano lessons because she showed no particular aptitude. , Although her mother, the former first lady, is often abroad with her Greek shipping tycoon husband, Caroline is not left companionless. A young WINDFALL Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Plummer of Selma were the Sunday afternoon guests of his sister. Miss Lenore Plummer.l 93rd fJirlLLif By Mrs. Eugene Kirby Cad Goff, who observed his 93rd birthday November 18, was the guest of honor for a dinner at the Sheridan Community Center. Tables were centered with three decorated cakes. His children are Mrs. Anna Bailey, Mrs. Margaret Collier, Mrs. Martha Hodson and Clarence Goff, who were all among the guests present for the celebration, and Rawl- weigh Goff, of Davenport, Iowa, who was unable to be present. Several pictures including five generations were taken during the afternoon. Be strong and of- good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou go- est. Joshua 1:9 What we are, is the most important thing. . But we can't set ourselves up in our own image as one that is independent and all-sufficient for all occasions. But because of God's presence. God's powers and God's promises, we are encouraged to be strong, to be courageous, and to be unafraid and undismayed. Faith in God is the basis of Christian living. Without it we attempt to raise ourselves by our own bootstraps. Faith in God is a support, by Singspi ration A Song Service will be at the New Hope Baptist Church southeast of Tipton on Saturday, November 28, 7-.30 p.m. Rev. Charles Fields is the minister. Regular services are at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., each Sunday. which the little strength which God has given us becomes a lever to lift a mountain of burden, or more particularly, to do whatever God commands. It is our responsibility to maintain a certain state of being. Wc can and we must believe. It is a sin to doubt God. It is one's duty to set about it to use all of one's strength and to be courageous, fearless and unfrustrated in obeying God's command. Have the faith to obey God wholeheartedly. When God takes sides with us, we are in the majority. Coming Events MONDAY Monday Night Tops - 7:30 p.m., GAR Room TUESDAY Tri Kappa Sorority, Associate and Active Chapters - 6 p.m., Kemp United Methodist church WEDNESDAY Tipton Co.. Women's Democratic Club - 6:30 p.m^Jowl-O- Drome DON'T EAT R LEFTOVERS OURSPECIALTY "WET TENDERLOIN" - -« SANDWICH 33 Breaded pork tenderloin dipped in brown gravy, on a hot bun. Miss Denise Fennell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Fennell, has returned home from 1 the Mercy Hospital in El wood following surgery. Order by phone - take it home. Ph. 675-6199 Mrs. Bertha Waters has entered the Tipton County | Hospital for observation and treatment. JIM DANDY DRIVE-IN Double Ring Ceremony Miss Myrna Sue Leach, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leach, Atlanta, and Thomas R. Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Anderson, Cicero were united in marriage on Saturday, October 31, at the Atlanta Christian Church. Officiating at the ceremony was Reverend Robert Shaw and Mrs. Calvin Spidel, organist played traditional wedding music. Bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a short length gown disigned in the Victorian manner, empire-styled and fashioned of acetate taffeta artfully touched with acetate and nylon lace. Ribbon, accented lace panel created a demure bibbed effect atop a demi-bell skirt. Softly Moused sleeves with delicate lace inserts flowing to wrists. Her bridal headpiece was acetate taffeta and nylon lace petals centered with a rosette with a shoulder length nylon tulle veil attached. She carried a bouquet of pink and white baby rosebuds entwined with lilies of the valley. < . Bridesmaid Miss Theresa Thomas, cousin of the bride, wore a two-toned short gown of raspberry and pink acetate brocade, fashioned with a scoop neckline, and empire waistline, with bow and streamers fashioning the back. Her headpiece was raspberry brocade with a short nylon tulle veil of double bows. Mr. Gary Cook of Cicero was best man. Dave Holloway and Gene Starrett were in charge of ushering guests and the lighting of the candles preceding the ceremony. For her daughter's wedding, Mrs. Leach chose a navy blue dress trimmed in red and white with navy accessories. Groom's mother wore an aqua dress with matching scarf and black patent accessories. They both wore corsages of pink roses. A reception followed in the home of the bride's parents, serving guests were Mrs. Tom Phifer, sister of the bride and Miss Patty Phifer, cousin of the bride. The serving table was covered with white linen and draped with pink nylon net, and centered with a three-tiered wedding cake, topped with a miniature bride and groom and trimmed with pink rosettes and white doves. Pink punch and miniature pink rosette mints were also served. Miss Connie Anderson, sister of the groom, registered the guests. Miss Linda Anderson, niece of the groom, assisted at the gift table. Approximately seventy-five guests were present from Atlanta, Arcadia, Cicero, Noblesville, Sheridan, Lebanon, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Middletown and Tipton. The couple are residing in the Suburban Estates Trailer Park on Highway #19/near Noblesville following a short wedding trip. COME TO PARSONS' CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE DOOR PRIZES JUST STOP IN AND REGISTER! Friday & Saturday Nov 27 & 28 9 am to 9 pm PICK UP YOUR 1971 CALENDARS. Dinners f FAMILY NIGHT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO SAVE FRIDAY, NOV 27,1970 • 9RM.-12RM. PLEASE BRING THIS INVITATION TO RECEIVE YOUR BIG 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL MERCHANDISE PURCHASED OR PLACED IN LAYAWAY DOOR PRIZE NAME ADDRESS. CITY RECEIVE A FREE GIFT WITH THIS CARD COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND YOU'LL FIND THE BEST QUALITY BRAND NAMES AT THE LOWEST OF PRICES! SH0P0UR OPEN HOUSE SPECIALS Big Kroehler Recliner... $99.00 Fireplace with Chimney.. 3.98 Antique Auto Radios.... 13.88 Toy Chests 10.98 3 pc. Hamper Sets.... ... 14.98 and others STORE HOURS: M0N., TUES., WED. tHURS. SAT. 9 *<> 5 FRI. 9 to 9 YOUR CHRISTMAS HEADQUARTERS 119 W. Jefferson St. :: TIPTON, INDIANA :: Phone 675-6760

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