The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 5
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Your Home Should Be Insured' Tli«' time to dike out M policy is riijlit now. Yon have no irnaraii- f IT that you r lunise \von '1 !'<• l)iirn<'(l toniu'lit. It' you hiive mi inmir- !iiiei' your loss wili bo e<>ve]'ei|. mill you 'I! have money en>uiLrh to st.ii't Bakersf ie!d Abstract Company. GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. Kern City Vaudeville Show Tonight DAMAGE BY STORM IN WEST SIDE That aes<l;i v tlu e'.ectrlral storm of AVeil- liiy tiH'iu did considerable dam- ane ill i In- \Vest Side oil fields was made Unov.-u here today in reports received ii«:n the field -.Miperinten- dents of t!v different companies. In NO MAIL TO MWTR1CK tin tin Sti The final nhearsal for the, Kbell vaudeville sluuv w;is held last night, j tin , The whole program was gone through ' i from beginning to end just as it will be presented tonight, without tho first hitch, and there is not tht* slightest doubt that tonight's performance will be equally successful. .Midway a telephone box caught in the' oincc on section 30 and lerinte.ndent Urown is mourning loss of a couple of/ suits of swag- clothes and a few pairs of tin- si patterned shoos. On tho Knob Hill the telephone box also caught fire but the blaze was discovered and extinguished before any damage was done. A derrick was knocked over SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA •• "The World's Most Beautiful Playground." More features In a few square miles than any other spot. The famous Big Trees. Scenic Mountains. Surf Bathing superb. Largest and most magnificent Casino and Natatorlum. Climate without- an equal. "NEVER A DULL MOMENT The curtain will rise promptly at 8:15 and thoso wishing good seats will do well to go early. Following is the program of tho evening: 1 Miss Opal Sollls and her Rosei buds, Lora Waldo, Christine Noriega, Hazel Sarnow, Hazel Benson, Nellie Mansker, Vera Waldo. 2. Song and dance artists, Miss May Blair and Miss Marguerite Murphy. 3. Miss Maude Day. 4. Illustrated song, Miss Mollie Harris. 5. Sketch, "One After Noon," Miss Helen Campbell. 6. Souhrette, Miss Emellne Smith. 1. SOng arid dance, Ben Cohn. 8. One act farce entitled, "A Quiet Family." CASE RESET. The date for the examination of Tom Lewellyn has been set for Fri day, October 2, at 10 o'clock in Judge Marion's court. Spend September at— CAST!E CRAGS FARM Near Mount Shasta Comfortable log cabins equipped with hot and cold water and Bhower baths. Home cooking. Wonderful scenery. Fishing, hunting, riding. Rates $2.50 per day. American plan. Weekly and monthly discounts. For full Information and reservation address, F. W. BERGMAN, Manager P. O. Dunsmulr, Calif. A GOOD SESSION. I The Knights of Pythias had a very 'interesting meeting last, night and conferred the third rank on a candi date. ^ BORN. K1XCH—In Mojave, Sept. 23, to MB i and Mrs. Harry Kineh, a son. on this lease. A section of track on the Sunset Western Railroad was washed away m the other side of siding No. 1 by ashes of water down the ravines and t will be some time before the repairs ar made. Much material consigned to siding No. 2 is tied up at siding No. 1. In Sunset Harry Thomas lost a sumphole on his Acme property. The heavy rain washed the banks down, causing th e loss of a large quantity of oil. Mr. Thomas was unable to estimate the exact loss. He left for the West Side today to ascertain tho damage. Reports of lost sumps has also come from the Sunset Road Oil Com •Ir-e 01 ' , \v;'!isout on the Mc- 1. In..I no mail has been <!• to <'.:•• • st side town fur two :>:i*'. ; I mm present pin;no!,. i ii.. for four ol' live .1 I'm. . i'cMmaster Kdn)oii:i<t> is ho! iinu : ; mail, for distribution • liy tin- .\lci\, :.-K liraneii. in the loc.ii office. 'I'l.'l -:ii. postmaster made iin effiiit in --. . j: | l( , ecnild arrange in some m;n,'i. :nr the delivery of ilie pnuelir^. i:,. lailroait lias not assumed iur. ' • -;>onsibllity and accordingly is iii.n. n^ no effort to deliver the (billy coiisignnient. Mr. Kd- monds then-; t there might be some chance ot -.-iidinn the bags out in one of the auto,i,:,lilies Unit daily go to the west side oil fields, but no ex- lense allow,nice is made by the government and the feel able u> meet the expense that would be attached to the automobile delivery. 'Unless tlie people of McKittrick get together and send in here for their mail," said Mr. Kdmonds, "I can not get it to them until the trains resume running, which is promised In four days. It's pretty tough to hold up their mail for a week, but that Is what has to be done under the clrcurn stances-." pany property. In the canyon, The rain was heavy NOTES AND PERSONALS. * •{• * •{• E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, Eggs, and all farm products. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A cheesing account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already suc.b an Hcc-onnt with us we shut! he r^easfil t" have you open one and test it !''»• yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. .Fullington have returned from Fresno, where ithey have been living for the past I lew mouthy, and will reside here In ' the future; Allen Craig left for Maricopa this morning to visit his father. O. W. Voogt of San Francisco Is in town on business. Mr. ami Mrs. E. C. Hlllman of Mountain View were In town today. Frank Higgius, representing Blsh-1 op. & Company of Los Angeles, was j in town today on business. O. Ii. Stockton came in from Oil- center yesterday. Ice for sale at WliitaKer's cornel fruit store at reguix;- prices. tf J. J. Carney canio in from Marl,- copa last niftht and is registered at the Metropole Hotel. Superintendent Worthlngton returned yesterday on No. 1^7. The latest in ladies' belts, 50c, and up, at Ardizzi-Olcese Co., department store. t; \V. F. Chandler of Pclma was in toVn yest.Tilay on business. Traveling Engineer !{. «. Gohlp was in town yesterday. John Vmhorger and .1. Donohuo of ill'-- car department have been moved i temporarily to Fresno. f5. T. Kiticitid of 1,03 Angeles is visiting his sister, Mrs. O. \V. Dorman, anil family. I,en A. iH'sgrandrhump has returned from n visit in Santa Barbara. Master Mechanic J. ShelaborRfr it'turned on No. 7 this morning from WELL MANAGED AND DIRECTED. The First Hank of Kern is a strong and obliging banking institution. It is managed and directed by im-ii 'nf business ability nnd louu- prac- ticnl experience in financial affairs. Accounts, subject io check, invited. Capital, )r-.-.<>."iH!.lH). Capital $50,000.00. C. J. Planf, President Arthur 8. C,.te», Cashier. TEILHET & 1AYLOR FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas Cauliflower Green Onion Lima Beans Celery String Beans Head Lettuce All kinds of fruits of season Belflower Apples, $1.50 per box 1423 19th Phone Main 401 Hear Bryan Speak Wouldn't yon like to hear the Democratic, candidate himself tell you just what his views are on the trusts, the ijirifY. labor and other important questions nt' the day ? He does j'ist that on the Victor Come in mid hear him. Taft Records to arrive soon L| PHILIP W. n INlEDERAUK FURNITURE 1408-10 Nineteenth Street, Telephone Main 173 for delivery in this manner, postmaster himself does not to meet the expense EH1 BlULI A stands for account and B stands for bills, some of which are old as the sills. Please c all and pay on the 15th day. as that is what the book of rules say. Our number is 1925. Square Deal Grocery, still alive. \Ve. are waiting to tarn to your ledger paga and settle aci-oants like a judge or a sago. Mala ~'<:',. R. G. Tibbetts . Son,, pniprie'ors. 42 Hamilton 9 CLOAK AND SUIT COMPANY We are now open for hu i- i ness with a complete lin ! I Cloaks, Suits, Skirts, Waists, I Petticoats, Furs and Millinery. Also a full line of Childrens goods. At prices suited to everybody. \ COME VISIT US—UNDER GRAND HOTEL Chester Ave. at 20th St. REGISTER, REGISTER! The marshal's office will be open until 9 p. m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 21st, 22d and 23d. All thoso who have not registered had better get busy. 46 C. P. BADGER, Marshal. Callfornlan want ads brinr result* POLITICAL CARDS; . .5. .{. .j. .5. + .5. .•« -'e 4> * FOR SUPEHV1SOR. By Terrible Eczema—Head Became a Mass of Itching Rash and Sores' —Would Scratch Till Blood Came —Much Money Wasted in Fruitless Treatments—Disease Was Soon CURED AT SLIGHT COST BY CUT 1CURA REMEDIES • : Out little girl •was two months old \ehen she got a rash on her face and within five days her face and head were all one sore. We used different remedies but it got worse instead of better and we thought she would turn blind . and that her ears would fall off. She suffered U'rriblv and would scratch until the blood came. At night we had to pi" ller hands down. This went on until she was five months old, then 1 had her under our family doe- tor'' care. l>ut phe continued to grow He paid it was eczema. When she was seven months old 1 started to vise CuticHira S»ap, (,'uticura Ointment, and Cutieura Kesolvent, and in three weeks — what, n change! I kept using the C\itieura Remedies for two months and our baby was a different girl. You could not- sco a sign "f a son? and sho was as fair a? n lU'W-horn baby, and all for the small cost of a dollar and seventy- five cents where '.ve had spent ten times the money fur doctoring. She is ii"\v two years old and has not had a sign i if I lie eezcrnix since. Mrs. H. F. HudUe, Ii. T. D. •». LeSueur, Milii;., Apr. l."i and Mai' 2.. I'.Mtr. ' NOTICE. Notice is ii. -.-by nivea that my wife | Annie Castro. [\ • -juu left -tie without | cause, I \\ill nut i-... ivsp. :i«lble for' debts cnntnirt. d !;• her f:'i:n this date. K. !». CASTRO. Dated at H;ik.-rstieUl. September '-~>. 19HS. liS DELONEviHA '.-iOf irnlNGS. Mo^t rrmnrlJiiTilc mineral springs n Callfornin. An nosonue cure for KTIEL'MATISM Forty-flve ir.llos Truni BaUersfteld iQ Sltrra Nevada Mountains. Pine sum mer climate, (iood accommodations. Terms reasonahle. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between t and 9 o'clock trom Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Metropole in Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- tress, BAHBEAU & ROQUETTE. .t Proprietors "In a few years--." said tlie cnthus- j last, "flyini: machines will lie carry- i Ini; iKU-seng, -vs ainl fn-lL-ht all over the country." "Yes," ansv,-( rt 'd Mr. Piriiii- tlarker, seems liUe < vt 11 the inventors are netting together to make more trouble for the Interstate Commerce- THE UNION HORSESHOEING SHOP Has Moved to the Union Stables Corner 21st and K Sts. 1 herewith announce my candTdKe$ for re-election to the office of visor of the F!-st Supervisor.!^ trcit, subject to th" dorlslon of tti» Republican nominating convention. N. P. Mrs. Tom Curry and children f»- j turned this morning from l.os Anpr> les. E, H. WHITE Iteal Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher "Daily Report"' Kern County Records. Money to loan on m'ood Security. Sole Agent Royal Insurance Cornimny, a "Dollar for Dollar Company, with "Dollars left." i. 1803 Chester Avenue Phone Main 90S DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfield. NEW ENTERP n "5E. ' >y SLEEP KILLED By an Itching Humor. Another Cure by Cutieura Remedies. "I broke out with a humor which Rpr'-ad nlmost nil over my hody. The it'.'hing would get worse on retiring, to I fiinld not sleep. I tried several remedies but it grew worse until I got .""•in" C'titicurn Soup nnd Cutieura Pills which I'f-isun to relieve me (it once. By the time 1 had used vial of the Pill*, the humor was entirely gone. 1 vish tVM-y suffen. r fiiilil pecnre the Cuti- e':r'i Hee.:»f;if>. Travis Hates, Hatniiurjj, Art:. April 2>>, 1'ioT. ' rn.r,»,i/<t? KTtormi nmt lntr>rn.i! Trrntn.dit for I"TV H.'.wrm tnf-inl.- rluMri'i]. (uul Adult . on- n«<- ,f * -alrtira M.-.n (.Til- i it, rli-:in-i Mil- Skin, (••,:tl*iir'i Olnvurm y.'ic i in II,..,I il»- Kk.n 'incl fi'.-'ii.ll'i'lib-.'i'.l- !TT VI.,l'llM;ill |r. Purilv'llli' Nl'liill. fSoul thr<.ii..'N'it tin- \v..r!il, t'-.tirr linn* A t nt-ni. '^i'"M;.i!o( Fret.. I'utM'urn I'nok oil Bkiu iJIscnswr. UOOS OUIOI) p t >lOOdX,» <).!>! .l.>'JI|7il)l!p from Santa Rosa, where* they have been visiting relatives for the pas! month. The latest in ladies collars, 50c, and up, at Ardizzi-Olcese department store, tf slot, il'nnn i.. - „ a • surrounding' con »-.,.„ ^~ I eil to my bnsines.s 1 .. good . Kern, I • Kfrn and I have ueltl- line of men's dress and working shoes, corduroy suits, khaki pants, and n nice lino of 'the Continental Jewelry Company's I (Cleveland. Ohio I jewelry, consisting I of ring's for ladies and gentlemen. ! scarf and breast pins, belt liucklos, j cuff and collar buttons, and will sell 'to introduce these goods this week at. i manufacturer'!: price. Your patronage solicited. Clar's Store, 711 I street, Kern. Dr. Long (Homoepatlii PhyKlclan j and Surgeon, electrical and X Ray traetment. Phone Main 144; Hopkins building. U COFFEE Cheap for those that won't pay for good; Schilling's Best for those who won't have poor. i Your grocer returns your money If you doo't like il. «« pik I,iin The bread that everybody in liakorsfleld buys and wants. "Butternut" broad is tho fin- si bread myfte—It's so K ( >O<! that Imitations will he sent you. It may be imitated in the sizo of the 1o;if and color, but tho llavor IK always lacking- Once you try "Butterjiut" bread, you can't be deceived—you'll Know it. by Us goodness and delicious- news. (i<>t acquainted with this pood broad right away. AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. EYES made to order. Patients desiring artificial eyes made for them duplicating form and color; please consult me before October 1st, DR. FOWLSR, Room 6 Hopkins Building DEMOCRAT SP7.1NGS. Democrat Springs s'i\[to Arlington Hottl every I morning. The baths are I for rheumatism and kidnry hy any and all nkln diseasea. T4» 'oi'ty hot mud liaths in Kern Cw*tri\ Hi tel largest and bc«t nrpomwlhttojai :of any resort 'n Kern County. F"Jt« , camping grounds and pJantj? *I shade. **"• ' R. A. MOORE Real Estate and Insurant* Room 11, Hopkins Bldfc Phone Main 433 * Baker»ffc»* MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester^ Avenue Admission SOc, No Higher Continuous' Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "Fighting the Flames" "Marathon Race" "The Stadium Sports" "The Oylmpian Games" "A Lonely Gentleman" "A Troublesome Carbuncle "In the Days of the Pilgrims 1 ' "How Simpkins Discovered the North Pole." SONGS—"Pride of the Prairie" "Taffy" Entire elmncre of Program Monday and Thursday nights. A surprise Cor our patrons every week. Matinee Saturday SUM! Sunday. UNEQUALED Attractions at Del Monte (The Ideal Vacation Place) Golf, Tennis, Polo. Motoring, Riding, Bathing Seventeen-Mile Drive, Beautiful Scenery. Superb Climate, Perfect Accommodations. Summer Rates $3 to $5.50 Per Day (AMERICAN PLAN) REDUCED RAILROAD RATES Del Monte Express Leaves City Daily at 3 p. m. Write for Reservations to H. R. WARNER, Mg'r. BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE ROBT. <t. BARTON, H«n»qcr Coolest Place in Sunday, September 27th The First Time Here of the Romantic Comedy Drama ^nrir 1 v \ c. 99 Bv J. MAULDIN FEIGHi. i'ietiiresipiely Staged itud Phiyetl liy the Original Ni-'.v York Co.. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and $t SEATS NOW ON SALE.

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