The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 6
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I J PAINT INSURANCE IS MONEY WELL SPENT. 7 * t >r 3' ;l • ' 1 irr J T •;i l I J I' rt i itr;iitist r v > i L r.ost is very small. See us for colors run! quantity. r» s HOW OR NEVER (o l)i- had iu harness, . .. at Hits sior*-. < Jiir ; is coiMplH' 1 wil h choice all IhroHu'li, A splrtnli».i line l>u^- vumess at $10, strong and slyl- Uiilin^ saddles, driving and tt'Mls at any old price. and carriau-e trim- Kstimjihvs given. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Out Kchftxnblin the want ads. "' ViONBJBR HARNESS SHOP •MATTSON BROS. Main 1144 1R21 Cheater A</« OLD RELIABLE Painters SNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CAERTAGE PAINTING SIGNS Ptone Main 1138 1527 Wall 8t Chas Hare AIM WELL BORERS ** BAKERSPIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU When you want reliable help of iioy kind at ao oust to you call Kr.3 v»p. Wo ilso supply Chinese oGu help. 313. 1219 19th St H. J. CURNOW. well borer (formerly of the firm of Curnow & Keefe) ar- tosian and surface wells. Tanks built and put up. Address Bakers- fleld H. F. D. No. 2, Phone Farm- era 181. tf As n i>r*'i>;trnrjon for beginning work in earnest on ihe aqueduct, the board of public works, acting on a recommendation from the aqueduct commission, has created 8115 positions, in addition to the positions already existing, says f.h<» Los Angeles Express. Wruni all are ailed the clly'a payroll will IK; Increased $177,450 a month. The positions, which will be filled through the city's free emplov- ment bureau on East Second utreet, where application* should be rrriJ*-. will be filled rapidly, as the operations along the line of the" aqueduct are *•!)• lurged. Tho full lint as created by the board of public: works, together with the salaries which are to be pal,I. is •is follows: By the month—One storekeeper, $lou; two storekeepers. $90 each; six construction clerks, $75 each; two m>- chanlcal draughtsman, $100 each; oiv mechanical draughtsman, $125; on" structural draughtsman, $125; five in Htrnnient men, $115 each; ten nu n, S7i) each; one construction SI25; five construction clerks, $t*i", each; the const ruction clerks, $ v '> ton construction clerks, $T.~, two construction superintendents, $150 each; two construction MI perintetnlentu, $125 each; three tun uel superintendents, $150 each; thr< i)i tunnel superintendents, $125 eac'ii; eight cranesmen, $100 each; eight firemen. $75 each. By the day—Ton foremen, $4 onch; forty shift bosses. $3.50 each; ten blacksmiths, $.4 each; twenty bhick- smlthfi, $0.50 each; ,'JOO miners, $:; each; ten carpenter foremen. $:;.">" each; fifty carpenters, ${J each; 1"" laborers, $12.50 each; 200 labon is $2.25 each; 20(10 laborers, $2 :',00 muckers. $2..7) eucu. Small ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^y ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^F^^^f M W Inserted in the Calif or nian «•«"• -^^^^^M J onvince You that Publicity Pays Professional Directory an Fraterna Announcements The Oalifornian classified advertising columns art the best medium for making known, your wants. Five lines, one week . Five lines, three days SOo 25o FRATERNAL each each B. P. 0. E. No. 266 -lUkerafleld Lodge No. 266, B. P. O. K. meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Odd Fellows' Hall, Chestor avenue. Visiting brethren eoniui.l> invited to attend. Initiation evcr> other Tuesday. Chas. A. Koe. K H ; 0 S. tteroney, Secretary. FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES. Aerie No. 93, m-"~-'.s every Wednesday evening at s o'clock at Eagle Block H*tb street. Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend. S. Sweitzer. W. P.; Jo P, Carroll, Secretary. WANTED FOB SALE KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS—Kem<Lodge No. 76, meets every Wednesday evening at S o'clock iu I. O, O. F. Hall. A cordial Knights. Invitation to visiting Co.. between 4 and 6 p. m. 44 WANTED—Several canvassers, ladies or gentlemen. Salary proposition. Cull on J. R. Lloyd, piauo department, with Haberfelde Furniture \VANTED-Man and wife on ranch, Wages $50 per mo.uth. Call ujr Main 1591. 46 WANTED—Furnished house ot not less than seven rooms. ".P. care o£ this office. Addresa U E. IL LQVEUUSD b.aa Just received a car of fijie aorthera potatoes. Why eat poor potatoes when you can &n good ones. Ask your grocer for northern potatoes If you want something real good. tf CITY FRUIT MARKET— Telephone Main 1228; all kinds of fruit. Send in your orders for fruit to put up, tt J. H. KEEFB, well boring, Chester avenue. at 2917 tf BOILERS FOR SALE—One 25 U, p. boiler in A No. 1 shape, $175; one 25 h. p, holler, first class shape, $100. O. S. Hlckey. 1520 21st st. WANTED—A good blacksmith, wages $5 per day, Ed Morris, 1DJ5 19th st., Phone Main 1592, 45 DEGREE OF HONOR REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. n + 1 CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. *» rtret-class Nursery Stock, Trees, I* Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, *• al Designs. Orders promptly L Corner Sixth St. and Cheater Main 745 Clint 1 'hi-. ib B _-r-> Trains Business Patent. to of California to C. \V. north half of section 36, 25-25. Deeds. Wm. G. Kerckhoff to G. O. Newman, |l; all interest wood and water mine in northeast quarter section 11. 27-32. Edward H. Melnecke and wife to Robert Htlbrch, $10; lots 5 and 6, south half lot 7, section 30, 26-17, Eliza B. and Ulmer L. Walker Minnie Sarkett. $.""; I'*;* 11 aru! block 20, \Vasco. V'ALENTINR LODGE, No. 7S. D of H. —Meets first ami third Fridays In each month at A. O. U. W. hall at S p. m. Visiting members cordially invited. Mrs, Dora U Cabe, C. of H. Mrs. Ola H. Taylor, Recorder. JUSTICE LODGE, No. 31, A. O, U. —Meets every Thursday evening al S p, m., A. G. U. \V. Hali, No. 1628 Nineteenth street. Visiting members cordially Invite'!. 0 R, West, M. W.; C. W. Curtzwller, WANTED—Room with board for lady, beginning October 15. Must be within 3 or 4 blocks of St. Clalr hospital. Address, A. L. Bachar, Waaco, Cal. 46 WANTED—Three nicely furnished rooms for housekeeping, or a furnished cottage, by a party of three, with the boat of references. Address X, this office. 46 HIGHEST CASH PAID for old ra$s. sacks, bottles, Iron, brass and copper, hides and wool. Junk Yard» Twenty-second and M streets, tf WANTED—A woman to do chamber and dining room work. Mrs. Mo Kec, 820 J street, Kern. Phone Main 447. . 44 to «' kr ^F, Kt J? a8l ? Ier J - J - MACK, Vice President S. W. Wblo. President G. J. PLANZ, Asst Cashier. BANK OF BAKCRSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors—S. W. Wlble, S. L.Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keith, L. Guggenhmie. General Banking, Domestic aForelgn Exchange. Letters of Cre1;t. The officers of the Bank will be glad to give the benefit ofr their f,x- see or observation to all pperaoua desiring Information on mat- tera or business. EH! BILL! A stands for account and B stands for bills, some ot which are old ay the hills. Please call and pay on the 15th day, as that is what the hook of rules say. Our number is 1923. Square Deal Grocery, still alive. We are wafting to turn to your ledger page and setup arr-ounU like a Judge or a sage. Main 753. R. G. Tibbetts A Son, proprietors 42 IMPROVED ORDER OF REDMEN— Talchfs Tribe. No. !.">!, permanent address Box TJi. Meets every Wednesday at * p. m. in the Workman Hull, ' Nineteenth .street. Visiting members cordially invited. J. M. Huberrehlo, Sachem ; John Lewis, C. of R DURING BALANCE OF THIS , MONTH and until Oct. 15th, we will offer exceptional bargains throughout our entire line. If you ace In the market for a watch, diamond, jewelry, clock, musical instrument, gun pistol, suit case, trunk, or any of the numerous articles wa carry large stocks of, call and let us show you what bargains we have to offer. A present to every lady purchaser next ten days. Loan fr fr hmh bmh bmh bmhbm William H. Stanto n Jewelry Company, 1404 1406 I9th St., Bakersfield. . tf WANTED TO BUY—Three or four young pigs about two months old. Address James Preston, Bald Eagle lease, 44 WANTED—Girl to wait on table and ,i n or- rtT nhf'i* work. Apply to the Depot hotel, 15th and F streets, tf Good For Biiicusness. "I took two of Chaiu^rlaln' Stora- and Liver Tahlots lat night, and I fool fifty per cont hotter than I have for weeks." says J. J. Firestone of Allogan, Mich. "They are certainly a fine article for blliousnese." For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Kern Drug- Co., Kern. Samples free. • PATENT* ~" PATENTS—Haza-u & StrsuHB. Angeles. Patent FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD — Kern Lodge No. 5S t Fraternal Brotherhood, meets on the first and third Wednesday of cuch month at S p. m., iu K. of P. hall, in Kern City. H. H. Brown, President; R. G. Libby, Treasurer. KERN VALLEY CHAPTER, ROYAL ARCH MASONS—Meets every Wed nesday night at 8 p. rn. Visiting compauioua cordially inWted. E. 1.1. FRIAfvT, H. P. WANTED—A good canvasser for quick selling article. ( No peddling. Money every day. Ad'dress B., Cal- iforulan. FOR SALE—Twelve head of stock, hogs in good condlton, weight about 150 pounds each. Apply to R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building, phone Main 433. 46 FOR SALE—I 1-3 acres of highly improved land on Chester avenue. Good *5 room house, large barn, young orchard and berry patch. Suiter & Co., 1920 I St. Main 1134. WANTED—Woman ror housework. Three In family; no washing. Inquire at 1507 Chester avenue. 3t WANTED—Modern houses; four or five rooms; furnished; close In. Inquire at Mascot apavtment houee, room 8, tf FOR SALE—A high grade Emerson piano, cheap. Enquire 1826 Truxtun avenue or phone Main 875. Mrs. G. H. Taylor. U FOR SALE—Auout 1UU tons of first cutting alfalfa; suitable for cattle feed. For particulars euqulre at the Dave Hirshfeld. WANTED—Girl for general house work, 1705 C street; 'phone Main 1323. tf FOB SALE—REAL ESTATE ORDER OF OWLS—Bakerstteld neat No. 172, meets every Tuesday at 8 \ \vANTED-Good, gentle driving horse f ^^^ — CLEANING AND DYEING L I ELECTRIC AND FRENCH CLEAN- Ing ami pressing \Vorks, 1013 K st., Phone Main 435; suits cleaned and C. L. Conner. President R. McDonald, Cashier KERN VALLEY BANK. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE pressed, $1.50. Prompt service. Suits I Building, called for and delivered. Oberland- Mala er & Oberlander, props. p. m., at Maud's hall. Visiting members cordially invited. W. S. Renfro, president; Joe MacKey, secretary. PHYSICIANS BAKEBSPIELD SANATORIUM 2205 K Street Phone Matn*414 DR. J. L. CARSON Resumes practice In Bakerafleld. Offices 301-2-3, Producers 1 Saving Bank weighing 1100 or 1200 pounds. Must be safe and reliable for woman to drive. Address, S, Bin 4. tf WANTED—MALE HELP. NINETEEN JOBS GOING AT PRESENT—Electricity, plumbing, bricklaying, tmight In few months; tuition back after two montha; advanced students paid wages. Free catalogue. Union Trade School and Contracting Company, 120-126 9th, Los Angeles. tf LONT AND FOUND HORACE GHEELY SAID: "Yoiau? man, RO west/' Ex-President Cleveland said, "No investment on earth Is so safe, so sure, so certain to on- rich its owner as undeveloped rea! ty. I always advise my young friends to place their savings ia realty near some growing town. There Is no such savings bank anywhere." And no better town can found than Bakersfleld. Let show you some good buys. R. A. Moore, roo mil, Hopkins bldg. 45 era Hotel. Hours daily. Telephone Residence, Main 48; South- HARNESS OIL DR. R. B. REES HARNESS OIL—for harness, carriages, buggies, etc. W. H. Wlckham's Improved Water Proof Oil Is the best. For sale by W. Moyle, 1713 Chester ave. Phone Main 1291. HOUSE CONTRACTOR LOST—A gold watch, open face, with Initials A. H. C., had fob. Lost on Kern Island road between Bakers- fleld and Falrvlew echool bouse. Return to this office and receive re ware. 44 SALE—Cash Income; alfalfa, dairy and fruit ranch, near Laton, Fresno County, Cal. 140 acres; 50 acres alfalfa, 2V& peaches, 56 cowa, 6 horses, farm Implements, dairy outfit new and complete, $10,500, terms, or $4000" will buy rows, horses and farm Implements, lease land. Box 101, Oakland, Cal. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 9 and 10, Fish block, over | STRAYED~Hog f to my place about a Hughes drug store. Phone Main 364. DR. FRED J. CREASE MAKE YOUR RENT PAY FOR YOUR Physician and Surgeon. . Hopkins building, northeast corner home. Modem up-to-date cottages, Chester ave., and 19th st.; rooms 121 LOST $1200 and up; easy terms; monthly | and 14. Bakersfleld. Office phone I grip Main 247. Res. phone Main 143 Office nlshed. A. E. Morgan, 909 I. street, hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4- 7 to 8 D m Bakersfleld. Phono Main 706. | \ ' p ' m ' T. Wv HELM, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bank week ago; owner can have same by paying for this ad and damages. R. Klelsen. two miles and a half on Kern Island road, west, R. F, D. Box 10. 45 -On road to Rock Springs, one containing clothes. Finder please leave at this office. 46 FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD ROUGH DRY Did You Know WINTERS. BRIDGES, SIMPSON' CO., 1800 K stiver, phono Main 1,'M; new and second hund furniture bought and sold; houses furnished on easy Jnnrallruonts: furniture rented monthly; special «ranirt-,vare and kitchen nUn^ils. ^oc. tf \v:: Un s t j i sf; oil will call ur yuur family wash ami iron all shivis ainl i thiii. m'n .LESSER HIRSHFF.ID' Real Estate and Fin Insurance. Hoon 5. Conklln buHdlnif,VJ2fi Cheater Av* building, Bakersfleld, Cal. Office phone Main 220; residence, Main 686. MISCELLANEOUS THE WINDSOR EMPLOYMENT office. Help of all kinds furnished. Women especially. 1910 K street. Phone Main 637. H. H. Wilson, tf DR. W, P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Office hours: 11 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 and 7:30 p. m. Office and residence, Main 210. Rooms 207, 20? and 215, Producers Bunk building. f HAVE YOUR HOUSE Ci-KANED— Carpets cleaned, remodeled and laid MuttreBBes made over and returned the same day. Your old furniture re-glued and made llko new. Upholstering In nil of tU &vi\U9U§8* All work guaranteed by A. C. Crowell, K st; telephone Main 1508. tt" ou i rents JU ymi art? in s to rail urr aw rm v \ * W. W. KELLY. Real Estate anc insurance }, up sriiirs. r..,rm>r Nineteenth n**:! and Cluster A\vine Phone Main 149, , > n 259. CITIZENS LAUNDRY DR. A. F, SCHAFER j Physician and Surgeon. ! Oftto'\ rooms 1. 2, ?>, and 1, Oil ! Stock Rxchant;*? building. Office hours from 1 to 3 o'clock; Sundays l)y up- ooUitwents only. DR. F. W. MITCHELL Physician and Surgeon. 'V room* S.M and 30rt, Pro-iucora building. Office hours from 11 12 :i. i»> , an I 3 to 5 p. in. 1*clo- M,iin ' l '''J. Ues. M'lin 012. to FOR RENT KOH RTOXT—A nine-room house partly furnished, No. IHG 0 street, Kern, $25 por month. H. A, Mooro, room 11, Hopkins building, VH<mo Malu 4»:(. TODAY THERES 18 REAL ESTATE— In Bakei'Hfield that can be rotieht for a few hundred dollars that will ba fore very long be worth a few thousand dollars. h You can get some of It, and now Is the time to act. lxx>k at these: Southwest corner of H and 18th; southeast corner of 16th and H; southeast corner of 19th and D; and other good buys. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins bldg. DO YOU WANT to buy a home on the Installment plan? We will buy the lot, build the house to suit, and mak the payments easy. Lumber Is cheap now. Don't delay. Put in your application now. Suiter & Co. 1920 I St. Main 1434. _^^^^^»j^^^^^^^^^^j^^^_ ^_ ...— BMPLOYMNT AGENCIES JAPANESE V\M) CHINESE LABOR Bureau. , first class h*»lp furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants. houst'worh, cfc. Ranch hi' and laborers t'ltruisliccl on short tire, day or roiurart. A. S. T;* ama, li'lon h st. Phono M;iin i PASTURAGK—Two miles from town, horses or cattle; good feed : and running water the year Tvlephont? Malo 105. tf FOR Main 21?, Buckeye Ayioncy, C. C. Scribnor ^ Co., prlotors. The bost of \\u\\o attO autlo help on the sUnru-^t poss noilco. l?-:n Uitli street. Walter- nal;orsfl»^.l. Cal. tt' f t .-,,-_ — .^._ _-- * ROY J. BROWNE IN LOCAL LUMBER ['> 51NESS o in ATTRACTING rr RAL E t Pione proprl Phoa* Ho DOCTOR FOWLER Physician and Suryeon rind !. " ; rooms MASOX ('ONTKACTOH—nollor work a sporiiflty. All work uuar.'inh Iv I). Kin^\ Address SM^ Maker i't'li'lihouc .Main U 1 !*!. r.2 KMPLOYMKNT UEAU— When you want r h»Mfi ol' any Uiiui at no rost 10 you rail us up. \Ve also supply Chin- and .lapano?o ln-lp. VJli* m Phone 313. tf j i : Ids frit'ii-ls ih kr-rslirM a v busin II. M;ilb'H. in t!u . (t Is t ;M- (t|f.>tt f ion O! to 10 of :ill i Kin:i tlioin itj> and l:a-vo >our siiliti or ppon^od I 1 L .1 with Uumbor n. Ki i f; -» V i :„ a low ho obtained \\\>\\\ any courteous t?ood nuitiM'lal and low for nl! ina: i.ui can place. 1' delivery, art.- «uy ATTORNEYS E. L. FOSTER Attorney-at-Uiw . Dnnl: of n,',i :, -» Malu ': u >ilks. l''\t'i-v tiling don* 1 hy a Fivndi - isih s*. Phone Main i'U-, if & H1OOT, furni.^hr.,1 nf ,-jrug store, Main 109. kinds. elephone 348 at . 1 tvl Inducement, \ou should favor them with a good portion of your trade* Olve them your uext order, on *rlal. GEO. FLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law ary Pnhlic^ Qmre, Stoner conn'p Chesfor nvonue and ITth streot. Telephone Main 07. ^^^^^^^•^^H^l^^^^^^^^ H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^u.^^^^^^_^^^^^^- B ^^^_ d 1 • • " ^^^^^ B • ' ^^^^^^^^ r ^^ w ^^^^^^ r ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THOS, SCOTT Attorney and Counselor at Law Office over tne Bank of Bakerafleld. AN'II SECONO riAND Furniture A, Lfnt-nin'H store, Fourteenth , •t't ruul Chester aveinie A gen ens'. Hue of hous"hoU1 furnishings al\\ay3 at hciul. And at prices pinalk-r than elsewhere In Hakers- flehl. Phone Vain G66 MATTUKSSKs; r,n' not too oil to U> ma-jo i.M> r . YOU sp.M ( ,l a . so made Q stre 3!f«- hi br I t K. in thori 115u and 308. Main tf SHXV1NG MACHINES—t liave the aK* i n^y for tho Now ITomo sewing machine and have them for sa from $115 up to $GO, Inquire nt of fice and reBldtnce, 1028 Q street, Kern. P, O. address, Bakerafleld, Box 23, H. M. Nightingale. 350 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l "^ 1 *^~^^^™^ i *~^^-^fc^^»^i^^»^ Patents Procured In all Countries Infringement Litigation. TOWNSEND, LYON, HAOKLEY 604-7 Merchants' Tru*t Bidg Lot Angeles, Cai.

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