The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1908
Page 4
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Oil Fields Delivery ( 'lllll; tliis di- 'i the III..'!!'' ill til. il) VilM. lit' hundreds of our sitroiis Alt GOOD LOOKING Bill FLAMS J <>< K'Tii st, \v n nc\v Oil Fii-lils. Our YW sliiill )>«• |-, i M v i J r Hi I'lllpli ,t- ill t'V'TV mil, attention il cil' tin' store will i ne\v sorvic'.' est nsii •\t. Ic in Given Sixty ilichmon <»r .ii-! 1 ; 0 .'.'"" 1 :-" who play illv M inni't i \vii h II' Mew ill ML' till deliv.'i'v host il!H 'I'll,, in; ;i \vill rX|iijllll to vi in. Claytnn Oi" ih""l!aki'i-il'-'c! ' ; ! " "' Htmda.\. in town toilay'arranging for the coming contest, today Killl" they have ]..... .,, „. e "dally ,s ami rec- been the mountain '• , a in lu iii Sail Di, ; row will play a Anvil'.-, the third CITY BRIEFS \ A Great Reception Was Given Our Fall Hats by the Ladies of Kern County Today! Iny \V1IH 01 i Sll. | (J ( .. southern i-ity. '''' • .. t Wllo \ . 1 s-'.'lit'-'.i in KITH -.v an I ,s S iv. :i ill is in. ' ,;. rhiuc. n i .1- Midll The LOH over the p'.ayii- 1 - > ord breakiim ' i ''• • rlfi'. Satni''.i'>' town of in action us "n 'i' : ser will mai.'h b ;;i sturdy mountain I the girls will l» ;1 > next week liny v valley, playing ;1 t and other nun In in E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE I-MT;HI>.' it -i'"'s not eontfiin nareoties, mercury, ooeaine, lend or an y |Miis,,iioii-< ;ni'l iii.jnrioiis (Ini^-s. Because E-RU-SA CURES 1'ILKS i'. S. Dispetisntory recommeiuls every ingredient of • E-KI'-SA. I'fiiL' liiws make "false or mis-leading statements'^ a crime. All "Id <"' nareolie pile medicines nffee.t the hrain and spinal marn'W, produee constipntion, never cure and are therefore il- K-Ht'-SA is not for sale at opium joints. Berkeley, Cal., July .% 1908. Dr. L liritVin. Dear Doctor: \Ve certainly can NOT conseieii- luiu^ly i''''"ininend or legally sell cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or intvi:,' i'ii.. nn-dieines except upon prescriptions. Yours truly, Mull.T \- Di-.Meri'ilt. University Pharmacy. R. L. Reed, R. J. Taylor lini'iualex in riiarmacy. MM'.V 'i'n_j ; -ts of hiL'liest standing sell and endorse E-Rl-SA. • lit 1 i;n ,1, li;iv«' >,.. old «ill see the girls i ,;:it.> Manager Os- ii.^si'i's against the iill tiiun. Sunday in llakersflelcl and il. (ontinue up the roallnga Tuesday towns later in the !;;r,' J ..:.;'^"--'™ ^-' I,.,,,-, , -.-.HI. .: • .i.v.<r:i;- Jcsus Knniicr«i Dune;. ,,,.,,, -,> l)( , v. -,-. i;ill«' i .in i in- . -. '•'.• !'"l.i- |K,;i.i' ot ! '•">' >'• •'• ' :1 '"•''' •' Dr. Schafer Hclds Recci ;SftiMf.'i-i. \\:.o op"..-'' Days.—H. i Slim, th' ..i\"ii a IS" .;-; wei'l-:. • vatciiuuiii ;,i; s in full l'\ .lllKIiCC not l<'iivc ('•mi i-x- i.niieillalcly week feminine nosers defeated i-fK a«o and the oil city anxious to redeem wi: i ,:,.,,.M..V .;,:.! t:i.' 1 i.'cnnl I slim -it . having I Mrs. _ ._ ... i remains o. M"-. i j bi.r. ilai.l to rest i:iU ..i"' undiM'taking paiioi'- ": Rev. l'att.-r.:-f n o; :..•• Church conducted .-.-us Rani- iii,ni early . r, cr by it .nun th' 1 • niorniiiK. |)r A. K. 0:1 for ap- . v.-as seen ..-•iiiij,'. His :nn is the •jicles, the The mortal lii'.-.-.ini were ,:i from the Min & Sons. mill Method- tin Tin players are very themselves. "Our team is a very strong aggregation," said Mr. Orser. "We have Blx girls with us and they all get into the game although some times but^. five play and the rest of the line up Is j 1st made from the men. They are cer-,wh.>.. —.- ----- tainly a nitty lot togged out in their and a few «nt>™* '"^' mcer bloomers and 1 am sure they will Bicycle Rider Fncd.-<mcc, make a big hit in Uakersfleld." tensen last night arie^-d l..i\HI Mr Orser has engaged buggiea to for violating the bicycle o I nance take'the girls on a sight seeing ride when the young man al'l" •' ^" Sunday morning. They will be Judge Thom.vs Oils « ';™ shown the oil fields and other points ! released after the P...M.I. nt ot of interest about the city. p s | Bl urc o the men. They are cer- which were attend. 1 ,! onl> >> relatives ""' The Kind You l '.ivc Always Bought, and -wliii-li has beciv in use for ov< > 3O years, has borne the si^iiiitm-o ol' and has been made iindor hi-t iior- sonal snpcrvlsion sin.-c Its infancy. Allow no one to tleccu « you in this. All Counterfeit, Imitation's ami " Jiist-iis-yood" are hut Experiments that tritlo with and endanger the health of Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment. What is CASTOR IA Castoria is a harmless siihstitute lor Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soof.ilug Syruyts. It is IMeasnnt. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic Mibstanre. Its a-e is its guarantue. It destroys Worms and allays F«'v«-r>hness. It euros Diarrlnea and "Wind Colic. It r<'lH'vos T«'«-tliing Troubles, cures Constipatitm and FlatuU-JM-y. It a-MiHilateH the Food, rcsulates tiie Htonu-ch J....1 llow.-ls, K i\-ins h.-althy and natural MC-CI., The Children's l'ana<-ea-The 1Wother's Friend. Whole Body Raw with Eczema- Life was Intolerable—Was Even Incased in Plaster—Discharged from Hospitals as Hopeless, SUFFERED 14 YEARS CURED BY CUT1CURA fifteen years OENUINE CASTORIA Bears the Signature of ALWAY The Kind You Have Always Bought In Us-> For Over 3O Years. Oil Field Auto Buss WILL START SEPTEMBER 15th Leaves The Following Points Daily: HOCHHEIMER & CO Illinois Crude Oil Co. Oil Center HOCHHEIMER & CO. Illinois Crude Oil Co. Oil Center $1.00 HOCHHEIMER & CO. ... 5:30p.m. Mlinois Crude Oil Co. ... 6:50p.m. i I Center 7:00p.m. H -CHHEIMER & CO. 11:00p.m. C il Center 12:lOmdt Children, 6 to 12, HALF RATE One Way. From the a^e of three months until my son Owen's life was made inteler- alile by eczema in its worst form. He was nil rifc'ht until a rfd ra.-h broke out en \\\* f< re- lieatl. tint v,e were not alarmed at first. Very soon, however, the rash be^an to spread over his head and shoulders, and it caused him great discomfort. I took him to a doctor and tried half a dozen other treatments, all with the same r«-i'ilt- n. > iiriproverru'iit nt all. 1 he Oi-iase Krailually spread until nearly ev ,-y part of his body was (pnte raw. V>\- iiii.l t-i strap him down in bed, for | t,.- ii—a to t-ar himself dn-iidfully m j Ins s!«"-p. The ai-onv h«> wi-nt through I-(illltebeycml words. No one tliounht v.,' would" ri'iir him. Tin- rcinim-ntH d'leto,-, a vi'i-y eii'ViT iiiiin, |-n n- cnrfl (ho ea-e h..pi-l«'ss; at ii-a.-l, h- t-anl the only h'-|>i' was In' miylit. u he liv. ; <l loii« .'iioiinh, oiilKn.w n to Mine extent. \\'i- lui<l him in hospital- four timi-: and h'- was pronouno'd one of the woi-i e;isc'S, if tn.t. the wor^t, ever adniitK-1. From each he win tils- chin iri'il as iii.-uralile; ill fact \,>- pot \v.,r-e iiiidei- the suc-ce.-sive tn-atni'-nH. At < ii.- hospital lln'.v incused him m i-ln-t-r. and this seemed to nKpiavato !| 1( . .,, r ,.,,,.^ terribly. He looked so i bndlv linn m. one liked to go near him • m-! Iii- lib- was a burden to him. \\ o i k>M ti->:m; reiivdy after remedy, but i we' ' .! almost past hopmR for a I cure. Sis months Hff> we purchased n ., I i.f (••!(•.•iiru Snap, Ointment, and |), lv ni I'iils and persevered with ,1,.,., •[ he i-s'ilt was truly murveloin n •! t'-<lav lie is perfectly cured, hi^i-km i' t I :iv;ni.' :i blemish on it anywhere. M-< l.ii.- MeilKe, M, Vaii(-han Hoad, ai-r.oiir l^ine, Camlilewell Green, Km-, .'an. IJ, 1!«I7." s 'iid '•, IH nre-'t depot for free ( uti- cura Boi.kon ireutmentef Skin Diseases, nitli-un HiMi'i'illi'inri'niilil tlironi!li'>Mt III,-world. Tii-l,.,ls I t,ii,|, n '7 etiarlrrliiMis*'Si| l':irls :> Hue d.'l:i I'iiix Au'<irall'\. 11. Sowim A Co.. ij}'|i";y: So .\ln,-, Luiiion. l.ld.. l-ani'lnwli. or.. 1 yotiiT iiruK i U.cin. Curp» &jle I'rups. H. C. HARNESS With J, W, Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 'J.', Caltes Block Thone Main "22 Bnkersfleld. Williams Buys Stand. -Nick Will l- m * a popular ;."i'i^ man about town, has purc!uiM-.i th- Majestic c- Ki ,r stand and will conduct Hie estab lUhment in the future. . Body Shipped North.-Hi-' ood> o .lack Warner, who diet , ni'liei' in the week from ap!i.-ndi(in>. was shippe. to UN home in oaci-.1:11.-nio tins morn i, u tor inteinieiu. 'I'lH '.ail'.er pt th. di ct-a.-" I iiccompiinie.l iii'.- n.'.iuiiii^. Too Late For I Classification ; \VANTEO— Kxperitnced saleslady fo: i millinery department. Splendid po , sition open for right party. Apply ! to Miss Barjion, KedlicU's Millinery ! Parlors. u WANTED—A man and wife; he a good teamster, she to do housa work; good wages; apply at once Mrs. Albert Gordon, Marlcopa. 52 FKFB^sToNE AND CLING PICA C H K S may'be had at the cannery for the next ten days at l>/2 to 2 cents per pound. ' "* ' The first day of our opening was a huge success. Women came to see and admire the styles of fall hats, but they found them so becoming and prices so reasonable that they bought. Most generous m their praises of our hats and their artistic arrangements were our visitors of today. They found our assortment of the pretty stilish hats far greater than they anticipated and were carried away wilh the beauty and smartness of every hat in the store. Our hats in every way far exceeded the expectations of f our guests and as one woman said today, "Words at their best fail to describe the beauty of your new fall hats-they must be seen to be appreciated." Those who were not here yesterday will surely come today—and a great many v/ho were here found the hats so attractive they will come again today. Everybody is, welcome! WANT YOUR MONEY— You want • ( pretty lunae and need it. Here is one iust the thins tor a railroad man ' N«'i.r t!ie Si:iit:> Fe; f. room cot::iue, rta'ule, lawn, silii le. nc on la;-i:e lot; it's >i "" only ?->'.'..'. K. A. Moor.-, ih Ksuue Mi'ii. :• 'Hi 1 iii.-. , lie i! . Ho'.ikins lull: i' 'TALK T 'mure ii out, 'lre:ii > .. Mil,' ,'Ii.l See Ill' lir.iSii -i. 1 U:-v«. on ( I v.-ill t.uiid fii'ii' 1'i'ett;. | igvs on it ami sell the wholt • io you I'or $''.>''"". $i! ( 'i |;l cash nr«- month!.'. 1 will tiivl you ; n , mi- , :r:i hnus" at *-'> I 1 ' 1 '! - b TEA Is there a better way to keep the family longer at table, to keep it together? Your groc«r returns your money II you doo'l Iftt Schilling Best: «• <"» bi» month. That mean Tt-n per ('''in (< n : means $''•'-'" I 1 ;' 1 ' > pay tuxes aivl in-'!v IcaVH I'l pel' f. lit ,ii«.iu ami 3- •'' < -^>'<> "•' a '!'','"'•"' '*'' voiu- witv. 1),. von want it.' K. -\. Moore, the Real Estate .Man, room 11 Hopkins building. '[_ j, J'.Mlii per yea.'. I our investment ! $1"» ' ;-nee, whi'-h " (in v<mr inv ins; man. • ill |ine?s tri] Taylor, the popular travel- \f iii town on a regular bus- C. A. Newman, teacher of Phone Main ;>"1. Producers building. violin. Bank tf FOR HKNT—Three room house, quire ;it 1521 F street. • HAWKING MACHINES. Bel Itamirez v.' : .:i 191G L street, open nlpht circus day, 19th. Itesp his place all day and all Saturday, Sept Cal .•'!•- i MII« qulrls ri-nirns. Get our new irri(jation foldei Get our new irrigation folder SIXTEENTH ANNUAL SESSION NATIONAL Irrigation Congress ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO September 29 to October 3, 1908 $34.10 Round Trip Tickets on sale September 2;i to 27, inch Oot. :i. lim.s Many side trips planned to inspect irri^tion j,.-,.jeet, ,.f surrounding country. Make you Pullman resorviituuis «-ar,y. N. J. HUDSON, Agent. Phone Main 40. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 Catarrh Sufferers Are Nothing Bu Hawking, Spitting and Blowing ! Machines, Says an Authority. ! -is it possible that In these lays when cleanliness and sanitary reform is being preached I" the churches, schools and at public gatherings, that thousands of people will continue to suffer from catarrh, when there is an absolutely certain remedy always on Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) is a pleasant, medicated and antiseptic air Breathe It In and It will cure catarrh It will stop foul breath, watery eyes ana crusts in the nose In a few days. "I suffered from catarrh for two years; tried numerous remedies which ailed' used one and one-half bottles of Hv'omei and am entirely cured."— C N'. Undsy, 407 East First Ave.. Mitchell. S. D. A complete Hymomei outfit, consist. Inn of a strung, hard rubber pocket inhaler and a bottle of Hyomei, cost* only $1- am' extra bottles, n a!t> r- wards needed, cost only r.n tents, each. Haer Bros, sell it and guarantee it to.i do exactly as advertised. | l,vu,m-i h.*o air.-s Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Olds and infants Croup. Read the want ads. POLITICAL CARDS. FUn SUPEKV18OR. I herewith announce my candidacy for re-election to the office of Super visor of the F1-st Supervisorial On.- trcit, subject to the decision of tho Republican nominating convention. N. P. PETERSEN. Bakersfield Tee Delivery, Bakersfleld Ice Delivery. Phon't Main 82,. Supply station now open ai 18th and K streets for transient trade. Family Rates For 1908. 100 pounds «t one time, 60c per hundred. 50 pounds at. one time, 76o per h-in dred. Under 50 pounds, |1 per hti>:-i-erl Lower rates for laige ronsnoi «rs. tf PAYNE & SON Funeral Directors Embalmers Have removed to 1711 Nineteenth street, next to Producers Bank. Phone Answered Day or Nlflht Phone Main 257 BON BON Your order for Ice Cream, Fruit Ices or Candy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY From 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. T. 0. COPPIN, Prop. A checKing account with the First National Bank has BO many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo* 1 yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 39th and H Streets. COFFEE A middling ^tcak and first-rate toffee an; better than middling oihee and first-rate steak. Consider the cost. Your crorfr rc'iirni Tfur mint? il you dcn'l like Schillings H.-M wi ray Urn. Stevens 1905 Chester Avenue on display a complete and varied_stock_of bats and hair goods PAINT YOUR HOUSE 4 I House painting Is my special- * i . ty. I use nothing but the best * >. material*, guarantee my work •» ' k and charge reasonable price*. •» » I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor ..•» ii i/ t, b\ Pnrr.t Main 172. •* .;, .j..;..;. 4- * * ''.' * * * * * * * * * * Stevens 1905 Chester Avenue

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