Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas on May 8, 1900 · Page 4
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Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 4

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1900
Page 4
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X - 4 . -j. .. .. ' : j ' . - L ( . . i HAY to. Co. To. C:i ftx FA fct ' X 2 . 3 4 ,5 1 IT Is h ilJil 2J 23 24 25 26 27 2329 30 3M. WBATHEB BBVOBT, tenowunjaaneoraaf us wesfheior the tlMN kOkcS M SheWB BT OMOIIMH takSB i - - uaivetatty fcy cmaneaitog w. a.. ip but ant fPryPvlp.. 1 Wet bale.. nt 678 j M at BB 87991 ia w"l Velocity OtqrtH RW N 10 1 a l U 18 Miles of wind tat xnuiOATioaa -. . QuoiM May i.-For Kansas? Fair to night and wednaaaay; variable winds. ' : DAILY OAliBSDAB. "... arises ......... tt Sunsets ,.. .,.... .... .. 8i6S StOOQ Et .............. 147 Why Do You Pay Rent? Faying rent is paying in terest oo another man's money. Now instead why not pat this money where it will earn ' something for YOU. - Let it be earning jo a home. tHE ATLAS BoIIdit g& Loan Association. ; I AM a candidate for renomination for the oL.ce of county attorney, subject to the decision ol the republican primaries W. B. BROWNELL. 1AM a candidate for probate judge.sub-ject to the decision of the republican wiuiuniwu wuvcuuui. 1 H.MITCHELL. JOHN Q. A. Norton will be a candidate for probate Judge before the republi can convention THE Journal is authorized to announce he candidacy of A. H. King for re- nomination tor the cmce ot county super intendent. subject to the decision of the republican primaries and convention. TTTEare authorized to announce that f V George I. Barker will be a candi date for the legislature from the thirteenth district, subject to the decision of the re publican primaries and convention. TT7E are authorized to announce that V V Mr. B. F. Hoskiason will be a can' didate for the office of county commissioner from the second district, subject to the decision of the republican primaries and conventioa. f AM a candidate for county commis A sioner for the second commissioner district, subject to the republican primaries ana county convention. A. W. ARMSTRONG. T AM a candidate for the republican X nomination for clerk of the district court ADN A G. CLARKE. BOARD OF EDUCATION. New Officers Elected and New Commit teee Appointed oy the B .ard. The board of education held ita If ay meeting last night, and the newly elected members were present, and began their work. The board was re-organized by the election of R. R. Clark, as president George lanes, as vice-president; George V. Kumler as secretary. After this was completed new standing committees were appointed as follows: Ways and means, Metcalf, Innes, Moore. School houses and property, Innes, Kumler and Metcalf. .-- Grades, Carrutb, Kumler, Innes, - Teachers Kumler, Innes, Metcalf. Auditing, Barruth Metcalf, Moore. Health, Metcalf, Dr. Phillips. Regulations and discipline, Moore, Car ruth, Metcalf. The election of superintendent of schools and of principal of the high school was next taken up, and Mr.Smitn and Mr Olney respectively re-elected to the places by a unanimous vote. Prof. Carrutb, Mr. Olney and Superin tendent Smith were appointed an examin infcsommittee, and dates for examinations of teachers were set as follows: 1 Saturday, May io, and Saturday v May 28. Bills were allowed to the amount of 309641. Eli : Freeman resigned ' as . teacher in the Lincoln school to take place in the census department May z8, and Mrs. Moore Fitehue was elected ! to fill the place. A number of applications for places as teachers were filed, and the board has now about forty applications for consideration in the election of the crops of teachers for next year.': " ----- . :- SelLrespect and personal interest should prompt every person to give the attention necessary. In no other way can money be expended to produce such great returns ia health, comfort and personal appearance.- , Best artificial teeth, $10. Amalgam fillings, 50c. Gold fillings, one-halt usaal price. Teeth extracted, 25c DR, WHEELER. 829 Massachusetts street, Open from 7 a. m. to 6 p. m. Now Bedding plants. . Flower beds pre pared and filled. Vases for lawn or ceme tery filled with suitable soil and plants Cl at the Luther greenhouses, south " liaeiachusetts street. Parlor aad . fine piaao,steam heat, gas light, terms reasonable. Inquire at Joaraal r Prof. Sanmeb will be in Lawreaoe at fas Eldridge house, Friday. May 4, fas one day only. Baseball guide lor 1900 and a fall, liaa of bell goods at Smith's news depot. Home made bread and cheese at Mrs. Preatissiaome store. EaAingJrenlrsaiSmith For sale Having disposed of my teem I wish to sell my trap. Frank WSlard. Vaated-llen to briss their famiUee to Ha tsn eerier be given by the Devgn-ncs cf the Uirj tonight at Trinity CzZl erect tsa 6 ta I o'clxi. 11 fv niioiifnilrrBnr Hanfe 1 U U yy Waits mnltiplr fast at this time oyeer. become absolute ascsotiriea aow. First ia STORE. II if a quality, if iff style, if ifs thiag that goes iato first-class, progTssilvo shop-keeping, then you'll be apt to Cad it ban. If aot here, then if ifs to be had well get it for von. A fair proposition, rare- This store Urea by properly eerviag it's Antrim A heavy mercerised CsitiSS ftriped Linen Suitiej : adapted tor skirts, waists or suits. Stripes in red, bine, black, white or brown, price.. .............. CSovq I7yaTlt1fH1 Soma of, the cleverest Cords - productions ever thrown npoa our counters; dain tiest colorings, too. - Ought to be 250 the yard. As a 'matter of fact they're only ...'l&OSUldl8o TServy JEVirosols. lust in by Express new cords and new correct selection. - The lack of exercise for the Lawrence bloodhound has been a matter of commra t tor some timeand dog owners say that the dog will lose all his usefulness) in time if he does aot get plenty of regular " exercise. Assistant Marshal Sam Jeans, who is caring for tne dog at bis own expense does not have time to give him the exercise aeeded and it has been suggested that it wou'd be a proper thiag to give him ample time to keep the dog in good shape -tor work, as his presence in Lawrence , has prevented many crimes and will continue to be as valuable to the city as it has in the past. They have paid life insurance thirty years. Now they are old and going to tne poor house. Don't need insurance now; they want their money back. i. Bad insur ance that don't protect old age. Consult i R. T. SNEDIKER, -Of National Life. H "Sapho" was played to a small audience at the opera house last evening. The company was composed of very clever people. and there was nothing in the show to which anyone could take exception. The show was the last one of the .season. . Olive Amer, phrenologist and palmist, is located at the Central hotel on Warren streets; readings given at all hours. HESTER OPTICIAN. Frames repaired and lenses duplicated. Nov; Is ttio Timo -to GET PRICES ON SUMMER SUITS. R. E. PROTSCH 800 Mass. St. Over Spalding's. Let us give you an estimate on putting your house in condition. We nse only strictly pure white lead ' and Wright ft Hill's linseed oil, and employ skilled work' men to out it on. and can do vonr work ai reasonable as anyone, quality of material and workmanship considered. We are also np to date paper hangers and carry a complete line 01 wail paper WILSON & KRAUSE, Phone 848. 701 Vermont street 'LAWRENCE No sunurer vacation. Enter any time I a BTKTBNSOM, Prinelcal. The Griffin lee company will have manufac-ttHd lee on and after May 1st. Ice coats leas where coupon nooks are ued. Ton can get conpon books and Information regarding the prices for either mannf sctared or river Ice at our office west ol National bank on Wlnthrop THJ3 GBIFFIN ICE CO Fhe.e 88. A. J. GRIFFIN. Mgr T OOAI? WOOD. KINDIiINO. Corn, Oa te, Chop Feed and Hay, Pratt Food and Oat iwie. TermoatBt LKX K. PKOTSON, W. - ARTISTIC TAILOR set Haas street, np stain. - O. Ik KtJTT Qeneral Repair and Novelty Works. SFeoiATTaa Bicycles, light machinery, fire arms, sewing machines, umbrellas, nickel and u pwug. emi issssi 11 Meat Market wiriD l ZOUDLER. 820 Mass. St TeL 63. Btlae XllteJheU. Hair dreeing uwl mini earing parlors. Importer and manufacturer of fine hair goods and toilet articles Gray hair restored. uBiropony ana laaai treatments. SanerSnons hair removed. , Miss Boulton! mninery store. JKBIIAAB, UPHOLSTBXINO MATTBJBSS MAKING and general furnltere repalrtng. , JWUW . Ol H.W.HAYNE. Eotaaey nckastst coed. aad aa abeomta naraatee. Cefeewacer. AayhysCM lathe c!. 4 PHOT. fit - . v . . . A-.B. Y3xwvJ0xxJW i 3EOISS OPTICIAN Things aot thought of a; month the field with lbs newest things is THIS price Moderation, if ifs anything or rmj public. - Is CTauhCiUa SSeand4e What ia there more dressy or la every way mora practical than a Wash Silk Waist? We've probably from 100 to zoo yards to close; worth 50c. Tomorrow.......... ....S3o the yd Another lot of Cords.especially cheap or your attention would not be called to them; the yard....". .....o plaited Parasols. A Propper time for a -s , LIKES YOSTS MA.NNSB. President Jordan of Leland - Stanford Gives Hie Opinion ol the Ooaoh. - The following taken "from the Palo Alto News will be ol interest to tne many friends of F.H.Yost, who coached the Kansas university football team last year, aad will go to Lelaad Stanford university this fall for similar work: The first Stanford man to tell as defi nitely of our new coach ia Dr. Jordon Dozing his recant eastern trip, aad while stopping a few days at ' the university of West Virginia. Dr. Tordon met Yost, and they had a talk together and they discussed the whole situation of 1900 at Stanford university. In a recent interview on that meeting at Maryontown, Dr. Jordon : very kindly save his impression ot our aew coach. He says Yost has a bearing and manner very much like Chamberlain; in fact resembles him in many waya. He has the same cordial spirit, the same handshake to be remembered long afterwards, and the same general air of simplicity. Yost is a southern type ot man, which fact he be trays ia his vocabulary and manner. The thiag about Yost that im pressed Dr. Jordan exceedingly was . his power to get immediately at tne neart or a subject, especially so as to the football situation. The president said that he had seldom it ever seen a man as a coach of a football team in the west more thor oughly alive to his business, more confi dent of his own power . and ability, one who makes a more lasting impression of sincerity and straightforwardness. Yet we have nothing to expect of the society man of superficial polish or veneer in our new coach. He is a man wno wins yon by his warm southern nature and manner. In speaking ot tne choice 01 Yost oter men of the "Big Four" Dr. Jordan said in substance that he was surprised when he learned that a man from a second ary college had beea chosen for coach of our team, but when he 1 . J . .... a the man and taikea witn mm be was con vinced that no mistake had been made. For he is a man with a good eye, a power tui pnysique, one wno uas conndence in himself and one whose past work justifies future hopes. LAWBBNO&VKAN8AS UNIVERSITY. Tomorrow Oam Will Be An Bhranple - of flood Amateur Work If the day proves favorable, tomorrow will witness as good a base bail game as hasbeea played in Lawrence for some time. It will also be the occasion of the formal presentation of the new Lawrence city club. The University club ought to win the game as it has had the advantage of a number of matched games, but there is room for doubt of their success as the Lawrence club - - is a strong aggregation of players, and will put np a hard game. They are strong in team work, fair all around batters, will outmatch the Univer sity club at outfielding and have by far the advantage in pitcher aad catcher. The University club ia handy at hitting ana auccessrui at Dase running ana in- fielding. Consequently if both prove their capabilities, the crowd will have entertainment animated. enough to keep it As this is the first game of thscitrclub considerable speculation is rife over the w - result of the game. The club baa ita new The game will be called about 3:30 p. m. at McCook field. The line up of the clubs ia as follows Lawrence Position University Headen. .... .... .p. ......... . .Maltby Pearce.............c..... ........Moore FunneU zst b Frebert Edmondson and b.... ...... Housh Teter ...srdb.. Parent Carroll........ ....a a.... ...... Pooman Newby .....a f .....HaU Soxman r f..... ...... .Tucker Reno.... .... ....c f.... Barnett : Both University and city season tickets wfll be good for thia game. BOWUHO 800BB& Strikes . 3 1 e J e e e i Sparer totals Pendleton... . Taedicke, Sr.... Selig, Jno...... . za .... 401 11- 18 4 4X9 437 Poehler, L C 7 .. 481 .758 Spares Totals . za .... 459 .13 .... 436 Strikes Bartldes 7 ... Griggs. 4 . . . Gibson, Wm........ 7 ... Henley, A 8 ... . ..... 397 .14 ..... 5i6 1 I.808 The Haskell Indian base ball team yes terday afternoon defeated the state agricultural college team at Manhattan by a score of 13 too. . . lOwmg to the absence of County Super intendent King in Nebraska, the grades we not seat out to pupils ot the county school aa had been intended. tet:rii:3 .l:;:rc3L3 : Asa WAGSTAFF'S. Urs, GJL Howe af Oatahsj i tew days ia the city, the guest cf nU&rzx Vx. andlfrs Eliss Summerceli arrival thia noon from New York, where thev married a week ngo last Sandxy. They wd probably remain in ' Lawrence stxweeksv lira B. W. AOendhjreraraed to her homo in Kansas City this afternoon air a visit with relatives. Mrs, A. P. Wall and Mri -Si Eaa t to Hoi ton today to attend the state convention of the ladies of the G. A R. The high school teachers will give a re ception to the senior c'ass on" Saturday The annual reception of the chancellor to the senior classes of aD the schools of Kansas uoiverairy win take place Friday night. Miss Kate Rising of Saline, is the goest of Mr. aad Mrs, George Rising this wee Mrs. R. T. Crew aad Mrs. Lacy Taylor left this morning for Bolton. ' - Mrs. S. M. Oramer is visiting her so Jack Cramer, in Kansas City this week. Abe Levy to Baldwin today. Mrs. w. H. Beattv returned this mora ing to her home ia Baldwin, after a short visit in Lawrece. Mr. and Mrs. F. S Hicks, who have vwasg with H. L. Raymond ai family, leave today, Mr: Hicks going to Battle Creek, Mich , aad Mrs Hicks to Fayetteville, Ark- Mr. C. W. Smith was in Kansas City today. " ' Mrs Prentiss is agent for the Peerless steam cooker. IHlainniBuiiocCid 35 Pasterns to select from. 69c to $4.98 Each. SeeOirEsMkCtiir, MILLER'S PACKET. Postmaster Caldwell today received no tice that the registration of letters by car riers would begin in Lawrence on May 15 aad received detailed instructions for putting the plan in operation. Cards giving in formation to the public about the plan will be distributed, end other information will be furnished at the postoffice. The plan promise 1J0 be a great convenience for people of the residence parts of town, who want to send registered letters, and do not want to make the trip to the postoffiee to arrange for it. Potatoes creamed and chicken pressed, no better found in the east or west; fresh bread and butter, coffee, ice cream, all served so quickly 'twill seem like a dream: in Trinity guild room xrom o to o, come this evening and don't be late. The Commercial club win hold its regu lar monthly meeting tonight. Tennis rackets, balls, markers and nets at Smith's news depot. For a good oigw always go to Smith' sews depot The Best Line. The Newest Designs. The Prettiest Patterns. Prices that Suit. Xxpert Paper Hangers. atlntatea Amy salad era Job. nOX7I.A2nS & TTAT.T., Booksellers and Stationers. oi Mar . .,- EV lie, Of the Innes Store's Growth and Business IS CAREFULNESS. The gamut is run in its : fair prices, good service, great stocks and many special bargains. Few women think of buying I Dry Goods without'thinking of BWiC j a . : . I here, and those not acquainted Bn.t.mpnt nf TW OnoHs xnA Oaxratfl shown here are asked to come and . i- higt Thij SUrety Oer Ei; Silt. Lawrence women are keen iudees of Silk and Dress . ay (7 Goods values, and all authorities agree hat we have the , as sortment of the west. It is: easy to see that the women of Lawrence and surrounding country will share our May sale bargains. Tfca Issei Stcre is C:s ti&a Attrttstks tt Urrresw. The strongest words we csn command fall far short of doing justice to" our May sale.;? It is out of our power to describe the beauty and charm of this great stock. Your own eyes must carry the picture to you of this great May sale. Selling was never so great and: your support has been steady, your patronage regular, and your wants make it necessary for us to possess large assortment choose from, and immensely large purchases mean exceedingly small prices. . Through the buying power of the store we are enabled to sell Carpets at less than marc&cturerB' prices today. We keep telling you in the papers, sot because we need to in or der to sell the goods, but b$cac3 we want the Carpets to get the widest distribution. Such rolling makes friends for the store, and our Carpets are the regular standard sort . Notjan excuse for a suit jcJ to advertise at a low price- suits adapted and designed ;i Americsza ideas. Makers thought to make much of thsrrnsde too many, and now the surplus stock must go at lss C. ipro-t, and you pocket their proCts this way: 610.00 suits C;?C5.00. $12.50 suits for CSO, 018 00 suits for C3.00, C25.C0? " i for 012.50. I C3. li'J LjOjV Sever. Cast Gran Sugar, iS lbs. ......... . .1 1 00 Country Evaporated Dried apples. .70 lb Pure Lard... 8c lb Uoa Coffee tie Arbock tea. . . . . . ....... ... ise Cxtra good bulk...... ............iac Our Leader........ .; 14c Pure Mocha and lava..... ......... 37 lb Fancy native Potatoes. ....... ....130 bus Ect 9cdoz Best Cider Vinegar. ..;.xscgal Country Bacon nclb Best Salted Crackers.. ........ ....8c lb We have a choice selection of Lases at way down prices. Ladies' Linen Handkerchiefs 8c and zoc each. . Our 11.85c Hammocks are still infatu ating the people. We have a car load of Tinware and Enamel ware at and trust prices. It's pleasure for as to show you oar . different lines of goods end give yon prices.. Mrs. Crary'a Art Tours are as was shown last even in g by the hundreds of people in the audience sitting perfectly quiet to the close, so infatuated that aot one sound of movement was made, for fear that some part of the great artistic hannnel ' would ha ' lost. Pern find.) Journal. At Plymouth . Congregational J church, Monday May 14th. Tickets lOT the course of six lectures. 75 cents, chil- drens tickets 20 cents. Do not miss seeing these magnificent views, all of them are fine and some of them superb. John Shimmons has secured the J. H. Shimmon's stock of furniture and stoves and has moved the stock into the vacant room in the opera house block formerly Occupied by the opera house cafe. The stock wUI be closed out at extremely low prices, aad Mr. Shimmons will be glad to see all of his old patrons at his new place of business. . Mrs. Waldemar von Dahlen of Topeka, sings at the Y. M. C. A. concert Thursday evening. ; Be sure to hear . her. At the Presbyterian church. Tickets 25 cents. ; Strawberries. JPTom now on 1 will receive shipments direct from the grower. J.A.Spalding. Phone 224. R. A. Day of Omaha, one of the most experienced shoe men, has takw charge of the Bullene shoe stock for the Howe company. -. Don't faU to bear Mr. House at the Y. W. C. A. concert Thursday evening. At the Presbyterian church. Admission -a 5 cents. Don't forget when you are looking for shirts, that the place to find them is in the on hand stock of Wilder Bros. Why not be paying for a home instead of paying rent? See Atlas talk. Tne Domestic Blunders of Woman.1 By a Here Man. "If any mere man wishes to throw a live and fizzing bomb Into his household he can not do better than nrocure a cony of this book. Be need not say a word about It, all he has to do Is to drop It In the drawing-room or on the kitcmn tame, u ia sure 10 go oa.-, - For sale at THH CJN1VKK8ITY BOOK STORE. t M, OIBB, Prop. Innes1. Those who know this - i . a "a i w with the varied and large as 1 'rr on TE fc:'v. riTtt I' mm 1 ::.r - . The smraKaaimal " Weekly election wCl take place on Friday. Dr. WRietoa addressed the Gradaate dob thia aftenooa. The stndeat party that is planning to go to Europe to spend the snmmr wCl leave on Jane 8. - " ; - The golf course being mowed for the nraamenf that will begin the last of this eeesoa. There win be - ' 'foursome'' and single games and considerable in terest has been shown in the contests. Prof. G. B. Penny has accepted the offer of the Ottawa Chautauqua assembly , to take charge of the art department there this summer. This has made necessary the abandonment : ot the : ' contemplated summer tour to Eorops that Prof. Peanj intended to conduct. The preliminaries for the steeple chase win be run this evening on a course selected south of the University, ' The event wfll take place betweea 3 and 6 o'clock. There are about tea students entered. most of Ahem members of the freshmen class. A faculty ateeple chase on horse Deck is being arranged and promises to arouse a lively interest. . ' L H. Bo wen spent Sunday aad Monday in Kansas City. -; L. L. Humphrey has bean 01 for three days, but was able to resume his work tha morning. .. . r The election of a basket ball captain will rake place at noon tomorrow. ; The high schools of the stete are responding to the request ot the chancellor tor a list ot their graduates of this year; this list is secured ia order that the gradu- ates may be t catalogues and other in- farmatinn ahont tha ITaimnitv H. P Cady returned today from Chicago where he has made a trip ia -he inter est of a gold mining machine of which he is part inventor. The Biological club met this afternoon. The program included a continuation of the discussion of "Grasshoppers," begun last week, by Mr. Swing, and a paper on : 'Spermatogenesis'' by Mr. Sutton. J . Frank Messenger, '95, who has been teaching in the public schools of Albu querque and the university of New Mex ico, has been appointed aa assistant ia the psychological laboratory at Harvard, Pupils of the school of fine arts will give a recital tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. O. H. Allphin of the law school has been appointed . by State Superintendent Frank Nelson to one of the free scholar ships of the Nashville law school. . Mr. B. W, Woodward will give an informal talk on his recent trip to Cuba at the Unitarian church tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The talk is given under the auspices of the Ladies Aid society of the church, and an admission of 10 cents will be charged. The men are invited to be present at the church aad bear the talk as well as the members of their lady friends. the society and tardineers! Some at 14 ots. Some at 1 7 cts. , Some at 19 cts. As cheap as ordinary flowtr pots and we drill holes in them"" if' you want to use them for that purpose HOADLFTS. Mr. Woodward will probably give more information about Cuba in bis informal talk at the Unitarian church tomorrow afternoon than can be learned from any other source, aad will give it in an inter esting manner. In the district court today the case of Julius Lapsy charged with felonious as sault went to the jury soon after noon, but at 3:30 no verdict bad been returned. The trial of the case against Jane Williams, charged with violation of the proh ibitory law, was nsxt taken up. The talk on Cuba to be given at the Unitarian church tomorrow afternoon will be entirely informal, and Mr. Woodward will give some of the impressions he formed of the island while on bis recent trip there. ' There will be a township Sunday school convention at Hughes school house No. is in Eudora township on Sunday May aoih. An attractive program is being arranged, and wiU be published next week. After the talk on Cuba at the Unitarian church tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock by Mr. Woodward, there will be a social hour and refreshments will be served. Robert Taylor aged 68, died th ia ing at the home of his brother, Thomas Taylor, near Reno, -of paralysis. The funeral took place this afternoon at 4 o'clock. xne opening number 01 the program for the Y W C A concert Thursday even ing is a trio by Pofs Penny, ; Prayer and FarreU. Be on time. Mr. and Mrs. Seals and family wish to extend thanks to the fries ds who so kindly assisted them at the lorn of their home by fire. Threatening weather prevailed again thia morning, and there waa every indica tion of more rainfall. , ANTI-SMOKING LAW VOID. Arreat af Fair a Mm for Breach mi Parle Rearwlatlaa Daeteree1 : I II ear!. A case of conalderableinlereet to visitors to the Pari exhibition was decided the other day. All over ' the grounds are signs to the effect that no smoking- is allowed, and a man having violated this was, by order of M. Pioard, the head commissioner, arrested. : He, however, eng-aged a good lawyer and fought the right of the authorities to arrest Urn. The court has now decided that M. Picard poseeaecd no legal right to enforce an arreat for violation of the rale, and ezpoeed himself to a heavy sentence In doing so. Aa, however, the exhibition building are admittedly inflammable, it la thought that special pewere win be ob tained. . The Phoenix aCl at Joitfis, Ho- waa burned yeeterday. ' Panl Bobtnaoa. a noted dwarf: r2ad yesterday at Eeloit, Wia, and T3 Tear) U wae eeareely low fart ts3. . -no I -n ' - .',v-,m 11.- 1 :.vAi h :i !! .. ,A LJULJUV tin 1 1 1 1 1 1 r JLUUL" A II u wuuu ll II Our bie array of Dimities, Swisses, Ginghams, Madras Cloths and Percales is the finest we have ever gathered to- together. -, - - The Tissue Ginghams at 25o yard are splendid values and are desirable and cool for summer wear. The Dimities at 10c, 15c and 20c come in all the new patterns, shaVles and colors. " We are showing a nice line of striped Linens at 50c yard. Ask to see the new fad in Pully Belts. But to asaaaa the reeetea Law ' Washington, May 8. This waa suspension day In the house and quite a number of bills were passed. The moat important waa the senate bin to amend the general pension laws so as to provide for. aggregating disabilities under the act of 1890 without regard to service origin and to increase the net income a widow may have without destroying her right to a pension from $96 to $50. The purpose of the bill is to modify rulings of the pension office in accordance with tha recommendations of the Q. A. R. It waa paased without a dissenting voice. The bill to increase the appropriation for the national guard from $400,000 to $1,000,000 also was among those passed. Mr. Sulxer, of New York, attempted to seeure action upon his resolution expressing sympathy with the Boera, but waa out off by the speaker. The house committee on insular affairs directed a' favorable report or. Mr. Cooper's bill giving an American title to the Banco Espanol de Porto Rico, namely the Bank of Porto Rico, and otherwise conforming it to the new condition of affaire. Jones, ; of Washington, introduced a bill providing that no new forest reserves shall be created and that ad-ditiona to existing reserves shall be made hereafter only by the aot of congress. HE BOUGHT THE BRICK. A Confidence Game That DUaearrleeT aad the Iateaded Vletlaa Came Oat Ahead. Jeremiah Harding lives on the West side with several hundred thou sand other people, doesn't pretend to be smart, is law-abiding, but - has never been indicted for it, and yet he practically sold confidence man his own gold brick, saye the Chicago Times-Herald. The leading axiom in the gold brick business is: "Never buy; alwaya sell gold bricks. ' Jerry doesn't need any pointers in transactions where money is one of the active ingredients, for he came by them naturally, but the confidence man didn't know it. In some way the latter learned the dimensions of Mr. Harding's deposit at the bank, and after careful calculations with a range-finder thought the transfer to his own depleted hoard as good as made. Because of his failure to take Jere miah into his confidence, however, thia bricklayer slipped an eccentric, lost the cherished brick which had so often laid long-green eggs, plunged his family into grief and woe, had to move at night into a cheaper flat. forfeited hie social and business stand ing, and waa relegated to the "suck er" class.' When a buBine&s-like, although clerical-looking, middle-aged man, neatly dressed, called upon Jerry at his grocery one day recently solicit ing money for -the Society for the Propagation of Mendacious Peripatetic, Jerry warmed to him at once, promised to think it over, had him stay to the noon dinner, and trotted out the hard cider. Now, Jerry rather smelled a rat, al though his conscience hurt him for mistrusting the eloquent missionary. but It recovered from the attack when the visitor, after handing out lots of information about Cape Nome, where arctic oceans come from, said his brother had sent him several thousand dollars worth of gold dust, which he had transformed into a per-allelopiped, but, needing cash, de-aired Jeremiah, as a business man, to advise him. - "Sell the thing to a circus," aaid Jerry. - The stranger threw a pitying smile upon hie host, and then ex plained that the gold had been cast' into a brick-shaped mass, adding "There's $7,600 worth of gold in it. but I'll take $3,200 ready money, just the magnitude of Jerry's bank deposit. . It was a strange coinci dence. .. Jeremiah aaked to, see the brick, but it was down-town; he would nof care to endanger Ita safety by lug ging it around, nor would he aak Jerry to buy. Perhaps some bank was in need of It. "I can have it tested, I suppose?" inquired the groceryman. "Certainly," responded the mission ary; "well go to the government assay office and it will be tried by the a Mayer m your presence." F , . So Jeremiah agreed to meet tbe missionary ; at the bank Thursday morning, and both were on time, the atranger with a brick in his satchel large enough to- accommodate a hod-16aL Jerry caught on to thia at once. said nothing, drew $5,200 in ten $500 and two $100 bills, stuffed them carelessly into his pocket, took a chew of black tobacco, and then left the bank with the misionary. "1'm sorry, but the government as say er is out of town; shall we wait till he. gets back?" remarked - the missionary, apologetically. No, it made no difference to Jerry; any asaayer hia friend recommended would do, at which reply the missionary could have killed Jerry for not having $100,000 with him, and looked upon the groceryman aa a swindler for possessing but a paltry $5,200. The brick' was tested at a Jeweler's, and being pronounced pure la heart and) of good financial standing, Jerry, putting it In hie pocket, accompanied the missionary to a Tan Cures street hotel to complete tha traaason. It waa evident the good mta wu Cr tarbed, axJ tinted! two er Cm times rr t." t tie rr tlr 3 - atK a4 fgeasaf clothes, but Jerry merely remarked: "I'd like to aee some one take this from me. If he does he can have it." ; -- It waa rather queer that the re- ; ligioua man's room smelled of smoke and liquor, but Jerry said nothing. The missionary stood aside to let Jerry . enter first, but the latter pushed thr ; other ahead, and into the apartment, and merely crossing the threshold, with the open door at his back, the groceryman drew his money from his ' pocket and thrust the roll into the crook's hand. : "NlVshouted the confidence man 1 quite unclerically. "Come here, Jim." j The missionary, dropping the satch-, el, was about to reach for a revolver, when he found a glistening barrel shoved under his nose. He could see all the constellations through It, for it was apparently the size of the Yer-kes telescope. The hand of the man behind the gun didn't tremble a bit. . Obedient to call, the confederate emerged from behind a curtain in a dark corner of the room, and run- j ing forward , was about to rush jerry, wnen tne laiier cooiiy re marked: T11 kill the missionary if you move an inch further, and then I'll kill you. I won't even let you change bricks on me." Jerry locked the brick, which was really worth $7,500, in a safety de posit vault. j When the missionary counted over the bills Jerry had given nim, nop found they were built of stage money, for, the groceryman had fixed it with the pa vine teller of the bahk. if SI HOW WOMEN CHOOSE STUDIES. Geed-lioolclnar Professors Of tea Im . reaw the Fair ' Co-ed's Faaey aad Have Larare Ctaaaee. The secrete of the fair co-eds' choice' of studies was laidTbare at a meeting of the Chicago Collegiate Alumnae association when Miss Marion Talbot, dean of women at the University of Chicago, read a paper on "Choice of Studies by Men and Women Undergraduates." Among the considerations which eater when the timid undergraduates are selecting studies from the curriculuma of coeducational institutions is the "strong personality" of the professor. Personally attractive members of the faculty find full classes, and it ia always to be feared, sadly enough, that some of the cla&swomen dwell less upon his dissertations upon literature, aciemoe or political economy than tJiey note with admiring eye the athletic figure and manly beauty with which many In-, structors are endowed. Miss Talbot, while deploring this, does not find it to be the rule. Laziness, she stated, is another consideration, andi accounts for the full classes which take up the "snap studies." 3 ' Love of science or of other special ties, however, induces many . young I women to enter on these" branches, j while others undertake them with a ' view to gaining a livelihood. : Miss Talbot presented a list of statistics showing the choice of studies of both men and women undergraduates in Chicago, Harvard and Wellesley. Summarizing, Mise Talbot declared that the college should be the place for general training, and not for technical or professional training, and she deprecated the tendency of educational institutions to furnish students a "short cut" to a training to earn a livelihood. In this tendency Mise Talbot sees the danger of a lapae of true refinement and of scholarly attainments, and that in the struggle for material success the original imten of college training, that of extending culture, will be lost. . ON A RAMPAGE. Gaat aad Ball Had Thlagie lata eetlag? far Bmalereat et a Brewery sad far Cacle Samw Beldleea. Two animals were on the rampage the othaiLday at New York. A Barbery wild goat escaped from the Central, park menagerie, charged Into a near-by brewery, and sent the keg-handlers and drivers flying. An angry bull charged and routed a party of Uncle Barn's engineers near Fort S locum, Willette Point. When the wild goat appeared, rampant, in the doorway pf the brewery a stout driver remarked with some surprise! "Ach, himmeL here is a book bear sign that walks, nicht? Whatf The "bock beer sign" did not walki but, loudly bleating, it ran and bowled the driver over. - As the Barbery goat reared for an other attack the other drivers and , workmen lumped into wagons, tried . to shin up posts, or climbed ladders, The groat cavorted around. glasses, npset kegs, and was monarch - of all he surveyed until Keepers Snyder 1 and Shannon arrived from the soo and lassoed him. - r. j The bull that routed part of the United '' States army belongs to O. HowlandV Leavltt, and was roaming through at patch of woods that la fenced near Fort Slocum. The engineers, en sv.. day's leave, were cheerfully skirmish ing through the woods, when thebuU resented the intrusion on his stamp ing ground, pewed the earth, bellowed, lowered ,hla head,, and charged the soldiers. 1 . s - Their retreat was disastrous. , Asj ' they ran, lookinr backward fsarfulIrJ - they fell over the trunks and rcotaj . and the shrubbery tors their ualiorma, . rtaaw etf Dsswas. V. The yellow sai red CraaJsV ttj t the oldest of any used by the Earo-'aea. . powers, sa tt was-rst gown in 1TCS." The French tricolor was first net- ' i 179$; tha red Cz-Ush eastern, wi C i present onion fici In tie r Ki-- -r la 1821; therrc:rztltt!!iujlil"") 1 " 4 t t ,-cr 1 ! -

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