The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and Gleas Wants Paroled KODAKS:- Baer's Announcement Fair Features I". M, riij-r*-<l ;t v, ho in - ' muni I'.ak will ,, to I i JIT' i: - >hot K mink !l * 4 i;!". \vanf- a par"!". and v •! in.- tn (hiU < IT- 11 ''!. r.lrason in fii" year nn \viiSiont provocation ;i Colmn. II*' trli.'d to f, hut after a hearing iti -Judge MnlionV conn a Jury promptly found him guilty and recommended imprls- f'»r life. n* ' n.cinu prM-:r; for ( .-Ksitlf I i- uivoji j runnim • ' otif of e in fi» ; fair \v*M-j\. ' mess .mil MI-' in' ihe niotoi- J " .M '»*• ^onicvv hat l v. ;<1 h" a i named minute ract-. mn.1 ini self- hour ract which r For some months past (ileason has iMi writing letters to local officials some inilueiK-e in Ills behalf, liut so far he has received no encotir auernenr. His application will madf at tht' next meeting of the prison directors., »"•' tin- on" ; prove-. 1 such i i r J." i.ns' Angles ! .Ph.- L-.asoliTi' bikt-s will he loon 1 for twenty minutes. At the end of tit<u- a MUH will fired, and the !ii>t machiiu 1 to cross the line will then In- the winner. TAFT PLEADS WITH LABOR TO VOTE FOR HIM. An effort will also be made to nr- nire a rite*- between the three-twin- be ! cylinder niachines which are now own' ed in Hakerst'udd. Leonard Dunn, the victorious .Murlcopii motorist, has recently purchased a two cylinder Curtis, a duplicate of the machine stolen from Frank Mghtnor ami It is be- CLINTON, Iowa, Sept. 25.—Taft lrt'RRfd a large crowd lit Dewltt park today and devoted himself to labor, holding up the Republican legislative record In comparison with Democratic promises. See the Windows lieved that with this and the machines from Bible's and Wilke's cycleries a roost interesting MI-'re can be arranged. Al Berkeley, winner of several cups'; EAGLE Grant in the Hudnut Club's races, will also he on hand, HP. will Stoeckl, Cole, Mac- ] BETTER GiET A MOVE ON If you want In !cui'\v \vhal Uiml • >!' harness A. IS. i IKK KIN< iToN rv mir spring \v;iir<'U h.'ir- 41 ' in j ss ; we h;iv tlh-Mi from ->'-."» up. Talk about liurxi> rnllnrs. frv * broad t'ftce, 17 iih*h draft tile In-st 1i» Itf ||)|<1 ; r a lit. Think of it ;ui»l give us aenll. A. B. HERRINGTON 1517 19th St. Hayden Purchasing Bureau 830-832-834 Monadnock Building San Francisco, Cat. Merchandise of all l\in<ls purchased for the consumer in tho San Francisco market ;it whole- sal* 1 prices. Samples or photographs f'.irnfsherl an*! prices cpioret] on rerjucst. Com mi s- Kions for the transaction of business of every nature given prompt attention for a moderate compensation. B. A. HAYDEN, Mgr. Formerly Hayden Furniture Co., Bakersfield, Cal. B. A. Hayden Co., San Francisco. Cal Gregor, and all the old time racers, as well as several new owners of machines. One :>r r.jore Ions distance bicycle races will also b' j arranged for fair week, and nltogcthci the racing pro- Ki'itrn should be all that could be desired. Hudnut Park is r.pidly assuming a| new appearance with the progress of , work on t,he fofcy now stalls. As soon j as these are finished the exhibition' tents will he set ui>, and cattle sheds, will be built. iOntries of exhibits are; eominu in faster than ever at the of-' fire or Secret ary MacHa*\ and need ; of irtnva.-ifl aerninniodatlons is being • felt daily. ] BRYAN IN INDIANA. i ri.NVlNXATI. Sept. I'5.—The Bry- \ an party left today for Torre Haute.! hid., where Mr. ISryan will speak late today. ' i • Tomorrow the Big Day Millinery Opening More really beautiful a ts h ere an in ther stores in town combined—so come tomorrow display at its best. caug Hat styles are so pretty this year—Our Miss Edgar l_ J_ J_L _ ^^ . __- I. ^ I. ill 1» */* A A i* A -m »/* ^ II m *~* *• I * * x-v »-* ^-* ^-v *-\ V% y-4 t*r*t^ V*jr^r^1 T I 4* htth e spirit of "Directoire" influence an dth e res Notes and Personals Head the wr-n: .1. F. Chase, a brother of Mrs. F. W. Mitchell, "accompanied by Mrs. Chase, is here for n short stay. The visitors reside in Worcester, Mass., and are making a tour of the west, which will include points "f interest in California, I'ayne & Son now have an invalid coach for ambulance work. 77 Will Wiggins or 'lYhachapi is a vis- tor here today. \ C. A. Newman, teacher of violin. '. Phone Main 501. Producers I'.ank' building. tf Knu-st White and hit Viride have: e,j from their honeymoon trip.- Hobinson is home i'rom'hi? vacation spent in the southern part of state. Jack MeCIurg. Hie Fresno oil man \va.- an arrival In to\vn last evt-nin^ .1 !•'. Miu-hcll is down I'n-m (.'or- coran. Too Late For Classification ««««. . j HAWKING MACHINES. WANTKD -- A respectable woman,' cook and thorough housrkf«.p- Catarrh Sufferers Are Nothing Bu ! Hawking, Spitting nnd Blowinj Machines, Says an Authority. ^ it i>:>^ih!p that in these inys display of charming millnery creations that is not ou in any of the exclusive millinery shops in the larger cities. There are so many styles that deecriptions are impossible at this time---but a half hour spent in this department "tomorrow will teach you more than we co after column of cold type. uldh ere in column The invitation is extended to all: come Saturday! Phone Exchange One Butterick Patterns- Best er, woutd likf \\-tn-}< in I'amilv or liotel or out of lovvn. InMUii" ti>i "M. <Y' at iluss Hou,.e. _ •. _ J r STRAY Ki> - Small brown milch cow. when with I'ji; 1 iii;irU- Panics whtTi'ahoin s ni i *!** l^a-e • iiiu th s l >i i ;• and sanitary reiorni pvcat-hul in tho churches, public gathering*-, ihat KOK Ur:NT- -Tiiroe ioom hoti>.e. ! -tri «-f. K'-nf. Kor j.'.'iri i< uiiii - \Vili-y, inn; l ctnTi, Kern. u i ;) | thinisand?-' or' p'-ople will continnt- to suffer from catarrh, when there is an '/;>• (••;!!Hin remedy ahvayn fm DR. SCHAFER WILL RE- j Del Ramirez v/Ill Ueap Ills place. SUME PRACTICE SOON-! 1916 K street, open all day and all *nighi :-ircus day, Saturday, Sejtt,. to-! 19th. rfl Tee Delivery. Bakersfield Ice Delivery. Phona 82. Supply station now open at - t \T REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deecir.. rioor)i:f tte parni'-iniul to , P. l»e Vallay, $1; on«'--sixth of east a i ;• n.-ant, medicated and air. Un aiht.- it in and it, will cur* • a- tarih. \\ \\i\\ pt< p foul hre.tth, wart ry ey^s and i;'U?t.-' in the no.-e in a ,".-'.v day?, : "1 ^ufff-rt-il 1'roin catarrh for two | yearji; iri"d num«-rous ronunHc-s wiiicli j ha!i n: M,mil,.list q-iartrr. n<»r(h*-iisi ;- ailt .,,. Ui .. ( , d ono an(1 ,,nt-half bottles Dr. A. F. Schafer will leave i;Mr for San Fran<-i.sco on business, and expects to be in bis office and re- sumo his practice in about a'week. The physician this morning at the | J hospital operated en F. S. .ludd, Sr,,'. 18th and K streets for transient a pioneer resident of the county. trade. Family Rates For 1908. 100 pounds «t one time, 60c per bun- nm.h io. dr £||' . . MirociMi'-s ro ; 5f) P° u nds at one time, 75c pei hnn- ntin prison, ' dred Under 50 pounds, fl per hu v :f red. Lower rares for la:ge con sura- •re. tf NOTICE n Not'co is uiven that I i.ji to F. \T. c,f south- WILL START SEPTEMBER 15th Leaves The Following Points Daily: nf H y(inu-i and am enlirely 6'.20a.r»i. 7: ISn.m, 7:20a.-,i. HOCHHEIMER & CO ... Illinois Crude Oil Co. ... Oil Center HOCHHEIMER & CO. Illinois Crude Oil Co, 1l:20p.m. Oil Center l:00p-m. $1.00 Round Trip — . HOCHHEIMER & CO. ... 5:30p.m. It'mois Crude Oil Co. ... S:50p.m. Cil Center 7:00p.m. HOCHHEIMER & CO. 11:00p.m. Oil Center 12;10mdt Children. 6 tc 12, HALF RATE One Wa. S' rtl( Sheriff lv'rn Cofni'v to 0. E. Davis, i $;!:>:; ;t'i; somh^.'si quarter section 2, ll-li;t. judKin'-ni vs. riutrl.'s Leet ad- rninistra'or. Kanio^a. l-am) Uakrr. $ln; i;,. northwest quarti i , Karry H. Maun and wifr to Chas [R, White, $10; lot ;;nr, Kmirtb Home i V:xtensi(tn ('olouv to H, (juarter of * • Kast Kirst Ave.. Mitchell. S. 0. to Hnif>mei outfit, Ing (if a strnnp. hard rubber pocket Inhaler and n bottle of Hyoinei, COSIK only $1, and extra bottles, It* ur'ter- ls needed, cost only ."ju cents each, Bat-r 15ros. >ell it and guarantee it to do exactly a^ advertised. Hyomc-i a!s<; cures Asthma. Hn>n-, Colds and infant:-' eh it Croup. "What your Idea of "untold Mrs _ Cuj'lH.tee—How could a woman ever brin^ berself to marrv an PAYNE uneral Directors Embalm Nin Pro str< Phone Main 257 BON BON Your order for Tee Cream, Fruit ICON or Candv. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY Prom G n. m. to G p. m, T. C. COPPIN, Prop. v ^i >- Get our new tion folde» The NATIONAL ON TEENTH ANNU AL SES SIX MEXIC QU NEW UQUER AL obe emb September anned trps ake ound country you Main HUDSON en "That which a woman sufferj- from shoes."—Houston Post California!* want ada. Best results. aeronaut? He's flighty. k i* •;• *«* *;* *i* * J. .; . .;. .;, ,, Mrs. Waypher— Yes, and iou ufi he lacks hallast, Mrs. Marmalayd— Then, too, looks down on oidinary people. Mrs. Chinimn-Kearney—And ajii he moves !n the higher circles, and yon don't .—-Chicago Tribune, 1905 Chester Avenue P^INT YOUR HOUSE i House painting IH my special- 4 ty. I ^ise nothing bat the best - Mi Sf .,.,, Vr . , vnnjt(1| . if ,-, , 1( materftib, guarantee my work 4 ,.;: u ^« n , , , and chaw roaflonable price.. Jli" 1 ^ " ! " "*"* I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor..* h ^J !;. r J Y ,, ! .- .-.m-mlv r,ruMii- 211V tt bv Phrr.e Main 172. •* 4 -*< *% .% *'. A *** *** #** *** **» \ t« * * * * * * * >%* is will? -' < O * at mentioned n ». .* '.r nam f i' n 1 .. ( * » * , TEA There is nothing that costs so little, both money and work, ;ind that jjocs 50 far if it has the chance. I "1 to a VMM ;»! >.-;i.-Mii. " now ave display co mplete an varied stock o f \[ "1 dunno's 1 am," aiiKv-.n-d Mr. Cunirox. "I'.vi'i'y nn\v an' thru I p-t kind 'H ini.'p. .-red, Hut -Ahrut-vt i 1 ( snow himiH of bavin' a s.und time 1 mot her .th' tin- ftirls uit -i- \vorri»'d | aitout n:, Nvha\ l<ir that 1 hav<* Jo in m^t j^ay ar> iuor*\"— . S i a r. H. 0. HARNESS With J. A/. BrocKman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 2ba BukerBlleld, Cal p 1 Mr. Win. .1. Bv::'n '"u,v be hoard to : speak on the issm-s of tin- day at j Niedt-ruur's Furniture Store, 1 lus 19th I strict. COUK- in Dim in»ur nun l>r. Hoss Kehietibwa. licensed optic inn: olfic'e Movrow-Kliubull drug Byta cxamirH'U fror? tf CuUforuiau a»is unng quick returns ester Avenue

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