The Oklahoma News from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 8, 1927 · 17
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The Oklahoma News from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 17

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1927
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D Tie ttct ity I Irt3 111 to co eir 'ht he Ley dr !re m I ti tie kb-to 111 ne 5'4 laL Ale Ile tch WEL be nt "l I 0 to" mos oN c)1 irN A11600-- Amer ''-irdiammeN" 494o1 ammet r Znigmmwommenwirdonmmusmogetr:"Amommenibmosrgiol Amar-lfooN:14EuEEnAommmnobouiacazmrlrrAsllon1ndPlMi dmonnsmooltlownwoommEnitmanono A t 1 1 1 I k I 1 1 i S 19'27 ROPABAUGH-BROWN 1H01051ERt Kitchen Cabinti ILI FURN-COT FADA RADIO oniomi nom n um UI no sunshine 1 und ry 11111 II Mill nu 11 11111 111111 1177 I Mal - - 11111i m -: ii -If: 1 EMI III UNI JEs t) Food for Thought Lest We Grow Fat Letters constantly come in from Women requesting Information in the form of food charts or daily menus laying down laws by which they can rid themselves of "a lot of obnoxious fat" One woman writes that she is so clisgusted with herself that she would !undergo a surgical operation if she knew it could be removed without harming her Another tells me a pathetic story of llow her husband who used to be her "slave" Is now madly in love with a 'slender willowy thing" and when he accused him of It he railed out "Just take a look at yourself How can you expect a man to love a ‘voman as fat and unsightly as you are?" I am goirg to give you a chart that It you will stick to it 'trill post-lively reduce you without doing r harm In any way but—you do not 1 need to expect results in a day or a week but must keep on with thi3 cliet to bring your weight down to vhere you want It Your weight was created by a lifetime of wrong eat-tug so now do not expect to correct tt In just a little Willie It will take weeks and weeks of persistent effort and every time you break away It will add to the length of time of the diet You may have your three meals I day but they must be light ones Now see if you are game to follow this chart for a while here It is: Breakfast—Orange grapefruit or raunes—one half orange one - half iirapetruit two prunes: Nshote wheat bread—one-half slice: coffee—o n e cup: milk —one tablespoon Lunch—Tomatoes—two sliced: apple—one large Dinner—One egg or small servin72 of meat cabbage or spinach—large 'erring carrots or onions—large secs log: milk—one glass Vary the diet with food of like I ontent Laundry Reminders Now that timing cleaning time is bere do not forget our blankets Send them to the Sunshine Laundry their method has eliminated all danper of shrinkage is odorless and rettores life and luster to the goods When the laundryman delivers your blankets they will look soft and fluffy the delicate borders so fresh end bright that It vill be difficult to realize that they are not fresh from thl store Wedding Breakfast Coffee Cookies Bleno one cup of strong Weddinl Breakfast coffee one cup Pnperial Wigan one cup shortening one cup of molase one-half teaspoon salt one teaspoon nutmeg one teapoon vinegar one teaspoon ginger and add two eggs and enou:h flour io make P thick batter Sift two teaspoons Calumet baking powder in the flour drop by tablevoons on a greaser: baking tin In moderate oven If with colored or chocolate frosting Imperial Nut Cake Beat ttgether one cup shortcyltntt e lid one cup Imperial snsar: then rdd the well beaten whops of twn tzgs one cut) sour Sterlint cream t‘vo teaspoons almond flavorlinz and two cups flour in which one teaspoon Foda has born sittecL At the last rtdd three-fourths cup t':hoppett walnut meats and one cup seeded rat tritt t DITIE(rt ACTION G:a Rare ------ (3jinstairei---eulivily v M-A4‘r "-qr 7 DI--"I TM tCQ ACK TW' 1 t 4 llt---- 9 'It 44 it'4a44-"14 1 Children's Corner Do you plan for the untertainMent of your children or had you thought of the need of a plan for their entertainment tts veil as for their wellbeing otherwi:-e? I feel that we are most of us too prone to overlook this great need and leave the 3"oungsters to plan for themsflves If we do this and they do not make those plans ai we would have them NV110 is to be Justly blamed? Tom's Dandy Mock Many arc the rids find boys filling our undesirable places ot amusement Sausages because mother and father were too Pick over dried lima beans Put busy to plan tor them When they one-half cup in bowl cover with cold WV111 young They sought their en- water and let soak over night In the tertainment away from home then morning drain and cook in boiling learned to keep the things they did halted water until soft Again drain covered up and the habit has grown and force through a pure strainer with then) there should be three-fourths cup of It would have been just as tzty to I pulp Add one-third cup rolled dried teach thoe youngters the value of 'Toms Dandy bread crumbs three clean wholesome enterainnient real !teaspoons halt a few grains of pep- Inn in which father and mother took per and one slightly beaten egg part as to permit their minds to be- bhdpe In the form of sausages dip in come warded and the desire crated beaten egg then crumbs: fry and for the thrill that is to be gotten in drain on brown paper Pile on a hot the wrom7 way serving dish and surround with fried It is Jita as P711tiai that you plan hallowed entertainment tor your children as it is that you plan balenced meals Their chemisiy of their moal5 is as easily chatied ss Li the chemistry of the blood stream and (awe the change has taken place It is Just as difficult to correct it so please do some of their planning for them The reward for the time spelii will come to you throughout all the eintining years of their life The Doing of t: Dowels "Oh Dadly conic' ruct look st Nlotherl" called little floper Mae ta her tattler as he entesed the house a fete evenings ago "Isn't she beautiful?" "Mother is alwaya beautiful but Sterlin- Mashed she looks unusually pretty tonight Where have you been dear?" he Potatoes asked his wife "Down to Milliken's Wash and pare six medium siced Beauty Shop I'll waicr" potatoes and cook I n boiling water "Yes I have" smiled Mrs Dowell till tender Drain and mash Add "You always: make sti:11 a fuss over three tablespoons Delicious White me when I go to Nlilliiten's that I House butter one teapoon salt Rnd love to go" I one cup hot Sterling milk or mi! cream: beat well Reheat and send "Indeed I do make a fus ovrt hen th nish Oh ou thero you CO the tabie plied lightly in a hot W i t' look Just like yott t he day lon: ego lt hen I first ntet you I in al ways glad to pity the bills wheh you get work ch:ne es well as t hey (to it at Milliken's As soon as cll n tier is 1iflhed we will Itee au even in77 to ourselves ways glad to pay bills when you Sterling Honey Parfait get work diine as well as they clo it Heat three-fourtha cup honey find at Mi1likun'6 A Fool' as dinner Is pair slowly into stiffly beaten 1V1ite we will s' Ui Pve111117 iJ t w o eggs beatin7 contantly to oureives When cold ellt and fold hi one cup whipped Sterling erearn and one tea-Sterling Soft Custard laninri Place hi mold in Sift cite-hall cud Impi compartment of electric re- - friieiialOr and two teaiipoons flour Add to two egg and two imps 6ierli2lit non: Cook in donble bollor until rnivtarc Tom's Dandy Veal thickeni Remove froiii fire r lId add vanilla serving dish npple slices Cutlet ruy be cooked whole or mu Into piece: for serving Dust wit'i Delicious Baked Halitout sift pepper end flour: clip in ono Clean :Ix° pounds halibut rie-on 1)Cat'I1 with one table:Toon Steruith falt and prlper kith ling null: then m Tons Dandy two tablespoons flour place in fd- breod I BroTn on both FAps ing dish gremed xvith Deli :ow White In f-1-allow fat in hot frying pan Add House butter pour ovic ono cup to- boilmf 1atcr tn rovrr season and matoe& and dot with Deldoos but- ioek ly for one hour Thicken ter Bake in modcrale men bastti-' gravy with o e tablespoon flour oftcn mixed with a little cold water (Q)CLOCOOCC i44') 100 LBS NET d4 trZ IMPERt '‘ 41110' 4c1:1"t el -0— ) k es STANTARD FINE g - — eSN STAN TARO FINE -4 PURE CAN t) GRANULATED 8 SUGAR I IIMPERricsa pou i a 1 c-1 51113ARLAN3 1 6:-:--eOf 417rr7'7777M1610-1r:'Slt-Wr72 'A1 ‘'' j 111 OrY- 4 J ri‘ ' -4 '51 L Calumet Ginger Gems Cream one cup Imperial sugar and one-half cup shortening together then add two well beaten eggs Sift three cups flour three teaspoons Calumet baking powder and one-half teaspoon salt together and add alternately with one cup Sterling milk to first mixture Now mix in three-fourths cup chopped preserved ginger arid divide mixture into greased and floured gem pans and bake in hot oven 25 minutes Big Values In these days of high prices there is tic more careless buying but with pencil and paper at hand the housewife makes a systematic search of the columns of the daily papers for bargains in everything and there is nothing she is more interested in than her groceries' When she has thoroughly scanned the paper she t-trns to the list given by the store which offers the best viilues Then she makes out her marketing list The Piggly-Wigely stores offer such ))14 Val liefi that no housewife woulc regret buying her supplies there Tun 01--LATIOMA NEWS I 1- I — — —s4 tel — Itsv-ttz co!m11 — '5314:Pr-irI if 1YA itrl Att tallobe Spring Cleaning - BY MARTHA JANE !ILA T II -"-"---“---- Now that spring is here we all have the cleaning fever I do not think there is another season during the whole year Ivhen housekeeping is as interesting as it is during the spring The possibilities of making the home more attractive seem to unfold to the housewife with the unfolding of the petals of the roses and the leaves of the trees how different are our spring cleanings of today front the spring cleanings our mothers used to have Don't you remember what an event that used to be—always two and sometinws three days it took? On those days we kiddies took our lunch to school and if it were possible for Daddy to flid business out of town he went Everything was turned topsy turvy and as I look bacy Today Ivith our modern methods our cleaning can be quickly and easily done The bright spring days create a desire to freshen up our walls and floors and it seems the very brightness of the out-of-doors accentuates the need of a new coat of paint on the outside of the house When our walls are to be "done over" there are several things to be considered two of the most important of which are the size of the room and the period of your furniture Nany peopk! make the dreadful mistake of selecting paper of very large design for small rooms This gives a most undesirable effect For such a loom the solid cloudy or fine striped desigrti should be chosen The woodwork in each room should harmonize Ivith the paper Whcre painting and pztpering are to be done it alters the spring cleaning procedure and one must adjust the work accordingly but when you are to clean dn! house "as is" I would suggest that you plan to (hail one room at a time and complete it before going to the next one A PArt 4 OF ri71 A14 ttu'ACItf:A Ivy ()lit Irtut M4t4 DAR Y 1nm tts?! cRAPC) AtirAgA (Mt gr 77E7 7777:775?7777177:13-1101 Rau t 1 A 4141:1 1111' ts r- cr- - ) I D4tlit::1)116 Ut Calumet Muffins Silt two cups flour two teaopoons Calumet baking powder onc-half leaLpoon salt and one tablespoon Imperial Lugar together rut In bowl add one cup Sterling milk and one well beaten egg beat Well and then add two tablespoons melted shortening Bake in well gremed muffin tins 29 or 23 minutes in moderate men Calumet Beat two tuld tvo cups Literlin gmilk and three cups cooked hominy Sitt in one and one-halt cups COMIlleiti add two teaspoons Calumet baking powder and one teaspoon salt add I w o tablespoons melted shortming Beat nil together three minutes Pour into deep greased pan and bake one 110141' iii SIOW OM) f:erve hot Delicious Potatoes a La France and think of it POW it St !CMS that more work was done ilt I ash serape tau pound s pota- thOSC tW 0 days than we keePers of modern homes have to do W and tes Wit h round veget a ble cut ter in tilX months Imagine having twelve big rooms to clean-- tcooe out from potatoes a number ot everything WaS taken out of them from ceiling down Ten little bis like inarblm boil these big carpets that covered the entire floor were to be put on a itintil tender in water to which has n added one teaspoon salt and two line and beaten tiltl tacked down again 'erIn those days they sprigs of mint Draft) add I hree did not have vacuum cleaners and it was thoroughly impos- 1 1 ablesitoons Deli s White House Sible to clean a carpet on the floor I butter one tablespoon chopped par 10 and rill I t nhipnnon 1010011 tutre fl ttle like marbles boll these until tender in water to which has been added one teaspoon it and two sprlgs of mint Draft) add three tablespoons Delleious White House butter one tablespoon chopped parsley and one tablespoon lemon juice Toss them about gently in pan a few minutes and serve in liot dish Imperial Pineapple Sponge Cups Beat four eggs adding one and one-half cups Imperial sugar ghtdholly until very NIA and smooth Arid one-half teaspoon salt and (Inchon teaspoon lemon extract F'01 two cups sift( d floor three tcaspoons Calumet baking powder and add thrce-fourths cup holing vater TiX I ightly but thoroughly Do not bent Pou r into cup cake tin: place at once i moderate oven and bake about 30 ((manes When cool remove tops from cakes and fill with canned pineapple cut Into small pICCPS SKI!' ide Much time and many steps can be SitVed by doing this I toll Imperial pie derpd sth:ar and col d hipped :ite7 cream haN e found that one of the i)e't WaYS to proceed h lit to er w h rhn take down drapes and curtains and send them to the laundry ' Tom for cleaning next remoe v all pictures from the wall clea'n s Dandy Egg and the glass anti frame thoroughly Nk ii h Nvater to which you Olive Sandwiches have kidded a little household ammonia Brush walls clean eno CLOVO han ehf i!ne knd 'A O P rndn and windows and rehang pictures Remove furniture if t)ver- flax oh stuffed it should be vacuum cleaned if possible and if not 11101 IM' OI dust it anti --ipe wood frames with cloth wet in water con- f':'A(t r taming some disinfectant and dry quickly In fact disin- thativ-Ittl1i:!st fectant should be put in the water used for cleaning through- i out the house and it is well to close the rooms and burn anti- septic candles ill them r fo a while This will kill moths and Delicious Eggplant En insects which have hibernated awl will rid the house of germ Casserole that might develop later Aftor all furniture has loqui t cleaned in the rugs replaccd you must t ho 1( L 1CPC° to) its replacing During the winter months the thought of w-armth was uppermost and our coziest chairs and lounge' q""' were arranged near the heat center now they must be placed where the breezes most ofton come in a way to give IA 1r rffitr open all effect as possible If hcavy hn‘e Leen 11-4(1 nitei r)-11!op through the w inter they :sillould he replaced by tot1 o Ocorofir material and the chair covers ind cu'hions (if o bright pretty cretonne Don't forget that colors influence our thoughts and PCt ii MOIT than we realize and that they Imperial Cocoanut Pie either make the home an zatract ive or undesirable place in ( ''" ("'' ' """ r" ''''''' which to live In 4)111' spring cleaning let us wit forget the "" t'" importance of cleaning the outside as well as the inside re- 1)1 ( I J f f U i t " memberilig that the first in-uTession of our home and or "Ps bt'rlhd4 hi:k tca the Nvoman xvIto keeps it is gIten by the outside Nvortil 1 India exra t a 1P p!:n a!t' fore our front door is entered 'rry to make the imprcion I Vdir fir :e !! made by the outside a favoralil one awl then do not keel) ' ''" I hakpd a hen a kr !r p 'rv the 'HI a way that it Le a tliappointmont Aditer cntem nut dpv ir---17r0":710:11 FiT A Pa IT C et T:177 NCO bSMII T ct co -1?"'-!:11:11!!'1171 y--r'27'77'4 7' - rv --------- 4 1:- f"-- 1 v 1 - ! 'i F-'11 ' !J:r"1 - -: ' '' 'I''' v-11' -: - v "14 f t11 I lominy Bread '4 - I - - 40 - 4-12 vi t1-40eft w 7-4 n A r IJ Bran 11111 tvLINGAtt9 coTparly 316 tio1Vesterfl PASTUEPIEJ) 1 lit ti11 - ( ft ' 1 !-- 111111hP010 1 706C 2nd Floor Lquity Illdg rIDNIv- Break fast Change Juice imperial Sugar Sterling Creitth Torns Dandy Toabt Delicious White House Butter Vedding BreakfaNt Coffee Luncheon Delicious Eggplant el) CtiSberhh Tom's Dandy Bread DP1k1011f4 White Douse Butter Tea Sterling Milk Dinner Soup Tom's Dandy Bread Sin Roast Beef Brown tiravy Sterling Niahed Pgtatoes String Bel ilead LeitUCC With l'IT1111 Drt”!ing 'rom's Dandy Bread De Below White limue flutter Prt MC Whip Wedding BreakfuNt Coffer Imperial Stiga Styr linn Cr(' Hill ts1)1' Break fa1 Itmonal Surar St el lum C on Popovers Delicious White Ifoue Flutter Jam Wedding Break fa at Cone Imperial Surar Slerling Cream Luncheon Tum's Dandy Ham Sandwiches Pick Ica Calumet (ins Tea flintier Pot L hops Stuffed l'tipprrt ry4w t:tia1 Tm1's lily firP1(1 lic11 pHs White Homy But tir Iniperttil Nut Cake WethliniT Break twit Colfre Stitior Sterling Ci 111‘110i ItrPahtt Ctio11 Prutit iEzi k W11)11I4 Itralt tIt'111 1nclienr (11011' 1)0nrIV 10: I )0 I 11tpr 1-'!'(H 'Fa j01-fl iF rn Pr t j f l i r l'e (rt 1 I1 41 e f-rJe ' t 40 4 ''' 4 i4 er 7 41446e foprighted By MRTH 'I UI TII Martha Jane's Menu For the Week By MAR IIIA JANE It I I !) De Imam t Mt!' :Mitt !hitter Tea Lemon Dinner '10111'6 Dandy Vc at Cut letit Creamed Coilifloioer Delicious Wihte House Butter Let 1 mie Thousand Nand Dressil Tion's Dandy Bread lArhlte Ilinetie But 6i erling Parfait Weddmi4 Breakfast Coffee Imperial litisior Sierlini Cream itilM Ince Imperial bleie Siet'itrit Crean Pant alief Delndoui NVIttne House Butter Weddiniz Breakritst Coffee Lorena! iSimir Sterlinisit Cream Lunt Mimi tidied lam U Eillnd lont's Dandy Bread Dentinal White Hotel Butpi 111111 Tea S rho: Mint Dinner lion!) Dionly Crouton It'l(Ols Baked Halibut 0rti I) Itcuuut White 11011c But!r C'elery Sated Soft Custard Wilding Breakfmt Col lee 71mor Stetilmr I I It1)11' Iracakliist Silted II01Ilos with 1111-(: !7ily Storlim: Crfam ( cur 1a 111 DdIrrms 11ti-4 13w ter Wrcitilm Ilnitkr Coffee Imp Stcllitvz rPan Icf oi Tris DancIT Ilot Polk Preervv 1311frr Pinner f 'Jt 'i :' 1 :I ( J 17 lvo'-zuir 4 rmirrf r11 f71 'IP :'"Nb ::'ettil Ai A Li I L ---- Pr r—Pr3t 11$1 ALUND l'1 7 t ' ' - z i-- ri '' 4 t'''':' ''' ' 1 r tN L103 ilb put -'' e A K t'-'' r' :000 k4:"::'- PAGE -' 7 ( MAKES BAKING E--NSTER 1 :-77:! PACE 1:t ) 7) 7) It Ori 411 e--- 1 4 it- 1 A 1 -- 1) i!:- c 'i 2 L: c!:a 1 4 - '-r' !-":'' ' - - i - - vo npi OF ( ' I te fl ? i - - )--: ' rw ----t r7:: -- 1 La 1i 1 r :I: oll I III ' )4 ' i ----::::-1--- i — — — --Al 1 I 'N ( r ( -------N i 7 1 1 ( — 1 C I 1 ituInTinn-AwreiEzt7-ritAIT4-i104 '' il MARTHA 1 sr ITIVi'll ne s Mentt Week - NE IliAl it -- i)elleimi V il!'!' :10114 It ter Tea Lemon Dinner '10111'6 Dandy Vc at Cut lit Creamed Caultfloa er Delicious V'11te House Butter It-d 1 lice l'housand Nand Dr('ssu Tom's Dandy Bread 1)11-oars Willie llottae But 6tertIng Parfait Wed(inr4 Bnak fast Coffee Lttperial Busuir Sterling Cream I fillUtl Ince Imperial t-itcu- Stet'(1-- Crean 3ata aref 1 Itple :6vol Delndou! NVItnt House Butter Weddinr Breakrast Colfre Lorena! hu-ar Sterintrt Cream Luncheon Baked ilaut Potato Ealtitt lorn's Dandy Bread C(rdictutt Whtte 11011 1 MO t PI 111111 '1'4 S't riltu Mint Blotter :inun loin's Dondy Crouton litIlicinus Baked Halibut Corn Bread 1)(Itelotta White 11(a1e Hu( or Crtery Salad titerling Soft Custard IHiding Break fivO Cot fee Intoc:0! 711-‘or Stetilmr 111-ilt N I I itt) 11' Break Iiist S'ot ed IItirlios v jilt 1 IA( cri Impel lat SOr ar Steriou: Crfam (cut Jan 41 t 1)wit ttits Wht 11ott-4 Ito !ter Wed(1:114 Br akfart coffee Imp Hal Sint‘r Stt111tvz ( 'DEW 11111(1101111 reatta(1 13-1 oil Tris 1)ncl7 T( I h it not's Pre ervy 1(10 tow White !tow 131ter st! lot: ! 1dr: Wooer :! 1-- r 1(( d ( - I i! ::ot :: d ( : I:-(1 1:i It td-- 1-00 1!i1 (':1 C:f 10:: I f- 1o s'i-'' si niV Vr1111t 7' r1! S : : 1 1 - 7! 1-11"rr t :! : C ' L1)1 4 PEA TE:" r p 7 r- ' tc rpotot — N1 E-61 1ci4 '1 1 c t'!1'i 1 ' 11 ii P !!' 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