The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 7
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5AT, -BHPKBMBBR^fc, 1908. THE BAKERSFTELD CALIPOBNIAN LEGAL LEGAL PREPARING MEDICINES K ' medicines prescrip- oar Tiieisl , but it is e like best his n'firk iind inir ini.stiiited Will you trust your prescription in • our cure? •BAKERSFIEID DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Ccrner 19th A. I At*.' §fe@®s®as@(as(^ Register, Register Register LEGAL. •«'CT.lC£ TO VOYEKS J*ui-s«aut ' r-.ecur..-i Jim o' the Fo- iitlcal Code of the istnto of Callfor- lia, i-fjutrini; a n,-w arid complete n-e stration of the votrv s each evea nuiu- Di'red year: Notiot: IK liero,. ,-,><;» 'hat nil |iiiiiino<l electors of the County of Kern. State of California, desiring to •ast their ballot at tho coming Pdesi- lential Election to he bold on Tuesday, the :trd day of November, 190S. aro required to have their names enrolled | D- M., said crossing to Ion the OreaHteulstcr of Kern County I crossing - ' '"'' j ORDINANCE NO. 92. I An ordinance granting porrr.ipslon to | the City of Los Angeles to construct, •maintain and operate a railroad track i ^'' i across- certain <«>unty mads In the'"' i County i.: Kern. State of California. OI : Tin Hoard <>l Supervisors of t|ie i County i.t Ketn, do ordain as follows: I First. That permission IB hereby i grant* d to the City of Ixis Angeles to j '•"onstruct. maintain and operate uj railroad >n: !; across cev<ii!u county | roai'.s in f-aid eontity, at the points In i the maiiii'-r ioliowing, to-wit: ' Acrobs tliar certain county road run- | nlug alop. the range line between. Hang' s :;:! and «-l K«st, M. D. M. th' 1^. l:>" .-eivi e Bo, III; paid crossing to l)O I (•(Miter ilne of about -."i leet southerly from the north hue of Sec. 25, T. 32 S, R. 33 I-;., and Sec. i!", T. B2 S., K, 34 E., M. be a surface constructed as not to in- Piano 'Tuning Leave orders at'BAER'S DRUG STORE, corner -of JDth, street, tind Chester avomie, for L. T3AKTMAN, the professional pl- Rno/tunor, loca(u:i ia Bakersfield for -(he l:>st eight years. You iv.iy re n P."ii :•<-.-; that he- will put youi- ins'y' -"in first class tui.e :-.:. i oviU'i' r.t ro:\ ; -o;i:ib!e rate.-,. Phone Main 39 on or before Saptembir 2Srd, 1908, or you lose your vote. Registration ClerKs Jiave heen appointed in each and every voting precinct tn the 'county where you can register upon making application; registration of vot&rs may'be entered at the offloe of the County Clerk In the Court Honae between the hours of 8 a. m. and 6 p. mi. 6-10 I. L. MTLLER, County Clerk. PIANOS! '.J'lniiTy or t."ii-. '.s very MMIC''. ('.'.-:•:Ir<" jri a ii'.aiiD. \<-,\i ,\<n;'t 'ran :< luiid tuiie, t.ial vlL L.GL-U do- vjkip i:!:o a tin p.-uiy'**I7ect, which is the c-.i-' 1 with many of our cheap pianos, that nfe now flooding tho country. We asl; you to call at the Willow Furniture Go. and note the soft ftwet't tone of the Fairbanks and Fremont Pianos. These pianos are new to a Rreat mapy people, but arc built by Rood reliable factories expressly for the Southern California Music Co., who has exclusive control of the Pacific Const, wiio has exercised strict economy in the sale of these two pifinos to make them a household •word with many. You will find many of our competitors selling pianos for S375 and $400, that Ss not their equal. Our prices on the Fairbanks are $3oH and $375 and on the Fremont $300 and $325. L. T. Godley, local representative of the Southern California JNUiKic Co. can'be found at the Willow Furniture Co. or at his residence at i'Ho G street. He would prefer to have you call at the Willow Furniture Co., where you will see the largest lin" of Edison phonographs and records in Kern county, as well as a fin" display of pianos and an immensf stock of the latest up to date furniture. Furniture as well as piano, ran be bought on easy monthly payments, tf SCHOOL aonnre -FOB SALE. By order of the Boani of Supervisors of Kern County, California., made Sept. 12, 190R., swotted Tilde -will be received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County, at the Court House, up to 10 o'clock a. m., of the 10th day of October, 1908, for the purchase of twenty bonds of the denomination ot fSOO.OO each, of Lone Tree School District of Kern County. Said bonds were issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and' in accordance with the provisions of sections 1880 and isss both inclusive, of the Political Code of the terferu with ordinary travel over said road. Across that certain county road running parallel and contiguous to the right of way of the Southern Pacific Railroad, the center line of said crossing to be about IfiOO feet westerly along said roml from the e88t line of section 25, T. 32 S., R. 33 E., M. D. M., said crossing to be under said county road, and said city to construct S good and substantial bridge in said county road over said railrqad cross Ing, in accordance with plans there- for this day filed with and approved by said Board of Supervisors. SCHOOL BONOS FOR SALE By order of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, made , scaled proposals will i till' oltice, ol tlw Clerk or Supervisors of said i- Court House, 11.1 lo in of tne loth day o: Oct. he JHI: en.iM' o. six di-nomiii iticn of y, < •-. •> i mi >•;'.!*- riclion) .t >:- t ..'-. i;,. .inld liou'l.' KC,.. ... i.oai'i; Oi tiupurv ir-o..-, •>•.:;• 1 'irdiiiH e wirii HI | . - .ins ISMI and ls>v v , e •; u he Code, i-: ornia and in conic; a,.... of said board passed •>, and bear intcroM .it ive per cent |-ei' ;'.nir.:ii, TO.-? i payable ou the ;;.>th • :' eaen joar, out o: an.r •iing tund ot snld siclmol i presentation ami i*ur- Treasurer of snld Conn- LEOAU LEGAL oi i-: H.le i (lei- . II'. Stall i with I Kepi. Across that certain county road running along the east line of Sec. 2.7, T, 22 S., R. 33 E., M. D. M., the center line of said crossing to be about 75 feet south from the north line of said section 27, T. 32 S., R. 33 E., M. I). M.. said crossing to be a surface crossing, and so constructed as not to interfere with the ordinary travel over said road. Across that certain county road running along the east line of Section until p,. day oi from in district, render State of California, and in conformity •""" 6 o"' T %o « R \3 F M I) M ...i.v. .,„ i .f i..,i,i n,,.,,.,i ,.., utl <,.i I- 1 aiu ' -•-• L >'- =»•• K - A6 K4 -> •"• u - 'V with an order of said Board paused Sept. 12, 1!)OR, a-Dd bear interest at the rate of six per ceiu \»-r annum until paid 1 , interest payable on the :!"lh day of December of each year, out of and from the Building Fund of said j School District upon presentation and surrender to tho; Treasurer of .-aid County of thi^ ictfreat coupons. Said bonds are to be numbered consecutively 1 to 20 Inclusive, an 1 are in number as follows: the center line of said crossing to be about at the north line of said Section 28, T. 32 S., R. 33 E., M. D. M., said croslng to be a surface crossing, and so constructed as not to interfere with the ordinary travel over said road. Second. That II from any cause said county roads, or any of them, shaU It damaged by the constructions of said crossings, the same shall be Bonds Xos. 1 10 1. inclusive, Two I repaired by and at the expense of the Thousand Dollars, to run 11 years. j said City of Los Angeles, and such Bonds Nos. 5 to S, inclusive. Two damage shall in no case become a NOTICE. My wife, Blanch Marchana, having without cause left my bed and board, notice is hereby given that I will not hereafter be responsible for debts contracted by her. JAMES MARCHAND. Bakersfleld, Cal., Sept. 8, 1908. 42 ASSESSMENT WOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. Location of works. Kern County, California. Notice it hereby given, -that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on the llth day of September, ISog, an ass<sment of two (") cents per ;.!i-re vvas levied upon all the EUbBcribed i-ajiital stock of the corporation. payaUe immediately In United States coin to the sc""Mary, at the office of the company, No. 2270-A Market street near 16th street, San Francisco, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Monday, ihe 2Sth day of October, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction; and, unless payment is made before, will bo sold on Friday, tho 20th day of November, 1908, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with.the costs of advertt*iDg and expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. C. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, office 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 Thousand Dollars, to run 12 years. Bonds Nos. 1' to 12. inclusive, two Thousands Dollars, to run 13 years. Bonds Nos. 13 to 1€. inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 14 years. Bonds Noa. 17 to 20, inclusive, Two Thousand Dollars, to run 15 years. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must oe equal in amount to the par value >f the bonds bid for, and accomn'inied :jy a certified check or cash deposit tivhe sum of in least ten per cent of the amount of the bid, payable to the Chairman of the said Board of Supervisors of Kern County. The nheck or deposit will be returned In ?asc of rejection of bid. and be forfeited to said Lone Tree School District if the bidder neglects to pay for the bonds he Lib, for within flftt en lays after beln? notified of the acceptance of the bid. 1'pon the openins of the said bids <aid bonds will l,o sold to the hUheM and best bidders for c.-isb. in f. K. gold coin, subject to the above pro- dslons. Tne said lio-ird 01 Super* i»ii-s reserving the right to reject any ind •'!' bids. All bids are to be addressed to the Clerk of the Board of •supervisors 01 Kern Couniy, C;:i .o;- ila. iiri-1 indorsed "Proposal:; for Bonds." By order of the Board of Supervis- ors'of the County of Kern, State of California. (Seal) H. A. .IASTRO. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. 9-16 'charge upon th'j said County of Kern. Third. That if the said City of Los Angeles shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply strictly with any of the conditions hereinbefore expressed, such failure shall work an immediate forfeiture of all rights hereby granted, and said County of Kern may. by Its proper officers, remove any and a!l structures placed in said county roads by said city, and the cost of BO removing the samo shall be paid by said city. Fourth. The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall certify to the passage of this ordinance and cause the ?arr.e to be published in the Bakers- j field Californian, a newspaper printed ty ot thi :nien-st coupons. Said bonds are to t.e num'.K're.l consecutively i u, o inclusive and are in lUiniDi.r as lollows: Bond No. i. Five Hundred Dollars, 2 years iroin date. Bond No. 2, Five Hundred Dollars, 3 years troin uuie. , Bond No. 3, Five Hundred Dollars, 4 years troin oate. Bond No. 4, Five Hundred Dollars, 5 5ears irom iiaie. Bond No. "i, Five Hundred Dollars, 6 years from date. Bond No. 0, Five Hundred Dollars, 7 yeartf trum Uiue. Bids will be received for one or any larger number of said bonds. All bids must be equal in amount to the par value of the bonds bid for, and accompanied by a certified check, or cash deposit in Uic sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid, puyauie to the chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County. The said check or deposit will be returned in case of rejection of bid, and be forfeited to said Kiuitvale School District if the M-ldi-r in-uiects to pay tor ihe boiin.- e bids for within tilteon days after being notified of the acceptance of the hid. Upon the opening of tl.e said proposals said bon Is will be sold to the nighe'.' and !>«•>; ' iddi .- f'T cash, in U. S. gold coin. ,v,; .-<-t ,. e above provisions. Tl,e im...-! H.-M • .- the right to reject any or all bids-.. All bids or proposals aie to i.e addre..; t .; to the Clerk of the Board ot Supervisors of Kern County, California, and indorsed, "Proposals for Bonds." By order of the Board ol Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman. Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. (Seal) it-15 You are hereby required to appear n. m. In an action b; - ou»;lii against you by the nliove named jdaintlff, in the Su- peri-n Courl of the County of Kern. St-i'e of Cnllfnruiii. and to rnswer tin. Com;il-iint filed therein, within ten .;•• . .-.. ii.- un .••-.-. ->i i..Is summons. I M :vi d within K'A\ 1 county: if served • : e\\ here, within thirty i:a<-s. 'I ..e s;:H notion i-! bro!l.',i;t to ill tor- •"',ne a claim made by sai-1 defendants ai.\er-ely to the plaintiff in ami to that ceriain lo'. ploco or nmvol of laiv.l -;.tiato. lying and being In the Town oi Mojavo, County of Kern, State of Cal- iiornlii, and de.~lmial«'d us Lot Number .Vine (!i) In Block One Hundred (UKD oi said Town according to the Map thereof, filed in tho offlco of the County Recorder of said Kom Conn': . on 'he Third day of March, 'il'c-a; to compel the said defendants to produce their title, if any they have, to said premises, and that, tho same, and the protended claim, right, title, Interest, and estate of said defendants, and also all other persons unknown claim- Ing any right,'title, estate, lien, or Interest In the reul property described In the complaint, nnd hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's ti- Uu thereto, and each and all ot them In and to snld premises, and every part thereof, may be adjudged and decreed to be Invalid and void. That the snld defendants and each f them may be bnrrod of and from nil right, title. lnter°st and estate In nnd the said premises, and every part hereof; That the said plaintiff's title may e adjudged nnd decreed to be a good nd valid one ns against said defend- nts and each of Jhem, and all persons Inlmlng under said defendants nnd ach of them, and for such other and urthor relief as shall be just and qultable as the nature of the case nay require, as will viore fully npponr y the Complaint on !llo herein, nnd o whlc'; reference is hero made and or costs of suit. And you are hereby notified, that f you tall to so appear and answer, he plaintiff may lake judgment for ny money or damages demanded in he complaint ns ariMng upon con- rnct, or will a.ipl.v to the court for iny other relief demanded in the Com- ilalnt. WitnePP my hand i;nd tho seal of tho .aid ijriei-'p • '"0,111. County of Kern. State o! Cullfoini.i, this loth day ot \pril, A. D. 1:.!'S. Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerk. Plunkftt Cmi-il Co., Oct.. >6, 1W,. *.t 11 a. in. Anderson Canal Co., Oct.. .1. 19IIS. ftf. 11 a. m. Bnen.i Vista C'nal to.. Oct. 7, l!<!ft, at •:', p. n'. tict. .! lines Car. ! . . • < .}. m. )• i: Sec. to above n.i;n«-i| c,,n ; Kern Count'. Laud Co's Ing, comer 1Mb au.i I] ersfleld, Calif. 2. W»8. at fa '.. I'.'OS, :,ta -^ T, rms. at JS NOTICE TO CREDITORS, Estate of Ceilnda A. Randlett, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the un dersigned, administrator of the estate of Celinda A. Randlett, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against said deceased, to ex hiblt them with the necessary vouch ers, within four months after the firs publication of this notice, to the sal< administrator at the office of the Pub DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given to all person. .,,>,u...; aim i\eoDlliu docs, wlthiu ii,f,; of iiie ("i- ..' liakersflelii. that License Tairsi ;or the year, 19nK. are i. • ,i '\ o.- " ".-i-'-v at tho o fico of Cltv Clerk, in. t'.ii.' NOTICE OF TRUSTBE'8 SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Maxwell McNutt, trustee o! the t-state of B. A. Hayden, bank- nip:, will st-11, pursuant to an order dul-' glv'f-'i and made on the 2d day ' ;• ?"ptem!o:-, A. D., 1908, by Milton J, flreeii, Esq., referee In bankruptcy I'c:- the District Court of the United States for the northern district of California, the real property hereinafter described, with the improvements thereon, belonging to the estate of said bankrupt, free and clear of any and all lie n or Hens, incumbrance or Incumbrancos, to the highest and best bidder therefor, upon the follow- published and circulated In said county, and this ordinance shall take ef feet and be in force on and after the 2, r ith dav of September, 19oS. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors j " } of Kem County California. i The foregoing ordinance wag passed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, t^ls llth day of September, 1908, by the following vote, to-wit: Ayes: Petersen, *VHe, Woody, Corsett and Jastro. Nays: None. Absent: None. „ ' Witness my hand and the seal of the Board of Supervisors this llth day of September. 1908. (Seal.) I. L. MILLER, Clerk of the Boar" -t Supervisors. 9-12 lie Administrator and Coroner of Kern PERSONAL PROPERTY County at the Court House in th City of Bakersfleld, Kern County California, the same being the plac< for the transaction of thp bnsines of the said estate In the paid Count.v Kern State of California W. A. McCJINN. Administrator of the estate ol Celin da A. Randlett, deceased. Dated at Bakersfleld. September 10th. 1908. 9-H NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Ralph Bower, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the un dersigned, administrator of the estate to the of Ralph Bower, deceased, creditors of. Mid all persona having clnlms against said deceased, to ex hibit them with the necessary vouch ers. within four months after the firs publication of this notice, to the sal administrator at the office of the Pup lie Administrator and Coroner of Kern County at the Court House In th City of Bakersfteld, Kern County Notlcn Is hereby given that taxes or j California, the same being the plac personal property are now due an<1 I for 'he transaction of the buslnes payable and will be delinquent on .Tub ! "f 'lie said estate in the said Count Slet, 1908. A. WEABER. of Kern, State of California. '•« City Tax Collator | W. A. McGINN. _—I Administrator of tht estate of Ralph ASSESSMENT NOTICE. ' Bower, deceased. September l Companion Offlni Bail*! Meets. !Jni> "•f NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court i at-,n tot use 'ounty of Kern, State of California. In the matter of the estate of l.o«U M. Dinkelspiel, deceased. Notice is hereby given by 'h u »•»• dersigned administrators, witb tb«, will annexed, of the estate of l^oitis K. Dinkelsplel, deceased, to the creditors, of, and nil persons having clatew against the said deceased, to eshlttti them with the necessary vouchers within ten months after the Brat publication of this notice, at the office «T Fred E. Borton, rooms 203, 204, Producers Savings Bank building, In In* City of BakersfleM, County of Kent, State of California, the Rome bclBg (&• place for the transaction of the bu»- Iness of said estate In s«Wl Kesa County. EUGENIE F. DINKELSFJEI* MELVILLE F11RTH, Administrators with the will annexe® of the estate of Louis M. deceased. Dated, Bakersfleld, September 3, i 9-3 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. By Ham Parris, Deputy Clerk. J. \V. P. Laird and Rowen Irwin, at- orneys for plaintiff. 8-1S . of I'ro'lu. 1 ' • and (<:i .".' arv. i v-,1. I! -,vea : THIS. Dated Januarv NOTICE OF -ilk bulldin:'. 1'" of .lanii- ' .moiin I all streets ( use tag for .MeKiltrkk Oil M i.I'inci'»"I iilac* field. California. Notice is herein' . .in., (l r i|i., TIL- 15th dav of An mis ....Olll III f, .1 ; . : noratlon. ra v - !' i: l| Ml 'I.'-; .'' -I 1 !! ••I!' ) ' •IV • !in Imaste ASSESSMENT. Corniianv. Location ol tiusiness. Baker.-- said rolioi Han'-.' Anv mem s ,la \ o: Mlle'lt ' 'II' ' :-toe\ •II irivon-that at ct""'- hei'i on t . '!'ii.S. an assor • r • , ;iro was h .'It- ii,;tel V ill I'll • reri'-v ' ' e Iti'li-i of I MCe'y K'lvlll i tills as; Ing terms and conditions. 1. All bids to be in writing, sealed, and addressed to the said trustee at No 110 Sutler street, San Francisco, Cal. i'. Each bid to be accompanied by certified check for ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the bid. ?,. No bid will be received later than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th day of October, 190S. 4. The trustee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 5. Sale subject to confirmation by tho court, and to bo for cash United States gold coin, upon confirmation hy the court. fi. Bids will be opened and referred to The court for confirmation, on the '.!"th da-- of October, 1908, nt the hour of two '(2) IL m., at the ofllce of Mil•on .1. Green, Ksq., referee In bankruptcy, Iu the t'nlted States Postofflco nnd Court House building, Seventh .iiid Mission streets, Snn Francisco, Cal. 7. lirpd, instruments of title, abstract of title, and other documents, ;u expense of purchaser, i The lolliiwlnt? is a description of i the renl property to be sold: Burks Oil Company.—location ol principal place of business, OnklanJ, California. Location' of property Kern county. California. , Notice is hereby given, thnt ut & meeting of the directors, held on the ISib dav of July, l!»os. a;, assessment (No. .") of one cent per share writ levied upon the capital .-tock of tbe corporation, payable Immediately tc 1 the secretary at the office of the cor I porntion, room 20, 106S Broadway. ! 0'iklnnd. California. Any stock upon i which this assessment shall remain i unpaid on the 2fith day of August. \ lliiiS, will be dolineiuent and advertised i tor sale at public auo'ion, nnd, un'e-is Payment is rnndo before, will be sold on the 14th day of September, 19 iS to imy the delinquent assessment, together with costs eif advertising and expenses of sale. A. A. SMITH, Secretary .Office, IOCS Broadway, Oakland, <'al I Ifornia, room L'o. "-2& Dated at 10th. 190S. Bakersfleld, 9-11 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Extension Water Company. Fourth Location of principal place of bus! ness, Wasco, Kern county, California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of tbe Board of Directors held on the 25th day of August, liios. an assessment of one dollar per share was levied upon the subscribed capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately In t'nltod States gold coin to the. secretary of snld company at Its office, Wasco, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on septun- SHERIFF'S SALE. vlotlce of Foreclosure Sale—No. 5719. -I. M. Russell ,VB. Frank A. Howard, Marion C. Howard et ills, defendants. Order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale. Under and by vlrtui* of an or'or of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, Issued out of the Superior Court of the said County of Kern, of the State of California, on the 20; h day of August. A. D. TJOS. In the above entitled action, wherein H. M. Uuss»ll. the above-named plaintiff, obuilned n judgment and decree of foreclosure mid sale against Frank A. Ihnvaiv. Marion C. Howard, el als. defendant:., on the 2t'ith day of August. A. IV 1!»tiS, for the sum of twelve thousand three hundred eighty-four ($12,;tS4.00) dollars In t'nited States gold coin, besides Interest, costs, etc., which said decree was, on the 2(Hh day of Angus' A. D. IfiOS, recorded In Judgment Book 11 of'said court, at page 00, I am commanded to sell all those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land situate, lying and being In said County of Kern, State of California, and bounded and described as follows: "The Pennsylvania Mining Claim," according to notice of location of said claim, recorded Dec. 8th, 1900, In Book 24, at page 18C, Mining Records of Kern county. "The Tom Lane Mining Claim," according to notice of location of claim, recorded Jan. IKth, 1894, In Book 5, page 71, Mining Records of Kern County. "The" Little Mammoth Mining Claim," according to notice of location of claim, recorded Feb. 12th, 1895, in Book 5, page 29S, Mining Records of Kern County. "Mammoth Mine," according to location notice, retJorded .Ian. 18th, 189-1, In Book 5, page 7:;. Mining Records of Kern County. "The Burdette Mine," according to location notice, recorded Jan. 9th, 189C, In Book r., page 4-19, Mining Records of Kern county. Name of corporation In full, Eagle Oil Company. Kocatton "et. principal place of business. Ban irt«r> Pisco, Calif. Notice Is hereby given, that rt » meeting of the directors held on Ow 2'lth day of August, A. 1>. 1908, an **• sessment of ten cents (10c) per sbAnv was levied upon the capllsJ stock of the corporation, payable ti»- mediately to William I^inge, Jr., 8«a- retary at room 2 ,No. 120 Bush etreat. I San Francisco, California. Any etaoti upon which this assessment ehaJt remain unpaid on the 25 th day of S«js- tember, A. D. 1908, will be dellnqawsK and advertised for sale nt public «.«» tlon, and unless payment Is msAo tot*fore, will be sold on tho 15Mi teas «C October, A. D. 1908, to pny the «*» llnquent assessment, together w«k costs of advertising nnd evpewsws iff sale. WILLIAM LAN(IE), JR. Room 2, No. 120 Bush street, StO: Francisco, Calif. 8-15 NOTICE OF GUARDIAN'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY. Notice Is hereby given that in pw.«" Sliance of an order of tbe' Court of the County of Kern, State d California, made on the firvt da« «x* September. I9os, in the matter of ttrr estate and guardianship of DoruOir M. Coffee, a minor-, the undermv,m>4,. the guardian of the person and f-stiVtif' of said nilnor. will s-dl at private raV.s to tbe highest bidder, tor cash. fw't<S coin of the I niled States, iind SUt» ject to fi::i!i: iiiatiiiti by said Sujxirte 1 Court, on or after Thursday, the 2^f^t day eif September, 1908, i,ll (he riglrt. title and Interest iu the estate of minor, in and to all those certaia pieces or parcels of land situate, lying and being in the County of Ksn?* and bounded and described %s (*•• lows, to-wit: All that portion of the north half eft the northwest quarter of section ti»«» (2) In township thirty (30) south, «fc range twenty-seven (27) east, MotaB. Diablo Base and Meridian, and tn»- talns sixty-five and two-thirds uerev lying cast of Old River. Lots thirty Cini. thirty-one OU ani. thirty-two (32) In block 512 "C" 1st the City of Bakerefield. And also nt the same time and nix**; the following described personal crty, to-wil: One slaughter house wagon, country wagon, four delivery seven delivery horses, one ice one tvvo-ye:ir old filly, three nfttf n'<c»^ hie harness, one saddle horse, tut* safe, two cash registers, fffice fdrofi- ture, ten marble slab;!, two 30, 190S, will be delinquent and | thai •I: I vertisint: H OUH Office, room No. 307 Ofllc ines.Baiik biiildini.'. corfier K'inetee'i und H streets, Bakersneid, Calif. ••! sale. , ot Director!,. Producers Sir,,- 8-1" Tbe date of doilnuuenev of tlV' nbovi , -it «•• iio*t"oiif' i to Sntunun September 26th. and^of didlnouent sa.i Lot :i in block 274 (formerly block 2 north range 1 west) in the City of BnkerhfU-ld, affording to tho map of ?:ild City of lUikorsfle.d. Kern Coiiu- i ty. Callrornla. filed in tho office of tile County Recorder of Kern County, California. November 2.">ih, IHoK. To-i abov< getlier with tho Improvements thereon. Further particulars may be had at the office of the attorneys for the trustee, Messrs, .lellott & Moyerstoln, French Bank building, 110 Suiter St., San Francisco. Cnl. MAXWELL McNUTT, 9-14 Trustee. I'OSTi'ONK.MKNT. The date or 'l:e dellniiuency of tin above Uhso>s:no;ii has been poHl|ione until Thursday. September In. I'.'i's and the day of salo under said IISM-.-^ rii(-nt has been postponed until Mon 'day. September '_'*, 190K, ut tho saiii' ! hour mill place. Hy order of the Hoard of Dii'ccto' 1 Dated August 2:.. I'.ti's. A. A SMITH Secretary Burks Oil Company. Otllci j ber ! advertised for sale at .public 'and unless payment is mrdo i will bo sold on Tuesday, the ui 'of October, 19W. to pay tin 1 qiient asKOi'sinont touother with the cost-i of iidyortlslng and o\t>ciisci» ol sal.. ALFRICD B. JORDAN. >• ^''i Hei'l'e! ••:: That certain Mine Cite Location, located by H. M. Hiissoll and O. Poo ley, representing the Los Angeles (Jold Mining Company, according to notice of location, recorded Aug. 18th, 1K9fl, in Book 7, pngo li!2, Mining Records of Kern county. All water rights acquired by notice of location made by H. M. Russell and O. I'ooley, for water rights In the Kern River. I'lildic notice Is horoby given that on Thursday, thei 24lh day of September, A. D. l!inS, at 2 o'clock, I), m., nf in front of the court bouse door of tbe County of Korn, I will, in to said order of t;ale iind day ' decree of foreclosure and sale, noil di'lin-! all the above, doiscrlbad property, or -M much thereof us may be necessary •o satisfy said Judgment, with Inter costs,, to the highest, and best for gold coin of the United SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of tin of Kern, State of California. V.'illiiiin Collins, plaintiff: Southern Pacific Railroad i';:, T A. August 27th, 1908. J. W. KHLLY. Sheriff. Baker, Ooputy. S-27 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. i or th> iipnny, a corporation; ; M i Improvement. Corni oi' ;ioration; also ml o' i.> i -; unkown rlalmiiig air. e, estate. Hen. or Inton t i I liroporty dencilbeil In ihe int adverse to plaintiff's o-\ m any cloud upon plaintiff- ioto, dofondaiils. "ho people of the State r/f c -jemi urieiing to the South' ' Ritllrotid Company, a oorno until Tuesday, September 29, 190S: | T| M . Pacific Improvement Como niul the day of sale under said assess- I cm portition; tho Western Pi merit has |>oe n postponed until Mori- ! rneiit Company, n corporation, duy. October 19, 1908. j all other persons unknown c); By order of the Board of Dire' tors Dated, Sept. 8, 1908. A. A. SMITH. Secretary. Office mt!8 Broadway, Oakland, Cal Ifornia, room 20. 9-9 ilrht KM!S Broadway, Oakland, Californi;. room 20. POSTPO'NJCMRNT. The dtito of delinquency of the , assessment lias been postponed;. Not! annii 'i Of U:e •' named, (llrecloi | other ti'i i fore tin- office of •illfoi- ii Pa- atlon. in'- . a : veldp- nny right, title, estate, lien, ( >r inter j i'ht in the real property <U- c rnUd in j the complaint adverse t(i |>l,ii;. riff's ; ownership, or any cloud mum plain- 1 tlH's title thereto, defendants. • is hereby glvon thnt the meetings of the slockholdoit • veral canal companies below for the purpose of electing • iind tho transaction of snict. isilne-'PH ;is may be brought l«e mei.'tlng, will lie he'1 at tin- aid Company, Ke:n ('oiniti Land Comiiany'B offlco b'rMing, r<u ner of Huh and II Ktreeis, r.'.iier.sfield California, nt. the datos and hours set opposite their rospectlvu names: Korn River Canal and I.-rlgat!nf Co., Oct. ::, 1(*08, at 2 p. m. Goose Lake Canal Co., Oct. (',, 1'i'iv at 2 p. m. .1. .ruec & Dlxon Canal Co., Oct. f, 1908, ut r! p. m. I'ioiuer Canal Co., Oct. fi, 1908, nl ;i p. in. Joyce Canal Co.. Oct. 5, 1908, at II three meat blocks, one flch Hock, tw counter stools, one truck scale, cw, wall scale, one plalfcrm ncale, counter scales, two mi<at rac.ks, fish boxes, one cold storage complete, one ten horse power motru, one enterprise chopper No. 51, one »•lent cutter No. 27, one bossi mixer, N*. Vu. one Wagner stuff or No. 2, Wagner staffer No. 1. one 1 lard No. (',, two lard kettles, tbirty-flv* iVxst 1 15-1G whafting, nvo pulleyH, tliffunw; sizes; about one hundred loet of and four inch belting,, one clutch, ono-hcrsp motor and celling fan ami two trimming The above real and personal prof- erty of said minor cons-Ms-of an t-yii undivided one-twelfth inti-1-ont I». ilis. iirrn of "Coffee & Glenn," dolBf, '•!>•?}.Iness as wholesale and retiill binc^i-ra In the City of Baliercllcld, Sta,'. ••*»' California. Terms and condition* of sivk*: 't.':o-t.. gold coin of tho I'nited Sta1v-s. I«T. per cent (it. time of vale and bioati!''. upon confirmation thonol. IV.-«--L' d' expense til piirohiiMT. llidK or ott'-Ts may lie madf :v, ',-rt. time iilt' r the fir.Ht pulilicalinri ot ':tK notice and I.efore Ihi ruakibi:' t.' ' -»' same. All l'iil« or offer'- 1 muvt o- t. writiiiL- and N ft at the ollice of .1 Vi P. Lalid, a'.tornoy-al-lrnv. In Hie cof.'- in thi City of Hal<( l:-:lii 1(1 i'i..rx Iv aforesaid, or doli'.erod to \'i> ul" dor:••ii/ned p •• sonally. '•HAIUTV F COFF!'.K ( (!ii"i ! : HI of t!if pi. r'-on and ostiii- 1 '•'•>' I )I,M ; Iiy M Coffee, miner. Date.I Sept s. KlOX. '-••? TOCKHOLDER'S Noti'o ir hi rehy given Iliat uhir annual meeting of the. Kl ei-M of the "Section TWI nty 1'lve Crimjiany" will be In Id I'D October 5th 19u£. (it 'i (/(-Kick \>. ii» the office of the company, Nineteenth ,-trect, Haki-isfleld, Calf t'ornia. 9-18 C. A. 13ARLCHK Bi.

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