Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas on November 14, 1892 · Page 4
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Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 4

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1892
Page 4
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1 THE LAWREKCE DAILY JOTJBJIkL AND EYEK1KG TBIBTJNE, M.0NDA1, NOYE&BER 14, 1898. mm OKTlS ENJOYS ;3th the method and results -whei Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually; dispels colds, headaches and levers and cares habitual constipation. Syrup cf Fies is the only remedy of its kind ever pro- uuced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the atomacb., prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its ;ects, prepared only from the most neafthy and agreeable substances, its ar-ny excellent oualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c fw& $1 bottles by all leading druggist Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- tura it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRAKOISCO, CAL. LVUISVIUE. XV. HEW YORK. N.V. 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(Except Sunday.) No 213 Express 10:20 a m No 207 Passenger 5:25 pm tJN'ON rACIFIO W88T. No 7 Denver ft Pacific Coaet Hmited....12S p m No 1 Night Eip ess 10:40pm No 5 Junction City Accommodation, ex-.' cwpt Sunday 5:30 pm t'NIOS PACIFIC EAST. No 8 Ea-?t?rn, limited , 3:43 p m No 2Kansas Oily Fast Une 5,33 am No6Kac8K3 City cconimodaUoE, except Snudy 8:10 am LGAVKKWOftTH BRANCH. - ARRIVE. D8PAKT. Paolflc Express. 11 :50 a m 3:50 p ia Mixed, except Sunday 7-23 p m 8:) am MAILS CLOSE. A.,T.&S.F.West 'inlwJS i 3 ;?0 p in A., T. & S. F. East 3:50 p m ( fr-Ci p m kJ. P. West 11:30 a m U. P. East. . 3:30 pm Night mail 10:00p m Southern Kanscs 9:31 am Leavenworth I!ran-h 3 :()0 p m S&Pggga TI5fflET0FFICES. iS-?a fiWtVl1-! For Information con-SS"-Jpa5 JV e- 'PJ cernini routes, rates, and K mi iTrTf "iri"'i?rini connections, call at one of iheMiuia te iouie ticket offices, or address the agent. U&llroad ano eteamehio tickets sold to all poi&tK, oaeage checked and sleepers secured. 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Try Cooper Creek Coal, free from sul phuraiid soot at C. L. Edwards. "Piccadura," the best nickel cigar. Havana filler, sella five to one. The around-town loafers can now spend their time attending court. It isn't always the most brilliant peo pie who are the greatest successes. Woodward's is headquarters for Win dow. Picture and Ornamental Glass, Leonard's Special 10c cigars are made of the finest Havana in the market. There will be a dime lea at Mrs. C. P. Grosvsnor's next Thursday evening. Do you decorate chamois skins? , The largest and meat perfect skins at Hay mond's. There was a barefoot boy on the street this morning and he seemed to be enjoy ing himself. Election certificates were sent ort from the county clerk's office today to township officers. Louis Buch, thorough violin teacher. 1004 New Jersey street. Leave orders with Fluke & Son. R, 8.. Saunders, teacher guitar, man dolin and banjo. Address, or leave word at Bell's music house. The show at the opera house tonight promises to be a good one. The advance sale of seats has been good. Kansas weather the last few days has been equal to any the people of the state ever saw occasion to brag about, t Young orators may be heard practicing in nearly eyery part of town now for the University oratorical contest. Mr. A. P. Clark, who was thrown from his cart and seriously hurt last Saturday afternoon, is recovering from his injuries. A republican who wears a new hat now days makes himself liable to be accused of voting one way and belieyine another. Lawrence will soon have a resident who has lived under the administration of every president the United States ever Lad. A very large number of Lawrence people are at present suffering from sore throats. In most casses this is coupled with a slight cold. The Uniyersity girls of the Epworth league oi tne juetnoaist cnurcn gave faggot party at the home of Mrs. McKi on Last Saturday afternoon. Frank Webster says that he will not be a candidate for the postoffice, but will continue to run a good democratic newspaper, at the old stand. Mr. Jas. Donnelly today received a letter from Rev. Father Ennis announcing his safe arrival at Genoa, Italy, and conveying other interesting notes about his trip. " The democrats will celebrate their yic tory by introducing a number of new features in the parade next Friday even ing and will make as big a demonstration as possible. The Nebraska foot ball team has not near the student support of the Kansas boys and the people of the town do not take much of interest in the success of the eleven. Just the thing an Oyster Stew at Weidemann's after the opera tonight. The faculty of the school of music will give their concert on Thursday evening of this week. The additional improvements in music hall will then be finished-Seats are now on sale at the Santa Fe office. Prof. J. W. Green. Prof. E.D. Adams. Mr. J. P. Ross, Mr. R. R, Clark and Mr. R. K. Moody returned yesterday from Lincoln, Neb., where they accompanied the University foot ball team on its sue cessful trip, Charles H. McBride, who swindled George Hackman and Charley Elwel', and was arrested in Kansas City Saturday, was taken in charge by Missouri officers before Deputy Sheriff Pryor arrived in the city. The foot ball boys are very much pleased by the way the Union Pacific folks treated them on their Lincoln trip. A special car was proyided and all else done that was possible in order that the boys might haye a good time. To-Dsy Hood's Sarsaparilla stands at the head in the medicine world, admired in prosperity and envied in merit by thousands of wbuld-be competitors It has a larger sale than any other medicine. Such success could not be won without positive merit. Hood's Pills cure constipation by re-Storing peristalic action of the alimentary caaal. They are the best family ca-hartic. Miss Georgia H. Brown will meet the children of her dancing class Saturday Noy. 12th, at 2:30 p. m., at Merchants Bank ball. Adults class Tuesday Nov. 1st, at 8 p. m. After this week, Friday will be regular class night for adults, will be the Sext Cosres-a. Col. H. L. . Moore will represent the second Kansas district in the next congress. It is very probable from present indications that Mr. Funston will have a majority according to the official count, but CoL. Moore said to a reporter this moriuing that he would be the next congressman. This means a , confst for the seat in the next house. The ground on which the contest is brought according to the committee having the matter in charge is "very plain evidence of fraud from many of the precinct3." Particularly is this urged in regard to Wyandotte county and Lecompton precinct in this county, Plnmbprn Benefit Aseoclatioa. The regular semi-annual meeting of the Master Plumbers Mutual Benefit association of Kansas held it first session at K. of P.hail iu this city this afternoon. The meeting will last through the afternoon and evening. There is quite a large attendance and the meeting this evening will be of especial interest. Following is a list of the members of the association: Wm. Rowan, Arkansas City; P. J. Lyons, A. S. Bowen, Atchison; Chris Allen, Eldo rado; F. H. Bowers, Emporia;H.Ingham, Ft. Scott; C. C. Stewart, Hutchinson; FraDk Doane, Fred Doane, A.T. Fowies, Lawrence; James Foley, B, Hoffman, M A. Bransfield, Paul Bulow, Leavenworth; J. E. Ford, Newton; J. C. Merrill, J. H. Beasley, Pittsburg; Ii. Mood, Prescott and Allen, C' States, John Sheahan, Topeka; M. Dermody, G. W. Bennett, A. T. Buckridge, Wichita; Thomas Lloyd, Kansas City, Ksn, Sunday School t'onfentioa a Franklin. Four miles southeast of the city near the ancient village of Franklin is the little white school house of Franklin where a Sunday School Institute was held last Sunday. The school house is situated on a southern slope of ground in full view of the Blue Mound and the country beyond. The day for holding a meeting of this kind was not propitious as a cold bleak wind came sweeping over the hills from Lawrence and the north west causing a small attendance from the neighboring citizens around. Something of a delegation came out from Lawrence mostly speakers and others interested in Sunday school work. Noah Cameron, of Riverside presided, and called to the floor Phil Parrott, of Lawrence, a young man about S3 years of age who spoke about twenty minutes on the history of Palestine from the year 192 O. B. C, to the beginning of the Chris'ian era. He was followed by Prof. J. A. Roberts of Lawrence oa the geography of the Holy Land with a talk equally as interesting.cThe next speaker was Secretary Chapman of the Y. M. C. A., who occupied about fifteen minutes on the character of the inhabitants of the ancient Jews who held Palisteae for near twenty centuries before the dawn of modern Christian evangelization Chairman Cameron occupied the attention of the audience until lo'clock, oa the character of the twelve apostles, with the exception of fiye minutes by Professor Riley, of the Salvatioa Army. At 2 o'clock the meeting adjourned when a goodly number of yiaitors from abroad traveled overland to the home of J. P. Pinkerton where they partook of a bountiful repast prepared especially for a Sunday school occasion. In the after noon the subject of primary word was resumed by Professor Parrott. Then came the subject of "Women of the Bible" by the superintendent pro tem of the Franklin Sunday school, J. S Asers. The music lor the occasion was furnished by Mrs. J. S. Akers, both yocal and instrumental. Thus closed the first Sunday school convention ever held at Franklin under the superintendsncy of the Douglas County Sunday School assSciation. The Sunday school at that place has an average attendance of oyer twenty, under the management of Mrs. J J. Akera, a lady thoroughly conversant with teaching in thai line. North Galveston's tirowth. North Galyeston is the name of a new industrial point situated 14 miles north of Galveston proper. It is being devel oped by the North Galveston Association whose local agent is D. L. Hoadley. It has railroad and water facilities and ad vantages of climate and location which insure big returns either to the investor or the settler. Call upon. Mr. Hoadley today. The Christmas holidays are not very far off now, and people are beginning to think of what to buy and where to buy it. Mr. A. D. VV eaver spentthe greater part of last week in Chicago purchasing a lot of small articles such as arc usually shown during" Christmas times in the large dry goods stores in the east. In order to make a proper display of these hiliday presents he must haye lots of floor space. This space is now occupied by dress goods. Our experiencs has been that the quickest way to close large lines of anything is to cut the price and then let the people know it. S3 beginning tomorrow morning you can buy dress good at Weaver?, no matter what kind, at very much under the regular price. Weaver makes it a point to cleanup every season, and although this ia pretty early in the season to begin he has concluded to let them go. Remember the sale begins tomorrow. Tula Water cures pimples, freckles, black heads, and gives a beautiful complexion. Price 75c per bottle- For e.tle at 1043 Dilaware stroet, or Miss Engle's Millinery Store. We have been with you four years nearly and on account of the good quality of our Tea and Coffee.the people have elected to have us stay, and we promise to give you better Tea and Coffee and Coffee and fairer prices than anybody in the state. Thanking you for past favors, we are Your friends, at the Bed FrontTea Store. SATCBDAI'S FOOT BALL. The Bee or d pt tha Kansas Teaaa KttH Um- broktn Other Games. The Kansas University foot ball team returned home yesterday afternoon by way of the Union Pacific from Lincoln, Nebraska, where a game was played Saturday with the Nebraska University eleven. As most everybody knows the game was a victory for Kansas University and the score was 12 to 0. Nebraska was very much surprised and when they saw how the eame was eomg made a desperate effort to score. It did them no good, however, for the Kansas team seemed to play btfer the longer they played. The game was witnessed by a very small crowd, less than 800 being on the field The most of the spectators were shouting tor Nebraska but there wtre pnnnirh wearers - of the crim son around to give a pretty reepectable yell now and then. Among these were a number' from other colleges round about who wanted to see Nebraska beaten. The game started with the ball in Nebraska's hands, Kansas on the downhill side but having the wind at their backs. All the scoring done was mad in the first half when two touch downs were made and goals kicked K"nsas showed superiority as usual in teaoi work, in head work in endur anr.e. aad in activity. They are willing to admit that the Nebraska boys gaye them the toughest contest of the year Nebraska has a great player in Flippan. the biff colored half back, but he cn not win the gams alone especially when nlavios with Kansas. Tne members of the team are all gentlemen and there was very little slugging or foul playing in the game Saturday. There was the best ot feeiing between the clubs and when the game was over the Nebraska team led in giving three cheers for the yictors. NOTES. 3 The boys report having had a pleasant time, and hope they can yisit Lincoln again. The ground on which the gam.3 was played was very uneven and almost like a plowed field. This made running almost out of the question, and with the high wind that was blowing the dust was awful. The next game Kansas plays is with Baker at Baldwin' next Saturday. Baker will try very hard to win and a close contest will result. The Thanksgiving game between Kansas and Missouri at Kansas City is already being talked of a great deal. Other gamesSaturday were: At Orange N. J. Lafayette. 16; Orange Athletic Club, 9; at Toledo, O Uniyersity cf Michigan, 18; Chicago University, 10; at William3bridge, N. Y. Rutgers, 10; Columbia Freshmen. 2; at Cambridge Uaryard Freshmen. 52; Amherst Agricultural College, 12; Ithica Cornell, 44; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 12; at Williamstown 3tagg's Training School, 12; Williams, 10; at Clinton, N. Y Union College, 14; Hamilton College, 0; at Lafayette, Ind. Perdue, 68; Indiana University, 0; at Indianapolis, De Pauw, 18; Bu'.ler, 28; at St. Louis Yashiagtoa. 0; Iowa. 30. PfcBSOXAL MESTIOS. P. P. Friesen went to Kansas City this morning. Mr. J. J. Cox went to Topeka this morning. Prof. L. L. Dyche spent Sunday at Wakarusa. J. C. Waters, of Topeka, was in Lawrence today. Miss Lillie McMillan was in Topeka over Sunday. " Capt, Lew Green was up from Baldwin this morning. E. A. Gildner went to Osags City yes terday afternoon. Mr. Chas. Achning went to Leaven worth this morning. Mark Hackett is visiting a few days at his home in Cottonwood Fails, Mr. W. L. Howe and Had Whitney were in Kansas City yesterday. Judge T. A. Hurdr of Leavenworth, had legal business in Lawrence today. Mr. O, G. Richards came up from Eudora this morning to attend court. Agent Campbell of the Santa Fe at Ottawa, was in the city this morning. Miss Maggie Chariton leaves tomor row for Decatur.Ill., to spend the winter. E, F. Caldwell has returned from a trip through northern Kansas and southern Nebraska. Messrs. Tracy and Oscar Learnard returned yesterday afternoon from Lincoln, Neb. Miss Carrie Hanson, of Kansas City, spent Sunday in the city, the guest of Miss Maggifc Charlton. Eldridge House arrivals: W C Fisher, J A Hann. Chicago; A S Huling, F H Collier. E W Tatwan. C J Prescott, J D McFarland, J C Vaters, E J Dallas Topeka; E W Geiger, Capt Hoehl. W A Ressell, B F Duiggins, C B Randall, Kansas City; J Dwlin, M Reed, A C Mc- Kinnev. St Louis: T J Fox, Colorado Srings; L S Iliff, New York; W Knans, McPherson; J N DeLine, C E Smith, Chicago; W G Whitaker, Cincinnati, F H Bower, Emporia; AW Sanson, James F Fitzgerald, Ottawa; T A Hurd, James Foley, C A Halm, T J Brausfield, Leav enworth: G W Searles, Atchison; O L W arrner, New York; Harry Austin, B C Randall, Kansas City; F D Halm. St Louis; J L Rale. Joliet. Ia Olden Times People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were sat isfied with transient action but now that it is generally known that Syrup of Figs will permanently cure habitual constipa-. tion, well informed people will not buy other laxatives, which act for a time.but finally injure the system. The meeting of the University Histor ical Seminary on last Friday was one of great interest and benefit, the subject being "The Corrupt Use of Money in Politics," Mr. Cook read a paper on the subject, cUing Mr. Jenks as authority on the corrupt use of money. Mr. Cramer j then read a very good and wejl arranged j paper, frof. Ulicsaiar. aiier a snori talk on the subject and Eeveral refer ences as to authors turned the question over to the Seminary. A short and very interesting debate was indulged in for a while by the members. Several visitors were present at the meeting and ex pressed great pleasure at the method of dealing with economic questions. Aieyou heating "out doors" for the want of a window glass? Saye coal with Raymond s panes. . District Cenrt. The November session of the district court began this morning with Judge A. W. Benson presiding. The prisoners in the state cases were arraigned and entered their pleas. The jury was dis charged till Thursday morning. A number of motions in different cases were heard. The well known suit of J. B. Watkins against the National Bank of Lawrence was decided in favor of the defendant. This ialhe suit brought by J. B.Wat-Watkins against the National Bank of Lawrence, J. D Bowersoca, 1. cartel des, Willis Brown et al to restrain the defendants from acting as directors in the said bank and to prevent them from disposing of the real estate. The rase has been in the hands of the court since last term. J. he derision rendered today holds the de fenders are properly directors of the bank, haying been elected in January 1890. That their pioceedings are honest and just in every way and that there is nothing in their actions to call for the interference of the court The judgment is for the defendants on eyery point, and Janother step in a lengthy legal con-traveisy is ended. Hints From Cncle Snbe. In conoludieg this series of hints to the negro, I deaire to tention to the fact that his political eatl at-political franchise is iu a most critical condition, with prospec'ts of its wholesale abrogation. Disfranchisement in te south has been looked upon by the northern negro as a sectional calamity -but such is no longer the case, for the late national somersault presents a condition that not only makes it possible, but highly necessary to the new order, the removal of every hindrance to their unlimited lease of power. After our protracted chase for office and the unattainable, we may now. with the utmost propriety, call, a halt and "take our bearings." and we will find that the game has led us into a wilderness of circumstances among whose entanglements none are more prominent than the blunders caused by limited intelligence. We cannot retrace our steps, but the means for removing the cause, and preventing much of the de- fradinc- effect of our mistake, is at r- - hand, for in a liberal use of the conquer iDg power of education, we will find our long sought aid. If we expect to compel political consideration during our present intellectual condition, oui position is like that of an old mau who expects, by waiting, to gain strength enough to up root a vigorous young oak. UncXb Rube, Real Estate Transfers. Real Estste Transfers, Compiled b Gleason t. Whitman Heal. Estate Agents. Lawience, Kansas.) John H Scott and wife to J D Fincher, 28x125 feet in s w cor of n sw 1 of blfe 11, North Lawrence; consideration $100 Mrs. H. Melvin to John D. Fincher, 5x110 feet in n w cor of n w i. block 11, North Lawrence; consideretion $17.50. Frank W. Blackmar to Marcia Brown Howland. 75x250 feet south of sw cor of Ohio and Quincy streets, Lawrence; con s idcration $1000. Emrqa E. Ilornor and husband to A. J Anderson, 36 acres in ne corner of nw J, 10 13. 20; consideration $1400. Joshua Weston and wife to Marshall W Ligget e T of n w i, 6, 14, 21, consid er ation $2200. Geo F Haas and wife to Chas E Haas 1 and 6 w i of n ei 33, 14, 19, considera tion $3500. Logan Huntin to Q W Halter, lot 10 block 53. Palmyra, consideration, quit claim, $5. Logan Huntin to U W Halter ;iot 8 block 42. lot 7 block 53, lot 1 block 58 lot 8 block 90, Palmyra, quit claim con sideration $5. Chas Gaekell and wife to Hattie Rine hart, w i of s w i of nei, 12, 12, 19 consideration $800. Phebe A Asher and husband to J Mason, 80x130 feet in n w cor of n e i of n e i of s e 1 of 5, lo, 20; considera tion $350. John Kitzrailler and wife to William T Powell, the u 135 8-10 feet of lots 11 and 12 in addition 11, North Lawrence consideration $225. John M Sullivan and wife to Chas 1 Ives, lot M and went 30 feet of lot N consideration $800, Sew Llraj Jslock, The Eldndire House stable is now equipped with a first class livery stock Everything new and complete. Give us a call. W. H. H. Whitney & Son, KjGet your picture frames at Keeler's. Y PRAISE -FOR- 0 OF THE TIMES ! They praise us for our efficient corps of salesmen and sales ladies. 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S0K1H LAWKESCE 11EBS- George W right is putting up a new house on Eim street. J. M. Jones is putting up a new barn on his premises in the sixth ward. The section men, seven in number finished up the tence around the Bis marck potato farm today. The fence is three miles in length, and composed of flat barbed wire. An evening or two since a double riding bicycle having on board a ladv and gentleman was croasine the bridg at the speed of ten miles per hour. At the end of the bridge the machine re fused to go and threw the riders off on the hard road. After the opera Weidemann's for an Stew. go to Oyster ASlSKHESTS. tonight's show. "By Wits Outwitted" is the title of the play that wiD be presented at Bow ersock's opera house this eyening. It hat) been running in Kansas City all the past week and the crowds have been so great that many were turned away on tne Dig nignts. ltjis -undoubtedly one of the leading comedies and is put on by a company first class in every respect DR. WHEELEB DENTIST. 839 Massachusetts Street. Practice limited to filling and extract ing. The first and only dentist in the city to depart from high prices in favor of the masses. Amalgam fillings 50c. Gold fillings half the usual price. Extracting teeth, each 25c. These prices have been maintained nearly four years. To them, and the fact that I do my work carefully and well, I attribute my extensive business; a prac tice that has attained such magnitude that I have found it necessary to limit it to one branch (operative) exclusively. Office oyer Hume's, 829 Massachu setts street. "Two years ago Dr. Wheeler did some difficult gold work for me that has proven highly satisfactory. When you patrop ize him you know before work is begun what the cost will be when finished. Mrs. Flora Hastings. Bargains in wall paper at Keeler's. Dr. McFarland s great neive cure is a safe and speedy cure for neryous pros tration, nervous, headache. paralysis, and sexual weakness. It will both strength en and heal wean ana irritatea nerves. produces sweet sleep at night and com pletely renovates and restores a disor dered system. Try one box. Mr. Lind- ley & Son are authorized to refund the money if the medicine fails to give sat isfaction. Nerve cure $1 a box twenty -"flye days treatment. Prepared by C. H. McFarland, M. D , & Co., 52 Public Square, Cleveland, O. G. M. Lindley & Son, the druggists! No. 711 Massachusetts street, are agents for the celebrated MacFarland medicines Dr. MacFarland's great medical dis covery is a positive cure for all curable dieeases that are caused ny impure blood. Rheumatism, neuralgia, scrof ula, ulcers and humors It is the best liver and kidney remedy known. It is a .-peciflc for sick headache and all stomach disorders. Ladies who suffer trom change or me will nnd this an in dispensable agent. Price $1.00 fifty days treatment in a Dox. JCST AB RIVED. The Acorn 0h Heating and looking Stores And for which I have the agency. It j is superior to any now in the market, and for beauty and convenience it is un surpassable. Call and examine. C. A. Bigelow, 814 Massachusetts street. Coal! Coal: A. J. Griffin is prepared to give for immediate delivery very low prices on all the best grades of coal. Coal wiil soon advance in price and all who intend to purchase a winter's sup ply this fall wilt do well to make ar rangements soon. Al Dyke was found guilty in Justice Sternbergh's court this morning of as sault and battery and bound over to the district court. Bail to the amount of $500 was given. This was the assault that took place a week ago last Saturday in Martin's billiard parlors. Oratorio society tonight at Music hall. All singers invited, Mendelssohn's Ujmn or i'raise ' and the Messiah are mw under way. " RUCH?S ORCHESTRA WILL FURNISH MUSIC FOR RECEPTIONS, BANQUETS, SOCIALS, BALLS- For tertEg apply t 44 Maeaachtmstta Street. or Telephone 72. DANCING CLASSES. MISS CEORCIA H. BROWN'S Dancing; Class for Gnilflren la ODn every 8atnrda at 2:S0 n TTI-. fct Merchants Bank hall. tlafoi adults Friday eveninga at 1 o i, m. A PEOPLE'S TWENTY-FIVE THOUSNAD DOLLARS worth of Good, I Substantial Winter Goods in this UNLOADING 1 j CENT SALE T wenty-five Thousand Bills distributed throughout Lawrence and Douglas County. Pepperel Bleach Sheeting-, 2j4 yards wide, 19c yd. Corsets, any size, 19c each. All-Linen Unbleached Table Linen 19c yd Thousands of Remnants, such as Prints, Outing Cotton Flannel Crashes, Shirting, etc, 19c, a remnant. Ladies' Heavy Ribbed Vests 19c each. n? : 33 reat Dissolution A Bargain ! S. Steinberg's fine Entire home, cor. Louisi ana and Henry Sts. Going to move away January 1st, '93. $40,000 worth of NEW CLOTHING to be sold cost. Largest stock in Eastern Kansas. Simon Steinberg Retires from theFirmJan.1,'93. MUST HAVE MONEY TO BUY HIM OUT. DON'T MISS THIS SALE! Come and Look. It will Pay you. Sale Commences Saturday, 8:30 a. m November 5th, 189'. Our Guarantee that this sale is gen STEINBERG'S, THE CLOTHIERS. uine is our past reputation for over 27 years in your midst. YOU : DON'T : HAVE : TO BUT YOU CAN BUY ALIi KINDS OP O. "W". -AT Reduction of 10 to 15 Per Gent FROM REGULAR PRICES. All Goods Marked in Plain Figures, o. "w. isiwciTr-i, 808 and 810 Massachusetts Street. UNDERTAKING. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO EMBALMING BODIES AND PREPARING FOR SHIPMENT. All calls promptly and satisfactorily ati ended to, either day or night. Office always open., IF,TTIR3SriT"Cr! FCLI. LINK AND LATEST STYLES. ONE DOOR SOUTH OF CITY DRUG STORE. 718 MASSACHUSETTS STREET. Telephone TVo. OO. ROBEKTSON BROS. FALL. Fine Tailoring at WE HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE CITY. Fine Dress Suits a Specialty. GO TO TT" A H tlJ' H JC cMUM VOlt FOOTWEAR. BENEFIT ! 1 f fi I? f t I a 500 pair Ladies Cashmere Hose 19c pair. Imported 15c Saxony Yarn 2 for 19c. Infants A 11 -Wool .Cash mere Hose, 3 pair for 19c. Heavy Scotch Wool Flannel 19c yd. German Knitting yarn. 25c quality, 19c Skein. Bunch of Tips 19c. air, Stock Bargain in Farm and other and other property. Must sell on account of dissolution January 1st, '93. at We Iefy any man to etato that we do not always do AS WE ADVEItTISE. TURE! -OF- S3VCITI A- Reasonable Purrs. TIIK hoe Sale Store

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