The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 3
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The Only Exclusive Piano Store! IN BAKERSF1ELD LARGE STOCK, LOW PRICES, EASY TERMS, SHEET MUSIC ORDERS TAKEN Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block-1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager Dependable Goods at Weld's The New Fall Styels in Neckwear Are Very Attractive Decided chalitres have taken place in fall neckwear—and the dressing of the neck this season is quite as important as the selection of stylish shoes or gloves. Aur assortment includes all the new fall fads at prices that make it possible for every one {x> have a good supply of the new styles. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 60 Works Phone. Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. • Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakarsfleld, Cal. DIXON ®. SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Embalmers. SucceMort to Morton * Connolly. Lady Attendant 1414 19th lt> BED OBOM AMBULAN01. Phone, Night or Day, Main tV The Poultry and Egg Exchange THRONSEN & STAULARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bakersfield and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street $20 first: $10 second $5 third; fifteen $1 each. Easily earned Honest values are ever wedded with truthful words. We can save you money if you buy our assortment, pots, pans, kettles, woodenware at 25c, Let us assits you. Winters, Bridges, Simpson Cumpay, DISGRACES' THAT Llttl ° Me "^^ Ha> Figl " $50 Cash Premiums In an hour or more by any boy or girl, man or woman, but one in each family, without any cost to you, and no peddling or canvassing. And to .ach one competing, we will also give a small useful article. Send postal for particulars, mentioning this paper, to WEST COAST MILL, 705-709 So. Griffin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. TEDDY OVERLOOKED "Haskell's connection with a president ;:ii campaign Is a disgrace," yells President Theodore Roosevelt as he flourishes the big stick over the people. But what about the following worthy gentlemen who are in charge of Taft's campaign with the sanction and approval of Terrible Teddy? T. Coleman DuPont of Delaware, chairman of the Republican national speakers committee, head of the powder trust that has exploited the people at his own sweet will. William Nelson Cromwell of New York, the great Wall Street lawyer, attorney for the Panama Canal combine; Kuehn, Loeb & Company, the Harrlman Interests, the sugar trust, Standard Oil trust et al, George Rumsey Sheldon, of No. 2 Wull Street, multi-millionaire and officer and director In more than twenty corporations. Frederick W. Upham of Chicago, a millionaire several times over, member of the State Board of Review, which passes upon the amount of taxes which corporations ;md large estates should pay In Illinois, and director In several • orporattons. Charles F. Brooker, of Connecticut, millionaire, engaged In the banking and railway business, and vice-president of the New York, N'ew Haven and Hartford Rallro:iil Company. Frank O. Lowden, of Illinois, multi-millionaire son-in-law of the late George M. Pullman, and now vice president of and heavily Interested in that widely-known monopoly, the Pullman -Palace Car Company. Boss Penrose of Pennsylvania, the political heir of Boss Quay, and, since the latter's death, boss >f the corrupt political machine in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, a machine which has not been equalled In political turpitude since the days of Boss Tweed In New York. ! S. Some Hot Shot From Haskell .Ti>:uorro-.', lj(-> n;; t > 01' 1.11 I his city i- ill till- I'Mil),- tin- luud-hii ploti. will li night what promises to I • host fights ever seen inl • lu-duled to take placal Theater. Mike Kutcholl :i,u r little Greek cham-l • pitted against Young I :i clover Ix>s Angeleil the result of the mlxapl n year ago to Influence the people to vote down the best constitution i ever written. We remember that, and included things uot| We pre served Mr. Taft's speech. IT """'" " W "-> M 1A -'rjipFERS WIDELY FORM HIS SPEECHES OF THIS YEAR. When Bryan put Roosevelt in a hole in the Haskell matter, the President squirmed out by Ignoring the issue he raised and the manly request of Bryan, and attacked Haskell along other lines. But the Oklahoma man appears to be able to hold his own In a controversy, and in an open letter he says In part: I have been made the subject of a cabinet meeting. I am thankful for the distinction, and I wish to express my high regard for the office of President and my profound respect for the wisdom of our fathers In making It F01 * GOOD CAUSE OTHER THAN possible to CHANGE THE OCCU- POLITICS AND DONE BY BOARDS PANT OF THAT HIGH OFFICE EV-'OF REGENTS AND NOT BY THE ERY FOUR YEARS WITHOUT THE GOVERNOR. criticize. Union Labor Approved Veto. The 1'residont comes to the local affairs of our state and assails me for vetoing a child labor bill. Tnn>, 1 clld, simply because the bill went too far desired by our people. UNION LA BOR REPRESENTATIVES APPROV- jEl.) MY VETO. I HOPE THE PRESIDENT WILL SURVIVE THIS VETO OK A LOCAL BILL AND PERMIT US TO RUN OUR LOCAL AFFAIRS. The President complains that we ( removed certain professors from our! State University, our three State Normal Schools and Preparatory' School iu violation of Civil Service rules. That is, the President, in hi? [ usual impetuosity and reckless disregard of others, misstates the facts. Less than one-fifth of the faculties are changed. ALL CHANGES WERE fighter, an.! is most proi Hoth liuiner.s have undergone! Mri'ful training and In eacbj camp there is a feeling ot flilonce which Insures a fought battle. Iu Los Angetefl several months ago the two lad»l fought a hard draw. KutchoB 111 one of the best in his class and! McGovern has fouirht for chaniT plonstiip of that division of Bcrap-l pers. The hoys will welsh In at 1151 pounds at 6 o'clock tomorrow. They] assert' they are at weight now. The fight between Kutchos and Mo-l Govern Is not the only one offered for! tomorrow. Mauro lierrera is con-[ ducting the fight and he has chalked! up two more hot scraps. Kid ROBI,| a well known local boxer, will make his first appearance In the rlug| against Charlie Mitchell, the slugging waiter, and Kid Alexander, the little! negro fighter, will also have an ln-[ ning against a well known youngl lightweight scrapper. Mauro Herreral will officiate as referee. His showsl In the pnst have been good and full oil fight and he promises a flue night of| fighting tomorrow. The sale of seats Is now on and al large crowd Is expected. The prlcea| are $2 and $1. Mauro will call the curtain raiser! at tt: 30 p. m. sharp, so as to give I the working boys an opportunity to| attend. • L. A. McCray came up from Holly wood this morning. L. Rankin Is In town from Isabella Walter Snook came In from Sunse| last evening. S. Spellacy Is In from Marlcopa. If you have entries to make, attend to it at once and where stock and articles pre entered, see to it that they are on time and at place for examination by committee. A. W. MAO RAE. County Fair RIGHT GRANTED TO A CROWN PRIXCE TO SUCCEED THE KING. I assert that It Is fair for me to assume, that If my case was to be dignified by an all-day cabinet meeting, beyond question Mr. Hearst and his campaign associate, President Roosevelt, left no stone unturned to blacken my character. That being true, they certainly raked Ohio fore and aft concerning the Ohio Standard Oil cases of IS99, and, finding absolutely nothing reflecting on me, the President tried to wave his charge of last Monday j aside by saying he "will make no allusion to that." He drops* this subject because his original abatement was untruthful, and he mu«C know from what he and Hearst tried h> find in Ohio and failed, that I »pok«> the truth when I said I never In alt my life had any Interest m or connection with, nor service with that company. I say the President knows now that my statement Is true, and I regret that he tries to brush It aside without doing me'candid justice. Were I to adopt the character of language so commonly used by the President I would spell It In fewer letters than "falsehood." Mr. Roosevelt: I hope to speak In Ohio soon. May I hope to divide the time with some partisan of yours or Prince William, who will defend your action In this Instance? President Roosevelt cornea to Oklahoma and finds a substitute for his Ohio failure. Does he, In the case of the state against the Prairie Oil and Gas Company, which he complains I campelled to be dismissed? Yes, I did have It dismissed. Yes, we all know that the Prairie Company Is a Standard Oil offspring, and don't forget the President claims to have known this also; and 1 charge that the political allies, Heurst and Roosevelt, both know that I acied properly. First, THE PRAIRIE OIL COMPANY GOT ITS FRANCHISE IN Ol'H STATE, NOT FROM ME, BUT FROM ROOSEVELT'S' SECRETARY OF I THE INTERIOR. LONG BEFOUK STATEHOOD JjEGAN, un-l Juni iis I main built nnd operating, and <''"!v The Southern Bakerifleld'fl Leading Hottf Cuisine, Service Un«MO«llttf The President complains that there are several suits pending against me to reclaim Creek Indian land. The President should have gone further and said that I was not a dealer in Indian laud and only came in as a subsequent purchaser and only Incidentally, a party without personal interest at all, and especially he j should have said that it Is quite ap- j parent that those who are being \ sued in those land cases claim to be,' and apparently are, the victims of j political chicanery, which the Presl- din can better explain than !. Driven Into Ward Polities. I Iu short, the President and Mr. I Hearst picked the wrong man and are now driven into ward politics j rather than to surrender like men. The President assumes that all Ok- lahomaus are grafters because his Territorial associates Justified that name; that all ex-railroad contractors! »re bad just because Paul Morton I needed his protecting arm; that we all In Oklahoma violate the Civil Service law just because MR. ROOSEVELT REMOVED THE BEST UNIT- BP STATES M,ARSJiA.L WE EVER HAD, THE ONLY REASON BEING THAT HE VOTED FOR A OOOD DEMOCRAT INSTEAD OP A BAD REPUBLICAN, AND THEN THE PRESIDENT APPOINTED HIS COUSIN TO FILL, THE VACANCY. As to the rights ot labor iu a child labor bHl, and my work in the interest of labor, Mr. President, please remember with me It's do things; with, you It's talk only, Taft's Speeches Differ. YOU ARE THE SAME PRESIDENT WHO THREATENED TO TURN DOWN OUR CONSTITUTION BECAUSE IT PROVIDES A JURY TRIAL IN CERTAIN CONTEMPT CASES. Don't forget, Mr. President, I flatly dared you to make that objection. But as the price of your approval you did compel us to cut out the prohibition of removal of personal Injury cases against foreign corporations from state to federal TOURIST Automobiles A NOTICE OF IMPORTANCE TO AUTOMOBILISTS A large reduction has been made in the price of automobile tires, taking effect eSpt. 1, 1908. If you are buying tires at the old list you are paying too much. Call and get new prices. It emans a lot) of «uey to you if you haye t<? buy Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and;G St. E. J. Erb. Phone Main 1260 W. E. Drury 'Kress In our statehood bill, was careful: courts and several other good provls- •*•• I to declare- that our state when nix-fn, long that would benefit hiimanltvi '•-"•-i i and Th n Kent mi: must respect all rights and existing frctnchi-e.-. was all I did, and the federal c stood ready to call me iiown i: I violated the Hoos.'V-'li i •>: ,:u: i,,; 1 franchises. Now, Mr. President. v.\t\ di-i >or.i | secret arv of the inter!": 1 u:-.,i.- '..!.:>• ! you knew to !>•• a St-ilni...- i <>;: '.ii" 1 ! Mine franchise in uitr then le^pl- 1 .-- '••<•' | rllory and fasten it on m; !.-•«• -'ii.- by provi.-lou of the .-t:-(.-l: I i-;'i • Will Mr. Hear-,' o: i:," 1';. -id"!;' please answer" i 1 \\ouii; also reniiliii :i., I 1 : • -!•:••!.' I > hat. tie- company i ri>- ! t-i :.'•.. •<• : : I'iuht s s> i .is in iur! 11-1-- , ,.; • i .1.- an i);! pri\ ilci;e. Thi- I ••• '' .-' ; and e\eii la-' ,'\;>."il. M. '>'!• .'••• ' I your secp-iai v ot t|).. n : i-. ' ; I I') help il:i. Si'ii.dard ( /' .1 | inier-ttite (4:1- line al>-. I ; ••• .; •• . i secretary i h.,: --nice >i.,t. i.m,,"' ! da> - ot .^ivir,^ \ ;',..;., :,; • ! our -late had pa.- -ed ,,|.d I v,,,; 1 i yon yielde-i aiei i iii.-"il'.-d ; o-;: i;i.: . lul act. ] I a.naln a^-ei t tl,.,; i:iy afi n; in ':...' ica-;e was not only required by «i-r llederal authorit\ had bound u.s to d". I i lit llltlt the public inteler-'.-ii in i,tn; own people, based on conditions KI'<>« I: Ing out of your original special favor! to the Standard Oil Company in granting that franchise, required me to pursue that policy in the cane you curb special Interests. Not con- with your own threats against, our constitution, you sent Secretary Taft here to speak in our campaign QUICK TIME TO Kansas lily St. Louis and Chicago ON THE GOLDEN STATE LIMITED -. i Through Pullman and Tourist Cars. Splendid Dining Oar •*rvi««. Southern Pacific Company 1

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