The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 3
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JTUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1952 New Demo Chairman Says He Is 'Amateur' By RUSSELL LANE state Department wpert on CHICAGO I* — Stephen Arnold 1 French affairs. Mir-hoii Hie new Democratic ua- , c a- tional chairman, says he's an amateur In politics. His frienrts say that's n technicality. Mitchell, a 49-year-old Chicago lawyer, has been around behind the scenes. He's one of four men who wrote t$e opening chapter of the political «iiecess story of Gov. Atilai steven- - His wife is the former Evelyn Josephine Miller of Waterloo, la. They have three boys. Church in Chicago. The Mitchells livo in a apartment on Chicago's Side. They hnve maintained (ARK ) GQUHIEU N«W» Peace Outlook Is Not Too Bright, Ike Says DENVER l.fl _ Gen. Dwiglit D Elsenhower says "the outlook is not too bright" for a durable world pence unless Amertains Rain B thorough understanding O t the com- rented , NoHh North every " vvs small furnished apartment m Washington since .March this year when he was appointed counsel of (he House judiciary sub-committee lean nominee reuce lnle yestcr- i touch on the subject in unpaign speech. "The sreal subject of peace and now to obtain it," the ~i.* . the Democratic, presidential nominee. That was In 1947, Mitchell and his fellow towns- "'^ ""uc^ juuitiaiy suo-committee n * * men Herman Dunlap Smith and • inv<islisalint ' lhe Department 'of:' " cflo|1 i s of ncsv.smen to draw Louis T. Kohr. s - 0 ]d Stevenson ,and ' Justice ' ™" "' "'" ' all other sub- .ill others." (he impr.otsion we have a fighting ehance." John Minor Wisdom, national Jacob M. Arvey on the'idea tlmt j Mitchell, who prefers single . O r.-nv [out details of Eisenhower's cnm- 1 '" GOP commitiocman from Louisiana, said Eisenhower's best chance is to take Texas with a ijood unssi. bility the general may win Floiidii, Virginia and Louisiana. Margaret Truman Visits Memorial BERLIN t;i - — iu\s er s cam- , —-v.* .... >»i,t;2 uu me tufa intxi; ^..^*.. oinj [nL-itrs single r ' j '"is &,oi nownorc. The OOP ' TuesH Stevenson was candidate inaierial. breasted suits and narroiv, colorful i sla ' lctard "earn- did say he ex- in",,; x*:,..*—I, :.- . •_ i,-,.. .,_„ ;.. tne^it tn r»n..i. ;_ T-.,. .. ... . liunian '.'as American City Co — Martinet. Truman. 1 ' '•»' » iwo-d:tv stnv. p : ntl ''" ii( ' llil '' s airlift memurinl •-•-•- v«iiiiiuiui: niiiieriaj s an narrow coorful ay e ex- Mitchell envisioned Stevenson as |K ™' lies . ls a easy conversation- !', octs to spe:lk in Philadelphia but U. S. senator. Din Arvey derided nlist ' The day after his appoinl- he should be governor of Illinois. ment. he told reporters, "I usually It was in Stevenson's pubcrnato- s:iy wilat l Ihinic, but Jhmg.s are rial campaign that Mitchell dirt his "" only public jiolittcint;. He made speeches for his candidate. Unofficially. Mitchell has been one of the Illinois Kovernor's most trusted confidantes and advisee; different now." Then was after he was asked if -'V. ^^ n.n.^ tl^IM-u Jl| . . ' .' ' ' "" ho considered himself a liberal or ""' Lal ">f Day. - conservative Democrat and re- lliat no date has been' set.' ! „ ',"" " ' He repealed he will campaign in i °"' M?,!','," ^'T,'"' 1 """ i AntT^olSr 7'^eJlion 'he ! ^^ »«»» ™>^ '""' ! Mid r^wA- ""**! or 1 :;? ^r^^'S; Eil'ILT. inm- He indicated, however plied: "Those words confuse me." P'ans may he completed after \Iitrhel] u-hn »n^ir,/*iiif- n,^i u,-~ ; current fniMirf *.' - —'. ...__ I who lost their lives wh lhal ; on the airhtt rttuirn the No Harm Is Seen !n Slots Payoff Ccilifornicms FI'IIB Operators, L,eavo Machines in Action .TRACV. ('.-,« ,',r, _.. Thlj small city.-, )>oh«' jnclsi- and police chief snirt torhy ;hr-y see 1101111112 ..VIOIIR 111 a former ritv're of reKii- larly linim; flat machine operators while sin- slots Miiyed in arucm. Pel nils (.•nme to built yeMcrday in Wa.-hiiifion v.hen the U .s. T.ix Court ruled that diaries A. Clark. • loriinr 'IVary slot machine onrrti- tor. «inM not rt"duei the fines from for tax puiprw 1 * rl the rourt he u-ed to alH.'enirm, uifh the city h hf wns ;illn',ven. tn op'- \ ill< =:•! slots ya lone as hr> tlv «,=> n inontli in fines machine. i ndc the ri^thirtir, n ^ on hi.-' -nx rrtm-iis under the head . 'laws, licenses, and permits." PAGE THREJB Yanks Move Up on 'Bunker Hill' In Nasty Job That 'Must Be Done' llv SA^f SFt\r*T(r i>.i ,i t By SAM SUM.Ml'ltl.IH WESTERN riiONT. Korea W_ American Marines stealthily moved up Bunker Hill today cast ms wary eye.s nt » tiny pocWi "of soldiers dug in on the dust- caked summit. From nn outpost os-orlnoVlii-v the hill, f watched the hunters snik their prey. The Cnmcse were in deep can put a bullet In mouth, H." Htfte shols crackled. Ping, ping, | plncr, "They'rn ours." Howard said I wftli « broad crin. Each lime the Chinese on Bunker Hill poked their heads up. a Ma; me sniper just below our trench opened fire. "That keeps their heads down so our boys can move around easier," whoomp. 'Guess Mr planes didn v nnoc» out that mortar crew after all,'" remarked Capt. Bernard W. Peterson of Manhattan Beach Calrf Howard explained. lrrm.he.5. A few scattered boulders Rave them added protection 'Ihe Marines, ririppini; sweat In the fierce .sun. W'vnReed on the slopes 300 fm , rom , h( , ,, |1( , mv I hoy took covrr behind m . -.ii-mr i -.--..,. .-..., ,,,^ ,-,vtriji» to mi ve shrubs and in small „„,'..'':';,! n stor v nt son >' > b'lddy who escaped the slopes. otvtces on, .„,-., .,,... . , Lt. William H Thousnnd of Ml. In recent days, the mercury has hit 106 and 108 decrees on the Western Front hills, lint the Marines [still prefer to keep on their plaslio vests. Every Marine seems to have Iloreb. Wis,, pinpointed the rj ct! certain death \vben his vest stopped bullets er shell fragment!!. Suddenly, there was n loud posiiion and'cn'iled'nrarti,!:;;.'^ ^"T^ '" "°" 1 °' "" om!)ost white phospliorous shell" it, ,,« „ ' ", A chmf> ^ "lortar shell ex- Mindp nir strikes to l 11 '!''^ on the trail ihe Marines used An Allied gun boomed on a hl!P 'a, TT " P •""" k( ' r ! ""' E ™''.™»f behind us. Everyone suddenly! "*"''"' 0:r ' p ' wh °<""P. hloc!;-ride of the c-ity in iiii'j-19 . i Mitchell, who maintains that his i ' •steitlay he met with Southern I Landlord U•luicirtH'yi el'S ^nH \vifli T7»,...L.I .- r _ v^*m» J< I . Newsmen questioned Eisenhower hind us again, shells zoomed over" heart and crashed into the hill he sUent, ^ R ° d mortaf *'bec»m6 Climbin? down the hill, I ran into a weary sergeant wno had Just walked ofl Bunker Hill. 'Those boys arfl pre ,; y (ire<J _ I but they re m srood spirits " re. !Sn c ^ B o l : R< ' bmc - Col ^»' ! The husky sergeant said tha Marines are swiftly diggmg in on Bunker H,n. They a , e building sturdy Diuikcrs as cover against enemy shelling. "fcimst, "Once the boys get dug in" he -said confidently, -those Chinese never will get us out " 'o Face Grand Jury In Slaying of Wife Last June They | -to-year-otd E.lwarcisvillo machinist ' Jlid^eVhomas" must (ace eranrt jury action in bail to Roberts i C °?'™ ^'te'terto* of hisiawait action by' **»^ to sary for young Steve to R'ork liisimciit. Kcrner (rot il way through Creighton Univorsi-f Onh- a few months later Milty by sandwiching working years | chell got Arvey into his eovnei on his father's dairy farm between i backing Stevenson for Illinois Kevins years of campus activity. j ernor. At Georgetown University,'where Mitchell has been active in civic I Aeric'mi he took his law dearee in 1928, he I enterprises. He headed the Illinois ""We worked part time in the credit de- [ Speakers Bureau for the War Bond general partment of General Motors Ac- i Drives; served on ihe State Medi-! declared cepunce Corp. He stayed with! cal Center Commission a .,d was - tnat firrn four years after be grad-1 active in the American Vote Coun- uatcd. Then he went into Chicago oil. a group dedicated to gcitin" \ A / rt i "?• V/ave Bakes Texas 9««ather Reaches U.S. He acitied that a slat An most Assneiali-tl 1-r August htut wave link of Te>;as ami purts of i Howard pointed over our trench to a majestic ririKClme towerinr behind Bunker Hill. The rld»e Is enemy territory. "That's Tacctok-san." he said. details surroundin, the death of She is 45-year.old Mary Roberts. The woman was shot, to death and Roberts had a bullet wound In his shoulder. He told slate police two hitch-hikers had lured them you open your to a lonely road and shot them •vhcre Roberts worked 33 a ma- Another witness, Joshua Bryant cslified Roberts purchased a .32- bky- would speak j Southwest lodfi; They also I cago said more 100-plus heal outlined no specific farm policy! 19-Year-0!ds May Be Drafted Soon to Meet Heeds of Army WASHINGTON (AP)---A Selective Service spokesman Bays increased needs for manpower soon may force the drafting of 19-yeur-olds into the armed services. . "^ 2 ?-n !in , d M " "" nnw hcin «' he as hisl! ' f no' hiehe'r used to fill draft, calls, but an offi- i The Selective Service wokc«min One, however. Sen. Milton R Ymmc (H-NDi. said Eisenhower »=-S=: =5-"--xss"-Ks ssw-Vr-s te for the last . ce o months of 1052 may I to fill quotas with older men 13-Yeor-Qfd Wives Face !r?dianant Parents and Loss of New Husbands TUCSON. Ariz, f/p, — Two !3- jcar-old girls faced Indignant parents and niarriaue annulments today and (heir youthful husbands of one day fared possibly criminal action as the aftermath of a Jnint week-end elopement. In Norales, Ariz., the Jupticn of the peace who married then^ said he "tolrt the kids they didn't look olrl enounh." Judge Fred Allen said the couplet signed sworn affidavits that they were over the state lezal minimum of 16 and 18. He sairi the statements are on record at the Santa Cm?. County Courthouse. For the baby-fared Turson cirls. One sobbed loudly as hrr 17-year- old husband wa- arraicned on a charge of contributing tn the delinquency of n minor. He was ordered tlouml over to the Juvenile Court. l All four sets of parents .-aid the | lieub'e inRrriatre wou'd be annul- j led immediately. But the sirls' [ parents si^npcl criminal rnm- plnints avain-,t, the biiv-s. one a sailer from Snn Dieeo. The mother of one of the girls said she became .alaimed when her daughter had not returned home late Saturday from a girl friend's home, where she was to have oho.-kori and found both girls missing. For peace. Eisenhower declared ! Te the need is for "something pnsi. i pr: tive and conptructi\ r c." The world situation will, he added, "deteri- orale without a positive approach." The general said. "I'm not going to put myself in a position of being a messiab but I think the Republican party c?.n no the belter job." • He called for "a fresh new approach to the whole problem" anrl said that is one reason "for chang- i ing the whole works" of che na- ! lional administration. He stressed that he wants to build ihe Republican party but said (hat on November election ballots "Democratic X's make just as big marks as any others," A final decision on how extensive his campaign will be in the South will be marie after current studies of the situation are coin- slssippi Valley , Plains states. Northern ! scattered fhower: the Central K're also were alone the Gull f we,s aone e Guf '» >'™ s -h'»tes nnd in the Central and iite.Soulhcru Rockies. I pleted. he declared. Eisenhower reported that .the Southerners who met with him "don't think we're just 2oin» to sweep the South. But they alf had ,;.-3 :\ ss % ''^5 f "< 3 W? *E# *.# ^ul %-^ Rescue Team Heor Wreckage MAN7I.A ',Pi — A cio-min rc?r.ic t»/m h!e tn:hy itT-hrd through tTo~Lr-.Tl iiir-'ir m nv-i-rmn rain-; to "';'"'» --ib"'-'! nr-» h,tl.' .1 mile of n! a U. s .V,M-y Mariner patrnl Thitteen nrrsons -A;:C abo.ird tile phut. la;l heart! from Auc. -,, tip hn-e v;,s held tiiat. anv survivors ••• oulri ne I'n'.md. THE GIFT-THAT GATHERS GIFTS / Mossadegh Seeks To Heal 'Split' TEHRAN. tr,-,n ,p, - PrODir-i- Mr, S <- ; ,-1e^h ncted ro hrril n : ,p]ii j n >;.,_ tie:il!ist rr:n',;s tn-lnv !iv vviihdrnvv- !;i; t Iv.ll eveiidm? l.m- In Ti.v; :mo'!'er omiith T^ii' hr .^^id t'*c !:fl '-vnulri he rlanuicrl on a":iin if ri^or'in-5 brr-.ik on;. Mrs'.ld'Ch — aimed ,Mth virtual di't Tor's ro-*T:- for the next si\ months — ran Into nppn-.ition 1,, the V'---n^i.'r'-rr.;:t m lif ( | •f ;1 )|i 5 rlo , v . ,...; lr i.rei '.i. h<>n he tr-^d to extend vrr'- 1 ! law in rflrc' since In »t The Fry;er. OW Faithful | n Yrl- lO'.vstoue National Park, erupts at In'ervalf. ef anywhere from 38 to 88 minules. Powtir blond .nk <h c sl. bit " itorase cipiciiy. Stlf-ris. Here's (ha ideal gift f or weddings, onniversariet, biilliu'ays — tee Ihem now, during Ihii big savings event! ON£ GAKMlNtSAVED tJm tin DOWN 1IVERS1 bs. S._L Furniture Smort Furniture Moderately Priced , KS'.-r " ; " : :-'•,' .. f. '., EC: : .S.'iKK.' ! 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